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[1]logo * [2] Activity * [3] Generator * [4] Chat Last Activity * avatar flag * Name Rigom * Gold [INLINE] 15.000 * Platform * avatar flag * Name SamyLov * Gold [INLINE] 14.500 * Platform Danger! You need to enter your Age of Magic Username YOUR USERNAME ____________________ Aim Mod Enabled/Disable [X] Your Platform * Android * iOS (BUTTON) Start Generator Loading... avatar User NAME Age of Magic Generator 2800________________ Age of Magic Gold (BUTTON) (BUTTON) (BUTTON) Import to Database HUMAN VERIFICATION Please note that you can only use this generator once every 24 hours so that Game doesn't get suspicious. Your Age of Magic Gold is found and ready for use. Please VERIFY you are HUMAN now by tapping: "I'm not a robot". [5]I'm not a robot... Age of Magic Chat Room Username is typing ... ____________________ (BUTTON) Submit ____________________ (BUTTON) Submit References 1. http://www.mod-win.com/age-of-magic-generator/ 2. http://www.mod-win.com/age-of-magic-generator/#home 3. http://www.mod-win.com/age-of-magic-generator/#menu1 4. http://www.mod-win.com/age-of-magic-generator/#menu2 5. https://www.appcaptcha.com/cl.php?id=c2338fba9a7a16da70f74cc7ceb6bcf4

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