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[1]Home [2]FAQs [3]Contact [4]Privacy Notice [5]Legal Notice [6]Rate a judge Hon. Mary Arand [7]See Rating Details Judge Superior Court Santa Clara County [8]See Comments Attorney Average Rating: 2.4 - 10 rating(s) Non-Attorney Average Rating: - 0 rating(s) Please send me alerts on this judge E-mail Address: ____________________ Register _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Add your own rating E-Mail Address (will not be displayed) ____________________ Confirm E-mail Address ____________________ Zip ____________________ Occupation [Criminal Defense Lawyer______] [9]Add a comment only Only items marked with (*) are averaged into the displayed overall rating. 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Mary Arand Comments [INLINE] Civil Litigation - Private Comment #: CA10521 Rating:1.0 [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] Comments: Has a predisposition on legal arguments. would rather tell you how she did it than follow the law. Judicial Admissions, Party admissions mean nothing in her court everything is open to interpretation. She will not make any hard pre-trial decisions so expect to go to trial because she allows bad lawyers to think they are doing a good job by conducting their arguments for them. No need to request argument on tentative. 170.6 or suffer the consequences. [11]View Detail [12]Send e-mail to this poster 1/4/2017 5:31:55 PM [INLINE] Civil Litigation - Private Comment #: CA10084 Rating:1.2 [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] Comments: biased, doesn't know rules of discovery/civil procedure [13]View Detail [14]Send e-mail to this poster 10/6/2016 12:32:35 PM [INLINE] Civil Litigation - Private Comment #: CA9671 Rating:1.0 [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] Comments: Mary Arand is the WORST judge in Santa Clara County. She is biased and fraternizes with counsel. She lacks legal intelligence in applying the law to facts. She is unprepared to rule on law and motion and is perfunctory in her decisions. She has the disposition of a wet towel. [15]View Detail [16]Send e-mail to this poster 7/19/2016 4:19:46 PM [INLINE] Civil Litigation - Private Comment #: CA9552 Rating:1.2 [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] Comments: I dread appearing in front of Judge Arand. All most lawyers want in a judge is impartiality, but Judge Arand does not present as a fair judge. She makes no attempt to hide her bias in favor of counsel with whom she favors. She won't follow the mandates of the CCP and does not know the difference between "may" and "shall." I have absolutely no faith in her. I wish she would leave the bench. She is the worst... [17]View Detail [18]Send e-mail to this poster 6/24/2016 6:42:34 PM [INLINE] Civil Litigation - Private Comment #: CA8961 Rating:2.0 [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] Comments: Absolutely worst judge I have had the misfortune to appear in front of in 25 years of practice. Misunderstands basic civil procedure law and practice and refuses to make any hard decisions on pre-trial motions, in essence forcing a trial because your opposing counsel has been given an inflated view of success on the case. [19]View Detail [20]Send e-mail to this poster 5/17/2016 6:13:27 PM [INLINE] Civil Litigation - Private Comment #: CA8818 Rating:1.0 [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] Comments: 170.6! Judge Arand is an biased advocate from the bench with clear and unfair preferences. She treats legal counsel unequally and will go out of her way to legitimize a bad decision that benefits the counsel she seeks to support. Be warned and be afraid. [21]View Detail [22]Send e-mail to this poster 4/27/2016 7:33:17 PM [INLINE] Civil Litigation - Private Comment #: CA8400 Rating:2.5 [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] Comments: She is out of her depth in civil department. Lacks insight and judicial temperament and doesn't seem interested in improving as a judge. [23]View Detail [24]Send e-mail to this poster 2/10/2016 6:51:18 AM [INLINE] Civil Litigation - Private Comment #: CA7772 Rating:10.0 [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] Comments: She is an excellent judge who takes her position seriously and gets the job done. [25]View Detail [26]Send e-mail to this poster 10/16/2015 2:23:34 PM [INLINE] Criminal Defense Lawyer Comment #: CA6935 Rating:Not Rated Comments: Judge Arand is flippant, inconsiderate, and regularly makes legal errors in her rulings. I was in chambers with her on one occasion and happened to glance at her computer screen. She had happily typed a lengthy email about her horses and their boarding arrangement while she was supposed to be considering my client's application for attachment on a $3 million claim. I can think of no better demonstration of her disregard for her judicial duties. She's a below-average judge and I look forward to the day she is transferred off the civil bench. [27]View Detail [28]Send e-mail to this poster 5/3/2015 10:23:42 PM [INLINE] Other Comment #: CA6831 Rating:Not Rated Comments: Arand demonstrates aggressive partiality for the defense when they represent a municipality. Arand pre-writes opinions that willfully deny due process and civil rights of plaintiffs failing to read any opposing briefs. Arand might have been a good lawyer, as a jurists she fails miserably to dispense the law as written, citing only that which furthers her agenda or protects the small town she resides in. When faced with a serious conflict of interest, Arand chooses to dispense justice that protects her interests wagering on those she abuses not having the means or intelligence to continue seeking justice. Arand smiles and jokes when she dispenses with another "nuisance" on her calendar and shows a perverse sense of joy when taking advantage of those seeking justice. [29]View Detail [30]Send e-mail to this poster 4/23/2015 2:58:26 PM [INLINE] Civil Litigation - Private Comment #: CA6634 Rating:2.4 [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] Comments: Mary Arand was an outstanding attorney. Everyone had high hopes for her performance on the bench. Those very same supporters have been bitterly disappointed in her performance as a judge. She is openly partial on a personal level. Many of her rulings include legal research in favor of the party she finds sympathetic. Make your briefs emotionally sympathetic, or you will be surprised to find your opposing party has a second attorney in Judge Mary Arand. [31]View Detail [32]Send e-mail to this poster 3/12/2015 1:08:58 PM [INLINE] Criminal Defense Lawyer Comment #: CA5454 Rating:1.4 [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] Comments: My wife and I were treated as we were last class citizens. We tried to disqualify this judge but the Superior Court of Contra Costa Judge Theresa Canepa denied the disqualification. We tried to do it through the Appeal Court (Judges Bamattre-Manoukian, Mihara, and Marquez) and the disqualification was also denied without explanation. Is there a common denominator here? Has the CA Judicial System gone totally bad? Jose. [33]View Detail [34]Send e-mail to this poster 7/16/2014 8:06:18 PM [INLINE] Litigant Comment #: CA5438 Rating:Not Rated Comments: Mary Arand, corrupt judge, is a criminal clown who conspires with court staff and other judges and damages victims and obstructs justice for plaintiffs who are standing for their rights. She won't let me stand at the plaintiff table and makes a cheap face at me when I approach the table, because she's conspiring with those who flagged my name in court with abusive, destructive accusations. On top of this she made me pay the criminal defendant who has put me in jail innocent multiple times. As cheap as she is, she's always showing a cheap face to me and other plaintiffs and victims. We should make her wipe off that cheap face and leave the courtroom and court forever. This is not a judge. This is a criminal who became a judge by corruption of this system. [35]View Detail [36]Send e-mail to this poster 7/14/2014 3:22:44 AM References Visible links 1. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/Default.aspx?state=CA 2. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/FAQs.aspx?state=CA 3. mailto:[email protected] 4. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/Privacy.aspx?state=CA 5. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/Legal.aspx?state=CA 6. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/Listing.aspx?state=CA 7. javascript:__doPostBack('_ctl0$ContentPlaceHolder1$Details','') 8. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/Judge.aspx?id=3550#comments 9. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/Judge.aspx?id=3550#addcomment 10. http://www.google.com/recaptcha/api/noscript?k=6LecZuASAAAAAFJv3zUJDyX2lRJh3hlCXUIw3ap5 11. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/JudgeDetail.aspx?id=3550&ratingid=47029 12. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/SendEmail.aspx?ratingid=47029 13. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/JudgeDetail.aspx?id=3550&ratingid=45720 14. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/SendEmail.aspx?ratingid=45720 15. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/JudgeDetail.aspx?id=3550&ratingid=44357 16. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/SendEmail.aspx?ratingid=44357 17. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/JudgeDetail.aspx?id=3550&ratingid=43933 18. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/SendEmail.aspx?ratingid=43933 19. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/JudgeDetail.aspx?id=3550&ratingid=42795 20. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/SendEmail.aspx?ratingid=42795 21. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/JudgeDetail.aspx?id=3550&ratingid=42366 22. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/SendEmail.aspx?ratingid=42366 23. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/JudgeDetail.aspx?id=3550&ratingid=40802 24. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/SendEmail.aspx?ratingid=40802 25. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/JudgeDetail.aspx?id=3550&ratingid=38279 26. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/SendEmail.aspx?ratingid=38279 27. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/JudgeDetail.aspx?id=3550&ratingid=34583 28. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/SendEmail.aspx?ratingid=34583 29. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/JudgeDetail.aspx?id=3550&ratingid=34247 30. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/SendEmail.aspx?ratingid=34247 31. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/JudgeDetail.aspx?id=3550&ratingid=33416 32. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/SendEmail.aspx?ratingid=33416 33. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/JudgeDetail.aspx?id=3550&ratingid=28124 34. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/SendEmail.aspx?ratingid=28124 35. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/JudgeDetail.aspx?id=3550&ratingid=28059 36. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/SendEmail.aspx?ratingid=28059 Hidden links: 38. http://www.therobingroom.com/california/Default.aspx?state=CA 39. http://www.northlawpublishers.com/ 40. http://underneaththeirrobes.blogs.com/

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