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Rather-technical informations about TextMirror in the Q/A form.

What software TextMirror is using?

<3 FLOSS, basic names:
OS: GNU/Linux
Distribution: Ubuntu Server
Web server: Apache
Scripts: mainly PHP
Stats script: eStats

What icon set TextMirror is using?

We are using elementary Icons v2.2 by Daniel Foré with some small modifications.

How you call your mirrors-creating script and what is its User Agent String?

We call him Textee, UAString: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Textee/Lynx; +http://textmirror.net/webmasters)

Why Textee ignores my robots.txt?

And why Firefox does? Because Firefox and Textee are not robots - both just blindly follow user's request.

How to redirect Textee?

By UAString, with the standard HTTP headers - example code in PHP:

// Redirect Textee to page /other-document.html (HTTP 307 Temporary Redirect)
header('Location: /other-document.html',true,307);

Does TextMirror have an API?

Yes, API and manual for it.

I think I've found a bug, what should I do?

Is it male ladybug :-D ? OK, seriously now - we are really very interested in any bugs, that you may uncover. If you find a bug, please e-mail us direct to: - we won't ignore any message!

How many mirrors of one URL I can create per one day?

Only one mirror - repeating request will update the existing mirror.

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