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Date: Thu, 08 Dec 2005 10:03:34 -0500 From: Danny Harris <dr_harris_81@hotmail.com> Subject: Little Billy's First Time (MMMM/b, oral, anal, incest pedo) INCEST TALES 1: LITTLE BILLY'S FIRST TIME by DannyR Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. Story Codes: MMMM/b, oral, anal, incest, pedo DISCLAIMER: Some folks apparently have trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality. This story is a fantasy. It didn't happen. Never will. And anyone who attempts to do in real life all or any of the things depicted in the story needs to be hanged, then drawn and quartered, and then turned over to the cops for the harshest penalties the law allows. Now that we're clear on what's what, and what's not, read on. Little Billy's First Time While I was resting up from the great blowjob eight-year-old Billy had just given me, and playing with his lubed ass as we watched Billy's dad get his cock sucked by Billy's four-year-old brother, I asked Billy about his first fuck. This is what he told me. *** Dad fucked me for the first time when I was five. I'd been sucking Daddy's cock since I was about three, but Daddy said for my fifth birthday he was going to give me a big surprise. So he took me to this old building downtown, and after he knocked they opened the door real quick and we hurried inside. We went down a hall to a room with lockers and Daddy and me got undressed. As soon as we were naked, Daddy started to get hard. He pulled me over to him and I just opened my mouth and started sucking. Dad's dick is kinda big and I still couldn't take all of it." Daddy sat down on a bench with me still sucking him, and then he got his finger wet and reached behind me to slide it up my ass. He'd been finger fucking me for a while and it felt real good. Then he made me stop and took me into the next room. It was kind of dark but there was a bed in the middle with some lights shining on it. And there were other men standing around in the shadows. I couldn't see who they were, though, and Dad told me not to be scared, that it was going to be a lot of fun. Daddy pulled me in front of him and made me lick his cock. I could feel the other men moving closer. I looked around in the dim light. They were naked! And they all had hardons. They started rubbing me with their dicks. Boy, that really felt good. It felt even better when Daddy picked me up, and carried me over to the bed. He had me lay face down with my little butt raised in the air by some pillows. He told me to hold real still, `cause his friends were going to tie my hands and feet so I wouldn't hurt myself. Pretty soon they had me tied down real good, not hurting me or anything, but I couldn't move a lot except for my butt and my head which was right at the edge of the bed. Daddy got up on the bed with me, talking real soft, about how long he'd been waiting to fuck my pretty little boypussy, and how it was gonna hurt at first but then I'd really like having my hot little boycunt full of mandick. And while he was talking he was slowly pushing a greasy finger up my little hole. I wriggled my butt and tried to shove my ass back to help him. I really liked my daddy's finger up my butt. Then he slid his finger out and all of a sudden shoved two fingers up inside me, all the way. I screamed, but Daddy reached around and put his hand over my mouth and curled a couple of fingers inside, telling me to suck real good while he started shoving both fingers in and out of me. I wanted to cry out again, but with Daddy's hand over my mouth I couldn't. `Course, Daddy was right, pretty soon I was loving those two big callused fingers spreading my hole. Daddy pulled his fingers all the way out and moved his hand away from my mouth. He was resting his weight with both hands on the side of my head and I could feel the tip of his dick moving up and down my ass crack. "C'mon, Will, shove that hot cock up that little boycunt," a deep voice said behind me. It was Grandpa! "Remember how I did it to you?" "Yes, Daddy," my Daddy said in a real soft voice. I felt another pair of fingers force their way past my tight ass muscles...it wasn't Daddy's hand, `cause his hands were right by my face, so it musta been Grandpa. That felt really good too, and then Grandpa musta guided Daddy's prick to my hole because Daddy gave a little shove, and as Grandpa's fingers slid out of my butt, Daddy's prick head slid right in. I gasped. Daddy's cock was a lot thicker than a couple of fingers! He didn't move, just stayed right there with my asshole clamped real tight around the head of his meat. It was real quiet in the room. My eyes had adjusted to the light and I could see the men standing around real close to the bed, all of `em beating hard cocks. "Here," Grandpa said, "give him this." Daddy rested his weight on his elbows, and one hand came around in front of my face with a little brown bottle in it, and his thumb was over the top. Daddy told me he wanted me to sniff from the bottle, but first he had to hold one side of my nose shut. I did what he told me. It smelled real funny, but I got all warm and then kinda hot and I could feel my asshole kinda relax. `Course I didn't know what poppers were then. That's when Daddy rammed his prick all the way up inside me. Daddy was right. Having my virgin little butthole stretched open by eight steel hard inches of mancock did hurt. A lot. But at the same time my ass felt all loose and mushy so I didn't scream too loud. Daddy held still inside me, just twitching his meat a little, and kind of moving it around but not too much, and after a little bit the pain went away and it got to feelin' pretty nice. "You okay, little guy?" Daddy asked me. I nodded. "You want me to fuck your little boycunt, Billy?" I nodded again, but Daddy said, "Tell me, Billy. Tell me how you want to be Daddy's boypussy." He wiggled his dick inside me again, and I moaned. "Oh, yes, Daddy, please fuck me, please, I wanna be your boypussy." Daddy's cock slowly slid almost all the way out of my hole. Daddy moaned, telling me how great my hot tiny boypussy felt around his cock. It sure felt good to me, too. Daddy made me inhale from the bottle a couple of times, and I got all woozy and dizzy, but it sure made it easy for me to take Daddy's thick meat when he started ramming in and out of my little hole. He kept on having me sniff that stuff until I was kinda spaced out or something. He was really pounding my ass hard, his big hairy balls slapping at my bare little butt. I was loving every stroke, and then I felt a man's hands on my lips, prying my mouth open...well, he didn't have to work too hard, `cause I opened up and felt a thin prick slide into my mouth. "Oh, yeah, baby boy," Daddy moaned above me, "hot little boycunt getting fuckin' raped by Daddy-meat and hot little boymouth sucking mancock. Suck that prick, Billy, suck it good, just like you do for Daddy." I sniffed some more from the bottle, well, Daddy made me, and then the man who was fucking my face did the same, and he kinda whimpered and started fucking my mouth almost as fast as Daddy was doin' my butt. I was so relaxed his cock was all the way into my throat and I was sniffing his hairy crotch when he shoved deep. "Jesus fucking Christ," the man said, "this little cockwhore has my whole prick!" The man pulled his meat out until all I was holding was the head of his cock in my mouth, and Daddy did the same, his dick head just inside my hole. They paused and then both of them shoved into me at the same time...real, real hard. It kinda made me see stars for a second, and I would have yelled if I hadn't had my mouth full of so much dick. They pulled out and did it again, only not waiting quite as long. And then they did it another time, and another. And all of a sudden they were fucking me really hard from both ends, and I was kind of whimpering and moaning around the meat in my mouth and the feel of my Daddy's prick up my butt. Just then Daddy let out this kind of yell and moan, and then he yelled out, "Fuck you, Billy! Fuck your sonpussy cunt, cumming up my little boy's shitter, oh Christ, gonna fill your ass with cum, baby!" And he did! I could feel every spurt as he rammed me really good and hard which just shoved my face into the man's belly and he started cumming too. Wow, it felt really great to get my daddy's cum up my butt and some man's cum down my throat. The two men just held still when they were done, and then they slid their cocks out of me while they were still almost hard. I could feel my butthole kinda gaping open, and my mouth was wide, too. I managed to get a taste of the guy's cum, though. Different from Daddy's but I liked it. Daddy got off the bed, and I heard Grandpa say it was his turn. I was kinda disappointed that I didn't get to see Grandpa's dick before he fucked me, or suck it. Real quick he got on the bed, put the head of his prick against my hole, and shoved it right in. Grandpa's not as long as Daddy, but wider. I was still kinda woozy from the bottle stuff, so I didn't scream too loud. Having another cock in my mouth helped, too. The new prick was wider and longer than Daddy's and I had a kind of hard time with it, but Daddy was stroking my head, and I could tell he was feeling this man's balls. I guess I always thought black cock would taste different, you know, like white meat and dark meat at Thanksgiving, but he tasted pretty much like Daddy. He leaked a lot more than Daddy, though, so he got pretty slick with my spit and his precum and that made it easier for me to take him. He couldn't believe it when I swallowed all of him. Neither could I. But I was feeling so good. Especially thinking about being able to get all of Daddy's meat in my mouth...finally. "Goddamn, Will," Grandpa said as he slid his meat in and out of me kind of slow, "he's even tighter than you were, and you were the hottest, tightest little boycunt I'd ever had. Tighter than your brother, too." Oh, wow, I was thinking. Daddy used to get fucked just like me, and Uncle Tom, too. I kind of shivered. Grandpa rested his weight on one hand, and with his other he started feeling me up, stroking my back and side, squeezing my butt...and all the while he was dicking me real good, spreading my little hole with that fat prick. "Fuck, Billy, you got Grandpa really hot looking at Grandpa's wide cock screwing your little boyass. You like Grandpa dicking you?" I guess he understood my moan meant "yes," `cause the black guy was steadily feeding my mouth and throat so I couldn't really say anything. "You want your Daddy and your Grandpa to fuck your hot little pussy again?" Oh, wow. Fuck, yeah, I wanted to say, but I had to make do with a louder moan. Grandpa started fucking me harder, then...long, deep, fast strokes in and out of my hole. I got kinda numb, but Grandpa musta liked it, `cause just like Daddy he started moaning and pulling his wide cock all the way out of my ass and pausing and slamming it back inside, shoving my little face all the way down on the black guy's prick. Just as Grandpa shoved his meat up my hole and started spraying my butt with another load of cum, the black man pulled his prick out of my mouth and with a few quick strokes of his hand, holding that huge pinkish cock-head in front of my mouth, he began shooting jet after jet of cum, down my throat, all over my face, everywhere. He just left his cum there, although Daddy scooped up a little bit and let me have another taste. It was really, really thick and tasted good, too. After Grandpa was done, he pulled out of my hole and got off the bed. Daddy reached over and shoved a couple fingers up my butt. It was easy `cause I was spread and slick with cum. Daddy scooped out some Daddy-cum and Grandpa-cum out of my ass and had me suck his fingers clean. "Hey, Rick," Daddy said while I was sucking his fingers, "you wanna try my boy's ass or his mouth?" "Both of `em, man, both of `em," this real deep voice said. Daddy and Grandpa and the other men laughed. "You don't mind having your hot little cunt shoved full of more dick, do you, Billy?" asked Daddy. "No, sir," I said, "only...when?" The men all laughed again, and the man with the deep voice got up on the bed. "You want your little boypussy filled slow or fast?" he asked. Even with the pain that first time Daddy shoved into me, I liked it, and now there wasn't any pain. "Fast, I guess," I told him, "but can I have some of that bottle stuff?" Daddy chuckled, and gave me some more while Rick moved in and held his prick right at my asshole, with just the piss-slit kinda pushing in a little. "You ready, pussy boy?" I was all woozy and warm again and just nodded and that's when Rick slammed into me, harder and faster than Daddy or Grandpa...and he was wider than Grandpa and longer than Daddy. I couldn't help myself...I screamed, and then cut it off when he bottomed out, holding his meat still inside me. Rick was real hairy. I could feel it when he bent over me, kind of covering me with his furry body. His balls up against my butt were real hairy, too. He slid about halfway out, and I opened my eyes. Daddy was hard again, but not close enough for me to lick and suck. Another man moved up next to Daddy and rubbed his prick on my lips. I opened up and let him slide in. Rick was pumping my tiny butt in half-dick strokes, and kinda rotating his cock inside me every once in a while. The new guy in front of me was doing the same thing. Rick's head was down close to mine and all of a sudden he was licking the guy's cock and my mouth at the same time, right while the prick was stroking in and out. After a few seconds, though, he stopped and let the guy mouth-fuck me, while Rick buried his face in my hair. He was kind of whispering while he started to fuck me harder, with longer and deeper and faster shoves in and out. "Oh, Christ oh fuck, got my dick in a hot little boycunt, gonna shoot my load in his baby pussy, oh shit, gonna dump my load in this slut little pussy boy, oh fuuuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkk!" When he screamed out the last word he shoved in as hard and fast and deep as he could and I could feel every blast of his hot cream as it splattered deep inside me. That put me in a kind of frenzy and I started working the man's cock and in just a second or two he was filling my mouth full of cum. After that, Daddy let two more of his friends use my butthole, and had me suck off another one. Then I sucked Daddy while Grandpa fucked me again. It was kinda neat hearing Grandpa moan about how hot it was fucking a little boypussy cum slut while the boycunt was dripping cum from all the men using me, and then he shot another load up my hole. Daddy didn't cum in my mouth, even though I was taking him all the way now. He and Grandpa just changed places, and I got to suck Grandpa's dick clean while Daddy plowed me again. Just when Daddy shot his load up my ass, some of the others started shooting cum all over both of us. And then, of course, they had to lick me clean. It was Grandpa, though, who got to suck the cum out of my ass, and when he was done he knelt down in front of the bed and gave me my first cum-kiss. Oh wow, that was really hot, kissing my Grandpa and tasting all that cum that had just been in my butt. Like I said, it was a real good idea they had me tied down or I would have been rolling all over the place. I like it when Daddy ties me up. *** "Anyway, that's how I got fucked for the first time," little Billy said. Then he climbed on my lap, positioned his hole above my leaking dick, and just dropped down until my pubes were tight against his ass. That way I could fuck him while we watched his little brother get his cherry plucked.

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