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#[1]Live Stream » Feed [2]Live Stream » Comments Feed [3]Live Stream » England U17 vs Turkey U17 Free: Semi-Finals Match Comments Feed [4]alternate [5]alternate [6]Live Stream [7]Skip to content * [8]Home * [9]Contract us * [10]Sample Page England U17 vs Turkey U17 Free: Semi-Finals Match By [11]Aliul Azam | May 16, 2017 [12]0 Comment England U17 vs Turkey U17 Free: Semi-Finals Match. Santi Denia will lead Spain in the UEFA European Under-17 Championship semi-finals against Germany for the second consecutive year, after Turkey will try to stop the powerful English team. England U17 vs Turkey U17 Free: Semi-Finals Match England came one step closer to the 17-year European Championship, winning over Turkey with a 3: 1 score in the first of three major qualifiers this week. Young Lions started with the front legs in Chesterfield and Ryan Sesegnon of “Fulham” and “Mason Mountain” Chelsea in first chances Was begging. But with Turkey, bred in the back of the foot, Reiss Nelson Arsenal opened the score just before half an hour, when Jonathan Leko passed through the pass. “The dance of the damned” have doubled their lead shortly after the break when Leko, ahead of “West Brom” broke for Turkey’s defense, beating the goalkeeper and scoring a goal. England U17 vs Turkey U17 Free: Semi-Finals Match And Steve Cooper’s team was home and dry when Sessegnon was knocked down inside the guard area, and Nelson received the compound penalty. Turkey received a consolation through Guchlu Metehana shortly before the end, but England lost to victory. They go to Harrison Park City Onion to take the Finns on Saturday, and then complete a triple qualifying collection against Ukraine on Tuesday. The first team qualified for the finals in Azerbaijan, with seven of the eight places with the best record and do so. We are very pleased that we have achieved our goal of [qualifying stage of the U-17 World Cup], but we can not be satisfied with our game against Hungary. Players because of their age are not able to overcome a stressful situation, and we have not played as they wanted. We know about Turkey, but let’s focus on ourselves. We are fully aware that we play – we work throughout the year, so the focus is the same. We’ll be ready. To win ten consecutive games [season], so we have the players deserve real recognition. 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