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I'm looking for a school in [select state__] This field is required. Looking for a professor by school/department? [18]Click here. Search CANCEL Rate a Rate a [19]Professor [20]School I want to rate ____________________ This field is required. Search cancel I want to rate ____________________ This field is required. Search cancel Rate My Professors Blog [All Categories] LOAD MORE Saved Professors _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [21]Load More * [22]Profs * [23]School * [24]Rate * [25]Blog * Click here to see all your saved professors. Saved Jeff Feinberg Professor in the Law department at [26]California State University - East Bay, Hayward, CA Campus Video Tour [INLINE] [27]are you Jeff? [28]Rate This Professor Share [29]Submit a Correction [30]| Learn how ratings work Overall Quality 3.5 Would Take Again N/A Level of Difficulty 3.3 Hotness [INLINE] Top 20 Tags for this Professor See how other students describe this professor. [31]Choose your tags 3 Student Ratings 0 Professor Notes ____________________________________________________________ 350 characters left Continue Your Rating Rating: All All Ratings Good Average Poor Class All Classes LITLAW POSC7012 POSC7013 Comment 03/07/2013 awful 1.0 Overall Quality 1.0 Level of Difficulty POSC7012 For Credit: N/A Attendance: N/A Textbook Used: No Would Take Again: N/A Grade Received: N/A No communication. Does not comment on our assignments. Prompts are open-ended but expects a certain answer without giving us any indication of what he is looking for. Therefore, there is no opportunity to learn from our "mistakes". His classes are Litigation I and II at CSUEB for the Paralegal Studies Program. Do not take him. [32]0 people found this useful [33]0 people did not find this useful [34]report this rating 08/09/2012 awesome 4.5 Overall Quality 4.0 Level of Difficulty LITLAW For Credit: N/A Attendance: N/A Textbook Used: Yes Would Take Again: N/A Grade Received: N/A Knowledgeable interesting lectures brings real life experience to the class. Does not provide syllabus. [35]0 people found this useful [36]0 people did not find this useful [37]report this rating 12/03/2011 awesome 5.0 Overall Quality 5.0 Level of Difficulty POSC7013 For Credit: N/A Attendance: N/A Textbook Used: Yes Would Take Again: N/A Grade Received: N/A Excellent lectures and course format. [38]0 people found this useful [39]0 people did not find this useful [40]report this rating No ratings found - [41]view all ratings for this professor. Were these reviews helpful? Help out your fellow students. [42]Rate this professor [43]More Professors from this school Add your notes Class ____________________ This field is required. 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