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(c) Copyright 1997 Eros. ALL Rights Reserved This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached. Filename: FAM_FUN.TXT Title: Family Fun Author: Eros FAMILY FUN (by EROS) Chapter 1 Tina Simpson moaned softly into her husband's mouth as he skinned the tight, silk panties she was wearing down over her slim, girlish hips. She had been looking forward to this since lunchtime when she began to get the familiar, unmistakable urge for sex. It had been hell at work, trying to stop herself staring at every tight, male bulge that walked past, and her pussy had been wet and tingly all afternoon. Now a young-looking thirty-four, Tina had always been a very highly sexed woman, even in her teens. This had of course attracted many boyfriends, but only her husband, Dave had been able to regularly satisfy her lustful cravings. They were two peas in a pod, and sex between them had always been fast, furious and frequent. "Are you sure the kids are asleep, Dave?" whispered Tina, wrapping her long, slim fingers around her husband's rapidly lengthening cock. "Yeah, don't worry honey." he replied, squeezing her breasts with one hand. "John went to bed hours ago. He's got that big game tomorrow, he'll be dreaming about the big touchdown by now, babe." Tina pulled gently up and down on his stiff joint, rubbing her thumb up over the fat, purple head. "What about Julie?" she moaned as his hands caressed her tingling flesh. "Julie's light was on, but you know how she always falls asleep reading. Right now honey, all I'm interested in is this hot little pussy of yours" Opening her thighs, Tina let his other hand have free access to her cunt and moaned loudly as his fingers cupped her sex, slipping inside the tight, juicy slit with practiced ease. "Mmmmmmmm! Yeah, that feels so good!", murmured Tina, as she hunched her slick pussy up around her husband's fingers. "Ooooh, Dave, I need fucking so badly! Don't waste too much time, I'm already wet!" Indeed she was.. as soon as Dave's fingers entered his wife's flooded pussy, a veritable stream of warm, fragrant cunt juices bathed his hand and her fluttering vaginal muscles nibbled delightfully at his fingers. "Jesus Christ, baby you're hot!.... and your pussy's so wet!" Dave whispered, inserting a third stiff digit into his wife's quivering hole. "Fuck me then! Stick it in and fuck me hard! I want your big, fat cock baby!" Tina rolled onto her back and spread her legs, pulling her husband's rigid prick into her seething snatch like a woman possessed. Spurred on by Tina's obvious desperate need, Dave wasted no more time in driving his huge cock into the tender, delicate, hungering flesh of his wife's cunt. Her long, tapered legs swept higher, capturing her husband's powerful body, her heels locked just above the crack of his ass, giving her the added leverage she needed. Dave felt the walls of his wife's pussy spread apart, moulding around his invading cock like a glove as he slid easily into her, his mighty shaft impaling her hot little snatch until his balls came to rest against her pinkly puckered asshole. "Arhhhhhhgghhh! Jesus! Oh, God you're hot and sweet baby" he gasped, as her clinging flesh enveloped his prick. "FUCK! OOOOOOH, DO IT! FUCK ME, BABY!" whimpered Tina, screwing herself urgently up against him so that her clit rubbed deliciously against the shaft of his cock. Dave braced himself with both hands and pulled out of his wife's sucking hole, only to plow back down into her tightness again with added force, thrusting in and out with all his strength. "OH! OOHH! FUCK, YES! That's it! Throw that hot pussy up at me baby!" he grunted, ramming his thick cock into her eagerly upthrust twat. Tina bucked her ass up off the bed in time with Dave's savage thrusts, moaning with pleasure at each deep penetration. "Unnnnnggghhh! Ohhhhh! Fuck! Oh, baby! That it! Yes, harder! OHHHH, YESSSSS!" she squealed. Both husband and wife were completely engrossed in their energetic lovemaking, oblivious to all but their own bodies in their frantic search for sexual release. Chapter 2. Dave had been quite wrong when he had assumed that their children were all asleep. In fact, Julie, their youngest daughter was still wide awake. At fourteen, Julie was the baby of the family, a slim, pretty brunette with a compact little body and tits that any fully grown woman would be proud of. She had been reading in bed, but the storyline was beginning to bore her a little so she decided to go get a midnight snack from the refrigerator. Stepping into the corridor, Julie began to tiptoe towards the kitchen, careful not to wake the rest of the household at this late hour. As she did so, a muffled noise caught her ear. It was coming from her parent's room down the hall, and sounded like someone was moaning in pain. Concerned that something was wrong, the young girl turned and hurried towards the source of the strange sounds. As she moved closer, the noise became louder, until Julie could clearly make out the sound of muted voices, voices punctuated by peculiar groans. A naughty shudder of adolescent curiosity alerted the young teenager's senses as she stopped outside her parent's bedroom. There it was again, louder this time. Julie stepped nearer and pressed her ear against the door. "Dave...Oh God ...OooohHhhh.. Yessss Dave, Fuck me!.... Harder! ..Unngh!" It was her mother's voice and it was obvious what they were doing. Julie continued to listen with bated breath, letting the air seep from her lungs when she could no longer contain it. Suddenly her father's deep, throaty baritone drifted through to her from the room within. "Yes! Jesus, honey, throw that gorgeous cunt to me like that and I'll fill it full of hot, thick cum!" Julie's heart skipped a beat and her young cunt moistened at the sound of her father's obscene suggestion. She knew what the words meant, but this was the first time she had heard them used with such profound feeling. It made her pussy crawl. Julie's pulse began to quicken as the sounds of the salacious dialogue etched themselves permanently on her impressionable young mind. She simply had to see for herself. Kneeling before the door, Julie peeked eagerly through the keyhole. She gasped aloud. The sight that greeted the excited young girl's eye literally took her breath away. Her mouth became suddenly dry and her heart thumped in her chest as she gaped at the incredibly lewd scene before her. Julie had a completely, unhampered view of the bed where her parents lay. Both were stark naked. Her mother was lying on her back in the middle of the bed with her legs raised and spread widely, her slender calves locked tightly around her husband's waist as he pumped his huge, thick organ into her quivering belly. Julie gasped again as she caught sight of her father's long stiff shaft sliding in and out between her mother's widely spread cuntlips. She could see its throbbing length glistening with her mother's juices as it moved in and out like some great piston. It looked absolutely enormous! She had seen her father's cock several times before, but it was always much smaller, never like this. She couldn't believe it! The incredible size of her fathers prick sent unexplainable shivers though her awakening pussy, as she stared at it, totally enthralled, like a tiny mouse hypnotized by a snake. With every stroke, it withdrew until even the fat bloated tip was visible, before suddenly pumping down again into her mothers' bucking cunt. How could she take such a huge thing without it tearing her asunder? Yet, Julie could see that her mother was obviously enjoying it immensely! The young teenager was confused... extremely excited... but equally confused. Although she wasn't sexually active yet, Julie wasn't a virgin either. Last summer, she had let Russell Miller go all the way in the woods off Park Road on their way home from school. Russ was tall and handsome and sixteen, and Julie had had a crush on him for some time. Chapter 3. When Russ had kissed her, Julie's legs simply melted and it wasn't long before he had her pants around her ankles and his cock in her virgin cunt. It had hurt at first, but just as she was starting to enjoy it, Russ had pulled out and sprayed her belly with white, sticky cum. She'd thought Russell's cock had been big at the time, but now, looking at her father's mighty organ, she knew she'd been wrong. Her young voluptuous body had unconsciously begun to prickle sensuously, reviving all of the excitement she took such careful precautions to hide whenever the rest of the family was around. Julie stared through the tiny hole, and watched the muscles on the insides of her mother's lightly tanned thighs flex tightly as she thrust her ravenous cunt up to absorb the full length of her husband's blood-engorged prick. As she stared open-mouthed, her father's glistening cock stabbed repeatedly in and out of her mother's creamy hole in rapid-fire succession, causing Julie to whimper softly in passionate empathy. Her mother began to moan loudly, mouthing filth at her lover again.... exciting filth that Julie's young ears wanted desperately to hear.... "Unnnhhh! Unnnhh! Fuck meee! Yes, fuck me hard you big bastard! Christ, what a cock! Jesus I love your cock! Uhhhhhggggghhhh!" Spasms of erotic sensation rippled through the precocious fourteen year old as she continued to watch, glued to the incredible scene. One of her hands drifted up to caress the plump, roundness of her young tits as she watched and listened to the provocative sounds of her parents fucking. Her other hand crept down under the waistband of her panties to the prominent mound of her pussy, and began to stroke the moist, adolescent slit. She had been masturbating since she was twelve, and knew exactly how to get the most pleasure from her horny little hole once it was aroused. First, she ran a finger between the lips of her slit to moisten it, then rubbed the liquid in and around the folds of her cunt until it was all slippery. Then she took her clit gently between two fingers and rubbed it lightly, thrilling at the delightfully lewd sensations it sent through her easily excited young cunt Though she had experienced intercourse only the one time, it was enough to give her knowledge of the delights of sex, and she began to wish desperately that she had a boy with her now. She wanted to fuck! She wanted to feel a cock inside her again! "Mmmmmmuhhhh! Ungggggghhhh! Ummmmmmmmmm!" moaned Julie, probing a second stiff finger deep into her drooling pussy, trying to imitate the rigid cock she so desperately desired. "Ooooh, Russ! Daddy!... Anybody!... ", she whispered, her wide young eyes glued to the junction of her mother's frothy, pink-lipped cunt, and her father's pistoning prick. The youngster's hips writhed and twisted as she finger-fucked herself to the rhythm of her parent's noisy coupling, moving her cunt in tight, sharp little circles as she had when Russ had jammed his stiff young prong deep into her virgin cunt for the first time. In the heated lust of her approaching climax, Julie closed her eyes and imagined it was her wonderful, handsome father who was fucking her tight, little-girl cunt with his big cock, instead of her own tiny fingers. In her mind's eye, she was the one bucking and mewling under his heaving body... not her mother. The incestuous fantasy was suddenly too much for the young girl. "Oooooooh! Fuck ME Daddy! Fuck ME! Fuck Fuck Fuuuuuuuck!", she whimpered quietly as her little cunt creamed around her pumping fingers. Wracking spasms overtook her young body, causing Julie to slump back onto her haunches. She pressed both hands between her slender adolescent thighs as her climax faded. Pleasurable though her orgasm was, Julie had become so excited watching her mother and father fuck, she was far from satisfied.... Chapter 4. She returned her eye to the keyhole, staring at her father's gleaming prick as it slammed repeatedly into her mother's hot, gaping cunt. Julie continued to rub her throbbing clit, teasing and rubbing the swollen little bud until she once again she exploded in orgasm, pumping two fingers deep up into her frothy little cunt as she jerked and bucked in adolescent ecstasy. As the intense pleasure faded, feelings of shame and guilt replaced them and Julie crept silently back to her room, not even waiting to watch the completion of her parents lovemaking. Safely inside her room, the young girl slipped under the bedcovers and tried to fall asleep. But her mind was full of wild thoughts. It worried her that she had really been turned on by the thought of being fucked by her own father! Was she sick or depraved or something? She didn't know, but what she did know, was that tonight had awakened something inside of her, something sensual, and she was determined to experiment some more. It was nice to masturbate, she decided, but when she remembered how her father's cock had looked, and how Russ Miller's cock had felt just before he pulled it out of her, Julie had to know what it was like to cum like she did tonight, but this time with a big, stiff cock filling her pussy, pumping out gallons of hot, sticky jism, making her come until she fainted from sheer pleasure. Her mother had made sure that she was on the pill as soon as she started high school, so the way was clear with no worries about getting pregnant. She needed someone, but who? All the boys she knew at school were just that, boys! Once they had fucked a girl, the whole school knew. Damn, the whole neighbourhood knew! Besides, if Russell Miller was anything to go by, it would all be over in two seconds flat anyway. She thought of her father again. Naw, she was dreaming, he wouldn't fuck his own daughter! It had to be someone else, someone available, someone who wouldn't blab. She thought of her brother, John, who was only a year older than herself. He was always sneaking looks between her legs at her panties when she lay on the living room floor watching television or giving her a 'brotherly' pat on the ass when she came out of the shower, but his eyes nearly bugged out of his head sometimes when she wore her skimpy black bikini. He acted tough, but Julie doubted if he'd ever had his cock inside any of the numerous, giggling girls who seemed to follow him around. He did have a cute body though, she mused. John played football and she had to admit that more than once, she had admired his firm, muscular behind as he paraded around the house in those tight-fitting shorts of his. Come to think of it, the bulge in his pants reminded her of her father! 'I wonder if his cock is just as big?', she thought, surprised at her own shamelessness. A shiver of uncontrolled lust sped up and down her spine as she tried to picture his erect cock. She remembered once when she had entered the bathroom, only to find her brother stark naked, towelling himself dry. He never locked the door and Julie suspected that it was intentional, and he was actually hoping that Mom or herself would walk in on him. His cock was limp, but Julie had caught enough of a glance at it to realize that when aroused, it would be quite a formidable weapon. She had quickly apologized and retreated from the room, but not before she had seen the sly smile on his face. Julie shivered again trying to concentrate. Then there was Toby Sheldon. He was her best friend Tracey's current boyfriend. Tracey and Toby were both sixteen and had been dating steadily for almost six months now. He was good-looking, tall and slim, and from what Tracey had boasted one night when she was a little tipsy, he was a real stud! No, she couldn't fuck her best friend's boyfriend. It wouldn't be right! Chapter 5. Then the answer suddenly struck her! BOB! Bob Conroy was their next door neighbour. He was nineteen, five-eight, muscular without being muscle-bound, coal-black hair, dark piercing eyes and above all... CUTE!! He had moved in next door about two years ago and lived with his mother, Debbie and his twin sister Kelly. Kelly had often come over to babysit her and John when Mom and Dad went out. 'Yes! He was perfect! But how could she get his attention?' she thought. 'Of course! He sometimes cleans our pool for Dad. If I could only arrange to be alone with him for a few hours!' As Julie schemed, a devilish smile began to form on the pretty young girl's face, a smile tinged with anticipated lust as she carefully planned Bob's seduction. But as she drifted off to sleep, her thoughts returned to her father, and vivid, incestuous images began to fill her mind as she began to dream.... In her dream, her father loomed above her, kneeling between her widely spread thighs, holding his impossibly huge cock in both hands. Beside him stood her mother and brother, also completely naked. John's cock was a mirror image of his father's... long and stiff, and very, very big. Julie groaned apologetically towards her mother as her father lunged forward and pressed the tip of his cock into her slit. "I'm sorry Mom! I'm really sorry, but I can't help myself!", she whimpered. Her voice sounded strange and distorted. Her mother looked down at her and smiled wickedly, her face a distorted caricature of pure lust. "Don't worry, baby! I don't mind! I've got all I can handle right here!" she said, wrapping her fingers lovingly around her son's massive prick. John responded by squeezing his mothers's firm, round tits and then sliding his hand down over her belly until his fingers disappeared inside her wet, hairy cunt. "But Mom, John's your own son!!", cried Julie helplessly as she watched her mother lean back and place the tip of John's immense cock between the open lips of her cunt. "I know honey, but he sure can fuck, you should try him sometime!" Julie gaped in disbelief as her mother thrust forwards, impaling herself fully on her brother's rock-hard prick. At the same time, she felt her father's impossible organ penetrate her own tight little hole. Julie screamed as it entered her, but not in pain, because surprisingly, in her dream, it was the most pleasurable sensation she had ever felt. As the fantasy swirled and dissolved, she heard her mother screaming too, an identical replica of her own guttural cry of incestuous pleasure. Chapter 6 Julie woke slowly as the sunlight streaming through her bedroom window crept down the wall and onto her closed eyelids. She yawned and stretched her limbs, recalling the blurred events of the night before and in doing so the incredible dream she'd had. It was fantastic, but she had really enjoyed it and the crotch of her panties was still wet to prove it! Then she remembered her plan, and jumped eagerly out of bed to put it into action. Throwing on a robe, Julie made her way down the hall to the bathroom. The door was ajar, so she went straight on in, and as she turned from locking the door, a masculine voice startled her. "Hi, Sis!" It was her brother, he'd done it again! But Julie was determined not to be humiliated this time. Turning towards him, she smiled her most alluring smile. "Finished with the shower, John?", she asked demurely. "Yeah sure Sis, go right ahead." he replied, towelling his wet hair dry. John was naked, and, as usual, taking great pleasure in displaying himself in front of his younger sister. He smiled back at her, fully expecting the young girl to flee from the room at any moment. Julie didn't move, instead she stared openly at her brother's body, taking a more than passing, sisterly interest. He was so sure of himself, she couldn't resist a little joke at his expense. "Ooooh! I know what that is!", she cried, pointing at her brother's limp cock. "Yeah, what?", asked John hopefully. "It's just like a prick, only smaller!", she replied, unable to keep from laughing at the stunned look on her brother's face. He frowned for a second but then a smile crossed his handsome features as he joined in the joke. "You're right! I've been swindled!" he laughed, looking down at his flaccid organ. Feeling a little embarrassed, John asked his sister if she wanted him to leave while she showered. "Only if you want too, brother dear!", she replied, sounding much bolder than she felt as she began to remove her clothes. Now it was John's turn to stare, he couldn't believe his little sister was going to undress in front of him. Her nubile young breasts sprang free as she pulled off her top and John could only gape at her firm, ripe little tits. "Jesus!", he moaned under his breath. "Pardon! Did you say something, Johnny?", she smiled. "Nnn.. No!", he stuttered, staring uneasily at her naked flesh. Julie was beginning to enjoy exposing herself to her brother's lustful gaze. She watched him lick his dry, parched lips, his eyes following her fingers as they slid beneath the waistband of her panties. She had him wrapped around her little finger! If she had asked him to kiss her ass, she was sure he would have done so without even thinking. 'This is going to be easier than I ever imagined', she thought, peeling the tiny, sheer garment slowly down over her slim, tanned thighs. John's eyes nearly popped out of his head as Julie stepped out of her panties and stood completely naked before him. He could clearly see the moist, pink slit of her young pussy through the sparse covering of light brown curls. The boy began to lick his lips unconsciously. "See something you like, Johnny?", Julie laughed. Before he could answer, she stepped into the shower cubicle and closed the door, leaving her brother panting like a puppy outside. Julie purposely left the shower door open a few inches so that her brother would be able to see her as she showered. She felt excitingly wicked, and suddenly realized that not only did she like sex, she also liked it when men looked at her the way John had just done. It turned her on more than she would have admitted, even to herself. The hot, stinging jets of water refreshed her young body as she soaped it all over, paying particular attention to her firm, pointed breasts. Chapter 7 Out of the corner of her eye, Julie could see her brother looking at her through the opening, and turned slightly so that he could get a better view. Pretending not to notice that he was still there, Julie began to spread the soapy lather down over her firm belly and between her legs. She could have sworn she heard a moan as her fingers began to rub the creamy foam along the insides of her glistening young thighs. John was transfixed with wonder. He had always thought that his younger sister had a cute pair of tits, and now he was actually watching her spread soap all over them! As she moved her hands lower, he moaned softly, watching her rub her fingers gently between her legs. 'Christ! I'd love to do that for her!' he thought, moving a little closer to the door. His cock was beginning to grow of it's own accord and his right hand moved automatically to grasp the stiffening organ as he watched. Julie saw her brother's fingers encircle his prick and begin to move it back and forth. 'God! He's actually going to jack off!' The thought sent a deep, peculiar thrill through her pussy which was already becoming aroused by the movement of her soapy fingers. The knowledge that her naked body had such an immediate effect on her own brother was immensely exciting and she felt a powerful surge of lust flash through her young loins. She wanted to masturbate in front of him too! Her pussy lips parted as Julie inserted a soapy finger into her heated slit. All the time her eyes were fixed on John's fist-encased prick. Moving so that she was facing the partly opened door, Julie directed the shower nozzle so that the warm spray fell directly on her pussy mound, and leant back against the tiled wall, slowly spreading her creamy thighs until the lips of her cunt parted and a steady stream of water invaded the hot, wet, crevice. "Ooooooooohhh!", she moaned loudly. It was a deep guttural moan, and John's fist began to move even faster up and down the thickening shaft of his prick as he heard his sister groan in such obvious pleasure. He could see the dark, inner lips of her pussy now and the tiny hole beneath her clitoris, which he knew would be tight and hot. His cock was throbbing and jerking in his hand, and John knew that he wouldn't be able to last much longer before he creamed. Julie stared with admiration at her brother's cock and inserted a long slim finger into her moistening pussy. It certainly had grown a lot since she had first seen it. In fact, it was huge! Easily as big as her father's had been the night before! The sight of her brother's long, stiff cock pumping powerfully between his clenched fingers was beginning to effect the girl immensely and she became acutely aware of her swollen, gently throbbing clitoris. She ran a finger back and forth over the hard little bundle of nerves as she watched her brother working his fist up and down his stiff prick with considerably more speed. Julie was completely absorbed by the lascivious situation, totally turned on. She wanted him to come with her, to spurt his jism at the same time her own pussy creamed, but she had to see his face when he came. So, throwing caution to the wind, Julie turned off the shower and with a trembling hand, slid the door open fully. John's initial surprise stopped his jerking hand for only a second. But as he saw the look of undisguised lust on his sister's pretty features, some of his earlier bravado returned. With an uncertain smile, he sat back against the hand basin and resumed jerking his enormous hard-on with strong, lengthy strokes. His eyes took in her young beauty which was made all the more appealing by her obvious state of sexual arousal. The nipples of her nicely rounded tits stood out like little pink strawberries against the darker aureoles, and tiny beads of water still clung to her creamy flesh. Chapter 8 As John watched breathlessly, Julie's fingers continuously stroked and parted the small, almost, hairless lips of her pussy, delving inside only momentarily before gently massaging the hard, sensitive bud at the top of her little pink slit. "Man, that's something to see!" muttered John, "You sure do look pretty when you're all honked up like that, Julie." "Oh, Johnny, I've been so damn horny all morning!", she moaned. "Me too Sis! Just look at this!", said her brother, wiggling his fully erect cock at her. "Ooooh, Golly! Did I do that? It looks so biiiiiig!", giggled Julie in a false, little-girl voice, pretending to be surprised. "Cut it out, Sis! You damn well know you did. I nearly creamed when you started to play with yourself. Jesus, what a turn on!" "Well it IS big," said Julie, "almost as big as Daddy's!" "Whaaat! When have you ever seen Dad's cock like this?" he asked accusingly, holding the massive shaft towards her. "Last night. He and Mom were going at it in their room and I... I sort of saw them." "Yeah, sure! Spied on them more like it... you randy little cunt!", a conspiratorial smile crossed his handsome features as he asked the next question. "Did you see much?... I mean... What were they actually doing, Julie?" "I'll tell you later. Right now I thing we've both got some urgent business to attend to before somebody catches us, don't you?", she gasped, nodding towards his momentarily forgotten dick. "Yeah, sure! I'm with you Sis!" They both laughed at the implications of his last comment. Julie raised one of her legs for him so that her pussy was fully exposed. The light brown bush of pubic fluff, amazingly developed for a girl so young, curled lushly at base of her belly. She looked into his eyes, knowing that her brother would be able to stare straight into the scarlet-lipped slit running down the center of her cunt, and that the sight would arouse him all the more. John moved closer. "Look at me!", she whispered, becoming totally swept up in the passion she had helped to engender between them. "Watch me making love to myself! Oooooh, do it to yourself at the same time and we'll come together!" John watched as his little sister's fingers began to move up and down between the puffy, wet lips of her young gash. The sight was incredible! He had never seen a girls pussy that looked so neat, so delicious, so fucking edible, the delicate female flesh glistened wetly as she squeezed the increasingly moist folds between her fingers. The entire area was covered with the clear oil which her lusty arousal had generated. Looking up he became aware that her own gaze was directed towards his fist full of hard fuck-muscle. "I bet this is what Dad's cock looks like when he's shoving it up Mom's cunt!", he grunted, wrapping his palm around the thick shaft and plunging his hips towards her, fucking into his hand. Julie felt a spasm of pleasure fire he loins as she watched her brother's graphic demonstration. "Yessss! Just like that!", she moaned, picturing her father's cock stabbing into her mother's cunt as it had last night. The young boy saw the look on his sister's face when he mentioned their parents and decided to follow it up since it obviously turned her on something fierce. "Yeah," he whispered stepping closer, "and I bet it really fills Mom's cunt 'til she screams!" Julie was beside herself with pleasure as her hand moved feverishly around in her juicy cuntflesh. Her brother's words had unleashed the fantasies of her dreams and accelerated her rapid rise towards blessed relief. Chapter 9 John was in control once more. He watched his sister writhe in sexual abandon as he slowly pumped on his cock, keeping it nice and hard. He looked at her fingers slithering like snakes over her slick, red flesh as her back began to arch with pleasure. Julie was moaning softly, engrossed in her fantasy fuck. "Ohhhhh! Mmmmmhhhhhh! Arrhhhmmmmmm!" Emboldened by her lust, John moved into the stall and stood in front of her. His pulse raced as he felt the animal heat emanating from her body. He wondered how far she would let him go if he felt her up. Still working his left hand over his rigid prick, John reached out tentatively with his right and cupped one of his sister's jiggling tits. She didn't seem to notice straight away, so he began to squeeze and caress the soft, firm flesh. Julie's eyes opened slowly as she stared at her brother through a passion clouded haze. In her present condition she wouldn't have cared who was touching her. "Ohhhhh, Yessss!", she groaned, pressing her breasts against his hand. John couldn't believe it! She wanted him to touch her. Christ!! This was outta' sight! He had to feel her cunt! Reluctantly taking his hand from her luscious little breast, John slid it down over the curve of her belly and joined hers in Julie's slick, heated slit. She moaned again, humping forwards. This time her hips pressed against his hand, trapping it between their bodies. John's cock was firmly wedged up against his little sister's belly, twitching in delight at the electrifying contact with her soft, warm flesh. "Oh, Johnnnnyyy!" she whimpered, grasping hold of the throbbing organ pressing against her belly. John groaned with delight as her slim fingers closed around his cock. They were so small that they didn't quite meet around the shaft's huge girth. "Oh, Mmmmmmm yes! Sis, that feel's nice!" he breathed into her ear, "Move you fingers up and down!" Julie did as she was instructed, although more by instinct than by command. Her brother's fingers felt good inside her cunt, even better than her own had, and she loved the way he went straight for her sensitive little nub of a clitoris. "Yesss! Oh, fuck yes! Johnnny, play with my clit!" The hot young teenager was desperate now, and her brother's fingers were just what she needed. She was so close! Her brother was nearly there too, the combination of fingering his sister's wet little cunt and having her jerk on his dick, was just too much for him. Although he ached to stick his cock into her juicy cunt, he thought better of it. That would be going too far! The forbidden taboo of incest still had a strong influence, even in his highly aroused state. "I'mmm nnearly thhhhere, Johnny", whimpered Julie, pulling in his cock like a little demon, sliding her fingers expertly up and down the full length. "Me too Julie! Oh, fuck Sis! I love you!" Feeling the climactic surge mounting in his balls, John churned his fingers more rapidly in the girl's flooded snatch, pumping his fingers into her tight, wet hole as deeply as he could. "Yessss! Oh, fuck me Johnny! Fuck me with your fingers! Fuck me with your cock! Ooooo! Christ, I'm cummming!. Julie bit down on her bottom lip to stop from screaming out her orgasm, as wave after wave of pure pleasure coursed through her seething twat. John hardly heard his sister's pleading moans as his own climax crashed down on him. His cock jerked and bucked in Julie's hand like a crazy animal and finally, powerful jets of hot, thick love-cream began to spurt against her heaving belly. Julie lunged furiously against her brother's hand until the intense spasms began to fade, leaving a dull, satisfying warmth pervading her loins. She felt his hot, sticky sperm on her skin, running down between their bodies to mingle with the girl-cum in her quivering pussy. John hugged his sister tightly against his muscular chest as his own orgasm faded. His cock, still surprisingly hard, nudged against the top of her cunt, Julie's trembling fingers still wrapped tightly around its massive circumference. Chapter 10 Instinctively, Julie maneuvered the tip of her brother's cock until it pressed between the lips of her pussy. The sudden, exquisite contact brought a simultaneous moan of pleasure from them both. John was beside himself with lust by now. Little sister or not, she obviously wanted it, and he desperately needed a fuck, otherwise he was gonna be as horny as a ten-peckered billy-goat all day long. John was just about to hunch forwards and bury his cock in her inviting little cunt when a sudden knock on the door scared them both half to death. "Come on in there! Breakfast's nearly ready!" yelled their mother. They sprang apart like two scalded cats. John dressed hastily and left without looking back at his sister. Julie turned on the tap and resumed her shower, a sly smile forming on her lips as she washed her brother's semi-congealed cum off her little tanned belly. 'Things certainly wouldn't be boring around here from now on!' she thought, her wicked smile widened broadly. When Julie finally made it to the breakfast table, everyone else had just about finished. Her brother looked up at her sheepishly as she sat down. She smiled back and winked, careful not to let anyone else notice. "Morning!", she chirped, a little too cheerfully. "Hi honey!", her mother said, "Want some bacon and eggs?" "Sure, thanks Mom.", Julie replied, glancing over at her brother. John lowered his eyes and pretended to be interested in his breakfast. "What's everybody doing today?", asked Julie, stuffing a fork full of bacon and eggs into her mouth. "Well, your father and I are going to watch John's football match and then do a little shopping. Aren't you coming along honey?", replied her mother. "No thanks Mom, I want to catch up on some reading", lied Julie, "I might even do a few laps of the pool if I get bored" She looked across at John and caught him staring at her tits. The low-cut blouse she was wearing certainly succeeded in showing of her young breasts to full advantage. She knew her body could entice any red-blooded male she wanted. In the shower with John had been a real turn on, but they had been interrupted before the final act and now she was even more desperate for a cock. And she was going to get it! Now to spring the first part of her little plan. "Daddy, the pool is looking a little dirty. Do you think you could get Bob to clean it up a bit. I'd really like to spend some time in the water this afternoon.", she said in just the right tone to get her father's attention. "Ok baby, I'll give him a call now." Julie could hardly stop from smirking, her plan was working like clockwork. "Bob? Hi! It's Dave Simpson.", her father said into the phone, "Yeah, fine. Ahh, could you come over after lunch and clean the pool?...Yeah, sure that would be great. Thanks Bob! Bye!" "Well sweetheart, Bob will be over 'round midday to clean the pool for you. So you can really make the most of the afternoon" "Thanks Daddy, I fully intend to", she said. '... in more ways than one', she thought to herself....... Chapter 11 After breakfast, Julie grabbed a book from her room and went out to the pool. 'Thank God! It IS a little dirty', she thought, sprawling back on one of the comfortable, lay-back chairs. She started to read, but her mind wasn't really able to concentrate on the words. Instead, she contemplated the fun she would have this afternoon. She was deep in thought, when a deep male voice startled her back to reality. "Hi, Darlin'! You're looking sharp this morning," said her father, sitting down on the chair opposite her. "Why thanks, Daddy. You ain't too shabby yourself!" Julie replied, putting on a strong southern drawl. Her father smiled broadly appreciating the excellent imitation. It was clear that Julie had inherited Dave's sense of humour, and the two of them had always got on exceptionally well. What neither of them knew was that Julie had not only inherited both her parent's exceptional good-looks, she had also inherited their strong sexual urges as well. "Are you sure you don't want to come with us to the match, honey? I'm sure John would like you to watch him play," said her father. Any other time Julie would have jumped at the chance, some of the guys on John's team were real hunks! "No thanks, Dad! I really just feel like relaxing today. Maybe next time." "Okay hon, you're the boss!" Dave lay back and admired his youngest daughter. He was completely aware that she had been growing up this past year, and lately her budding body had attracted his attention more and more. Mainly because, like most girls her age, she had started to wear clothes which showed off as much of her developing female charms as possible! This morning Julie was wearing her habitual summer costume, a pair of cutoff blue jeans, but these were cutoffs with a difference. The legs had been cut so short that the bottom half of her cute little asscheeks peeked cheekily below the hem. She purposely hadn't bothered to wear any panties either. Being a red-blooded male, with more than his fair share of sex-drive, Dave certainly wasn't immune to the gorgeous sight, and let his eyes wander freely over Julie's scantily clad body. Her low-cut top showed off most of her boobs, the large nipples made enticing little dents in the thin, cotton fabric. Dave suppressed a frustrated moan of desire as he stared openly at his deliciously sexy young daughter. Looking up, Julie noticed her father's interested gaze and instinctively opened her slim thighs further apart. She saw him swallow hard as he finally noticed that she wasn't wearing anything under her cutoff shorts. His eyes followed the suggestive bulge of her pubes down to the thin, tightly-stretched strip of denim which passed between her thighs. It actually pressed into the narrow cleft of her pussy, between the outer lips. And, sitting at this angle, with her knees wide apart, it hid very little of her sweet, sexy young snatch. Dave swallowed again, as his cock began to stir uneasily in his pants. 'Christ! The little vixen is turning me on, and she knows it!', Dave thought as he looked up and saw his daughter staring back at him. After a few seconds, Julie lowered her gaze deliberately to his bulging crotch, admiring the effect that she was having on her father. His cock was growing at an alarming rate, threatening to burst the front of his tight shorts. As he began to shift uneasily on the chair in front of her, Julie looked up, and with the sexiest voice she could muster, said; "Something wrong Daddy?". Her smile told him all he needed to know, and in her sparkling brown eyes he saw a look he recognized. Dave had seen that look many times before, in his own wife's eyes..... just before he fucked her! Chapter 12. "Ah... n..no, baby!" he stammered, getting to his feet, "I... um... your mother wants me to drive down to the store and get some stuff to take with us to the match. I'll... er... I'll see you later, hon!" Hurriedly, Dave walked towards the car. He had to, before someone noticed the huge bulge forming inside his shorts. Julie watched him go. She was beginning to like the sudden power she had over men, the ability to turn them into gibbering idiots at the very sight of her sexy young body. She had really enjoyed turning her father on like that. It meant that she was not just a little kid anymore. Even more importantly, it meant that , to her father, she was just as sexually desirable as her mother, whom Julie suddenly, deeply envied. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- After Dave left, Tina decided to use the time to get some cleaning done. The house was a mess and being the meticulous person she was, it annoyed her to see it like that. Her first chore was to collect any stray dirty clothes from the children's room's, ready for washing. Julie's room was spotless of course, not a soiled garment in sight. But as she moved towards John's room, she dreaded the mess she knew she'd find there. Pushing the door open, Tina walked straight in, then stopped dead in her tracks. Her son was lying on his bed, naked from the waist down with his stiff cock in both hands, and he was jerking on it for all he was worth. Tina gasped in initial surprise, not so much at the sight of of his naked organ, or what he was doing, but at the very size of it! It was huge! She had always been partial to big, plump pricks, and John's was one of the biggest she'd ever seen! It was easily as long as her husband's but looked much thicker. John was facing the other way, and he was so engrossed in what he was doing he didn't see or hear his mother enter the room. Tina was still transfixed at the sight of her son's massive, throbbing erection. Her feet wouldn't move, and her heart was pumping like a steam train. She made a low sound in her throat as she watched his fist pump up and down the huge shaft, her pussy moistening with instant desire. John's eyes were closed tightly, and his hips lifted rhythmically up and down off the bed, forcing his cock rapidly into his tightly clenched fists. Tina struggled with her conscience, should she follow her motherly instincts and leave, or should she succumb to the urge building between her legs, and stay. 'Jesus! I can't help myself!', she thought, reaching back to close the door, 'God help me, but I can't!' Locking the door, Tina moved carefully towards the bed, feasting her eyes on John's cock all the while. She had known naturally that her son was well endowed, it ran in the family, but the sight of his big prick, iron-hard and dark with passionate arousal, sent a thrill of sensual pleasure coursing inward from the moist, tingling lips of her pussy. Tina involuntarily clenched and released her thighs, squeezing the flesh of her cuntmound together. She did it often when she was extremely excited, it almost felt like a hand sweeping over the painfully tender slit. Pulling up the hem of her dress, Tina's hand settled automatically on her snatch, caressing the anguished flesh through the moist fabric of her panties. She moved to the bed where her son lay, masturbating furiously. "Johnny!", she whispered. The youngster gasped and sat bolt upright at the unexpected sound of his mother's voice. "Uh! Aaaa... Mom! I... Um... I didn't know you were there!", he croaked, rosy embarrassment beginning to show on his surprised features. He was even more surprised to see his mother's hand underneath her dress, rubbing her pussy!!!!............... Chapter 13. Tina smiled at the confused look on her son's face. He looked so comically shocked! "Don't worry darling! I saw what you were doing and it's all right... really! It's perfectly natural!" muttered Tina, moving closer. John stood up, not knowing whether to cover his nakedness or not, because his mother was staring at his stiff cock like a small kid ogling a lollipop, all the time working her hand between her slightly parted legs. He couldn't believe this was happening! It must be a dream, a wild, fantastic wet dream! His mother came closer to him until they were only a few feet apart. Tina's eyes gazed almost hypnotically at her son's cock, which still protruded magnificently from his muscular thighs. John stared at his mother stupidly for a few moments, then his eyes dropped to the rest of her voluptuous body. She wore a light summer dress, tight over her tits, with narrow straps across her shoulders. It hugged her small waist, then flared out into a full skirt around her hips. It didn't really show off her figure very well, except the flawless shape of her firm, uptilted breasts. Her tits were naked under the dress, and her nipples pushed out in two firm points, outlined against the thin fabric. She was breathing heavily, her large boobs lifting and falling, tremors moving through her body. With a shudder, Tina crossed the remaining few steps separating herself from her handsome young son. John made a soft, gulping sound as she came close to him. His mother was so close now, he could feel the heat emanating from her body. They stood facing each other, with John's head slightly tilted upwards and her's down. Julie stared into his eyes before reaching a tentative hand down between their trembling bodies. As her fingers wrapped eagerly around his cock, John began to tremble with desire... then a look of sudden apprehension crossed his handsome young features. "Mom! What if someone comes in?", he whispered, a little frightened now, and completely out of his depth. "Don't worry, baby. I've locked the door!", said his mother, sliding her closed fist up and down the full length of his hard, young prick. "Your father's gone to the store, and Julie's out by the pool, so nobody should disturb us for a while. But we'd still better be very, very quiet. Okay?" "Uuuuuh! Oooh!... Okay! Sure Mom!", murmured the boy. His virile young prick began to twitch in his mother's hand. "Do you like me touching your cock, honey?" "Yeah! You bet! It's outta sight! Your fingers are so soft and smooth, Mom!" "God, I can't believe you're so big! This is better than doing it to yourself, isn't it baby?" "Christ, yes! You can do this to me any time you want Mom!", he groaned, humping his cock into her hand. "Don't worry darling, I intend to", promised Tina, staring at her son's huge, throbbing erection. John groaned, clasping his mother around the the waist, and pushed his hard-on against her upper thighs. Tina whimpered as she buried her face into his neck, returning the pressure against his cock. She felt him shaking in her arms, and impulsively kissed his neck, just above the collar. John tightened his arms around her waist, and with a little cry, Tina burned her lips over his cheek, finally reaching his mouth. The young boy opened his lips instinctively as his mother pressed her own parted lips against his, kissing him passionately, moving her lips and sucking his tongue into the heated pit of her mouth. John returned his mother's kiss instinctively, and Tina marvelled at the sweet, eagerness with which the boy went about it. It was different with her husband, his kisses almost bruised her soft, full lips, but Johnny's mouth pressed against her own with an urgent yet tender pressure. His tongue lashed against hers, the tip running over her teeth, probing and exploring every inch of her mouth as he kissed her. Tina squirmed her hips against her son's hard young body, using her hand to position the shaft of his cock down between her thighs until it lay in the groove of her very wet pussy. Then, relinquishing her grip on his prick, Tina threw both arms over the boy's shoulders and hugged him tightly to her, grinding her tits sensually against his chest and her firey cuntmound hard against his rigid penis....... Chapter 14 They clung to each other, kissing with growing passion. John felt the length of his cock rub against the wet crotch of his mother's panties, pulsing against her heated flesh. Tina felt it too, and moved so that the hard, bloated head was wedged solidly against the top of her lust-soaked slit, grinding her taut little behind towards him in tight, small circles. She moved her right hand down to his ass, pulling him as hard as she could against her feverish cunt. Her other hand held the back of his neck as Tina thrust her tongue down her son's throat, licking the inside of his mouth, moaning and gasping as her pussy-slit soaked the crotch of her panties. John could feel the moisture seeping out over the head of his prick, coating the bulbous tip with hot, slippery cunt-oils. "Oh Jesus, this is fantastic! You're so damn wet! I have to fuck you, Mom! Will you let me? I know you want it too!", he whispered eagerly, jabbing his young cock against her crotch to emphasize his need. "Not so fast baby!", his mother moaned in a low voice, "Just let it happen! A woman likes to be aroused slowly. I'm real hot, but I need more to make it extra special for me. Play with my tits John, rub mommy's nipples!" Dutifully, John cupped his mother's full, round breasts in both hands, squeezing and kneading the soft flesh with his big, strong hands. "Yesss! That's it. Now squeeze my nipples! A girl loves to have a man squeeze her nipples! But do it gently, honey... very gently" As her son worked diligently on her tits, Tina reached between their thighs and once more closed her fingers around his mighty organ. It had almost doubled in size and she could hardly get her long, slim fingers around the circumference. With practiced strokes she rubbed the tip along the wet groove of her panties covering her juicy gash. Up and down she rubbed it, from the base of her cunt to the top of her slit, becoming more and more excited by the thought of masturbating herself through her panties with her own son's erect penis as he played with her hard nipples. Tina realized at once that it was the forbidden element of their lovemaking that really turned her on. The thought of making love with her strong, handsome son and teaching him how to please her, was so wickedly provocative, that Tina's highly aroused vagina began to fill with a steady cuntal flow. She suddenly remembered that this wasn't the first time she had felt lust for her son's body. Last time, she had dismissed it as total fantasy, but even so it had sent a jolt of undisguised fuck-fever through her loins. It happened one day last summer when John's swimming trunks had fallen off as he dived into the pool. She could still picture his cutely tanned little behind bobbing up out of the water as he dived, searching desperately for his lost trunks. She had gone in to help him find them, and, as he surfaced near her for air, Tina felt the unmistakable contact of his naked crotch against her thigh as he stood up. Her heart had skipped a beat, as she felt his warm cock rub over her cool flesh, and she'd had to fight down a strong, primeval urge to reach out and grab it. Come to think of it, he had let it press against her leg for much longer than modestly required. She knew now that at that moment, her fifteen year-old son had lusted after her too. As then, the thought made Tina shiver with desire. To know that she could sexually excite her own son was a powerful turn-on. And excited he was.... Chapter 15 John's hands were on her ass now, squeezing and kneading the compact cheeks as he had done her tits. But this time, he could pull her panty-encased crotch more tightly against his cock at the same time. It turned him on something fierce to fill his palms with the tight, firm flesh of his mother's ass and grind his stiff cock into her crotch. Tina cried out softly with need as her son grabbed her ass, and began moving backwards, pulling him with her. As the backs of her knees touched the edge of his bed, she fell back across it, pulling him on top of her. She opened her legs and smashed her juice-soaked crotch upwards, onto his throbbing hard-on, writhing in passion beneath him. John looked down at his mothers body. Her dress was bunched up around her waist and her tits were falling out of the top of her dress like two over-ripe melons. He dipped his head to her bosom and began to lick and suck the large, erect nipples in turn. "Ohh! Yes, John! Suck momma's tits!.. Christ! I love that!", moaned Tina, gyrating her hips wantonly against her son's hard, throbbing cock. The tip of his prick had found the entrance of her slit again, either by fortunate accident or by unconscious design, but this time the delicious contact was just too much for the highly aroused boy to endure and he began pumping his cock against his mother's pussy, through her thin panties. Tina gasped and clung to him, her blonde head twisting from side to side, eyes glazed in lewd passion as she felt her son's cock bulge through the tightly stretched material and mash against her clit. 'Jesus, he was like a young, strong bull!' she thought, 'Any second, he was going to break through the flimsy barrier and bury his huge cock deep in her hot, juicy cunt'. The unbearably lewd thought drove her quickly over the edge. "Oooooh, Johnny!" she whimpered, as she felt waves of rippling pleasure building deep in her twat. "God... it's... I'm... Johnny, you're making me.. Oh, Johhny... Jesus baby, I'm cumming!" His mother's hips arched up to meet him, her mouth open in a silent scream of pleasure as she thrashed about beneath him. John pushed his cock tightly against Tina's vibrating, convulsing pussy. His balls ached, firey with passion and swollen with fullness. He had never seen a woman come as hard as that before, and what made it all the more surprising to his young mind, was that she had climaxed without him even getting his cock into her hot little pussy. Tina had come hard alright... very hard. She shook in shuddering ecstasy, closing her eyes, then went limp beneath him. Her hands fell away, and her legs spread outwards. She sprawled beneath her son, with her cunt still pressed against his prick, and most of her ass hanging over the edge of the bed. Dimly, through the warm glow radiating through her body, Tina felt his hands on her hips, pulling her sopping wet panties down over her quivering thighs. She felt a little ashamed now that her climax had passed and began to have second thought's about letting their little sex session continue any further. It was one thing to masturbate herself on her son's cock, but entirely another to let him fuck her. Somehow, John also managed to pull Tina's dress up over her head until she lay naked and panting on the bed in front of him. His cock was rock-hard by now, and ignoring her unconvincing moan of protest, John scrambled between his mother's wide-spread thighs and positioned the head of his prick in the entrance of the very womb that had given him life. He shuddered at the very thought. He took only a moment to stare at it, running his eyes over the hairy, crimson cuntlips which even now quivered and twitched around the half-buried tip of his cock, planting wet, slobbery kisses on the flared head. Chapter 16. His mother looked up and saw the lust in her son's eyes, then she looked down at his throbbing cock, wedged between the outer lips of her pussy, and moaned deep in her throat. Sudden panic gripped her as she realized what he was about to do. Although every cell of her body was screaming for it, part of her mind still rejected the sinful act of incest with her own son! "John, no!.. We.. We can't!", she protested weakly, trying to push him away, but her strength was gone and her heart really wasn't in it. Then, before she could move or say another word, John fucked his cock into her cunt. "Johnny!... My God! It's splitting me open!", she gurgled, feeling his gigantic prick penetrate the moist constriction of her pussy with a single hard thrust. "Slo... Uhhh!... Mmmhhh, s...slowly, or you'll hurt me! Please be gentle, honey!" "Oh, Mom! Jesus, you're tight! I can't believe it!", he groaned as Tina's hips jerked upwards, sliding onto the length of her son's eager cock. Her eyes bulged as she felt him fuck deep into her open-lipped twat. 'Jesus, he's as big as his father!', she thought, with a certain amount of surprise. The surprise rapidly gave way to pleasure though, as her son's fifteen year-old cock began to stretch the elastic walls of her pussy a little more painfully than she was used to. John, meanwhile, was equally surprised. He had envisioned his mothers cunt as being big and loose, but he was pleasantly surprised to find that her girlish vagina was very, very tight. So tight in fact, that he could feel every ridge and groove of her cuntal lining as it clung to his cockshaft like a tightly stretched glove. John prepared to fuck his mother in earnest. Taking the weight of his body on his elbows, he began to move his hips up and down, slowly at first, and then, much faster as her juices began to flow copiously, lubricating the junction of their mutual lust. He stabbed his prick in and out swiftly, causing Tina to pant and writhe. She began to sob, but wasn't sure if it was in shame or ecstasy. She clawed at the bedspread, her head twisting from side to side as she began to lift her hips and fuck back at her son's thrusting cock. The friction of his thick cockshaft along the sensitive lips of her cunt made Tina's mind spin, and she churned her ass in a most wanton manner, no longer caring that it was her young, fifteen year-old son who was fucking her so deliciously. "Yessss! Fuck me, Johnny! Fuck mommy's cunt with your big, fat cock!", she hissed through gritted teeth. John looked down between his mother's splayed thighs, watching his cock fuck in and out of her cunt. Her pink, hairy cuntlips clung to the shaft as he withdrew and disappeared back inside as he plunged into her. Now he could see the way her pussy stretched and clasped his prick as well as feel it, and the stimulating combination increased his excitement a thousandfold. Grunting and moaning with lust, Tina lifted her legs, drawing her knees back, shoving her cunt up at her son's lunging cock. Her husband like to fuck her like this, with her legs bent and her knees pulled back against her tits. It offered the deepest penetration, and made her clit rub hard up against his hammering pubic bone. The pounding of his hips drove the air from his mother's lungs in loud rushes. Yet despite the tremendous pounding he was giving her, she began gasping and whimpering incessantly.... wonderful obscenities that John had never dreamed he would hear coming from his mother's lovely mouth. "Oh God, fuck me Johnny! Fuck momma real hard! Ram your big cock into my fat, juicy cunt and don't stop fucking it! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhgnhhhhh!" "I AM Mom! I AM fucking you! I'm going to cum in your cunt, and make you cum till you faint! "Oooooooh! Johnnnnnny! Yes, come in me! I want to feel your hot juice in my pussy! Ooooooo! Unnnnnnnnggg! That's it! I'm close! Harder! Oh, fuuuuck! Chapter 17 Tina was on fire, her whole body burning up with unbridled passion for her handsome young son, who was fucking her so magnificently. Her cunt clasped his cock each time he pulled out, then expanding to take every wonderful hard inch as he plunged it back inside her. Tina drew her legs wide apart, offering her pussy to the full, frenzied thrusts of her son's powerful prick. A whimper escaped her lips as she felt the spreading heat of another orgasm filling her battered twat. Her eyes fluttered open to look up at him. John was staring down at her with an equally glazed look on his young face, and it was obvious that his own climax was also very close. "Unnnnnnnhhhh! Fuck! Oooooo, yessssss! Fuck meeee!... I'm cuuuummmmmming!", squealed Tina, as waves of pleasure surged outwards from the very heart of her throbbing, twisting cunt. John fucked his mother harder, extremely excited by her shameless crys of lust. His hips pumping up and down, his cock stretching and filling her bucking twat with hot, throbbing hardness. It was just what the convulsing woman needed and she felt her thighs begin to melt and her eyes go out of focus as his young prick slammed into her quivering hole with jackhammer force. Tina strained her quivering snatch high, grinding her clit deliciously against her son's cock as she came, climaxing in a surge of raw, mindless ecstasy. "Johnny! Ohhhhh, Johnnnnnny!", she moaned. John was beginning to show the strain, his young face screwed up, eyes half closed, gasping for breath as his mother flung her hands behind his body to grab his jerking ass, pulling him into her as deep as she could while she came. Her body began to shudder all over and her cunt exploded, squeezing and gripping his long cock like a tiny toothless mouth. Tina had to bite her bottom lip hard to stop from screaming, her hands clawing at her son's clenched, teenaged ass. His mother's wild reaction was all John needed to slip over the edge himself, and with a deep, panting grunt, he threw back his head and sent jet after jet of thick scalding sperm deep up inside her cunt. Her son's spurting cum sent Tina into shuddering spasms of rapture, her cuntal contractions increasing in intensity. As he came, John grabbed his mother's boobs and gripped them tightly, twisting and squeezing the sweaty, jiggling titflesh as he filled her hot cunt with a full load of creamy, incestuous sperm. She cried out. The sound a mixture of shame and wanton ecstasy. Her son was coming inside her... she had let her own child fuck her, and now he was flooding her throbbing cunt with his jism.... the experience was unbelievably exciting. As soon as she felt it kick and spurt inside her, Tina strained even harder onto his jerking, spewing cock, desperate to receive every single drop her virile young son had to offer. She urged him on. "Come in me, Johnny!", she cried. "Cum in momma's pussy! Shoot your stuff right up my hot cunt! Uuuuhhhh, baby! I wanna feel you come in me!!!" John groaned and hunched into her as he emptied his balls inside his mother's gooey fuckhole. In return, Tina squeezed his asscheeks with both hands, pulling his cock deeper and deeper inside her insatiable snatch. To Tina's delight, her son continued to fuck her even after he'd finished coming. His cock was still extremely hard despite an obviously mind-blowing orgasm. Most young boys were like that, Tina reflected, able to achieve a second hardon almost before the first one had gone soft. "Ooooh, you were wonderful, Johnny!", crooned Tina, wiggling her ass up at him. "You're still hard! Hmmmmm, We'll have to call that thing a 'repeater-peter' won't we, baby?" "You'd better believe it, Mom!", he grinned. They giggled together as John began sliding his prick in and out of her cunt. It was a wet fuck. Tina's jizz-filled pussy-slit was slippery and hot, her clit sticking out like a small pink tongue as it rasped deliciously against the shaft of the boy's cock. Tina couldn't believe how quickly her son was able to arouse her again. Within seconds, she felt the old familiar ache in her loins.... her third orgasm in less than half an hour!..... Chapter 18 "Ohhhh yeah, baby!" Tina panted. "Fuck me again!" John's balls slapped against his mother's upturned ass at the end of each stroke as Tina sprawled back on the bed, letting her young son fuck her as hard as he liked. He was eager for it and so was she. Her ass bucked as she pumped her hips up at his thrusting cock, wriggling her cunt around on his sliding fuckpole like an oversexed little teenager. She was overwhelmed with lust for her handsome son. He was so good! Such a strong, virile young fucker! People would say it was wrong, but Tina didn't care. It was too good. Life was too short, and you had to take what pleasure you could get, no matter what the source. As long as nobody found out, what harm would it do? Besides, he had such a big hard prick.... such a lovely cock to fuck. And fuck her he did, bringing Tina to climax after climax before his rejuvenated young balls spewed forth another deluge of thick, creamy jizm into her heaving belly. This time though John had had his fill, and his cock deflated rapidly inside his mother's twitching cunt. He became weak, and his arms collapsed. He fell heavily onto her and Tina grunted as his weight settled. Her legs slid down each side of his body and hung over the edge of the bed until they touched the floor. She ran her hands over his back, caressing his hot, damp skin and hugged her wonderful young son tightly against her own sweaty body. They lay there for several minute, before he rolled off onto the bed beside her. "Mom, are you alright?", asked John as he saw the look of shame in his mother's eyes. "Yes, honey. I'm okay. But we really shouldn't have done this. It got out of hand. What are we going to do now?" "Why? Didn't you like me fucking you Mom?" "Ohhh, yes! That's the problem, John. I loved it! But a mother shouldn't feel that way about her son, let alone do the things we did!" said Tina, getting to her feet. "But Mom, if we both wanted to do it, and it was good, how can it be wrong?" She couldn't argue with logic like that, even if it was a little naive. "I guess you're right, darling. But I don't think your father would agree." "He doesn't have to know, Mom." replied John, with a sly wink. He sure had grown up fast in the ways of the world, she thought as she pulled her panties over her thighs and struggled into her crumpled dress. John stared at his mother's exquisite legs, and glimpsed a brief flash of her tight ass before she smoothed down her dress. He lay back on his bed, seeing her for the first time in a totally different light. No longer was she the mother that cleaned his clothes, made his breakfast and washed the dishes. She was his lover, and nobody on earth would ever change that. "Can we do it again soon, Mom?", he asked hopefully, staring at the swell of her curvaceous tits, once more hidden seductively beneath the thin material of her dress, only the hard, erect nipples betraying her inner feelings. "I don't know, sweetheart. We'll have to be very careful that nobody finds out, or there'll be hell to pay!" Although she didn't admit it, Tina already knew the answer as she looked down at his limp cock, remembering vividly how it had brought her to a sexual peak which she rarely achieved any more. Bending down, she kissed him on the lips. It was a quick, motherly kiss, but her hand on his thigh spoke volumes. "Come on you gorgeous hunk! Up and at 'em! You've got a game to play." Tina hurried from the room, leaving her son to ponder the events of the last half-hour.......... Chapter 19 After John and her parents left, Julie went to her room and began to try on her swimsuits, trying to choose just the right one. One that would give that hunk Bob Conroy, exactly the message she wanted! Her favorite was a small black bikini which her mother didn't even know she had, because she certainly wouldn't have approved of the vast expanse of bare skin which the tiny garment exposed. Posing like model in front of the mirror, she turned her body from side to side, admiring her reflection. The flimsy top barely contained her firm, round tits, and her nipples stood out visibly against the sheer, black material. The bikini bottom was just as tiny, and consisted of a thin strip of cloth which just managed to cover her crotch, before disappearing between her legs and the luscious cheeks of her ass, hugging her flesh so tightly that it outlined with vivid clarity, every detail of her young fourteen year-old pussy. "Perfect!" she said to herself, "Wait till ol' Bobby gets a load of this!" Julie threw on a short robe and went back into the backyard to wait for him. She made herself comfortable on one of the airbeds beside the pool, arranging her robe so that it showed just a hint of her gorgeous young body, and pretended to read. Right on time, Bob Conroy arrived at the Simpson household. He was tall, with dark hair and a slim, muscular frame resulting from many hours at the local gym. He also worked around the neighbourhood in his spare time, doing odd jobs, pool cleaning and lawn mowing mostly. He enjoyed working for Dave because it gave him a chance to feast his eyes on Dave's wife, Tina. 'She was absolutely gorgeous,' he thought, 'and their daughter was a hot, sexy little number too'. He'd had a crush on Tina since the first day he'd seen her watering the front lawn in those tight little shorts she always wore. He remembered watching her over the fence, as she worked in the front yard. When she bent over to fiddle with the sprinkler, he had almost come in his pants. He could still see the firm, well-rounded cheeks of her ass and the dark, enticing space between them. He longed to stand behind those lusciously firm mounds and slide his rigid cock into her cunt from behind. 'One day perhaps,' he thought, 'If I get up enough courage to try!' Whistling happily to himself, Bob walked straight down the side of the house and opened the gate leading to the pool. Julie heard him coming and immediately began to look engrossed in her book. When he saw her, Bob called out his usual greeting, "Hi Julie!.... your Mom or Dad home?" "Hello Bob!" replied Julie, trying hard to appear natural, "No, they've all gone to John's football game." "Oh!", said Bob, sounding a little disappointed, "Well your father asked me to come over and clean the pool." "Ohhh, good! I've been wanting to cool off all morning, but it looked so dirty I didn't bother", she lied. "Don't worry pretty lady!", he chuckled, doing his best John Wayne impersonation, "I'll fix your pool." Julie laughed, and watched him carry his pool cleaning kit over to the edge of the pool. Without being too obvious, she followed him with her eyes every inch of the way. He was wearing tight denim shorts and a tee shirt, cutoff so that most of his tanned midrift showed from just under his pectorals to just below his navel. 'Wow! Just who was trying to seduce whom here?', she wondered, feeling her pussy moisten deliciously at the heavenly sight of so much naked man-flesh........ Chapter 20 "I won't be long, Julie. It shouldn't take more than about half an hour before you'll be able to enjoy a nice cool swim.", he smiled, beginning to clean out the debris which littered the top of the pool. "Ok! Thanks, Bob!", replied Julie. 'Hmmmmm, take your time you gorgeous hunk!' she thought, staring at the boy's tight, muscular behind. She uncrossed her legs to relieve some of the itchy heat building up between her thighs. His long muscular legs and broad shoulders flexed as he worked, and Julie found it difficult to concentrate on pretending to read when he bent over to fish something out of the pool. The bulge of his crotch was not overly large, but Julie could see that Bob had quite enough in that department to fulfill all her needs. She loosened her robe and let it gape open, revealing the fullness of her young breasts. Bob had noticed her bikini-clad body as soon as he arrived. His eyes travelled briefly over the curve of her thighs before settling on the unmistakable swell of her breasts, which were surprisingly large for a girl so young. How old was she? Fourteen? Fifteen? 'Jailbait for sure!', Bob thought, 'But it would be worth it to fuck that!.... Christ, what a ripe little body, and I bet her pussy's damn tight too!' Bob fought down the mounting feelings of lust that swept over him in case she should notice the rising lump in his pants. But it was too late, Julie's eyes had been watching her prey like a hawk. She detected the enticing bulge before it even occurred to him. 'Jesus! He's finally beginning to notice!', she thought, letting her robe fall still further apart. She was a younger version of her mother he decided, except her hair was a light brown instead of honey blonde, but she certainly had her mother's figure, that's for sure! Bob hadn't really taken all that much notice before, but now it suddenly struck him how much mother and daughter looked alike. Julie pretended to read her book, occasionally looking in his direction as Bob went about his work. At every chance, the young girl moved her body to show off her best features. Her robe was almost falling off her shoulders now, and her long, slim legs were completely bare. Bob found it increasingly difficult to concentrate on what he was doing, as Julie revealed more and more of her delectable charms. Finally she stood up and took off her robe completely. Bob looked up and almost fell into the pool! Jesus! What was she wearing? She might as well have been naked for all that her bikini was covering! His cock swelled alarmingly, pushing against the front of his shorts like a pressure hose. Julie stood up long enough to give Bob a good look at her crotch and tits, before flopping back onto the airbed, face down. Bob stood up and stared at the perfect, round globes of her young ass. "Christ that's nice!", he whispered under his breath. Her body gleamed in the sun as Bob stood on the other side of the pool, staring at it. Julie had a sly little smile on her face. She knew that Bob was looking at her, and it made her pussy crawl just to think about it. 'Not long now!', she thought to herself. Bob walked around the pool towards her. "I'm all finished Julie! Anything else you want me to do?", he asked, gazing at her firm, round buttocks. She rolled over and looked up at him, suppressing an urge to giggle at the hidden meaning in his question. "No thanks, Bob. But why don't you stay and have a swim with me. It's awfully lonely here by myself." she said as sexily as she could. Bob's prick lurched in his pants. 'How far would she go?", he wondered. Well, he was game to find out! "Ok, why not!", he agreed, "But I haven't brought any swimming trunks with me." "That's alright you can use a pair of John's. They might be a bit tight, but they should fit you", said Julie hurrying off to fetch them. Bob watched her go, his mouth watering at the sight of her tight little ass cheeks jiggling around inside her bikini bottoms as she ran into the house....... Chapter 21 'This should be good!', Bob thought, 'I bet she picks the smallest trunks she can find.' He took off his tee shirt and waited impatiently for her to return. He was looking forward to this. If she turned out to be as hot as she pretended to be, this could turn out to be a memorable afternoon after all! A minute later, Julie returned with a pair of her brother's swimming trunks. She had purposely chosen the skimpiest pair she could find, and couldn't wait to see him wearing them. "Here!", she said, handing Bob the trunks, "You can change in the pool shed if you like!" "No, I'll change here. Nobody can see us can they?", he asked, enjoying the look of total surprise on her face. 'Two can play at this game sweetheart', he thought. Julie's heart skipped a beat. "Ahhh.. Umm.. Nnno, nobody can see. The fence is too tall.", she stammered unable to believe her ears. Bob started to remove his shorts. "Aren't you going to turn 'round while I change?", he asked. Julie fought an urge to say, 'No, Lover! I want to see your cock!', and instead replied, "Yeah, sure. Sorry Bob!" Reluctantly the young girl turned her back on him as he quickly dropped his shorts and pulled on the ill-fitting trunks. Her pussy twitched as she tried to imagine him naked. When he finished, Bob reached out and playfully slapped her firm young backside before diving gracefully into the pool. "Last one in's a rotten egg!", he yelled as he hit the surface. Julie, giggled and dived in after him, her slim, youthful figure cutting through the water like a knife. She surfaced and looked around. He was nowhere in sight! Then, she caught sight of a shadow moving towards her, under the water. As Bob came up in front of her, Julie dove under again, practically shoving her ass into his face. She turned over and floated on her back, deliberately showing him more of her tits and crotch. Bob watched her move about the pool, she was deliberately teasing him. She obviously needed fucking and she was practically asking for it. He swam the length of the pool once, hoping to cool off, and wound up in the shallow end. Suddenly, Julie's head brushed against his legs. When she broke the surface and stood up, she was so close that her tits brushed temptingly against his chest. "Hi", she said flashing him a sexy smile. Bob grinned back. "Hello, honey." She reached back behind her neck and undid the string of her bikini top, letting her tits fall free. Bob looked down at them. They were large and lightly tanned, and stood out without the trace of any sag. Firm, young tits just made for a man's hands. His balls ached. He wanted to pull her to him and fuck his cock into her fourteen year-old cunt until she screamed for mercy, but he still wasn't sure that Julie wasn't a little prick-teaser who would cry 'Rape!' if he got too serious. He had to find out! "Do you like my tits, Bob?", asked Julie, cupping her hands under each creamy breast. "You bet, baby! They're fantastic!", he gasped. "Wanna touch them?", smiled Julie. "Ohhh, Jesus Christ, yes!", groaned Bob. Julie held his hands to her tits, and Bob wasted no time in squeezing and fondling the resilient globes with his fingers. Meanwhile, Julie began to press her lower body urgently against his rising hardon. She felt his cock quiver and jump as she rubbed her moistening mound insistently back and forth against it. The lips of her eager young pussy flowered open as his prick pressed roughly between her thighs, seeking out the narrow, little slit with practiced ease. Bob pulled the girl towards him and whispered in her ear. "You're not a virgin, are you?" Julie gasped. "What do you think?" "I think I'm going to fuck you!" Bob glanced around. There was no one to be seen, and she was right, the high pool fence prevented anybody seeing what they were doing......... Chapter 22. Pulling her to the edge of the pool, Bob lifted her up and slid his fingers into the waistband of her bikini bottoms, almost ripping the flimsy garment from her body in an wild attempt to get at her tempting young cunt. As soon as her pussy was exposed, Bob cupped the pert little mound with his palm and squeezed, letting his middle finger slide into the hot, slippery cuntflesh. It was too much for Julie. The little teenager whimpered submissively, telling him in no uncertain terms, exactly what she wanted him to do to her. "Fuck me! Ooooh, Christ Bob, Fuck me hard! I've been looking forward to this all day!" Julie threw her arms around the boy's strong shoulders and raised her knees, holding them wide apart so he could enter her. "Ohhhhhh, yeahhhhh, baby! I'm gonna fuck you alright!", he growled, pulling down the front of his trunks. With one hand he took hold of his stiff throbbing, prick, the other cupped her tiny ass, holding her steady. With eager haste, Bob pressed his cock into the girl's waiting pussy, but Julie was so small that at first he couldn't locate the entrance her compact little cunt. But, after a bit of wiggling on her part, he found her tiny sexual opening with the tip of his cock and pressed harder, forcing his meaty rod inch by inch, into her juicy, little fuckhole. "Ungghhhhh! Jesus, baby! That's fuckin' tight!", he grunted, easing his big cock into her little twat real slow. 'Christ, if her cunt is this tight, how much tighter must her cute little asshole be?', Bob wondered. His cock swelled at the thought, which made it even harder to get the long thick shaft fully into the panting girl's vice-like slit. The water, and Julie's abundant cuntal excretions soon helped his cock penetrate the snug little tube, and it wasn't long before he was balls-deep in her tiny cuntal sheath. Once his prick was lodged fully inside her snatch, Bob grabbed the cheeks of her tight, little ass and began thrusting. Julie squealed like a stuck pig, feeling the fullness of a man-sized prick in her little juvenile cunt for the first time. Russ Miller's boyish dick was nothing compared to this! But Julie was suddenly glad that Russell had taken her virginity with his smaller cock, because she knew that if Bob had been the one, she would have been sore for weeks! Jerking and bucking her hips up to meet his screwing cock, Julie held onto the edge of the pool as Bob fucked her savagely. His big prick felt rock-hard, and it rubbed her clit with every stroke. She squirmed her little ass around wildly as Bob rammed into her, holding her ass out of the water, cupping her tiny asscheeks for leverage. Julie arched her back and gyrated her hips as his cock penetrated her deeply. She felt totally filled up, yet strained to get every last inch of his dick inside her sex-starved little snatch. Bending down, Bob captured one of her strawberry-pink nipples in his mouth. She cradled his head against her breasts as he sucked it, small moans of pleasure spilling from her parted lips. Julie's legs were wrapped around his thighs, pulling herself onto his fucking cock as she hung to the edge of the pool for dear life. As the handsome youth fucked her, Julie began to wonder what a slightly bigger cock would feel like. Bob was big, and it felt wonderful, but she knew from experience that he was not as big as her brother or her father. Their massive pricks would surely split her cunt wide open. Deep down, she had a determination to find out! Bob pulled her mouth to his, and kissed her roughly, his tongue soaring into her mouth as his cock soared into her cunt. He held her hips with both hands and laid her back until the girl was almost horizontal on the water. At this angle, the upper ridge of Bob's prick rasped deliciously against the hard nub of her sensitive, young clitoris. Julie groaned loudly, bucking her hips against him, close to orgasm. One more stroke and she'd be there, over the edge. Chapter 23. "Ooooooh! Uhnnngghh! Unnngghhh! Fuck! Fuck Me Bobby!... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Julie came with a series of high-pitched moans and grunts, grinding her tight, little-girl pussy, hard onto the older boy's drilling cock. Bob continued fucking into her as she came, tearing through her tangled, wet cuntbush, and burying his prick deep in her tight, teenaged twat. His cock remained buried in her cunt even after Julie dropped her legs into the water beside him and stood up on tiptoes to kiss his panting mouth. She was impaled on his cock, and it was still hard! Her cunt began to quiver at the thought. Jesus, but she wanted more of that! "God! You're a delicious little fuck, kid!", he said. "Oh, Bobby! That was fantastic! Do it to me again, please??", Julie whispered, covering the boy's neck and cheek with a flurry of hot little kisses. Bobby laughed. "Ok Baby, but let's go inside where we can be a little more comfortable. I'm starting to get a little bit cold" "Yeah, we can do it on my mother's bed. I've always wanted to get fucked on my mother's bed.", she confided. 'Me too!', Bobby thought with a smile, 'But you'll do for now. Until I can get my cock into your mother. Shit! If she's anything like you, baby, it'll be dead easy' He followed her into the house, watching her naked young behind wiggle all the way. 'Jesus H. Christ! What a hot little nympho!' He was going to fuck and suck her tight, juicy little fourteen year-old pussy until she couldn't take any more, and then he'd fuck her mother. Maybe he'd fuck them both at the same time! One on his cock, the other on the end of his tongue. Bob was partial to a bit of pussy munching, especially if he could get Tina involved! Christ, how he'd love to stick his tongue into Tina's wet, juicy slit and eat out that creamy cunt of hers! Maybe while her daughter wrapped her tight lips or cunt around his jutting cock. The possibilities were endless! Chapter 24. Kelly Conroy lay sprawled on her bed, trying to read. Her mother, Debbie, had gone out shopping soon after her brother had left to go nextdoor and clean the Simpson's pool. She was suddenly all alone in the house with nothing to do. She had listened to the stereo for a while and even watched some TV but it was no good, she was utterly bored. Finally, she had selected a novel from the bookshelf in her room and settled down to read it. She tried desperately to get involved with the storyline, but her mind just wouldn't concentrate. She wondered what was taking her brother so long. The last time he spent this much time cleaning a pool, he had told her rather proudly that the woman of the house had tried to seduce him. 'The other way round, more likely!', Kelly thought. She knew her twin brother well, they thought alike, and had much the same tastes, particularly in sex. Bob had been fucking her since that fateful night about three years, when he had taken her virginity. Since then, Kelly seemed to sense when he needed sex and vice versa. Not only that, Bobby was regularly fucking their mother too! It had all started about a six months after their father left. He had run off with his secretary, a young girl half his age, and the whole family was devastated. But soon, as they do, things returned to normal. Normal that is except that their mother, who was an attractive, highly sexed woman was no longer getting laid as often as she had been accustomed to. In fact, she wasn't getting laid at all! So in frustration, Debbie had turned to her son, Bob. It didn't happen suddenly. She must have been thinking about it for weeks, trying to suppress the increasingly incestuous thoughts she was beginning to have about her handsome young son. Then, one night after returning home from a party, more than slightly tipsy, Debbie had undressed and climbed into her own son's bed. The liquor and her enforced celibacy had turned her into a sex-starved animal. Poor Bob never stood a chance, not that he put up much of a fight. With a gorgeous, naked woman suddenly in his bed, Bob reacted like any other red-blooded male would have done, and fucked his mother to within an inch of her life! Debbie must have wanted it something awful, because the noise they made woke Kelly up. The young girl raced to her brother's room only to find her mother squatting on Bobby's erect cock, riding him like a bucking bronco, relieving her many weeks of pent-up, sexual hunger in one almighty fuck! Kelly had not been immune to her brother's obvious masculine charms herself, and often fantasized about his big, fat cock whilst she masturbated her juicy young slit to a creamy froth. So, as she stood in the doorway, watching her brother's magnificent prick slice upwards into their mother's gooey cunt, Kelly's initial surprise was quickly replaced by pure lust, tinged with a substantial amount of jealousy! Bob looked up and saw her as she fled from the room, but he was so engrossed in fucking his mother's writhing cunt, that he said nothing. Kelly returned to her room and fell onto the bed, listening to her mother's muffled groans. In her mind's eye, she could see her brother's cock sliding powerfully between her mother's ripe, hairy cuntlips as the sex-crazed woman bucked up and down on him. A strong thrill of arousal shivered through her young body as she imagined herself back in Bob's bedroom, kneeling between their thighs, staring at the junction of their fucking organs. In her mind's eye, she watched herself lower her mouth to her mother's cuntlips and begin to lick the tasty glistening flesh as her brother's cock slid into it. The scene enfolded in her brain like a pornographic movie except that the moans and groans were real! They were coming from her brother's bedroom, right down the hall! In her fantasy, she licked them both with equal vigour, cleaning her mother's cunt juice from her brother's pistoning cock with her lips and tongue. Chapter 25. Kelly didn't know what turned her on more, the thought of licking her brother's cock, or the thought of licking her mother's cunt! With a moan, she opened the front of her nightie and slid one of her hands in to cup the soft flesh of her tits. The other dropped immediately to her moist crotch and slid under the waistband of her panties to delve between the slick parted lips of her highly aroused young pussy. Her vivid fantasy became more and more lurid as Kelly pictured her mother's juicy cunt plastered over her sucking mouth while her strong, handsome brother fucked her own tight little hole with his hard prick. She was lost in a fantasy world where anything was possible and everything was pleasurable. So engrossed was she in fact, that she didn't notice that the noises coming from her brother's bedroom had stopped. She continued to squeeze her hard little tits and rub her juice-soaked little pussy, moaning softly at the pleasure rapidly building in her loins. Suddenly, Kelly's eyes flew open as light from the hallway streamed into her darkened bedroom. Bobby stood in the doorway staring down at her scantily clad figure. He was only a silhouette to her, but she knew he was staring at the hand moving vigorously between her parted thighs. Bob, moved into the room and sat down on the bed beside her. "You ok sis?" he asked, genuinely concerned. He had seen the look on her face as she'd ran from his room, and wanted to comfort her. Kelly threw her arms round her brother's broad shoulders and hugged him tightly. "Bobby! You fucked Mom!", she sobbed accusingly. Bob held her closely, feeling the twin points of her hard little nipples pressing into his chest. "Oh, Kelly!", he whispered, "I'm sorry!. Mom was so hot for it. You saw her. I couldn't help myself!" The heat from her body was fierce, and the pressure of her firm, young tits against his body was driving him crazy. "You seemed to be enjoying it!", she replied, looking up into his deep brown eyes. "Well sure I did, Sis. Jeez, I'm only human after all!", he said. Kelly mustered up the courage to ask him more about the actual details. "Did you come in Mom's .... umm... Mom's....", she stammered, unable to say the word in front of her brother, despite what had happened. "Cunt?", Bob finished the sentence for her. "Yes. Did you come in her c..cunt?" "No Sis, Mom was so hot she came long before I was ready." He smiled, reading the look of relief on her pretty young features. "Ohhh Bob, It made me so horny watching you and Mom!" cried Kelly, caressing her hands lovingly over the muscles of her brother's back. "I was so turned on, I had to take care of myself with my fingers." "So I noticed.", he smiled, But it's much better if someone else does it for you, Sis. Here let me show you." Bob's hands roamed down over his sister's naked flesh, seeking the warm, humid softness of her exposed pussy. Kelly gasped involuntarily and parted her legs, as her brother's palm slid down over the firm curve of her belly. She gasped again as she she felt his hand move up the inside of her thighs, then moaned aloud as his fingertips touched her pussy. Instinctively, Kelly reached for his prick and pulled it out of his shorts. Despite having just fucked their mother, it was rock-hard. Kelly marvelled at the size of it, running her fingers up and down the long, thick stem. It felt bigger much than she remembered. Bob pushed aside the elastic of her panties and inserted a finger into his sister's tight, juicy little cunt. Chapter 26. "Oooohoooooh!" she moaned as his long finger slid deeply into her sucking hole, "Fuck me, Bobby! Fuck it into my cunt, and make me come!" Bob liked the way his sister begged for it for it, pleading to be fucked, just like their mother had done earlier. It really turned him on, and his cock began to throb and pulse in her hand. He had lied to her about coming in his mother's cunt, because he felt ashamed. He had in fact, pumped her spasming womb full of his hot, white jism until it ran out and covered their thighs. He had felt shame at the time, because he had enjoyed it so much. But now, he felt no shame at all, only a deep burning desire to fuck his twin sister. Although he had just spent a load of sperm inside his mother, Bob knew that there was plenty left for Kelly. It was building all the time, and his balls once more began to ache with fullness. Bob slipped a second finger into his sister's well-lubricated cunt and forced her back onto the pillows with his other hand. The moaning young girl spread her legs wide to allow him better access, her cunt gushing pussy-juice around her brother's fingers as it throbbed with heated excitement. All Kelly could think about was the anticipation of his cock. Instinctively moving her hips up and down, Kelly timed the motions of her twat to coincide with the plunging dives if her brother's stiff digits. She could feel her tortured little clitoris poking its way between her cuntlips, little electric tingles shooting and bursting across her quivering loins. Finally, needing to find a release for her passions, Kelly whimpered, "Bobby, I want you to fuck me! I want you to put your big, fat prick inside my cunt and fuck me. Oooooh, please do it to me. Just like you did to Mom!" Bob acted instantly this time and quickly wriggled out of his shorts. Slipping his thumbs under the elastic of his sister's wet panties, he slid them down over her long, slim legs, leaving them crumpled in a heap around her ankles. Bob spread her thighs as wide as he could and moved between them, whistling under his breath at the sight of Kelly's open pussy. It was deep red inside, and tight! Much smaller than his mother's tender twat had been. His mother's cuntlips had spread open widely, exposing the many folds of juicy, pink cuntflesh. Kelly's on the other hand was neat and tidy, the fur-lined outer lips only just revealing the glistening inner folds, even with her legs so widely spread apart. Kelly remembered the expression on her brother's face as he looked at her naked cunt for the first time. She didn't know it then, but she would see that same hungry look many times in the future, in fact, every time he sucked her pussy. "Christ, you're beautiful down there Sis!", Bob groaned bending down towards the object of his desire, "I have to taste you!" His lips closed over her gaping slit, drawing the flesh of her tender young twat into his mouth. He slipped both hands under her trim little ass and pulled her cunt hard up against his jaw. As his tongue slipped between the lips of her pussy and stabbed into her dilated hole, Bob heard his sister cry out. "Ohhhhh, yessss Bobby! You big gorgeous prick! Suck it! Suck my cunt!" Kelly squealed with delight as she felt her brother's hot wet tongue lapping at the quivering flesh of her juicy, open slit. Encouraged by her lusty cries, Bob rammed his tongue all the way inside his sister's tasty cunt, stopping only when his nose pressed tightly against her clit. In response, Kelly pushed her compact little cunt-mound up hard against her brother's mouth, moving her slim young hips in time with the boy's jabbing tongue. Chapter 27. When her brother sucked the stem of her throbbing little love button deep into the back his mouth, Kelly almost screamed with pleasure. She held onto him by the ears and pressed his face against her squirming cunt. In turn, Bob twisted his juice-drenched mouth from side to side, trying to burrow his delving tongue ever more deeply into Kelly's sweet, gaping cunthole. Bob loved the flavour of his sister's tasty pussy. He could have happily eaten her eager little snatch all night, but the ache in his balls and the rock-hard pole swinging between his legs told him it was time for some serious fucking. Lifting his face from his sister's twat, Bob scrambled between her skinny thighs and placed his cock where his tongue had just been. Kelly felt so wet, Bob tried to enter his little sister in one stroke, but his swollen organ was less than halfway in when it reached a spongy barrier. "Jesus Christ, Sis... you're a virgin!', he said with a startled cry. "Ohhhhh, yes Bobby, yes... but please don't stop!" squealed Kelly. "I want you to fuck me! Oooooooooh, take my cherry, Bobby... I wanna get fucked!" His sister's wanton request excited Bobby beyond belief. "Jesus, Kelly! I'll fuck you sweetheart! Oh, yeahhh! I'll fuck you good!", he gasped, stroking her flushed cheek. Bobby had the urge to slam right down into her, to fuck his prick up into his sister's tight, slippery little twat as hard as he could. But he knew that she wouldn't be able to take it just yet, it would hurt her something terrible. Instead, Bobby paused and rested his weight on both hands, giving Kelly a chance to accept his thickness inside her. The part of his cock that was already insidde her, was getting a really tight squeeze as the walls of his little sister's virginal pussy closed around its girth. Her warm cuntal walls clenching around his prick soon made him want to go even deeper. With a short, hard stab, he forced his cock in a little further. Kelly screamed, and at the same instant, Bob felt her hymen give way. With a triumphant cry his cock disappeared inside his sister's tight young cunt until his balls pressed snugly against the damp hairless, little groove of her ass. Kelly began screaming differently as soon as Bobby began to move his huge cock inside her. "Yessss! Fuck me! Oh, God yes! Jesus that's fantastic! Screw me, Bobby! Don't ever stop!" Her back was arched and her eyes were tightly closed as her brother began to pump into her upthrust cunt with long, deep satisfying strokes. Kelly remembered coming half a dozen times that night, three of them before Bobby even shot off his first scalding load deep within her heaving belly. Her pussylips twitched and her cunt began to simmer with wet heat as Kelly remembered back to that first night, and all the wonderful incestuous pleasure they had experienced since. When it came to sex, her bother was insatiable. He had fucked her once this morning already. A long slow, wake-up fuck which had left Kelly wanting more. But after that phone call from Mr Simpson this morning, Bob had hurried off nextdoor, all too quickly she thought. 'I wonder if my darling brother is getting his rocks off with Tina Simpson?', she mused, a sly smile wrinkling her pretty mouth, 'I'll bet he is, the horny little devil!' Tossing her book aside Kelly ran down the hall and out the back door, determined to find out. Next door, she found the pool area empty, and Bob's cleaning kit lying next to the pool shed. Kelly hurried towards the house. The side doors were open and she peeked inside, listening for sounds of activity. The house appeared to be empty, so spurred on by the excitement of what she might find, Kelly stepped inside. There was no one in the kitchen or living room, but she could hear a faint, muffled sound coming from somewhere. As she moved down the hallway, it became louder and louder until Kelly recognized a familiar moaning sound. It was her brother! He was definitely fucking someone, she knew that much, but who? 'Tina Simpson, for sure!' thought Kelly, 'He's always boasted that he'd fuck her one day. Maybe he's actually succeeded!'. She tiptoed quickly down towards the source of the noise. It was coming from one of the bedrooms at the end of the hall, and Kelly's pulse quickened with excitement as she moved closer. Chapter 28. The door was closed, so she carefully tried the doorknob. Locked! Kelly looked at the knob in desperation. It was one of those multi-purpose household doorknobs with a locking switch on the inside and a groove on the outside so that in case of an emergency, the door could be opened from the outside using a screwdriver or a coin or something. Of course! A coin! Kelly checked her pockets and pulled out a five cent piece. 'Just the right size', she thought smiling to herself, 'and it was an emergency after all, wasn't it?' Kelly turned the lock and very, very carefully opened the door a fraction. Peeking inside, she saw two naked bodies writhing on the bed. One of them was her brother, but Kelly couldn't see who the other belonged to. She was was on her back with her legs spread, and Bob was on top of her with his back to the door, pumping his cock into her tight cunt. And boy did it ever look tight! From this angle, Kelly had an unobstructed view between her brother's legs. She could clearly see how the girl's slick cuntflesh gripped her brother's cock, pulling out around it as he withdrew and being forced inside as he rammed back down. 'Jesus! That's making me hot, just looking at it!' though Kelly, licking her lips. Suddenly, the girl on the bed squealed loudly, "Mmmmmm! That's so good! So fuckin' good!... Shove it in me!... Fuck me hard!" "Uhhhhh, You mean like this baby?", grunted Bob, jerking his hips downwards with rapid, sledgehammer thrusts. "Uhhhh! God! Oooooh, fuck! Mmmmmmm, yesss! Uhhh! Just like that!" Suddenly, Kelly recognized the girl's voice. "Julie?", whispered Kelly under her breath, "She's only fourteen!" She couldn't believe it! Her brother was fucking a kid! 'She sure didn't sound like a kid.', she thought, listening to Julie's graphic language. Looking closer, Kelly decided that Julie didn't act like a kid either! Julie's thighs were spread wide apart with her heels locked around her lover's waist. As Bob fucked his cock into the youngster's tightly-stretched cunt, her slim, pubescent hips bucked high up off the bed to meet his every powerful thrust. Kelly licked her lips at the wonderful sight of her brother's cock sliding wetly in and out of the child's juicy snatch. She was getting so turned on, she simply had to join in. She was sure Bob wouldn't mind, but she wasn't too sure about Julie. 'Well only one way to find out," she thought, pushing open the door. The pair on the bed were far too engrossed in fucking each others brains out to notice as Kelly stepped into the room and locked the door behind her. "Well! Well! Well! What have we here?", asked Kelly loudly, moving over to the bed. Both Bob and Julie stopped dead in their tracks and turned as one, toward the sound of the unexpected voice. "Kelly!", said Bob, looking relieved, "Jesus! You scared the living shit out of me!" "Aren't you pleased to see me big brother?", Kelly said, sitting casually on the edge of the bed. She always referred to Bob as her 'big' brother, even though they were twins. It had started out because he was born first, exactly one minute older that his sister, but once she had seen and felt the size of his cock, she took great pleasure in calling him her 'BIG' brother. Julie looked like she was in shock. Her mouth was still open but nothing was coming out of it. It was kind of erotic and Kelly suddenly pictured Bob's cock between Julie's slackly parted lips. "What's wrong honey?", asked Kelly, "Cat got your tongue?", she smiled at the terrified girl, trying to calm her down. "W...what are you doing here?", asked Julie, trying to hide under Bob. "I heard there was a little orgy going on over here", replied Kelly, "so I decided to come over and see for myself!" Chapter 29. Julie looked at Kelly with total confusion, "What? I don't understand!" "Well Baby, why don't we let my big brother here answer that one.", said Kelly, reaching out lovingly to caress the taut, round cheeks of her brother's naked ass. "What's she talking about, Bob?", asked Julie, "Is she gonna tell Mom and Dad about us?" The young fourteen year-old began to look more than a little more worried. "No way! She's probably sorry she didn't get here earlier. If I know my sister, I bet she want's to join in!", Bob replied with a cheeky grin, "Do you think we should let her, baby?" "But she's your sister!", countered Julie, realizing how hypocritical it was after what she and her own brother had done in the shower this morning. "Don't worry, I fuck her all the time!", boasted Bob, "I even fuck my Mom too! Both of 'em can't get enough of my cock. What do you think of that?" Julie's little cunt twitched around Bob's prick at the very thought of him having sex with both his sister and mother. "I... I don't know!", said Julie, glancing shyly in Kelly's direction, "It's Ok I guess. I've had the same kind of thoughts lately myself" "Really?", asked Kelly, "About who?" Julie began to feel a little uncomfortable. "About my father and brother!", she confessed with embarrassment. Julie told them everything. About watching her parents, about her brother in the shower, and about her father beside the pool this morning. "Jesus, Babe! No wonder you almost raped me this afternoon. You must have been horny as hell!", laughed Bob, caressing the girl's tits. His cock was still buried in her cunt, and it had lost little of it's former hardness. The hot, tight grip of Julie's pussy having a lot to do with that. "Well? Are you two just going to lie there like that, or are we going to get this show on the road?", asked Kelly, standing up to undress. They watched as Kelly took of her top. The dark haired girl wore no bra, and as her firm, rounded tits fell free, Julie shuddered with an excitement she had never felt before. Bob felt the girl's cunt moisten noticeably around his cock as the temporarily subdued fires in Julie's hot little twat began to burn fiercely once more. "Are you really going to join us, Kelly?", murmured Julie, "I don't know if I can do it with somebody watching!" "Don't worry darling, I won't be watching for long!", husked Kelly, stepping out of her skirt. Both pairs of eyes on the bed were watching her as she undressed. She left her panties on, and knelt next to them, spreading her thighs as wide as she could so they could both see her cute little panty-covered mound. Bob's mouth began to water, and he licked his lips sexily as soon as he saw the telltale, moisture seeping through the front of his twin sister's panties. Kelly saw his lewd gesture and smiled, "Hungry, brother dear?", she murmured, running her fingers lightly up and down the crotch of her panties, feeling the wet heat radiating through the thin nylon. Bob knew that his sister liked to leave her panties on when she masturbated. She said that the erotic feeling of wet nylon rubbing over her slippery flesh always made her extra horny. "Jesus, you look good, Kel!", groaned Bob, beginning to move his cock in Julie's cunt as he watched his sister's fingers push the thin fabric into her juicy slit. "Good enough to eat, big brother?", grinned Kelly, pulling the elastic of her panties aside to give him a look at the moist, pink inner flesh of her tasty young pussy. Chapter 30. "Why don't you bring that hot, tasty little fur-burger of yours over here where I can get my mouth on it, and I'll show you, Sis!" Julie listened intently to the lewd exchange between brother and sister, hardly believing it possible! She began to lift her cunt up at Bob, urging him to continue fucking her. His cock had grown even larger now that his sister was with them, and Julie began to feel a twinge of jealousy. "Fuck me, Bobby!", she pleaded, "Please, fuck me like you did before!" The boy began to move his hips once more, stroking his large cock in and out of the youngster's tightly clasping slit. Kelly stood up once more and stepped out of her saturated panties. "Yeah! Fuck her Bobby!", whispered his sister, climbing onto the bed, "Fuck her hot little cunt real good... and while you're doing that, you can suck on mine!" Kelly stood facing her brother with one foot either side of Julie's shoulders so that his mouth was in line with her pussy. With legs spread far apart, she ran her fingers through the dark, curly pubic bush between her legs and pulled open her pussylips for him. Bob moaned deep in his throat at the exquisite sight directly in front of his eyes. His sister had always had a gorgeous little cunt, and ever since that night years ago, when she had first let him suck it, Bob had never tired of eating her tasty little slit. He watched as it flowered open before his eyes, revealing her most private inner parts to his lustful gaze. "Move closer Kel! I can't reach you!", he said, jerking forwards trying to get his lips onto his sister's tasty twat. The movements thrust his prick further into Julie, who moaned loudly, delighted at the extra deep penetration. Kelly arched her crotch towards her brother, pushing it at him. Bob pressed his face into her hot, wet gash and began to lick and suck hungrily the familiar flesh. Julie looked up and saw Bob's tongue quickly disappear into Kelly's squirming cunt. The young girl couldn't believe it! She had heard about this form of sex, but this was the first time she had ever actually seen it. It was stimulating to say the least! Especially since the two participants were brother and sister. Julie thought of her own brother and wondered if John would do that to her. She humped her little cunny up onto Bob's driving cock, quivering at the very prospect of having her brother suck her cunt. 'Ohhh, yes', she thought, 'I'd love it if Johnny would pull off my panties and stuck his tongue into my fuckhole like that. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Yesssss!' What about her father? Could she get him to lick her hot, wet cuntslit too? Ohhhhh, what about both of them at once! Julie began to writhe and squirm her tight little twat up at Bobby's cock as wanton incestuous thoughts filled her young mind. Bob's lips were everywhere at once as he licked and sucked hungrily at Kelly's musky young gash. Knowing exactly how his sister liked it, Bob repeatedly dragged the tip of his tongue through her cuntslit from asshole to clit and back again, stopping only to stab it deep into her juicy little hole. This brought loud moans from the highly aroused Kelly who grabbed the back of her brother's head and pressed his face into her eager snatch. "Bobby! Ohhh, Jesus Christ yesss! Use your tongue like a cock, baby! Stick it right up into my cunt!" Her brother quickly obliged. Spreading his mouth over her hairy opening, he plunged his stiff tongue as far up inside her straining pussy as he could, sucking noisily. "Arhhhh! That's it! Unggghh! You're making me want to come already!" Chapter 31. Julie watched with fascination as Bob sucked his sister's hard, erect clit back and forth between his lips. Kelly's knees almost buckled with the exquisite pleasure she was experiencing. From her position directly under Kelly's open thighs, Julie could see everything. It helped to speed up her own orgasm watching Bob suck his sister's squirming snatch while he fucked her. Bob's cock was moving at full steam now, slamming into Julie's cunt at almost the same tempo with which his tongue was stabbing into Kelly's twat. All three were nearing orgasm now, and the room filled with the wet slapping sounds of flesh against flesh and the musky aroma of hotly aroused pussy. Bob concentrated on each of their swollen clits, sucking his sister's wetly back and forth between his lips, while mashing Julie's against her pubic bone with his driving cock. The girls' bodies quivered, their asses gyrated, and their tits jiggled as both of them squirmed around wantonly in their quest for release. Finally, Kelly squealed with pleasure and began to frantically mash her drooling cunt against her brother's face, pulling his head between her juice-smeared thighs with both hands. "Uhhhhh! Ahhhhhrrrrggg! Fuuuuckkkkk! I'm cummmmmmmmmmming!", she bellowed. Kelly's legs shook and her back arched as she climaxed violently. Julie came soon after, writhing and shrieking like a wounded animal, slamming her hips up at Bob's cock with such force that it almost dislodged his mouth from his sister's creaming pussy. Kelly flopped back down onto the bed beside them, completely exhausted. She watched intently as her brother rammed his thick, swollen prick into the youngster's tightly-stretched cunt with deep, hard strokes. 'Christ, what a cock!', thought Kelly, 'I bet she's feeling that right up to her tonsils!' Julie sure looked like it was. Her eyes were tightly closed but her pretty little mouth was wide open, squealing and moaning obscenities as waves after wave of unimaginable pleasure spread rapidly outwards from her cunt, totally consuming her lithe, young body in an inferno of adolescent lust. "Oooooh! Uhhhhhhh! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!", she groaned, grabbing her lovers heaving asscheeks with both hands. Bob felt Julie's cunt muscles contract around his cock, gripping his pumping shaft with unbearable tightness. In no time at all, his hips jerked wildly as the thick cream stored in his swollen balls came shooting out of the end of his prick. An incoherent stream of obscenities poured from Bob's mouth as he fucked his spurting cock deep into Julie's twat, flooding her hot little cunt with his , sticky seed. Julie came again as she felt the white-hot jets strike the walls of her womb and ground herself up against his bucking cock as hard as she could. Kelly lay back and rubbed her juicy pink-lipped pussy as she watched her brother's jism flow out between Julie's cuntlips, bubbling up around his gleaming cockshaft in a thick foam. Her eyes were locked to the incredibly exciting sight. Bob lowered his mouth to Julie's trembling lips, and kissed the youngster passionately, his cock still moving slowly inside her cunt, although their respective climaxes had passed. He was soaking in the juicy tightness of her fluttering hole, savouring the remnants of her fading orgasm. Kelly scrambled towards them on her hands and knees and lowered her head between their joined thighs. Bob gasped as he felt his sister's lips on his balls, sucking the big round eggs into her mouth, one at a time. Then, she moved her attention to his cock and began to lick down the shaft to where it disappeared into Julie's clasping slit. Kelly shuddered, and ran her tongue gently over the girl's cum-coated pussylips. Now it was Julie's turn to moan as Kelly began to lick the tasty mixture of jism and cuntjuice from the little fourteen-year-old's quivering cunt. Leaning forward to nibble on one of Julie's hard little nipples, Bob looked up at her and smiled. "I forgot to tell you," he panted, "Kel is partial to a little pussy-licking now and then too....." Chapter 32. Julie looked up in wide-eyed surprise as Bob continued. "She does this sometimes when I fuck Mom, and boy, does Mom climb the walls! She loves to have me fucking her cunt and Kelly licking it, both at the same time." "Y..you really mean it? Your Mom lets Kelly suck her pussy?", gasped Julie. "Yeah! When I'm not around, they do it to each other! You should see 'em!" Julie pictured Bob's mother and sister locked in an energetic 'sixty-nine'. The lewd thought made her little clitty twitch and throb and with renewed vigour. She was brought back to earth as Kelly lifted her head and spoke to her brother. "Bobby dearest, how 'bout pulling that baseball bat, you call a cock, out of Julie's pussy for a second so that I can get at both of you a little better?" Bob turned his head over his shoulder and grinned at her. "Who's feeling hungry now, Sis!", he smiled. Kelly giggled and returned her mouth to her brother's cock, running her teeth up and down the exposed shaft. "Ouch! You little bitch! That hurt!", he laughed. "How many times have I told you not to play with your food!" Regretfully, Bobby pulled his cock out of Julie's hot, clasping little pussy, and collapsed onto the bed beside her. She immediately rolled over and snuggled up against him until his cock lay along her inner thigh, only inches from the young girl's well-fucked little cunthole. The instant Bobby's prick sprang free, Kelly lunged forward and took her brother's long, glistening organ into her mouth, resting her cheekbone on Julie's leaking pussy as she sucked and licked at the the aromatic mixture of jism and girl-cum which covered Bobby's cock and balls. Julie moaned softly at the delightful pressure on her clit, and instinctively began to rotate her hips in tight little circles, rubbing the parted lips of her horny, little snatch against the side of Kelly's face. "Ohhhmmmmmmm! That's niiiiice!",she whimpered, pressing her firm, round tits into Bobby's searching mouth. Her pussy trembled as he gluttonously sucked and licked her tiny, erect nipples. Hearing Julie's groans of pleasure, Kelly removed her lips from her brother's cock and suddenly plunged her mouth onto the youngster's quivering slit. Julie screamed as the older girl's tongue slithered into her cunt and contacted her inflamed clitoris, sending waves of unimaginable ecstasy through her whole body. "Oh, Jesus! Uhhhhhnnnnngggghh! Yessss! Suck it! Suck it!", she squealed, as her little bud stiffened up under Kelly's tongue. Julie had never had anyone suck her snatch before, let alone another girl! But she shuddered with delight and instinctively ground her flooded cunthole against Kelly's vacuuming mouth like she'd been doing it all her life. "Hey, don't forget about giving my cock a little attention, Sis!", Bob said lifted his mouth from Julie's tits. Kelly nodded her head as best she could with her face buried in Julie's cunt, and murmured something unintelligible. For the moment, she was having far too much fun eating pussy to worry about her brother's problems. Besides, she could eat his prick any old time! Bob knew that once his sister started sucking pussy, she would be busy for some time, and his cock desperately needed some mouth action. He sat up and straddled Julie's boobs, rubbing his stiff, hard prick between the soft globes of tit-flesh, pushing the tip towards her face. Julie looked up at him with lust-glazed eyes. "Open your mouth, Honey" he panted, "and suck on my cock!" The words filtered through the youngster's pleasure-filled brain, as Julie opened her mouth obediently to receive Bob's huge shaft. Just as the young girl had never had her pussy licked before, she had never sucked a cock either! It tasted funny as it slid between her lips, and Julie realized that it was the remains of her own cuntal secretions and Bob's sperm that she was tasting. The very thought made her hot little cunt literally quiver with lust around Kelly's probing tongue........... Chapter 33. Strangely enough, the thought only served to excite her more, especially with the added pleasure of Kelly's expert lips and tongue devouring her inflamed twat. Closing her eyes, Julie let her mouth accept Bob's penis. She began to enjoy the feel of his hard, slippery flesh throbbing powerfully between her lips. Bob moved his hips back and forth, sliding the full length of his cock between her tit's and into her hot little mouth. "Yesss! Suck it! Suck my cock, Baby!", moaned Bob, "Oh, that feels so good!" Julie relaxed the muscles of her throat and allowed just the tip to penetrate as deeply as she dared. Bob was gently with her and soon, she found she could accept more and more of him into her throat without gagging. "Jesus Christ! Unnnnhhhh! That's it! Take it all, kid!", he yelled, almost loosing control. He longed to deep-throat fuck the eager young girl, but he knew that she was inexperienced and he would hurt her if he did. Not only that, he would probably turn her off sucking cock forever, and he certainly didn't want that! Instead, Bobby pulled back a little and let Julie suck on the bloated head of his cock for a while. She licked it furiously, darting her hot pink tongue out and around the tip like a slippery little snake. Her own loins were heaving madly to and fro as Kelly buried her whole face in Julie's juicy cunt and tossed her head from side to side, sucking and licking everything she could get her lips and tongue on. As Julie's tight, hot lips moved up and down on his cock, Bob could feel the cum rising in his balls. "Oh! Fuck yes, Julie! Keep that up! I'm gonna blow any second!", yelled Bob. Julie increased her mouth suction, anxious to feel Bob's hot load spurting into her mouth, eager to taste his creamy jism. But Kelly had other ideas! "Oh no you don't big brother!", she squealed, pulling her glistening mouth from Julie's squirming pussy. "You've already fucked Julie once! I want some of that big fat prick for myself!" Kelly scrambled up beside them and lay flat on her back with her long, tanned thighs wide apart. "What are you waiting for lover?", she husked, "Put it in and fuck my hot, wet little cunt ragged!" Kelly gave her brother a devilish little smile as she looked up at him and ran her fingers through the juicy, wet slit between her open legs. Bob smiled back. "You always did have a way with words, Kel." He bent forwards and kissed Julie's parched lips. "Sorry, Honey! This will have to keep till later.", he whispered, "I have to take care of a little family business". Julie grinned at the joke and watched as Bob climbed between his sister's open thighs. Seeing a look of disappointment cross Julie's face as Bob prepared to mount her, Kelly reached out and touched her thigh. "While loverboy here is taking care of the itch in *my* pussy, why don't you put yours back on my mouth and I'll finish sucking you off!", said the older girl, rubbing her hand suggestively over Julie's naked flesh. Julie quickly positioned her wet, scarlet gash over Kelly's upturned face, more than willing to continue where they had left off. "Ohhh, My God yes!", Julie cried out as Kelly buried her face in her pussy, and resumed sucking and licking the girl's tasty, young slit with renewed vigour. By now, Bob knew exactly how his horny young twin sister liked to be fucked. She loved to be teased for a while..., played with..., until her hot young snatch simply begged for his big, hard brother-cock. Bob wedged the tip of his cock between Kelly's pinkly parted pussy-lips, and began to rub the fat, bulbous cockhead up and down the milk-slick crevice. Occasionally, he dipped it fully into her flooded cunthole, wetting it down in his sister's abundant juices before pressing it against her hot, throbbing little clitoris. Chapter 34. The hard mushroom-shaped tip slid back and forth in her slick cunt as Bob positioned himself for the inevitable reaction. Kelly felt her pussy pulsate and lubricate with need, her hips moving involuntarily against her brother's teasing prick in slow, humping circles as she frantically tongued Julie's delicious little slit. Julie moaned and wrapped her arms around Bob's neck, pulling his mouth against hers as Kelly licked her adolescent young cunt to a juicy, glistening froth. Kelly couldn't stand it any longer. Her brother's cock sliding up and down her pink, fur-lined little gash was too much for her. Tearing her mouth from Julie's cunt, the highly aroused young sister screamed out her need. "Do it Bobby! Do it now!", she pleaded, "I can't stand it any longer! I've got to have a fuck! I've just got too!.. Please, Bobby! Stick it in and fuck me!" Her brother had been waiting for just this moment. She was ready! It took only an instant to reposition the head of his cock, then he took hold of her slim hips and lunged forwards, jamming his monstrous prick into Kelly's twat to the hilt. "Uuuummmm... Ungh! Ungh! Ooooohh, My Gawddddd! Bobbbbby!", Kelly squealed into Julie's squirming cuntflesh as Bob's cock sank balls deep into her snug, little hole. Bob had always marvelled at the tightness of his twin sister's cunt. No matter how many times he fucked her, his cock always seemed like it was buried in a hot, velvet vice! Kelly moaned and writhed beneath him, stabbing her tongue into Julie's oily slit with the same savage beat that her brother was using to fuck his big, wonderful cock into her cunthole. It seemed that her belly was full of hard prick, and each time the bloated tip slammed against her uterus, a sharp, delightful shock travelled throughout her entire body. "Jesus, yessss! Fuck me, Bobby! Fuck meee! Ooooooooh! I love your prick!" Kelly found it hard to keep her mouth attached to Julie's cunt as her strong, virile, young brother began to fuck her quivering pussy with long, deep, powerful strokes. Kelly resumed her oral attack on Julie's snatch, licking the pink, glistening flesh and slipping her tongue deep into the young fourteen year-old's musky gash. Julie squirmed her hips downwards onto Kelly's upturned face, jerking her fur-covered little mound against the girl's hotly probing tongue. "Ohhhhhhhh! Kelly! That's it, baby! Lick my pussy! Fuck my cunt with your tongue!", moaned the excited youngster. Her firm, round tits jiggled tantalizingly up and down in front of Bob's face. Still slamming his prick deeply into his sister's cunt, Bob leaned forward and without missing a single beat, sucked one of Julie's hard, pink nipples into his mouth. Julie screamed with delight. Now she had two mouths licking and sucking her tortured flesh. It was just too much for her! "Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Jesus! Unnnnhh! I'm coming! Unnnhhh! Oh, Kelly! Suck my clit! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Kelly felt Julie's thigh muscles tense and contract against her cheeks as she began to suck the girl's throbbing clitty in and out of her mouth, as if it was a tiny, stiff little cock. At the same time, Bob slid his lips off her nipple and trailed them up over her straining neck, searching for her open mouth. Julie bent her head to his and their mouths locked together, tongues sucking, probing, dueling. She moaned loudly against Bob's crushing kiss as she came, squirming her cunt down hard onto the sucking mouth and swirling tongue between her thighs. Julie's creaming cunt filled Kelly's mouth with a torrent of hot, sweet girly-cum, which she immediately sucked up hungrily, swallowing every last drop that the youngster's drooling pussy had to offer. Chapter 35. As her climax subsided, Julie lifted her sopping cunt from Kelly's juice- smeared face and flopped down on the bed beside them, totally exhausted. "Nice one, kid?", Bob asked. Julie looked up dreamily and noticed that his gaze was fixed on her carelessly spread twat and the thick, clear juice that still oozed from the quivering, crimson gash. "Ohh, God yes! That was fantastic!", she murmured, "I came like a rocket!" Bob smiled at her child-like enthusiasm, his cock still moving strongly inside Kelly's pussy. Now that Julie's cunt wasn't plastered against her mouth anymore, Kelly could concentrate on the long, hard prick filling her belly. She realized suddenly that she could feel her brother's monstrous cock pressing against her intestines. The shaft was hot against the walls of her vagina, and the head punching against the opening of her uterus was sending thrilling tingles to all parts of her body, particularly her tits. She reached up and pulled Bob's head down onto her heaving breasts, guiding his mouth over first one nipple and then the other, until both were covered with a gleaming film of saliva. Kelly moaned with desire, "Fuck me Bobby! Fuck me hard! Make me come like you always do!" Bob saw the desperate need on his sister's face as she clawed at his back and pulled his hips against her grinding cunt with all her strength. "Ok Sis!", he grunted, "Lift up your legs and we'll show Julie a REAL fuck!" Kelly obeyed, pulling her knees up and wide, opening her streaming pussy until Julie became a little afraid that Bob's piercing cock would split his sister in two! Kelly had no such worries. From experience, she knew she could take every inch of her brother's huge cock and still crave more! His pubic bone mashed wetly against her clit with each mighty thrust, sending waves of ecstasy coursing through her writhing loins. Julie was amazed at the ferocity with which Bob was fucking his own sister! She couldn't believe that such a thing was possible. His wet, glistening cock was almost a blur as it stabbed non-stop into Kelly's eagerly-spread cunthole. The tight, slippery sheath gripped him like a vice, and Julie stared in wonder as the dark red, inner lips of Kelly's cunt clasped and sucked at her brother's long, thick organ like some juicy, pink mouth. Sobbing in ecstasy, Kelly strained her hips high, shoving her wide-open pussy up at her brother's impaling cock with every stroke. "Fuck! Unnngh! Unngh! Ohhhh! Jesus, yesss!", she whimpered, as Bob reached down and slid a finger easily into her tight little asshole. He knew his sister well, and used every trick in the book to stimulate her. It had become kind of a game with them, to see who could make the other come first. Julie slid her hand down to play with her slippery, wet pussy as she watched Bob's finger disappear into Kelly's anal orifice. That was one opening she hadn't even thought of! She wondered what it felt like! Lubricating a finger in the juice of her slit, Julie spread her legs as wide as she could and slid the slick little digit down the crack of her ass until the tip rested against her own rubbery ring. She gasped at how good it felt just pressing against the sensitive puckered flesh of her anus. With her eyes glued to the wildly fucking pair on the bed beside her, Julie carefully twisted and probed with her fingertip until suddenly, the elastic ring of muscle relaxed, and her finger slid inside up to the first knuckle. Chapter 36. "Ohhhhh! Ummmmmmmmmmm!", she moaned with wicked pleasure, surprised at how easy it had been to get her finger in. She soon became even more surprised at just how good it felt! Her tiny asshole gripped the probing digit like a hot, velvet vice as Julie pushed her finger deeper and deeper. The sensations were like nothing the young teenager had ever felt before, and the urge to fuck her finger in and out of the tight, clinging sheath was irresistible. Bob looked over at Julie as she began to move her finger in and out of her tight little butthole. He smiled down at Kelly and said, "Hey Sis! Looks like Julie likes a little rear end action too!" Kelly turned her head and saw Julie's finger disappear to the hilt in her bowels. Her young virgin asshole was wide open now and her finger felt like a cock fucking into the hot, buttery tunnel of her ass. "Use your thumb, Julie! Stick your thumb in your cunt at the same time!", suggested Kelly, "It feels almost as good as a cock!" Julie did as she was told, inserting her thumb into the slimy tube of her vagina, at the same time her middle finger penetrated her rectum. "Ahhhhhhhhhh! Mmmmmmmmmm! Ohhhh! Yesssssss!", moaned the young girl as she felt both her holes filled simultaneously. Julie was in seventh heaven! She closed her eyes and began to fuck herself with her hand, stabbing her asshole and pussy with stronger and stronger thrusts until she was whimpering and moaning incessantly. Spurred on by the horny young girl's shameless display, Bob and Kelly redoubled their own carnal efforts. Kelly's legs were drawn up and wide, and her brother's cock continued to penetrate her insatiable twat, again and again, withdrawing to the end, then driving in all the way, until his balls slapped against the crack of her ass. "Unnnggghh, Sis! You gorgeous little fuck!", cried Bob, as Kelly used the muscles of her pussy to clasp and caress the shaft of her brother's cock as it entered her snatch. Kelly smiled. She had her own secret weapon, and she was using it to perfection. Bob knew he couldn't last much longer, but he wasn't going to give in so easily. He hoisted his sister's legs up over his shoulders and grasped her slim buttocks firmly with both hands, then thrusting forward with all his might, Bob fucked his cock into Kelly's upthrust cunt even deeper than before. There was a ringing and pounding in Kelly's ears, and each time her brother slammed his prick into her cunt, she felt as if it was going to come out of her damn throat! She began clawing at his back, hunching and heaving off the mattress to force his cock into every nook and cranny of her pussy. "Harder, Bobby! Fuck me harder! Ram it in deep! Unnnhhhgggghh! Ohhh, Godddd!", squealed Kelly, her voice strained with the incredible effort. Bob squeezed his sister's buttocks together, forcing the walls of her cunt tighter around the thickness of his pistoning cock as he drove her body deep down into the protesting mattress, nailing her twisting ass to the bed with every powerful thrust. Julie watched as brother and sister duelled with each other, trying their utmost to push the other over the edge without coming themselves. It was a fairly equal battle, with each adversary knowing the secrets of the other, but eventually, it was Bob who managed to gain the upper hand. Kelly could contain herself no longer. A powerful orgasm was blossoming in her groin, and there was nothing she could do to hold it back! "Yesss! Now, Bobby! Ohhhhh, nowwwww! Unnnhghhh! Fuuuuuuuckkkk! I'm cummmmmmingggg! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Her slender legs, pulled tight on either side of her brother's thickly impaling cock, and her meat-filled cunt quivered spasmodically with the strength of her orgasm. Chapter 37. Bob was barely able to hold himself back as his sister convulsed beneath him. His balls ached with the need to empty their painful, cumbersome load into her tightly gripping cunthole, but he managed to contain himself until just the right moment. "Yes! That's it! Cum, Baby! Cum! Cum for me!", Bob chanted, fucking her savagely, pumping into her until nothing else existed but his stiff cock in her hot, quivering cunt. Julie was close to coming too. The highly aroused youngster was using both hands on herself now, as she tried to match the furious tempo that Bob was using to fuck his sister only feet away. The dual penetration of both asshole and cunt was something she had never tried before, and it was bringing her off real quick! Not to mention the unbelievably exciting sight of Bobby's rock-hard prick pounding incessantly into his twin sister's lust-soaked snatch. The room was filled with the heavy sounds of sex! Moans and whimpers of pleasure almost drowning out the wet, rhythmic slap of flesh against flesh. Kelly was riding a tide of passion that she had never felt before. Her brother had never fucked her with such wild abandon before, and Kelly suspected that Julie's presence had a lot to do with Bobby's increased arousal, and for that matter, her own! She had already come once, and now, Bobby's tireless cock was drawing another orgasm out of her tortured young pussy. "Ahhhh! Unhhhh! Fuuuuck! Unnnh! Unnnh! Yesss! I'm cummmmming again!", she screamed. Kelly arched her back up off the bed, pushing her cunt up at her brother, the friction driving her wild. She twisted her hips, lifting her legs and wrapping them tightly around Bobby's plunging ass, her heels digging into the small of his back. At her side, Julie was thrashing around mindlessly, and making gurgling sounds as if she could hardly breathe. "Unnnggg! Ohhhuunnnghhh! Fuck! Oh, Jesussssss! I'm gonna cummmmm too!", Julie squealed as she climaxed real hard, her young cunt pulsing with tight, wet heat, her asshole grabbing at her deeply embedded finger. Bobby couldn't hold back any longer! Julie's wanton display of lust, combined with Kelly's powerful cuntal contractions triggered an immediate reaction. His sister felt it too as she writhed beneath him, heaving her hips up off the bed to meet his every thrust. She groaned with pleasure as she anticipated the firey stream which would soon spurt from the end of her brother's prick and fill her thirsty cunt. Bobby's body stiffened and his cock seemed to swell even larger as it ploughed rapidly into Kelly's spasming wetness. He felt the pressure building in his balls as his own orgasm suddenly arrived. "Arrgghh! Fuuck! Ohhhh, Fuck! Here it comes, Sis! Here it fuckin' comes!" Bobby felt his sister's cunt grab his cock with a tightness that almost weakened him. The flexing pulsations of it around his cock caused his balls to draw up against the base of his prick. He lifted his head towards the ceiling, his eyes squeezed shut, his mouth open, his face contorted in a mask of pure pleasure. He let out a yell as hot jets of thick, creamy jism gushed from the tip of his cock, squirting deeply into his sister's convulsing cunt. Kelly cried out with pleasure as she felt her twin brother coming in her pussy. The splashing juices and the hard, jerking cock deeply imbedded in her cunt combined to push her over the edge once more, and she screamed with him as a third massive orgasm wracked her helpless young body. "Unhhhgggghh! Ohhhhhh! Bobby! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Unnnnngghhh!" "Ohhh, yes, Sis! Come with me! Come! Come! You hot little cunt!", cried Bobby as the eager, incestuous pair clung to each other, trembling in mutual climax. Chapter 38. Julie was sobbing and moaning beside them, fingers still buried in both of her juice-covered holes, her slim little ass bucking mindlessly up and down on the bed as her own orgasm slowly subsided. She looked over at Bob and Kelly, and saw that they were locked in an apres-fuck embrace, kissing passionately. Bobby's cock was still buried in his sister's cunt, and he was grinding his hips against hers in slow circles. Julie could hear Kelly still whimpering softly, the sound muffled by Bobby's devouring mouth. Pulling her fingers out of her crotch, Julie knelt beside them and ran her fingers lovingly over Bobby's muscular buttocks, dipping them down between his legs until her fingers found his balls. They were swollen to twice normal size, and Julie knew that Kelly's cunt must be full to overflowing with her brother's thick, sticky sperm. The thought made her tingle with excitement. Eagerly, she moved her hand lower and felt the warm wetness of Kelly's juices cover her fingertips as she slid her fingers down to the junction of cock and cunt. Bobby turned his head and smiled at Julie. "How about that, Julie?", he asked, "Not bad for a brother-sister act, huh?" "Not bad at all.", replied Julie with a smile, "You two must practice a lot to get that good at it!" "Yeah! Every chance we get! Hey, Kel?" Kelly looked up at her brother with half closed eyes. "Not as much as I'd like." she confessed, "At home I've got to share him with Mom!" "Come on Sis, there's always plenty to go around, and you know it!", Bob chuckled, lifting himself up off his sisters body. Julie stared as his half-hard cock pulled out of Kelly's hole with a soft slurping sound, flopping limply onto her thigh as he lay down beside her. Bobby's hands went immediately to his sister's swollen tits and began to play with the rosy, pointed nipples. "Mmmm, Ok we do have some great sex, Bobby. But sometimes I fantasize about other cocks fucking me.", said Kelly candidly. Bob took his hand from his sister's breasts and pulled her roughly towards him. "Yeah? Who for example?", he asked. Julie flopped down and threw her arms around them, hugging them both. "Come on Bobby! Don't get jealous.", she said, "Look, you fucked me just now and Kelly didn't get upset. Why can't she want a little of the same once in a while?" Bobby thought about it and realized that although she was only fourteen, this kid sure was full of surprises. "You're right.", said Bob, giving his sister a tender peck on the lips, "I'm sorry Kel! I guess I was being a little over-protective towards my little sister. Besides I shouldn't get too greedy should I?" They all laughed and hugged each other hard. Finally Julie's female curiosity got the better of her. "Kelly, I just have to know! Who do you fantasize about?", she asked shyly. Kelly quickly glanced at her brother before answering. "First of all you've got to promise not to get mad at me when I tell you." "Okay! I promise!", replied Julie with bated breath, "Just tell me!" "Well, sometimes, when Bobby is fucking me...or when he's sucking me off..." "Yes! Go on!", encouraged Julie, impatient at the delay. "I... I fantasize about Dave. I imagine it's your father fucking me!" Julie's mouth dropped open in disbelief and Bobby whistled softly under his breath. "You mean you want to fuck Daddy?", asked Julie incredulously. "Yeah, I think he's real cute. Besides, I've always preferred older men.", said Kelly, grabbing hold of her brother's cock, "Haven't I BIG brother?" Julie lowered her eyes in shame and jealousy. She wasn't mad at Kelly, because deep down inside, she had felt the same immoral hunger herself. She knew now that she wanted to fuck her big handsome father too, but how could she admit it to Kelly? Since they had been so honest with her, Julie made up her mind to tell them. Besides, it could end up being a lot of fun. Chapter 39. Bob noticed the look on Julie's face and gently touched her thigh. "What's wrong, baby?" Julie looked up and a smile crept over her pretty young face as she told them everything. She told them about how she had watched her mother and father fucking... about her vivid, incestuous dream... about herself and her brother masturbating each other in the shower, and about how she had teased her father beside the pool this morning with her half naked body. "Jesus Christ!", muttered Bobby, "All that in one day!" His cock jumped at the visions Julie's story conjured up. Especially the part about Tina getting fucked by her husband. "I know what you're thinking about!", giggled Kelly as she felt her brother's prick nudge against her thigh. "Yeah? What, smartass?", he teased. Kelly grabbed his cock and gave it a jerk. "You're thinking about stuffing this thing into Tina's hot wet cunt. Aren't you dear brother?" Bobby gasped at the sudden pressure around his prick and reached automatically for his sister's gaping cunt. Julie couldn't believe her ears! First, Kelly admits her desire to fuck her father! Now it was obvious that Bobby had the hots for her mother! What was she getting into here? Julie's smart little brain churned with the possibilities. This could be the chance she was secretly waiting for. A chance to live out her wildest dreams. "Ok, you two! Listen up!", she said suddenly, "I think we can arrange it so that we can all get what we want!" Bobby and Kelly sat up, instantly intrigued by the young girl's suggestion. "What do you mean?", asked Kelly. Julie grinned at their sudden enthusiasm. As Julie began to explain her plan to the twins in graphic detail, they looked at each other and smiled lewdly in anticipation........ Chapter 40. By the time John and her parents arrived home, Julie had prepared a delicious roast meal for them all. It turned out to be a victory dinner as well, since John's team had beaten the favourites by the narrowest of margins. It was an enjoyable meal, and Dave opened a large bottle of champagne to celebrate. Normally, their father would have objected strongly to Julie and John drinking alcohol, but this was a special occasion and Dave filled everybody's glasses to the brim, proposing a toast to the conquering hero. John enjoyed the attention, and winked secretly at his mother when Dave praised his stamina and strength. Tina smiled back, pressing her thighs firmly together as she remembered how good her son's cock had felt in her cunt this morning. 'Dave's sure got his work cut out for him tonight!', she thought, opening her legs to cool down her rapidly-heating crotch. She was getting a little too excited and hoped it didn't show. Julie noticed the exchange of glances and smiled to herself, correctly reading her mother's expression. Dave refilled their glasses once more, and Julie watched as John emptied his in one almighty gulp. Tina was drinking rather heavily too, giggling like a schoolgirl as she told Julie all about the game. Julie declined when John attempted to fill up her glass, she wanted her head as clear as possible tonight. A small amount of alcohol would suit her plans, but too much would be disastrous. After the meal was finished, Julie suggested that she and John clear the table and wash up. Tina readily agreed, and grabbing her husband's arm, pulled Dave off to the bedroom. John watched his mother leave the room with a look of open desire in his eyes. Julie smiled and leaned towards her brother, "What's wrong Johnny? See something you like?". John pretended not to understand and stood up to clear the table. "Come on Julie, let's get this finished!", he snapped, picking up his glass. Julie went to the kitchen and filled the sink with hot, soapy water. Her brother followed her with the dishes and deposited them on the sink beside her. As Julie began to wash the dirty plates, John slumped into a chair at the kitchen table and sipped his wine. "Hey, aren't you going to help me?", she quipped. John just stared at his sister's cute little backside and licked his lips as the alcohol began to fill his young brain with a warm, fuzzy feeling. His baby sister sure did look nice as she bent over the sink in those tight little shorts she was wearing. He could see the dark patch up between her legs every time as she reached over to put a plate in the draining rack. Little did her brother know that Julie had chosen what she was wearing very carefully. After Bob and Kelly left this afternoon she had showered and put on the tightest, pair of shorts she could find, the ones that showed a great deal of her firm little asscheeks when she bent over, especially since she wasn't wearing any panties. She hadn't bothered to wear a bra either, and the light pullover she wore showed off her round, pointed breasts to full advantage. No wonder her horny brother was nearly creaming his jeans. Julie turned over her shoulder and smiled at him, aware of the way he was staring at her body. "Are you gonna sit there all night, John? Get up and give me a hand!" John looked at his sister's smooth, creamy thighs and took another long sip of wine. `Well! It's now or never!', he thought, `Let's see if the little sexy little cunt is just teasing.' The alcohol was making him bolder........ Chapter 41. John stood up and moved up close behind his sister, sliding his hands up under her sweater to cup the creamy globes of her firm young titties. "Ohhh! Johnny!", she squealed in mock surprise, "What are you doing?" "Well Sis," he laughed, "you wanted me to give you a hand didn't you?" "Ye... yes! But what about Mom and Dad?", she groaned, feeling her brother's sizable cock-bulge pressing against her ass. Her cunt began to moisten immediately. "They won't bother us for hours", he said, tweaking her hard little nipples, "Didn't you see the look Mom gave Dad just before they left? They'll be fucking each other's brains out by now!" Julie trembled at the thought and knew that he was right. His fingers began to squeeze and caress the soft, warm flesh of her tits. She wiggled her ass in wanton invitation. "Mmmmmmmm! That's nice!", moaned Julie, rubbing her ass against her brother's lengthening cock. His big, strong hands fondled her naked breasts. "You like that, don't you, Sis?", he breathed, nuzzling her neck. "Yesssss! I love it!" gasped Julie. His fingers felt so good on her tits that she strained forwards against his palms, at the same time pressing her firm little butt harder against his crotch. It felt wonderful, but she wanted more! Her cunt was sizzling with anticipation! "Feel me Johnny! Touch my pussy!", she pleaded, opening her legs for him. "My pleasure!", said John, sliding one of his hands down over her rounded belly and inside the front of his sister's shorts, searching for her panty-covered cunt. He gasped aloud when his fingers touched the soft, furry mound of her pussy. `Jesus Christ! She's not wearing any panties!', he thought as his fingers slid between the soft, moist cuntlips. Julie moaned and pressed her hips forward against his hand, anxious to get her brother's fingers deeper into her juicy slit. "Mmmm! Ohhh, Johnny! Put your fingers in me!" Julie made a purring sound as she felt his fingers slide along the slick, open groove of her cunt.... then dip inside. "Jesus, you're wet, Sis!" "Uuuuuhhhh! My pussy's all wet for you, big brother!" John hunched against her and groaned, kissing her neck and nibbling her ear. "I knew you were a hot little piece!", he whispered, sliding his fingers over her clit. "After what happened in the shower this morning, I couldn't get you out of my mind! I knew you wanted it." Julie humped her hips against her brother's hand as he fucked his middle finger all the way into her tight young cunt. "Yes! I did!.. Uhhh, fuck! And I want it now!", she whispered, turning her head slightly so that he could kiss her. John pressed his mouth against his sister's eagerly parted lips and kissed her hungrily, slithering and probing his hot tongue deep into the furthest recesses of her soft, warm mouth, in the same way his finger probed her sopping cunt-flesh. Julie kissed him back, sucking his tongue into her mouth as they frenched passionately. Her right hand which had been holding onto the edge of the sink, reached 'round behind her and grasped her brother's cock through his shorts. It was rock-hard and felt very, very big! Suddenly her brother pulled his mouth from hers and whispered in her ear. "Are you sure you want to do this, Sis?" "Ooooh, yes Johnny! I'm sure!", she whimpered, pressing herself against him. "Okay, then tell me what you want!", her brother demanded. He wanted to hear her beg for it... to beg for his cock! "I want you to fuck me Johnny!", she said panting into his mouth "I want you to stick your big, fat prick into my tight, wet little pussy right now and fuck me!" "Is that all?", he asked, pulling her against his bulging cock, clearly excited by his little sister's graphic request. Chapter 42. "No!", Julie replied, breathing heavily, "No that's not all! After that, I want you to suck my pussy till I cream again, and then I want you to fuck me in the asshole! Do you think you're up to all that, brother dear?" "You bet your sweet ass I am, baby!", he replied, "I'm gonna fuck your hot sexy little cunt into next week!" "Ooooooh! Promises, promises!", giggled Julie, She was enjoying this immensely and tried her very best to excite him. If he wasn't completely engrossed in her, the plan might fail. John was excited alright! But he never once questioned the sudden change in his normally quiet young sister, he simply accepted it as a very pleasant surprise. John quickly undid his sister's shorts and peeled them down over her thighs. "God, I love your ass, Sis!" He ran his hands over the smooth, creamy flesh of her pert little behind as Julie stepped out of her shorts and slid his finger into the dark, blonde thatch which peeked cheekily out from between her thighs. Julie whimpered. "Ohhh, God! Fuck me, Johnny! I'm so hot! I need your cock in me!" Her brother dropped his own shorts and stood behind her with his throbbing hardon clenched tightly in his left hand. "Just bend over the sink, baby and hang on!", John warned, positioning the head of his cock between the cheeks of her hard little ass, feeling for the entrance to his sister's well-lubricated cunthole. Julie moved her legs wide apart and bent forward, bracing herself for the inevitable plunge. Her asshole was hidden, but John could see his sister's juicy, pink-lipped cunt through the fuzz of light blonde cunt hair. It looked hot and wet and ready for his hard cock! Julie groaned as he pushed forward and buried the fat tip between her clinging cuntlips. "Oooh, God! Mmmmmmm, yes! Stick it in!", pleaded the horny young blonde. John grabbed her by the waist and lunged forwards, thrusting his huge cock balls-deep in his sister's steaming twat. Julie screamed at the sudden, delicious penetration, arching her back and clutching madly at the sides of the sink for support as her brother fucked his prick into her tight little cunt from behind. "Unnnnnnhhhhhhhggggghh! Ohhhhhh, God you're so fuckin' big Johnny!" The boy grunted and pulled his massive erection out of her, until just the fat cockhead remained clasped by her snug, little fuckhole. His long prick glistened with his sister's pussy-juice, and her tightly stretched cuntlips were pulled out, clinging obscenely to the thick shaft. Before she could say or do anything, he lurched forwards again and fucked the full length of his cock back into the vice-like grip of her teenage cunt, as hard as he could. "Arhhhgghh! Sis! Jesus, you're tight!", he moaned, feeling the walls of her little pussy contract around his invading weapon. "Tighter than Mom?", panted Julie, hoping she had been right about the sly glances she had noticed earlier. "Yesss! Fuck, yess! Much tighter!... Ohhhh, Jessssssuuusss!" Julie smiled to herself. She had been right, and that would make everything much, much easier later on. In the heat of the moment, John hadn't even realized the consequences of his admission. Julie didn't care, the all-consuming sensations building between her thighs were just too much, and all she wanted right now, was for her big, strong brother to fuck her again and again and again! John's cock was sliding in and out of his horny little sister's pussy like a piston... oiled and hot... flexible yet hard as it rasped maddeningly over her young clit. His hands left her waist and travelled up to squeeze her jiggling young tits as he fucked her savagely. "Ooooooh! Yessss! Fuck me! Fuck me hard, Johnny!", screamed Julie, a little too loudly. Chapter 43. "Shhhh! Don't make so much noise, Sis! Do you want Mom and Dad to hear us?", scolded John, increasing the speed and depth of his strokes in spite of his sisters boisterous reaction. "Uuuuuhh! Just shut up and fuck me will you, Johnny!", replied Julie. Her little cunt was on fire, rippling around her brother's lunging cock. She felt the heat spread outwards from her crotch to her tits and ass. His hands on her tits felt wonderful, especially when he pinched her taut little nipples between thumb and forefinger. She couldn't help the noise she was making because each time his cock entered her cunt it dragged deliciously across her clit, sending intense shivers of pleasure up and down her spine. "Uhgggggnnuuughh! God, what a hot, tight little cunt! Uhhhhh! Arhhgghh! Yeahhhhh, twist it! Twist it around my cock, you gorgeous little fuck!!!", John panted. He was fucking his little sister like a maniac, driving his cock into her juice-covered pussy until his hips smacked loudly against the wriggling cheeks of her ass. Julie held on for dear life, enjoying the vigorous fucking her brother was giving her. In fact, she was enjoying it so much, that she almost forgot about her plan. She tried to think straight. When her brother began to grunt and moan and fuck his prick into her harder, Julie knew that he was close. But he had to be so engrossed in fucking her that nothing would stop him from dumping his load in her cunt. Julie spread her legs as wide as she could and bent low over the sink, thrusting her open cunt forcibly back against her brother's pistoning cock with every powerful stroke. 'Jesus! If he doesn't come soon, I'm gonna faint!' she thought, biting her bottom lip to stop from screaming. John couldn't believe it. His baby sister was by far the hottest little cunt that he'd ever fucked! And boy was she tight! She was throwing her juicy little pussy back at him like a two dollar whore, and the way his balls were aching, it wouldn't be long before she got a cunt-full of his hot cum. Julie felt her brother's hands dig hard into the flesh of her tits as he pulled her onto his pumping prick. If she timed this right, she'd fulfill her plan, and enjoy a nice big, juicy climax as well. Suddenly, John's body stiffened, and Julie felt her brother's cock jerk and swell inside her. 'This is it!', she thought, striving towards her own orgasm. Just as the first jets of hot thick, sperm left her brother's deeply buried cock, Julie reached out and purposely pushed a rack full of plates off the sink. The throbbing and ringing in John's ears as he came, all but drowned out the thunderous crash of smashing crockery as the plates hit the kitchen floor. Neither brother nor sister even paused as John's cock pulsed madly, injecting spurt after spurt of red-hot jism into his little sister's squirming pussy. Julie screamed as her brother's full, hot load gushed against the walls of her cunt, and responded in kind, coming suddenly in a hot, sweet rush. John continued to fuck her even after his balls were empty, his throbbing cock drawing every last, delicious spasm from her seething young twat. He pulled her upright with his prick still buried inside her and kissed her neck and shoulders. "Fuck, that was fantastic Sis!", he panted, "Was it a good one for you too?" Julie never got a chance to answer as a loud voice boomed out from behind them. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING?!" John spun around so fast that his cock almost bent double as it tried to exit Julie's pussy at the wrong angle. "Ouch!", he cried, trying to hide his naked cock with both hands. Julie turned also, but didn't even attempt to hide her nakedness. Their parents stood at the kitchen door, glaring at them with obvious shock. Realizing that his hands hid very little of his glistening erection, John scrambled for his shorts and held them over his rigid cock which hadn't even begun to wilt. Julie suppress a giggle as she watched her brother squirm in abject embarrassed. Chapter 44. "Well?... What in hell's name, is going on here?", her father repeated. Julie just looked at them and said calmly, "Johnny was fucking me, Daddy!" John looked at his sister in disbelief. He wasn't the only one. Both their parents jaws dropped as one. Julie felt like laughing aloud, but she knew she had to handle this just the right way. "He was doing what?!!", demanded Dave. Her father looked very angry, and Julie realized that playtime was up. It was time to set the ball rolling. "Johnny was fucking me, Daddy!", she repeated, "Just like he fucked Mom!" Dave looked at his pretty young daughter as if she were talking gibberish and turned to his wife, who by this time had turned a very unpleasant shade of grey. Poor John just stood where he was and looked down at the floor, hoping no doubt that it would open up and swallow him. "Will somebody please tell me what's going on? I think I'm going crazy!", said Dave, looking backwards and forwards between his wife and his children with a look of complete desperation on his handsome features. Julie smiled and picked up her shorts. "Ok, relax Dad, before you have a heart attack", she said, "I think we should all be frank with each other. Don't you Mom?" Dave looked at Tina, who still looked like she'd seen a ghost, and asked, "What on earth is she talking about, honey!" "Ummm, I... uhhh. I think she's talking about sex, dear.", replied Tina, moving toward the kitchen table. She had to sit down before she fell down. "Sex?", growled Dave, "I can see that!" He waved his had towards his children, "But what I want to know is, what on earth Julie meant about you and John?" 'Poor Daddy!', thought Julie, 'It's time to put him out of his misery.' "Tell him Mom! It's not as bad as you think. If it'll make you feel any better, I've wanted to fuck Daddy too!" Tina stood up and held out her arms to her daughter. "Oh, honey! What are we going to do?" Julie hugged her mother hard and felt a little tingle in her cunt as her mother's large tits crushed against her chest. "It's okay Mom! But I think we owe it to Daddy to tell him everything, don't you?" Her mother nodded, then turned to her husband. "Julie's right, honey! I really don't know how to tell you this... but John and I had sex this morning." The silence was stunning as Dave looked at his wife. Tina felt she had to say more. "Ummm... We... We both wanted it", said Tina, glancing at her young son, "and it was... well.. thrilling." She noticed the hurt look on her husband's face and hurriedly continued, "It doesn't mean that I love you any less Dave!" Julie spoke up, "What Mom's trying to say Dad, is that we all need sex now and then with someone different. And if it happens to be with someone we love, someone in the same family,.. isn't that better than going elsewhere?" Dave was speechless, he couldn't believe this was happening. Finally he blurted, "But that's incest!" "That's what makes it all the more fun, Daddy!", giggled Julie, "Haven't you ever looked at me with more than fatherly interest in your eyes?" "Well... No.. I.. um.." "Never Daddy?", demanded his daughter, "What about this morning, out beside the pool? Your cock was almost bursting out of your pants!" Tina and John both looked at Dave, anxious at the outcome of this expert cross-examination. Dave looked around the room, and a look of resignation came over his face as he smiled back at his family. Chapter 45. Ok, baby! You win! I looks like I've been the only one missing out 'round here!", he chuckled. "Not for long, Daddy!", said his daughter suggestively. "You haven't been missing out!", quipped Tina, "Not after the way you fucked me after dinner!" "That's not what I meant, dear, and you know it". Dave smiled at his wife, "Is it alright if I give our very grown-up daughter a big hug?" Tina smiled back. "Only if I can give our big son a nice juicy kiss!", she laughed, staring openly at John's limp cock. Still naked from the waist down, Julie ran over and climbed into her fathers lap, facing him. "Ohhhh! I love you so much Daddy!", she sighed, wriggling her pussy onto her father's crotch. Neither Dave nor Tina had time to dress properly before rushing out to investigate the noise in the kitchen, and both were naked under their robes. As Julie wrapped her arms around him and pressed her swollen tits against his chest, Dave felt the moist heat emanating from his daughter's wriggling cunt, and slid his hand down over the cleft of her ass to dip his fingers inside her slit. It was still nice and wet from the fucking her brother had just given her, and Dave's cock began to rise automatically, pushing up between the folds of his robe to nudge at the top of his daughter's widely stretched gash. John walked towards his mother and stood between her open legs as she lounged back on the chair next to her husband. Tina opened her robe, giving the boy a good look at her big, creamy tits and bushy, blonde cunt. John's virile young prick throbbed with excitement at the sight of his beautiful young mother's luscious charms so lewdly displayed. His cock doubled in size with the thought that she was wantonly exposing herself like this, in order to turn him on... to get him hard enough and excited enough to fuck her!.... Well, it was working! His mother had a body that women half her age would kill for, and right now it was all his! He would fuck her alright, he thought, staring at her glistening, pink slit, but not before he'd had a little warm-up first. A delicious shiver of utter depravity overcame Tina as she saw her son's gaze drop to her open pussy. She knew he wanted her, and it thrilled her to think that she could be so sexually attractive to her own son. Wrapping her fingers around his cock, Tina rubbed and squeezed the length of his hardening shaft until it stuck out from his belly like a long, thick spike. 'Just like his father'!', she thought, watching the little slit in the tip of his cock open and close, as her hand moved back and forth on his tool. Her breathing increased rapidly as she felt the powerful, young strength of him, throbbing eagerly in her hand. John moaned and reached out for his mother's large breasts, squeezing the firm, creamy globes with both hands as his palms rubbed over her stiff nipples. Tina cradled her son's balls in her hot palm, massaging them, twisting gently. She glanced up at him, almost shyly, and kissed the tip of his cock, licking the dripping, clear wetness, a sure sign of his urgent, boyish need. Tina opened her lips and he sucked the large, bulbous head into her mouth, lashing it wetly with her hot tongue. "Suck me Mom! Eat my cock while I watch Dad fuck Julie!" , he groaned. A ripple of excitement washed over Tina as she listened to her son's words. The Simpson family had come of age, and nothing would be the same again! 'Especially sex!', thought Tina as she grabbed her son by the hard cheeks of his ass and filled her mouth and throat with his huge erection, moaning aloud as the lingering flavour of her own daughter's cunt washed over her taste buds. Chapter 46. Julie felt her father's cock lengthening between her thighs and dropped a hand down between her legs to guide it into her cunt. It felt huge! Much bigger than her brother's! She gasped as the huge, purple head pressed into her tiny little hole, pushing aside the walls of her pussy like a huge battering ram. Dave felt her wince. "Are you okay, sweetheart?", he asked. "Uhhhhh! Ummmmmm! Yes, Daddy. I'm fine. I want it all! Put your cock in my cunt and fuck me...Hard!", murmured little Julie, squirming her juicy, twat down onto her father's upthrust cock. Dave groaned and lifted his hips, easing his monstrous prick up into his young daughter's ultra-tight little snatch. Julie could hardly breathe with her father's cock stuffed into her tightly-stretched little pussy. It filled her adolescent cunt to the brim and sent tremors of ecstasy through her young body. This was it! This was the fuck she had been waiting for since she became aware of what her young cunt was really for, and she was going to enjoy every second of it! "Ooooooooooowhhh! It's all the way in Daddy!", she squealed. "Uhhgghh! It sure as hell is! Fuck! Move your hips up and down on it, baby!" As Julie strained upwards, Dave reached under her thighs and lifted her bodily off his lap. His slim young daughter was as light as a feather in his hands, and he heard her gasp suddenly as his cock pulled out of her tight, clasping sheath. Dave held her suspended above his cock, with only the fat tip of his massive organ just inside his daughters cuntlips. Julie moaned, tossing her long blonde tresses from side to side in frustration. Why was he taking so long? She wanted her father to fuck her now!.. to drive his long, hard grown-up prick into her aching little cunt and fuck her as hard and as fast as he could!... to fuck her until she screamed and came, and saturated his big, thrusting daddy-cock with rivers of hot, sweet girly-cum! Her father knew exactly what he was doing. He'd fucked many young women in his time, so many that he'd lost count. But this wasn't just any woman... this was his own gorgeous, baby girl, except she certainly wasn't a baby any more! She was all woman and she deserved the best, he was going to give it to her! Dave looked down at his fearsome, rock-hard cock, it glistened wetly, poised and throbbing at the entrance of his daughters cunt. He looked into her eyes and saw the answer to his question even before he asked it. "Are you ready for this honey? It might hurt a little.", he warned. Julie had never been more ready in her entire life. She wanted her father's big prick inside her pussy again, and she couldn't wait any longer. "Oh, Jesus yes! Don't be gentle with me Daddy. Fuck me hard! Fuck me like you fucked Mom last night!", squealed Julie, trembling against him. "You mean you were watching us?" "Yes. I saw everything, Daddy! I watched you fucking Mom and wished it was me you were fucking! I even dreamed about it all night." "Jesus!", Dave gasped, amazed at her words. His very own daughter was a sex-crazed little nymph! He couldn't believe his luck. A ripe, young pussy just waiting to be plucked, and right here under his own roof all the time! Groaning, Dave lowered the youngster's quivering snatch down over his cock, flicking his hips upwards at the same time, jamming more than half of his thick shaft up into her tight cuntal sheath. "Oh Yessssss! Oooooh, Daddy, your cock is so big and so hard! It feels so good in my little pussy! Unhhhhhhhhh! It fills me up so fuckin' good!" Dave swore as her hot cunt-flesh moulded like a vice around his huge prick. "You want cock, baby?... I'll give you cock!", he rasped, jabbing a few more inches of long, thick meat up into his daughter's willing cunt. Chapter 47. Julie winced and gritted her teeth while her nails dug into the hard flesh of her father's broad, muscular shoulders. "Oh God! Oh, oh... Daddy! Uhh, Fuck! I love it!... I love your cock!" Julie began to move her saturated cunt frantically, trying to widen her tight little passage greedily around her father's invading prick.. there was still more, and she wanted it all. She was filled with ravenous cockhunger, overcome with a fervent desire to have every last fraction of an inch of her daddy's big cock crammed into the depths of her inflamed pussy. "Shit, Mom! Look at Julie go after Dad's prick!", cried John, watching every move his sister and father made. Tina could only mumble a muffled reply around her son's erect cock as she sucked him off. She was watching them too, and the sight of her husband's big, meaty cock as it stretched their daughter's moist, pink cunthole became too much for her. Lifting her right leg, Tina draped it over the armrest of the chair, completely exposing her juicy, open twat to her young son. John gasped as his mother's puffy, pink outer lips parted, revealing the wet, gleaming innermost folds of her sex. Dropping a hand to her naked pussy, Tina began to play with herself while she sucked her son's tasty cock. First of all, she ran her fingers lightly through her slit, feeling the moisture gather on her fingertips. Then she hunched forwards a little and almost sat on her hand, working the stiffened middle finger deep up into the slippery, wetness of her cunt. John looked down and saw his mother's hand working frantically inside her leaking pussy, fucking herself with her fingers like a horny young teenager. "Yeah! Do it to yourself Mom! Let me watch you finger-fucking your cunt!" John stared down at her, mesmerized by the moist sounds of her finger as it moved in and out of her pussy. His cock hardened even more and he thrust it deeper into his mother's eagerly sucking mouth. Beside them, Julie whimpered with delight as she felt Dave's curly pubic bush press against her own. "Oooohh, Daddy! Have I got it all? Is all of your cock in my pussy now?" "Yes, baby. You've got it all! Every inch of cock I can give you!" "Beautiful," she sighed. "Now, fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me hard!" Wasting no more time, Dave began moving his monstrous cock in her tight, little hole. The first couple of thrusts were slow and steady as he got his bearings. Then, holding her by the hips he lunged up into her and began slamming his cock into her little blonde pussy as hard as he could. As he watched her round, firm tits jiggle up and down in front of his eyes, Dave couldn't believe he was actually fucking his own beautiful young daughter. 'Hell! She was only fourteen!', he thought, with a twinge of guilt. But the feelings of guilt vanished abruptly, as Julie began to grind her pubic mound wantonly against his, anxious to get the deepest penetration possible. It was then that his cock told him that this was no girl he was fucking, she was definitely all woman! "Uhhhhhhh! Oh, Julie! My baby darling!", he moaned, pulling her tightly against him, " Jesus! What have I been missing out on all this time?" Julie began moving wildly on her father's cock. Her slim rounded ass slapped noisily on his thighs as she bounced up and down, mashing her highly aroused clit against the thick base of his prick. The tight, elastic lips of her adolescent pussy clung wetly to his cockshaft as it came out, and then swallowed it greedily as it slammed back up inside her again. Her father fucked back at her, matching her every movement with long, deep, powerful strokes that shook her whole body. Julie whimpered loudly and leaned against him, letting her hard little nipples drag across his hard, muscular chest. Chapter 48. "Unnnhhhh! Jesus! Fuck me, Daddy! I need it so bad! Ohh, ohh, uhh!.. You don't know how long.. uhhh.. how long I've waited for this!" "I can guess, baby!", her father panted, "I can tell by the way your pussy is grabbing at my cock!" Julie smiled at him and deliberately flexed her cunt muscles on the next downward stroke. "You mean, like that, Daddy?", she giggled. "Jesus Christ! Goddamn it, girl! You'll rip it off if you do that again!", Dave grinned. Julie felt great! She felt a certain power over her father now, and while he was fucking her, she knew she had him in the palm of her hand. 'Well, actually, she had him the depths of her pussy', she thought, 'But with men, that was the same thing. Wasn't it?' Beside them, Tina and John were lost in their own incestuous passions. The young boy fondled his mother's large, pink-nippled tits as she nursed hungrily on his glistening cock, licking occasionally down the length of it to suck each of his hairless young balls into her hot mouth. This caused John to squeeze her tits harder, bringing moans and sighs of pleasure from both of them. Tina's cunt was on fire! She now had three long, slim fingers stuffed inside her flooded fuckhole and was stabbing them vigorously in and out, as she sucked her son's pulsing prick. At the same time she was using her thumb against her clit, pressing and rubbing the slick little bud until she thought she would burst with pleasure. Dave's hands were all over his daughter's squirming ass as they fucked, squeezing and kneading the firm, creamy globes, using them like handles to help lift and drive his spearing cock into her hotly splayed snatch. Young Julie moaned and wriggled harder as her father's fingers slipped down over her sensitive little asshole and began to caress the lips of her pussy as they devoured his spearing cock. He felt the abundant flow of warm cuntal moisture which lubricated his cock, dribble down and cover his exploring fingers. 'Just what the doctor ordered.', thought Dave, drawing his slime covered fingers back through the furrow of her buttocks, spreading her hot young fuck-juice liberally around the puckered little rosebud of her anus. The young blonde teenager gasped with delight as she felt her father's fingertip press firmly against the entrance of her tiny, rear hole. The little elastic ring of muscle resisted for only a moment before it collapsed and her tight, buttery hole swallowed Dave's middle finger up to the second knuckle. The long, thick digit felt good as it pressed inside her bowels. It felt a lot better than her own fingers had done. She whimpered with delight. "Oooooh, God, yes! Your finger feels so good up there, so dirty! I want to be dirty with you, Daddy! I want you to fuck me there too, and I want you to lick my pussy! I want to do everything with you, Daddy! Dave could hardly believe his ears. He marvelled at the sudden change in his young daughter. She looked like a princess, but she acted and sounded like a whore, and he loved it! "You're a hot little minx, you know that?" "Uhhh! Uhhhhh! Wh... What's a minx?", she panted against his neck. "Minx are cute little animals that love to fuck" "Then I'm a minx! Ohhhh, fuck me! Fuck me hard, Daddy! I'm gonna come soon!" Julie's supple young body never stopped bucking and writhing. Her neck strained and her nostrils flared. A film of perspiration covered her forehead, matting the tangled blonde fringe. Small droplets became larger ones and and ran down her cheeks to collect in the moist valley between her small jiggling breasts. Her father knew she was close to orgasm even before she told him. He could tell by the frantic way she drove her pussy up and down on his cock, grinding her drenched pubic mound hard against his own with every thrust. He helped her as much as he could, leaning back on the chair and raising his hips so that his prick rammed deep up inside her wide-open cunt each time. Julie moaned and scratched her father's shoulders as she felt her climax building to unbelievable proportions. "Uh! Nghhhh! Ooooooh, yesss! I'm coming!", she screamed suddenly, "Ooow! Jesus! Fuck! Fuck it in hard, Daddy! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yesssssssss!" Chapter 49. The fury of his daughter's orgasm took him by surprise, and all Dave could do was hang on as she bucked and jerked in ecstasy. Her cunt muscles went into a frenzy of movement, flexing and relaxing around his cock like mad, almost pumping the jism right out of his balls. Dave continued to screw her without letup, determined to make this the best fuck she'd ever had in her young life. Julie's pussy gushed heavily, leaking out between the lips of her twat and down the shaft of his cock to saturate both their loins with warm, sticky cunt cream. Dave lifted her face and looked into her deep blue eyes. They were glazed with passion and lust. "I love you, Daddy!", she murmured, and flung her arms around her father's neck. Dave felt her nipples drilling into his chest as he hugged her back. "I love you too, sweetheart. More than you'll ever know", said Dave, covering her hot open mouth with his own. They kissed like young lovers, using their tongues like rapiers, dueling hotly back and forth. With her father's massive organ still buried deeply in her pussy, and his hot tongue lashing her mouth, Julie began to feel that familiar tingling glow spreading outwards from the centre of her cunt. Although she had just experienced one of the strongest orgasms in her entire life, she wanted more. She was like a starving man given his first meal, who found out that it only sharpened his appetite. She wanted to fuck and suck all night! "I want you again, Daddy! And I think your cock does too!", whispered the horny young teenager, "I want to feel your hot cum spurt inside me!" Dave smiled at the frankness of his beautiful young daughter. "Ok, baby. But let's get a little more comfortable. I want to make love to you properly this time." "It's ok, Daddy. You can use the other word. Say 'Fuck', I don't mind" "No baby. I don't just want to fuck you. I want to make love to you. I want to do everything a man and a woman can do with each other, and then some." Julie trembled against him as she heard the words she'd longed to hear. "Ohhh, yes, Daddy! Lets go do it now. I can't wait!", squealed Julie, lifting herself up off his lap. Dave's rigid cock pulled out of her young cunt with a loud, wet slurping sound. Julie gasped as she saw his fully erect penis for the first time. It stood straight up from her father's hairy crotch, gleaming wetly with her juices, fully ten inches long, and hard as a railroad spike. "Jesus! Daddy! No wonder it felt like it was splitting me in two. It's so damn big! Dave stood up and looked down at himself, admiring his powerful erection. Women had always told him it was large, but now after fucking his sexy young daughter with it, it seemed twice as big! "All the better to fuck you with, my dear.", he joked in a deep voice. Giggling happily, Julie reaching out her hand and wrapped her tiny fingers around her father's cock, pulling him along by the thick stem. "Come on Big Bad Wolf! Little Red Riding Hood wants a good, long fuck!", she laughed, pulling him towards the door. "Your bed or mine, Baby?", asked Dave, as she led him away. "Yours Daddy," she replied over her shoulder, "That way if Mom and John want to join as later, there'll be plenty of room. Besides it'll be a real turn-on to have sex with you in Mom's bed." "We're adjourning to the bedroom, you two!", said Dave over his shoulder, "Come on in as soon as you can, Ok?" Tina looked up and nodded as best she could with a mouth full of cock. Even John had trouble answering. He was very close to spurting a load of red-hot cum down his mother's sucking throat. Chapter 50. "Ahh, Y..Yeah. Uhhh! O...Ok, Dad, be right there! Ooooouhhh!", he replied weakly through gritted teeth. Dave laughed, part of him wanted to stay and watch, but his persuasive young daughter had other ideas. She wanted her father's cock inside her cunt again, and she wanted it now! As Dave and Julie disappeared into the master bedroom, John looked down at his mother through glazed eyes, watching her full red lips slide wetly up and down his slick cock-shaft. Tina loved the fresh, male taste of her son, the sweaty flavour of his proud young cock made her pussy crawl. She sucked furiously on the head of his cock, rubbing the long, hard shaft with her fist at the same time, trying desperately to bring him off. She could hardly wait to feel her son's thick, creamy seed jetting into her hot mouth. She knew it wouldn't be long as soon as her tongue tasted the salty, clear fluid leaking profusely from the tip of his rock-hard prick. Tina's slick, juicy pussy began to throb with desire. She desperately wanted her son to take his hard, young cock out of her mouth and ram it deep into her cunt. She was so ready for him, so ready to fuck!... Sliding her juice-smeared ass to the edge of the chair, Tina positioned her pussy against his knee, moaning aloud as John rubbed and pressed it deliciously against her clit. She looked up at him longingly, but her son's eyes were tightly closed. All that mattered to him right now was her mouth around his cock, and a load of boiling hot cum that had her name on it! John's balls bounced and swung heavily against his mother's chin as she swallowed his cock as deep into her throat as she could, grasping his firm, young buttocks with both hands. He felt so big that Tina almost gagged, but she managed to take all of him, sliding it down her throat until her lips pressed against his curly pubic hair. John moaned with pleasure, and began fucking his mother's mouth like a cunt, driving the head of his cock into her throat with brutal force. "Unnhhhggh! Mom! Suck it hard! Eat my big fat cock, you gorgeous cunt!" She loved the lewd way her son spoke to her, telling her exactly what he wanted, ordering her to suck his hard, young prick as if she was one of his horny, little girlfriends. Tina loved it! She wanted her son to fuck her in every possible way, her mouth, her cunt, even her ass! She was so turned on, she wished she could have him in every orifice of her body at once, fucking her from orgasm to orgasm like a fierce young bull. Her cunt was on fire, the moist, hairy lips were swollen and puffy with desire, and her clit seemed to bulge in a hard knot. Her cuntlips were being bruised as he banged against them, but Tina felt no pain, all she wanted right now was her son's thick, steamy cum. John was moaning out loud, holding his mother's head with both hands as he felt the huge tide of jism rising in his balls. "Uhhh! Ohhh! I'm cumming, Mom! Eat it! Eat it all! Arrrgggghhhhh! Yesssss!" Tina wrapped her arms around his naked young ass and clung to him as he fucked faster and faster into her mouth. Using her tongue, she pressed it hard against the base of her son's prick, and sucked the jerking, quivering shaft of young cock-meat as hard as she could. John shuddered and gave a loud yelp as he came, filling his mother's mouth with squirt after squirt of thick, warm spunk. Tina swallowed hungrily, gulping down every drop, trying desperately to keep up with her young son's powerful ejaculation. It felt like it would never stop, and as her mouth filled to overflowing, some of his creamy sperm dribbled slowly out between her tight, red lips. Chapter 51. "Ohoooh, yeah! Fuuuuck! That's it! Keep sucking, eat it all, Mom!", he moaned. The boy could feel his mother's throat contract rhythmically around his cock as she swallowed, squeezing the cum out of his prick like a vacuum pump. Torrents of cunt juice spread their sticky warmth over her naked thighs and ass as she squirmed on the chair, almost ready to come herself. Tina was on fire as she sucked the last of the steamy jism from her son's gently pulsating cock. John looked down between her shamelessly opened thighs, fixing his gaze on the glistening slit of his mother's cunt. Her legs were spread wide apart, and he watched in fascination as the scarlet, glistening flesh quivered and contracted with arousal. He could clearly see the wet lips of her cunt contracting in eagerness. Mesmerised by the carnal beauty of it, John reached out to touch her. His fingers slid into the soft, wet cuntflesh like a hot knife through butter. "Christ you're hot, Mom!" he panted. "Your pussy is so hot and wet!" Tina took her mouth from his semi-hard prick and looked up with firey eyes. "I'm very hot alright, baby." she moaned, "Hot for your cock!... How soon can you get it hard again, honey? I want you to fuck my hot cunt with your big fat prick! Uuuuuuuhh, Jesus, your fucking fingers are driving me crazy!" John had never heard his mother use such language before, and it turned him on something awful. His fingers churning around in her tight, juicy cunt had a lot to do with it he guessed. If she kept talking to him like that, he'd be ready to fuck her in no time at all! For Tina, it was the forbidden act of sex with her handsome young son that got her juices flowing, and doing it in the middle of her own kitchen added an element of danger which sent thrill after wonderful thrill coursing through her tortured body. "Say it, Mom!... Tell me what you want me to do. It's making me hard again just listening to you!", gasped John, dragging his fingers up and down the full length of his mother's juice-filled gash. "Ohhhh, baby! That's nice!", squealed Tina, hardly hearing what he'd said, "Rub momma's clit, nice and hard!" As her son obeyed, Tina flopped back and slid her naked butt to the very edge of the chair, giving his fingers complete access to her cunt. When his mother didn't offer any more instructions, John became somewhat impatient. "What else do you want me to do to you , Mom? Don't be afraid. Say it all!" Tina knew exactly what he meant now. It surprised her a little to think that her son wanted to hear her describe, in graphic detail, her most lurid sexual desires, but what surprised her more, was that she wanted desperately to tell him! "Mmmmmm! Yes! I love that, Johnny! Play with my pussy, baby! Fuck momma's hot cunt with your fingers. Can you feel my pussy nibbling at you, baby?", asked Tina through clenched teeth. "Ohhh, Fuck, yes Mom!", John groaned, "Your cunt is so hot and tight, I can't wait to put my cock in there and fuck you again!" "All in good time, honey." replied his mother as she reached for his head, "First, I want you to lick my pussy. Do you think you could do that for momma, baby?" "You bet, Mom!", replied John excitedly. Tina noticed with satisfaction that her son's cock was beginning to thicken visibly as she spoke. She took it into her hand and rubbed gently up and down. Looking into his eyes, she continued. "Then, I want you to stick your tongue into momma's cunt.", she whispered hoarsely. "Put it in as far as you can, and suck. Suck my clit too, baby! Suck it hard, until I come in your mouth. Can you do all that darling?" Tina's pussy was quivering uncontrollably with expectation as she finished. "Christ, yes, Mom! I'll lick and suck your hot, juicy cunt all night if you want!" John's eyes sparkled with enthusiasm as he listened to his mother's lewd instructions. Chapter 52. "Not ALL night I hope, honey!", she replied with a smile. "Because after you make me come with your mouth, I want you to take that big, thick pole you call a cock and ram it as far as you can into my cunt!" Tina paused for a second and gazed deeply into her son's eager eyes. "Then, baby, I want you to fuck me good! Fuck your momma's cunt as hard and as long as you can, ok?" John's cock leaped at the very thought. He remembered how tight and hot his mother's pussy had been this morning, and he could hardly wait to fuck her again. "I'll fuck you alright, Mom!", he boasted, hunching his fully erect cock suggestively towards her face, "I'll fill you so full of cum, that Dad will be sucking it out of your cunt for weeks." Tina shivered. 'He could do it too, I bet!', she thought, savouring the feel of his rigid erection between her fingers. "Ok, baby," breathed his mother, "get down there and show momma what you're made of!" John dropped immediately to his knees and crouched between her legs. Tina could hear her son's breathing become deep and laboured as the excited young lad feasted his eyes on her widely stretched cuntal slit. She felt so deliciously lewd and wicked, letting her own son look at her this way, and it aroused her immensely to display herself to him in such a shameless manner. Lewd, incestuous thoughts filled her brain, exciting her even more with their utter depravity. She looked down at the massive erection protruding from between her son's smooth young thighs, and pictured it ramming into her horny, hungry twat, stretching her cunt beyond belief as her own little Johnny screwed her and reamed her and fucked her. John pressed his nose against her matted cunt-bush and inhaled deeply. The delightful odour of her sex filled his nostrils, sending primeval urges racing through his brain. The smell of hot pussy always turned him on, but the smell of his own mother's pussy was absolutely intoxicating. "Jesus, Mom, you have such a beautiful pussy! You smell like sex itself! I can't wait to taste you!!", murmured John, sticking out his tongue towards her glistening pink slit. Tina was impatient. Her hips were trembling and her pussy desperately needed immediate attention or she'd simply explode. "Johnny! Ohhh my God! I'm so hot, baby! Suck me now! Please suck my cunt! I can't wait any longer!", begged Tina as she grabbed her son's head with both hands, forcing his tongue into her quivering, juice-filled snatch. "Mmmmffff! Unnnhhmmmmmm!" John's mouth opened just as the lips of his mother's pussy mashed against his face. Her thighs pressed against his ears and all he could do to keep from suffocating was lick and suck the torrent of juices flowing from her liquid cunt. John grasped the firm, round cheeks of his mother's ass for support as Tina humped and wriggled her hips up at her son's sucking mouth. For one so young, the boy performed admirably, never once coming up for air as he licked and sucked hungrily on the object of his lust, his mother's hot, juicy cunt. Tina was on the verge of climax already as John burrowed his face deeper into her snatch, nibbling and tonguing her sensitive cunt-flesh like an expert. Her son was licking her cunt like it had never been licked before! 'Christ what a mouth! He's certainly done this before!', thought Tina, `He's as good as his father. Maybe even better!' John sucked on his mother's puffy, pink cunt-lips, first one then the other, and when his lips and tongue found the gristly nub of her clit, Tina began to thrust her pelvis wildly up and down, screaming and tossing her pretty blonde head from side to side. John gave it all he had, he knew his mother would peak any second, he could almost taste her orgasm. Dragging his tongue slowly up the full length of her gaping slit, he sucked her throbbing clit deep into his mouth. Chapter 53. "UNNHHHH! Jesus, Johnny, yes! Suck it hard! ARRRHHHGGHH! Suck my clit! I'm gonna come, baby!...... I'm gonna cum in your fuckin' mouth!" John heard his mothers's loud wanton cry and redoubled his efforts as she thrashed in wanton ecstasy, pushing her cunt against his avidly slurping mouth with such force that John thought she might hurt herself. But he needn't have worried, for Tina was soaring with rapture, almost bursting with sensations that wracked her slim young body in a way she had never felt before. "OOOOOOOH, Fuck! Here it comes, honey! I'm cummmmmmmmming!" Tina's voice trailed off into a strangled moan as wave after wave of orgasmic release spread outwards from her spasming cunt to sweep rapidly throughout her trembling body. John lapped at her creaming snatch like a thirsty pup, gulping down every drop of his mother's generous spendings, until her pussy was squeaky clean. Only when Tina lifted his face off her cunt, did John stop licking her pussy and look up into her eyes. "Ohh, Mom, baby! That was fantastic! I've never eaten a better tasting pussy in my life.", he admitted. Tina looked down at his juice-smeared face and smiled. "I've never had my pussy sucked quite so enthusiastically as that either, sweetheart!", replied his mother, letting his head rest against her softly heaving belly. "But one thing puzzles me, Johnny. How did you learn to eat pussy so well? You could drive a woman half crazy with that mouth action of yours!" John looked up at Tina rather sheepishly. "Lot's of practice, Mom!, he said rather too proudly. "Practice? Who on earth with, baby? You haven't been sucking Julie's cunt all this time, have you?", asked Tina, feeling strangely jealous of her own daughter. "No, Mom. But I sure can't wait to try her out! I think I've developed quite a taste for it." Tina smiled at the unintended pun, but he still hadn't told her who's pussy he'd been sucking to get so damn good at it. "Well, come on! If it wasn't your sister, then who?" John looked into his mother's face, hoping she wouldn't get mad. "It was Susie Wilson, Mom." "Susie Wilson? You mean little Susie from down the street?" He nodded. "Christ! She's only twelve!" Tina was stunned. Her son was having oral sex with a twelve-year-old girl! And from what he'd just said, regularly at that! "She might be twelve, Mom, but she sure likes to suck cock!" Tina's mouth dropped open. "We used to call her Suckin' Susan.", added John. He could see that his mother was surprised, and he received a perverted kind of pleasure from being able to shock her, especially about his sex life. Before his mother could reply, John told her everything, in graphic detail. "She loves it, Mom. You should see her suck cock! Her little mouth can hardly take it all, but she manages to eat me down to the balls!" "Jesus!", breathed his mother. She wanted to hear more! The initial shock was fading, only to be replaced by keen interest. Tina's so recently satisfied cunt was beginning to twitch and throb again as she listened to her young son's vivid confessions. "Remember last summer, when I used to go down to the Wilson's every day? Tina nodded quickly, anxious for him to continue. "Well, Susie and I used to sneak up to that old tree house at the back of their house and get to know each other real well, if you know what I mean, Mom." John watched as his mother licked her softly parted lips, her eyes blazing brightly. His story was turning her on again and he knew it! Chapter 54. "Yes, yes. Go on! What did you do, baby? Tell momma everything." "We used to eat each other at first, Mom. You know, just suck each other until we came. Her cunt is so tiny, but when she's all worked up it swells up, and the juices just drip out of her." Tina moaned deep in her throat. "Does she taste good, baby?" "She sure does! Fresh and tangy!", he offered. Then, seeing the sudden look of jealousy that crept over his mother's face, he quickly added, "But not as as good as you, Mom! You're the best!" Tina moved her hips so that his jaw pressed against her clit as he spoke. "What else did you do, Johnny? Did you fuck her?", she asked, knowing he could hear the growing excitement in her voice. "Not at first, Mom. I was a little afraid that I'd get her pregnant. But one day Susie got so excited that she begged me to put my fingers in her pussy and finger-fuck her." "Go on!", croaked Tina, beginning to grind her moist mound ever so slowly up against her son's jaw. John felt her hip movements and wondered if she wanted him to do something. "Want me to suck you off again, Mom?", he asked. "No, not yet, honey! Just tell me everything that happened!", she said, through clenched teeth, "And don't leave anything out, understand!" John knew exactly what she wanted, and planned to give it to her. He was going to excite his mother with the lurid details of his first fuck, and then, when she was half out of her mind with lust, he was going to ram his cock into his mom's juicy cunt and fuck her brains out! "Ok! Like I said, I got her so worked up one time, that she said she wanted something inside her cunt. She's got a cute little pussy, Mom. It's almost hairless, with just a fine fuzz of light brown hair on the outer lips" "Anyway, she flops back on the pillows we brought up there and gives me a good look at her cunt, spreading those long tanned legs of hers as wide as she can. Jesus, it was beautiful! I mean, I'd seen it lots of times before and that, but mostly I was too busy sucking her to appreciate it. You know what I mean, Mom!" Tina's eyes were closed and both her hands were squeezing and kneading her rosy, pink tits. "Yessss! Get on with it, baby!", she groaned. "Well, she gives me a strange look and tells me to touch her pussy. I said to her, 'What's new about that? I've been using my hands to part your cuntlips every time I eat your gash.' "She shakes her head and says, 'Not on the outside, put them in me and fuck my pussy with your fingers.' She actually begged me, Mom! She told me to stick them in as far as I could and finger-fuck her!" "I knelt between her legs and stroked her thighs. She whimpered a little and kind of hunched her ass up at me." "Her skin was moist and warm, just like yours is, Mom!" John stroked his mother's inner thighs for emphasis. Tina just moaned incoherently. "I reached out and touched her cunt. She was so wet that my middle finger slipped real easy into her hot little hole. I pushed deeper, until my whole finger was buried in side her cunt. You should have seen the look on her face, Mom! The little girl smile was gone, she looked serious, like she was concentrating on something real hard. Then, she begs me to move my finger in and out of her, and to rub it against her hard little clit. So I did!" "She loved it, Mom! Even more than my mouth on her cunt, I think." Tina was enjoying the pressure of her son's jaw on her clit and the perverse excitement his words were having on her. John smiled at her obvious state of arousal and then went on. "Anyway, by this time, my cock is bigger than a baseball bat. Susie doesn't seem in any hurry to suck it, so I decided to do something about it." Chapter 55. "I move up on her real close, and spread her legs as wide apart as I can. She's too far gone to worry what I'm doing by this time, she's only interested in humping her juicy little twat up against my fuckin' finger." "I press my cock into her hot little slit, just under my finger, and on the outstroke, I pull my finger out and slip my prick in." "You should have heard the little kid squeal. Shit, I thought the whole damn neighbourhood was gonna hear her. So I put my hand over her mouth and waited till she got used to having my cock in her. It didn't take long, Mom. Susie's a real horny little piece. Soon she was bucking that juicy, hairless little twat of hers up at me like she'd done it all her fuckin' life." Tina opened and closed her mouth, trying to speak, but the sounds wouldn't come, her own heated cunt was beginning to dribble juices out onto her son's chin as she rubbed against him. "Boy oh boy, Mom, was she ever tight! My cock felt like it was in a hot vacuum cleaner lined with grease!" "Susie was moaning and whimpering like an animal as I fucked her, Mom. Her tight little pussy wouldn't let up sucking and gripping on my cock like a damn vacuum cleaner. I looked down at my prick as it went in and out of her. It looked so huge ramming into her tiny snatch, and every time I pulled out, the walls of her pussy grabbed my prick like a goddamn vice! It had such a grip on my cock, I was sure we'd end up like two dogs in heat, you know,....stuck together! All the time Susie was begging and screaming for me to fuck her harder. I never knew that twelve-year-old girls had even heard of some of the words she used, Mom!" Tina could imagine. Young girls grew up real fast these days. Too fast! John continued, watching his mother's every move, waiting for exactly the right moment. "Then Susie dug her nails into my back and ass, Mom, trying to pull more of my cock into her cunt. But it was all in. My balls were slapping loudly against the crack of her pink little ass, and still she was begging for more!" "Do you know what she said then, Mom?", asked John, with a wicked smile on his face. "N...No! Wh...What, baby?", stammered Tina, fighting the waves of lust building in her groin, trying desperately to prolong this wonderfully lewd experience as long as possible. "She asked me to stick a finger up her ass, Mom. Can you believe that! Little twelve-year-old Susie, asking me to shove my finger up her goddamn asshole!" His mother could not only believe it, she almost screamed out for him to do the same for her. John rubbed his chin suggestively against Tina's mound and went on with his story. "Well, I slipped my hand down between her legs and wet my middle finger in her cunt juices. Then, I pressed it against her pink, little asshole and pushed until her cute little buttocks rested in the palm of my hand. My middle finger was buried completely inside her hot little butt, Mom!" "And you know what, Mom. Susie came right then and there, with my cock pounding her cunt, and my finger wiggling around in her tight little ass." Tina moaned and clutched at her swollen breasts, pinching the nipples in near abandon. She suppressed a sudden impulse to beg him to fuck her, she wanted to hear the rest of his story first. It was magnifying her pleasure a thousandfold. "Did you come with her, baby?", asked his mother hopefully. "Nearly, Mom! Her cunt grabbed my cock like a hundred massaging fingers when she came, and I rammed it into, her so hard that she was gasping for breath" "Mmmmm, yesss! I know the f...feeling! What happened n...next?", moaned Tina. Chapter 56. "Well, then she surprised the hell out of me. When she felt my cock jerk and swell inside her, she reached down and pulled it out! She squealed out something about not wanting to get pregnant, and that I should stick my cock in her ass! She wanted me to come in her asshole, Mom!" Tina was going crazy with arousal listening to John's graphically erotic story, and if he didn't do something soon, she was going to force her son's cock into her cunt and rape him right here. "So I pulled out my finger and stabbed my cock into the little bitch's ass, Mom! I fucked her until she screamed for more and then until she screamed for me to stop! By the time I filled her hot little ass with cum, she was begging for mercy!" Tina couldn't stand it any longer. Standing up, she fell forwards over the table and spread her lovely, long legs, displaying her juicy cunt and asshole to her son's lusty gaze. "Fuck me, Johnny! You've made me so fuckin' hot, I can't stand it! Fuck me, baby! Fuck you mother like you fucked that little whore Susie!" John moved quickly behind his mother and rubbed his huge erection along the parted lips of her gaping cunt. A tremor of incestuous lust ran through her, as Tina felt her son's hard, naked, body press against hers. 'My darling stud.', she thought as she rubbed her pert little butt back against him. John shuddered too, trembling with desire as he prepared to fuck his beautiful, willing young mother from behind. By this time, Tina was more than willing, she was absolutely dying for prick. She couldn't wait! Reaching down between her legs, she grabbed her son's penis and guided the lust-hardened organ to the entrance of her sopping cunthole. As his mother's hot fingers encircled his prick, John groaned urgently. "Jesus! Yes! Put it in for me, Mom! Put my cock in your juicy cunt, so I can fuck you!" Tina was leaking profusely, the clear juice running freely down along the insides of her thighs, saturating their loins and bathing the tip of his prick with nature's sexual lubricant. John stepped forward, getting his cock into position for the final lunge. Tina was impatient. "Yesss! Come on! Do it, baby! Put your big, mother-fuckin' cock inside momma's snatch and fuck it as hard as you can!" screamed Tina as she felt her son's fat, bloated cockhead part the wet folds of her quivering cunt. Being a good little boy, John did as he was told. Holding onto his mother's slim girlish hips for support, the muscular young teenager rammed forwards, burying his huge pole balls-deep in her juicy, suctioning, gash. "UNNNGGGGGHHHHHH! Oh, Fuck! Oooh, Fuck me, Johnnnny! God, yesss! You're so fuckin' big!", screamed Tina, pushing backwards onto her son's plunging cock. John felt his mother's oily cuntal sheath grip his shaft almost as tightly as little Susie's had done. He noticed however that his mother's cunt was deeper than Susie's, and no matter how hard or how deep he lunged, he couldn't feel the end of her cunt. At this angle he couldn't get as much penetration as he'd like, but it was heaven all the same. Tina craned her neck and looked back at her son with lust filled eyes. "Oh, yes, yessss! Let momma have it, baby! Fuck that lovely, big cock into momma's cunt, you gorgeous little mother-fuckin' prick! His mother's lust-crazed cries were like music to his ears. He loved it when girls begged for it. Especially when they used the foulest and most obscene language possible. To hear his own mother urge him on in this way was making his cock harden and swell to even bigger proportions, even as he fucked her. "I'll fuck you, Mom! I'll fuck you so hard your cunt will be sore for a week!", said John, hammering into his mother's upthrust cunt like a sex-starved young bull. Chapter 57. "Nice one, Mom?", asked John as his mother's cuntal contractions faded. "Ummmmmm! Sure was, baby... one of the best!", she replied, her body still quivered with post-orgasmic tremors. Her rubbery legs had collapsed beneath her, but Tina's body remained in position supported completely by the table. John continued to move his ever-hard cock back and forth in the sloppy warmth of his mother's pink-lipped cunt, keeping the fires of desire burning within her. "There's plenty where that came from, Mom!.... Wanna fuck some more?", he asked, kissing her shoulder and nuzzling her neck. "Jesus! You're a stud, baby! Uhhhhmmmmm, and I must be a nymphomaniac!", moaned Tina, "I want you again already, baby!" She couldn't get enough of his enormous prick! He was such a wonderful lover, the best fuck she had ever had. This was the best reason to have children, wasn't it? She had her own son's cock plowing her cunt, and it was wonderful! If only she'd had two son's, she'd fuck them both. Maybe even both at once! Yes, that's what she's do, she'd make them fuck her at the same time, one in her cunt, the other fucking her ass. "Ooooohhhh, yes! I'd love that!", she whimpered aloud. "What, Mom? What would you like?", asked John. "Oh, nothing!", lied his mother, and quickly changed the subject. "Keep fucking me, Johnny! You've got to come too this time. I want you to squirt your hot, thick sperm deep up inside momma's pussy, baby!" "No problem, Mom!", said the young boy proudly, "I've got just as big a load for you as Dad had that night in the tent. Remember, Mom? It was running all down your legs. You had to wash the sleeping bag next day, remember?" Tina remembered, only too well. Her husband's cock just seemed to pump the stuff into her creaming cunt for hours. "You looked so beautiful from behind, with Dad's big cock spreading the lips of your cunt, Mom! Just like the pictures in those magazines you found under my bed after we came home." Tina remembered them. At the time it had given her a perverse thrill to know that her young son probably masturbated while looking at them. The glossy pages were filled with explicit photographs of unbelievably young cunts being fucked by impossibly enormous cocks. They had turned her on so much that she had kept them, even showing her husband who had flicked through the pages one night and promptly fucked her till the early hours. She remembered them alright! "I jacked off, Mom! While Dad was fucking you in the tent, I was outside staring at your cunt, pulling my meat! I fantasized that it was me doin' it to you, Mom! Fucking you just like I am right now!" "Ohhh, Johnny!", whimpered Tina, "If only I'd known, baby, we could have had so much fun together by now! Did you come, watching me that night, lover?" "I sure did, Mom! I came twice that night. Once when Dad was fucking you, and again when I got back to my tent." Tina flexed her cunt muscles around his cock. "Did momma turn you on that much, baby?, she asked proudly. "You bet, Mom! I couldn't get the sight of your juicy twat out of my mind!" John fucked his cock slowly back and forth in his mother's cunt as he spoke. It was working Tina up to full heat again. "When I got back to the tent, I couldn't sleep, so I turned on the gas lamp real low so I wouldn't wake Julie, and pulled my cock out. I don't like to jerk off in the dark, Mom. I like to look at my cock as I masturbate and picture it sliding into a juicy cunt, instead of my fingers." "Oooooh, baby!", Tina shivered, "Pull your cock out for a second, honey. I want you to fuck me from the front this time. I want to hug you close, and kiss you when I come!" "Ok, Mom!" Chapter 58. John's cock left his mother's cunt with a juicy plop as she turned and sat facing him on the edge of the table, legs spread wide. Tina could look her son in the eyes now, and her heart skipped a beat at the incredibly sexy look that he gave her as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into her cunt. Her big firm tits pressed against his chest, as the boy's long cock once more penetrated his mother's steamy hole. Their mouths collided in moist passion, and mother and son kissed for the first time since they had begun to fuck. It was a deep, lusty kiss, filled with urgent need on both sides. Breathless, Tina pulled her mouth from his sucking lips. "I love your cock, Johnny! I love it stretching my cunt and rubbing on my clit!, whispered his mother, nibbling on his earlobe. Her nipples were drilling into his chest as she hunched her cunt forward at his deeply imbedded prick. "Now, Isn't this better than jerking off over some cold old photos?" "Unnnnnhhh! Fuck, yes, Mom! M...m..much...uhhhh.. better!", replied John. "Do you think of me often when you're jerking yourself off, Johnny!" His mother rammed forward, grinding her pubic mound against the base of his prick. "M..mostly, Mom! But sometimes I think of Susie Wilson, and sometimes even Julie." "Julie too, huh?" Tina was interested. "How long have you been having horny thoughts about your sister, honey?" "Since that night in the tent, Mom." said John, hugging his mother tightly. "I couldn't help it. I was so turned on, when I got back to our tent, I started to pull myself off, like I said. I was thinking of you at first, Mom, but then Julie moaned in her sleep. It startled me at first, but when I saw that she was still fast asleep, I looked at her more closely. She was cute, Mom. Her little tits stood out like peaches, and the nipples were erect under her t-shirt." "What did you do, baby? Did you fuck her?", asked his mother hopefully. "No, Mom. Tonight was the first time for us. But, Christ, I sure wanted to! I could almost see down into the vee of her panties. I was rubbing my cock like crazy, Mom!" Tina flexed her cunt around his prick and cupped the taut cheeks of his powerful young ass. "What did you do, baby!", she breathed. "I had to touch her, Mom! My cock was throbbing like crazy! I reached over and slid my hand between her legs." Tina pulled his crotch against hers as she listened, rubbing her clit against his sliding shaft. "Uhhhh! God! Was she hot, baby?", moaned his mother, "Was Julie's little pussy hot?" "Yeah! It felt like an oven, Mom, even through her panties! Sis must have been having one hell of a good dream! As soon as I touched her, her legs came open, and I rubbed her pussy with one hand and jerked my cock with the other. It was so exciting, I didn't even care if she woke up!" I could feel her little slit open up as I rubbed it. Her clit got hard too, Mom. After a while, her panties got real wet. She was breathing loudly, like she had a cold or something. Christ I was hot, Mom! But I wanted more! I wanted to feel Julie's cunt without the panties on, so I took my hand from my cock for a second and carefully lifted her little round ass up far enough to slip her panties off without waking her." "They were wet, Mom! Real wet! I put them to my nose and sniffed. Jesus, she smelled good! Just like I imagined your cunt would smell like, Mom!" John kissed his mother's open lips, poking his tongue suggestively into her mouth before continuing. Chapter 59. "I put my left hand back on her pussy and dipped the middle finger between her tight little cuntlips, sliding it in as slowly and as carefully as I could. She opened her legs real wide, Mom, so I began to finger-fuck her cunt and jerked on my cock at the same time! My cock was getting a little sore by now from all the rubbing and stuff, so I dipped my fingers in Julie's slit and put the juice on my cock, so it'd slide between my fingers better." "Jesus! You were finger fucking her cunt, and she never woke up!" "Nope! I'm sure she thought it was some sort of wet dream, Mom, 'cause you won't believe what happened next!" "What, baby? Tell me!". Tina was rapt, her son's cock was stirring her cunt and his story was stirring her imagination. "Well, just as I was getting my finger real deep into her cunt, her hand comes down and grabs mine! Christ, I almost died! I thought she'd woken up and all hell would break loose! But, guess what, Mom!... Julie didn't pull my hand away, she began to move my finger in and out of herself! She was fucking herself with my finger, in her sleep, for God's sake!" "Seeing her hand working away like that gave me ideas, so I grabbed Sis's other hand and wrapped it around my cock. It wouldn't go all the way around, but when I let go, she left it where it was, gripping my prick. I couldn't believe it, Mom! Julie's fingers felt so damn good on my cock. I kept looking outside, expecting Dad to come in and catch me with my finger halfway up my little sister's cunt and her hand around my cock!" "By this time Julie was moaning, softly. Really getting off on having my finger jammed up her hole. But my cock wasn't getting any action! I began to move her fist up and down my cock. At first, she stopped as soon as I let go, but after a while, I found that if I rubbed her clit with my thumb at the same time as my finger was fucking her slit, her hand would rub my cock on it's own!" "It really felt good, Mom! And now, I had a free hand, so I lifted up Julie's top and fondled her titties. Soon, I had the nipples sticking up like little spikes, so I bent over and sucked on them for a while, trying to fit all of Sis's firm little breasts into my mouth at once. I could almost do it too!" "She got a little too noisy after a while, so I kissed her to try to stifle the noise a bit. But that didn't work. As soon as I kissed her, Julie started to moan louder and open her mouth under mine, so I stuck my tongue into her mouth and kissed her properly. She was getting pretty worked up by then, so I squeezed her clit and held onto her hand on my cock, moving it up and down as fast as I dared." "We came together, Mom! Julie's cunt heaved and tightened on my finger, and her hand gripped my prick like a vice as I sprayed hot cum all over her tits. She went all soft and limp, so I pulled my finger out of her cunt and wiped up the cum on her tit's and belly. Then I noticed her slit, Mom! It was all open and loose, just like your's was after Dad had finished fucking you, earlier. I couldn't resist! I got between Julie's legs and put my hands under her butt, and lifted her cunt up to my mouth. Then, I stuck out my tongue and ran the tip through her little slit, licking out all her cum-juices." "She tasted good, Mom! She tasted like fresh, little-girl sex, and I almost came again as I licked her dry. She never said anything about it the next day, so I guess she figured she must have dreamt it. Anyway, Mom, I'll tell you one thing. Julie sure was walking around with a big smile on her face all next day, wasn't she?" Tina was so far gone by now, that she didn't even pick up her son's little white lie earlier, the one about never having sucked his sister's cunt. Chapter 60. "You horny little prick!", Tina giggled, "I think your father and I have spawned a family of sex maniacs!" "You'd better believe it, Mom!, and I can't think of better way to enjoy sex than with your own flesh and blood!" Tina definitely had to agree with her son there, especially with his nice thick prick stuffed so deliciously up her cunt. John grunted with the effort as he continued to pound his hard meat into her, fucking his cock in and out of his mother's cunt like a battering ram. "Ohhh! Yes, Johnny! Fuck me hard, baby! Fuck your mother silly!", whimpered Tina, wrapping her legs up around his thighs and digging her fingers deeply into her son's heaving ass as he fucked her savagely. "Jeezusss! I love you, Mom! You're such a fantastic fuck!" His mother felt her second climax building deep in her groin. And as the floodgates opened, Tina screamed out her need, urging him to fulfill her deepest desires. "Uhhhhnngghhhh! Oh, now! Fuck! Fuuuuck! I'm cummming, Johnny darling! Fuck me hard! Put your finger up my ass, baby! Just like you did to little Susie! Fuck your mother like you did that horny little slut!" John felt for his mother's puckered anus and slipped a finger inside, ramming it in the the second knuckle as his cock slammed savagely into her bucking, jerking twat. "Oh, God! Come, baby! Come for me, Mom! Yeahhh,that's it! Throw your cunt at me, you gorgeous fuck!" Knowing he had brought his mother off a second time, triggered John's own climax, and instantly he felt the seething cum race up his shaft and burst suddenly from the tip of his cock, with all the pent up fury of a volcanic eruption. Tina was still squealing with ecstasy as her son's sperm-filled balls exploded, filling her belly with squirt after squirt of scalding jism. "I'm cumming too, Mom! I'm cumming in your hot fuckin' cunt!", yelled Johnny, his prick swelling and jerking as it spat out it's incestuous load. Tina pushed her hips at him, meeting his long, hard strokes with savage thrusts of her own. Despite the intensity of her orgasm, Tina felt every throbbing jet of John's hot jism as it filled her cunt. She came and came, screaming with mindless ecstasy as her son emptied his balls into her wriggling snatch. "Lift your butt, Mom!", he grunted, "Lift up for a sec!" John slid his hands under his mother's grinding ass and lifted her up off the table, stuffing his pulsing prick in her cunt to the root. She responded immediately by wrapping her arms around his neck, and locking her long, slim legs around his waist, impaling herself fully on his rigid cock. It was then that John felt what he was looking for before, the mouth of her womb. In their present position, he was so deep inside his mother's cunt, that the tip of his cock was being nibbled by her fluttering uterus. Tina felt it too and began grinding her throbbing clit on his pubic bone. "Oh...Oh...Unnnhhgghh! Jesus! You're huge, Johnny! It's in me so far, I can feel your big fuckin' cock right up in my belly!", Tina whimpered, pressing her open mouth against his. John returned her hot kiss, thrusting his tongue deep into her throat. Mother and son kissed with passionate abandon, joined mouth to mouth, and cock to cunt. They moved as one, squirming and twisting against each other like two copulating snakes, milking every last drop of pleasure they could extract from each other's trembling bodies. John pulled his lips from his mother's mouth and kissed her neck, whispering into her ear, "Did you like that, Mom?" Chapter 61. Tina gasped for breath and lowered her feet to the floor, still impaled securely on her son's cock. His erection had surprisingly lost none of it's previous size or rigidity, despite the fact that he'd just ejaculated a man-sized river of cum into her thirsty cunt. His mother was impressed! " "Oh, yes! Yes, Johnny! I loved it! I must have come at least a dozen times, baby!... and you're still so hard! Doesn't it ever go soft?", she laughed, consciously squeezing her cunt muscles around him. "Ummmmm! Not If you keep doing that, it won't, Mom!" Tina felt the powerful twitch of her son's cock deep in her cunt, and it sent a thrill surging through her. "Johnny..." said Tina seductively, "... take me to bed and make love to me, properly, baby! Momma want's a nice long, slow fuck!" "Ohhh, Jesus! Yes, Mom! I wanna fuck you again too!", groaned John. He wasted no time at all, picking his beautiful young mother up in his strong young arms, carrying her quickly off to the master bedroom. When they got there, Julie was lying stretched out on her parent's bed, with Dave's head bobbing gently up and down between her creamy thighs. The naked teenager's firm, tanned legs were draped carelessly over her father's shoulders, as he went down on her. Dave was sucking hungrily on his daughter's ripe little slit like there was no tomorrow. Julie was moaning and writhing all over the bed, loving every second of it. Moving across the room with long, powerful strides, John lowered his mother to the bed and lay down beside her, next to his sister. His cock stood straight up from his groin, stiff and straight, and fully ten inches long. Tina snuggled against him and grabbed the base of his prick in her hand. At least six inches of pulsing muscle protuded above her clenched fist, as she began to jerk her hand lightly up and down on her son's massive erection. Julie's eyes flew open as soon as she felt movement on the bed, and the first thing she saw, was her brother's angry cock. "You two... b... been having fun?", she asked, between gasps, staring hungrily at her brother's stiff, glistening cock. "Just as much fun as you and Dad, by the looks, Sis! Maybe more!", John said, squeezing his mother's tits while she squeezed his prick. "It s...sure looks like it t...too!", breathed Julie. She whimpered loudly and arched her back as her father suddenly took her clit into his mouth and sucked hard. "Unnnnngggghhh! God, yes Daddy! Suck it! Make me come again!" Tina watched with fascination as her husband expertly ate out their daughter's plump, juicy young pussy-slit. It proved too much for her. With a sudden cry, she pulled her son on top of her and rubbed his still-hard cock along her drenched cuntslit. "Ohhhhhh! Fuck me, Johnny! For Christ's sake, fuck me! I need a big, fat prick in my cunt now, lover!" "You mean like this, Mom?!" grunted John, ramming his prick forcefully up into his mother's pinkly-gaping fuckhole. Now it was Julie's turn to watch in wonder as the thick, purple head of her brother's cock parted the lips of her mother's hairy twat with a loud slurp, disappearing completely into Tina's puffy, blonde cunthole with one almighty thrust. "OHHHHHHHH! UNHHHGGHH! GODDDDDDDDD, YESSSS! FUCK ME AGAIN JOHNNY! FUCK MOMMA'S HOT CUNT WITH YOUR LONG, HARD PRICK, BABY! OOOOOOOOH, JESUS!!!!!!" As Tina bucked her hips up to receive her son's deeply plowing prick, Johnny thrust into her real hard, dutifully filling his mother's twitching twat with every solid inch of teenage cock he had to, offer. John new exactly how to excite his mother, he rotated his slim, muscular young hips and plowed into her deeply, ramming his thick, vibrant young cock into her wide-spread cunt again and again, ramming the long, hard column of muscle deep into the hot recesses of Tina's tight, clinging fuckhole. Chapter 62. The bed shook with the raw power of Johnny's powerful young cock-thrusts. Tina's sinuous hips lifted up off the bed to accomodate her son's stabbing cock, her upthrust cunt devouring his young prick with loud, wet slurping sounds. Beside them, Dave was making similar sounds as he lapped and sucked at Julie's tight, drooling cuntslit. The little fourteen-year-old was beside herself with joy. Her Daddy was sucking her fuck-swollen little cunt like it had never been sucked before, and she couldn't get enough! "Uuuuhhhh, yeahhhh! Stick your big fat tongue right up my cunthole, Daddy!" moaned the young girl, hunching her sparsely-furred mound up against her father's deeply-delving tongue. "Oooooooooohhhh! Fuck me with it! Unnnghhh! Jesus! God! Suck me, Daddy! Suck my cunt! Ahhhhh!" The little blonde was cumming into her father's slurping mouth, squirming and writhing her young skinny hips like a snake as Dave brought her off expertly with his talented mouth. Tina was cumming too, her son's iron-hard cock stabbing relentlessly into her convulsing, upthrust cunt. The boy's huge organ rasped effectively against his mother's throbbingly erect clit, again and again, stimulating her ultra-sensitive little fuck-bud to the limit! "Ohhhhh, God! I'm cummmmmming!", screamed Tina. "Fuck me, Johnny! Fuck Momma hard, baby! Unnnhhhhhggggggg! Fuuuucckkkkkkk Meeeeeeeee!" Johnny felt his mother's squirming cunt tighten around his cock and he thrust into her with increased vigour, really letting her slippery cunt have it as she came! Tina loved to be fucked HARD as she climaxed, and her muscular young son was doing exactly that! Mother and daughter lay side-by-side on the bed, moaning and squirming with lust as their orgasms peaked then slowly subsided. Dave lifted his mouth from Julie's glistening cunt and licked his lips. John kept his cock deeply buried inside his mother's quivering cunt. He hadn't come yet and it felt like he wasn't going to for a long, long time either! Johnny began to move his still-hard cock inside his mother's juice-filled cunt, grinding his pubic bone against her clit suggestively as Tina recovered from the powerful sensations of her climax. Johnny rolled over onto his back, pulling his mother on top of him, his rigid cock still buried deeply inside her. Tina began to move her hips up and down over the boy's deeply impaled organ, riding her young son like the stallion he was. Dave's cock was as hard as a rock after eating out Julie's tasty young fourteen-year-old cunt, and now he desperately needed to plant it in a tight, hot, slippery hole. He was just about to mount his his panting daughter and shove his mammoth erection deep into her tight little fuckslit, when Tina spied the state of her husband's cock. "Ohhh, Dave! What a magnificent hard-on, baby! Shove it up my ass!", she squealed. "Fuck my ass with that big fat prick while Johnny fucks my cunt. I've always wanted to get double-fucked!" Dave looked down at Julie's gaping well-sucked pussy and then at Tina's tight, pinkly-puckered little asshole. He longed to fuck his daughter's pubescent cunt again, but the thought of reaming out his wife's tight, buttery ass while his own son fucked her cunt was just too much of an erotic temptation. Dave fisted his massive erection and scrambled behind Tina, pushing her forward over Johnny. "Fuck her cunt, son!", he growled. "Give your mother a good hard cunt-fucking while I fuck her other hole!" "Ohhhh, yeah! Let's do it Dad!", moaned Johnny, eager to share his hot, horny mom with his own father. "You're gonna love this, hon," Dave whispered into his wife's ear. "I'd never do it if I didn't know how much you're gonna love getting double-fucked... Lean over baby, and give me room!... Johnny, help me out here... open her up for me, son!" Johnny twisted suddenly beneath his naked mother, his huge cock still buried in her cunt. Reaching 'round, he grasped Tina's creamy asscheeks, spreading them wide. Dave mounted his wife's hips, pressing the tip of his cock onto the tightly-puckered little shitter his son had opened up for him. "Unnggghhhh! Ooooh, Dave! Fuck my ass, honey! I want you both to fuck me soooo much!" Dave hunched forwards, burying his cock deeply and securely into Tina's upraised ass with a single thrust. As always, his wife's tiny asshole was slick and hot with arousal, but this time it felt so much tighter... tighter because his son's big man-sized prick was filling his wife's hot cunt, separated only by a thin membrane of cuntal tissue. He could feel Johnny's cock throbbing against his own as he plowed inch after inch of his huge cock into Tina's hot, greasy shit-hole. Chapter 63. Julie lay beside them, groaning as she watched her mother's creamy ass get well-and-truly filled by her father's rampant cock. The little blonde began to finger-fuck her neglected young cunt with one... two... then three, stiffly pounding fingers as she watched her mother take the two long, hard cocks at once. The look on Tina's face convinced Julie that SHE was going to be next, even if she had to suck both her father and brother back to hardness after they'd fucked her poor mother senseless. Tina moaned and whimpered, grinding her pussy onto the base of her son's cock. Her husband's massive prick was all the way up her asshole now. For the first time in her life, she was taking two big, stiff pricks at the same time... it was totally fantastic! Suddenly Tina felt herself succumbing to the most intense lust of her life. Their cocks felt so huge. Only a thin, fleshy membrane separated her pussy from her asshole, and now the membrane felt stretched to bursting by the incredible thickness of their rock-hard cocks. Her pussy was sucking and contracting instinctively around her son's prick, and now her puckered little asshole was throbbing too, lewdly gripping her husband's cock. Having two big pricks at the same time made them both seem twice as big as they already were. Tina had never felt such intense pleasure in her whole life. "Feel good, Mom?" Julie whispered. The little blonde teenager now had her whole hand buried in her cunt, excitedly fingering her wet pussy as she watched her mother getting double-fucked. "Ummmmmmm, fuck yessssss!", hissed Tina. "God! It feels fantastic, baby!" "Ram your cock up Mom's asshole, Daddy!" Julie squealed. "Uhhhhhhh! Fuck her hot cunt Johnny!" The excited little youngster's own cunt and asshole were twitching with uncontrollable lust. "I'm next, Mom! Jesus I wanna be next!" "Okay, baby! Uuuuuuuuhhhhh!" Tina squealed, mindlessly. Suddenly she started humping furiously, pumping her pussy down onto Johnny's cock one moment, then thrusting her itchy-asshole back onto her husband's pounding prick the next.... totally engrossed in her first incestuous double-fuck! "Fuck my cunt, Johnny!" she cried. "Yes, yes! God that feels good! Jesus, I can't staaaand it! Uhhhmmmmmm, yeahhhh! All the way up my asshole, too! Ooooohhhh, Dave! Ass-fuck me, honey!" Tina moaned in intense pleasure as her husband fucked her asshole deeply, thrusting every inch of his massive cock into the rubbery tightness of her sucking shitter. "Uhhhhhhh! Fuck my pussy, fuck my asshole!" Tina's face was contorted with fuck-lust, her gorgeous body writhing in a frenzy of need. "Both of you, fuck me, fuck meeee! Oh, shit, I'm gonna cum so hard! Please, fuck me... ohhhh, please! Fuck Mommy's cunt, Johnny! Fuck my asshole Dave! Oh, fuck, I need your cocks!" Dave commenced a solid fucking rhythm, moaning as he speared his huge cock in and out of Tina's bowels. Pre-cum oozed heavily from the tip of his prick, lubing his wife's asshole with spunk, making it easier for him to ram his huge cock in and out of her tight shitter. "Oh, shit, that's good, Mom!" Johnny panted. He started humping Tina hard, matching Dave's rhythm, stuffing his mother's cunt full of young teenage cock every time his father rammed into her ass. "Oh, fuck! " Tina groaned. She felt helpless now as her husband and son fucked into her body, writhing and bucking with pleasure as her pussy and asshole spasmed around their twin stroking pricks. "It's so good! I can't believe how good it feels! Fuck me harder! Oh, both of you, fuck me as hard as you can!" Johnny picked up the pace, moaning as the cum-load churned in his balls, ramming his huge cock furiously in and out of his mother's tight pussy. Dave soon caught up with his son's rhythm, grunting as he hammered his aching fuckrod repeatedly into his wife's tightly-stretched asshole. Now Tina's whole body ached in anticipation of cumming. She shrieked and grimaced, whipping her asscheeks up and down, fucking both cocks as hard as she could. "Fuck Mommy's pussy, Johnny! fuck my horny pussy!" she cried. "Fuck my asshole, Dave! Uuuuuuhhhhh! Harder, honey! Oh, fuck, I'm cumming now! Fuck my pussy, fuck my asshole! Fuck me, both of you! Ohhoooohhhhhh, I'm cumming! Jesus! FUCK! I'M CUUUUUMMMMINNGGGG!!" Chapter 64. It was the most intense orgasm Tina had ever had in her life. For over a minute the powerful spasms throbbed through her naked body, causing her pussy to contract tightly around her son's pounding prick, and making her asshole suck wildly on her husband's driving cock. Dots of color flashed before Tina's glazed eyes as she hovered on the edge of unconsciousness. Finally the ecstasy of her climax subsided, and she lay still, sandwiched between the two panting males. "All right," Julie moaned, removing her fingers from her dripping young pussy. "Now it's my turn!" Dave pulled his huge cock out of his wife's clasping asshole, his massive prick dripping milky cockjuice out of the tip. Exhausted and satisfied, Tina rolled off her son's cock, watching as her daughter took her place. Julie straddled her brother, staring greedily over her shoulder at her father's huge prick. It looked stiffer than ever, throbbing over his belly, soaked with her mother's ass-juices. She looked down at Johnny's equally thick prick, it was shiny too, but with the tasty fuck-juices that had oozed out of her mother's cunt. "Oh, Johnny," Julie purred, sliding her tits down over her brother. "I just have to give it a little suck first!" Tina and Dave watched as Julie sucked her brother's hard-on, slurping feverishly on the swollen stiffness of his cockshaft. Johnny just groaned with pleasure, his cock swelling even bigger in his sister's sucking mouth. Julie was eager to drink her brother's jism, but she knew she didn't want him to shoot off in her mouth this time. She popped her lips off her brother's prick, then climbed up to mount him, planting her knees on the bed either side of Johnny's hips. "Fuck it in me, Johnny," she mewled, reaching between her young thighs to grasp his rigid prick. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck........." Her words faded to a wanton moan as she rubbed her brother's cockhead up and down her sparsely-furred fuck-opening, then popped it into her gooey little cunt. Julie leaned forward, her firm young tits jiggling over Johnny's chest as she braced her hands on his shoulders. Then she eagerly started wiggling and humping, groaning as she slid her tight, creamy pussy down onto the satisfying stiffness of her brother's big, long prick. "Oh, Johnny! Fuck me! It's so big and stiff!" she gasped. "It's going all the way in! Oooooh, Johnny is it tight? Is my cunt as nice to fuck as Mom's?" Johnny nodded eagerly, sighing as his sister's clasping little fuckhole slid all the way down onto his prick. Julie sprawled forward, crushing her tits on her brother's chest. She turned her head, staring eagerly at her father's prick. After seeing the same look in his mother eyes, Johnny knew what his sister wanted. He reached down and grasped her little ass-cheeks, spreading them wide, opening his sister's asshole to his father's cock. "Fuck my asshole, Daddy!" Julie pleaded, hunching her little pussy eagerly onto her brother's prick. "It's all swollen and horny for you. Come on, Daddy, fuck my asshole... just like you fucked Mom's! Hurry, Daddy! Dave clambered up behind his daughter's tiny little ass, his huge prick throbbing in his eagerness to invade two tender assholes in a row. Sprawled on the bed beside them, Tina felt her pussy creaming again as she watched her husband getting ready to fuck their daughter up the ass. She could hardly believe it was all happening. Getting sucked and fucked by her own son, getting double-fucked by her son and husband, then watching as they perpared to do the same to her fourteen-year-old daughter! It was all too much! "Fuck my asshole, Daddy!" Julie squealed impatiently. "Hurry, Daddy, hurry!" Dave mounted his naked young daughter's ass, pressing his cum-oozing cockhead onto her rubbery, puckered shit-opening. Julie shuddered with intense pleasure as her asshole stretched open to admit her father's fat prick. Chapter 65. In and in and in, Dave's cock pushed, stuffing his little daughter's tender, virgin asshole to bursting around the thickness of his massive fuckmeat. Suddenly Johnny's cock felt twice as huge in her pussy, throbbing all the way up to her womb. Julie started humping before her father had half his cock inside her ass, pumping her pussy down onto her brother's hard-on, at the same time thrusting her asshole eagerly back onto her father's cock. "Uuuuhhhhh! You're in me Daddy! In my ass!" Julie squealed. "God, it feels so good! Ohhhh, fuck me! Fuck me, both of you!" Her asscheeks gyrated faster and faster, trying to make both of their huge cocks pound into her body at the same time. "Oh, shit, Johnny! Fuck my pussy! Fuck it, hard!.... Ummmmmmmmm, Jesus! Harder, Daddy! Fuck my tight little asshole! Your cock feels so good up my ass!... God! Jesus! Fuck me to death!" Dave grunted as he worked his ass, ramming his aching fuck-pole deeper and deeper into the clasping tightness of his daughter's buttery bowels, stretching the muscular shit-ring incredibly wide around the blood-pulsing thickness of his prick. Johnny lay still for several seconds, gasping as his little sister's tight pussy muscles milked juicily around his cock. Then he felt his father start fucking her ass, flexing his asscheeks, sliding his rock-hard fuck pole in and out between Julie's blushing buns. "Fuck my asshole, Daddy!" Julie gasped, her face contorted with raw lust. Not even her first torrid fuck with Bob and Kelly had been as intensely satisfying as this. "Uhhhhhhh! God! Johnny, keep fucking my pussy!" Julie was humping as fast as she could, hungrily trying to make her little twin fuck-holes swallow both of their cocks. Dave fucked faster, moaning as his little blonde daughter's asshole sucked and grasped repeateldly around his prick. Shuddering as the cum-load built in his balls, Johnny started reaming his sister's tight, wet pussy as fast as he could. Soon, father and son were fucking the naked, squirming little fourteen-year-old as fast as they could, moving in unison, ramming their huge cocks up into her tight young pussy and asshole at the same time. "Fuck my cunt! Fuck my ass!" Julie cried, screaming out the words. Her whole body seemed to throb in unison with her cunt and shit-tunnel. The twin fuck-holes were already spasming uncontrollably, flexing deliciously around the two driving pricks. Her face was very red, flushed almost crimson. The sweat poured off Julie's nakedness as she slumped and bucked as fast as she could. "Fuck her, Dave! You too, Johnny! Fuck her real good" Tina whispered, watching every deep, hard cock-thrust. Suddenly the horny mother realized that she couldn't keep her fingers out of her pussy. Feverishly, she started finger-fucking, eagerly watching Dave and her son double-fucking little Julie right beside her. "I'm gonna cum!" Julie gasped. "Deeper! Fuck deeper! Ouuuuhhhhh, God! I'm gonna cum now! Oh, shit... uhhghhh... gimme your big, fat p...pricks! Uhhhhff! Fuck me harder! Fuck me haaaard!" Dave and Johnny started ramming into her tiny body even harder, making the bed bounce and creak obscenely with the fury of their rhythm. Julie shut her eyes, fighting not to pass out. Then her pussy started spewing out juice, contracting around her brother's cunt-fucking cock at the same time her asshole sucked and clenched around her father's ass-pistoning prick. "Uhhhhhhhhh! I'm cumming, now!" she cried. "Oh, fuck, I'm really gonna cum! Fuck me, I'm . . . oh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh, ohhh, ohhhhh, cumming... CUMMMMMIIIIINNGG!! Uhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuhhhhhhh!" The massive orgasm pounded through every inch of Julie's writhing young body, making her pussy ripple continuously around her brother's big cock, and her asshole suck the driving stiffness of her father's pounding prick. Johnny and Dave kept fucking the girl wildly, plowing their hard cocks deep into both her sucking fuck-holes, fighting to keep the cum pent up in their balls. For nearly a minute straight, Julie humped and writhed in the throes of orgasm, milking the two deeply imbedded cocks for all she was worth, until finally the intense pleasure faded from her loins, leaving a pleasant warm afterglow. Chapter 66. Dave pulled his cock carefully from his daughter's asshole. It was streaked with her ass-juice. Jokingly he waved it at his wife. "Wanna clean it off for me, dear?" he grinned at Tina. Tina made a face and told him to go clean it off himself. Laughing, Dave headed off for the bathroom. Julie rolled off her brother's still-hard cock and lay beside her mother. "Ohhh, Mom!" sighed the girl. "That was fantastic! Daddy's prick felt so big up my ass." "I know, baby," replied Tina, hugging her naked daughter close. Julie's firm young tits pressed against her mother's. The feel of her little girl's pointy nipples digging into Tina's flesh suddenly made her pussy crawl with a strange subliminal desire. She had often considered sex with another woman, but always dismissed it as a wild unattainable fantasy. How, she had the opportunity to indulge her fantasy... with her own daughter! Tina was so excited by the delicious incestuous depravity of fucking her kids, she acted on impulse. With a low moan, Tina pushed Julie onto her back and began kissing her daughter's small tits, sucking the tiny pointed nipples to full erection. Julie moaned and stretched, opening her thighs languidly. She loved the feel of her mother's mouth on her tits, bit her pussy needed attention too. Vaguely, the girl wondered if her mother would go as far as to lick her pussy like Kelly had done. As is in answer to her unspoken question, Tina began to move her lips lower, trailing her lips over Julie's belly and down onto her lightly-furred little cuntmound. Beside them, John jerked on his rock-hard erection and watched his mother tentatively run her tongue up and down between his sister's juicy pink cuntlips. "Ohhh, yeahhhhh! Do it Mom! Lick her fuckin' cunt! Stick your tongue up Julie's twat, Mom!" he moaned, jacking furiously on his hard young prick. As Johnny stared at Tina's delicately flicking tongue, he wished he had beaten his mother to his sister's tasty-looking cuntslit. But there was plenty of time, he consoled himself, plenty of time! Julie's eyes were wide with excitement as she watched her mother's mouth doing wonderful dirty things to her horny little pussy-hole. Tina's tongue was everywhere, dragging up between her cuntlips, poking into her pisshole and occassionally spearing deep up inside her blazing fuckhole like a wiggly little prick. Julie couldn't keep her hips still as her mother lapped and sucked and tongued her cunt to a quick orgasm. "Uhhhhhhh, Mom! G..God! Oooohhh, don't stop! Don't stop! Keep sucking my cunt! Oooohhhhh, Mommmmmmmmm!", whimpered Julie, her hands on the back of her mother's head. Johnny was getting more and more turned on watching his mother suck off his little sister. His cock was throbbing something fierce and he had to do something about it before his balls exploded. The excited young boy considered the options;- He could jerk off all over them, or he could stick his cock into his sister's mouth and get her to suck him off, or... then he spied his mother's gorgeously wiggling butt, waving in the air like a flag. Tina was on her hands and knees, her head bobbing between Julie's outstretched thighs. Her tight round ass was sticking provocatively out over over the edge of the bed. Johnny saw his opportunity and never hesitated. He bounded off the bed and stood behind his cunt-lapping mother. With her head down and her ass in the air like that, Tina's pussy was fully exposed to her son's lustful gaze... and anything else he might like to do to it. Her swollen cuntlips hung open from the fucking he had given her a few minutes before, all wet and pink and inviting. Johnny pointed his prick at his mother's lewdly gaping cunt and homed-in, inserting the flared head of his cock into Tina's juicy fuck-hole. Then, with the tip of his prick securely wedged between his mother's hairy cuntlips, Johnny gripped her hips firmly and thrust his cock into her tight clinging cuntflesh in one mighty stroke. His balls slapped against her clit. Tina squealed with pleasure as she felt her son's huge cock drive up into her belly. Now she was really in heaven... sucking her own daughter's sweet, juicy cunt while her son's wonderfully hard cock fucked her cunt. What more could a horny, over-sexed mom ask for, she thought. Chapter 67. When Dave re-entered the bedroom and saw what was going on, his cock shot to attention once more. He had often fantasized about Tina sucking another woman's cunt, and now he was actually watching it happen. What made his cock really twitch and throb though was the fact that it was their own sexy little daughter whose cunt his wife was gobbling so hungrily. Dave approached the bed, watching his son fuck his wife with jackhammer strokes. The boy's young balls slapping loudly against his mother's belly as Johnny plowed his long, hard cock deep into her upraised twat. The force of his thrusts drove his mother's face harder into Julie's creamy cunt with every stroke, eliciting frequent squeals of pleasure from the lust-crazed little fourteen-year-old. "Couldn't wait for me, huh?", grinned Dave as he climbed onto the bed and fed his cock into his daughter's hot little mouth. Julie sucked on Dave's cock for all she was worth. Her mother's lips and tongue on her cunt were driving her wild with pleasure, and now her father's cock in her mouth completed the ecstasy she was experiencing. As Dave began to hump his cock into her throat, Julie orgasmed again, cumming over and over as her mother sucked ravenously on her sensitive little clit. She could only moan her pleasure around her father's cock. Johnny was close to cumming too. His mother's tight clinging wetness was driving him over the edge real quick. But, watching his little sister sucking his dad's cock while his mom sucked her cunt had a lot to do with his over-excitement too. The boy felt his balls tighten. Any second now his mother was going to get every drop of sperm he had to offer, he was sure! "Uuhhhhhhh! Fuck! I'm gonna cum, Mom!", grunted Johnny, slamming his jerking prick deep up inside his mother's slick pussy. Tina moaned into her daughter's cunt and wiggled her ass back at her son to let him know she wanted him to come inside her. The movement pushed Johnny over the edge. His cock twitched inside his mother's clasping heat. His balls swelled up and with a mighty squirt, dumped their load deep up inside Tina's hotly squirming pussy. "Cummmming, Mom!", he yelled. "Unnnngghhhh! Cumming up your hot fuckin' cunt! Ohhhhhh, Jesus! Take my jizz, Mom! Fuck my cock!!" Tina felt her son's hot, thick cream blast into her cunt. The shaft of his cock was grinding deliciously against her clit, but she wasn't anywhere near orgasm, yet. His cock had just warmed her up for more. Beneath her sucking mouth, Julie was writhing in her third orgasm. Her little daughter seemed insatiable, but Tina needed relief and wondered if Julie would return the favour. When Johnny pulled his cock from her cunt, Tina rolled over on her back and pulled Julie with her, pushing the youngster's blonde head down towards her aching cuntflesh. Dave's cock left his daughter's mouth with a resounding slurp. He watched as Tina and Julie reversed positions, with Julie on her hands and knees and her face in her mother's crotch. "Suck me, Julie!" moaned Tina. "Suck mommy's cunt and make me come, baby!" Julie had never sucked another woman's pussy before, but this seemed as good a time as any to try, besides her mom had just done the same for her. Her little pussy was still tingling from the intense orgasms her mother had given her. She felt no guilt or shame. She just knew that she wanted to keep on sucking and fucking all night. With a moan the young girl shoved her face into Tina's gaping sex and began eagerly licking up and down her horny mother's drooling cuntslit. Dave moved behind his daughter's upraised ass and dropped to his knees, plunging his tongue into her gorgeous little pussy from the rear. He licked and sucked at Julie's succulent little pussy-lips while the girl did the same to her mother. Then, standing up, Dave replaced his tongue with the tip of his huge prick. Julie moaned loudly into her mother's cunt as her father rubbed his cockhead up and down her lightly-haired pussy-furrow, lubricating the massive organ in her slippery wetness before finally popping his cockhead into her tight little fuckhole. As soon as she felt her Daddy's cock enter her cunt, Julie frantically started wiggling and humping, sliding her wet, tight, gooey pussy back onto the satisfying stiffness of Dave's huge prick. Chapter 68. Tina felt her daughter's tongue squirm wildly in her cunt as her husband began moving his monster cock inside the little girl's clasping pussy. "Oh, yeahhhh! Lick my cunt, baby," Tina demanded, clutching Julie's blonde head. "Suck Mommy off while Daddy screws your hot little fuckhole! Uhhhhhhh! God! Lick me, Julie! Suck my clit, honey! Ummmhhhhhh!" The gorgeous mom spread her legs wide, her enormous tits quivering spongily as she humped her ass up off the bed, fucking her little daughter's face with her curly-haired slit. Tina glanced in the mirror across the room and gave a groan of pleasure as she watched Dave's cock disappearing into Julie's creamy young pussy. "Oh, Dave! Fuck her, honey! Fuck her hard!" Tina cried. "Fuck her face into my cunt baby! God, I can't get enough!" She looked across at Johnny who was stroking himself, patiently waiting for another opportunity to shove his rejuvenated young cock into something hot and tight and wet. "Over here, honey", gasped Tina. "Bring that gorgeous big fucker over here and let Mommy suck it for you!" "Alright!" grinned Johnny, straddling his mother's tits. "Suck me off Mom!" His enormous young cock twitched stiffly in front of Tina's face. The horny mom immediately opened her mouth as wide as she could, whimpering with pleasure as she wrapped her lips tightly around her son's throbbing prick. "Uhhhh, yeahhhh! Suck my fat prick, Mom", groaned Johnny, reaching down to squeeze his mother's big, firm tits. "God! If you keep that up I'm gonna come right down you fuckin' throat!" Tina swallowed her son's throbbing cock deep back into her throat, sucking it in until she nearly choked on his massive cockshaft. Turned on by the sight of his gorgeous wife sucking their well-hung son, Dave immediately picked up the pace of his fucking, ramming into Julie's tenderly-sucking pussy as hard as he could. The hot and heavy family-fuck lasted only a few minutes longer. Julie's mouth and tongue were buried deep in her mother's juicy cunt-flesh, and the delicious pleasure of her father's huge cock fucking into her cunt was unbearably intense for the young girl. Dave as slamming his cock in and out of his daughter's creamy cunt like a pile-driver, his face flushed and contorted as he tried desperately to hold off his climax, but it was to no avail. Tina sucked feverishly on Johnny's rigid cock as Julie's mouth on her clit forced her over the edge. Her whole body shook as she started to cum. She couldn't scream; she was too busy sucking her son's throbbing prick. But Julie knew instinctively that she was making her mother cum. Tina's drenched pussy contracted sharply, rippling and spasming around her little girl's hot tongue, while Julie hungrily kept licking and sucking the woman's hot, hairy cunthole, guiding her mom through the full force of her orgasm. Between Dave and Johnny, Dave was the first to shoot his load. The long pent-up load of jizz blasted up Julie's ravished young fuck-hole, deluging her cunt with a flood of hot, sticky cum. With Julie's mouth fastened securely over her spasming cunt. Tina wiggled happily, slurping on Johnny's twitching cock. She began to moan with renewed pleasure as her son's prick started squirting too. Tina shamelessly sucked Johnny's prick as hard as she could, tightly gripping his jerking young cock with her fists, milking every last drop out of the groaning teenager's balls. She didn't care that he was her son, she just wanted to suck his man-sized cockmeat. Tina buried her face into his crotch, stuffing Johnny's fuck-tool as far down her throat as she could. She didn't notice when Julie turned around and started sucking Dave's cock too, all Tina knew was how desperately she craved the taste of her own son's sperm. As the guy's cocks were drained of their respective loads, the happy, satisfied family members fell exhausted on the bed. It was quickly agreed that they should all retire to their own beds tonight for a well-earned rest. Chapter 69. Like any virile, young teenage boy, John awoke the next morning with a partial hardon. It was much firmer than normal, and the boy attributed this immediately to the events of last night. Automatically, his hand reached down under the sheets to grip his lengthening cock. In his mind's eye, John replayed every last lurid detail of the night before over and over, squeezing and rubbing his hard, young cock until it was in a state of full, throbbing erection. John began to jerk himself off with long deliberate strokes, just as he had done every morning since he was about thirteen. But then it struck him... he didn't have to play with himself anymore! Not after last night! There were suddenly two willing and available pieces of delectable snatch living under the same roof! John's cock leapt at the thought, and he jumped quickly out of bed, hurrying down the hallway to Julie's room, hoping that his sexy young sister was still in bed and feeling as horny as he was. The door was open, but Julie's bed was empty. 'Damn!', he thought. Turning around, John went back down the hall until he stood before his parent's bedroom door. His initial impulse was to knock, but the family's newfound sexual freedom suddenly took control, and he simply opened the door and stepped quietly inside. His mother lay sprawled in the centre of the big double bed. She was still fast asleep, with the white, satin sheets barely covering her obvious nakedness. John looked quickly about as he moved slowly towards the foot of the bed. 'Dad must have left for work already', he thought with a smile. His cock stirred again as he looked down at his sleeping mother. She was so beautiful... so sexy. Her crotch was covered by the sheet, but her firm, round tits with their large, pink nipples made the young boy's mouth water. He had to see her pussy again! Her body was driving him wild! With a grin, John reached down and grabbed the sheet, pulling it slowly, lower and lower down over the his mother's sleek, naked thighs. To her son's delight, Tina stretched in her sleep, opening her thighs wide apart as the sheet slipped, ever so gradually, down over her lower body. John's young heart began to beat like mad as his mother's fur-covered cunt came into view. The moist, swollen lips were wide open, giving John a clear view of her juicy, inviting cuntslit. Unconsciously, Tina was giving her son exactly the kind of show he craved. In his sexual fantasies, young John had frequently visualized a horde of beautiful, sexy women, lying before him, just like his own mother was at this very moment, spread-eagled and naked. He didn't know if the women in his dreams were asleep or drunk or even drugged. To him, it really didn't matter. All that mattered was that HE was in control. These women were his sex slaves! They were there for HIS pleasure alone, existing only for him to fuck and lick, and kiss and suck, as often, and as long as he wished. In turn, he pleased them too. For in his dreams, each and every one of them bucked and writhed beneath him as he brought them all to countless, screaming orgasms. They were insatiable, and so was he! As the sheet fell away from Tina's thighs, John stared hungrily at his mother's exposed pussy, licking his lips as his eyes devoured her nakedness. He stood transfixed for several seconds before leaning over her. Tina had the body of a woman at least half her age, so much so that she and Julie could have easily been taken for sisters rather than mother and daughter. Both had dynamite bodies that were even more beautiful than the nude young models who posed in the "girly" magazines that John used as he jacked off in the privacy of his bedroom. With a lustful smile on his handsome features, the boy climbed onto the bed and knelt between his mother's carelessly spread thighs, careful not to wake her. At least not yet anyway! The heady, aromatic fragrance of his mother's moist cunt filled John's young nostrils as he bent his head towards her open crotch. Ever so carefully, the boy eased her smooth, creamy thighs wider apart and lay down on the bed, positioning his mouth directly above Tina's long, glistening slit. The lips of his sleeping mother's cunt gaped obscenely open, revealing the juicy, pink wetness within. It was a delicious sight which the excited young boy found impossible to resist. With eager hands, John began to stroke his mother's naked belly and smooth inner thighs, occasionally letting his fingertips brush tantalizingly against her moist, curly cuntbush. Chapter 70. John could feel the heat emanating from his mother's cunt and it spurred him on. Leaning on his elbows, the boy reached out and smoothed the soft hair away from her pink cuntslit and very slowly inserted a finger into it. Tina moaned softly, instinctively lifting her hips up against the invading digit. Although her cunt muscles quivered and clasped at his finger, Tina still remained fast asleep. John inserted a second finger and began to fuck them slowly in and out of his mother's tight, slippery cunthole, watching her face intently for any signs of awakening. Tina's cunt-juice began to ooze out around her son's fucking fingers and dribble down the crack of her ass. On impulse, he leaned forward and licked up the clear, fragrant droplets before they could fall onto the bedsheets. As John's hot, wet tongue rasped suddenly over her sensitive flesh, Tina's eyes flew open. The first thing she saw was the top of her son's head, bobbing up and down between her wide-spread thighs, and the first thing she felt was the pure bliss of his tongue and fingers working on her quivering gash. Tina groaned with pleasure as she realized what was happening, and reached down to grab the boy's head with both hands, pressing his mouth into her eager cunt. "Ohhh, God! Johnny! I thought I was dreaming! Ahhhhhgggghhh! Yesss! Suck me baby! Eat momma's cunt just like I taught you last night, honey!" John looked up from her crotch with a sly grin on his young, juice streaked face. "Hi, Mom! I couldn't resist breakfast in bed.", he laughed, "You looked so damn appetizing, I couldn't help myself!" "Mmmmmmmm, and I'm glad you did too, baby!" Tina smiled lewdly and stretched lewdly, pushing her son's face back down onto her temporary neglected cunt, anxious for more. "Eat me!",she whimpered, "Lick my hot cunt, baby! Jesus, I'm so fucking wet! Put your nice long tongue inside me, honey and suck me off!" Tina cried out as John's hot young lips covered her pussy and sucked her puffy cuntlips and distended clit into his mouth. She spread her feet wide, bending her knees and pulling them back until her aroused twat stood out like a mound of runny pink jelly. John licked and sucked at his mothers cunt like a hungry young pup. Holding her naked ass-cheeks in both hands, he lifted her hot, willing cuntflesh to his mouth, licking and sucking the entrance of the very womb that had given him life. That was what excited the boy most, the fact that his own mother desired him and wanted sex with him, made him unbelievably horny. Not surprisingly, Tina felt exactly the same. For years she had suppressed a yearning for young boys, especially her handsome, virile young son, but sex was in the Simpson blood and what had happened last night was inevitable. All that remained was to enjoy it to the maximum extent possible. John's mouth on her clit was driving Tina wild, and she gurgled deep in her throat as the boy chewed gently on her inflamed clit. "Ohhhh! Fuck, that's good, baby! Suck momma's clit! Make me come! Make me come and I'll let you fuck my hot, juicy cunt! Wouldn't you like that, Johnny?" John didn't reply, but the increased vigour of his mouth movements on her clitoris told Tina that, that was exactly what her horny young son had in mind. John rotated his mouth hungrily in the heated wetness of Tina's wide-open twat, her spread cuntlips covering his young face with sticky, fragrant juices. As his horny mother squealed and bucked her pussy against his chin, John slipped his hands under her tight, firm asscheeks, pulling her hot, juice-filled cunt harder against his open mouth. Tina's cuntflesh writhed and pulsed against his face as her son buried his stiff, pointed tongue deep inside her seething cunthole. Tina was in seventh heaven as John noisily sucked up her abundant juices and then began to thrust his hard tongue in and out of her quivering snatch like a short, fat cock, giving himself up completely to the wild, incestuous energy that surged between them. His beautiful mother felt the same, all thoughts of the sinful nature of their coupling were blotted from their minds. While they enjoyed each other's bodies sexually, they ceased to be mother and son, and became simply, male and female, engaged in the age-old ritual of mutual, sexual gratification. Chapter 71. As his nose pressed repeatedly against his mother's clit, John heard her uninhibited moans of pleasure increase in both loudness and pitch. Her cunt began to contract, opening and closing around his tongue until he had a hard time breathing. Then he spread her still wider with his palms and began to stab and flick his tongue against his mother's prominent clit, trying desperately to make her come, teasing the hard, erect little bud until she almost passed out from sheer pleasure. "Ahhhhhhghhh! Fuuuuccckkkk! Suck it, Johnny! Put your lips around it and suck like mad! Momma's gonna come all over your mouth, baby! Ohhhhhhhhh, Jesus! Yess!" Tina's tongue-ravaged pussy flowered open even wider as she neared orgasm, her cunt-juices flowing freely out over her son's sucking mouth and chin, to trickle slowly down into the damp crevice between the cheeks of her compact little ass. The erotic scent of his mother's fully aroused cunt filled his nostrils as John lifted his lips to her clit and sucked it deep into his mouth. He sucked and nibbled at it with a fury, pressing it hard between his lips and occasionally flicking it with the tip of his tongue, but always returning it deep into his mouth as he sucked on it like a baby on a tit. Tina could feel her climax building rapidly, flowing outward from her loins like a firey tidal wave of white-hot pleasure. She pressed frantically on the back of her son's head as he ate her, rubbing her cunt savagely against his face until she suddenly stiffened, screaming in violent orgasm. "Ohhhh! Ohhhhh! Arhhhhhggghhhh!... God! Oh, God, I'm cummming Johnny!..... I'm cumming in your horny fuckin' mouth, honey! Eat momma's juice, baby! Ohhhh, fuck yesssssss!" Torrents of cunt juice exploded into John's fast working mouth, spreading their sticky warmth all over his cheeks and down his chin until his mother heaved one last time, grunting out the last of her orgasm as she collapsed back onto the bed. The boy looked up at his mother, his lower face still pressed into her cunt, watching her tits, her pink nipples jutting stiffly upward. Tina looked down at him, a satisfied smile on her glowing face. "God, that was good, Johnny!", she breathed. "I think it was even better than last night!" "Practice makes perfect, Mom", the boy grinned. "Did you practice on Julie after you two went to your own rooms last night, baby?" "Naw! I was real tired, Mom. You and Julie really fucked me out last night. I flaked out, I guess," he said with a sheepish smile. "You AND your father," Tina winked. "Anyway, I'm glad to see the rest did you good, 'cause I've got a feeling you're going to need all the energy you've got today, Johnny.... momma's feeling particularly horny this morning!" Tina held out her hands, and John scrambled up over her body until he lay on top of her, his stiff young cock pressing urgently against the damp flesh of her stomach, throbbing gently. Tina's pussy shivered with renewed cuntheat as she felt her son's big prick against her belly . Although she'd just experienced a very powerful orgasm, she longed for his hard, virile young cock filling her pussy. With the memories of last night seething in her brain, her son's strong, muscular body was like an aphrodisiac, turning her on again... something fierce! Tina reached down between his muscular thighs and wrapped her long, slender fingers around his swollen prick, pumping her fist up and down her son's long, hard shaft a number of times. With a moan, she pulled his cum-coated mouth down onto her own and kissed him passionately, tasting her own cuntjuice on his soft, wet lips. John cupped his mother's firm, round titties and squeezed gently. His tongue parted her lips and darted down her throat as the lad returned his mother's hot, fervent kiss with equal passion. Tina pulled her lips from his. "Do you still want to fuck me, honey?", she breathed hotly into his mouth. "Would you like to fuck your mother's cunt?" "Jesus yes, Mom! I wanna fuck you now!", gasped John, lifting his ass in an attempt to position his cock. Chapter 72. "Not so fast, my horny little fucker!", whispered Tina, holding tightly onto her son's rampant prick. "If you want to fuck a girl you have to get her well and truly hot for it... understand, baby?" "No, Mom. I don't understand. I thought you wanted to fuck.", said the boy, disappointment showing on his handsome young features. "Of course I want you to fuck me, honey.", replied his mother, "But you have to understand that there's more to a good fuck than a hard, willing cock." "What do you mean, Mom?", asked John. Tina began to move her body against his in a slow, sensual rhythm, rubbing the tip of his cock against her twat, dragging it slowly through the entire length of her wet, juicy cuntslit. "This is what I mean, Johnny!", she moaned, "It's called foreplay... Ohhhhh! ...and it can make the difference between a... Uhnnnghh!... a good fuck and a goddamn fantastic fuck!" Tina rubbed the boy's cock at her clit, mewling softly. John looked down between them, writhing his ass with youthful eagerness, anxious to ram his impatient cock up his mother's tightly-stretched cunt at the slightest provocation. Tina looked up at her son with glazed eyes. "Does mother's hot, wet cunt feel good, baby?", she moaned, "Tell me, Johnny! Tell me what you want... Tell me everything you've ever wanted to do to me!" Tina was breathing heavily now, panting in long, deep breaths as her hand slid his swollen cockhead rapidly back and forth between the lips of her slippery gash. John knew what she wanted now, she was using his cock to tease herself with, but most of all she wanted him to talk dirty to her, to build up the excitement of their inevitable fuck with verbal images... horny, depraved images of fantasies she longed to experience with her handsome young son. "Your cunt's all hot and wet, Mom!", he said, kissing her nipples one at a time. "... all hot, wet and juicy for my big, fat cock!" Tina nodded, her eyes fixed on his face, almost hypnotized by his words. "Yes! Oh, yes! Your cock is big alright, baby! Very big!", murmured Tina, almost inaudibly. John's cock twitched in her hand. "As big as Dad's?", he asked, feeling the power fill him. "Ohhhh yes! Maybe even bigger, darling! I can't even get my hand around it!" It was true. As his hardon swelled, his mother's fingers didn't quite meet around it's huge girth. His erection continued to grow as his excitement increased. It wasn't just because of her hand around his cock either, although that felt pretty damn good at the moment, it was because he got a big thrill out of talking to his own mother like this too. "You like to fuck don't you, Mom!", grinned John, pinching her large pink nipples. "You like plenty of long, stiff cock rammed into that hot, juicy slit of yours, don't you, you horny cunt?" Tina shuddered and squeezed his cock as she remembered her first time. "Yes! I love it! I always have, ever since I was a little girl!" John could certainly believe that! 'She was probably fucking before she could ride a bike.', he thought with a smile. "You play with yourself a lot too, don't you Mom?", he breathed, running his hands slowly over every inch of his mother's firm, creamy breasts, rubbing each nipple in turn. "I bet you get real fuckin' horny Mom,.. when you're home here all alone." John's voice was low and husky as he ran his fingers down between her thighs and grabbed a handful of cunt. The wet heat emanating from his mother's hairy cunt-hole delighted him. He also felt moisture there... and plenty of it. In response, Tina yanked even faster on her son's thick shaft, enjoying his finger action on her itchy pussy. Chapter 73. "I bet you take off all your clothes and lie on the bed with your legs wide apart, and fuck your hot, horny little cunt with your fingers! Don't you Mom?" Tina nodded, humping her slim hips up against his massaging hand. "Yes, baby! Much too damn often!", she admitted "I need a lot more action than your father can give me, Johnny!.... I always have!" "I'll give you all the action you'll ever need, Mom! I promise!", said John, inserting his middle finger neatly into his mother's gaping cunt. As it sank into her pussy, Tina jerked her ass up off the bed and whimpered deep in her throat. "What about your sister?", she sighed, kissing him softly on the mouth, "She seems to like your cock too. Doesn't she deserve a little home-grown fun as well?" Tina flexed her pussy-muscles around her son's exploring finger. "The horny little cunt will just have to get Dad to fuck her, or wait her turn, won't she, Mom?" John lowered his head and tried to suck his mother's left tit into his mouth. Tina gave a soft little cry and began to stroke the back of her son's head as he suckled her. 'Life from now on, was going to be one long, endless orgasm!', she thought, as Johnny began to bite gently on her nipples. Lifting his head from her jutting breasts, Johnny looked down at his mother with smouldering eyes, a wild idea had just entered in his fevered brain. "Would you like me to fuck you up the ass Mom?", he breathed, pressing a finger into the puckered little ring of his mother's anus. Tina let out a little yelp at the sudden, exquisite pressure on her nether hole. It had always been one of her special treats to be fucked in the ass, and the thought of her young teenage son ramming his big, fat cock up her back passage made Tina positively squirm with delight. Johnny sensed her reaction and pressed harder, wriggling the tip of his finger until it slipped easily inside her buttery asshole. Tina writhed against him, moaning loudly with mounting pleasure. "Yeahhh! You like that, don't you, Mom?", gasped John, surprised at the strength and suddenness of his mother's reaction. He was dead right, the highly aroused young woman loved the feel of his finger in her tight ass, but her son had excited her beyond all control, and right now it was her sizzling cunt that needed immediate attention. "Ooooooooh, Johnny! You can fuck me in the ass later!", she squealed, "I don't think my poor pussy can stand it any longer! Fuck me, baby! Ram that big, long pole you call a cock into mother's cunt, honey, and fuck me hard!" John knew that it was time. His mother was jerking on his cock and wiggling her snatch up at him like crazy.... totally past caring about anything except getting her hungry, insatiable cunt well and truly fucked. "Okay! Spread it for me!", ordered John, positioning his prick at the entrance of his mother's flooded gash. "Open those cuntlips up wide for my cock, Mom, and I'll fuck your hot, juicy cunt till you faint!" Tina whimpered with pleasure. Using one hand to spread her pussy-lips, she gripped her son's huge, bloated cockshaft with the other, and stuffed it unceremoniously into her wet, gaping snatch. As his cock entered her, Johnny slammed forward, and with one mighty stroke, rammed it savagely up to the balls inside his mother's tightly stretched cunthole. "OOOOOH SWEET JESUS! GOD JOHNNY, WHAT A COCK!", screamed Tina, "SO LONG.... AND SO HARD! OHHH, HONEY!... YOU FEEL SO HUGE! I CAN FEEL IT UP IN MY BELLY! OH YESSSSS! DO IT, JOHNNY!.... FUCK MEEEE!" "Jesus, Mom! Not so loud!", gasped John, "The whole fuckin' street will hear you!" Tina took no notice, she was too engrossed in getting as much of her son's magnificent erection into her cunt as she possibly could. Her pussy walls clasped his big, throbbing rod like a vice, holding him firmly in it's tight carnal grasp. "Move your ass!", urged Tina, "Oooooh, yeahhhh! That's it! Now, fuck me baby! Fuck Mommy's hot, horny cunt! Uhhhhhnnnngghhhh! Jesus, that feels goooooooood!" Chapter 74. Johnny lifted himself up on his elbows and began hunching his hips, pumping his cock back and forth inside his mother's mound with long, deep strokes. Tina lifted her head and stared down between their sweat-soaked bodies, watching excitedly as her son's virile young cock slid deliciously in and out of her snatch. John saw what she was doing and kissed her damp forehead. "Can you see my big, fat cock fucking your hairy twat, Mom?", he asked. "Oooh, Jesus! Can I ever, baby!", nodded Tina. Her eyes were round and bright, fixed intently on her son's thick, purple-veined shaft as it reamed her drooling cunt. She put her hands on his shoulders for support as he lurched forward, his weight pushing her bodily towards the head of the bed. "Watch it!", grunted Johnny. "Watch your horny cunt take every inch of my fuckin' cock! Watch me fuck you, Mom!" His mother's crotch bounced up and down against him, taking his glistening prick as deeply as possible. On the down-stroke, Johnny began to grind his hips in a slow circle, mashing his pubic bone hard against her stiff, throbbing clit. "Ohhh, Johnny! You're making me so fucking hot!... Jesus, I love the feel of your cock up my cunt!.... Bang it to me, lover!", she cried, "Yes, that's it, baby! Fuck me! Screw your horny fuckin' momma long and hard!" With gasping ecstasy, she bounced her ass faster and faster, matching his powerful cockthrusts with equal force. Her son fucked like a stallion, and Tina was determined to enjoy him to the fullest. Not only now, but every chance she got! John ran his hands all over her tingling flesh, squeezing her big, jiggling tits and creamy thighs. Anxious to please her, the boy fucked his mother like a little demon, gripping her taut, firm ass with both hands as he filled her hungry cunt with a full nine inches of throbbing teenage cock. "Drive it into me, darling.... make me come now! Fuck me hard, baby... make me come all over myself, like one of your horny little schoolgirl fucks! Uhhhhh, deeper! Deeper!" John loved to hear his mother beg for it, his cock seemed to swell even more as she gasped obcenities into his ear, urging him on. His sperm filled balls slapped noisily against the crack of her ass, and the contracting muscles of Tina's cunt gripped his pistoning shaft so tightly, it almost felt like his prick was being wrenched from his body each time he pulled it out of her. John inched forward, changing the angle of penetration, plunging his cock in so deep that Tina occasionally felt his cockhead enter the very mouth of her womb! "Is that...Unghh!.. deep enough for you, Mom!", panted John, increasing the length and tempo of his thrusts. His voice was hoarse and his words were punctuated by frequent grunts of exertion. "Mmmmmmm! Jesus Christ, yessssss! Oh, baby! It's going in so fuckin' deep! I'm gonna come any second. Don't stop, whatever you do, you gorgeous little prick!... Momma's almost there!" Her pleading voice died away to a wordless murmur as John grabbed her firm, round tits, one in each hand, and fucked his raging cock into his mother's upthrust cunt as hard as he could. The muscles on his back and thighs bulged with the effort as John gave the half-crazed woman everything she had begged for.....and more! John sensed his mother's orgasm blossom long before he heard her loud scream of release. The whole sheath of Tina's slick, quivering cunt closed tightly around his shaft, gripping and pulling at his pounding cock like a hungry, sucking mouth. His balls swelled and contracted as he felt his own climax peak with a mighty roar. "AHHHHGGHH! OOOOOH, JOHNNNY! I'M CUMMING, BABY! NOW! OOOOOW! NOWWW!", yelled Tina as she felt her son's powerful ejaculation blast from the tip of his cock, filling her spasming cunt with his hot, thick jism. "OH, CHRIST! ME TOO, MOM! I'M COMING TOO! RIGHT UP YOUR FUCKIN' CUNT!" Their bodies were a blur of motion as mother and son fucked like two wild animals in heat, abandoning themselves completely to their mutual climaxes. Their juices blended together, flooding her cunt, and washing over his cock like a hot shower. John continued hunching into her until his mother's body went limp beneath him. All the while her pussy kept squeezing his cock, milking every last drop of cum from her young son's sperm-filled balls. John collapsed beside her, hugging Tina's, hot sweaty body against his own. "That was great, Mom! The best ever!", he gasped, "How about for you?" His mother snuggled against him, wrapping her trembling fingers around his dwindling cock. It was still a formidable size, coated liberally with their mingled juices. "Ohhh!...Fuck!... Fuck, yesss!", panted Tina, "It was fantastic, darling! I can still....Mmmmm!... Jesus Johnny!... I can still feel it!" Her pussy convulsed in a lingering aftershock that made her body tingle all over. As they lay back recovering, Johnny remembered that his sister wasn't in her bed when he went looking for her this morning. `I wonder where Julie's snuck off to?', he mused, knowing his little sister's penchance for intrigue... among other things, he grinned. Chapter 75. Despite the exhausting efforts of the previous night, Julie had woken up early and excitedly rushed nextdoor to tell Bob and Kelly that stage one of her clever little plan had worked to perfection. After letting herself in with the key Bobby had given her yesterday, Julie went straight to his room. To her surprise, Bobby's bed was empty. Then, suddenly, she heard moaning sounds coming from the main bedroom down the hall. Grinning, evily, the sexy little blonde tiptoed down to the half-open door and peeped inside. Bobby and his mother were on the bed, fucking noisily. Debbie Conroy's long slender legs were wrapped around her son's narrow hips, her heels locked in the small of the boy's back as Bob rammed his thick cock into her cunt with deep, powerful thrusts. Debbie's long nails clawed her son's broad, muscular shoulders as she hunched her ass up off the bed, grinding her hairy twat up against her son's pounding prick. Julie's cunt began to drool at the horny sight of Bobby Conroy fucking his beautiful mother. She desperately wanted to join them, but didn't dare disturb them in their own house. Suddenly she felt guilty, spying on them like this, leering at them like some perverted peeping-tom. But the familiar feelings of arousal rising deep within her moistening young pussy quickly washed away any feelings of guilt the horny youngster may have had, replacing them instead with a rising flush of passion. She dropped a hand to her crotch and slipped her fingers under the waist-band of her sodden panties, stroking and rubbing her hot, gooey little slit as she stared with mounting lust at the incestuously copulating couple on the bed. Julie leant weakly against the door-frame, her knees beginning to feel like rubber as she fucked two stiff fingers into her little blonde pussy-hole. Her clit was throbbing like mad, sending small sharp shocks of pleasure shooting through her loins each time her knuckles mashed rhythmically up against it. The young masturbator was lost in a fantasy world of self-gratification and voyeur bliss as she gazed longingly at Bob's long, hard prick fucking Debbie's hot, clinging cunt. Then, suddenly, a whispered voice behind her shocked her into reality. "Need a hand with that, honey?" Julie twisted around to see Kelly Conroy standing behind her. Bobby's pretty twin sister was as naked as her mother and brother, and judging by the jar of Vaseline in her hand and the lewd grin on her face, the three of them had been going at it since they woke up. As Julie began to speak, Kelly pressed a finger against the younger girl's lips. "Shhhh...", she whispered. "Let's just watch for a while, okay?" Julie nodded and turned around, feeling Kelly's naked body press up against her from behind. Kelly reached 'round and cupped Julie's hard young tits, at the same time grinding her pussy-mound against the younger girl's pert little ass. Julie responded by pressing back against her, enjoying the feel of Kelly's firm, naked flesh against her back as she stared lustfully at Bobby's pistoning prick. "Mom just loves a good hard fuck in the morning," whispered Kelly, slipping her hand down into Julie's panties. "Trouble is, so do I!" Julie gave a low moan as Kelly's fingers slid seductively into her slippery little slit. "You want him to fuck you again, don't you, Julie?", husked Kelly as they watched Bobby fuck his cock powerfully into his groaning mother. "Yesssss!", hissed Julie, hunching her cunt forward against Kelly's foraging fingers. She couldn't keep her eyes off Bobby's mother-fucking cock. "He's already fucked me once this morning," whispered Kelly, "Now it's Mom's turn." Julie was delirious with lust. Watching Bobby fuck his own mom while his sister finger-fucked her drooling cunt was so totally arousing, the youngster almost couldn't stand it. She watched wide-eyed and listened intently as Kelly explained what had been transpiring in the Conroy household since first light. "After Bobby finished fucking Mom, Mom and I were gonna sixty-nine while Bobby took turns at fucking both of us up the ass... See?", continued Kelly, showing Julie the jar of Vaseline she'd been on her way back from the bathroom with. "But now that you're here, Julie, I've got a better idea." Kelly began to undress her young next-door neighbour, sensuously removing every last item of the girl's clothing until Julie stood before her, completely naked. The pretty little fourteen-year-old stood nude and trembling in the doorway, but not with cold or fear.... after the way Kelly had sucked her pussy so expertly yesterday, Julie was trembling with horny anticipation. As the last garment hit the floor, Kelly dropped to her knees in front of Julie and buried her face in the blonde's juice-filled little cunt, causing Julie to grab at the door-frame for support. A small cry of pleasure escaped her pretty pink lips as Kelly's long experienced tongue delved deeply into her tiny quivering cunt. "Uuuuuuuhhhhhhuuuuuhhh", moaned Julie, grabbing the back of Kelly's head. As the older girl's tongue slithered and writhed like a tiny purposeful snake between her furry pussy-lips, Julie spread her legs as far as she could standing up, and thrust her hips forward, forcing Kelly's tongue deep into her boiling hot snatch. Chapter 76. Julie could hardly stand. Kelly's mouth was doing wonderfully depraved things to her saturated slit, and the sight of Bobby's gorgeous big cock slamming in and out of his mother's cunt, combined with Kelly's twisting tongue stabbing in and out of her tight little fuck-hole was just too much for Julie to bear. She came with a loud groan, her legs wide apart and her hands clenched in Kelly's hair, humping her slender young hips into the older girl's glistening juice-covered face as she climaxed like crazy. "Well, well, well!", came a voice from the bed. "I do believe we have an audience." It was Debbie. Bobby had finished fucking her and lay on his back beside his beautiful mother gasping for breath, his long thick cock twitching out the last creamy remnants of his orgasm onto her deeply tanned thigh. Julie stared at them with glazed eyes, her own orgasm prolonged expertly by Kelly's eagerly sucking mouth. She watched as Debbie opened her legs wide, letting her well-fucked cuntlips gape open. Bobby's fresh sperm drooled from his mother's pussy in a rich, creamy flood. "When you're finished Kelly, your momma's cunt needs a good long clean-out, baby!", murmured Debbie to her daughter. Then she looked up at Julie, shamelessly stroking her son's cock as she spoke. "And I'm sure Julie can get Bobby interested in what she has to offer.... right, honey?" "S.. sure, Mrs Conroy!" "Call me Debbie, sweetheart!" "Okay... Debbie.." Julie followed Kelly into the room and watched as the gorgeous young brunette scrambled onto the bed between her mother's wide-stretched thighs. Bobby grinned, fucking his rapidly re-awakening cock into his mother's tightly clenched fist. "Come here, Julie," he husked. "Come sit on my cock while Kelly sucks the cum out of Mom's cunt!" Julie clambered onto the bed, eagerly straddling Bobby's lean young thighs. Debbie still had hold of her son's cock, jacking him off slowly as her daughter hungrily tongued her feverish, cum-filled gash. "Put it in her, mom!", Bobby groaned as he felt Julie's hot, moist young cuntlips nudge the head of his rampant prick. Debbie positioned her son's rigid cock into Julie's tight, wet little fuck-hole, letting her fingers do the walking as she explored both of their young, eager sex organs with equal delight. "Hey! Later, Mom!", chided Bobby with a grin. Debbie grinned knowingly at her handsome young son and removed her hand, concentrating instead on the exquisite sensations her daughter's mouth and tongue were generating in her gaping, upthrust cuntslit. Bobby looked up at Julie and grabbed her by the tits. "Now! Let's fuck, baby!" he grunted, ramming his huge prick up into the girl's tight little cunt with a single vicious stroke. "Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhh, Bobby! Jesus, yesssss! Fuck me!", moaned Julie, as the boy's mammoth organ slid once more into the youngster's cock-hungry little fourteen-year-old cunt. Beside them, Kelly was eagerly tonguing her mother's sperm-filled cunt. She loved sucking her mother to orgasm almost as much as she loved getting fucked by her constantly-horny brother... the love of wild, uninhibited sex of any kind seemed to run in the family. "Cream for me, Mom," Kelly rasped, her words muffled on a mouthful of wet cunt so that they bubbled out into Debbie's pussy-hole. Kelly's hot tongue curled and whipped at her mother's clit. "Cream in my mouth... cum on my tongue, Mom!" "Uuuuhhhh, yes, baby!" Debbie sighed. The flow from Debbie's mature cunthole was getting hotter and thicker as her cuntjuice began to turn to cum-cream, and she began to jerk her crotch up into Kelly's face frantically, her excess pussy-juice dribbling down her daughter's chin. With a moan, Kelly slid one hand under Debbie's ass and began to finger her mother's pink, puckered little shit-hole. Simultaneously, Kelly slid four fingers up into Debbie's saturated cuntslit and started finger-fucking her mother's fuck-hole while sucking hungrily on her erect clit. Debbie began to cry out as the spasms of climax racked her loins. Clinging to the back of Kelly's head with both hands, Debbie ground her cunt against her daughter's face frantically. Kelly's tongue was fairly flying as it drove up into her mother's flooded fuck-hole again, alongside her fingers. "Oooohhhh! I'm coming! Fuck! Jesus! I'm commmmmming, baby!" Debbie gasped as her daughter continued to suck expertly on her exploding clit. Chapter 77. But Kelly was well aware of that. Her mouth was full of her mother's tasty cream, her tongue was awash, literally floating in the stuff. As she shot her tongue up Debbie's creaming fuckhole, Kelly gulped and gurgled in cunt-lapping delight, milking her mother's cunt with incestuous relish. Debbie Conroy began to moan and shake, her magnificently body shuddering wildly as spasm after spasm rippled through her quivering loins. "Come for me, Mom!" moaned Kelly, her voice muffled in her mother's hairy, orgasming cunt. "Keep coming!" Kelly's mouth filled with another deluge of her mother's cunt-cream... steaming hot and fragrant. She rubbed her whole face around in her mother's pussy like a terrier shaking a rat, stabbing her tongue as deeply into Debbie's hot, quivering fuck-hole as it would reach, sucking alternately at the hairy, wet pussy-lips. The final wave of her orgasm rushed through her and Debbie stiffened, gripping the back of her daughter's head with both hands, her legs spread wide and shaking, and her pussy quivering. Julie loved the feel of Bob's big cock sliding into her tight young cunt. Squatting over his loins, she had slowly lowered her tender, gaping young pussy down over the youth's rampant prick, holding the full penetration for a few moments as she savoured the joy of having her eager young fuck-hole stuffed to the brim once more with Bob's long, hot, throbbing cockmeat. As the horny little fourteen-year-old began to bounce up and down on him, Bob thrilled to the wonderful sensation of having every inch of his pounding prick enveloped in tight, steaming little-girl pussy. His prick-shaft pulsed, and his cock-head flared, as Julie's tight, slippery cuntwalls enfolded him, rippling and fluttering up and down his cock-shaft as if she were jerking him off with her cunt. Her tight young pussy clung to the contours of his prick, as if it had melted and then congealed around his cock like a mold. Her cute little tits jiggled provocatively before his face, so Bob licked at her nipples, then buried his face in the firm young flesh of the youngster's bobbing breasts. `God it was great to fuck a tight, young, well-built kid like Julie', Bob thought. She obviously loved to fuck, and as long as he was around she wouldn't have to go without. Besides, since her plan had worked, it meant that he would eventually get to fuck her equally gorgeous, big-titted mother. Julie lashed her shapely little ass from side to side and pumped her hips up and down on Bob's rigid prick. Twisting from the waist, she added torque to the straight in-and-out friction, grinding her tight young fuckhole down onto his upthrust prickmeat. Bob hunched his hips up to meet her as Julie's ass descended, and his long, thick cock surged deeply up into her steaming, creaming fuck-tunnel. Bob's cock seemed to fill her her to the brim, pumping cunt-juice out of her excited young twat in a steady flow. His fat cockhead plunged into the depths of her pussy like a battering-ram, and more cunt-cream flooded her crotch. Julie was gasping... her lovely young face radiant with desire... eyes narrowed and mouth wide open as she panted and whimpered with the excruciating pleasure of being well and truly fucked! Bob's long, hard prick was hammering so deeply into her tightly clasping cunt-hole that Julie almost expected it to come out of her mouth... spurting creamy jism out of her mouth in a sort of reverse blowjob. "Fuck...fuck...fuck...fuck...." she began to chant, saying the word each time she slid down to the hilt on Bobby's huge, pounding fuck-tool. He grunted and rammed into her harder, rattling her bones, stuffing her tight, squirming little fuck-hole so full that Julie thought her hipbones might jump out of their sockets! She liked it when Bobby fucked her hard... it reminded her of the way her big strong daddy had fucked her last night... long, and hard, and very, very deep.... They began to grind together faster and harder as they both soared towards the looming crest of total fulfillment. Waves of hot, lusty pleasure coalesced between Julie's sweaty young thighs and shot up and down her arched spine, swirling back into a creamy maelstrom of ecstasy deep inside her cock-filled pussy. Bobby's balls swelled, almost ready to erupt with the lava of his lust. He shoved his fuckmeat into the young girl above him frantically, whipping his cock in to the brim, jerking her about on his violent lunges, transfixing her quivering young loins on his smoking-hot fuck-rod. Julie fell forward and kissed him, sucking Bobby's hot tongue into her mouth. She wished that he had two pricks so that she could suck him and fuck him at the same time... or even three, so that she could enjoy an asshole full, as well. Then she realized that what she craved so much was only a house away. She DID have three cocks to fuck, all she had to do was get them all in the same place at the same time and nature would take it's course. Julie couldn't wait! Sucking on Bobby's tongue, which was still flavored with his mother's cunt-cream, Julie reached under her ass and fondled his balls. With her other hand, she pulled alternately at her stiff nipples and fingered her shithole, running her hands all over her voluptuous young body in a frenzy of adolescent desire. "Ooohhhhh, Jesus! I'm gonna cum, Bobby! Fuck! I'm gonna cummmmmm!" breathed Julie into Bobby's panting mouth. "Cum with me! Please cum in my cunt! Uhhhhhhhhhhh! Goddddddddd!" Chapter 78. Bobby grunted and slammed his cock up into her convulsing pussy with gusto, his massive prick coring her tight little cunt like an apple. Julie's cum-juice gushed out from her teeny young fuck slot like a fountain, all milky and frothy as it washed over Bobby's hairy balls and drenched his thighs. "Oooooh, God! Ohhhh, fuck!" she wailed. Bobby lifted her cute little ass up until the head of his prick prick was just inside her clinging cuntlips, holding her steady for an instant, then slammed her down onto his upthrust cock again. "Take it, baby!" he howled. "Fuckin' Jesus! I'm cumming too!!" Julie cried out with joy as she felt Bobby's cum squirt into her pussy. She creamed again, and he shot another hot, creamy wad into the very core of her cunt. Each time he pulled the girl's squirming young cunt down on his cock, Bobby pumped another of geyser of sperm into her. Julie gasped and moaned, tossing her little blonde head as she bounced up and down on the hard, throbbing cock squirting deeply inside her pussy. It felt as if she were squatting astride a fire hose. Her ass jerked wildly as she rode Bobby's prick, literally siphoning the hot, churning semen out of his balls with her cunt-muscles. Bobby slumped back, drained, his muscular young chest heaving. Julie continued to grind her sperm-filled cunt up and down on the youth's still-hard cock, prolonging her own orgasm as much as possible, and in the process, milking the few last drops of precious spunk from Bobby's pisshole. Then, drained too, she settled over him and held him in a loving embrace. Her hard little tits rubbed against his chest as she kissed him affectionately. Then she slowly pulled her pussy up and off his prick. His cock stood upright for a moment, then slowly began to subside, sinking down in a fat coil of glistening flesh along his thigh. Even semi-hard, it was still an awesome sight, slathered with cum and cuntjuice. Debbie moaned deep in her throat at the delicious looking sight and scrambled between her son's wide-spread thighs. She took his slimy prick into her hot mouth and sucked on it voraciously, whimpering with delight at the sweet taste of cum and cunt-juice blended into one rare nectar, relishing the sweet, tangy flavor of a cock that had just been soaked in creaming cunt. She cleaned Bobby's prick-knob to a gleaming purple luster, tongued his fuck stalk until it glistened and lapped up the overflow from his drained balls. She licked his thighs and belly and her tongue rustled through his pubic thicket like a little pink rodent in the undergrowth. Kelly and Julie were engaged in a voracious sixty-nine, with the little blonde tonguing Kelly's dark-haired pussy while Kelly sucked out her brother's creamy cum from Julie's pink little cunt-slit. Debbie lifted her head and watched the two girls eat each other for a second. They were such a gorgeous contrast. Although her daughter had just rewarded her with a delicious orgasm using her talented little mouth, Debbie's passion was instantly rekindled. Having cute, sexy young Julie fuck with them added a new dimension to her lusty incestuous relationship with her two kids, and Debbie planned to enjoy it to the full. She looked up at her panting son and grinned. "Can you come again, darling?" she whispered. "I want you to fuck me again. In the ass this time. Mommy feels like a deliciously dirty ass-fuck, baby." "If you can get it hard again, Mom. Sure, I'll fuck you in the ass!" he rasped. Bobby reached down and cupped his balls, squeezing gently, to see if they had started to recharge themselves. His hand slid up and folded around his prick and he began to tentatively pull it up and down as his mother sucked on his cock-knob. "Oooooh, yes, baby! Jerk yourself off in my mouth," Debbie panted. "And when it gets hard enough, I want you to stuff it up my hot, horny ass!" "Okay, Mom!" Bobby grinned. "Anything you say!" In a way, it was more depraved than when she simply sucked him off. Having her son jerk off in her mouth made her cunt twitch with fuck-lust. Bobby placed one hand behind his mother's head and frigged his cock into her mouth vigorously. His cock-shaft began to ripple and stiffen again. Debbie sighed with joy as she felt her son's meaty mouthful expand and harden. She dropped her head down and sucked half of his cock into her mouth as his fist pounded up and down on the lower half, bumping against her lips on the top of the stroke and brushing against his balls as he jerked back down again. Jerk by jerk, Bobby's manly young erection grew and Debbie pulled her lips up to the tip of his prick, sucking the swelling head and licking at his dilated pisshole. Soon Bobby's virile young cock was at full attention. "Ohhh, fuck, what a cock!" groaned Debbie, her desperate lust beginning to get the better of her. She released her son's rock-hard prick and turned around on all fours, her legs spread and her ass poking provocatively at Bobby. "Now, shove that big thing up momma's hot ass and fuck it hard, lover!" Chapter 79. Bobby grabbed his mother's hips, and pulled her ass back onto his rampant cock, pressing the bloated tip into her tightly puckered little anus. With well-practiced ease, Bobby's hard young prick slid into his mother's juicy asshole like a hot knife through butter. Debby groaned and hunched back against the deeply satisfying penetration of her son's long prick, moaning loudly. "Ooooooohhhh, God! That feels so gooooood, baby!", she wailed, squirming her ass shamelessly back onto her son's rock-hard erection. Bobby began to pump his cock in and out of his mother's tightly clasping butthole, making her ass-cheeks ripple and her tits bounce lewdly with the impacts of his muscular young hips against hers. Debby moaned, low and sensually, loving the way her son's hairy young balls slapped deliciously against her gaping cuntlips, stimulating her her throbbing clit wonderfully with each savage thrust. Excited by her moans of pleasure, Bobby began ass-fucking his mother faster. He grabbed her slender, writhing hips and began pumping his cock into her tightly clinging asshole with long, hard vicious thrusts that made Debby's slender body shake and quiver with the sheer force of them. "Fuck me! Cum in my ass, baby! Fill mommy's ass with your hot cum, lover!" Debby panted hoarsely. Her body began to gleam with a fine sheen of sweat. So did Bobby's... and soon, Debby's slippery asscheeks began to slap against her son's hard, muscular thighs in that strong, deliciously punishing rhythm that Debby enjoyed so much. Her thighs quivered and her ass tensed up. Bobby heard her gasp, exhaling one short breath... then another. He slowed his cock-thrusts a little. He had brought his mother to the brink, and now he was trying to keep her there. Beside them, Julie and Kelly were curled up, head to twat, tonguing and fingering and sucking each other's cunts like crazy, totally engrossed in a heated frenzy of lesbian lust. Bobby slowed his fucking movements long enough to watch his sister stick out her tongue and lap at the creamy pink gash of Julie's little blonde pussy. "Suck my cunt, baby!" Julie cried, her hot little body shaking like a leaf. "Suck me where my Daddy fucked me! Lick my pussy! Oh, Kelly. Kelly, Kelly! It's so beautiful! It's so dirty and delicious! Suck me!" Bobby watched as Julie forced her mouth back over the wet, hairy mound she'd just been sucking and spread the lips of Kelly's dark and sultry cunt with her tongue, stabbing it relentlessly inside again and again... licking and probing the inner lips of his sister's hot, seething twat with renewed vigour. Both girls made lewd, slurping sounds as they ravenously sucked up each other's spicy, free-flowing cunt-juice. All the while, Bobby continued to pump his cock inside his mother's hot, buttery asshole, making Debby squirm with pleasure. It was obvious that Debby wanted to cum bad. Her son was torturing her deliciously by keeping her so close to orgasm like this, but right now she needed release! "Uuuuuuuhhh, Bobby! My God, Bobby! Fuck me harder, baby! Fuck mommy's ass real hard! Oooo, please screw the hell out of me! Bobby! Your cock is so big, so hot, so hard inside me! Move it faster! Faster! Oh, yes! Yes, Bobby! Fuck me, son! Fuck me, lover!", she moaned, lost in the heat of her incestuous lust. Bobby began to fuck his mother's tight, buttery asshole as hard as he could, letting his carnal instincts take control. Debby slammed back against him, the flesh of her ass continuing to ripple and shake with every solid stroke, her breasts swaying and bouncing beneath her. "Ohhhhh! Yesss! Fuck my ass, Bobby! Fuck it hard and deep!" she chanted. "Ooooooooooh, yessssss! God, it feels sooo gooooood." "Uhhhnnnnngghh, God! I love fucking your hot ass, mom!" Bobby groaned loudly. "Ohh, yes, me too, baby! Harder!", panted Debby, her voice hoarse and breathless with lust. Chapter 80. Bobby rammed into his cock into his mother's snugly sucking asshole as hard as he could, making her squeal and gasp. He leaned forward and cupped her hanging tits, feeling them quiver as he pounded his prick into her. Debby lowered her shoulders to the bed, raising her ass to her son's powerful thrusts. Bobby's fingers gripped her roughly, literally pulling his mother's tight, clasping anal sheath over his cock as he slammed the thick glistening, incestuous shaft deep up inside her heaving belly. "That's it, Mom! Throw that hot, fuckin' ass of yours back at my prick!" he moaned. "God, I love fuckin' you, Mom!" Bobby abandoned himself totally to the wondrous feeling in his groin. The flames of lust leapt and lapped up and down the length of his deeply buried cock until his belly felt like it was on fire. The liquid, surging lava of lust, exploded in his body and burned throughout his universe. It spread in an ever widening circle, centered in his balls, until finally his entire torso was engulfed. His brain was clouded and, as orgasm smashed through his mind he jetted what felt like gallons of hot, seething jism up his mother's tight, heaving ass. Debby rocked and bucked and ground her ass wantonly back against her son's squirting cock. He was buried full length in her hot clinging rectum as he came and Debby began to moan passionately, biting her lower lip to keep from screaming out too loudly. Again and again, his virile young balls lurched in their tight sack and again and again he erupted inside his mother's tortured anus. Debby felt as if she were lost in a world of orgasmic pleasure, unending pleasure, a world that revolved around her son's ejaculating cock. Her asshole was so tight around him, so filled with his swollen cock, that it quickly filled with his jism and then overflowed. Each new geyser forced more of the white heat out around the widely-stretched rim of her tiny anal sphincter. As orgasm seized her body and blanketed out the world except for her son's pounding prick buried deep in her butt, Debby abandoned all attempt at restraint. `Fuck the neighbours', she thought, and screamed loud and long, feeling the surging flood of orgasm wash through her body and crash into her brain. A brilliant fireworks display ignited behind her eyelids, and Debby was soon completely lost in the ecstasy of her climax. "AHRGGGGGGHH! FUCK! FUCK! UHHHHHHH!" She couldn't stop cumming it seemed. She always came hard with her son's massive young prick stretching her asshole. "HARDER! HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER!" Bobby did just that, slamming his cock powerfully into his mother's quivering rectal sheath as he finished coming. "UNNHHHGGGGGGHHHH! MOM! FUCK!!!" he yelled, emptying his balls into her creamy ass. Even after Bobby's prick had stopped squirting up inside his mother's butthole, he kept fucking her tight clinging, sperm-filled ass unmercifully. He reached under and thrust three fingers into her sloppy twat, feeling his cock still stabbing her ass through the thin, separating membrane. Debby could only moan and writhe in absolute ecstasy as her son began to bring her off again, stabbing his fingers up into her cunt and rubbing her clit with his thumb as he reamed her ass with his still-hard cock. It was all too much for Debby and she climaxed again, screaming out her orgasm to the world. "UGHHHHGGGGGGGHHHH! UUUHHHHH! GODDDDDDDD! FUCCCCCCKKK!!" Her orgasm ballooned in her and then burst and Debby writhed like a madwoman, her ass impaled on her son's thick, gushing hose of a cock while he fucked his fingers deep into her cunt and mashed her tiny throbbing clit with his thumb. Bobby fucked his mother for another few minutes before his own exhaustion caught up with him. The tension in his body seemed to have drained into her through his cock and then he was limp and quivering with the effort of not collapsing on top of her. He bent over and kissed the back of her neck through her hair as his pulsing dick slowly deflated. Debby could feel all his hot creamy jism inside her bowels. The thought always thrilled her. Sexually, she'd done almost everything possible with her son over the years, but the best of all was having him fuck her up the ass. She would leak cum everywhere, but it was his cum and that made it all the better. Bobby withdrew slowly. As usual, his mother's tight, sucking asshole didn't want to release him, and when his glans finally came out, there was a slurpy, sucking noise. Chapter 81. Julie and Kelly were completely oblivious to the climactic events on the bed beside them. Both girls were very close to their own orgasms, licking and probing and sucking each other's juicy, spread cunt-slits like there was no tomorrow. Kelly had sucked more that a few willing cunts in her time, but young Julie's was definitely the most delicious little pussy she had ever tasted, and judging by the enthusiasm with which Julie was returning the favour, the cute little blonde was fast becoming a very talented cunt-licker herself. Julie was very, very close to orgasm as well. Kelly's hot, sucking lips wrapped tightly around her throbbing clit had the hot, sexy little fourteen-year-old in orbit! She moved her slender young hips in tiny, sensuous circles, grinding her juice-filled pussy against the older girl's face, making small, whimpering little sounds of pleasure. Kelly did the same, plastering her drooling, dark-haired snatch over the blonde-haired youngster's eagerly sucking lips. Together the horny, cunt-sucking duo sucked and licked and tongue-fucked themselves into total oblivion. Eating each other ravenously until finally they exploded in mutually-induced orgasm, writhing and moaning and quivering as they sucked up each other's creamy cunt-spendings. Then, like two contented, purring cats, the two girls licked each other's saturated pussy-fur clean. Bobby and his mother were grinning at the two girls when they finally surfaced, their faces wet and glistening with each other's juices. "Looks like you two, had fun," grinned Bobby. Julie gazed at the boy's sticky, limp cock and grinned back. "You had time to notice?", she smiled. With a laugh, they all hugged each other lovingly. Then Julie quickly related the events of the night before, explaining how easy it was to get her own family to indulge in some serious incestuous fucking. "... and then Daddy and Johnny both fucked me at the same time. It was fantastic. I couldn't have planned it better!", said Julie, enthusiastically. Debby and Kelly were both getting wet between the legs again, and Bobby's cock began to swell substantially as Julie finished her lusty tale. "So what happens now?", asked Bobby. "Well, I go home and convince Mom and Dad into inviting you three over tonight for a pool party," grinned Julie. "We'll fake it from there, okay!" "Right on!", said Bobby, suddenly aroused by the thought of finally fucking Julie's gorgeous, sexy blonde mother. Kelly and Debby were excited too, thinking mostly of the juicy fresh cockmeat that both Dave and young Johnny Simpson would surely provide for their carnal, cock-sucking pleasure. Bobby's cock began to rise again. Kelly noticed it first and reached for her brother's virile young cock possessively. "My turn, Mom!", she giggled, pushing Bobby onto his back and straddling her brother's lean, muscular hips with her own. She positioned his prick inside her cunt and bore down, impaling herself deliciously on her brother's ever-hard cock. As the huge, glistening shaft slid deep up inside her insatiable pussyhole, Kelly moaned with pleasure and immediately began to bounce up and down on Bobby's piercing prick. Not to be left out, Debby moaned and straddled her son's face, lowering her juicy wet cuntlips down over his open mouth. Bobby began to suck and lick and tongue his mother's tangy twat... eating her gaping hole hungrily. Soon, the sounds of hot, wet sex once more filled the small bedroom. Julie was tempted to join them, but a larger, more erotic picture filled her keen young brain. With an evil grin, the pretty young teenager leapt off the bed and dressed quickly, anxious to get home and set up the night's festivities. Chapter 82. It was easy for Julie to convince her mother to invite the Conroys over for a pool party, especially when she hinted, (at every opportunity) that Bobby had the hots for her. Tina was flattered. She had secretly admired the handsome young teenager for a long time, and now, with their family's new-found sexual freedom, maybe she'd get to live out some of her illicit fantasies. When her father got home from work, Julie went to work on him too, dropping hints about how Kelly Conroy thought he was a gorgeous hunk. She didn't even have to say a word to her horny brother. As soon as Johnny heard that the Conroys were coming over, his eyes lit up like lanterns. He remembered the skimpy bikinis that both Kelly and her mother usually wore while sunning themselves in their backyard, and he could hardly wait to see them up close. So, by the time the Conroys arrived at 6:00pm, an undercurrent of sexual excitement pervaded the the whole Simpson household. All three were dressed casually.... Kelly wore a pair of tiny white shorts and a matching bikini top which hardly seemed to contain her firm, young tits... and much to Dave and Johnny's delight, every time the girl bent over, a good proportion of her tight little asscheeks poked provocatively out from under the bottom of her shorts. Debbie was wearing a strapless summer dress that seemed to be held up entirely by her large, jutting breasts, which jiggled inticingly beneath the thin cotton with every move she made. Bobby wore a printed "T" shirt and the tightest pair of jeans that Tina had seen on a guy. Her eyes dropped immediately to his formidable crotch bulge. She hadn't noticed it before but the boy-from-next-door was definitely hung! "Hi, Bobby!", said Tina, still staring at him appreciatively. "My, my! You seem to have grown a lot since I saw you last." Bobby grinned and flexed his muscles jokingly. "Vitamins!", he laughed. Debbie noticed Tina's admiring glances at her son's crotch and smiled. "Yes, I can't call him my little boy any longer, can I Tina?" she said, grabbing a handful of Bobby's hard, muscular ass. "He's a BIG boy now!" "Mom!" chided Bobby. "Stop embarrassing me!" "You? Embarrassed? I've yet to see the day YOU get embarrassed by anything, honey!", laughed Debbie, giving Tina a friendly kiss on the cheek. "Hi, Tina. Thanks for inviting us over." A shiver went through Tina's pussy as Debbie's tits brushed against her own. `God!' she thought, `I really must be turned on, for another woman to excite me like that.' She quickly recovered her composure and ushered their guests into the living room for drinks. The atmosphere was soon very friendly, almost verging on the sensual, as the two families became more and more relaxed. Like the perfect host, Dave poured the wine freely, refilling everybody's glass almost as soon as it was empty. Even Julie was allowed to have a glass or two, something her parents would have frowned upon only days earlier. Chapter 83. Julie's insatiable little pussy was getting wet with anticipation. She couldn't wait for the real action to begin, so in her usual take-charge-of-everything style, the precocious little fourteen-year-old decided to start the ball rolling herself. "Hey! Is this a pool party or what? Who's for a dip to cool off?" she said with a knowing smile. The others quickly agreed, and those that weren't wearing swimwear under their clothes headed off to get changed. Johnny looked almost relieved as he got up and hurried towards his room. Mrs Conroy was one hell of a sexy lady. Her hand stroking his thigh, and the way she let her dress hike up over her gorgeous creamy thighs had him almost creaming in his pants. He changed into his swimming trunks and grabbed a towel, heading off back down the hallway, eager to cool off in the pool. As he passed one of the bedrooms, Johnny caught a flash of naked female flesh, through the partly open door, and stopped dead in his tracks. He took a step backward and looked nervously up and down the hall before peeking carefully inside. It was his mother's room, and as he looked closer, Johnny could see that the luscious Debbie Conroy was getting changed. She had just taken off her dress, and stood before the long mirror dressed only in a pair of tiny, pink panties. Johnny's cock began to swell instantly in his trunks as he gazed at his gorgeous next-door neighbour from the doorway. His eyes were on fire, watching every move she made. Johnny could only gape in awe at the beautiful woman's naked tits, and the dark, inviting bulge of her pubic mound, clearly visible through the thin fabric of her panties. Absolutely unaware that Johnny was watching, Debbie hummed to herself, admiring her gorgeous tits in the mirror, running her fingers over them and posing like a model. She cupped the firm, creamy globes in her palms, lifting them up towards her reflection, offering them up to her smiling image in the mirror. She blew herself a kiss and let one hand drop to the bulge of her pubic mound. Johnny's breath froze, and his heart began to beat like mad as he watched the woman press her fingers into her crotch. She must be really fuckin' horny, he thought, watching Debbie's long slim fingers rub at her slit through the moist material of her panties. Johnny's cock was as hard as a rock, and he began to rub the length of it slowly through his trunks, his eyes on her jiggling tits. After a while, Debbie's whole body shuddered, and she leant heavily against the mirror, her legs buckling slightly as she hunched her cunt hard against her jerking hand. Johnny stared in amazement! "Christ, she made herself come!", he panted under his breath. "Jeeeeeesus!" Debbie took a deep breath and checked her flushed face in the mirror before hooking her fingers in the waistband of her panties and sliding the flimsy garment down over her hips. Johnny almost came in his pants as Debbie's moist cunt-bush came into view. He got a good long look at her hairy wet pussy as Debbie lifted her leg and bent over to remove the panties from her ankles. Her naked butt was facing him, and Johnny gasped with excitement as he clearly saw the pink glistening slit between her naked thighs wink at him as she bent over. Tossing the wet panties onto the bed, Debbie slipped into her bikini bottoms. They were more like a g-string than a pair of bikini pants, and Johnny's eyes lit up at how little the tiny garment concealed. Her bikini top wasn't much bigger, and Johnny licked his lips as she put it on, the minute scrap of material hardly covering her pert nipples. He couldn't wait to see her in the pool, with her bikini all wet and clinging, it would almost be like seeing her naked again. Except this time he could get as close as he liked and look all he wanted. Johnny's cock was a stiff as a board and throbbed powerfully beneath his fingers. Mrs Conroy's lewd exhibition had really turned the young teenager on something fierce. He took one last look at Debbie's bikini-clad body and turned towards the bathroom, intent on relieving the sexual tension which had built up in his young body. It would only take a few minutes of jerking on his prick while he thought about her sexy body, and Johnny was sure he would come all over the place. They wouldn't miss him out at the pool... besides he couldn't go out there with a hard-on like this in his trunks anyway. As silently as possible, Johnny darted off down to the bathroom and closed the door behind him, fumbling hurriedly for the lock. It didn't work! Johnny noted the fact with alarm but then he realized that the toilet had a door of it's own. If he sat at the right angle and left the toilet door open a fraction, he would be able to see anybody entering the bathroom in plenty of time to close the toilet door. Chapter 84. Johnny hurried through the ensuite, opened the toilet door and, dropping his trunks, sat down on the closed toilet seat. He leaned back and spread his knees apart, his erect cock stuck up from his groin like a flagpole, hard as an iron bar. Johnny wrapped his fingers around it and began to jerk himself off with practiced ease. As he masturbated, Johnny's young mind was filled with visions of Debbie Conroy, in lewd, sexually explicit poses, just like the magazines he normally used to fire his imagination while he jerked himself off. He pictured her on her bed, naked, with her legs wide apart, one hand spreading the lips of her cunt open, the other beckoning him towards her as he moved closer to the bed. She was calling his name, begging him to get on top of her and fuck her. As he beat his meat faster, Johnny's imagination soared, and soon he was between her hot thighs, his cock inside her tight, pink pussy, fucking her hard and fast. "Ohh! Fuck! Debbie! You gorgeous cunt!", he moaned. "I wanna fuck you so much!" He was nearly there, his mind filled with all the lurid possibilities of sex a horny teenage boy can dream up. In his fantasy, Johnny fucked the willing mother from nextdoor in every orifice, and in every position possible, his fist a blur on his cock as his mind raced, until finally he felt that familiar burning pleasure rising hotly in his groin. He had made it, and in record time too! + + + + + In Julie's room, Kelly finished changing into her bikini and looked around the bedroom for a towel, but there were none to be found anywhere. She was sure Julie had said there were towels in here. "Damn!", she mumbled, finally giving up the search, and headed off towards the bathroom. 'There'd have to be a towel she could use in here.', she thought, opening the door. Kelly padded into the bathroom, her bare feet hardly making a sound on the tiled floor. Several fresh towels were lined up on a rack near the toilet door. Kelly had just grabbed one and turned to leave the room, when a noise from the toilet caught her ear. She listened carefully, but when she didn't hear it again, Kelly shook her head and went to leave. Her hand was on the bathroom door handle when she heard it again, this time much louder. It sounded like it was coming from the toilet, so Kelly moved closer to the door. It was partly open, just a crack and about enough to see inside. The light was on, and Kelly grinned lewdly when she saw the source of the mysterious sounds. It was Johnny, and he was stark naked, sitting on the toilet seat with his left hand rubbing a huge hard-on. His eyes were tightly closed and his mouth hung open, low guttural moans escaped his parted lips as the boy jerked his fist rapidly up and down on his prick, oblivious to the outside world as he masturbated. Kelly's eyes widened at the size of the young boy's formidable erection. Since she was only a guest, Kelly's instincts told her she should leave and let the boy continue what he was doing in private, but the sight of Johnny's hugely erect prick held her fast. It was big and long and beautiful... almost as big as her brother's. Johnny sure wasn't a little kid anymore! Kelly dragged her eyes away from his massive cock and let them wander over the rest of his body. She ran her gaze up over his long muscled legs, over his flat belly and narrow waist, moving up offer his wide chest and upper arms, taking in the boy's hairless tanned flesh. As she watched, Johnny's chest muscles and biceps bulged in time with the movements of his hand as he pulled on his cock fiercely. Kelly stared at his handsome young face, even more handsome now, she thought to herself. She had always loved the look on a man's face when he was about to come. She wondered again if she should leave, but her pussy was quivering with excitement and Kelly couldn't bring herself to go, the incredibly sexy sight of the young kid bringing himself off was just too damn exciting to miss. Her hand dropped to the waistband of her bikini pants and slid inside, cupping her furry cuntmound. Watching Johnny carefully, Kelly slid a stiffened finger into her tight cuntslit and began to tease her clit to erection as she watched the boy masturbate. As she fondled it, her pussy got wetter and wetter, until her finger was making tiny squishing sounds as she moved it round and round in her juicy cuntslit. Kelly stopped suddenly, wondering if he could hear her, but the look on his face told her that a herd of wild elephants had about the same chance of attracting his attention at the moment. Feeling a bit safer, Kelly resumed her cuntal caresses, trying to excite herself as much as possible so that she would be able to climax before Johnny. Otherwise, Kelly knew she would be forced to leave before she had time to come, and she so desperately needed an orgasm right now! Her clit swelled and pulsed under the insistent pressure of her fingertip, and her other hand went up to squeeze her tits. Kelly's eyes were glued to Johnny's throbbing cock. If Dave's cock was as big as his young son's, she and her mother were in for some great fucking tonight. Chapter 85. Wild thoughts entered her fevered brain as she stared at the young boy's long, quivering shaft. She saw herself between Johnny's thighs, taking his wonderful cock into her mouth, sucking him off until he spurted a nice thick load of boy-cum deep into her convulsing throat. She just knew it would taste fantastic, hot and salty and creamy as it filled her sucking mouth. As she watched Johnny fist his huge, stiff prick, the overwhelming excitement of the moment, and Kelly's visions became more and more depraved as she lost herself in the quest for a quick release. She imagined herself spreading her thighs over his cock and lowering her open pussy onto it, feeling the large, purple head part her cuntlips as quickly and easily a diver cleaves the water. Kelly pictured him fucking her, his long, thick meat buried deep in her hot, wet tightness, filling her cunt to the brim with hard, throbbing prick. 'Oh, God yes! I can't wait to fuck him!", her tortured mind screamed silently. Kelly was close to orgasm now as she leaned against the door-frame, her eyes open, staring with glazed eyes at Johnny's hard, throbbing cock. She heard Johnny groan loudly and saw the long arc of sperm fly into the air, splattering audibly onto the tiled floor of the toilet. The tremendously exciting sight was all Kelly needed to come herself, and she covered her mouth with her hand as a sudden moan of pleasure threatened to give her away. As stream after stream of jism spurted from the tip of his jerking prick, Kelly looked on with a mixture of awe and regret. She would dearly have loved to take that creamy load into her mouth, or better still her horny cunt, but instead it was wasted on a cold, tiled floor. Kelly pulled her fingers from her still spasming pussy and retreated from the room, consoled by the fact that at this age, Johnny would recover quickly. Besides, if everything went as planned, she would have two other equally-hard cocks to choose from before the night was out. The edge taken off his rampant libido somewhat, Johnny cleaned up the mess, flushing the pile of sperm-covered tissues down the toilet and grabbed his towel, heading off towards the pool before anybody missed him. When Johnny entered the backyard, his father and Debbie were sitting at a table beside the pool drinking wine. "What took you so long, son?", yelled Dave, "We were just about to send out a search party." Johnny glanced at Debbie, staring openly at her gorgeous tits. "Um..., I couldn't find my trunks.", he lied, hoping nobody would notice the bulge that began to form in his crotch the instant he set eyes on Debbie Conroy's gorgeous body. He couldn't get the sight of her naked pussy out of his mind. "You don't really need trunks, honey," smiled Debbie, staring at his bulging groin. "Your father and I were just talking about going for a skinny-dip later." His father laughed. Johnny gulped, his cock growing even bigger at the thought of the gorgeous woman swimming around naked in their pool! He sat down quickly, placing his towel on his lap to conceal the growing lump in his trunks. Debbie smiled at him. 'God, he's so cute!', she thought. She couldn't wait to get her hands on his gorgeous young body. And, judging by the bulge in the front of his pants, that shouldn't be too difficult, she was obviously turning him on. Debbie sat with her legs apart and her tits thrust out a little, purposely flaunting herself at the handsome young boy. 'If this doesn't get him horny, nothing will!', she thought, wiggling her shapely butt on the seat until her bikini pants bit deeply into the groove of her moist cuntslit. Johnny could see every contour of her cunt, highlighted by the tight, thin material. He could even make out the bump of her clit, standing to attention at the top of her scantily covered-cuntslit. Like a true male, Johnny tried not to look too interested, but it was impossible, his eyes were drawn to Debbie's shamelessly displayed charms like a goddamn magnet! "Where are the others, Johnny?", asked Dave, handing him a glass of wine. "Er... Getting changed I think.", replied the boy, sipping the drink carefully. "I'm sure they'll be coming any minute." Debbie giggled, and Johnny immediately regretted his choice of words. He tried to smile back, but only succeeded in a nervous grin. Chapter 86. "Well, Johnny, what do you think, honey?", asked Debbie, spreading her arms wide. Johnny gulped as her tits almost fell out of her tiny bikini and looked at her with surprise, almost choking on his drink. "Ah... um... pardon me?", he spluttered. Debbie giggled again. "Your yard silly. Your father has been telling me about all the improvements he's done since the last time we were over?" He looked relieved, but Johnny was still staring at her tits as he replied. "Oh... yes! They're great, Mrs Conroy... Dad did a real good job," said Johnny, his mind still on the hot, steamy valley between the beautiful woman's legs. "Hey.... haven't I told you already to call me Debbie, honey?" "Ummm... Yeah, sure! Okay, Mrs...er.. Debbie.." "Your dad said he put in a spa and sauna last month,", said Debbie, letting her thighs fall wider apart. "You'll have to show it to me later, okay?" Debbie reached over and rested her hand on Johnny's thigh, and again, her touch sent hot little shivers up and down the boy's spine. Johnny took a big gulp out of his glass and looked nervously over at his father. Dave was smiling and nodding at him in encouragement. "Okay... sure, Debbie!", replied Johnny. "I'd love to show you!" Flattered by the attention Debbie was giving him, and excited by her obvious interest, Johnny lost most of his initial nervousness. He removed the towel from his lap and stretched back, enjoying his drink, watching her reaction. Debbie stared openly at his crotch, admiring the large cock bulge which was still VERY apparent. "Nice trunks, Johnny.", murmured Debbie, taking a long sip of her wine, her pretty blue eyes flicking from his crotch to his face and back again. "Not as nice as your bikini, Debbie!", grinned Johnny, quickly getting into the swing of things. Debbie noticed the change in the handsome young boy immediately and was pleased at how quickly she had been able to break the ice with him. His initial reaction to her thinly veiled interest seemed cool to say the least, but the handsome young kid had proved her wrong. This was going to be easier than she'd thought! Just as Debbie was having nasty thoughts about reaching out and running her hands over the boy's obviously excited cock, Kelly and Julie arrived, looking very striking in their skimpy bikinis. Both Dave and Johnny stared in awe at the expanse of young, creamy flesh exposed before them. Dave poured them both another drink, his eyes roaming hungrily over Kelly's gorgeous bikini-clad body. As Kelly bent forward to take the generously filled glass of wine from Dave's hand, her tits almost spilled from her bikini top. Dave almost dropped the glass and Johnny's cock swelled even harder against the front of his pants as both pairs of male eyes admired Kelly's perfect breasts. Debbie smiled, they looked like a pair of horny young puppy dogs sniffing after a bitch in heat. `Hmmm, not too far from the truth, either', thought Debbie with an evil grin. Bobby, Julie and Tina soon joined them poolside and they began to chat about nothing in particular, letting the the wine take effect properly. Kelly found her gaze wandering to Dave's crotch. She could make out the outline of his very substantial prick in his trunks, and it excited her. Her pussy began to itch with wet heat. She couldn't help herself, and soon she was staring at Dave's crotch bulge openly, wondering if it was as big as Johnny's... or her brother's... wondering what it would feel like rammed up her hot, steamy cunt. After the bottle of wine was empty, Dave produced a large beach ball. "How 'bout a little fun in the pool.", he suggested. "Last one in is a rotten egg!" He dived into the water, splashing the others who wasted no time in jumping in after him. They splashed and swam up and down the pool, tossing and chasing the ball. Chapter 87. Soon, Johnny, Dave and Bobby began throwing the ball to each other, trying to keep it from the girls. Debbie stuck to Johnny like glue, pretending to go after the ball, but taking every chance she got to rub her tits and ass against his hard, athletic body. Johnny began to take less and less interest in the ball and more and more interest in his sexy neighbour. Bobby did the same with Tina putting his arms around her waist and pulling her firm, rounded ass against his cock. Seemingly accidentally at first, but after he realized she was enjoying it, he began to touch her more blatantly. Dave and Kelly didn't even pretend not to touch each other, instead... they spent most of the time in the darkened corners of the pool, groping each other between the legs and giggling drunkenly. Soon, very little action was going on above the water line. Debbie had her ass pressed hard against the growing lump in Johnny's trunks, and Dave had hold of Kelly's tits, squeezing them gently, rubbing his lengthening cock against the hollow of the girl's hot, young asscheeks. Bobby's hand was between Tina's thighs, squeezing and stroking her hot, wet cuntflesh under the water. Julie winked at Debbie, it was the signal they had both been waiting for all night. It was time for some real family fun! Debbie turned to Johnny and draped her arms over his shoulders, rubbing her tits against his hairless young chest. "How 'bout you show you the spa now, honey?", she whispered, licking his ear suggestively. "Sure", smiled Johnny. "Follow me!" He took her hand and pulled him towards the edge of the pool. Johnny helped her out, resting his hands on Debbie's firm, round ass for a LOT longer than was necessary. Once in the spa, Debbie turned towards the young boy and removed her bikini top, watching the unmistakable look of desire on his face as her large creamy breasts sprang free. "Wh...what are you doing?", stammered Johnny, feasting his eyes on her naked tits. Despite the wine and Debbie's blatant advances, he was still a little nervous... out of his depth. He had fucked his mother AND his sister, but that had been easy... Mrs Conroy was a whole new kettle of fish... He knew what she wanted of him but he didn't know exactly how to go about it. "I always take off my bikini in a spa, silly. It feels so much better, to do it in the nude... all these refreshing little bubbles caressing my naked skin.... you don't mind, do you, Johnny?" "Hell no! I don't mind at all!", he gulped, staring at her stiffening nipples. Debbie noticed the hungry look on his handsome young face. "Do you like my tits?", she breathed, moving slowly towards him. "Do you like my big titties, Johnny?" "Oh, yes, Debbie!... Yes, they're beautiful!", moaned the excited young boy. Johnny's eyes were rivetted to her firm round, breasts as Debbie moved closer, staring at the bulge his cock made as it pressed against the crotch of his trunks. She held up her boobs to him, just as he had seen her do in the mirror in her room. He didn't know what to do or what to say! As it turned out, he didn't have to, because Debbie was getting so excited by the thrill of seducing the young boy, she decided to speed things up a little. She pressed her body against his and lifted her boobs up towards his open mouth. "Suck them, Johnny!", ordered Debbie. "Suck my tits and bite my nipples!" Johnny froze, it was like a fantasy come true, but he still couldn't quite believe it, and simply stared at Debbie's, tight, firm tits, only inches from his mouth, aware of the firey heat emanating from her bikini-covered crotch. "What's wrong, honey?" Johnny swallowed hard, mustering up the courage to ask her the question that had plagued his young mind ever since he watched her bring herself off in front of the mirror. "I want to fuck you, Debbie," he gasped, "I want to fuck your hot, sexy cunt!" Debbie only smiled, pulling his head down onto her heaving tits. "All in good time, honey!", she crooned as Johnny's lips caressed her burning nipples. ".... all in good time, baby!" Chapter 88. Back at the pool, Tina grabbed Bobby's hand and climbed out of the water pulling the boy after her. "Where are you two off to, mom?", smiled Julie. "Into the house, honey. Bobby's going to help me make some snacks. You want to join us?" "Later Mom, I think I'll go see what Johnny and Debbie are up to in the spa." Julie smiled knowingly as Tina literally dragged Bobby into the house. `Snacks, my ass', she thought, watching the way Bobby's hand kept squeezing her mother's tight ass through her bikini bottoms. Julie headed of towards the spa to see how Debbie was getting on with her brother. Dave and Kelly remained in the pool, and once they were alone, all pretense of propriety vanished. Dave took her into his arms and his hands roamed the young girl's body, exciting her more and more with each passing second. "Oooohh, are you sure we should be doing this, Dave!", she muttered unconvincingly, at the same time pressing her overheated crotch against his groping hand. "I know you want it Kelly, we both want it!... Let it happen, baby!" She reached her hand into his trunks and grasped his cock firmly, feeling the lust-swollen organ throb powerfully between her fingers. "Yesss, you're right! I do want it, Dave!.. I want your cock so much!... but what about Tina?", whispered Kelly, hoarsely. In reply, Dave slid his hand under the elastic of her bikini pants and cupped the prominent mound of the girl's cunt. Inserting a finger into her tight, slippery slit, Dave looked into her pretty face, seeing the incredible need in her sparkling round eyes. "Judging by the way she just dragged Bobby out of here, I wouldn't be surprised if she was in there getting hers already," he breathed, sliding his finger slowly back and forth inside her gripping pussy. "God!... your cunt is burning up!" "Oh, Dave!", moaned Kelly, grinding her pussy onto his drilling finger. "Fuck me!... Do it now!... Right here, Dave!... Fuck me right here in the water!" Dave kissed her passionately as they struggled frantically to take each other's clothes off. When they were both naked, Dave pulled her to the edge of the pool and lifted her up. Kelly raised her legs and held them wide apart so that he could enter her. After the excitement of tonight, Kelly's cunt was well lubricated and ready for him, and Dave's cock sliced easily into her parted cuntlips like a hot knife through butter. Kelly moaned deep in her throat at the sudden, delicious penetration, wrapping her long, tanned legs around the cheeks of her new lover's ass for support. Her knees were bent and her thighs spread wide as Dave's cock began to piston in and out, fucking her tightly-filled cunt with an urgent, powerful rhythm. "Ohhhhh, Jesus! What a wonderful cock!... Yes, fuck me Dave! Fuck meeee!" Kelly groaned loudly and arched her back as Dave grabbed her full hips and began thrusting harder, thrilled by the incredible tightness of Kelly's hot, eager cuntflesh. "I'll fuck you alright, baby!", grunted Dave, ramming her savagely with his huge cock. "I'll fuck your tight, hotpants little pussy till you faint!... you ain't gonna forget this fuck in a hurry, girl!" Kelly held onto the edge of the pool as Dave stabbed his rock-hard prick into her, the rigid shaft rasping against her clit with every stroke. Her tits wobbled and bounced, and her hips wriggled and gyrated wildly each time he thrust in. Dave held Kelly's ass out of the water, gripping the smooth, taut cheeks tightly for added leverage. His thick cock penetrated her deeply, stretching the walls of her cunt to the limit with every thrust. Kelly felt totally filled up, yet with each stroke, she strained to get every last throbbing inch of Dave's hard, hairy prick inside her. "More!... more, baby! Unnghh! Give me more of that big, fat cock, Dave!", squealed Kelly. She was raving with uncontrollable lust, begging her handsome neighbour to do all sorts of deliciously depraved things to her. "Oooooh! God, what a prick!... Uhhhhh, fuck me, baby!... Fuck me hard and come in my cunt!... Ummmmm! Make me come too, baby!...make my pussy come with your big fat cock! Oooh, Dave, honey... fuck me... fuck my cunt ... my ass... my mouth!... God, fuck me everywhere... fuck me till I drop!" Dave smiled. He fully intended to do just that. Chapter 89. Meanwhile, in the spa, Johnny was busily nuzzling Debbie's heaving breasts, causing the excited woman to moan with pleasure as he sucked her creamy tit-flesh into his mouth, drawing her erect nipples one at a time between his hot, eager lips. Debbie had taken his cock out of his trunks, and was squeezing the thick pole gently between her fingers, working her fist up and down its awesome length. Her other hand was inside her bikini bottoms, working her rapidly moistening cunt into a hot, steamy lather. "Ooooohhhh, Johnny! What a nice big prick you have, honey!... big and hard!" Johnny felt Debbie's hand cup his balls, and moaned into her tits as she squeezed them softly. "... and such nice big balls too! I bet the girls really feel it when you shoot off in their tight hot, little cunts, huh Johnny?" The boy moaned a muffled reply, excited at the way this beautiful woman was talking to him, it made his cock throb like mad. The hard tip pressed urgently against her naked belly as Debbie lifted his tousled head from her glistening, breasts. She leaned back against the side of the spa and raised her hips until her bikini covered crotch was just out of the water. "Take them off, honey!", she husked, "... and I want you to use your teeth!" Johnny dropped to his knees in the foaming water and slid his hands under the waistband either side of Debbie's bikini bottoms. Debbie pushed his head down into her upraised crotch, moaning and shivering with desire as she felt his young chin press against her sex mound. Johnny gripped the elastic band at the front of Debbie's bikini between his teeth and pulled... his teeth and fingers peeling the tiny, wet garment slowly down over her slim hips. As Debbie's pussy appeared before his wide, excited eyes, Johnny caught a whiff of of her gaping sex, the smell of her hotly aroused cuntslit flooded his nostrils. He breathed deeply of Debbie's heady aroma, leaving his face close to her exposed crotch as he pulled her bikini pants down over her legs, throwing the tiny fragment of cloth over his shoulder. "Ohhh, Johnny! Your breath feels so hot on my cunt, baby!", gasped Debbie, spreading her thighs wide for him. Johnny looked down and watched his beautiful nextdoor neighbour's naked pussy open before his very eyes. It was fantastic, the puffy, fur-lined cuntlips unfurled like a flower, revealing the glistening, scarlet interior. "Do you like it, Johnny!", she moaned, running a finger through the slick, pink furrow. The boy simply nodded, his eyes only inches away from his Debbie's drooling cunt. Debbie smoothed the soft cunthair away from her gleaming slit and opened the pussylips wide with her fingers. Her clit jutted outwards, and she rubbed the edges of it, smiling at him sexily. "My cunt is so juicy," she murmured sexily. "Look at how wet and juicy I am, baby!" Johnny held her by the ass now, with her legs spread wide, lifting her open sex up to his eager young gaze. He could smell her cunt simmering with need only inches under his nose. Debbie saw the look of hunger on his handsome young face and decided she couldn't wait any longer. With a moan of lustful anticipation she reached down and grabbed the back of the boy's head with both hands, pulling his face into her gaping twat. "Eat me!" she whimpered, his lips against her yearning flesh. "Please, suck my pussy!... I'm so fucking hot!... I need tongue on my cunt, baby!" Johnny's mouth was crushed against her hot pussy-slit, and the initial shock soon gave way to total pleasure. As Debbie ground her snatch into his face, Johnny's lips opened, and he began to swirl his tongue around and around in her tasty pink cuntflesh. Debbie cried out as the boy's mouth slurped at her hairy, drooling gash, screaming in ecstasy as he dragged it expertly over her swollen cuntlips and distended clit. "Oooooh, yessssss!... Lick my pussy, Johnny!... Tongue-fuck me in my cunt you gorgeous kid!" Johnny moaned into her crotch and pressed his open, sucking mouth tightly over her seeping twat, his tongue darting in and out, his upper lip mashing her inflamed clit. Debbie quivered and bucked wildly, jamming his head into her open crotch until Johnny's face was drenched with her freely flowing pussy-cream. She tasted wonderful, just like his mother and sister, except somehow subtly different from either of them. He slurped up her clear aromatic juices, noisily sucking up every drop of fluid her yawning snatch could produce.... and the more he sucked, the more the horny woman's love-juices flowed. Chapter 90. All the while, Debbie was whimpering and mewling deep in her throat like a tiny, wounded animal, sobbing out her delight as Johnny licked and sucked her squirming, quivering cunt. "Ohhh, so good!", she cried. "...so fucking good! Eat me!... eat me, Johnny! Eat out my juicy wet cunt..... Ooooo, yes, lick it... suck it... God! Stick it inside, Johnny!... Fuck me with your hot stiff tongue, baby!" Debbie's whole body began to vibrate as Johnny's lips wrapped around her clit and pulled it deep into his hot, sucking mouth. "Oh, God!... F...fuck!... Yes, m...my clit, baby!... suck my fucking clit!" Debbie was beside herself with ecstasy! The boy's gorgeous lips and tongue were driving her crazy... his mouth action on her horny cunt was so good, she was going to climax any second. "Oh God, Johnny!... I'm gonna come, honey!... I'm gonna come in your ever lovin' mouth! Uhhhhhh! You want me to come in your mouth... don't you baby?" Debbie's hands were pushing at the back of his head so strongly, Johnny couldn't have taken his face out of her crotch to answer her, even if he'd wanted to. He simply nodded his approval, his mouth still firmly plastered over Debbie's fat, hairy cuntlips. "Okay! Then get ready, lover!", she screamed. "Arhhhhhggh! Suck hard, Johnny! Suck my cunt for all you're worth! Suck my cunt into your mouth, baby, and taste what happens!" Debbie bucked her crotch against his face as Johnny sealed his open lips over her cunt and sucked, jabbing her clit repeatedly with his tongue, finally shooting the wiggling tip deep up into her tight, wet fuckhole. Debbie climaxed on the spot! "Ohhh! Jesus!... Uhhh, uhhh, uhhhhh!... God, yessssss!... Oooooooohhh! I'm coming, Johnny!... Suck it, honey!... Suck it all out of me!... Lick up every fucking drop!... Ahhhhhhhhhggggghhh... you gorgeous little fucker!" Debbie's loins exploded as she came like a rocket. Her hips bucked wildly from side to side, squashing her seething pussy against her young lover's mouth, time and time again. Johnny hung on to her madly thrashing ass with both hands and, with great difficulty, kept his mouth firmly glued to Debbie's writhing cunt. Her cum gushed into his mouth, but Johnny never lost a drop of the precious cream, swallowing it all down like the tasty nectar it was. Instinctively, he shook his head from side to side, forcing her cuntlips wide apart until his whole face was buried in her spasming gash from nose to chin. Debbie had never felt anything like it before in all her life, and the pleasure was so intense, she almost blacked out. As she struggled for breath at the peak of her climax, something completely absurd popped into Debbie's muddled brain. 'How on earth could he breathe down there?' The silly thought vanished as quickly as it had arisen, washed away by the rising tide of pure ecstasy crashing through her body. Right at that moment Debbie found she didn't care if Johnny could breathe or not, so long as he kept on sucking her throbbing clit. All that mattered was the unbelievable pleasure his mouth and tongue were generating deep within her totally aroused cunt. Her mouth opened wide as Debbie screamed with delight. "Ahhhrrrrrgggghh! Oh fuck! Oh, my god!.... Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh! Oooooooohh!" With every movement, the boy's mouth was exciting her quivering pussy to even greater heights, pushing her over the edge time and time again. Johnny felt the woman's body stiffen and shudder a number of times as several smaller orgasms tore through her jerking loins. Debbie's back was arched as she held onto the edge of the spa for dear life, pressing her cunt onto the boy's slurping mouth and her jutting tits against his hands, savouring the last delicious sensations of her fading climax. "Uhhhmmmmmmmmm! Oh, baby, that was good!", sighed Debbie, lowering her crotch from his face. With her legs spread wide, either side of his body, Debbie let her cunt slide down his chest until her ass rested on his kneeling thighs, she could feel his hard cock trapped between their naked bodies, pressing urgently against her sex. The young lad stared into Debbie's flushed face. She looked different somehow, and suddenly Johnny realized it was the beauty of sexual fulfillment that made her pretty features take on the glow of a young girl. "You're wonderful, Debbie!", he murmured. Chapter 91. Debbie slumped forward and nestled her head against his shoulder, her nipples pressing into the hard muscles of the boy's hairless young chest. "You're not so bad yourself, Johnny boy!", replied Debbie, misinterpreting what her young lover meant. "Ummmmmmm, not bad at all!" She snuggled against him in post-orgasmic bliss, squirming her cunt against his young, throbbing cock. "No, I mean you're beautiful!", he said, lifting up her face to his. "You really are, Debbie. You look so much younger right now. I've never noticed that before." Debbie smiled up at him. "You've never made me come before, either, baby!" "I guess not... but I hope you'll let me do it again sometime", he asked. "Honey, you can suck my pussy any time you get the urge, okay?" Debbie took the boy into her arms and kissed him deeply, tasting the exciting flavour of her own cunt juices on his hot, young lips. She pressed her tits against his chest, and soon the tender kiss became hotter and hotter as their passion grew. Johnny was trembling at the unbelievably exciting prospect of fucking his beautiful sexy neighbour. She was the stuff of wet dreams, and just licking her hot, juicy cuntslit had given the horny teenager an insatiable appetite for more. Johnny's young cock was rock-hard, and throbbed painfully as he pressed the long shaft solidly up against Debbie's squirming snatch. He could feel the heat of her pussy against his cock, even under the water. Johnny pulled his mouth from her moist, clinging lips and looked into her gleaming eyes, a look of undisguised lust on his handsome young face. "Can I fuck you now, Debbie?", he asked frankly. "You promised to let me fuck you, and my cock is so swollen, it hurts!... feel how big and hard it is." Johnny took Debbie's hand and placed it on his prick under the water. "God!... now that's what I call a prick, baby!", blurted Debbie as she tried unsuccessfully to wrap her long, slim fingers around the boy's erect penis. She was amazed at the size of it. It felt like it belonged to a goddamn horse rather than a teenage boy! Johnny massaged her tits. "Let me fuck you, Debbie!", begged Johnny. "I know you'll like it! Let me stick my cock into your pussy, just once..... please? I'll do whatever you want!... I'll lick your cunt again and... and... and fuck you in the ass, if you'll let me!... I want to do everything with you, Debbie!" Debbie moaned with delight at the deliciously lewd visions the boy's words conjured up in her mind. He was as excited as a puppy, anxious to plunge his hard, teen cock into her juicy-tight fuckhole. Debbie trembled at the delicious thought, and realized at once that she was just as eager as he was. She couldn't wait any longer for her handsome young lover to shove the massive pole of throbbing muscle she held in her hand, deep into her yearning cunt. "Ohhhh, yes, Johnny!... Jesus, yessssss!", hissed Debbie, jumping quickly to her feet. She turned and bent over the edge of the spa, with her back to him, her legs spread obscenely wide, offering her hot, gaping genitals to him like a bitch in heat. She looked back over her shoulder as Johnny stood up and moved behind her. "Fuck me darling!... Ram your big fat cock in my juicy, wet cunt and fuck me, Johnny... Fuck me as hard as you can!" "Jesus! Will I ever!", said Johnny, moving quickly up behind her, his eyes gleaming at the sight of her pussy and ass stuck up in the air like that. He fondled her firm, rounded asscheeks with both hands, caressing and stroking the tight flesh until Debbie groaned with frustration. "Touch me, Johnny! Put your hand on my cunt and feel how much I want you, baby!" Johnny slipped one hand down between Debbie's wide-spread thighs and cupped her firey cuntmound, rubbing it gently, feeling Debbie's hot, wet pussy drip into his palm. "Mmmmm, hot and juicy! Your cunt is like a furnace, yet so wet!" "I'm hot alright, Johnny... Hot and wet for your big, fat prick, lover!" Chapter 92. Debbie was out of control now, the anticipation of having the young kid's man-sized prick stuffed up her twat was driving her crazy with desire, She began to wiggle her ass against his hand, trying desperately to get his fingers... anything, into her quivering, itching cunthole. "Oh, Jesus, fuck me now! Unhhh! I can't wait any longer, Johnny!... Please fuck me!... for God's sake Johnny, put your prick in me and fuck me... now!", begged Debbie as she waited breathlessly for him to stick his cock into her cunt and begin the delicious fuck she was sure the virile young teenager could deliver. Johnny grabbed Debbie by the cheeks of her compact little ass and positioned his formidable erection between the open lips of her glistening cuntslit. The hot, fleshy folds seemed to suck inward as Johnny touched them with the tip of his swollen cock. A soft whimper of lust issued from her parted lips. "Ohhh, yes!... Nice and hard! ... and long... and thick!", moaned Debbie, pushing her hips back against him. "God, I just LOVE young cock!" Johnny rubbed the head of his cock up and down Debbie's ass crack, from her juicy cunt, up and over the pucker of her asshole to the base of her spine. Debbie's arms buckled and she rested her head and shoulders on the edge of the spa, her cute ass lifted high now, jutting back to receive the boy's probing cock. Johnny pushed forwards trying to insert his prick into her carefully, finding to his surprise that the massive shaft slid into Debbie's hot, slippery depths with ease. Debbie held her breath as the entire length of the boy's thick, young cock entered her cunt. It took her a few moments to get used to the huge pole of hardened flesh that filled her. "Ooooo, Fuck!... You're bigger than I thought, baby!", Debbie cried softly as she slowly eased her ass backwards, sliding her tight cunt over the boy's throbbing prick. "Ummmm, mmmm!... I'm really gonna enjoy this!... I can feel it way up inside my belly!... Jesus! Fuck, that's nice!... Oooooooooo!" The pink pucker of her twat stretched around his invading cock to the limit, gripping his prick tightly as the cheeks of her ass touched his body. Johnny's cock was deep... very deep, inside Debbie's hairy snatch, the flared lips of her cunt stretched wide and squashed between the base of his prick and her creamy inner thighs. Debbie's ass trembled and then she began to squirm. Johnny began to move his deeply buried shaft slowly back and forth. "Ahhhhhh, yes!... That's it!... Fuck it in and out, Johnny!", whimpered Debbie. "... but gently at first, darling... otherwise that horse-cock of yours is gonna bust my poor little pussy wide open!" After a few thrusts, it was Debbie who did most of the fucking. She pulled her ass forwards from his cock, the tight lips of her cunt clutching at his shaft like a sucking mouth. When only the flared head remained inside her, Debbie wiggled her ass in a tiny circular motion, rotating her cunt around on the tip of his prick before pushing backwards again, her hot hungry cunt eagerly swallowing the full length of his rampant cock once more. "Ohhhh God, Debbie... your cunt is so fucking hot!... and Jesus, I never expected you to be so...." "Tight?", she smiled, finishing his sentence for him. "Mmmmm! Fuck, yes... uhhhhhhh, real tight! You're as tight as my fucking little sister!", Johnny muttered with amazement, her pussy muscles squeezing around his deeply buried cock. He had imagined Debbie's pussy to be big and roomy after two children and years of regular fucking, but it wasn't! Far from it! Debbie's cute little snatch was as compact on the inside as it was on the outside. Johnny marvelled at the exquisite tightness, and the wet heat which enveloped him each time he thrust his cock inside her greedy pussy-flesh. "I'm glad you like it, honey... 'cause I work hard to keep it that way." Johnny slammed his cock into Debbie's cunt as hard as he could, and Debbie moaned as she felt his swollen young balls slap deliciously against the sensitive little nub of her clit. "Ohhhh, Johnny! Keep that up, baby, and you'll have me coming in no time!" Chapter 93. Johnny looked down and stared excitedly at his long, thick cock sliding back and forth between Debbie Conroy's spread ass-cheeks, watching the rock-hard shaft move in and out of her tightly clasping cunthole as he fucked her. The exposed portion of his prick glistened wetly with Debbie's copious juices. Johnny loved the sight of his cock penetrating Debbie's cunt from the rear, he enjoyed the feeling of her tight cunt sliding over his cock and her cute ass smacking against his crotch. But above all, he loved the soft cries of ecstasy emanating from the naked woman's lips as he fucked her. He thrust into her powerfully, hunching forwards each time she pushed back, ramming his long hard prick into her hot, squishy twat... again... and again... and again. "Ohhhh, now I'm really fucking you, Debbie!", grunted Johnny. "Do you want me to fuck you harder?" "Uuuuuuh, yesss! Fuck me hard! Fuck me as hard as you can, darling!" Johnny lifted Debbie's gorgeous ass up higher and drove his prick into her tight, slick hole with all the force in his young legs. "Okay! Take it then!", screamed Johnny. "... take it all, you horny cunt!" He stabbed into her wildly, grunting all the while as he pounded his massive cock home. His back was arched and his hands gripped her hips, pulling her cunt hard onto his cock with every thrust. "Fuck me!", she chanted. "Fuck me, fuck me!... Fuck me, Johnny!.. Fuck my horny pussy like it's never been fucked before! The slurping of his cock in her juice-filled cunt was punctuated by the rhythmical smacking of her ass against his thighs and belly as the sounds of vigorous fucking filled the small spa room. They gasped and groaned together, each rapidly approaching the inevitable climax they were both striving for. Debbie came first, squealing like a stuck pig as Johnny continued fucking her savagely, ramming his rigid young cock again and again into her spasming, quivering hole. The ripples of Debbie's climaxing cunt around his pounding prick sent Johnny over the edge too, and with a loud cry, the boy stiffened and lurched, his pulsing prick pumping jet after hot, creamy jet of jism deep up inside Debbie's trembling twat. "Well," said a voice behind them, "You two sure seem to be hitting it off well!" Johnny and Debbie looked up to see Julie standing at the door, a huge grin on her pretty, young face. "Come on in," said Debbie, reaching up to stroke Johnny's ruffled young head. "You were right, Julie, your brother DOES have a wonderful big cock" Johnny looked at his sister with a look of total suprise on his handsome young features. "Jesus! You told her about us, Sis?" "Sure," replied Julie, removing her bikini top. "Debbie knows everything, big brother!" "Everything?", gulped Johnny. "Even about Mom and Dad and...." "Don't look so shocked, baby," murmured Debbie, stroking the boy's ruffled hair. "Bobby's fucking me and Kelly too." "And me!", piped up Julie with a giggle. "Shit, what a fuckin' turn-on! Is everybody's fucking everybody else around here?", said Johnny, his young mouth creasing in a lewd, lascivious grin. "Sure looks like it from where I'm standing!", grinned his sister. Julie slid a hand to her crotch and began to rub her wet pussy sensuously through the front of her bikini bottoms. She watched as Debbie began squirming her deeply impaled pussy around on what was left of her brother's rigid hardon. "Mmmmmm, and you're right about another thing too, Julie," Debbie smiled. "He recovers a lot quicker than Bobby does. Uhhh, god! His cock is getting hard again inside me already! Ohhhh, God! I want you to fuck me again, Johnny! Can you do that for me, baby?" "Sure! I'll fuck you all you want!" grunted the boy, moving his glistening hard cock back and forth inside Debbie's cum-filled cunthole. Julie watched with rising excitement as the older woman began to moan and jerk her insatiable cunt up at Johnny's revived erection. Smiling wickedly, the cute, conniving little blonde pulled off her tiny bikini bottoms and spread her legs. "Wanna make it a threesome, you guys?" she grinned. Chapter 94. As soon as they entered the house, Bobby pulled Tina into his arms and kissed her passionately. Tina melted against the boy's muscular young body willingly, grinding her bikini-clad crotch against his rock-hard cock-bulge with undisguised pleasure. He was so much like her son, young and handsome and horny. She had to have him! It didn't worry her that her husband was right outside. The Simpson family's new-found sexual intimacy meant that society's priggish rules had been thrown out the window. Besides, the way Dave had been all over young Kelly in the pool, Tina was sure that her horny husband was probably doing exactly the same thing with Bobby's sexy twin sister at this very moment. And, having experienced her son's insatiable urges first hand, she was equally certain that Johnny and Bobby's mother hadn't gone into the spa for a nice relaxing soak either. She suspected Julie had something to do with all this, but as Bobby's hands roamed insistently over her body, Tina lost all interest in anything except her own lustful urges and the insatiable itch rising steadily in her incredibly wet pussy. "Bobby!", she gasped with fake concern, "does this mean that you're not going to help me with the snacks, honey?" "Ohhh, Tina! You're gorgeous! I'd rather snack on you!" "Mmmmmm! I hope you mean that literally!", giggled Tina, grinding her saturated crotch against the boy's eagerly stroking fingers. "Just watch me!", he smiled. With that, Bobby lifted Tina in his arms and carried her into the living-room, kissing the beautiful woman hotly the entire way. He deposited her gently on the couch, then hurriedly pulled off his swimming trunks, watching with a grin as Tina's eyes bugged out at her first sight of his hard young cock. "Uhhhh God, Bobby! You're huge!", Tina gasped, fumbling desperately with the catch on her bikini top. As her breasts sprang free, Bobby moaned and bent his head to Tina's full, ripe tits, sucking her nipples ravenously into his mouth. "Ohhhh, yesssss! Suck my tits, darling! Suck me like a baby!" Bobby quickly complied, causing Tina to whimper loudly as the boy's eager young mouth serviced both of her ultra-sensitive nipples in turn, giving each the lavish attention it truly deserved. Tina whimpered as Bobby's mouth left her tits and moved lower, covering her naked belly with hot, wet kisses that had her pussy literally bubbling with expectation. Tina couldn't stand it anymore. She hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her bikini bottoms and pulled them down. Then, licking her lips in anticipation, Tina lay back and parted her creamy thighs wide, exposing her hairy, gaping cuntlips to Bobby's hungry gaze. "Snack time, baby!", she breathed, pulling the boy's head down into her crotch. Bobby pressed his whole face into Tina's wet, gaping fuck-hole and began to suck noisily. She tasted just like his mother! The taste of his mother's cunt always turned Bobby on. It was almost like an aphrodisiac to him. As usual, his excitable young prick began to harden and swell to mammoth proportions. "Oooooh, God yesssss! Suck it, Bobby!", panted Tina, lifting her ass up off the couch. Her gaping cuntmound was plastered firmly over the boy's vacuuming mouth but Tina desperately seemed to want more. Holding onto her naked asscheeks with both hands, Bobby pushed his face deep into Tina's wide-open crotch. She whimpered in delight, grinding her drooling cunt up at Bobby's, sucking mouth as the boy continued to rub his face around in her moist, yielding pussy-flesh. Bobby's hot tongue darted and probed, sliding repeatedly over Tina's clit as her ass jerked back and forth with pleasure. "Inside!", squealed Tina. "Push your tongue inside me!... Fuck my cunt with your tongue, baby!" Bobby opened his mouth wide, and plunged his tongue deep into Tina's squirming cunt, his hands gripping her firm, creamy ass as he noisily slurped up her free-flowing juices. Tina whimpered with ecstasy as she whipped her ass about, rubbing and twisting from side to side, smearing her drooling pussy up into Bobby's eager young mouth. She looked down between her bobbing tits at his face, seeing only his eyes above the soft, curly mass of pussy hair. The boy's long, stiff tongue felt fantastic in her cunt. She especially loved the way he licked the full length of her slit before burying his tongue deeply in her quivering fuckhole, sucking all the while. "Eat me... Uuuhhh, eat me!", she squealed. "Suck my pussy, Bobby! Oooh, baby, baby!... Suck my cunt!... Fuck me with your tongue!... Mmmmmmm, suck it, suck it, suck it!... Make me come in your pussy-sucking mouth!" Tina had forgotten all about her husband and her son, all that mattered right now was the blinding pleasure of this boy's wonderful mouth and tongue on her insatiable cunt. Chapter 95. Clinging to Tina's grinding ass, Bobby licked and sucked her pussy hungrily. He knew what his sister and mother enjoyed when he sucked them... so, with practiced ease, he proceeded to please Tina in exactly the same way. He flicked her clit repeatedly with his tongue, then drove it into her gaping fuck-hole as deeply as he could. It certainly did the trick because soon Tina's hot cunt was creaming helplessly into Bobby's eagerly sucking mouth. Bobby swallowed every tasty drop with relish. He twisted and twirled his tongue inside her tasty pussy, sucking at her rigid clit, licking over every delicious inch of Tina's lust-swollen twat. Tina began to jerk her cunt up and down against Bobby's juice-smeared face, rubbing hard. Her hands were behind Bobby's head, mashing his mouth as tightly as possible against her burning cunthole. "I'm gonna come, Bobby!", she screamed. "Uhhhhhh, make me come! I want to come on your face, in your mouth! Suck it up, honey! Ooooh, Baby lick my juicy slit!... Unnnmmmm! I want you to suck it... and fuck it and... ohhhhhhh, harder, harder!" Tina bucked like a mare in heat, her tits jiggling and her long hair flying. Bobby held on to her hips for dear life, his mouth glued to the woman's spasming pussy as she came. Wave after wave of intense pleasure filled her cunt as one of the most powerful orgasms Tina had ever experienced engulfed her panting, trembling body. "Oh, Jesus, baby! That was fantastic! You suck my pussy better than anybody!" Bobby lifted his juice-smeared face from her cunt and smiled. "Even better than your husband?" he asked, reaching up to fondle her quivering tits. "Yep!... Don't get me wrong... Both Dave and Johnny are good, but in the cunt-sucking department, you've got them beat a million ways, lover!" "I don't get many complaints!", grinned Bobby. "I bet you don't!... What about Kelly, does she like you to suck her pussy too?" "She sure does! Kel goes crazy when I eat out her hot little cunt. I'm surprised she doesn't wake up the whole neighbourhood some mornings." "And your mother...?" "You don't miss much, do you?", laughed Bobby. "Nope!" "Now I know where Julie get's her smarts from." "I THOUGHT she was behind all this...", grinned Tina. "Do you mind?" "Nope!" Tina reached for Bobby's cock and began to move her fist up and down the long, smooth incredible length of it. She longed to feel the boy's musky maleness between her lips before he plunged it into her pussy. "Mmmmm, oh, yes!... Ohhh, that's nice!... Rub it hard!", groaned Bobby, hunching his erection lewdly into Tina's hand. Tina moved her fist up and down the length of the boy's stiff young prick, squeezing the bloated head of his cock gently each time. God he was hung! She could hardly get her fingers around the circumference of his prick! As she stroked his cock, Bobby's hands roamed Tina's body, massaging the smooth, tanned flesh of her tits and ass, pressing her naked, trembling body against his own. Tina kissed her new lover briefly on the lips, then whispered hotly into his ear... "Do you want me to suck your cock first, honey?" "Oh, yes!", breathed Bobby, his prick throbbing wildly in her hand. Tina looked down at it. "Mmmmmmmmm, you're so nice and big and hard, baby, I don't think you need me to suck it at all!" "Uhhhhh, please!??! Just a little bit!!....." Tina slid down between his legs and feasted her eyes on Bobby's huge erection. She took it in both hands and, with her mouth directly above the tip, Tina looked up into the boy's excited face, her eyes burning with lust. Chapter 96. "Okay, Bobby! I'll suck you... but then..." The boy shook with desire as Tina's eyes burned into his. Her mouth was so close to the head of his prick, Bobby could feel her hot breath blowing over his tortured flesh. "What?... what are you gonna do then?" panted Bobby, lifting his hips. "Well, honey... I hope you've got lots of cum in these big round balls of yours... 'cause after you've come in my mouth, I'm gonna suck you some more till you're good and hard, and ready for some hot, wet pussy..." Bobby's prick throbbed and jerked wildly in Tina's sweaty hand. Her tits were pressed against his lower thighs and she rubbed her firey cuntmound against his leg for emphasis as she spoke. "Christ.. You're making me hot!... I can't wait to fuck you!" Tina smiled wickedly. "You won't have to fuck ME, sweetheart... I'll fuck YOU! I'm gonna sit on your big, thick cock and ride you like a pony!... You'll just have to grab onto my tits and hold on... 'cause I'm gonna fuck your delicious young balls dry!... Would you like that, baby?" "Ooooh, God yes! Jesus!.. Do it!... For christ sakes do it!", screamed Bobby. "Alright honey!" smiled Tina. "But I want you to play with my pussy while I suck you. It's hot and bothered and needs a little attention right now." "Okay!", panted Bobby. "Slide around a bit so I can reach you better." Tina shifted her position so that she lay alongside the boy with her head over his crotch and her feet near his head. She lay partly on her side and opened her creamy thighs, bending her knees and spreading them wide so that Bobby had free access to her pink, glistening cunt. Tina turned her head towards him, a wicked gleam in her eye. "Play with my pussy while I suck your cock, honey!... tell me what you'd like to do to me... tell me everything! I want to hear all your fantasies Bobby... 'cause tonight, I'm gonna make 'em all come true... every one!" Bobby groaned loudly as Tina dipped her head and closed her hot moist lips over the tip of his cock. She sucked on the large flared knob for a few seconds before opening her mouth and sliding her tight lips slowly down over the length of his shaft, swallowing the boy's hard cock as best she could. At first, Tina couldn't get all of him into her mouth, but once she relaxed her throat and became accustomed to the size of his prick, she was able to deep-throat Bobby's cock all the way to the base of his throbbing shaft. Her lips pressed into his fuzzy pubic hair. His balls were hot on her chin and her mouth was very, very full. Tina ran her fingers up his thighs, caressing the smooth, hard muscles. Then, cupping his naked ass, she began to move her mouth eagerly up and down on her young lover's prick. Bobby loved every second of it!... he was in seventh heaven! Tina's hands squeezing his tight asscheeks and her hot, wet mouth wrapped around his cock like a tight cunt, were an unbeatable combination! With a grunt, Bobby began to fuck his prick in and out of Tina's open, slurping mouth. "Suck it, Baby!", he groaned. "Suck my big, hard cock!... Uuhhh, yeahhhh... eat it! Lick it and suck it!" Tina moaned loudly as young Bobby's prick pushed down her throat with each lunge. She closed her lips tightly around it, her tongue pushing the shaft to the roof of her mouth, making it as tight as possible for him. Her mouth watered with the hot, musky taste of him, reminding her how much she loved to suck cock.. especially young cock! Forbidden fruits always tasted better, she thought with a smile. Bobby's gorgeous young cock reminded her deliciously of her own son, Johnny. Tina had sucked many cocks in her lifetime, but young, hard teenage cocks felt and tasted better than any of them. Bobby's was no different. It tasted fresh and salty, and each time she took him fully into her mouth, Tina's nostrils filled with the excitingly musky, male odour of his hairy young crotch. The smell made her cunt twitch and she began to twist and writhe her ass, bunching it tightly, pressing herself against his arm, silently begging him to touch her pussy... to feel how hot she was for him. Tina was so strongly aroused by now, that the insides of her thighs were saturated with her fuck-juices, the blonde pubic hair on her cuntmound moist and matted around the deep, glistening slit. Bobby quickly got the message and reached down, inserting two fingers inside her well-lubricated cunthole. "Mmmmmmmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!", moaned Tina, her mouth too full of cock to make any sense at all. "You like that, don't you, babe?", Bobby panted. "You like it when I finger-fuck your hot cunt, don't you?" Chapter 97. Tina only grunted an unintelligible reply... her mouth a blur as her head bobbed up and down on the boy's hard, saliva-covered prick. Bobby's fingers made distinct slurping sounds as he stabbed them deeply into Tina's hotly gaping sex... adding a third finger as he felt her cunt loosen up a little. "God, you're tighter than I thought!" groaned Bobby, wiggling his fingers around in Tina's snugly gripping cunthole. "Thank you, sweetheart!", said Tina. "I'll take that as a compliment." She smiled at him and winked suggestively before returning her insatiable mouth to his young prick. Her tight lips closed around his cock once more, and using her hands under his ass, Tina urged the boy to fuck her mouth. Bobby watched her full, red lips squeeze his cock. He pumped his cock into her throat, listening to the soft, gurgling sounds the naked woman made as he rammed all four fingers into her tightly squirming pussy. Tina sucked Bobby's rigid prick for a few more minutes, enjoying the feel of his inquisitive young hand in her cunt. But pretty soon, her super-heated pussy demanded more! It quivered and twitched around the boy's delving fingers, just aching to be filled by the thick pole of cockmeat Bobby had crammed into her gulping mouth. Suddenly, Tina wrenched her mouth off Bobby's erection and sat up. His fingers pulled out of her tight, juicy gash with a wet plopping sound. She was hot and horny, and desperate for cock... hard young cock! Tina knew only too well that at his age Bobby could fuck her all night long and still have a hard-on at dawn. She wanted that now... she wanted his lovely young prick filling her pussy, stretching her cunt like she knew it would... Her eyes were glazed and wild looking as she clambered over him, her thighs spread wide. She was so highly aroused by the prospect of fucking the handsome young boy she could hardly think straight. Tina quickly straddled his hips, positioning the tip of the boy's long, hard prick directly under her drooling snatch. It jutted up a good ten inches from his crotch now, an angry red spike, ready to split her in half. Tina stared down at it eagerly. "I'm gonna fuck you now, baby!", she muttered, grabbing hold of the boy's thick, throbbing shaft. "Momma's gonna sit on your big ol' cock and fuck you good, honey!" "Ohhh! Jesus, yes! Fuck me, Tina!", stammered Bobby, staring up at her large, swollen tits. They were hanging close to his mouth as she bent forwards, squatting her cunt over his cock. Tina rubbed the flared head into the gaping lips of her twat, teasing them both with the exquisite contact. "God, that feels nice!", gasped Bobby. "Your cunt is so hot and wet! Ummmmm! Do it! Sit on my cock!... I can't wait to feel it inside you." "Me either, lover!", groaned Tina, spreading her thighs even wider. "Lift your hips when I bear down, honey. I want you as deep up inside me as possible for this fuck, okay?" "You bet!", said Bobby, grabbing the cheeks of her tight little ass for leverage. Tina moaned deep in her throat and grasped his cock at the base, holding it upright between her thighs. Then, inserting the fat, purple head between the gaping lips of her cunt, she sank down slowly on top of him, letting her weight do all the work. Her tight, juicy cunt enveloped his cock steadily, an inch at a time. Tina didn't stop until she felt Bobby's wiry pubic hair press against her flared cuntlips and she knew his prick was in her all the way. Her cunt finally felt complete, open and stretched, and very, very full... filled to to the brink again with hard, pulsating young cock. "Oooh yes!... God, that's good, baby! Your prick is in me, so fuckin' deep!", wailed Tina, squirming her cunt down as hard as she could. Bobby hunched his hips upwards, causing the impaled woman to give off a sensuous sigh of satisfaction. She sat on him like that for several long seconds, his hard, young prick buried to the balls in her cunt. A cock felt so much bigger to her when she fucked this way, and for the moment, Bobby's hard young cock felt absolutely HUGE! For now, Tina was content to let her pussy adjust to the size of it. She leaned down towards him, letting her lush tits brush tantalisingly against his hairless chest. "How does it feel, baby?", asked Tina, gasping for breath. "How does it feel to have your cock stuck up my horny cunt?" "Hot!... It feels hot and wet, and fuckin' tight!", moaned Bobby. pulling her tits lower so he could suck on her nipples. "Just the way you like it... hot and ready to fuck, right, lover?" "Christ, yesss!... Jesus, I can't stand it any more... Get that sweet, juicy cunt moving on my cock and ride me, baby!... Fuck it hard as you can!" Tina giggled like a teenager and began to bounce up and down on the boy's cock, impaling herself deliciously again and again on the rock-hard column of his young prick. Tina sat up and clutched her tits in both hands, bearing down on the boy's cock with all her strength. "Watch me Bobby!.. Watch your cock fill my cunt!", she screeched. "Watch me fuck you, baby!" Bobby stared down between Tina's creamy thighs, his eyes wide at the lewd sight of his hard, glistening shaft disappearing time after time into her tightly clasping pussy. His hips moved in time with hers, pumping his hard meat into her writhing hole as best he could. Tina gave out a loud squeal and began to bounce up and down, faster and faster, slapping her pussy onto the base of Bobby's driving cock, lifting her hips until she almost lost it, only to ram down again, grinding her swollen clit hard against the boy's pubic mound. Tina gasped hotly, fucking on Bobby's prick. "Ahhhhhggghh! Uhhhhhh! God, give me your cock, baby! Give me every inch of your big, fat, mother-fuckin' prick!!" Chapter 98. Her cunt juices flowed like a river, forming a white froth around the base of Bobby's cock, coating his young balls with a thick, creamy lather. Tina gurgled and sobbed with pleasure, clutching at her naked tits. Her back was arched in ecstasy as she rode him, fucking the young kid with all the energy she could muster. "Oooh, baby, this is fantastic!", she whimpered. "God, what a cock! So hard... so long! I can feel it pressing way up inside my belly! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me like you fuck your mother!" Bobby began to thrust his cock upwards as she hunched down, his crotch making loud, wet sounds as it slapped against Tina's hot, juicy cunt. "I am fucking you, Tina!", he shouted. "I'm fucking you good!... Throw that tight, juicy pussy at my cock like that, baby, and I'll fuck you all night!" She fell forwards supporting her body on straightened arms either side of her lover's head, squirming her ass about, grinding her cunt down into his crotch every time he lunged up. "Suck my tits, Bobby!", panted Tina. "Suck my tits while I fuck you, baby!" The boy did as he was told, licking her hanging breasts and sucking her stiff nipples into his hot mouth. Tina's eyes were closed as she fucked faster and faster, her cunt on fire... burning with wild indescribable lust for this young boy between her legs. God what a stud!... He knew how to fuck her better than any male alive! Frantically, she brought a hand to her pussy, rubbing and agitating her swollen clit as she stuffed her cunt with his cock... over and over. Her naked ass whipping about, sliding back and forth... up and down. Bobby held Tina's hot thighs with both hands, his thumbs gripping near her cunt... his eyes were wide as he watched the woman's hairy fuckhole devour his prick. He could only moan and gasp as Tina's cunt rammed up and down the length of his impaled shaft, pounding so hard she was making the couch bounce. Her cunt was so tight and so hot Bobby couldn't hold back the creamy tide rising in his young balls much longer. Tina felt it too and reached back behind her whipping ass, clutching his swollen balls, squeezing them, pulling them. "Bobby! Ohhhh, baby, your balls are so hard!", she gasped. "Give me your jizz, honey!... Squirt your hot cream up my cunt!... Come in my pussy... I want it in my cunt, baby!" "Are you gonna come?" "God, yes!... Any second... come with me, Bobby!" Tina sat upright again, her ass bounced faster and faster. She was stabbing herself down on his cock in a frenzy, grinding her cunt against him and squealing loudly in total abandon. Her hands flew once more to her jiggling breasts and she squeezed the hard, digging her fingers into the the firm flesh, her nipples protruding between her knuckles. She stiffened and screamed at the top of her voice as her orgasm peaked. "Ahhhhhhhh! Fuck me! Ooooooh Bobby, fuck me! I'm cumming, baby!" "Me too!... Uhhhggghh! God, I can feel it!... Jesus, you sexy fuckin' bitch!... Come!... Come for me, Tina!... Fuck! I'm cumming tooooo!" As she came, Tina's pulsing twat gripped him in flexing waves, squeezing and sucking her young lover's prick as wave after glorious wave of contractions gripped her jerking cunt. She screamed loudly, her head twisting and her long, blonde hair flying wildly. Bobby's hands slid down over Tina's hips to grab her churning ass, and with a grunt he came, spewing his thick creamy load deep into Tina's cock-filled cunt. As his head and shoulders came off the bed, Tina stuffed one of her tits into his mouth. Bobby began to suck frantically on her large, pink nipple, his fingers digging into the hot crack of her ass. His cock squirted time and time again until Tina thought he was never going to stop, flooding her pussy. She cried and gasped, her orgasms coming stronger and stronger, her cunt almost squeezing his cock off at the base. "Suck my tit, lover!", she squealed. "Suck my fuckin' tit and come in my fuckin' cunt!" Bobby sucked her tits one at a time as he emptied his balls into her sweet fuckin' cunt, and, as the final spurt of cum splattered her hungry womb, Tina fell forward, crushing her young lover beneath her shaking body, the spasms of her quivering cunt still working at his softening cock. After a minute or so, Bobby rolled Tina's almost dead weight off his body. Her final climax had been so powerful she had fainted from sheer pleasure, and now lay beside him, radiating flushed beauty as only a freshly fucked woman could. Bobby looked at her cunt. It was open, and leaking a sticky mixture of sperm and cunt juice. The boy lowered his face to her gaping cuntslit and tested the liquid with his tongue. It tasted good.. just like a cunt always did, except maybe a bit saltier. That was probably because of his jism, he thought. Bobby found the taste exciting, and licked his lips as he stared at Tina's naked body, spread out so lewdly before him. Her tits were firm and swollen, rising and falling as she breathed, the rosy nipples stiff and erect with latent passion. But it was her open slit that attracted his full attention, the pink lips gaped sweetly, and the dark, glistening hole continued to ooze that wonderful elixir he had tasted only moments before. Bobby rolled the unconscious woman onto her back and spread her legs, pushing them back and bending them at the knees until her swollen cunt lay before him, exposed to his hungry gaze like a juicy, rare steak on a platter. He lowered his lips and kissed her gooey mound, licking the juice from her cunthair before dipping his tongue into her liquid cunt. Tina began to "come around" at the touch of the boy's mouth on her pussy. At first she was still a little dazed, but when she realized what he was doing, she smiled and pressed against the back of his head, pushing his mouth deeper into the bubbling swamp of her cunt. "Mmmmmm, that's nice, baby!... Suck out momma's cunt!", she moaned dreamily. When Bobby realized that Tina was fully conscious, he turned around and straddled her head, lowering his cock into her mouth before she could say another word, returning his mouth to her cunt as if nothing had happened. - Chapter 99. Tina reached up and grabbed Bobby's firm young asscheeks with both hands as she sucked him. She loved the taste of young cock, and Bobby's was one of the very best she'd ever tasted. It was fresh and salty, completely different to the tangy, masculine taste of her husband's familiar cock. It made her pussy cream, and she opened her mouth wider, wrapping her lips tightly around the head of Bobby's huge prick. She began to move her warm, wet tongue up and down the throbbing shaft as it slid slowly between her lips, sucking all of him into her mouth, until her throat was filled with thick, throbbing cock-meat. A muffled moan escaped her lips each time Bobby's eager tongue contacted her clit. He dragged it slowly across her swollen cunt-lips, up one side of her cunt, and down the other, savouring the heady flavour of Tina's mature pussy. He sucked her greedily, flicking his tongue around in her hot, juice-filled gash like a man possessed. The room became filled with loud, wet slurping sounds as Tina returned the favour and sucked noisily on the teenager's glistening cock. Bobby ran his tongue repeatedly back and forth between Tina's parted cunt-lips, getting the woman so excited she began to hunch her gaping sex up against Bobby's mouth, wiggling her juicy, wet cuntslit all over his face. His hands cupped her slim buttocks, pulling Tina's cunt hard against his open mouth as he thrust his rapidly-working tongue deep inside her weeping slit. He heard her gasp and felt her mouth increase it's wonderful suction on his jerking cock. Tina's cunt contracted, opening and closing around his tongue as he used it expertly, ramming it like a small, stiff prick, deep within her hot, squirming fuck-hole. Bobby moved his hands lower, pulling her cunt apart like a ripe peach, licking and sucking her juicy, pink cunt-flesh until she thought she would actually explode with pleasure. Finally, his tongue found her hard, quivering clit. The tiny bud was stiff as a little cock, and throbbed and pulsed between his lips as he sucked it gently in and out of his mouth, just like Tina's full, red lips were doing to his cock. Bobby could feel every ridge and valley of her mouth as his cock slid ever deeper between the woman's lips. Tina's pussy flowered open even wider as Bobby sucked her hungrily. Her juices ran freely, flowing out of her cunt to cover not only his tongue, but his mouth and chin as well. Bobby felt her thigh muscles contract against his cheeks just like his mother's always did when she was about to come. She was close! He could feel it, her soft thighs clenched around his head. Her muscles stood out all along her body, and she pulled savagely on his cock, threatening to suck his aching balls right out through the head of his prick. Then suddenly, Tina stiffened and cried out as an abrupt and soul-searing climax flooded her writhing body with sensations of pleasure so strong, she almost fainted again with the sheer intensity of her orgasm. "Ohhh! Unnnngghhhmmm, yesss! Oh, Bobby! I'm cummminggg! Arghhhh! Suck me hard! Suck my clit, Bobby! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ooooooooh, Goddddd!" Bobby moaned and buried his nose and lips in Tina's wet, quivering snatch, sucking hungrily on her clit as he stabbed his stiff tongue deep into her spasming cunt-hole. Tina was squealing like crazy as she strained her cuntmound up against the boy's slurping mouth. As the waves of lust racing through her loins gradually subsided, Tina was able to concentrate once again on Bobby's temporarily neglected cock, swallowing his huge throbbing organ to the very base. Her tightly stretched lips worked vigourously up and down the slick pole, covering every inch of it's hard length with her warm, slippery saliva. Bobby had made her come like she'd never come before, and Tina was determined to return the favour by making him squirt in her lovely mouth. Her lips were unbelievably tight around his prick, and Bobby couldn't fight the urge to jerk his hips up and down, fucking his cock deep into her juicy warm mouth. Tina was an expert cock-sucker, and she knew exactly how to use her mouth on the male organ for maximum pleasure. On the up-stroke, she sucked for a while on his fat, purple knob, sticking the tip of her tongue into the tiny slit in the head of his cock. Before too long, Bobby felt his balls begin to expand urgently. "Ohh, Tina! Christ! Here it comes! Suck it hard, baby! I'm gonna fill your gorgeous mouth full of cum! Arghhhhhh! Unnnnngggghhh!" Tina sucked greedily as Bobby's hot, jism began to spurt from the jerking tip of his cock. The thick, salty fluid filled her mouth and Tina had to swallow frantically to prevent herself choking on the sticky torrent. "Uuuuhhggghhh! God! Fuckin' Christ! Ahhhhhgggh, suck it, you hot sucking bitch! Take it, baby! Eat it all!" Hot, creamy cum was oozing from the corners of her mouth by the time Bobby's ejaculation began to subside. Tina pulled her lips from his cock for a second and licked her lips, then continued sucking gently on his cock, until it began to swell in her mouth again. `God, how I love young cock!', thought Tina, trying to smile around the gagging thickness of Bobby's rapidly-rejuvenating organ. Chapter 100. Meanwhile, in the spa room, Debbie and Julie were giving young Johnny a fuck to remember. The boy was on his back beside the tub with his sister's little blonde pussy plastered over his face while Debbie Conroy faced her, bouncing her cunt up and down on Johnny's rigid cock. "Mmmm, that's so fucking good!" Julie breathed as her pussy responded to her brother's tongue with glowing, trembling warmth. "Ohhh, yeahhh Johnny! Suck me, baby! Suck me and fuck Debbie! Uuuhhhh, this is so dirty!" "Ohh, God yesss, shove it up there Johnny!" Debbie moaned in reply, spreading her thighs a little wider to allow her cunt to slide further down over the long, stiff prong joining her loins to his. "His cock feels like it's as big as my arm! Ohhh, Johnny, your big hard prick's making me want to cum already!" Julie leaned forward and began to suck on the older woman's nipples as they bobbed enticingly in front of her. It was such a thrill to have her big brother suck her pussy while he was fucking Debbie. As she squeezed and sucked Debbie's tits, Julie suddenly imagined herself and her mother doing this to her father. Her little blonde pussy creamed into her brother's mouth at the very thought. "Unngghhh! Ahhhhh!" Debbie cried out, twisting about with wanton abandon as she hunched her hips up and down, fucking herself deeply on Johnny's tightly-gripped prick. "Omigod, Johnny, shove it in! Fuck it to me harder, you gorgeous kid! Ummmmmmm! Yeahhhh! That's really going in deep now! "Suck it! Eat my cream, Johnny!" Julie groaned as she forced her young pussy down against the youth's mouth with as much ferocity as she had ever displayed. "Mmmm, get your tongue up my cunt and lap the cum out, big brother! Oooooh! I feel like I could cum forever!" Literally enveloped by two furiously excited pussies, Johnny surrendered to his sensual desires and let his body dictate its own course. Holding onto the cheeks of Julie's cute young ass, he lifted his hips off the floor and thrust his cock up into Debbie's pounding cunt at the same time probing and wiggling his tongue deep up inside his sister's tight, pink little slit. Although he had never tried this kind of threesome before, Johnny managed to satisfy the desires of both females with surprising agility. His tongue and prick worked independently of each other and coordinated their movements with those of the woman enjoying each organ. The taste and scent of Julie's hot pussy, together with the hot, wet grip of Debbie's eager cunt stimulated his senses to such a degree that soon a of climactic wave of passion was building in his young body like a storm. Humping violently, he fucked himself up into Debbie's bouncing cunt, at the same time driving his tongue stiffly into Julie's squirming blonde fuckhole. All three were moaning loudly as Debbie felt Johnny orgasm inside her quivering cunt. With a groan of lust, she pulled Julie's mouth to hers and kissed the young girl passionately, grinding out her own orgasm on the youth's spurting, jerking prick. Julie came too, thrusting her own tongue into Debbie's hot mouth as her young pussy creamed into her brother's. Johnny's prick continued jerking and pulsating wildly long after it had jetted the last droplet of sperm into Debbie's rippling hole. Debbie whimpered, enjoying each throbbing convulsion with total ecstasy. Muttering obscene oaths of joy, she worked her cunt back and forth, grinding it from side to side and sliding her twat sensuously up and down the length of the boy's slick pole until she could no longer move. Julie, meanwhile, had been undergoing much the same experience but in a subtly different way, one much more appropriate to the stimulation she was receiving from Johnny's tongue. Her sexual feeling had become centered primarily in her clitoris and at the height of her climax she moved slightly so as to bring that throbbing nub of sensitivity more directly against his relentless tongue. Instinctively, Johnny managed to comprehend her desire and gave his little sister exactly what she wanted, a long series of tongue caresses directly upon the very centre of her sexuality. He worked his tongue back and forth over her swollen clitoris until she could no longer stand it. "Oooohhh, God, Johnny. I love it when you do that that!," she whimpered, arching her back and grinding her pussy down hard onto his face. Debbie bent forward, her tight cuntal grip still holding Johnny's young cock deep inside her, and kissed Julie hotly, squeezing and fondling the young girl's pert little tits as they squirmed slowly on top of Johnny, enjoying the rosy afterglow of the simultaneous orgasms he had given them. Even Johnny's youthful virility was beginning to wane after the long series of climaxes he had enjoyed and his prick quickly wilted into a long, limp tube that gradually eased its way out of Debbie's cunt. Exhausted and breathless, he lay back and closed his eyes. "Well.. it looks to me as though we might have fucked the poor boy out, Julie!", smiled Debbie, running her fingers teasingly over Johnny's limp cock. "Yeah! But I'll bet there aren't many guys his age who are getting as much pussy as he is... right Johnny?", Julie giggled. "Or getting such hot, snappin' pussy," he replied, turning to look at his little sister. "Man. I still can't believe that all this is happening to me! If it's a dream, I sure hope I never wake up!" "It's no dream!", replied Julie, watching his cock begin to swell again under Debbie's expert fingers. "And from now on, big brother, you'd better make sure that you keep yourself in tiptop condition. I've got a feeling you're gonna need all the stamina you can muster." "Speaking of stamina," said Debbie grinning broadly, "Why don't we go see what the others are doing." "Yeah!", agreed Johnny. "I think I'm gonna need a little rest just to recover from you two." "Mmmmmm! Not TOO long a rest I hope, stud!", Debbie replied giving Johnny's semi-hard young cock an affectionate squeeze. Arms around each other, the naked threesome left the spa and headed for the house. Chapter 101. As they passed the pool, they noticed that it was empty. Dave and Kelly had decided on the comfort of the house too it seemed. They found the others making out in the living room. "Well, it's about time you three decided to join the party!", laughed, Tina openly ogling her son's semi-hard prick. Although she had Bobby's cock still buried deep in her cunt, Tina lusted after her handsome young son something fierce. Just knowing that the handsome, muscular youth had obviously just fucked BOTH Julie and Debbie in the spa made her pussy literally twitch with wanton lust. She pulled her cunt off Bobby's slack prick and got up, taking Johnny by the hand. "Come on, baby," Tina husked, pulling her naked son towards an unoccupied corner of the room, "Mommy's got an itch I want you to scratch!" Debbie sat down beside Dave and Kelly who were kissing hotly on the sofa, and curled her fingers around his rock-hard cock. "Hi, handsome!", she whispered into his ear. Dave pulled his lips from Kelly's and turned to her mother. "Hi, yourself!" he grinned, sliding his left hand down between Debbie's open thighs. He inserted a finger into the woman's gaping fuckhole and rubbed her clit. His right hand had been busily playing with Kelly's overheated young pussy, now he was finger-fucking both mother and daughter at the same time. Debbie moaned and crushed her soft, pliant lips over Dave's. As they kissed passionately, Kelly bent her head between Dave's legs and took his erection into her mouth, sucking voraciously. Julie knelt and did the same to Bobby, excited by the taste of her mother's cunt on the boy's glistening, pink cock. She enjoyed the taste so much, Julie vowed to sample her mother's juices direct from the source before the night was out. "Ohhhh, God!" Debbie whimpered when she finally pulled her hot sucking mouth from Dave's lips. "I need you to fuck me, baby! Right now!!" Sensing her mother's urgency, Kelly lifted her mouth from Dave's throbbing cock and grinned impishly. "Suck my cunt, Mom!" she gasped. "Eat me while Dave fucks you, then I'll suck his cum out of your cunt, while he fucks me!" Thoroughly aroused at the thought of being screwed by her neighbour's magnificent prick, while tongue-fucking her horny daughter, Debbie rolled onto her back and lewdly parted her shapely thighs. "Oooh, Kel, honey! Come sit on momma's face, baby!" she panted. As Kelly lowered her dripping pussy down over her mother's mouth, Dave crawled up between Debbie's legs and positioned his bloated cock between the wide-spread lips of her cunt. Debbie grasped the thick base of his huge boner and eased his swollen cockhead between her slippery cuntlips. Dave thrust forward and Debbie whimpered softly as she felt the thick shaft sinking deeper and deeper into the hot tightness of her juicy twat. It felt enormous in her, but the lust-crazed woman was enjoying every moment as Dave's huge prick slowly filled her cunt. "Oooooooooh, yes," she whispered when the big man's cock was completely buried in hot little fuckhole. "Now just fuck the shit out of me." Starting slowly at first, Dave was soon drilling into Debbie's lurching crotch with all his strength. He watched her stiff tongue as it flicked sensuously between Kelly's drooling cuntlips. The sight of Debbie sucking her daughter's cunt was extremely exciting. So was the hot slippery flesh of her snugly clasping cunt squeezing and sucking deliciously the length of his thickly-veined cockshaft as he fucked her powerfully. He couldn't believe how tight she was and the way she was fucking back at him like a wild primitive animal. The wet sloshing noises of their torrid fuck echoed through the room. Chapter 102. Having resurrected Bobby's flaccid cock to epic proportions with her mouth, young Julie was now astride the teenager's huge boner riding him like a horse. "Harder! Fuck me harder!" she squealed. "Uuuuhhhh! God, how I love that big prick!" Her sweet bare ass was quivering deliciously as her hot, clasping cunt climbed hungrily up and down the length of Bobby's thick plunging cock. The horny little blonde couldn't remember when she'd ever felt such exquisite ecstasy as she was feeling now. "Ooooooooooh, FUCK!" she squealed, feeling her cunt starting to spasm around Bobby's plunging prick. "I'm coming! I'M COMING! OOOOOOOOOOOH! COMING... COMING!" "Jesus," giggled Johnny, who was kneeling behind his mother shoving his long, stiff prick into her thick-lipped pussy. "Julie is sure getting a wild fuck over there." "Ummm! Uhhh! It sure sounds like it, honey." grunted Tina, pushing her ass back to meet her son's solid cock-thrusts. "But you... uhhhh fuck!... you j...just concentrate on f..ffucking ME now, baby! Plenty of time to screw your little sister later!... uhhh.. UHHHHH! GODDD! YESSSSSSS! FUCK ME! Johnny rammed his cock into his mother's cunt as hard as he could, probing around the tight little ring of her shitter with his thumb. "Stick your finger up mommy's ass, honey. You know how that drives me crazy!", panted Tina, reaching round to spread her asscheeks for him. Johnny rubbed the tip of his thumb into her slit to get it all juicy and slippery, then slipped it up into his mother's hot, puckered asshole. "Ooooooooooh, yes!" Tina squealed. "Shove it in further." With his cock thrusting wildly in her cunt, Johnny plunged the entire length of his thumb into her ass, and soon had his mother squealing with joy as he twisted and screwed it around deep in her tight, buttery little rectum. "Ohhhh, Johnny," she excitedly asked. "That feels so wonderful! Do you know what I want you to do to me now! "What?" "I want you to fuck my ass!" she gasped, staring sexily over her shoulder at her handsome young son. "Fuck mommy's ass with that big fat cock now, baby!" "Alright!!!", grinned Johnny, pulling his cock from his mother's cunt with an audible slurp. He reached under her belly and ran his fingers through her dripping cuntslit, lathering her tight little shitter and his own cockhead with his mother's slippery pussy juices. "This will probably hurt, Mom" he said, easing the tip of his prick up against her tight little asshole. "I don't care," she answered. "Just shove it in." Firmly grasping her slim hips, Johnny pushed his lubricated cock forward, and felt the flared knob suddenly surge past his mother's ultra-tight sphincter muscles and bury itself deep up inside her firey bowels. Remaining completely still for several moments while his mom's asshole became more accustomed to the sudden thick intrusion, Johnny finally pulled his cock slowly back through the slick, clinging tightness of her rectum until only his big knob remained embedded. Then plunging forward, he felt the tingling ecstasy streaking up the length of his tool as he drilled deep into her bowels again. "Does that hurt, Mom?" he panted, driving his cock harder and deeper into Tina's tight little butthole. "Shit, yes!" squealed Tina. "But don't you dare stop! I love it!" Pumping rhythmically into the buttery softness of his mom's clinging rectum, the intense pleasure soon began to mount in Johnny's young loins. With the hot slickness of her tight, maternal shitter massaging his prick, Johnny lustily drove his hard boner in and out of Tina's tight ass, feeling the soft sucking flesh of her rectum clinging moistly to his thrusting prick. The intense pleasure that was coursing up and down Johnny's shaft seemed to intensify with every plunge into the soft tightness of his mother's hot ass. Chapter 103. Tina was approaching climax herself. The angle of entry of Johnny's cock into her asshole, and the wonderful thickness of her son's manly organ meant that her clit was getting an exquisite massage. Soon, wave after wave of wild incestuous pleasure was flooding through her body. Tina could feel the unbelievable ecstasy building in her loins as her virile young son fucked deeper and harder into her tight, clinging bung-hole. "Jesus," panted Johnny, his cock drilling deep up into his mother's belly. "You sure are tight today, Mom!" "I know, lover" she giggled. "But you're stretching it nicely!" Tina began excitedly grinding her deliciously-filled asshole back around her boy's lunging rod, the wild, incestuous pleasure mounting in her lust-filled body. Every time she slammed her wiggly ass back around her son's thrusting prick, the glorious joy seemed to intensify. "Oooooooooh, Johnny, baby!" she panted, frantically rotated her ass around the boy's plunging tool. "God, that feels so big and hard and... uuuuhhhhhhhhh! Fuck I'm gonna cum!.. I'M GONNA CUM! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!" Reaching around her body, Johnny grasped his mother's firm, round tits and began fucking into her even harder. "OHHH, GOD! OOHHHH, FUCK! UHHNNNNGGGHHH! FUCK MEEEEEE!" squealed Tina, writhing her ass around wantonly. Releasing one of her tits, the boy moved his hand down between his mother's legs and began rubbing her quivering little clitty with his fingertips as she came. With her depraved squeals urging him on, and crazed with the intense ecstasy he was feeling, Johnny was now brutally pounding into her soft wiggly ass with long, solid strokes that made his mother's slim athletic body rock and shudder with the incredible power of their fuck. Within seconds of Tina's powerful orgasm, the muscles of her tightly-clasping rectum had Johnny over the edge too and he climaxed into her asshole with a loud high-pitched cry. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGHHHHH! FUCK! I'M CUMMING UP YOUR ASSHOLE, MOM!" Suddenly feeling Johnny's hot jizz spurting deep into her squirming asshole, Tina ground her butt back even harder around his exploding cock. The horny mom loved the feeling of delicious heat that filled her tight, cock-filled rectum as her son's sperm gushed up her tingling shitter. "Ohhhh, Johnny!" she gasped. "Just keep squirtin', honey. Fill momma's asshole with your cream baby!" Johnny was trembling with pleasure as he continued emptying his sperm-bloated balls into Tina's ass. When the last thick drop had dribbled from the head of his cock, the boy reluctantly pulled out of his mother's jizz-filled asshole. The room was still filled with the sounds of fucking. Julie was taking Bobby's cock doggy style and Dave was doing the same to Kelly as she ate out her mother's cum-filled pussy. The festivities lasted until the early hours of the morning, in every position and every possible combination. In fact the two naked families never left the Simpson house until late the following evening. They sucked and fucked in pairs, in threesomes, foursomes, and in every conceivable position that their lust-crazed minds could imagine. When one of them would temporarily collapse from exhaustion, there was always someone to take their place. They felt liberated and were all very much aware that their lives had been changed forever. They could enjoy each other's bodies totally, indulging themselves in hours of family fun without the slightest shame or guilt or jealousy. The End. Double for Nothing!! Tricks for Free!!! http://pw1.netcom.com/~mrdouble/main/stories.html Be There.....

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