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[1]NAME An Adult Movie about Forbidden Relations She's not his daughter, but she is his stepdaughter. Can he resist her advances? Watch now on VOD! [2]Free Original Erotic Stories. [3]tag [4]Incest/Taboo[5]Bless Me Father, For I Have SinnedPage 4 Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned by[6]qqnforyou6(c) Nicole began to moan and pant. She knew she was going to cum and soon. Nicole moaned "oh daddy yes, yes, yes, oh my god this feels so good! Yes daddy fuck me, fuck me, oh god daddy as god as my witness fuck me! Oh my god daddy I'm going to cum! I'm cumming, I'm cumming daddy!" Nicole's body began to shake as she came on her fathers cock while it fucked her in a rhythmic fashion. That was all Steve could take too. Steve pulled his cock out of his daughter and placed it in the groove of his daughters cunt. He began sliding his cock on her slit and moaned "oh baby here it cums." Steve began to cum. Jet after jet of hot cum squirted out of his cock onto his daughter. She had cum on her chin and tits. The last couple of jets of cum landed on her stomach and her bush. Father Joseph walked behind the cross and untied Nicole's wrists again. Steve held his daughter in his arms. Nicole reached around her fathers neck and held him tightly. Steve dropped to his knees on the alter and laid on his back pulling his daughter on top of him. Steve's cock was still rock hard and he pulled his daughter down onto his pole. She winced in pain as his cock entered her again. Finally his cock was in her and Steve pulled his daughter to him and kissed her. They tongued each others mouths as they fucked on the alter. Steve's hands caressed his daughter's ass as she rode him. Steve saw what was about to happen. He spread his daughters ass cheeks as he saw Father Joseph removing his cloak. Father Joseph smeared some K Y jelly on his cock. He was a little larger than Steve. Steve pulled his daughters ass cheeks apart farther offering her virgin ass hole to the holy priest. Nicole moaned to her father "what are you doing dad" Then she felt it. Nicole stopped moving and froze in her tracks. She reached for her blind fold but her father grabbed her arms. Father Joseph pressed his well lubricated cock against Nicole's ass hole and pushed. Nicole screamed in pain as the priest attempted to rape her ass hole. Nicole began to scream "oh god have mercy, please no, no, no, please no..." as Nicole began to sob. Father Joseph's cock was now completely in Nicole's ass. Together Steve and Father Joseph began to fuck Nicole. Nicole's tears soaked the blind fold. Soon however her tears were forgotten. Nicole never imagined sensations this great ever existed. She was being double fucked in god's house by her father and the priest. She knew it was so wrong and wicked. She never wanted the priest, only her father but there was nothing she could do now as Father Joseph fucked her ass. Nicole began to tremble. Her young body was going to cum again. This time it felt as though her orgasm was coming from deeper within. Her toes tingled along with her fingers. Then her arms and legs began to tingle. The hair on her neck stood up. Finally her body tingled all over. Nicole's pussy was on fire as she began to cum. She screamed "oh my fucking god daddy I'm cumming." Nicole saw stars as her fathers cock continued to fuck her pussy and Father Joseph's cock fucked her ass hole. "Oh my fucking god" Nicole screamed. "Oh god Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned" Nicole screamed. Another orgasm rocked Nicole's body. Then another. It was as if her body could not stop cumming. Being on the verge of passing out Nicole felt Father Joseph withdraw his cock out of her ass. Father Joseph grabbed Nicole around the neck and pulled her off of her father and laid her on her back on the floor of the alter. The priest placed his knees over Nicole's arms pinning her to the floor. Steve grabbed Nicole's ankles and raised them and handed them to Father Joseph. The priest took Nicole's ankles and pulled them over her head spreading her legs wide. Again like on the cross she was helpless. Steve positioned himself on top of his daughter and again entered her pussy. Nicole felt Father Joseph's cock hanging there over her face as he held her down. Nicole moved her head as far as she could to take the priests member into her mouth. All she was able to do however was to lick the underside of his cock. As Steve began to power fuck his daughter, Nicole shot off into another orgasm. This time however Steve was going to cum too. Nicole screamed and shook from her orgasm. Father Joseph told Steve "plant your seed in your daughters womb" Nicole got really scared for fear of getting pregnant. She began to scream "no daddy don't, no daddy please." Steve began to cum. Nicole felt her pussy filling up with her fathers cum as he continued to fuck her pussy. Finally, Steve withdrew his cock from his daughters pussy. He got up and went to where Father Joseph was. This time Steve pinned his daughter down and Father Joseph positioned himself over Nicole. Nicole screamed "No, no." The priest pushed his cock into her hole and Nicole just cried. She continued to scream and cry as her father pinned her arms under him and held her legs up and opened for the holy priest to fuck her. Just then Father Joseph began to cum. He planted his seed in Nicole along with Steve. Nicole screamed out loud begging for mercy as she felt the holy priests cum fill her pussy. Nicole screamed out "Our Father Who Art In Heaven I beg of you to spare me...just then she experienced violent shaking a she sobbed and screamed. She came to and realized it was her father shaking her. Steve pulled his daughter into his arms and held her as she woke up from whatever nightmare she was having. As she grabbed on to her father she then realized it was all a dream. She still clung to her father and sobbed. She realized that she came in her sleep over and over because she could feel that her panties were soaked. Nicole rolled over into her fathers arms and cried. She noticed that all her father had on were a pair of boxer shorts. As she settled into his lap she could feel his bulge through his boxers on her pussy through her wet panties. As she continued to cry she could feel her pussy was still on fire. Nicole could feel her dads cock nestled in the cleft of her wet pussy. As she shifted slightly her father's cock brushed against her throbbing clit. Again Nicole felt jolts of electricity race through her pussy and the rest of her body. She began to cum on her fathers lap as he comforted her from her nightmare. He had no idea she was cumming. She continued to act as though she was crying as she was really cumming. She tried desperately to not let her father know what had just happened. She couldn't believe that her father just inadvertently made her cum. To Be Continued... 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