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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - [ I g r R L ] - http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl [Story Name] the Ring [Author] Dreammaker [Type] more family -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter I: Silver Part I:Pure Luck. Terry Richards was an average 14-year old boy. That is to say, he was a sea of hormones, and as horny as any other adolescent. He lived in a 4-bedroom house in a typical suburb with his single mother and three sisters. His father had passed away five years ago in a car accident. The insurance and the money from the subsequent lawsuit had left the Richards' fairly well-off, as the driver at fault in the accident had been not only drunk, but extremely wealthy. Being the only boy in the family, Terry had a room to himself in the basement. His 17-year old older sister Laura had a room to herself as well, on the second floor. His 8 and 12- year old sisters, Tara and Linda, shared a room next to his mother's room on the ground floor. All of Terry's sisters were quite attractive. Laura had inherited their father's blond hair and green eyes, and had a very fit body from cheerleading. Linda wore her brown hair quite short, and had a sprinkling of very cute freckles on her face. Her body was just beginning to develop, and Terry was very aware of the soft curves which were beginning to appear. Tara, his adorable youngest sister, although she had not reached puberty yet, was still incredibly sexy in Terry's almost constantly aroused mind. Terry himself was not unattractive. He kept himself in good shape, working out mostly to keep his mind off of his sisters. However, when talking to any girl he was not related to, his tongue would tend to tie itself in knots, ruining whatever chances he might have had for a relationship. Terry would probably have gone for several years without any relief from his situation, if he had not had an incredible stroke of luck. One day, about the middle of July, Terry was distracting himself by exploring the abandoned shell of an old hotel, an eyesore just a few blocks away from his home. It was easy enough to break into, since the boards on the windows were mostly rotted through anyway. The hotel had been sitting here empty for almost ten years, since the previous owner had been shot and killed in his office. The murderer had never been caught, and in fact, no suspects had ever been found. Terry had spent most of the day searching through the various rooms, and had found nothing much beyond dust, cobwebs, and yellowing bibles in each room. He was getting tired and hungry, and had decided to head home, when he noticed that the door to the owner's office was still slightly open. Getting a slight thrill from the idea, he pushed open the door to examine the old murder scene. The chalk outline was still on the floor, as nobody had cleaned the place up in ten years. There was an old, dried bloodstain on the floor as well, and the wall behind the desk was slightly spattered as well. Luckily, the body had long since been carted away, and there was no odor left. Letting his curiosity get the better of him, Terry slipped into the room and opened a few drawers in the former owner's desk. There was very little left that hadn't rotted or rusted away in ten years of disuse. Terry was about to give up when he heard a rattle from the direction of the front door. He jumped in surprise, and accidentally pulled the drawer he was opening completely out of the desk. It fell to the ground with a crash, and the bottom of the drawer sprang open, revealing a space underneath, and a small metal box. Still spooked, Terry grabbed the box and ran for the back door. Just as he crawled out through the gap in the boards, he heard the front door burst open, and he ran all the way home. When he got home, supper was about to start, so Terry slid the box under his bed and went up to eat. After supper, he helped with the washing up, then headed back to his room in the basement. He read for several hours, until he was fairly sure that everyone in his family had headed to their rooms for the night. Grabbing the box, he snuck out the back door of the house, and climbed up into the treehouse he had built in the backyard the summer before, as another distraction. Terry glanced out of the treehouse through the knotholes on the side, strategically placed to let him see into his sisters' rooms, if they ever left the blinds open. Seeing the lights on, but the blinds closed, he grabbed a flashlight from a shelf, and took a good look at the box. It was a little smaller than a paperback, and had a tiny keyhole. Reaching behind him, into the toolbox he had never gotten around to putting back in his room, Terry managed to find a claw hammer. Using the claw, he managed to pry the box open with very little effort. Inside was a tiny packet made of paper. Terry opened it, and dumped the contents into his palm. Inside was a silver ring, a simple band of shiny metal. Peering at it in the dim light, Terry could make out a complex pattern etched into the band. It looked a little like some kind of reptile biting its own tail. The ring looked pretty nice, so Terry slipped it onto his index finger. The ring fit pretty well, even though he was only 14 and his hands weren't very big. Terry yawned slightly, and took a look out the knotholes again. The light had gone out in his younger sisters' room, but Laura's light was still on. Staring out at the window, Terry thought to himself, 'Damn.. I wish she'd open those blinds for a change.. is just once too much to ask for?' To Terry's amazement, a few moments later, the blinds slid open, and he could clearly see his older sister standing at the window in a nightie. His cock went instantly hard, and he eased it out of his pants as he watched his sister standing at the window. 'Oh man...', he thought to himself, 'if she only slept without that stupid nightie...' He was already rubbing his hand along his shaft, but when his sister reached down and pulled her nightie up over her head, he started to beat at a furious pace. Laura dropped the nightie to the ground, her beautiful breasts exposed for him to see, then stood there, looking out at the backyard. Terry moaned softly as he saw his older sister's tits naked for the first time. She still wore a small pair of pink panties, and as Terry grew closer to climax, he thought, 'Take the panties off too, Laura.. come on...' To his growing amazement, his older sister slid her hands down her body to her panties, and pushed them off of her hips, letting them slide to the floor. She was now completely naked, the blond curls of her pussy visible to anyone who happened to look up at her bedroom window. Terry was too turned on to even notice that his older sister was moving stiffly, almost zombie- like. Terry groaned loudly, and shot a jet of come against the wall of his treefort, looking at his gorgeous, and completely naked sister. He grabbed some kleenex from the shelf, and by the time he had cleaned himself up and looked back, Laura's blinds were closed again, and her lights were out. Terry climbed down out of the treehouse, heading for bed. As he took the ring off of his finger and placed it on his bedside table, he could swear it was glowing slightly... Part II:First Steps. Terry opened his eyes. He was in a strange place, filled with some kind of gray mist. He couldn't move at all, just float.. he could just barely make out the sound of someone's voice.. calling him.. calling him.. "Terry! Get up, it's past noon already! There's plenty of work to do around the house!" Terry opened his eyes and yawned sleepily. His mother stood in the doorway to his room, wearing an old t-shirt and shorts. Sarah Richards was nearly forty, but running after four kids and holding down a job as well had kept her in good shape. The daily aerobics hadn't hurt, either. Terry wondered for a moment, through the sleepy haze, what she looked like underneath her clothes.. Then shook his head and managed to croak out, "Whaa? Okay, okay.. I'm getting up.." "If you hurry, you might actually get some lunch. Must be nice to be able to sleep all day long." Terry's mom shut the door on the way out, leaving him to crawl slowly out of bed. As he sat on the edge of his bed, wiping the sleep from his eyes, Terry noticed the silver ring he had found the night before, still lying on the bedside table. He picked it up and looked it over carefully. Under the brighter lights of his bedroom, the reptile was very clearly a dragon. Terry could also make out some kind of odd inscription on the inside of the ring, a single word in some kind of squiggly script. Terry slipped the ring onto his finger, got dressed groggily, and made his way upstairs for lunch. It wasn't really anything special, just Alpha-Getti, but he wolfed it down hungrily, trying to get out of the kitchen before his mother could ask him to do any work. Just as he was rinsing the bowl out to put in the dishwasher, his mother walked in from outside. "Terry? The lawn could really use mowing. Your room's a bit of a mess, too, and I'd appreciate it if you'd clean it up. There's some vacuuming to be done too, and..." 'Oh, stop it! I don't want to do any work today!', Terry thought, turning to face his mother. Much to his amazement, she did stop. In fact, she completely stopped moving, and stood in the doorway a little like a zombie. "Mom? Are you all right?" Terry took a step forward, and suddenly his mother started up again, as though she had never stopped. "I'd like you to take some of those old boxes out of the garage and help me sort through them. Okay?" Terry was a little stunned, and just managed to stutter out, "Y..yeah.. sure, no problem, mom.. Are you feeling okay, mom?" Sarah Richards looked at her son with a puzzled expression. "Yes.. yes, I'm feeling just fine. Why?" "Umm.. no reason. Nevermind.." Terry's mom shrugged, and headed back outside. Terry noticed suddenly that his right index finger was getting quite warm. Looking down, he saw that the silver ring was, in fact, glowing. 'What the heck...', Terry thought, 'What is this thing, anyway? Did _it_ do that to mom? It was glowing last night, too... maybe that's why Laura stripped like that... I gotta try this thing out...' Terry moved quickly through his chores, rushing to get them done so he could test out his new-found toy. Unfortunately, all of his sisters had managed to find things to do outside of the house today, and his mother was still out working in the garden. Finally, he got to the end of the list, and dragged the heavy boxes out of the garage. The junk inside had been piling up for more than two years now, and he didn't really look forward to sorting the stuff out. "Mom? You wanna go through this stuff now?" Terry yelled around the corner of the house. "Yes! I'll be there in just a minute, Terry! Go ahead and start, I'll just be a few moments!" Terry grumbled a bit to himself, and started pulling things out. Just about everything that didn't have another place to go had been thrown into these boxes over the years, and there was everything from his old, broken toys, to a set of wrenches that had never found its way back into a toolbox. Terry was pulling an old, leaky battery out of the box as his mom came out the front door. "How's it coming along so far, Terry? Careful with that, you don't want to get battery acid on yourself." Terry nodded, and dropped the battery onto the driveway beside him. "It's going pretty well, but I could really use some help. There's a lot of junk in these boxes." The two of them working together managed to finish off two of the three boxes in an hour. As he dumped the remainder of the second box into a trashcan, Terry decided he'd give the ring a trial run right now. Looking over at his mother, he thought, 'Finish the third box without me.' As he had hoped, his mother's eyes glazed over, and she began to move in a zombie-like way, sorting through the last box stiffly and mechanically. Terry watched this for about ten minutes, then decided to try something else. 'Mom, scratch your nose, and keep your finger there while you work.' Her finger rose up and scratched, staying at her nose as though it had been glued there. Terry grinned. Glancing around to see if anyone was around in their neighbour's yards, he decided to try going slightly farther. 'Mom.. take your shirt off for me.' His mother's hands dropped down to the bottom of her t- shirt, and she pulled the bottom out of her shorts. She began to pull it up, slowly, then stopped just as her navel was revealed. She blinked a couple of times, and shook her head. Looking down at her hands, she looked slightly confused about what they were doing, then seemed to figure it out as she tied the bottom into a knot, leaving her midriff visible. She looked over at Terry, still standing by the trashcans. "Hey, you! Get over here and help!" Terry was more than a little confused. It had worked.. so why did it suddenly stop? Looking more carefully at his mother, he noticed that she was slightly flushed, and that he could actually make out her nipples through her shirt and bra.. he hadn't been able to see them earlier.. that was strange. Later that night, Terry snuck back out to the treehouse again, and watched out his peepholes, hoping to repeat the previous night's performance. Looking up at Laura's room, he thought, 'Open the blinds.' As had happened the night before, they opened, and Terry could see his older sister standing there, framed by the window. Apparently she had just been changing, because she was topless, and had a pair of denim cut-offs still on. Terry smiled to himself. 'Take off the shorts.. and whatever else is under them.' His sister's hands moved to the front of her shorts, unbuttoning and unzipping them, and sliding them down. Underneath, she was wearing a pair of black panties, which she also slid off. Unlike the night before, Terry noticed the stiffness in his sister's movement, and knew that it was him causing her to do these things.. He wanted to see how far he could make her go, so he tried some more commands. 'Laura, pull a chair up to the window. Sit in it, and put your legs up on the arms.' She complied, spreading her legs wide towards the window, giving Terry a great view of his sister's cunt. It was quite red, and he could see that she was very wet. 'Touch yourself, Laura.. masturbate for me..' Terry sent another thought out across the backyard, pulling his cock out of his pants and stroking away for the second night in a row, watching his incredibly beautiful and completely nude sister. Laura's hands moved slowly and mechanically, one reaching for her breasts, and one down to her cunt. Terry watched in ecstasy as his sister rubbed herself, her finger moving up and down across her clit. Her window was partly open, since it was the middle of summer, and Terry could hear his sister moan softly. The moan sounded as zombie-like as Laura's motions, almost as though it had been meant to sound faked.. Terry didn't much care, though. His sister was sitting not twenty feet away, fingering herself! One hand was squeezing her breasts, and Terry watched as she twisted her nipples, groaning in obvious, if fake-sounding, pleasure. Her fingers in her twat moved faster and faster, and as he watched, Laura began to thrust her hips, almost bouncing up and down in the chair. A few moments later, Laura let out a loud, high-pitched moan, and thumped down hard in the chair, her fingers moving in a blur. Terry groaned loudly as well, coming a few moments later against the wall of his treehouse. He turned to grab some kleenex, and once again, by the time he looked back, Laura's blinds were shut and her lights were out. Satisfied for the moment, he climbed back down out of the tree, and headed off for bed. Part III:Mentas Terry opened his eyes. He was in a strange place, filled with some kind of gray mist. He couldn't move at all, just float.. Then the mist began to clear away, and Terry was standing in a large room. The walls and ceiling were hidden in the mist, but the floor went on for a long distance. Suddenly, a voice boomed in Terry's head, 'I AM MENTAS, DRAGON OF THE RING OF THE MIND!' Terry spun around, startled, and stared up at a huge stone dragon that gazed down at him, unmoving, its mouth open, its huge fangs bared.. then the voice spoke in his mind again, quieter this time, 'Ahem! That's a statue.. I'm down here.' Terry felt a tap on his knee. Surprised again, Terry looked down.. at a dragon about the size of a small dog. It looked like a standard oriental dragon, but.. much smaller. 'I apologise for shouting, Terry, owner of my ring. It has been ten years since anyone has worn the ring at all.' Terry blinked in astonishment at the tiny dragon. "So... you're the one who's been doing those... things? Controlling my sister and my mom?" Mentas shook his head. 'No, Terry. You did those things.. I merely give you the power, through the ring. My power is merely to teach _you_ to make your mind as like me as possible.. swift and focused.' "I think I'm getting the hang of it... so, you're sort of my servant?" 'Nothing so simple as that. I am your teacher in the ways of the mind. I do not follow your orders, nor do I give you orders. I instruct.' "All right.. what do you get in return?" 'The payment I receive is something you cannot comprehend, young human. I am payed in a form that only another dragon could truly appreciate.' Terry looked around the room again. "Where are we, anyway? I'm dreaming, right?" The small grey dragon nodded. 'Yes, you are. But as long as you own the ring, you can travel to this place in your dreams. It is the place where the ring was created. It exists only in imagination, but it is as real to a dragon as your world... perhaps more so.' "Right.. I think I get the idea.. So, you're kind of a teacher.. so maybe you could tell me why I couldn't force my mom to take her shirt off today?" 'Unfortunately, Terry, you have no natural abilities of control. If you had, your control of the power of the ring would have been much greater. Currently, you can force people to do things that are fairly close to something they would do anyway. You can force someone to open their blinds, since they would in the morning anyway.. you can even make them undress in front of an open window, if they would have done so in front of a closed one. Your sister's masturbation is probably as far as you could force someone, unless they were naturally inclined to want to be with you. Your mother certainly isn't inclined to remove her clothing outdoors.' Terry smiled at the small dragon. "But.. I could convince her to undress in her room, right? Or even.. masturbate?" 'Yes. That much would be possible. The only thing you would have to do is convince her that she was alone. As you use the ring, it should become clearer exactly what you are doing, and you should gain more control. With your lack of natural ability, though, the movements will always be zombielike.' "Great. One more thing.. how do I leave this place if I want to?" Mentas smiled a toothy grin. 'Just open your eyes, Terry.' Terry raised an eyebrow. "Open my eyes? But I've got them open already! If I try to open them..." Terry opened his eyes, and saw the inside of his bedroom. He yawned, then checked the clock. It was 9 o'clock. That was incredibly early for him to be up during the summer... but he didn't really feel tired. There could be some very interesting entertainment for him this morning, assuming that dream hadn't been just a dream. Terry could hear the shower running as he climbed the stairs, slipping the silver ring onto his finger. He smiled as he knocked on the bathroom door. From inside, he heard his mother's voice, shouting, "I'll be done in a few minutes, Laura! Wait your turn!" 'I could just go in and watch her.. she'd never even realize I was there.', thought Terry. He had a better idea, though, if Mentas was right.. and there was no reason he shouldn't be. Terry walked past his younger sisters' room, and into his mother's bedroom. He took a chair from her desk, and sat down beside the bed to wait. A few minutes later, the shower quit, and Terry could hear the sound of his older sister knocking on the bathroom door. He was glad he had his own bathroom.. less hassles from his family. The bedroom door swung open again, and his mother stepped in, wearing a bathrobe, with a towel wrapped around her head and hair. She opened her mouth to say something, but Terry concentrated hard... Suddenly he could see his mother's thoughts.. Or more precisely, he could feel them.. it wasn't like seeing at all. Terry found the right spot, and sent his mother the message, 'You are alone in the room.' This time, he could feel the power channeling into him from the ring. It felt like a fairly weak, but very precise power. Sarah's eyes clowded over, and she walked into the room as though she was in a trance. Turning, she closed the door. Terry sent another command, and she locked the door as well. He watched as his mother walked into the room, lifting her hands to the towel, and drying her hair. It was a little strange, watching his mother moving in such a zombie-like manner, but Terry didn't care.. what was coming next would be too good. Terry's mother dropped the towel on the floor, and walked over to the bed, standing right beside Terry's chair. Terry watched from just a foot away as she undid her bathrobe and dropped it to the floor as well. Terry's boxers hit the floor just moments later, as he looked at his mother's body for the first time this close up. She had gorgeous breasts, not huge, but certainly larger than average. The nipples were stiff and hard.. wasn't that a sign that she was sexually excited? He'd have to ask Mentas about that tonight. Terry's gaze wandered down his mother's body, past her belly, which wasn't quite flat, but impressively close after four children. Further down from that, Terry gazed in awe at his mother's hair-covered sex. He'd never seen a woman's cunt this close up before. The patch of brown hair fascinated him, but the hint of a slit sitting underneath him interested him even more, and he sent his mother another command. With no more willpower than a robot, Sarah Richards lay herself down on the bed, and started moving her hands over her body. Terry watched in awe, stroking himself slowly, as his mother cupped her breasts and tweaked her nipples. She closed her eyes as her hands traveled further down her body, towards the treasure they sought. Her legs spread slightly, and Terry shifted himself so he could watch closely as his own mother slid a finger along her slit. Her entire body shivered slightly, as she slowly slipped the finger inside herself. Her cunt looked swollen and red, and Terry could smell his mother's juices.. she looked incredibly wet.. Terry watched with his mouth hanging open, his hand pumping his cock as his mother pushed first one finger, then two, then three, into her cunt. Her fingers began to thrust in and out of her cunt, and she gave out an emotionless moan. Terry was loving every second, but felt vaguely disappointed at the lack of any real human feeling behind his mother's movements or sounds.. he wished there was some way to control her without losing her personality.. Sarah's hand moved faster and faster into her cunt as Terry watched, her fingers becoming more and more coated with her juices with every passing moment. To his surprise, she slowly turned herself over as she sped up, until she was lying on her face with her ass in the air. Terry watched in awe as his mother, still thrusting three fingers of her right hand into her cunt, began to press a finger of her left hand into her exposed anus. He could hear her whispering to herself, in a flat, expressionless voice, "Oh yeah... fuck my ass, baby... fuck me good... god, yesssss..." Terry yanked faster at his shaft as he watched the woman who had raised him from a baby slowly sliding a finger into her own ass! Her moans began to rise in pitch as she finger-fucked both of her holes. Cunt juice was visibly sliding down his mother's legs as she masturbated herself feverishly, approaching her climax. Sarah Richard's entire body shook as she reached it, and she screamed down into the bed as she buried her fingers in her cunt and asshole up to the second knuckle. This was too much for Terry, and he groaned loudly as his cock let fly, spraying come all over the cover of his mother's bed. Terry quickly snuck out of his mother's room, leaving her with one last command, 'Put the covers through the laundry.' The day passed quickly enough, although Terry kept thinking about the things he was going to do that night, and every night from now on.. He could get into the girls locker room at school.. he could watch his sisters masturbating.. he could even walk right into a bank and take money right out of the vault! Of course, he didn't know how many people he could affect with this new power. He'd have to ask Mentas about that, too.. Night came, and Terry snuck up to his treehouse again, and looked over at his sisters' windows. His older sister had apparently gone to sleep early, but his younger sisters still had their light on. It was simple enough to.. Suddenly, Terry heard someone else climbing up the ladder to his treehouse. He spun around to face the entrance, and was greeted by a grinning bearded face. The stranger, standing on the ladder of Terry's treehouse, smiled and said, "Give me your ring, kid." Terry suddenly found that he was completely unable to control his own limbs! One hand was moving slowly towards the ring on the other! In a panic, he sent out a quick command, 'Take a step backwards.' The man on the ladder's eyes glazed over, and he stiffly took a step backwards. There was a short yell of surprise, and a thud as he hit the ground. Terry was down the ladder in a flash, and standing over the unconscious man. The first thing he noticed was a silver ring on the man's hand, glowing faintly in the darkness. Terry slipped it off, and examined it carefully. The writing inside of the ring was different, but aside from that it was the same as the one he wore. Terry slipped the ring on just as the stranger began to stir. 'Run away!' he commanded the man, 'You're in a strange place and you've been found out!' The man was on his feet, and running, zombie-like but still quickly, within a few moments. A little shaken by the incident, Terry decided to forget about his sisters for the moment, and went inside the house, being sure to lock the door behind himself. As he took the rings off to sleep, Terry stopped, rather shocked, and stared at what was on his finger. Instead of two seperate rings, there was now a single gold ring, slightly thicker than his original one. Now, there were two dragons, side by side, each biting their own tails... Chapter II: Gold Part I:Kinetas Terry floated in the dream realm again, slowly approaching the chamber he had seen the night before.. in his mind he could hear two voices. There was the clear tenor of the small dragon, Mentas, but there was another as well, a booming baritone voice. Terry couldn't make out what they were saying yet, but they were getting clearer... and then he was in the chamber with them. Standing beside Mentas, looking down at him, was a huge, jet-black dragon. This one wasn't oriental, it was like the ones he'd seen on the covers of fantasy novels, except that this one was standing right in front of him. It looked down at him, peering intently, and Terry heard in his mind, 'Hello Terry. I am Kinetas, dragon of the body. You have defeated my ring's former owner. It is good to see that you are somewhat more intelligent than he was.' Terry stared up at the impressive beast. "Dragon of the body? What kind of powers can you teach me to use?" Kinetas grinned widely and looked down at Mentas. 'Direct, isn't he?' He looked back at Terry, 'Mentas has told me you have no natural talents, and I can see that for myself now. This means that I can give you the ability to dominate a small part of a person's body. One limb, or a section such as their chest or torso.' "Wait, though.. the guy who had the ring before me was able to control both of my arms!" 'True. He was not very intelligent, but he did possess natural talents. If you had been stupid enough to let him take the ring, he would have been able to control people with virtually no limit.' Terry sighed. If only he'd been born with that particular gift. He'd never have needed to do anything for himself again! "All right. I understand how the ring of the body works. Now tell me something. How many of you dragons are there? Obviously you're meant to work together.. the rings fused quite nicely when I put them both on." Mentas spoke up first. 'There is only one other ring dragon, Terry. Celestas, the dragon of space. With his power, you would be able to transport yourself anywhere on the planet instantly. If you were a natural talent, that would extend to anywhere in the universe.' Oddly enough, Terry didn't find that at all surprising. In the dream realm, it was much easier to accept things. "Right.. it's not like I'm going to be able to find it anyway. I've got a couple of questions, though. When I watched my mom yesterday she was already excited when she started. If she was a zombie, why'd that happen?" Mentas smiled. 'Well, one side effect of the rings is that they tend to operate a little bit on their own to achieve the wishes of their owner. If you are focussed on sexual matters, they will tend to make the target become sexually excited. If you are focussed on money, the target would become generous.' "Cool.. I like it. One more thing. How many people can I affect at once with the rings?" 'At the moment, only two. Each of the rings can target one person. Since they are combined, you can now affect two people with either power. If you were a natural talent, you could affect many more, obviously.' "That again. Okay, thanks a lot, both of you. I'll see you tomorrow night." Terry opened his eyes, yawned, and looked around the room. The clock read noon, so he slipped out of bed, took his morning shower, then headed upstairs. He headed for the kitchen to make some kind of brunch, and noticed a note on the fridge door. Terry, Laura and I went shopping at 11:00. We'll be back in a few hours. Watch Tara and Linda while we're gone. Clean your room! Terry smiled to himself. He was alone in the house with his younger sisters.. that could make for some interesting times. He rushed back down to his bedroom and slipped the ring on, then ran back up. Calming himself down a bit, he walked casually down the hall to his sisters' room, and knocked on the door. From inside, he heard Tara's voice say, "Come in!". Terry opened the door and looked in. Tara was lying on the ground, playing with some Barbie dolls, and Linda was sitting on her bed, reading. Tara's blue skirt had slid up her legs while she was playing, and Terry could see most of her gorgeous little legs. Grinning, he put his plan into action. He sat down next to Tara, and commanded Linda to come over to them. Her eyes glazed over, and she put down the book. Tara was absorbed in her playing, and didn't even notice. Terry reached out with his mind and took over Tara's right arm. He could feel the power flow through him, a strong, assertive power, almost the complete opposite of Mentas' ability. Terry's youngest sister cried out in shock as her arm started moving on its own, towards Terry's lap. She stared in horror as her own hand began to press against the hard-on that was barely concealed by his pants. Terry put on his best puzzled look. "Tara? What are you doing?" His sister looked quite scared, and stammered out, "I dunno, Terry! I didn't mean to! I can't move my arm!" "Well, it feels good, Tara.. if you wanna keep doing it, that's fine with me." His sister looked uncertain for a few moments. Then the power of the ring hit her and she let out a little moan. "Oooooohh.. Terry? I feel funny.. I'm all warm and tingly!" Terry had to try really hard to stop himself from smiling. "Where does it feel warm, Tara? Show me, maybe I can help." Terry's cute little sister swiveled around as best she could without being able to move her arm, and pointed at the crotch of her skirt. "Down there. It feels kinda wet, too!" "I can't see anything there, Tara. You're going to have to take off your skirt for me to take a better look." Terry gave his sister back control of her arm for a moment, and she quickly pulled off her skirt, laying back on the floor in front of him. Terry took control of her arm again, and moved her right hand to rub against the crotch of her white cotton panties. He looked over at Linda, and noticed that her nipples were quite visible, even though her breasts weren't very developed yet. Hoping his plan would work, he let go of his control over her mind, and took over her hand as well, letting it drift down to the crotch of her pants. Terry tried his best to look shocked at his sisters touching themselves. "What are you doing? That's gross! Do you want me to tell mom you two do that kind of thing?" Both girls were breathing heavily at this point. Tara's eyes were shut and she moaned quietly to herself as she pressed her fingers against the material of her panties and against the flesh inside. Linda looked up at her brother, her eyes partly shut. "Please don't, Terry! I can't help myself! And it feels so gooooood!" Linda let out a moan of pleasure. Deciding to take a risk, Terry released all control of both of the young girls. Tara immediately yanked down her panties and started rubbing herself frantically, and Linda pushed her hand down into her pants. Terry kept up his shocked expression. "Well, all right. I won't say anything, but you have to do something for me in return." Linda grunted to herself. "What? I'll do anything, just don't tell mom!" "Touch me, too. Watching you two do that is getting me all excited!" Terry slowly pulled down his pants, watching his sister's reaction. Tara didn't notice anything, she just kept rubbing herself and groaning, her little butt bouncing up and down on the floor. As Terry's cock came into view, Linda's eyes got wide, and she reached for it with one hand as she masturbated. "Okay, Terry, I'll do it. Unnnnnngggg.. oh God, it's big!" Linda shoved down her pants suddenly, and dropped her panties along with them. She knelt in front of her older brother, and began running her hand along his shaft. "Ooooohhhhh... Terry? Could you... could you rub me while I rub you? It's hard for me to do both..." This was working even better than Terry had hoped! His little sisters must have been pretty horny even before he started this with them! Terry groaned softly, and reached down to cup his 12-year old sister's pussy. He could feel the soft downy fuzz on her mound, and the wetness as he pressed his finger into her. It only took a moment for him to find her clit, and he rubbed against it with his finger as Linda pumped his cock. Linda shut her eyes and tossed her head back. "Fuuuuuuck! Oh, Terry.. that feels even better than when I do it to myself! Touch me, Terry! Rub my cunny! Ohhhhhh! I'm commmmmming!!!" As his sister came, so did Terry, his cum spraying up and spattering her t-shirt and face. Linda made a face. "Ewwww... you made a mess!" Terry grinned at his sister. "No.. you made the mess." He laughed. "You should probably put those clothes in the laundry!" Suddenly, Tara spoke up, sounding a little timid. "Are you guys done yet?" While the other two had been occupied, she had pulled her clothes back on. "Don't worry, I won't tell mommy. I don't want her to know I grabbed Terry's thingee today. I don't want her to get mad at me." Terry smiled. "I won't tell anyone either. Thank you both for a really good time, though." He pulled his pants on again, and walked out of the room, grinning to himself. This was going to be a great day! Part II:Tara In the mists of the dream realm, Mentas tried very hard not to look up at Kinetas. The much larger dragon glared down at him sullenly. 'You know very well that we'll have to tell him everything eventually. What were you thinking? The payment can't start until Terry finds the gems for us... and you haven't even told him of their existance!' 'Patience, my friend.. patience.. we must not hurry the boy.. or he will not be skilled enough by the time he needs the power.' 'Patience? You didn't spend the last fifteen years trying to teach an drooling moron how to use his abilities! It took that long just to convince him to go after the ring of the mind! I found myself wishing he'd be defeated.. and luckily enough, he was.' 'If we push him too far, he'll become corrupt.. you know that. He needs time!' 'Do you really want to go any longer without payment? I certainly don't, and I intend to tell him the moment he falls asleep, even if you don't.' Mentas fell silent, and slid off into the mist. Terry lay back on his bed, relaxing, thinking about what he'd do with the ring next. 'I wonder if I can do anything with this thing besides controlling people? Like... maybe reading thoughts and stuff... I'll have to ask Mentas about that...' He thought about all the people he'd love to control... his gym teacher, his science teacher... all the girls in his class, almost! For once, Terry couldn't wait for the summer to end! His daydreaming was cut short quite suddenly by a knock on the door. He sat up and slipped the ring on. "Who is it?" The quiet voice was muffled behind the door. "Tara. Can I come in?" Terry was at least a little surprised.. he hadn't exactly expected his sister to come visit after this morning.. if only he _could_ read minds.. "Uh.. yeah, sure... come in.." The door swung slowly open, and his sister walked in, wearing the same blue skirt and blouse she had been wearing earlier. She looked very nervous as she sat down on the bed beside Terry. "Terry? Would you do me a favour?" He leaned back again, wondering what his youngest sister had in mind.. "Depends what the favour is, I guess... what'cha want?" "I...ummm...I saw what you were doing to Linda...and it looked like she was really enjoying it...and I...ummm...wondered if you would do that to me, too?" Terry nearly fell of the bed in his surprise. "Sure! Well... I mean, yeah, if you'll do something for me, too." "You want me to touch your thingee again? Rub it like Linda did?" Terry nodded slowly. "Yeah... and maybe we could do some more, too... it'd feel good, I promise." Tara nodded enthusiastically and closed the door, locking it. In just a few moments, she was naked, sitting on the bed next to Terry. She reached for his crotch, hesitating a bit. "C'mon, Terry! Get undressed!" 'Geez... she's even hornier than me!,' Terry thought, as he dropped his shirt to the ground and slowly removed his jeans. "Now remember.. we can't tell anybody about this, or we'll both get in a lot of trouble." Tara nodded as she leaned forward, rubbing Terry's very stiff cock through his briefs. "Yeah, yeah.. I know, I know... Terry, you gotta touch me, too!" Terry grinned. "You betcha, sis!" He reached out and cupped her hairless snatch with his hand, and slowly pressed his middle finger against the slit.. It was amazingly tight, Terry could hardly push his finger into her! Tara moaned and pushed down against it, sliding Terry's underwear off, and rubbing his cock up and down. He lifted himself off the bed slightly, to slide his underwear down and drop them off the bed, his finger still pressing into his sister's 8-year old cunt. He moved it slowly within her, then switched to rubbing her clit. Tara gasped with pleasure, and closed her eyes, letting the pleasure wash over her. "Ohhhhh.... that's good, Terry...mmmmmmmm..." Terry watched his little sister's naked body, impaled on his finger, as she shivered and moaned on his bed. His eyes travelled down to her naked slit, now getting quite moist. "Tara? Would you like to try something even better?" Her eyes opened about halfway. "Better?... Oooooohhhh... for sure..." Terry smiled. "Okay then.. get ready." He pulled his finger away, and she started to say something. She stopped instantly the moment his lips touched her cunt, and inhaled deeply as his tongue slid inside. Terry pushed his tongue deep inside his little sister, then slid up against her clit, flicking at it with his tongue. Tara lay back on the bed, moaning in extasy. "Oh, Terry... your tongue feels...unnnnggg... keep doing it, Terry!" With one hand, Terry jacked himself off slowly, as he licked and sucked at his little sister's cunt. It didn't take long at all for them both to reach orgasm. Tara's legs clamped around his head as she gasped and let out a high-pitched squeal of pleasure. At the same time, Terry's cock spasmed and spewed out a load of cum for the second time that day. After a few moments, Tara calmed down, and Terry was able to pull his head back out. He grabbed a tissue and wiped off his mouth and bed while his sister got dressed. As she walked out the door, Tara stopped and turned back to him. "Terry?" "Yeah?" "Thank you... I hope we do this again..." Before Terry could answer, she was out the door and up the stairs. Terry hoped they could do it again, too! Along with a whole lot of other things... things were really looking up. (To be continued...)

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