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[1]From Lust Till Dawn on VOD Sexy Suckers Want More Than Blood Horny vampires stalk sexy victims in this fast-paced XXX thriller! [2]Free Original Erotic Stories. [3]tag [4]Erotic Couplings[5]A Brotherly WagerPage 2 A Brotherly Wager by[6]Slickman(c) "Thanks Doc." Steve said totally enjoying what she was doing. As she squeezed his butt she thought about her husband. ***** Both Amy and John sat up when they neared a store standing alone outside of the city. The signs said, ADULT VIDEOS, MAGAZINES, TOYS, and CLOTHING. "Want to stop?" John asked with a laugh. "I've never seen a pornographic movie before." Amy said as she looked at the place. It looked clean and well taken care of. "Maybe on the way home." John hopefully said. Amy didn't answer which John took as a good thing. "Here we are." John said as he pulled the SUV into a parking spot near a large strip mall. "I'll be in the arts and craft shop over there." He pointed to the building. "OK. I'll be in here." Amy said looking at the large department store. It didn't take John long to pick out some new sketch pads and some drawing pencils and pastels. He quickly paid for them and headed into the department stores women's clothing department to find Amy. Not a single person was in the clothing area as John maneuvered through the clothing racks. He noticed the women's changing room sign in the back corner and headed that way. No one was monitoring the desk in front of the hallway leading to the dressing rooms so John moved slowly down the row of rooms while bending over to see if he could see any feet. When he made it to the last room he saw two shoes that he remembered were Amy's. In the long curtain in front of the room was a tiny opening. He smiled as he peeked in. Amy looked at the new panties and bra in the mirror as she turned one way and then the other. If she was going to pose for John she wanted to have sexy underwear. The top of the semi-bra only hid about half of her tiny pink nipples. She smiled as she released the front clasp and released her small but perky breasts. "Shit." John whispered when he saw her tiny cherry nipples sitting in the middle of her firm but small breasts. They were so small it made her look like a teen which caused his hard-on to become rock hard. "Can I help you sir?" A voice rang out from behind him. John turned to see an older woman peering down at him. "Oh...uh...I..I'm just looking for my wife." He stammered in fear. He didn't want to be arrested in a two bit town for being a peeping tom. Amy heard the sales lady and then John's voice. She knew he was in trouble and stuck her face out. "I'm his wife." She smiled. She glanced at John and grinned. "OK. But we normally don't let men back in this area." The matron lady said without smiling. "If someone else comes back her to use the dressing area he will have to leave." "No problem." John smiled as he pulled back the curtain and moved inside. He looked in the mirror to see Amy standing in only her panties with her hands cupped over her breasts. "Hi." "Don't look." She whispered. "Turn around. If you peek I'm going to kill you." She giggled. Amy faced away from his and pushed down the new panties with the price tag still attached. John grinned as he peeked back at the mirror and saw her totally naked form behind him. Her ass was even better than he had imagined and the side profile of her breasts showed them to be bigger than he first had thought. When she lifted her leg to pull off the panties he saw a quick flash of her pink pussy lips and golden pubic hair. "Sir I'm going to have to ask you to leave now." The woman's voice projected through the closed curtain. They both turned to look at the curtain and then at each other. John quickly looked down the naked front of her body and grinned. Her small trimmed pubic mound looked like a ray of golden light coming up from her thin pink slit. She quickly covered it with her hand and moved her arm up to protect her breasts. "Go." She said with a smile. John pulled back the curtain and glanced one more time at her naked ass in the mirror. Amy jerked the curtain closed. Another woman was holding clothing and the tough woman was waiting with her arms crossed and was tapping her feet at the end of the hallway. John moved quickly by her. "Thank you." She did not reply. He thought he heard her growl. ***** Beth's fingers moved over his waist and up over his back. She pushed his tee shirt upward until she was able to touch the smooth flesh of his back. "No problems yet." She giggled. "I better turn over." Steve grinned as her fingers moved over his head. They both looked down to the huge bulge pushing out the front of his shorts but neither made any mention of it. As Beth moved her fingers over his face her breasts were now pushing against his arm. Her breathing was becoming labored as her fingers moved down over his chest to his abs. She stopped at his beltline and pulled his tee shirt up which allowed her fingers to trace over his tan stomach. "No problems yet." She grinned. Steve sucked in his stomach as her fingers moved slightly under the waistline of his shorts. He wanted her fingers to curl under and around his hard-on but all she did was tease him. He was now sitting up to watch as her finger tips moved over his belt to the tab on his zipper. She pinched it and slightly pulled it downward. Steve gasped and then she let it go. He was going to nominate her as teaser of the year. "Fuck." Steve moaned. Her fingers moved down over his zipper without fear of touching his shaft because she could easily see its shape pushing out the right side. Of course her fingers moved left. "I think you are getting real close to a problem." He grunted. "Really?" She giggled. "Maybe you should point it out to me." She moved her hand away and watched as he touched his fingers down onto the tip of his bulge. "Right here Doc." "I can see it now." Beth said trying not to laugh. "What seems to be the problem?" "It's hurting and needs to be massaged." Steve begged. His fingers were slowly moving up and down its six inch length. "I don't think it would be professional of me to do that." Beth said. As much as she wanted to she was afraid he would want to take it all the way and she was not ready for that right now. "Maybe you should do it." Watching him masturbate wouldn't be so bad especially since she had never seen a man do it. Steve's finger had curled around his thickness and were squeezing and pulling on its length. He had never masturbated before in front of a woman and it was a big turn on and she was willing to watch. He pulled down his zipper to pull it out and watched as she moved back. Steve's eyes never left her face as he reached into his boxers and pulled out his bare prick. Her eyes were not blinking as he started to stroke it slowly up and down. He moved his other hand over to her waist and slowly up to cup her breast but again she stopped him. "Oh God." He moaned when he felt his dick about to burst. "OH FUCK!" He screamed as he came. He knew he would make a huge mess on his pants but right then didn't care. ***** "I can't believe you just did that." Amy said as she paid for her new undies. "I guess I might as well pose for you now since you have seen everything." "I like what I saw." John said as they stopped by the Chinese take out place. Amy grinned as she got out of the car. As they approached the Adult Video store John pulled the car into the parking lot and stopped next to the only car in the lot. He opened the door and walked around to her side. "Coming in?" Amy felt her knees shaking as she moved out of the car and followed her brother-in-law into the store. "I just want to see a video and that's it." She whispered as they moved past a whole shelf of adult movies. She peeked at the naked bodies in various sexual positions on the front of the packages. "Over here." John whispered. She moved over and looked at the display in front of her. She gasped when she saw about twenty dildos of various shapes, sizes and colors. Most of them looked real right down to the veins. "Big Mike." John laughed as he pointed to a huge rubber prick that was at least 12 inches long. "Can I help you?" A voice asked behind them. They turned to see a heavily tattooed dark haired man wearing a sleeveless tee shirt. Amy grabbed John's arm and hid behind him. "We just wanted to see some videos." The man grinned and winked. "Over there." He pointed to a doorway covered by curtains. "It takes dollar bills." John fished out five singles and smiled. "This should be enough." They moved into the curtains and down a dark hallway. "It stinks in here." Amy whispered as she hung on to John's arm. John didn't want to tell her about the unsanitary practices that normally went on here. "Here's one." He said as he looked at the dim sign. It showed a white woman being fucked by two black men. He opened the door and helped her inside. "Where are you?" Amy whispered as she pushed her hands out in the pitch black room to find him. "Here." He said as he pushed the dollar bill into the machine. Suddenly a small screen lit up in front of him. He looked at the woman lying on a bed with two black men sitting next to her. Amy moved up until her small breast pushed into his arm. The two men quickly undressed the woman and stood up to undress themselves. "God." Amy exclaimed when she saw the huge black prick on the first man. "It must be true what they say about black men." She gasped again when the next man pushed down his pants and an even bigger penis popped out. "There's no way she can take those." John moved aside and allowed Amy to move in front of him while the two men touched and kissed the woman's body. He moved his hand down to her waist and gently squeezed. She did not push him away. He could hear her heavy breathing while the first man shoved his long dong deep inside the woman's shaven pussy. John's fingers slid slowly down over Amy's hip until he was cupping her small round buttock. "John please don't." Amy said as she pushed forward away from his hand. Her eyes never left the screen as the women sucked the larger black dick into her mouth. John figured she was not going to allow him to touch her but he wondered if she would touch him. "Have you ever heard of glory holes?" "No." She said with a dry mouth. "What are they?" She was getting a crash course on video store sex. "See that hole over there in the wall." He said pointing to the four inch opening. "That's a glory hole. Why do they call it that?" She asked with a puzzled look on her face. "Men push their hard penises through the hole to get satisfaction." He whispered as his breath blew down on the small blonde hairs on the back of her neck. "Satisfaction? How do they get satisfaction from........." Suddenly it hit her. "You mean other men touch them?" "Or women and not just touch." He laughed. "They really don't care as long as they are satisfied." "We have to get out of here." She said in a panic. "What if someone...you know...does it now?" "No one is here but us." John laughed. "Do you want a drink or something?" He asked as he walked to the door. "I'll get you one." "What? Oh no John. Please don't leave me in here alone." She said but it was too late. He was gone. She walked quickly to the door and locked it. Amy moved back to the monitor and watched as the two men switched places. She wondered how it would feel with a penis in her vagina and one in her mouth. Suddenly out of the corner of her eye she saw something move. She glanced over at the glory hole and saw something in the hole. She leaned forward and saw the tip of a penis push through the hole. She jumped back and covered her mouth to keep from screaming. She pushed back against the far wall and watched as the penis kept moving in and in until almost eight inches showed. It looked huge compared to what she was used to. Then it hit her what the man on the other side of the wall wanted. ***** Steve lay silent for a few minutes as he tried to get his breath back. He peeked out at Beth and saw her sitting with her eyes closed. She was as turned on as he was. He whispered to her, "Your turn." Beth looked at him like he was nuts. "No way." "I know you need it so why not?" "In front of you? No way." She repeated. "You do masturbate right?" "That's one question I'm not going to answer." "Step out of the shell." Steve said. "Let it go for a change." "I don't know if I can." She whispered as she bit her lower lip. "I'll gladly do it for you." He grinned. "John must never know. Promise me." She said glaring at him. She felt her panties sticking to her pussy. "I promise." Steve said lying. He sat up realizing she just might do it. "I've never did this before." She whispered as she sat back against a rock and pushed her fingers down under the waist band of her shorts. She was not going to show him her pussy. "You've never masturbated before?" Steve asked. "No." She blushed. "Not in front of anyone." Her fingers pushed down under her damp panties and into the soaked lips until she found her hard clit. She opened her legs and slowly rubbed across the pleasure knob. She knew he could see the shape of her fingers as they touched her swollen lips but didn't care. Her eyes closed as she remembered how he looked touching his hard-on. "Touch your pussy." Steve whispered wanting her to hear nasty words. "Say it." "OH!" She moaned. "God....I'm touching........I'm touching my....oh...my pussy." Her fingers pushed down harder. The tip of her middle finger sank deep into her dripping hole. "Push your finger deep inside." He said smiling. As her finger moved inside her hand pushed out the front of her shorts. "Are you deep?" He asked. "Oh yes. Sooo....Deeep!" She moaned. "Finger-fuck your pussy." He said hoping the words wouldn't make her stop. They did the opposite. "Yes. Like this!" The bulge in her shorts moved out and back in, out and back in. "Come." Steve commanded. His prick had once again expanded to its max. "Oh yes. I want to come." She moaned as she tried to push her other hand under her shorts but they were too tight. She quickly released the snap and pulled her shorts open. She knew Steve could see her white bikini panties but didn't care. Her other hand moved down under her panties and held apart her pink folds as her fingers flicked and rubbed her hard clit. Steve sat forward until he could see down under her wrist at the dark mound of pubic hair. He wished he could see her fingers flicking over her pink slit but knew he could not push her any more. He sat back and watched as she climaxed. "I'm........Oh.......I........I'm almost.........oh......it feels so....hot...I'm.....I'm....GOING TO CUM!" She screamed as her legs pushed together squeezing her pussy around her fingertip. "OH GOD!" She cried as she pushed her body forward and back trying to fuck her finger. Finally her body froze and collapsed. She curled up into a ball. ***** Amy just stared at the invading penis for almost two minutes. Then she realized it had to be John's because as soon as he left the penis came through and he said no one else was around. She tiptoed over and looked down at the long white penis. It was definitely bigger than her husbands. She giggled as she lightly rubbed her index finger across the small hole on top. It jerked and pointed up at her. She had never touched another man's hard-on except Steve's and now had a chance to explore what another one would feel like. Her finger traced around the huge crown and slid down the top to the wall and slowly back up underneath it. She knew it was wrong but at least it was someone she knew. Her fingers curled around its thickness and she squeezed it in her fingers. Slowly her hand moved forward and back. She heard him moan on the other side of the wall. John had grabbed two sodas from the man in front and quickly moved back to the hallway. As he opened the curtain he noticed someone enter the booth next to the one Amy was in. He grinned and walked up to the booth on the other side of Amy's knowing that the booths had two holes on opposite sides. He quietly entered the booth and leaned down to peek through the hole. The flickering light from the video screen shined down on Amy's fingers as she jerked off the hard prick sticking through the wall. Shit. She must think it was mine. He thought. He grinned as he sat down the two drinks and unzipped his pants. Amy's hand was moving faster and faster as she brought him off. She glanced at the movie screen and saw the woman now being fucked in her pussy and her ass. She had never had anal sex before. Again out of the corner of her eye she saw movement but this time at the other wall as another long penis come through for her to do whatever she wanted with it. She didn't know which one was John's. John figured she would get nervous now and run from the video booth. He was ready to pull it out and zip it up when he felt her touch it. Her fingers wasted no time as she explored his thickness and his length. In less than fifteen seconds her hand was stroking him at full speed. Amy's body was stretched as far as she could reach as her hands masturbated two penis's at the same time. She felt the first man's penis pulsate and watched as his hot juices exploded out the tip of his tip. She kept pumping until it stopped spraying. She let it go and moved her whole body over to the second penis. It was so long that she was able to curl both of her hands around it as she jerked it forward and back. This one didn't last as long as the other one as it too sprayed its contents onto the floor of the booth. Now she knew why the place smelled so bad and also knew now what the roll of paper towels were for. She pulled off a few sheets and as she whipped off the excess come on her fingers she watched the rapidly shrinking penis crawl back into its hole. Amy moved out of the booth and out into the shop. She stopped when she saw five men turn and look at her blushing face. She didn't know if any of them were the ones she had just jerked off. She saw John smiling at the door and ran to get to him before someone grabbed her. As they were walking out John stopped by the ladies restroom. "You might want to wash your hands before we leave." Amy smacked him on his arm and stuck out her tongue at him as she moved into the rest room. She knew he was one of the men but didn't know if he was the eight inch one or the ten inch one. It really didn't matter. ***** "We better get going." Steve said as he pulled Beth to her feet. She looked at his ankle. "Wow. You are suddenly healed." She laughed. "I had a good doctor." He laughed back. About half way back Beth stopped and looked at him. "You promised not to tell right?" "I don't remember. Did I?" He smiled and took off running. His ankle was definitely better. As they got to the grove of trees Steve stopped and turned to face Beth. "You still owe me a kiss." Beth smiled as she moved her open mouth up to his. Their tongues danced and explored for almost a minute. His fingers moved down and squeezed her ass. She giggled and ran towards the house. ***** Amy was in her bedroom and John was sitting on the back porch when he saw his brother and his wife standing at the edge of the forest. He was wondering how far Steve had gotten when suddenly Beth moved her face up to Steve's to kiss him and they wrapped their arms around each other. He almost dropped his beer when he saw Steve's hand cup her ass. He moved into the house when he saw them running his way. Beth made it to the house first and was panting when she entered the kitchen. She saw her husband sitting there looking at her. "Hi." He smiled. "Did you two have a good time?" "No bad." She said. "How about you and Amy?" "Same." As she moved over to kiss him he noticed something. After her lips left his he looked down at her shorts. "You might need to zip up." 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