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[1]Tenga New Adult Pleasure Discover the Latest in Male Pleasure Tenga from under $10! Discreet, fast shipping from the Literotica Toy Store! [2]Free Original Erotic Stories. [3]tag [4]Incest/TabooMom's Red Bikini Mom's Red Bikini by[5]69flowers(c) The first time I saw my mother in a bikini, I actually got an erection. I had always known she was a good looking woman but... Her bleached blond hair hung down below her shoulders and she usually wore it pulled back in a ponytail. She had a pretty face with blue eyes, a small nose and moist, full lips. Her breasts were large, full and heavy. She had a thick waist and wide, rounded hips, a large, sexy ass and long, shapely legs. My mother was seventeen when I was born so she was younger than my friends' mothers. I was nineteen when all this happened so my mother was only thirty-six. She looked and acted even younger. My mother had three tattoos. There was a rose on her left ankle, a butterfly on her right hip and a tribal design on the small of her back. She loved rock and roll music. The kitchen radio was always on and my mother loved to dance as she worked. My mother was smart and funny and fun to be around. My buddies thought she was hot and even though I knew she was, I never thought of her that way. She was my mom. Until I saw her wearing that red, string bikini. The top consisted of two tri-angles, held up and on by spaghetti cords that tied in bows behind her back and neck. The red material that covered her breasts did nothing to hide their true size and shape. Covered by just the tri-angles of red cloth, her breasts appeared even larger than they did when she was dressed. The bottom of her bikini hid the slit of her pussy and the crack of her ass but left most of the plump butt cheeks exposed. As she lie on the chaise lounge, on the deck behind our house, I could not stop staring at her breasts, her hips, her legs. At that point in my life, I was ready, able and eager to fuck every female who was willing. I was tall, muscular and good looking. I didn't have much trouble getting girls in bed. During my last three years of high school and my first year of college, I had sex with about ten different girls, including my sister. Now I was thinking about screwing my own mother. "Does my wearing this bikini bother you, Matt?" my mother asked. "No, of course not," I lied. "I usually wear this to sunbathe only when I'm alone because I know how revealing it is," my mother told me, "but I figured you were old enough not to be shocked by seeing your mother's body." "I'm not shocked," I assured her. I didn't tell her how turned I was. "I just never realized how beautiful you are." "Thank you, Matt," she said. "I don't believe you but thank you, anyway." Twenty minutes later, mom went back in the house. Ten minutes after that, my erection finally subsided. That night, and the next night, the memory of my mother, wearing that red bikini, floated through my mind as I jerked off. On Monday afternoon, I was watching the baseball on television. I didn't have to work that day and I wasn't planning on going anywhere so I was wearing knee length, baggy shorts and a white T-shirt. I had not gone out further than the sun deck, so I was not wearing shoes or socks. My father, as usual, was out of town on business. He had a great job and made a ton of money but he was gone more than he was home. My mother worked in the billing department at the local hospital. She would be home around five. Michelle came into the living room and sat down beside me. "Hey, Matt. What's happening?" she asked. "Not much," I told her, "How are you doing?" "Who's winning?" she asked. "They are," I told her, "Three-zip." My sister and I had always been close. She was eighteen, just eleven months younger than me. I don't know if it was because we were almost the same age or because our personalities were so similar but whatever it was, we grew up more like friends than siblings. Even after she decided, just before I left home for college, that we shouldn't have sex anymore, Michelle and I remained friends. Michelle was five-five and had dark, almost black hair that hung half way down her back. Her oval shaped face was pretty, green eyes, straight nose and full lips, and her body was gorgeous. She was wearing a green belly shirt, that showed off her full, round tits, and low rise, cut-off Levis, that showed off her flat stomach.. "Did you see mom's bikini?" she asked. "She was wearing it when she came out on the deck yesterday and my eyes almost popped out of my head," I told her. "Its really hot, isn't it?" Michelle said. "Sssmmmokin'," I told her. "When you saw her wearing it, did you get a hard-on?"my sister asked in an innocent but sneaky tone of voice. I looked at her, surprised by the question. "Yeah, I did," I admitted. "Did you want to fuck her?" my sister asked. I thought for a minute about how to answer. "If I got the chance," I finally told her, "I wouldn't say no." "Do you want to fuck me?" Michelle asked. "Are you serious?" I wanted to know, "you said we couldn't do it anymore." "I changed my mind," she said. "If we do it," I asked, "are you going to change your mind again?" "I don't know," Michelle said, "maybe... but I doubt it. Last year, you were going off to college and I was stuck here for another year. I guess I was a little jealous. But now we're both going to the same school in September. Wouldn't it be nice to have a fuck buddy close by?" "I already have a couple girlfriends at school," I said. "I know,"Michelle said, "and I want to have two or three boyfriends soon after I get there. That doesn't mean we can't have each other, too." My cock was already getting hard and I was thinking about her pert tits, her firm ass and her tight pussy. "You want to do it now?" I asked, putting my hand on her breast. I squeezed the firm mound through her blouse and bra, just to see her reaction. "Uh-huh," Michelle answered, licking her lips as she stared at me. "Will you suck my cock?" I asked. "Of course," Michelle said. She reached over and gripped my rod through the material of my shorts, sending a tingling wave up my spine. I leaned back, raising my hips off the couch, and pushed my shorts down around my ankles. I lowered my hips and without speaking, my sister gripped the fat shaft and leaned forward, sliding her mouth onto my cock. "Oh, fuck," I moaned, as Michelle sucked my pole in and out of her mouth, "that feels so good." With my eyes closed, a vision of my mother, wearing her red bikini, floated before me. I raised the back of Michelle 's blouse and unhooked her bra. Reaching around her body, I slipped my hand under her blouse and bra and played with her bare breasts. My sister groaned as I pulled on and twisted her nipples. Michelle sucked on the head of my cock as she stroked the shaft. Then she slid both her hand and mouth up and down my pole. She moved her hand away and slowly sucked my cock into her mouth. Her lips slid further down the shaft until it filled her mouth. She pulled back to the head then slid her lips even further down the shaft, this time to the very base. My sister raised her head, gasping, a long string of saliva stretching out between the tip of my prick and the corner of her mouth. She took a deep breadth and went down on me again, all the way down, holding the entire length of my cock in the wet, warmth of her mouth. "Oh, fuck," I groaned again, placing my hand on Michelle's head, "Once more, baby." She raised her head, took a couple quick breadths, and plunged her mouth back down, letting my cock's crown slip deep into her throat. Michelle pulled back and caught her breadth as she stroked my cock. "Take your clothes off," I told her. My sister sat next to me as she pulled off her blouse and bra. Standing up, she unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them down to the floor. She was wearing a blue thong which she slid down her shapely legs. I pulled my shirt off as I watched her undress. "You want to go in the bedroom?" Michelle asked. We grabbed our clothes and walked naked to Michelle's bedroom. We dropped our clothes by the door and my sister lie down on her back, on her double bed. I lie down next to her, on my stomach. Lowering my head to her breasts, I began sucking her nipples. At the same time, I moved my hand to my sister's crotch. As soon as my fingers touched her mound, my sister groaned and opened her legs. I cupped her cleanly shaven pussy and moved my fingers through her slit. Michelle moaned and gasped as I pushed one finger, then two, deep inside the hot, wet channel. Slowly, I twisted my body around, kissing and licking my sister's nude flesh, from her tits, along her stomach, down her belly and between her legs. Michelle gasped as I flicked my tongue over her clitoris then groaned deeply as I sucked the swollen bud between my lips. I was on my knees, my hands under the cheeks of my sister's ass. As I licked and sucked her pussy, I felt her hand between my legs, slowly rubbing my cock. She began pulling it towards her and twisting her body around until her head was between my legs. Then she guided my pole between her lips and I slowly fucked her mouth, pushing my cock deeper into her mouth, further down her throat with each stroke, while I kissed and licked her wet, hot pussy and the firm, smooth flesh of her inner thighs. Even as my sister and I 69ed, the picture of my mother's body, covered only by the red bikini, was sharp in my mind. Michelle pushed my hips and jerked her head away. "Fuck me, Matt," she moaned, "I want your cock in my pussy so much... Fuck me, please." I turned around, held myself up on stiff arms over her and slid my hard, saliva covered cock into my sister's hot, wet pussy. Lowering my body onto my sister's, I pumped my hips, plunging my tool in and out of her. The slick walls of her tight cunt gripped my tool as she groaned, chanted, almost screamed with pleasure. Our lips pressed together and our tongues explored each others' open mouth as my hot cum spurted through my cock and into her belly. Megan lie under me, her eyes closed, her expression peaceful. "Are you all right?" I asked. "I'm fine," she answered, opening her eyes and smiling at me. "Did you cum?" I asked her. Her smile widened and she put her arms around my neck. "Oh yeah," she said, closing her eyes, "twice." As I lay on top of my sister, I was thinking about my mother and her red bikini. "Let me up," Michelle said, "I have to use the john." A few minutes later, she came back from the bathroom. "I want to fuck," my sister told me as she climbed back onto the mattress. She lie down next to me and I pulled her warm, firm body against mine. As we kissed, our tongues slid into each other's mouth and I played with her breasts. I moved my hand down her taut body to her already hot, wet pussy. Michelle turned onto her back and separated her legs. I lowered my head and sucked her breasts as my fingers examined her slit. Michelle 's pussy was hot and wet. Her juices smeared on her inner thighs and coated my fingers. As I finger-fucked her, I rubbed my thumb against her clitoris and gently bit her nipples, making her sigh and groan with pleasure. "I think...I'm going to...cum again..." Michelle whispered, sounding a little surprised. Her cunt was wet and slick. I sucked harder on her tits and pushed my fingers deeper into her, rubbing her clit faster. Michelle was panting and her hips were jerking up and down. "More," Michelle pleaded, "Put all your fingers inside me." I bunched my fingers together, pushing all four into her. "Cum, baby," I urged her, "Cum on my hand." "Yesssssss," Michelle hissed, " yesyesyesyesyes. Push harder--go deeper." I pushed and twisted my fingers deeper into my sister's slick, slippery cunt as she spread her legs even further apart. Her back arched, raising her hips off the bed.. "More," she told me, "Push your fingers in deeper!" I pushed and twisted my fingers into her cunt and my entire hand slipped into her. "Ooohhh, FUCK!" she cried, squeezing her legs together with my fist inside her, "OOOHHHAAARRRGGGHHH!!!" The lips of her pussy encircled my wrist. The walls of her pussy encompassed my fist. My sister reached down and grabbed my wrist, holding my fist inside her as she lowered her hips to the bed. Michelle was breathing heavily, gasping as I slowly pulled my hand out of her pussy. "That was wonderful," she said, "I never came like that before." I stretched out next to my sister, took her hand and placed it on my cock. "Now you can make me cum, Sis. Suck it for me," I said, "my cock is so hard its ready to burst." Michelle leaned forward and the warm wetness of her mouth engulfed my erection. Her hands and mouth, her tongue and lips, worked to cover my cock and balls with her saliva. I sighed and closed my eyes, and thought about my mother as my sister sucked me off. The heat and pressure of my orgasm moved up into the shaft of my cock. I reached out and placed my hand on the back of my sister's head, holding it down as my cum pumped into her mouth. It was almost four o'clock. Mom would be home in about an hour. Michelle and I went into the bathroom and got in the shower together. "I guess we won't be able to do this again until next Monday," my sister said, as her hands lathered my crotch. "You can wake me up when you get home from work," I told her, busily soaping her breasts. "Maybe," Michelle said, "but what if mom wakes up and catches us?" The vision of my mother filled my mind. "Turn around and bend over," I told my sister, "I want to fuck you again." 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