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[1]Vacom računala * [2]Naslovna * [3]Dućani + [4]Vacom Osijek + [5]Vacom Vukovar * [6]Nove Poslovnice * [7]Katalog + [8]Prijenosna računala * [9]O nama + [10]Poslovnice + [11]Kontakt * [12]Posao [13]User Profile [14]Registracija[15]Prijava My Profile Profile Avatar Alice Gates ******* *******, Michigan ******* United States 832-241-4755 https://www.iache.com ******* What is iACHE.COM? [16]iACHE is a platform that attempts to bridge a huge gap in the care of people suffering from chronic pain or addiction disorder. The management of these conditions requires integration between primary care providers, physical therapists, nutriologists, psychologists and specialists. Optimizing the communication between them, and giving you a platform to stay connected with them and other people with similar conditions, will empower those suffering from chronic pain to take control of their lives and have a n accessible resource everywhere they go. [17]Low Back Pain Medication Here you will find access to articles explaining different conditions, tips on how to manage some aspects of these conditions, wellness tips and support from peers in form of shared stories and questions as well as a platform to connect with the different providers via telemedicine. [18]Fibromyalgia Medication at Home Please explore our site and if you can’t find what you are looking for, please let us know, we would love to make it happen. If you like what you see, please compliment us by sharing the site and letting others know about us! [19]Neck Pain Medication iACHE is a platform solution for the coordination of care in pain management and addiction disorders. These two conditions require long term and coordinated care that currently does not exist. [20]Pain Medication at Home The most successful programs in chronic pain or addiction recovery are based in comprehensive therapies that include mind and body techniques, complementary medicine and medical management, but most importantly good communication. [21]Chronic Pain Medication These programs are traditionally very intensive, costly and in select locations. iACHE attempts to bring high quality management and coordination of care to all communities and available 24/7, more adept to help you sustain the lifelong life style modifications required to obtain and keep a fulfilling life. Ispis [22]Naslovna | [23]Dućani | [24]Nove Poslovnice | [25]Katalog | [26]O nama | [27]Posao Copyright 2011 by Vacom d.o.o. | [28]Izjava o privatnosti | [29]Uvjeti korištenja References Visible links 1. http://www.va.com.hr/Naslovna.aspx 2. http://www.va.com.hr/Naslovna.aspx 3. http://www.va.com.hr/Dućani.aspx 4. http://www.va.com.hr/Dućani/VacomOsijek.aspx 5. http://www.va.com.hr/Dućani/VacomVukovar.aspx 6. http://www.va.com.hr/NovePoslovnice.aspx 7. http://www.va.com.hr/Katalog.aspx 8. http://www.va.com.hr/Katalog/Prijenosnaračunala.aspx 9. http://www.va.com.hr/Onama.aspx 10. http://www.va.com.hr/Dućani.aspx 11. http://www.va.com.hr/Onama/Kontakt.aspx 12. http://www.va.com.hr/Posao.aspx 13. http://www.va.com.hr/UserProfile.aspx 14. javascript:__doPostBack('dnn$dnnUSER$cmdRegister','') 15. javascript:__doPostBack('dnn$dnnLOGIN$cmdLogin','') 16. http://iache.com/ 17. https://www.iache.com/low-back-pain-1 18. https://www.iache.com/fibromyalgia 19. https://www.iache.com/neck-pain 20. https://www.iache.com/meditation 21. https://www.iache.com/chronic-pain 22. http://www.va.com.hr/Naslovna.aspx 23. http://www.va.com.hr/Dućani.aspx 24. http://www.va.com.hr/NovePoslovnice.aspx 25. http://www.va.com.hr/Katalog.aspx 26. http://www.va.com.hr/Onama.aspx 27. http://www.va.com.hr/Posao.aspx 28. http://www.va.com.hr/privacy.aspx 29. http://www.va.com.hr/terms.aspx Hidden links: 31. https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-QXQnQda1GPw/WRFh73CUsvI/AAAAAAAACG8/BBP4gcs91OwJ_etSh7GxfqFVOq_T7Or9gCPcB/s1600/o-LOWER-BACK-PAIN-facebook.jpg 32. https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-b-EMgRzzdqg/WLenDA3op3I/AAAAAAAAA6Y/YDia3ECbjjIRaNiGFZ-JeUvKHpHpcLXiACPcB/s1600/493x335_fibromyalgia_health_check.jpg 33. https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-0_w4y0KtRXE/WQliOsVEwuI/AAAAAAAACGs/JpTErBwIC7ApZyXVCcvsJZz0F1D33HJogCPcB/s1600/34d93513a271456dbc8492d4e1efbc42.jpg 34. https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-EE82w-wSuGk/WK6-svKwf9I/AAAAAAAAAR4/2-ImPwpfAb4i3ZVEAyMREaFEP-d5m01XACPcB/s1600/bc38eec3b8a846549c4a6cfafb22df12.jpg 35. https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-77nKt940lF0/WNS8tMPcsII/AAAAAAAACAg/qJDmgZ9KlK4szOHtNzXjEbPT8HhlE8KkwCPcB/s1600/knee-pain.jpg

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