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[1]It's Okay She's My Stepdaughter 5 2011 AVN Award Nominee! Watch Now on VOD! She's cute, over 18, and she's hitting on you! What happens next? Watch and find out! [2]Free Original Erotic Stories. [3]tag [4]Incest/TabooMom & I: A True Story Ch. 5 Mom & I: A True Story Ch. 5 by[5]Markson(c) Author's Note: Unlike many, or perhaps most, stories you may read on the net which state that they are true, this one really is. Only names, locations and minor details have been changed to protect those involved. * * * * * From time to time Anne said I should start dating girls of my own age. I wasn't interested because I wasn't looking for a serious relationship and Anne provided all the sex I needed. It was clear to me that my mother saw our relation as something that wouldn't last forever. After our conversation during the weekend at the log cabin I understood her reasons but refused to take any action in the way she suggested. One day when the subject was posed again I said, "It's OK, but the rule should apply to you as well. If you feel responsible for my situation then I feel like I'm preventing any opportunities for you as well." Anne thought about it for a while (she always liked to consider things carefully) she said, "All right, I don't see any problem. I think you understand the uniqueness of our relationship and you're prepared to face it." The idea that we could both have other partners was interesting to me since one of my favorite things with Anne was to hear her talk about her past sexual adventures. In the beginning she'd been reluctant to describe them but after a while she became very enthusiastic, telling me all the details. We didn't talk about the subject again for a long time. To avoid further problems with mom I started dating some girls but instead of being the normal pleasure for a kid in his early twenties, I found it much more of a burden. Among many dates, the furthest I got was a blowjob. Most of the times I spent with my friends in the bar, pretending to Anne that I was dating. * * * Nothing more happened until I was twenty-one and my sexual relationship with mom had been going for more than two years, we were invited to the wedding of one of her best friend's daughters. Mom and her friend had been schoolmates at high school. She was from a very rich family from a city five hundred miles north of where we lived. Being a wealthy family and having just one daughter they decided to give her an unforgettable wedding party. Mom and I went by car; it was an eight-hour drive and Anne and I shared the driving. We left on Friday, very early in the morning, planning to be there by one PM, and arrived roughly on time. It wasn't a house but almost a castle! Crowning a small hill, the property was set in several acres and had an astounding view of the neighboring city. Facing the house there was a huge lawn where a group of people were assembling several large tents. On a level below was a large, oval-shaped swimming pool, with a series of tall Greek columns on one side that hid changing rooms built in white marble. The family had booked a complete hotel in the neighborhood, hired the staff of a beauty parlor with their outfits to serve the guests, and several buses to ferry people back and forth to the house. Because Anne was the bride's mother's best friend they put her in one of the guest rooms in the house whilst I was in the hotel. It was no big deal, as it was just two nights so I was OK with the arrangements and anyway, I was tired from the drive and slept the whole of the Friday afternoon. In the evening there was a dinner for the family and their closest friends, which both Anne and I were invited to. The next day was the wedding. I wasn't used to getting dressed up so, feeling like a dog in a collar, I took the bus to the house. When I saw mom my jaw dropped open. She was only wearing light make up and her hair was simply styled, falling freely on her shoulders. Her dress was a sleeveless silk chemise, held up by thin shoulder straps. It was knee- length, dark green matching her eyes and slightly flared at the skirt. She wore a jacket, green as well, embroidered with tiny beads matching the color of the fabric. To add a final touch, she was wearing a set of pearl earrings and a collar. She was, at least at my eyes, the most beautiful woman at the party. After the ceremony the party began. A small orchestra was playing and a battalion of waiters was waiting on the tables in the marquee. I was sat at a table with people of my own age, whilst Anne was with the family. Most of the guests knew each other so, despite their attempts to include me in the conversation, I felt somewhat left out. The girl sitting beside me was quite interesting, though. She was a bit large for my tastes but attractive. She told me she had recently broken up with her boyfriend who was there with a new girl and seemed to be using me to send some sort of "I don't give a damn" message. To begin with I was afraid it might cause a scene but it seemed that the guy wasn't particularly interested in her so I became more at ease. After the wedding breakfast the young people and some older ones started dancing. I danced twice with the girl I'd been sitting next to then decided to check how the things were going with mom. I found her in the huge living room with several other people. Anne was sitting on a small couch with a man beside her. He was good-looking and a bit older than she was. They were involved in what seemed to be a deep conversation, mom looking at him with a friendly smile. I turned around and went back to where the young people were. Sitting there thinking about how the situation might possibly develop gave me a hard-on. After a while II went back to the living room and found mom alone. She immediatly noticed the look on my face. "What's wrong? Have you been drinking?" She put a hand in my forehead then took me by the hand. "Let's walk a little, it will be good to you." Who was that guy?" I asked as soon as we were out of earshot of other people. "It's the bride's godfather, he arrived this morning." "It seems you like him..." "Oh yes! He's a very fascinating person...." She was clearly embarrassed. "Are you interested in him?" "It's hard to say. He's nice but we just talked for a short while. But it was enough to notice he seemed interested in me." I was steering Anne along the path that led to the swimming pool. When we reached a secluded spot I grabbed mom and tried to kiss her. "Hey, what are you doing? Stop! If someone finds us there will be a big scandal!" "Just give me a kiss." She relented and we kissed passionately. I opened the zipper at the back of her skirt and put my hand inside. Instead of her usual pantyhose I felt the softness of her panties. "Have you changed you mind about wearing a garter belt?" I asked. "These are thigh-high stockings, they don't need a garter belt." "Let me see." I broke our embrace and stepped backwards. Anne looked around a last time checking that we were alone and lifted up the skirt, revealing her long legs clad in sheer stockings and small bikini panties. She was visibly surprised by my admiration for her beautiful legs and showed them off to me for a long time. When I held her again her protests were feeble. "I want you," I said urgently. "No!" "Let's go to your room." "No!" "C'mon, let's go, I need you. We can say I was a little drunk and you were taking care of me. What's wrong with that? And it's better than if I raise your skirt and fuck you right now..." "You wouldn't dare!" Anne said. I didn't answer, just pushed her against the wall a started to lift her skirt. I was on the verge of pulling them down when mom surrendered. "OK, let's go," she whispered. We walked slowly, me pretending to be drunk, and went up the long staircase to the first floor. At the end of the corridor it turned at right angles, her room at the far end. I removed my jacket and shoes and loosened my tie. "Lay on the bed, I'll be back soon," she said. It was a long time before she returned and I began to think she had changed her mind but eventually she came back holding a cup and a washcloth. "Take it, it's an effervescent antacid, remember you're drunk..." She locked the door and removed her dress, leaving her only in bra, panties and the thigh-high stockings. The bra was the type without shoulder straps. She lay down by my side. "You'd better take your clothes off," she said, "it wouldn't be good to show up later with them all wrinkled. I don't know who is the most foolish, you or me. I guess it's me that should have more common sense." I didn't answer, just kissed her on the lips and forced my tongue into her mouth. I removed her bra and panties, leaving her stockings on and started kissing her body. I kissed her breasts, paying special attention to her hard nipples, and slid slowly down in the direction of her lower belly. Anne was trying to choke back her groans and moving her torso while I worked with my tongue in her snatch. Lubricating my finger in her pussy, I inserted it into her rectum. Whilst I sucked and licked her pussy I worked my finger into her shithole. "Now I want you in me," she murmured. "Tell me what you want," I teased. "I want you to fuck me... I want to feel my pussy filled with your cock. All the way... right now!" I climbed on top of her, directing the tip of my prick at her pussy and pressed. With my dick deeply embedded in her body I took hold of mom and rolled over so she was on top of me. She started a sensuous movement with her hips and covered my mouth with hers in a passionate French kiss. I slid a hand over her back down to her ass cheeks and inserted a finger in her butt again. She stopped swaying and moaned heavily with the sudden invasion of her butt hole but then took up the pace once more. "Do you want to fuck that guy?" I asked her. She didn't answer and I probed her more deeply with my finger. "Tell me." "You want me to do that?" "Yes" "Then I'll do it." "And how would you do it?" "I don't know. Let me talk to him again. I don't think it would be difficult, he seems very interested. We just need to find a way..." "But you have to tell me everything. You promise?" I was too excited and even trying to keep myself back it didn't took to long to fill mom's womb with a load of warm jism. As soon as my dick softened I took it out and we lay side-by-side, still panting heavily. We stayed that way for a long time, listening to the distant sounds of the party. "Is there anything wrong?" I asked, feeling that there was something behind her silence. "I was thinking that you should be down there partying with the other young people and not here in bed with your own mother," she answered. I had faced this a couple of times before, mostly when there were young people around. "Listen Mom, I'm not interested in other girls. All they really want is to find a nice guy to marry. I don't want to waste my time with a relationship that doesn't mean anything to me. I've got the rest of my life to worry about things like that." She knew I was serious and didn't question me anymore. We dressed and went back downstairs to the party. I spotted mom's friend talking to some other people and she steered me to the front door. I was doing my best to pretend to be still a little drunk, walking slowly with glazed eyes until Mom put me in the bus back to the hotel It took me a long time to fall asleep, imagining Anne and her friend. I regretted my suggestion and even considered going back to the party but I didn't want to make mom even more concerned about our relationship. On one hand I was cursing the idea of nearly forcing mom to fuck another man. I was sure that she was agreeing partly to open up our relationship. On the other hand it was pretty exciting to imagine what she and him might be doing at that moment. Eventually I fell asleep and woke up late the next morning. I quickly dressed and rushed back to the house. Mom was sat in the garden at a table talking to her friend. When I approached mom asked if I was feeling OK now and her friend asked me to sit with them and have breakfast. I was dying to know what had happened the previous night but other people arrived and mom got involved in the conversation while my impatience increased with every second. Anne seemed so at ease, looking fresh as if she had had a quiet night's sleep. She was wearing a light, sleeveless cotton summer shirtdress. She hadn't put on any make up and her hair fell freely over her shoulders. After what seemed an endless time some of the people went back to their rooms to pack up and others decided to try the swimming pool. I was desperate to be alone with mom and was doing my best to disguise my bad mood. Mom's friend thought this was due to a hangover and came with the solution: "Anne, why don't you show Mark the observatory? He'll enjoy the view". At both ends of the large living room there were wooden staircases that led up to wide corridors. The south side was where the bedrooms were and the north one led to another staircase, much narrower than the other and ending in a door. Mom opened it and we entered a round, domed room. It was an astronomical observatory equipped with an old telescope. Astronomy was the hobby of my mom's friend's grandfather, the man who built the house at the start of the 20th century, but now the pollution and city lights made the telescope useless. Whilst I examined the instrument I asked mom, "So, how was it?" "It was all right," she answered, showing some embarrassment. I pretended not to notice. "You went to bed together?" She blushed and nodded. I came close and hugged her, kissing her lightly on the lips. "Hey, what is going on?" I said, "Remember our deal?" "Well... " She began reluctantly." When I got back to the party he was waiting for me. We talked for a while about ourselves and then he took hold of my hand and invited me to dance. While we were dancing he said he'd like to see me alone. I said that would be difficult since he was leaving in the morning. He said that when I went to bed I should put a piece of paper under my door so he didn't knock on the wrong one. We danced until the party finished around midnight. "I went back to my room, got undressed and waited for him. Soon there was a light knock on my door and opened it. He was delighted to find me naked! We had sex until dawn when he went back to his own room. He'd told me he needed to leave early in the morning and besides, it would be very embarrassing if someone had see him sneaking out of my room!" "And how was it?" I probed. "It was very good, he is a nice person..." "Did you both do everything?" "Yes, well... almost everything. When he tried to take me from behind it was very painful. He has one of the biggest and thickest dicks I've ever seen and we didn't have any Vaseline. After the first few strokes he felt was hurting me and gave up. As far as I remember that was the first time I couldn't take someone from behind. He is really huge! My butt is still stinging." I had such a strong erection my balls aching. I approached Mom and held her by the waist. "Are you angry with me?" she asked. "No, there's nothing wrong, I'm pretty excited." And I forced my pelvis against her belly. She smiled and we exchange a series of short kisses. When I tried to raise her skirt she protested. "Not here... Follow me." Opposing the tower door there was another one. We stepped in, it was dark but I could see a spiral staircase going upwards. There was a bolt, which mom drew back and we went up to a small balcony on the roof. "It's safe here, my friend and I used to come here to sunbathe naked she asked to have this bolt fitted so no one could surprise us in the buff," Anne explained. The west side faced the garden and the swimming pool. At the other side the ground sloped some ninety feet almost vertically to street level with an astounding view of a nearby city park. I came close to mom and immediately started unbuttoning her dress. Soon she was naked and we were exchanging passionate French kisses. I lowered my pants and without a care shoved my dick into her soaked pussy. We were both highly excited and it didn't take too long for me to fill her womb with a long sequence of spurts. After that Anne asked for a handkerchief. I didn't have one so she wiped her thighs, pussy and my dick with her own panties, which became so wet she couldn't put them back on. I slipped them in my pocket and we returned to the front lawn. To Be Continued... 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