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Free Original Erotic Stories. tagMatureTeddy Visits a TherapistPage 5 Teddy Visits a Therapist byCharles Petersunn(c) But, he had to admit, there was also something appealing, to the say the least, to now have her naked as she manipulated his cock. His eyes fixed on the sight of her full, large breasts, jutting out so provocatively from her chest, wiggling and jiggling in the air as her hand worked on his cock. He could even see them softly rise and fall with her breathing, which seemed to be getting a bit heavy and pressured, perhaps with the effort of stroking his cock but more likely with her own feelings of excitement. Yes, he could also see that her nipples were themselves erect. In fact, she clearly had quite large, pointy nipples: two little delicate, wrinkled stiff cylindrical nubs. He felt a strong urge to flick them. 'Man her hand feels so good on my cock!' Dr. Lowenstein could see that he was staring at her breasts. This did not though make her feel awkward or self-conscious, as had been the case when she was exposing her butt hole to him. She now in fact felt more clearly titillated herself by his intense interest in her bosoms. It was clear to her what needed to be done next, where his therapy needed to turn. Another baby step needed to be taken. She said softly, "Would you like to, um, fondle them, Teddy?" Teddy blushed with confusion and excitement. He had not expected to be able to do that. They were such gorgeous boobs, such big womanly breasts; any boy would give his right arm for such an opportunity, and here he was, being offered her lovely tits for the sake of his treatment. He could not imagine ever having a better doctor than this. He reached out with his left hand and grasped firmly her right boob. Dr. Lowenstein herself gasped at the feel of his young, boyish hand on her breast. It had been a long time since any man had touched her there, touched her so intimately. She had thought that she had not in fact missed having sex with a man, devoting her life instead to her career. But, with just this touch she now knew how much she had been missing, how much she used to enjoy the feel of a man's firm, but gentle, touch on her breast. Her mentor had told her that one of the perks of being a therapist is that you will at times learn much about yourself as you help your patients learn about their own subconscious. Well, he was certainly right about that. She now realized how much she wanted to feel, once again, the hands of a man on her body, exploring her curves, her treasures. "Teddy, here, why don't you get on my lap." Teddy had never done that with Penny: sitting on her lap while he fondled her breasts as she jerked him off. He was frankly too big for that, or at least Penny was too small. But, this was clearly different. Dr. Lowenstein was a woman, and he was but a young man, at best. Dr. Lowenstein had not herself ever had a man sit on her lap. It did seem like an odd suggestion, but her mentor had always advised her to trust her subconscious. When an odd thought popped into her mind regarding a patient, it might in fact prove to be a therapeutic spark, an insight of her own whose meaning would not be understood until it was expressed and explored with the patient. He encouraged letting the unconscious enter the therapeutic space. Having a patient sit on your lap was also a technique she had once seen during her internship demonstration of psychodrama. Patients in group therapy would act out different experiences, roles, and developmental stages. Sitting on the lap was a means of getting in touch with the "inner child." Their positions were also helpful in re-asserting a more dominant role as his doctor. She was no longer the naked woman bent over in front of him, spreading her butt cheeks as he jerked off at the sight of her pussy and asshole. Instead, she was the matronly woman, the mother, on whose lap he was now submissively sitting. She had to admit though that it was a bit different from the usual psychodrama of a child sitting on mother's lap, as in this case she was stark naked and the patient had an erection poking out of his pants. Teddy and Dr. Lowenstein shifted and adjusted their positions, both working at getting into a comfortable space, as well as becoming acclimated to the fact that they were now in such close physical contact. Dr. Lowenstein reached with her left hand around the waist of Teddy to help hold and steady him in place. She used her other hand to again grasp his erection. She actually didn't find it uncomfortable though having him sit on her lap. He was a rather small guy, and in fact seemed to fit well on his perch. Teddy wrapped his right arm around his therapist's shoulders, to help steady himself, as well as to pull himself tightly against those full, soft breasts. He rested his head on one of them, feeling her soft, pliant, sensual pillows against his face, and then burying his face deeply within the delightful valley of her cleavage. Dr. Lowenstein instantly felt, or sensed, the therapeutic benefit of this little psychodrama. One could not escape the obvious transferential image, which was always an important focus of her therapeutic approach. As she drew her fingers along his cock she said, "That's a good boy, Teddy. You rest your head against your mummy's bosoms; let her take care of her sweet, little boy." Teddy groaned with pleasure as he buried his face into her fully womanly breasts and Dr. Lowenstein felt the sudden twitch and swelling of his cock in her hand. A good sign of a successful transferential interpretation was the emotional reaction of the patient, and she could see, or more accurately feel, his strong penile reaction to the maternal image. She in fact had to once again squeeze his shaft to prevent his loss of control. Teddy groaned, his face smothered by her luscious bosoms, moaning with the pleasure of wanting to, and the frustration of not being able to, cum. Dr. Lowenstein's references to his mother clearly intensified his urge to cum. Teddy had no sexual attraction to his mother, at least none that he was aware of. If Dr. Lowenstein had explored further the meaning of his reaction to her reference to being his "mummy," he probably would have rejected it. In fact, if he actually thought of his mother his arousal level would rapidly drop. It was just that her comment was so wicked, so naughty; acting as if she was his "mummy" as he sat on her naked thighs, snuggling his face into her warm soft breasts, and feeling her hand stroking his hard cock. He reached up with his left hand and grasped firmly her large right breast. "You're so sweet, Teddy," she whispered into his ear as she stroked her fist up and down his shaft. She shifted her hold of him with her left hand to guide his face, his lips, to her nipple. "Suckle my breast, Teddy, like a good boy." She didn't have to tell him twice. He eagerly clasped his mouth onto her nipple, feeling its perky hardness between his lips as he licked and sucked. The image was now complete: sitting on her lap while he suckled her breast as she milked his cock. He wanted to stay like this for hours. It felt so good, being held so affectionately, so warmly in her lap as he licked, flicked, and fondled her nipple with his tongue, his face still buried in her full soft breasts, her own hand gently but firmly sliding up and down his hard, straining cock. She stroked his hair as he sucked on her nip, itself now growing so large within his lips. She gripped his cock harder with her fist and began to pound on his cock more rapidly. "Oh Teddy," she gasped, "You're making me so excited too. Can you feel my nipple growing in your mouth?" He did not want to extract the nipple to answer, he only just nodded and pressed harder against her nipple with his tongue, fondling and massaging its stiffness with his soft, squirming tongue. "Oh my," she softly groaned. With a gasping urgency in her voice she said, "Teddy, I want you to cum in my hand, let me feel you shoot off in my hand." She squeezed hard on his cock, but not just below the crown so that he would lose his erection. She was squeezing the entire shaft to release his orgasm. "Give mummy your cum, Teddy, please." With that remark he could not hold himself back any longer and he felt the sudden surge burst up through his loins, through his cock that twitched hard in her hand as the thick wad of juice gushed upward. She did not attempt to stop him. She instead just stroked even harder and faster, and groaned with satisfaction as she caught the first wet, sticky load with her palm. Her hand was instantly soaked with the gooey gruel, but she continued to stroke him as gusher after gusher burst forth and shot up into the air. "Dr. Lowenstein," he softly gasped into one breast while tightly squeezing the other, as he felt the intense pleasure of his orgasmic release sweep over him and through him. Teddy leaned back as he jettisoned his jism. He did not want to get any of it on his good slacks. Dr. Lowenstein was sympathetic with this as well, not wanting one of her patients to be leaving her office with wet cum stains all over his clothes. She aimed it away from him and toward herself such that much of his gobs of gism splatted harmlessly against the underside of her hanging breasts. Globs and wads continued to spew from his twitching dick, covering the underside of her breasts, her belly, with his hot, sticky, gooey gism. A couple of shots even made it over the hillocks to land softly on the ridge of a breast, and then slowly slid back down, merging into a fuller stream as it picked up additional splats that also managed to breach her cleavage and fall safely onto her mounds. The string of cum that dripped back down eventually hung delicately, tenuously off her nipple, a rope of cum swinging in the air as she continued to stroke him through the rest of his gushing orgasm. In the end it was quite a mess, an exhausting mess, for the both of them. She held him close to her for some time, taking the time to let him catch his breath, and for her to regain her composure. She wanted to present, to portray, her professional demeanor, but she was currently quite flush with excitement and arousal herself, an arousal that was yet to be satisfied. She even felt an urge to bring her cum soaked hand to her face, to smell its earthy manliness, and perhaps even to taste the cum of the young man. It had been so long since she had tasted cum. The fresh, deliciously enticing scent drifted up to her nostrils. But, she knew she shouldn't do that, not in front of her patient. The intention would be too obvious. She should not let him know that she was herself so passionately aroused that she wanted to lick his gism. She knew though that she would do so after he left. She would know once again the taste of male cum. She gathered her strength and said, quite professionally, "Okay, well, Teddy, I think that was a good session." She looked around for something on which to clean off her hand, her breasts, her abdomen. "Oh yes," Teddy exclaimed, feeling himself now a bit embarrassed, sitting on her lap, his wet cock rapidly wilting, his cum quickly turning cool against his wilting penis. The front of his slacks did appear to be largely spared, although his open crotch was a rather sticky, sloppy mess. He awkwardly climbed off her lap, trying not to drip any more cum onto her body, or the couch. The towel was placed as usual across the floor and he quickly bent over to pick it up. He handed it to her in a gesture of gentlemanly consideration. The ladies should always come first. Dr. Lowenstein, though, felt awkward taking care of herself before the patient. The patient's needs should always come first. "No, no, Teddy, um, you go ahead." The correct protocol for whom first uses the towel in sensate focus treatment wasn't really clear to her. Perhaps in the future she should have two towels available. As he wiped himself off she did feel even more awkward, more exposed, sitting there naked in front of him with his cum splattered and dripping along her thighs, breast, and hand. Somehow, she didn't feel quite the professional doctor sitting there naked, awash with his cum. In particular, she didn't know quite what to do with her hand. She couldn't really wipe it on anything, but she didn't want to just let it drip more cum onto herself or the furniture. She kept turning her hand over and over to try to keep gobs of gism from dripping off. She wondered again if she could in fact just lick it off, like spilt ice cream, but she again resisted the temptation. She smiled sheepishly at him when he finally handed her the towel, which arrived a bit too late to prevent the big drop of cum from breaking free from her nipple and dropping onto her thigh. She tried to pretend that all of this was simply matter-of-fact, everyday stuff, for sensate focus treatment, as if she had cleaned the cum of her patients off her body many times before. "Well, yes," she said, taking the towel with her left hand to wipe the cum from her thighs and belly. She then stood up to walk him to the door. "I think this was a good session, Teddy. I think we made excellent progress." "Oh yes, I agree Dr. Lowenstein," Teddy gratefully replied. He really did feel that he was getting much better control of his orgasms. "Absolutely, yes, and I want to thank you for suggesting the nudity. I think that was indeed most important." "Yea, right," Teddy replied, his eyes fixed on her wiggling wet, glistening breasts. He wondered if she realized how lovely her breasts looked. He was already beginning to swell again within this pants. "Excellent, well, we will pick this up again next week." She considered getting dressed before she walked him to the door, as she was really feeling quite self-conscious with so much cum still leaking, dripping down her body. She could ask him to show himself out, but she did want to be the one this time handling the door, being sure that it did not open too far, particularly if there happened to be someone just outside in the hall. She did wish that at least her breasts would not bounce and jiggle so much as she escorted him to the door. "Thanks again, Dr. Lowenstein," Teddy said as she opened the door just enough to let him through, white still hiding herself behind it. Teddy considered reaching out to shake her hand, but he could see that she didn't really want to take the chance of having a boob come into view, and, besides, she still had quite a bit of cum in the palm of her hand. He wondered why she had not wiped it off. "Absolutely, Teddy, I look forward to seeing you again next week." As soon as he left she quickly shut and locked the door and brought the palm of her hand to her lips. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Dr. Lowenstein continued to conduct future sessions in the nude. There was no point in decreasing the level of stimulation. She was at first a little disappointed that she could not make further use, or make further purchases, of lingerie. However, she did find that she could at least begin the session with lingerie, as it did provide some additional erotic stimulation. She would in fact spend some time teasing him, giving him little peeks or hints at the sight of her nipple or cunnie, before actually removing all of her clothes. The job of a therapist was really becoming quite enjoyable. It also became apparent that it was useful, even necessary, to further increase his level of stimulation. She tried masturbating him in different ways. One time she was standing behind him with her naked breasts pressed against his back. She liked this position simply because it allowed her to aim his spurting cock onto the towel on the floor. He particularly liked the feel of her soft breasts and hard nipples pressing against his back as she jerked him off. It was also a good position for her dirty talk. She would whisper all sorts of things into his ear while she stroked him up and down, and it was easier in this position to let herself go in her own fantasies, as he wouldn't be looking at her in the face while she described naughty things. This approach in fact complemented well her psychotherapy training, in which her mentor had suggested having the patient lie down, with the therapist behind the patient, making it easier for the patient to free associate, to say just about anything, as the therapist wasn't in his or her line of vision. She could really see how true this was as she beat him off from behind, talking about how much she enjoyed the feel of his hot rod in her hand, how she wanted so much for him to cum, how she wanted to feel his hard, stiff, big cock up her pussy, or squirting all over her breasts, or maybe even in her mouth, filling her up with his thick gruel, even splashing his nasty hot load all over her face. She had never said such things to any of her past boyfriends as she jerked them off, but she felt much freer to do so now, as he couldn't see the embarrassed look on her face. And, most importantly of course, she was saying these things not because she enjoyed doing it. She was doing it because it was important for his treatment to provide as much stimulation as possible as she rubbed her full breasts against his back and worked her hand up and down his shaft. Well, maybe she was enjoying it a little. She also did it with him lying on the floor, herself sitting on his thighs in front of him. He liked it this way as he could watch how her large bulbous breasts wiggled and shook as she beat him off. Another time though she sat facing the other way, sitting over his chest, her butt (and exposed cunt) sticking into his face. She found this position rather embarrassing, his face so close to her private parts, which she was now carefully trimming before the sessions precisely for this reason. Teddy also liked that position a lot, as it suggested to him the possibility of actually touching her. He didn't do it though. He knew he shouldn't touch a doctor in that manner. However, the sight of her naked cunt so close to his face, just inches away, was really difficult to resist, particularly as it seemed to him that she might in fact be getting a bit wet down there. In this position he could even see quite a bit of her butt hole, which seem to pucker and wink as she worked on his cock. There were quite a number of times he felt an impulse to just briefly touch her there. It wasn't too long before it became evident that he was demonstrating quite impressive self-control despite her best efforts to stimulate him. It was perhaps time to take another baby step; actually, a rather big step. "Teddy," she quietly said, as she slid her hand up and down his stiff cock. She was sitting next to him on the couch, masturbating him in a rather straightforward way, as she explained the next step in his therapy. "I think you are ready to move on." He looked at her with some disappointment, even anxiousness. "You think I should stop therapy?!" He really didn't want to stop. He never imagined he would say this when he first came to the clinic but, it was true, he really wanted his therapy to continue. Dr. Lowenstein recognized that patients are often apprehensive about losing the support of their doctor. They can be afraid to cut the apron strings. Some doctors are reluctant as well to let go of their patients. She knew that she herself did not really want to let go of this cock. She enjoyed its feel in her hand; its young masculine hardness, the shiny red bulb, and the force and power with which it burst forth its seed. But, termination of the therapy was not, in any case, what she had meant; at least, not yet. "No, no, not quite yet. We still have one more thing to do." He was very relieved to hear that. "Oh good," he admitted. "It's just that, um, well, I think we need to move one final step forward. I think you can handle quite well my handling of you." She smiled at her playful word usage. "No, it's just that I think it's time to try one more thing." She was surprised at how much difficulty she was having in just saying it. She wondered if it was because she had been wanting to do this herself for quite a number of sessions. She had imagined it; she had even dreamed about it a few times. She screwed up her courage and said, "I think it's time you put your penis in my vagina." Report Story byCharles Petersunn(c) 14 comments/ 104970 views/ 10 favorites Share the love IFrame Tweet Share Email Report a Bug Submit bug report PreviousNext 7 Pages:34567 [_]Go My Friends Hot Mom Friend's Hot Mom - Movies About Sex With Your Friend's Mothers Login or Sign Up * Stories * Poems * Story Series * Tags Portal * Chat * Forum * Adult Store * Movies * Webcams * Mobile Version * FAQ * Search EnglishEnglish|Spanish|German|French|Dutch|Other languages All contents (c) Copyright 1998-2011. Literotica is a trademark. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission. 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