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[1]The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive [2]Titles . [3]Authors . [4]Categories . [5]Readers' Picks . [6]FAQ . [7]What's New . [8]Message Board . [9]Make a Donation Author: [10]bobinswfl Story: [11]Mother's Milk [12]<- (2 of 2) Mother's Milk part 2 I'm not sure exactly what time it was but I woke up again and it was just barely dark. Robin was running her fingers through my hair and she was facing me. She had my hand on her breast and her hand on top of it holding it there. The left side of her nursing bra was open and she was pulling my head towards her bare nipple. "They are swollen with milk again and I want you to empty them out." she said. I could feel the warmth coming from her breast as I moved my head towards her nipple. I could already see the droplets of milk forming on the end of her nipple. I gently latched onto her nipple and was immediately rewarded with a generous flow of milk. I barely had to start to suck on her nipple and the spray of milk started to hit the back of my throat. That was what was always so great about drinking the milk from her breasts. When I was sharing with the kids, she produced so much milk that it always seemed to be under pressure in her breasts and today was no different than the past. My hand was still pressed against her other breast and it was then that I started to take notice of the huge increase in size her breasts were taking on. Her tit felt so warm in my hand, from the production of milk that I was becoming so addicted to again. I squeezed her breast gently and its firmness was incredible. Robin's breasts had shown some signs of abuse from the kid's breast feeding in the past, and of course the years gone by, but now, they were so firm. They were growing so much; it was like they were stretching the limits of her flesh. I imagined that they felt like a pair of large breast implants, only these were better, they were filled with a wonderful elixir that I couldn't get enough of. "Now remember, don't get too carried away. I just want you to relieve some of the pressure in them. Don't go crazy and make the milk let down." Robin said to me. "Yes dear." I mumbled through a full mouth. Yes dear, what the hell was I saying? I was starting to have that strange disoriented feeling again, almost like I was in a dream like state. There was something else this time though. I was quickly gaining an enormous erection. And there was a dull pain feeling in my balls that seemed to go along with it. "Now, start to suck some of the milk from that breast, but don't get too carried away." she said to me. I had the strangest feeling come over me after she said that. Almost as if I had no choice to do what I was being told to do. Like I had no will to object to what she was asking, maybe telling me to do. I started to gently suck on her nipple and was again rewarded with a generous flow of sweet warm breast milk. And I greedily swallowed it as quickly as I was rewarded with it. I had a hunger pain in my stomach that was quickly being satisfied with the milk she was giving me. I started to move closer to her and my huge hard on started to press up against her body. Robin reached down and freed my swollen cock from my boxers and started to gently stroke it. "That's one heck of a hard on you have today honey. It feels so big and hard." Robin said to me. "That's enough on that breast for now. Close my bra up and open the other side up and relieve some of the pressure for me." I reached up and closed the flap on the left side of her nursing bra. Then moved over to the right side and undid the clasp and opened it up. Her large milk filled breast was right by my face and I could feel the warmth of it. Robin started to roll over a little bit so that the nipple would rest against my mouth. "Now, do the same for this breast that you did for the first one." Robin said as she continued to stroke my hugely swollen cock. I leaned forward and took her nipple into my mouth and latched onto it. The milk started to spray against my mouth again and I eagerly gulped it down. The feeling was incredible, so close to her, such a feeling of bonding with her. My hunger pains were gone and it was from the generous helping of milk that she was sharing, no giving to me. Robin was stroking my cock and as I was swallowing the flow of milk from her breasts I started to feel that dull pain in my balls again, almost as if they were getting tight and swollen. Only this time my cock was starting to really ache as well. It was like it was being stretched to its limits. "Suck some more of the milk from my breast honey. There is still a lot of it in there." Robin told me. I started to suck against her nipple as she started to stroke my cock faster. A heavy stream of milk started to flow from her nipple into my mouth and I was greedily drinking every drop I could get. I could feel my stomach filling up with her sweet warm milk and it made me feel so good. "That cock is really hard, why don't you blow a huge load for me. I know you need to relieve some of that cum from your swollen balls." Robin said to me. It was at that point I felt it deep within myself that I need to cum for her. And it needed to be a large load of cum too. She started to stroke my cock faster and rougher, but I don't think I would have needed that as I could feel my balls tightening up. My cock started to erupt a huge torrent of jism. Huge jets of cum shot against her stomach as she stroked my swollen cock. She started to jerk my cock faster and more cum shot out of it against her. The pleasure was incredible, the cum shooting from my cock and the feeling that I was fulfilling a need that came from deep within my soul. My cum started to subside and Robin slowed her jerking to a gentle stroke to extract the last semen from my shaft. Robin pulled her nipple from my mouth and closed up her nursing bra. "You sure did have a big load in there. Go get yourself cleaned up for work. And after you get done getting dressed take the sheets off the bed and bring them downstairs for washing." "Yes dear." I said to her as I got up from the bed and went into the bathroom. I pulled my boxers off over my still hard cock. It was then that I looked at myself in the mirror. My balls were noticeably larger to me. And I'd swear that my cock looked like it had gotten bigger. I must be seeing things. I got into the shower and started to clean myself up. When I got finished in the shower my erection had gone down and I looked at myself in the mirror again. There was no doubt about it, my cock was bigger. What the heck was going on? I went into the bedroom and grabbed my clothes and got dressed. All the while my head felt like it was swimming. I started to leave the bedroom when something came over me, like I was being drawn back into the bedroom. I walked over to the bed and pulled the bed spread off and then stripped the sheets off wrapping them up to keep the cum inside. I took them down to the laundry room and placed them in the hamper. Robin was down in the kitchen. "Now make sure you wash them when you get home from work today." she told me. "Sure thing honey." I said to her as I walked into the kitchen. She had her back to me as she was at the counter making lunches for the kids. I watched her as she slowly turned to look at me and could see how much larger her breasts appeared. I know that she had the nursing bra on and that it pads the package a little bit, but it looked to me that her breasts had grown considerably since yesterday. From my best judgement it looked like they had grown at least 2 cup sizes. She smiled at me and turned back to the counter to finish with the kids sandwiches. I walked up behind her and slipped my arms between hers and her waist and lay my hands on her tits. I heard her let out a soft moan and she leaned her head back against me and let me have my way. I put my chin on her shoulder and looked down at her now much larger breasts. I was very gentle with them so she would let me have my way. I heaved them up and down a little bit to feel how much heavier they were now that they were filling with milk again. I squeezed them together and gazed down into the deep chasm of cleavage that they were making. I started to squeeze them and was amazed at how firm they were. I was trying to rub the nipples through the nursing bra when I heard the kids rustling around and running towards the stairs so I pulled my hands off. "I am going to stop at that baby store down at the mall this morning and see if I can get something to repair the breast pump with, or if I can't I will have to get a new one." Robin said. "OK, I hope that they have repair parts. I mean it's not like the thing is that old, or that used. Everything else about it is fine, and they aren't exactly cheap." I told her. When I got home Robin was in the kitchen finishing with a huge pile of bottles she had just finished sterilizing. "Well, how did it go? Did you manage to get the replacement parts you needed?" I asked Robin. "It went great. Evidently the problem with the pump was fairly common because they had the part right there. And they guy even changed it out for me, which was good because I was in agony by the time I got home. I had to break the pump out right away and pump some of the milk off." she said. "I see that you bought some new bottles to store the milk in." I said to her. "I had some bottles still left over from our kids, but I filled them up this morning. So I had to go back to the store and get more bottles. My sister was over around lunch time and picked up my first batch of bottles, and I think I will fill these up before the night is over. I can't get over how much milk I am making. I mean I had tons for the kids when they were breast feeding, but I think I have more now." Robin said. "And you know the great thing about it; I have been eating like a horse. I am hungry all the time now." "Why don't you call the kids in and feed them something for dinner. They are out in the back yard playing with the neighbor kids. I am going to have to pump off some more milk. I hope that I have enough bottles to last me until tomorrow." Robin said. Robin headed upstairs and I went to the sliding door and called the kids in for dinner. When they got in the house I took the dinner order and got everything ready for them. By the time I had them fed Robin was coming back downstairs with an arm load of bottles full of milk. She took them over and put them in the refrigerator. "I'm starving honey, let's eat something." I was hoping that she would be OK with something easy so I was planning on some burgers on the grill and some fresh vegetables. I threw 4 burgers on the grill hoping that there would be something left over so that I could take it to work with me the next day. When I got back inside with the burgers Robin had everything else on the table ready to go. Robin and I sat down to eat while the kids went off to play. I made up the hamburgers and put one on each of our plates. Robin dished out everything else and we proceeded to chow down. "Are you going to run out of bottles to fill up?" I asked Robin. "If I keep making milk at the pace I have been, yeah, I am going to have to just pump it off or something." Robin told me. "How has your sister's baby been doing on the milk? Has she had any problems with the baby taking it?" I asked her. "Not a single problem. Everything has gone off without a hitch for her. She has this setup that runs a small tube from a bottle and it gets, for lack of a better word, taped to her breast. The baby takes her nipple and this tube into its mouth and starts to suck. So my sister will still produce breast milk, but it will mix with what she is getting from the tube going to the bottle." Robin explained. "At least that way she is getting the best of both worlds. Your sister gets to give the baby whatever milk she can produce, and then the baby can be supplemented by your breast milk. And she can have that extra bond that can only come from her breast feeding." I said to Robin. I was about half the way through my burger and I noticed that Robin was already making herself another one. "Damn hoss, you aren't hungry are you?" I asked Robin. "You remember how much food I could always put away when I was feeding our kids. Remember how jealous you were that I could always out eat you. Well with this huge supply of milk I have been making, I am hungry all the time." Robin told me. "Hopefully you can slow down enough to save me a burger to take to work tomorrow there hoss." I said kidding with Robin. "Well, we will see about that. Can you call the kids back? I made chocolate pudding today. I was going to see if they wanted to have some." she told me. I went and found the kids and asked them if they wanted some pudding that their mother made today and they practically ran me over getting back to the kitchen. When we got back to the kitchen Robin had three bowls of chocolate pudding set out and three big glasses of milk. The three of us sat down and the table and started to tear into the pudding. The kids remarked how good the pudding was. They said it tasted better than any she had made before. I took a drink of the milk and new right away that it was not the usual skim milk that we drink. I looked over at Robin and she winked at me. "Is this what I think it is?" I asked her. "I was running out of space today, so I had to use some of the milk up to make room for more. So I decided what better place to use it in than some dessert for everyone. I was about three quarters of the way through my glass of milk when I noticed that I was starting to feel a little bit light headed. I put my spoon down into my pudding bowl and started to look at the kids. They were just sitting there. They had the strangest look on their faces. Almost like a vacant stare. It was about that time when I heard Robin bark some orders to them. "Kids, bring your dishes over here and put them in the kitchen sink so your dad can wash them. And march yourselves upstairs and brush your teeth. When you are done with that, get some PJs on and put yourself to bed. And don't come back downstairs again until the morning." Robin ordered. The kids got up from the table and brought their pudding bowls and their milk glasses over to the kitchen sink. Then marched themselves right upstairs. They didn't even utter a word. And this is the strangest thing for our kids. Bedtime is usually a long drawn out struggle and these kids did exactly as Robin told them to do. I looked over at Robin and she had her eyes closed and her hands on her breasts heaving them up a little bit. I recognized the look on her face. Her milk had just let down and she was feeling some pressure in her breasts. "OK, lets go over to the couch. You have some milk to relieve from my breasts." she told me. She set herself down on the couch. "Now, lay your head on my lap." she said to me as she started to open her shirt up. I laid down on the couch and put my head on her lap. She had unbuttoned her shirt and her nursing bra was now exposed. I reached up and started to unbutton the flap on the bra and let it fall down. Robin started to fish her breast out of the bra, stretching the opening so that her breast was fully out of the flap. I took her breast in my hand and it was very warm. Her breasts always got really warm when they were very full of milk. It was so firm, and I could swear that it had gotten bigger since I had my hands on them in the morning. I reached my other hand up and took her one bare breast into both of my hands and it filled my hands very nicely. I gently squeezed it and rubbed the nipple a little bit and milk started to shoot out of it. I quickly let it go and into place so that her nipple would rest right into my mouth. Robin started to run her fingers through my hair and I looked up at her as the milk started to flow heavily into my mouth. I was eagerly gulping down the sweet warm milk as it flowed into my mouth. It tasted so much better than the cold glass she had given us with our dessert. In fact, this dessert was much better than anything that you could get anywhere else. She started to rub her breasts from the top, almost as if trying to force some of the milk down into them. The strength of the flow increased and I was greedily gulping down the milk. At the same time I was becoming incredibly excited. My cock was starting to get really hard. My hand moved down and started to rub the front of my shorts. Robin looked over and noticed what I was doing. "Unbutton your shorts and pull them off." she told me. I unbuttoned my shorts and unzipped them. I pulled them down and kicked them off onto the floor. I was continuing to suckle at her breast as she reached down and took my cock into her hand. Her milk had slowed down and I had to start sucking at her breast now to have more flow into my mouth. Only the pressure had subsided, the flow was still as strong as ever just that now I had to suckle at her breast like a baby to get it. She was rubbing her hand over my balls, playing with them, rolling them around in her hand. Then she wrapped her hand around my shaft and started to very slowly jerk my cock up and down. "OK, now that's enough off of that breast. I don't want the milk to let down again. Move over to the other one now." she told me. She put her breast back into the nursing bra and closed the flap up. Then unclasped the other side and opened it up and pulled her breast out. I moved my head a little bit in her lap and my mouth was right there waiting for the nipple. And it rested right in my mouth. I latched my tongue onto it and the milk started to spray right into my mouth. It was just like the other one, a heavy flow of sweet warm mother's milk. I was greedily gulping it down and it was satisfying a hunger deep in my stomach that I didn't know I even had. Robin continued very slowly stroking my cock shaft. And I started to have that dull pain feeling flowing into my balls again. And this time it was spreading to my cock shaft too. It was almost a feeling like you were getting a raging hard on, but it just kept getting harder. I was still being rewarded with a generous flow of milk from her huge tits as she continued to stroke my cock shaft. And now I started to get this feeling like I was going to cum, but it just stayed right there, almost like I was continually on the edge of cumming, but that I wasn't. This was coupled with the dull ache in my balls and cock shaft. My shaft felt like it was getting so hard that it was starting to hurt some now. "Drink up the milk in that breast like a good little boy." Robin told me. It was at that point that the pain in my balls and cock seemed to fade from my thoughts and I started to focus on the milk flowing from her breasts. The pressurized flow of milk had stopped and I had been suckling at her tit and being rewarded with a copious amount of sweet warm milk. "OK, OK, I think that's enough. I don't want any more milk letting down." she said as she pulled her nipple from my mouth. She started to stuff her breast away and close her bra up. "Now, you need to let that huge load of cum flow out of that cock. more to follow [13]<- (2 of 2) Story: [14]Mother's Milk Author: [15]bobinswfl [16]Titles . [17]Authors . [18]Categories . [19]Readers' Picks . [20]FAQ . [21]What's New . [22]Message Board . 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