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Walerian Walawski Programmer & Server Admin (Born '87) Full stack Web Developer & SysAdmin [1]Photo of Walerian Walawski w87.eu avatar/icon 17 years of professional experience with technologies: * PHP: everyone LOVES big girls, even if they are an elephant � * WordPress: I create WP plugins as well as plugins for WooCommerce, always ready for some (do_)action! * PrestaShop: since I've mentioned WooCommerce, it would be shame to omit PrestaShop! Great solution even for big shops online. * React: reacts pretty fast indeed! * Laravel: fascinating as its name, but means much more than it ! * Symfony: to be honest, so far most of project I worked on sounded like it! * Linux/UNIX: I'm using Linux on my smartphone, on my desktop and on all servers... I create configuration/scripting of VPS & dedicated servers, really love administration of Linux servers ... and Linux itself! Total Linux geek. * Bash: I love to code in it, pipes are fun, if you know, what I mean * Apache: it's not really only the server. * Other of my services include my ***** and ***** skills, but these need development, not mentioning. Curious? Then please do get in touch Address Walerian Walawski [2]Contact w87.eu Tarn�w, Poland Phone (CET) [3]+48 668 276 656 Tax info. (NIP) VAT ID: PL 9930580321 E-mail form ________ ________ ________ ________ ____________________ ____________________ [BUTTON Input] (not implemented)_____ Copyright �2024 [4]w87.eu Walerian Walawski References 1. https://w87.eu/Walerian.Walawski.jpg 2. https://w87.eu/ 3. tel:+48668276656 4. https://w87.eu/

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