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[1] Free Original Erotic Stories. [2]tag [3]Exhibitionist & VoyeurShy Wife Exposed to Our Friends Shy Wife Exposed to Our Friends by[4]fatfree(c) My wife Jessica and I began dating when she was 14. Now, many years later we are married, but she is inexperienced and overly modest. She is petite and beautiful, but her small A cups are a source of embarrassment for her. She never leaves home without some kind of padded bra. Even her swim suit has a "gel" padded top. She is so mortified about the idea of men seeing her secret embarrassment that even her doctor is a female. If you read any of my previous stories, you know that she has had a slip up before where one of my friends got a look, but she was unaware of her exposure. I found out, unexpectedly, that I was turned on by the exposure and I've been looking for a repeat performance. She has been careful though. Last summer though, we hit the lake with group of our friends from college, four other couples that we have known for over ten years. The guys are some of my oldest friends, we all get together a few times a year with the wives. Many of them have lusted after Jessica for years. My wife is a dancer, and her awesome ass and tight body have made me the envy of the guys for years. Of course, they think the wife has at least B cups. The lake trip started off great. We loaded onto a pontoon boat and started drinking and soaking up the sun. Jessica was wearing a Victoria Secret bikini with the gel top. She was looking, tan, tight and hot as hell. A few hours into the drinking, Jessica decided to lie down for a tan. She moved to the front of the boat and lay down face down, falling quickly to sleep. I'd been drinking all day as well and listening to complements from the guys about my smokin' wife. Not thinking to clearly, and remembering how hot her accidental down blouse peek had been with my other buddy the previous year (see prior story), I walked over and untied her bikini top "So she wouldn't get tan lines". She was on her belly sleeping and the bikini top was under her. Nothing could be seen, but all eyes were on her after my rash move. The waves were rocking the boat, and the least bit of side boob was visible, but tantalizing as it was, nothing much could be seen. Then, without warning, she rolled over in her sleep. It was so quick that I couldn't react or move. She rolled right on her back, pinning her bikini top behind her back. Her tiny boobs, having never had sun exposure were shocking white and on her back, she looked like she had almost no tits at all. Her little areola are about 3/4 of an inch in diameter, but the nipples are pretty long. All eyes were on the shocking exposure, made all the more surprising by the fact that she had always appeared to have so much more up top. I was frozen in place, but her old room mate, the wife of one of my buddies, rushed forward yelling at her to cover up. She sat bolt upright, confused, topless and facing our closest 8 friends. Her tits assumed their normal shape, beautiful and perky. Her nipples pointed straight ahead, her boobs small enough though that it was obvious that she had less than a handful each. They guys stared in shocked silence at the boobs they had all imagined and hoped to see for years. It took several seconds before my wife realized that she was unexpectedly topless. She had no idea where her top was (behind her) and jumped to her feet. For some reason she started to run around the boat, her tiny boobs bouncing in full view. Her old room mate retrieved her top and handed it to her. She quickly turned away, and replaced her gel bikini top. When she turned to face us again, She looked to have B cups again. Now this was an obvious fake. Her most guarded secret had been exposed to many of our best friends. She was red and almost speechless. Thank god she didn't know I was responsible. She seemed to think that the top had accidentally "fallen off". Nobody told her otherwise. She clearly wanted to run away, but we were in the middle of the lake. The guys tried to make her feel better by complimented her little boobs, but each time they brought up her exposure, the more embarrassed she became. I was turned on but felt guilty about it. We finally made it to shore and my newly outed tiny breasted wife made her escape. All my buds could not believe their luck. I saved the emails they sent me with compliments about her tight body and little breasts. I've always loved her firm little breasts and I hope she gives up the charade and embraces it. Thanks to me, her secret is out and that genie can't be put back. My friends will always remember my wife's exposed little boobs. It is only a matter of time until her friends explain to her how it happened. Don't know how I'll make it up to her. She'll get me back somehow. Kinda makes me nervous, but it was worth it. 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