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z #[1]publisher [2]Panold Biz Solutions Feed [3]PAN Commerce Comments Feed [4]Panold Biz Solutions Home - V2 Comments Feed Get 40 hours of FREE development. (Call +91 954 008 8887) [5]GET FREE DEVELOPMENT HOURS [6]Get Free Development Hours [7]PAN Ecommerce [8]PAN ECommerce * [9]Company * [10]Services + [11]Discovery Workshop + [12]Enterprise Mobility + [13]Software Development o [14]Web Applications o [15]Mobile Applications + [16]Enterprise Solutions * [17]Industries * [18]Clients * [19]Resources * [20]For Institutes * [21]Contact [22]PAN Ecommerce [23]PAN ECommerce * [24]Company * [25]Services + [26]Discovery Workshop + [27]Enterprise Mobility + [28]Software Development o [29]Web Applications o [30]Mobile Applications + [31]Enterprise Solutions * [32]Industries * [33]Clients * [34]Resources * [35]Institutional Marketing * [36]Contact We help businesses grow bigger and do better by leveraging technology to its best [37]Let's Talk Build your enterprise mobile app We formulate winning mobile strategies and make trendsetting mobile apps to help your businesses. [38]Learn More Mobile & web Development Looking to develop amazing mobile and web applications or want to bring a new product to market , we can make it happen. [39]Start Development Build a prototype in 2 weeks With this time-bound activity, we give you a prototype and success road map of your idea within days. [40]Build your Prototype At Panold Biz Solutions , we put people and technology at the forefront of our business. Our team has deep experience in transforming ideas into highly successful and powerful technology solutions to optimize your existing processes and boost revenues. * We managed end-to-end developments and deployments through Agile - Scrum management while using a TDD approach * We enabled Groupon goods platform launch in 30+ international destinations in less than 6 Months. * Doopley - A DC based startup. We enabled them with an innovative multilevel marketing platform & E-commerce Development in Delhi, ecommerce website development company in delhi for web & mobile. Our clients love what we do "(On recently launched iVillage App Network) we want to thank all the members...especially to our development partner, Panold Biz Solutions who worked really hard in order to make it a success."- NBC-universal-svp Mike Skagerlind (SVP) - iVillage App Network, NBC Universal "The concept of a discovery workshop is really useful. What these workshops do is to stimulate discussions, ideas and gets hold of the business need very quickly and come back to us over night with a whole new sort of approach and collectively we come up with an innovative product."- Mark Carney (Consultant Director) - Broadland Housing Group / Managing Director - Reidmark. "Highly customer centric team that delivers projects under time and cost. Top five qualities : sound technical capabilities, high responsiveness, excellent project management, willingness to go an extra mile whenever needed, provide constructive input for making the product better."- John Darlington (Director) - Automation Switchi Factors That Set Us Apart Wherever you're located in the world, we can co-locate on-site with you or work as an offshore team for you. 200+ Start-ups launched from ground-up 130+ Mobile productivity apps for enterprises 125+ Rescue missions conducted 180+ World's best engineers 75+ Ideas brought to life Multiple Awards SOME OF OUR CLIENTS We've worked with hundreds of top brands and hot startups from around the globe. Here are just a few. SOME OF OUR CLIENTS We've worked with hundreds of top brands and hot startups from around the globe. Here are just a few. Need to Develop Web or Mobile Application? Let's Talk! ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ [building an enterprise mobile app____________________] Get in Touch Our thought-leaders inspire people. We don't tell you what to do; we show you how it's done. Whitepapers & ebooks Be a ahead of the game with our valuable resources. We don't SPAM! ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Subscribe services [41]Enterprise Mobility [42]Enterprise Solutions [43]Discovery Workshop [44]Web Applications [45]Mobile Applications Our office locations India A46 Pan Business Centre | Sector 57 , Noida U.P. 201301 Dubai # 602, Ontario Towers, Business Bay | Dubai 126110 Questions? Give us a call Call : +91 9540088887 [46]Email : [email protected] Copyright 2009-2018 Panold Biz Solutions (P) Ltd. * * * * References Visible links 1. https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/111113869653053125502/+Panecommerce 2. http://www.panold.com/feed/index.html 3. http://www.panold.com/comments/feed/index.html 4. http://www.panold.com/home-v2/feed/index.html 5. http://www.panold.com/freedevelopmenthours/index.html 6. http://www.panold.com/freedevelopmenthours/index.html 7. http://www.panold.com/index.html 8. http://www.panold.com/index.html 9. http://www.panold.com/company/index.html 10. http://www.panold.com/services/index.html 11. http://www.panold.com/services/discoveryworkshop/index.html 12. http://www.panold.com/services/enterprisemobility/index.html 13. http://www.panold.com/services/softwaredevelopment/index.html 14. http://www.panold.com/services/softwaredevelopment/webapplications/index.html 15. http://www.panold.com/services/softwaredevelopment/mobileapplications/index.html 16. http://www.panold.com/services/enterprisesolutions/index.html 17. http://www.panold.com/industries/index.html 18. http://www.panold.com/clients/index.html 19. http://www.panold.com/resources/index.html 20. http://www.panold.com/resources/institute.html 21. http://www.panold.com/contact/index.html 22. http://www.panold.com/index.html 23. http://www.panold.com/index.html 24. http://www.panold.com/company/index.html 25. http://www.panold.com/services/index.html 26. http://www.panold.com/services/discoveryworkshop/index.html 27. http://www.panold.com/services/enterprisemobility/index.html 28. http://www.panold.com/services/softwaredevelopment/index.html 29. http://www.panold.com/services/softwaredevelopment/webapplications/index.html 30. http://www.panold.com/services/softwaredevelopment/mobileapplications/index.html 31. http://www.panold.com/services/enterprisesolutions/index.html 32. http://www.panold.com/industries/index.html 33. http://www.panold.com/clients/index.html 34. http://www.panold.com/resources/index.html 35. http://www.panold.com/resources/index.html 36. http://www.panold.com/contact/index.html 37. http://www.panold.com/#footer 38. http://www.panold.com/services/enterprisemobility/index.html 39. http://www.panold.com/services/softwaredevelopment/index.html 40. http://www.panold.com/services/discoveryworkshop/index.html 41. http://www.panold.com/services/enterprisemobility/index.html 42. http://www.panold.com/services/enterprisesolutions/index.html 43. http://www.panold.com/services/discoveryworkshop/index.html 44. http://www.panold.com/services/softwaredevelopment/webapplications/index.html 45. http://www.panold.com/services/softwaredevelopment/mobileapplications/index.html 46. mailto:[email protected] Hidden links: 48. javascript:removeletstalk(); 49. javascript:removeletstalkmobile(); 50. http://www.panold.com/ 51. http://www.panold.com/strong-mobile-strategy/index.html 52. http://www.panold.com/4-things-successful-cios-are-doing-with-mobile/index.html 53. http://www.facebook.com/panecommerce 54. https://plus.google.com/+panecommerce 55. https://www.linkedin.com/company/panecommerce 56. http://twitter.com/panecommerce 57. http://www.panold.com/

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