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#[1]Live Stream » Feed [2]Live Stream » Comments Feed [3]Live Stream » Erik Ruiz vs Diego De La Hoya Online Free Comments Feed [4]alternate [5]alternate [6]Live Stream [7]Skip to content * [8]Home * [9]Contract us * [10]Sample Page Erik Ruiz vs Diego De La Hoya Online Free By [11]Aliul Azam | May 19, 2017 [12]0 Comment Today watch Erik Ruiz vs Diego De La Hoya 19 May 2017 Online Free. In Diego De la Hoya has a famous name, but Eric Ruiz has something for him also on Thursday night: despair. Erik Ruiz vs Diego De La Hoya Online Free Erik Ruiz vs Diego De La Hoya Online Free Show Erik Ruiz vs Diego De La Hoya Free. Ruiz, 26, of 1/6/16 and departs from the defeat at the hands of former featherweight junior world champion Rico Ramos in March. He has won just three of his last nine games. Erik Ruiz vs Diego De La Hoya Live stream free. “I think now is a serious fight for me – said Ruiz.” This is the last chance to keep my name out there. ” De La Hoya’s name became known in boxing for many years thanks to Oscar, the former six-division world champion and Hall of Fame. But Diego, 22-year-old Oscar cousin, also earned a name for himself in recent years. He is now 17-0 with nine knockouts in his young career. Erik Ruiz vs Diego De La Hoya live Free. He will try to make another big step in this race Thursday against Ruiz, in the Golden Boy boxing title fight on ESPN (ESPN and ESPN Deportes, 10 pm ET). Diego De La Hoya – Eric Ruiz Erik Ruiz vs Diego De La Hoya Online Free Diego De La Hoya vs Erik Ruiz Video Stream and H2H Results Where: Casino Del Sol Resort in Tucson, Arizona When: Wednesday TV: ESPN, ESPN Sports, 22:00 ET Erik Ruiz vs Diego De La Hoya Free. Oscar will be present, and Diego is sure to make a good show for the cousin and everyone else. “I have the discipline that is needed, especially when it comes to training, – said de la Hoya.” I also have a resistance in the ring to be able to give [Ruiz] with style. I think people are preparing for a great battle. ” De la Hoya has another reason to be shot right now – his wife had just given birth to her son, Diego Jr., last month. The newborn may be a handful, but it sounds so that the formation of the Hoya was not difficult – in fact, quite the opposite. Erik Ruiz vs Diego De La Hoya Live Free Watch. Erik Ruiz vs Diego De La Hoya Online Free. “It’s about changing the way I see things,” – he said. “Now I train harder, because it’s not just my future, our future. Having a baby is difficult, but it’s worth it.”Both De La Hoya and Ruiz have been boxing since they were small children. “I never thought of how to do anything else,” – said De La Hoya. “Everything I’ve worked like fans had to become a world-class professional boxer.” Erik Ruiz vs Diego De La Hoya Online Free Diego De La Hoya – a strong prospect, but he does not want to have this famous name to define it. You will have the opportunity to showcase your talent on Thursday night at the Golden Boy Main Event on ESPN. You can look to fight for a world title later this year. But first he will have to beat Ruiz, who has never been knocked out in his 23 professional fights. Erik Ruiz vs Diego De La Hoya live feed free. “We never intend to hit – if it comes, it comes,” –Erik Ruiz vs Diego De La Hoya online coverage. said De La Hoya. “I do not like talking in the ring with that way of thinking, because I want to win in a natural way – be it by knockout or unanimous decision, which will turn out to be a fight.” Erik Ruiz vs Diego De La Hoya live telecast Ruiz – a stranger, no doubt. But his career may be on the line, and it’s not all that makes him dangerous. “I’m very excited about this fight,” Ruiz said. “I always dreamed of having his name against” La Hoya. ” It adds a little motivation. A little more motivation to give it all. “Erik Ruiz vs Diego De La Hoya highlights Category: [13]Sports Tags: [14]Diego De La Hoya vs Erik Ruiz Coverage Free, [15]Diego De La Hoya vs Erik Ruiz Free TV link, [16]Diego De La Hoya vs Erik Ruiz highlights, [17]Diego De La Hoya vs Erik Ruiz live telecast, [18]Diego De La Hoya vs Erik Ruiz online coverage, [19]Erik Ruiz vs Diego De La Hoya Free, [20]Erik Ruiz vs Diego De La Hoya Live Free, [21]Erik Ruiz vs Diego De La Hoya Live Free Watch, [22]Erik Ruiz vs Diego De La Hoya Live Score, [23]Erik Ruiz vs Diego De La Hoya Live Streaming Free, [24]Erik Ruiz vs Diego De La Hoya Online Free Post navigation [25]← Regions Tradition 2017 Live Stream Leave a Reply [26]Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. 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