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[1]Literotica Toy Store ADULT TOY & DVD STORE WITH FAST & DISCREET SHIPPING AND A GREAT SEXY SELECTION [2]shop.literotica.com [3]Monster Cock Movies PETITE WOMEN, BIG MEN 20,000+ PAY PER MINUTE TITLES SEARCHABLE CATEGORIES [4]www.literoticavod.com [5]Free Original Erotic Stories. [6]tag [7]NonConsent/Reluctance[8]Jane's Nasty SurprisePage 2 Jane's Nasty Surprise by[9]OldNicksMan(c) Suddenly the pumping stopped. The hand tried one more time to press the huge machine deeper into Jane but could advance no further. Jane's eyes were bulging and her breathing hoarse. The voice appeared to ask her another question. Jane's face, contorted with passion, whispered `Yes'. Immediately a low throbbing pulse began to be heard. As the camera moved in closer, Jane saw in awe the vibrator begin to pulse. Its huge girth was increasing and decreasing with the beat of the pulse, and she saw her vagina stretch and contract as it throbbed. As she watched, her eyes widened as she thought in horror what the head must be doing inside her. The pulse quickened and the movement increased. A whirring noise told of electric motors running and as the throbbing increased in speed and intensity, Jane heard herself losing control. She was panting louder, and trying to cry out with each turn of the machine, but only a strangled gasp was audible. Her panting quickened with the increasing pulse and her body began to thrash around wildly on screen. The camera panned back, unable to keep pace with the increasingly wild bucking and thrashing of Jane's back, arms and legs. A large wet patch on the bed beneath her hips was clearly visible and increasing in size as she built up to an even greater climax. The vibrator's pulsing was even more obvious now, its sides visibly expanding more as the pitch increased. Jane watched closely as her on screen vagina stretched tighter and tighter. Suddenly she heard a loud scream and saw a thin stream of blood burst from the base of her vagina as she tore - just as he had torn giving birth to her daughter. Without realising it, she reached down between her own legs feeling the soreness of that tear, and found to her amazement that her panties were soaking wet. She felt disgusted with herself but could not stop watching the screen. Her screen body bucked wildly, mixing the blood in with the wetness beneath her as Jane saw herself reach a shattering climax. Unable to speak, the camera saw her convulse as if with stomach cramps, them throw herself backwards, arms above her head, legs spread wider than Jane had ever been able to get them in gym class. Her on screen self appeared to pass out, her body falling limp on the bed, the huge vibrator buried to the hilt in her vagina, throbbing away to no further purpose. The sound of the vibrator ceased. The now familiar hand could be seen taking hold of the end and, twisting slightly back and forth, pulling the monster from her body. A small wave of pink wetness followed it onto the bedclothes. The camera angle closed in on a grotesque gaping pussy, lips red and angry, clitoris swollen and erect, patches of wetness and blood on the skin. It passed up her body to her face, eyes closed, mouth open. The screen went blank. Jane had watched herself in the action and the aftermath of the most incredible orgasm she had ever seen or imagined. She felt envious - but that was silly. She felt aroused. Suddenly, the video continued. A new scene began. Jane was still apparently unconscious lying on her back up on the bed. Her legs were bent at the knees, splayed out to expose her most private parts. Gazing down on her inert body, she saw a simply enormous man. His skin, jet black and shiny, appeared to have been polished. His arms and legs were muscular to a high degree. His back was towards the camera, and Jane could see his powerful athletic build clearly. Although she normally didn't go for the muscular type, she could well appreciate the perfection of his powerful body. The camera angle changed as the man turned slightly. He was watching the crumpled form on the bed intently. Jane noticed he had the beginnings of an erection, and also that he appeared to be completely hairless. Smooth legs, no pubic hair, smooth chest and a shaven head - No Wait! - He was wearing a mask. As he turned, Jane could clearly see that his head and face were covered with what appeared to be a leather or latex mask. The mask stopped at his nose - his mouth was free - but identification was impossible. Jane realised that in any case she was quite certain she had never met a man of this powerful build before. She watched as his erection grew and grew. At a word of command from the cameraman, the big man dropped to his knees between Jane's legs. He gazed up at her unconscious face then, bending over, he opened his mouth and let the very tip of his tongue gently stroke Jane's outer lips. The camera had zoomed in close and Jane could see her inert body beginning to twitch at the touch of his tongue. She did not, however, wake up, and the big man's tongue now stroked her other tender lip. Again there was a twitch. Leaning closer in, the tongue lapped lightly at each the mouth of her vagina, always moving upwards from her moistening entrance towards her clitoris. Jane began to wriggle, both on screen and off screen as she watched. The delicate sensitivity of this man was extraordinary. Gradually her on screen image began to respond to his touch, apparently without waking. Contented guttural noises could be heard on the soundtrack, rising slowly in intensity. Her hips rocked gently from side to side, towards his active mouth and away again as the masterful tongue worked. After a short time the camera panned upwards show Jane's opening eyes full of passion and heat again. Realising his partner was now receptive, the big man made the strokes of his tongue firmer and more positive. Using the flat of his tongue, he worked his way inside her outer lips to rub its rough, warm surface against her sensitive inner parts. The camera was relentless in showing his tongue at work, and Jane's gasps of pleasure could be clearly heard. Her hands reached down between her thighs to caress the man's huge head. She paused, apparently surprised at the unfamiliar feel of the mask, then relaxed and held his head lightly between her palms. His licking became stronger and more determined now, both on her swelling lips and, increasingly with each stroke, working its way into her vagina. Deeper and deeper his tongue probed, and Jane's moaning increased in volume. The camera rose to show Jane's face, once again screwed up in pleasure, then back down to the man's mask, then down further to his waist where a mighty erection was now in full bloom, its paler brown head contrasting with the thick ebony shaft, the enormous whole simply terrifying to the watching Jane. Following another mumble and a silent nod from the on-screen Jane, the man's mouth moved away from Jane's vulva. His hands gripped her ankles and he effortlessly pulled her down the bed towards him. As her hips slipped over the edge of the bed, her legs fell open either side of his knees and without hesitation she slid smoothly down onto his massive waiting erection, impaling herself fully and deeply, not stopping until her shaven mound grasped the very base of his manhood. Her head was thrown back and her breath caught in her throat. She sat astride his lap, facing him, kneeling up over his own kneeling thighs. He held her sides in his hands. She put her hands on his shoulders. As if programmed, Jane's body began to rise and fall as she slid herself up and down the dark shaft on which she was impaled. Her eyes closed again, and her head lolled about on her shoulders. She watched as her screen self began to grasp her breasts firmly in her hands, kneading them as she rode up and down. Rising, the camera abandoned its fixation with her hot vulva to highlight her firm, erect nipples distorted strangely by the tight grip of her hands. More indistinct words were spoken and Jane jumped back from the screen as a big black hand smacked her recorded self hard on one buttock. The sound of the slap was clear and sharp. Jane heard herself yelp in surprise. Another blow fell, this time on the other cheek and the camera moved to show clear red handprints on her buttocks. Two more blows fell but on screen, Jane barely noticed, transported as she was by the rise and fall of her impaled body. Strong black hands grasped her breasts and gripped them cruelly. She whimpered, but carried on riding the huge black cock. The hands grasped her breasts harder, this time holding them so firmly that she was forced to stop moving. There was the voice in the background, and Jane looked up, disappointment showing on her face. There were more sounds and a smile replaced the disappointed expression. Jane lifted one leg up, and released the huge black shaft from her body. It slipped out, lying long, wet and shiny on the man's thighs. Jane turned around and, falling on all fours, presented herself backwards to the big man. She looked over her shoulder as he knelt behind her. Kneeling behind her, the big man held the tip of his cock against Jane's body and slid himself once again into her gaping, welcoming pussy, his whole length entering with a single stroke. A stifled scream could be heard. The camera moved around to show Jane's face, taking in every expression as his thrusts began. At first she seemed shocked by his size and the depth he reached. Her face was screwed up in pain, but after a few seconds, the grimace was replaced by obvious pleasure. He began to pump in earnest. Jane watched herself spread her arms forwards and grip the floor rug to brace her body against his pounding weight. Sounds of his body striking hers - loud, wet slaps - were clearly audible on the film, as were her increasing moans of pleasure as his pace and depth increased. After another command from `the voice' he began to smack her buttocks again as his relentless pounding of her vagina continued. The camera moved close in on her face, and Jane saw herself, still dreamy eyed, twisted up with passion, completely given over to lust. She recognised the sounds of herself approaching orgasm, but before she could reach her climax, the big man slowed down almost to a stop. Her screen self called out "Don't stop. Please!" and the camera angle changed once more, retuning to her pussy. As the big black shaft slid very slowly in and out of her, a long black finger could be seen pressing against her exposed anus. Jane gasped as she watched. No anal virgin, she remembered how painful this could be. She saw in close up her sphincter contract tightly beneath his probing finger, then yield slightly as the increased pressure from the finger broke through her resistance. The finger slid in to the first knuckle, then the second, then rotated back and forth in her anus. Below, the big black shaft moved relentlessly in and out of her vagina. Holding her breath, Jane watched motionless as she remembered what it had felt like her first time. The thrill of the penetration; the excitement of feeling your perineum stretched and stimulated from both sides. She wished she could see her face on the screen, but frustratingly only her bottom was in shot. The first finger was now joined by a second one. Another guttural noise could be heard and her on-screen body froze, the two fingers moved slowly in and out of her. The big man then spread them apart as he deliberately stretched her anus open. Watching closely, Jane knew inside what was coming next. Her body's soreness told her in no uncertain terms what had happened. As she looked on, the huge black shaft was pulled out of Jane's pussy. It glistened with her juices. Its length was wiped across her waiting anus, leaving a sticky wetness all around it. Then its massive head was pressed firmly against her tight opening. Jane tried to look away, but her gaze was drawn back to the screen. She saw her sphincter try and resist again, but then yield quickly to the pressure and the large brown head popped inside her. A cry of alarm could be heard, followed by a load gasp. The big man began to rock gently forward and backwards, holding Jane's body by the waist. With each movement, he slid deeper into her, the camera revealing every millimetre of progress. Jane again wanted to see her face, wanting to know if she was enjoying this, but the cameraman seemed intent on frustrating her. With increasingly passionate noises from the on-screen Jane, the man inched deeper and deeper into her rectum, her anus stretching tighter and tighter until finally his entire massive length was inside her. He began to pump. Starting slowly, then increasing his pace, he began to slide in and out of her rectum. The sight was incredible to Jane, who had hated her own experience of anal sex, but who was now clearly loving every second of it on screen. The man's pace quickened and her cries of passion grew louder. "Fuck Me!" she heard. "Hurt Me!" The camera moved to face her head on. She saw her own contorted face again, her still eyes dull and dreamy; her body propped up on all fours still, her breasts hanging down. Jane watched herself take one hand off the floor and pinch one nipple hard with her fingers. Her face screwed up. She pinched the other. The voice spoke again. Without leaving her body, the big man leaned back on his knees, pulling Jane bodily towards him, his enormous strength lifting them both onto the bed. The camera presented the fantastic sight of Jane kneeling astride him, her ass impaled on his shaft, her nipples looking red, but firm and erect. The big man leaned back and supported himself on his outstretched stretched arms. Jane leaned back against his chest. The camera dropped to waist level as the massive vibrator was again passed to her. She looked up, puzzled. The voice spoke. "Really?" she replied, sounding pleased, her voice still slurry and slightly drunk. With the big man's cock still inside her ass, Jane slowly slid the vibrator into her vagina. It was very big, but she had already been stretched and was at the peak of passion. First its head disappeared, then inch by inch the shaft. At length, the whole monstrous thing was within her. Jane could not believe it as she watched. She had never done anything like this before, and was sure she would be badly hurt. But wait! Wasn't the fact she was here watching proof that she had survived? With a shaft in each passage, Jane's on screen self was uncontrollable. Gasping for breath, she rode the big black cock behind her in apparent ecstasy. The base of the vibrator could be seen protruding from her pussy, and then a hand appeared and touched something on it. The sound of a small electric motor rang out once again, and Jane's screen self began to buck wildly, her chest flushed a blotchy pink, her face red and contorted once more. Her thrashing grew wilder and wilder, her moans louder and louder. Almost choked by her approaching climax, she began to moan and grunt incoherently. Gurgling noises emanated from her throat as she grasped her breasts roughly in both hands and twisted them cruelly again and again. The voice spoke. "Yes! Yes!" she responded, and Jane watched horrified as she saw herself lift her breasts to her mouth and bite them hard. Again she bit herself, screamed aloud then let them fall free, to swing wildly with her increasingly violent movements. The sound of a briefcase opening could be heard, and an unseen hand passed Jane a ruler. Thrashing wildly, her on screen self began to beat her own body with the ruler, slapping her thighs and breasts with it as she slid up and down the black shaft, her pussy throbbing with the pulse of the vibrator. The blows were hard, leaving long red marks. Her thighs and breasts were angry and raw. "God! Finish me now!" she cried out in desperation. The voice spoke once again. "Yes!" replied Jane. "Anything! Anything! But make it now! I can't take any more!" Her body, exhausted and racked with passion, had one last big surprise to spring. The hand appeared, passing her a long, thick needle with a handle and a champagne cock. She took one in each hand. The hand twisted the controller on the vibrator further and the pulse quickened. The camera moved closer in. In extreme close up the large black shaft could be seen pounding her anus and from her vagina the end of the monster vibrator, pulsing more strongly, stretched her wider and wider. Jane's croaking voice could be heard panting "Anything. Anything!" She rubbed her clitoris frantically with the cork. Swollen and engorged, it protruded firm and erect from her pussy lips. She placed the tip of the long, hollow needle against its right side and held the cork against its left. "Help me!" she called out. A hand reached out and pulled her aching clitoris firmly forwards, stretching it tight as her body heaved up and down, throbbing and moaning aloud to the beat of the vibrator And then she did it. The screen went into slow motion - or was it Jane's mind as she watched? At a touch, the vibrator stopped pulsing in her vagina. The black cock stopped moving in her ass. There was a moment of silence and stillness in which Jane knelt upright, panting. Jane trapped her clitoris firmly between the needle and the cork, her elbows extended sideways, her eyes closed. She paused, her chest heaving as she panted. She opened her eyes and looked directly into the camera, which descended to show in extreme close up the sharp point pressing firmly against her moist red clit, stretched tightly by the mysterious gloved hand. Then with a mighty heave of her shoulders her chest and biceps flexed and with all her strength she forced the needle cleanly through her clitoris, embedding its point deep in the champagne cork. The camera panned back. Jane looked down in bizarre triumph at what she had done. Back to extreme close up again, Jane saw the long thin needle passing transfixing through her most sensitive part. She looked up at the camera again. Her eyes misted over, their whites showed. She passed out. The camera kept rolling. In the hotel room, Jane watched in stunned silence. Slowly the big black man withdrew himself from her limp body. He moved around between her thighs and with a tenderness not to be expected of one so large, carefully removed the cork and delicately slid the needle back through and out of her wounded clitoris. He gently slid the silent vibrator out of her vagina and a few drops of blood fell onto the once white sheets. The camera panned back once again as he removed his black leather mask and cast it aside. The black shiny skin of the back of his head contrasted sharply with the whiteness of Jane's skin and the rumpled sheet below. Back in extreme close up, his large hands could be seen taking a bright gold ring from beside the bed. Pausing, he carefully threaded it through the lightly bleeding hole in Jane's clitoris and, with a drop of what looked like super glue, locked it firmly closed. In font of the screen, Jane watched spellbound, transfixed, her fingers firmly between her legs, involuntarily touching the ring. On screen the big man gently closed Jane's unresisting legs together, and rolled her over on the bed. He bent over her limp body and, placing a single kiss on her left buttock, went out of camera shot. The screen went dark. Jane stared motionless at its blackness, unable to move, trying to come to terms with what she had seen herself do. Suddenly the screen sprang to life. A message appeared. `This film would make me $100,000 if published and would destroy your career. If you want to stop it being published, I want $250,000 in cash. What's that compared with the bright future awaiting you? Signal your acceptance by e-mail to me before Friday.' Anger like she had never known washed over her. To be continued ..... if you would like it to be!! 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