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#[1]RSS Feed [2]alternate [3]alternate [4]publisher [5]» Feed [6]» Comments Feed [7]alternate [8]alternate [9]publisher IFRAME: [10]//www.googletagmanager.com/ns.html?id=GTM-MQW3Z7 [INLINE] * [11]Home * [12]News & Events + [13]All News + [14]Asia Pacific + [15]Americas + [16]Europe, Middle East & Africa + [17]All Events * [18]Travel * [19]Diving * [20]Social & Community * [21]Environment * [22]Scuba Careers * [23]Visit padi.com [24]padi dive shop 20 November, 2017 at 12:45 am [25]Why take a PADI Self Reliant Diver Course? Posted by [26]Guest Blogger Written by guest blogger, Rianne Poesse from [27]dutchmermaid Rianne - Self Reliant Diver As a diver I've always been keen to keep developing myself. After my [28]PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification I did several specialty courses, followed by [29]Rescue Diver and then.... [30]Divemaster. It was during my Divemaster internship, in Costa-Rica last year, that I started to gain an interest in diving without a buddy. This year I decided it was time to become a Self Reliant Diver. Conveniently, my upcoming holiday destination was Thailand. I took the PADI Self Reliant Diver course with Master Divers in Koh Tao and it was everything I'd hoped for and more. Who should take the PADI^® Self Reliant Diver course? I highly recommend this course to any dive professional. It is also superb for recreational divers that have a need/wish for diving alone. A passionate photographer, or a travelling diver for example. For photographers there is nothing more annoying than having to hurry. And what about getting a buddy that doesn't match your diving style? Even if you never plan to dive without a buddy, this course is useful. It will teach you, exactly what the name suggests, how to become more self reliant. Rianne photographing Photo: JC What did I learn during the course? The course consists of a theoretical part and 3 dives. The theory covers the potential risks of diving alone, the necessary precautions and equipment to take with you to manage these risks and how to plan your dives. My instructor, John (Chicken), was very knowledgeable which made me confident and excited about the upcoming dives. I also had a bonus instructor during the course, Ben, he was tagging along to become certified to teach the course himself. Lucky me. Next up... diving! Initially I thought I was going to become a Christmas tree, with all the extra equipment. My instructors showed me how to attach the equipment so I'd stay streamlined. Even the extra cylinder didn't bother me a bit. During the dives I had to demonstrate certain skills like deploying a surface marker buoy, switch to the redundant air supply etc. Rianne, John, Ben on Self Reliant Diver dive Photo: JC The most interesting part of the first two dives was calculating my SAC-rate (Surface Air Consumption). Meaning how much liter air you use per minute. Knowing this enables you to calculate exactly how long your dives should be. It requires math and formulas, but nothing too rocket sciency! The final dive was the next day and it was my responsibility to make a dive plan. Dive Planning When you're diving on your own it's important somebody knows where you are. Compare it to a first date. I always let my best friend know the location of the date, the time and his name. I then check in at a set time. Well diving solo is pretty much the same. First of all, the location where you're going has to be suitable for diving on your own. Then depending on the depth of the dive site, your SAC rate and the dive site conditions you can make a detailed plan determining the length of your dive and your location on the dive site at all times. My third dive I managed to easily execute my dive plan,including navigation. It felt great being able to do all of this on my own, whilst being supervised of course but with zero help. I passed my course! Solo Diving The next day, after getting certified, I directly did my first few solo dives. It was amazing. It is such a thrill to successfully execute a dive plan and just go exploring on your own. The course really made me a more confident diver, with or without a buddy. Rianne Self Reliant Diver Photo: JC To find out more about the PADI Self Reliant course contact your local dive shop, using our [31]Dive Sop Locator. Why take a PADI Self Reliant Diver Course? was last modified: November 30th, 2017 by Guest Blogger #[32]courses #[33]Diving #[34]self reliant diver Related Posts * [35]What's Next After Advanced Open Water Diver? * [36]My Top Five Reasons to Become a PADI Master Scuba Diver * [37]Husband and Wife Find Refuge as Rescue Divers * [38]Getting Out Of A Diving Rut With Continuing Education Search the PADI Blog Search______________ Search Connect With Us * [39]Facebook Facebook * [40]Twitter Twitter * [41]G+ G+ * [42]RSS Feed RSS Feed * [43]Contact Us Contact Us * [44]Youtube Youtube ScubaEarth® * [45]Join the Evolution on ScubaEarth® Join the Evolution on ScubaEarth® Like us on Facebook Recent Posts * [46]Ongoing Underwater Cleanups Around the Globe [47]Ongoing Underwater Cleanups Around the Globe May 14, 2018 * [48]Interview with PADI AmbassaDiver and PADI Freediver Instructor, Renee Blundon [49]Interview with PADI AmbassaDiver and PADI Freediver Instructor, Renee Blundon May 13, 2018 * [50]How Scuba Diving Forms Family Bonds [51]How Scuba Diving Forms Family Bonds May 10, 2018 * [52]My Guide to Surface Interval Activities in Riviera Maya, Mexico [53]My Guide to Surface Interval Activities in Riviera Maya, Mexico May 10, 2018 * [54]Dive Destinations With Kid Friendly Liveaboards [55]Dive Destinations With Kid Friendly Liveaboards May 08, 2018 Archive Archive [Select Month__] * [56]English * [57]­ (Chinese (Simplified)) * [58]­ (Chinese (Traditional)) * [59]Nederlands (Dutch) * [60]Français (French) * [61]Deutsch (German) * [62]Italiano (Italian) * [63]¥¬ (Japanese) * [64]­´ (Korean) * [65]Russkij (Russian) * [66]Español (Spanish) Copyright © 2018 . 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