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Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2012 21:17:13 -0700 (PDT) From: Bob Nope <hmc861@yahoo.com> Subject: Billy Babysits Zach Part 1 Disclaimer/Warning: this story graphically depicts sex among males. If You are underage to read this where you live, or offended by the idea of This, what are you even doing here? Go! This story is a complete work of fiction. This story is about 2 boys one 10 and the other 14 The Setting: Outside of the 10 year olds (named Zach) Zach is standing outside of his home it was a warm summer day. Zach then sees another boy he knows named Billy coming down the street. Hey Billy Zach calls out from his front porch. Hey Zach guesses what Billy says with a smile on his face, I'm going to baby sit you tonight and your dad is going out. Zach's parents split up a couple of years ago, and his dad is going out on a date. Zach has a puzzled look on his face, what about my regular babysitter Abigail (who is Billy's sister). She was going to the movies with some friends Billy says as Zach's dad comes outside. You kids have fun tonight Zach's dad says as he is getting into his car, Also do everything Billy says ok son? Sure dad; Zach says as his dad drives away. O.k. Zach let's go inside, Billy says as he opens the door. So Zach your dad left us money to get a pizza should I call it in, Billy says as he grabs the phone. Yeah, can we get extra peperoni? Yeah little buddy anything you want. Billy says as he calls the pizza place. Well Zach they said it would be about an hour and half before the pizza is here. Let's get you in the bathtub and get your PJ's on No I don't want a bath Zach says with an attitude. Now come on Zach your dad said you need to take a bath. O.k. Billy I will take a bath. Zach and Billy go upstairs, and Billy turns on the water (not to hot but just right) O.k. I will leave your PJ's here you call me when you get out. But Billy daddy always plays boat caption with me. Zach says grabbing his boats from under the sink. Oh ok well I can stay and play. Billy says as he sits on the toilet. Hey I need help getting off my clothes. Zach says looking at Billy. Why do you need my help? Daddy always helps me with taking them off. Well o.k. Zach and Billy both have big smiles on their faces. Billy takes of Zach's clothes and helps him in the tub. Hey Billy which boat you want to play with? UMMM Zach I don't really want to play right now, But I have not had a bath today either mind if I join you. Zach sprung to life and invited Billy to come in with him. Billy took off all of his clothes. WOW Zach said looking at his babysitters cock. Your dinky is so big. My what? Oh you mean my penis? Yeah but daddy says I should call it a dinky. Zach you can call it a penis around me its ok. Billy gets into the tub with Zach. Hey Billy is that penis getting bigger? Zach asked seeing that it was getting hard. Yes Zach it's called an erection, it's when a boy's penis get filled with blood and becomes hard. Is the blood going to come out like a cut? Zach asked looking worried (Billy starts to laugh) No it won't come out. The only thing that will come out is pee and sperm. Sperm what is that? Zach asked. It's the stuff that makes babies. Oh. But you are too young to make sperm. Billy says. Well can you make sperm Zach asked? Yes I can all big boys make it. Can I see you make it Zach says with a smile on his face? You can as long as this is kept a secret. Can you keep this a secret? Yes Billy I promise. O.k. now here is what you do you grab you penis and move your hand up and down like this. Like this Billy? Yes Zach, That is called masturbation. How does it feel? It feels great Zach says (he looks like he is in heaven). Hey want to feel even better? Zach look's puzzled, what you mean? What could be better than this? Billy grabs Zach penis and starts to jack him. Zach moans. Billy keeps jacking him. Billy jacks faster till Zach lets out a big moan. OMG Zach says that felt great. I liked the ending it felt so good. If you are older at the end that is where the sperm would come out at. Want to see me shoot my sperm? Billy says. Yes please Zach says as he jumps over to his babysitter O.k. Billy says, Do the same thing to me as I did to you. Yes Sir Billy. Zach grabs Billy's penis and starts to rub him. Billy was so horny that he knew it would not take him long to cum Zach rub it faster. Billy says has he is moaning. Like this? Zach asked. Yes don't stop I'm going to cum. Just then Billy's penis shoots out four ropes of cum on to Zach's hand and chest. WOW Zach you did really good. Is this white stuff the sperm? It's sticky Yes it is Zach; now let's get you cleaned up. But I want to masturbate some more Zach says with a said look on his face. Later we can buddy, but we need to get clean up because the Pizza guy is coming soon. O.k. Billy, says Zach smiling. They get cleaned, dried off and get changed. They head back down stairs to wait for the pizza guy. The End of Part 1 In Part two Zach and Billy have more fun and Zach gets told about the wonders of blowjobs Thank you for reading. Would really love some feedback at hmc861@yahoo.com

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