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[1]Literotica Toy Store ADULT TOY & DVD STORE WITH FAST & DISCREET SHIPPING AND A GREAT SEXY SELECTION [2]shop.literotica.com [3]Taboo: The Series CLASSIC TALES OF FORBIDDEN FAMILY LOVE. SEE THE ENTIRE SERIES! [4]www.literoticavod.com [5]Free Original Erotic Stories. [6]tag [7]Incest/Taboo[8]Riding On Son's LapPage 2 Riding On Son's Lap by[9]centrum1000(c) "unnnngggghh...." A soft moan escaped his lips signaling that he was about to cum. Sensing that he was close, Jackie decided to tease her son in front of his father one last time. "Jake, I forgot to ask you if you want to come with me to the mall tomorrow." She was grinding her son's cock as hard as she could while she spoke. "Uhh..." He distracted managed to put two words together. "Yes, mom. I'll come with you." "Do you want to meet me there or come with me?" "I want to cum with you mom." He was practically begging. "Are you sure you're not afraid of someone seeing you cumming with your mother?" "No..." He was struggling to last another second, "I'll cum with you anytime you want mom." "What are you two talking about?" Eric interrupted. "Jake's just telling me that he wants to cum with his mother." "Yes, I want to cum with you mom." "Where are you guys going?" Eric was oblivious to the fact that his son was about to fill his wife with his cum any second. "It doesn't matter where we go as long as we cum together. Right son?" "Oh yes!" Jake cried out as his cock exploded inside of his mother's tight pussy. His first shot of hot sticky cum filled her up, pushing her over the edge. "I like it when we come together son..." He voice trailed off. Her pussy clenched around his cock while she came with him. Her pussy pulsated as each burst of cum escaped his cock and penetrated deep inside of her body. Jackie slowly worked her hips around while she drained her son's cock of every last drop of his cum. Their combined juices flowed from her sopping wet pussy and coated her son's thighs. "Are you guys hungry? Should we stop for a bite?" "I'm feeling pretty filled up right now." Jackie said while trying to catch her breath. "I'm pretty drained dad. Maybe another time." After her son finished cumming inside of her, Jackie put her bikini top back on and tied up the sides of the bikini bottom but she left the material pushed to side so that her son's soft cock could stay inside of her for the remainder to the ride home. "Today was a pretty good day. We should do this again sometime." Eric's voice drifted over the surfboard. "I agreed, this has been a wonderful day. I could do this all over again right now. How about you Jake?" Jackie beamed. "I wish we could do this every day mom." Jackie fell back against her son's chest panting. He grabbed her left breast with one hand while his other hand gently rubbed her swollen clit causing his mother to cum one last time as they finally pulled up to their house. 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Recent Comments by Anonymous [34]If the above comment contains any ads, links, or breaks Literotica rules, please report it. by Anonymous10/28/12 God that was funny, poor clueless dad, losing out to his son and not even knowing it, only one thing smells like sex and that's sex [35]If the above comment contains any ads, links, or breaks Literotica rules, please report it. by Anonymous10/24/12 [36]Just one more The idea of the double entendres was good but in this case it just didn't work. It was very poorly written, it was too trite, and to use an old expression it was just plain corny. The father would have to be driving with hs head out of the window if he couldn't smell the cunt juice and cum. If there was no room in the car for the cooler, how did they get it to the beach in the first place? They haven't made wooden surf boards in a donkey's age, and the concept of squeezing one inside a small car is so contrived and preposterous as to beggar belief. It would have sounded better to load up the front seat and have the Mom ride his cock in the back behind the driver.[37]more... [38]If the above comment contains any ads, links, or breaks Literotica rules, please report it. by Anonymous10/10/12 [39]Serious? You know whats bad about this everyone is saying they read this same story by someone else. Some of you are really upset about it!! Really! I mean its a free story, you didnt pay for it ... no one forced you to read it. I think some readers need to take a time out...if these stories affects them like this. This would be a good time to step away from your PC and realize that some part of your reality have been misplaced. Stop the MADDNESS![40]more... [41]If the above comment contains any ads, links, or breaks Literotica rules, please report it. by Anonymous10/03/12 [42]THE CAST IS THE FUN PART. THE MOTHER IS HORNY, THE SON IS HORNY, AND THE DAD, WELL HE MUST HAVE HAD HIS NOSE IN THE FISH COOLER. DAD, SEX THAT HOT SMELLS. AND I DON'T MEAN IN A BAD WAY. THE STORY WAS FUNNY, YOU DID A GOOD JOB. A FAN[43]more... [44]If the above comment contains any ads, links, or breaks Literotica rules, please report it. by Anonymous09/26/12 [45]I don't mind the re-use of a fun concept. The setup details are kind of a bad joke with the cooler and surfboard business but that need not have mattered. It was mostly working as a light funny stroke story until the dad started talking ...really over the top that was. The thing you got right was having the mom be into it nearly right away. The whole idea that a mom is going to go all the way when she's never even thought of it before is too stupid to work. This guy's mom was up for the tease from the first and things just move along quickly. That works for this kind of short story because you don't have some ten day camping trip to build up the action, it's got to move from zero to orgasm on the ride home. Well done on that point.[46]more... 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