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#[1]Live-z-stream Feed [2]Live-z-stream Comments Feed [3]Live-z-stream Arsenal vs Liverpool Live Comments Feed [4]alternate [5]alternate [6] Live-z-stream Watch sports Live streaming & News * [7]World * [8]Lifestyle * [9]Fashion * [10]Sport * [11]Music * [12]More + [13]Food & Recipes + [14]Photography + [15]Recipes + [16]Travel + [17]Arts Arsenal vs Liverpool Live [18]November 3, 2018 [19]livezstream [20]Sceore [21]0 Arsenal vs Liverpool Live Arsenal vs Liverpool Live.The level of competition in the Premier League this season was at least refreshing. The three teams at the top are still invincible and are separated by two points, but the next three are just around the corner. Arsenal vs Liverpool Live Arsenal vs Liverpool Free Fourth, fifth and sixth (and seventh) are separated from each other by a point, and the fourth, only four points at the top. Undoubtedly, the differences in the points will increase as the season continues, and one of the ways in which it will grow is when two of these six main teams accept each other. WATCH NOW >>> [22]http://www.livezstream.com/soccer/ WATCH NOW >>> [23]http://www.livezstream.com/soccer/ On Saturday, Liverpool travels to Emirates Stadium in London to take Arsenal to one of those meetings. The arsenal returned to the room. Maybe it was a mockery of Arsene Wenger's Arsenal recently, but for Arsenal Unai Emery, this statement reflects the team's talent, Emery's own philosophies and opportunities that lie ahead. Having started badly with the defeats of Manchester City and Chelsea in the league, the Gunners are invincible in 13 games in all competitions and scored just once, last weekend in Selhurst Park. To be fair, this game at Crystal Palace was perhaps the most difficult game in 13 games in the race. Therefore, it is fair to say that Arsenal came into play on Saturday with the form behind them, but without the proper tests in the last two and a half months. However, it is clear that some of his biggest players are back in form, with Ozil, who looks like a player who played for Real Madrid, Aubameyan and Lacazette, showing the class they signed to. These players rested well on Saturday, as Arsenal did not need their help to beat Blackpool in the League Cup on Wednesday night. However, there is a mini-crisis in the defense, because the injuries can lead Emery to improvise in the field and even to the intermittent attack of Liverpool, which will be the biggest problem for the Spaniard on Saturday. Liverpool came into this game by sending Red Star Belgrade and Cardiff City with relative ease, scoring four goals in both games. However, the scores, especially Cardiff, are a little flattering, because there were periods in the game last weekend, which showed that, despite the results, this attack in Liverpool still does not work as it did last season. . The defense is another issue completely. Liverpool is one of the two teams in the league whose xGA (the expected goals against) are equal to one. It is not surprising that the two teams that share this feature also share the first place in the table. Unlike Arsenal, Liverpool spent two hard months, while playing in City, Chelsea (twice), PSG and Napoli. After Saturday's game in Liverpool, only Manchester United of the Big Six can play. Klopp and his team know that a victory on Saturday can help them strengthen their superior position even more, and all the weapons will go, trying to achieve just that. * [24]Arsenal vs Liverpool Live [25]Previous WWE Crown Jewel 4K Live Be the first to comment Leave a Reply [26]Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. 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