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[INLINE] MOM's DRAWER 2 [1] Return to MOM's BUREAU Click a title to read (text) or download (zipped). If you found any defect (file not found, etc), please let me know the problem. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [2]Getting Caught (text 10 Kb) Being a 15 year old boy and being raised only by my mother all my life it kinda left me to discover my sexually all on my own. I spent many days and nights in my bedroom alone with my collection of jack off magazines and a jar of vaseline. And I thought that I had the most intense orgasms... [3]The Good Son (text 7 Kb) Most stories that I read about mother son incest are more fantasy related than that based on reality. It seems to be many a man's ultimate fantasy next to having multiple women at once. Yet this is not the way it usually is or was for me. My mother forced me to have sex with until she died... [4]Mom's Healing Love (ZIPPED 25,125 bytes, if unzipped 62 Kb) The offensive player ran towards the goal and the goalie lunged out of the crease to meet him. The stick whipped the ball at the net just as the attacker was crushed between the goalie and a defensive player closing from the other side. The ball pinged off the crossbar and... [5]Mom, Me, & Aunt Heather (ZIPPED 8,337 bytes, if unzipped 20 Kb) This fantasy differs from the others, because it involves my Aunt. She is about 8 years younger than Mom, a little shorter and dumpier, but with great breasts. In this fantasy, Mom is gone for the weekend, and Aunt Heather is staying to watch over... [6]Help from Mom (text 2 Kb) When my mother was cleaning my room one spring, she decided to flip my mattress. She found a nudist magazine there -- the one I had been jerking off with for more than six months. As a result, many of the pages were stuck together where my cum... [7]Mom Helps Out (ZIPPED 9,479 bytes, if unzipped 23 Kb) I had no idea how suddenly complicated my life would turn out to be after my good-for-nothing husband ran off with that bitch of a secretary of his. I don't mean to sound bitter, but he could have at least left me with a car. The bastard took everything... [8]Mother Helps with Homework! (text 13 Kb) I started balling my mother when I was 21 and a college student. I was a college student then studying to be a psychotherapist. My mother was 44 yet she looked a lot like Donna Reed but with Dolly Parton's boobs. My father had died a few year before in a airplane accident and she... [9]Mommy's Horny Urges. Chapter 1-8 (ZIPPED 55,817, bytes if unzipped 172 Kb) Pauline Richards knew when she slipped off her clothes and lay down in her empty bed that she had another sleepless night ahead of her. As she pulled the satin sheet over her naked body, she thought about the many sleepless nights she had endured since... [10]Hot Mom (text 13 Kb) The following is a true story(????) Hot Mom From the time I was old enough to recognise such things, I had always known that my mother was a very attractive woman. She was only 19 when I was born so we are pretty close, age-wise. Throughout my high school years, I had... [11]How to Fuck My Mom (text 1 Kb) Some years ago I was alone at home with my mom. I was 18 and I didn't think about sex with her so far. At this day I was in the kitchen with her. She washed salat for the lunch and every time she hold he salat under water I could see... [12]The Hunted (ZIPPED 12,878 bytes, if unzipped 31 Kb) The helicopter lowered close enough to the surface, that the blades caused the salt water to soon cover the woman completely. The cool water soaked through her light summer dress and hair, as she ignored the water and looked up into the glass canopy... [13]The Hypnotist (text 7 Kb) I was studying hypnosis at school when I decided that I needed to practice with someone. I was still living at home although I was 19. I actually had lived on my own for a few years during some wild years before I decided to go for a psychology degree. My mother was recently widowed and... [14]Incest With Mom (text 12 Kb) This is not only a true story about incest, it is a true story about a man and a woman who took the final step in their relationship. It happened not between a parent and child but between two consenting adults who were full aware of the consequences of their actions. Most people look upon... [15]Incest Storiy (text 5 Kb) It was difficult to get used to staying at home after working so many years as a secretary. My boss was retiring, and the business was going to close. I didn't look for another job. My husband made more than enough to support us well. Besides, I thought, in the future, I might... Incest With Mom (text 12 Kb) * Deleted 11/07/97. Same file as above. [16]Mother in Nylons (text 1 Kb) When I was a teenager I liked to imagine my mother kept her nylons and suspender belt on when my father made love to her. To me she was like the 50s model Betty Page. Her figure was similar. Mum had a real 50s hourglass figure, and wore tight girdles to accentuate it... [17]Intimate Watching (ZIPPED 10,501 bytes, if unzipped 25 Kb) I've always been a bit of a watcher. Even at the age of 11, my gaze always aimed straight for naughty stuff. Any woman sitting in a skirt had my eyes glued to her, waiting for those slik covered legs to slightly part, allowing a brief flash of white. My teachers were often the objects of my... [18]Jean 1/4 (ZIPPED 10,695 bytes, if unzipped 25 Kb) Mike Watkins watched as his mother got dressed. He hadn't meant to but while cleaning up the yard he passed by her bedroom window and happened to look in. What he saw certainly surprised him. His mother, a slim blond in her mid thirtys was just coming out of the shower and drying... [19]Jeff's Night (text 7 Kb) Jeff couldn't believe he was this late. his mom was gonna kill him. she had told him to be home by eleven, and here it was a little after one in the morning and he was just dragging his 16 year old ass home. the party had been great but the chicks had all been cock teasers. now... [20]KATE Chapter 1-3 (ZIPPED 24,507 bytes, if unzipped 65 Kb) Kate Miller stood naked, appraising herself in the steamy, partially fogged bathroom mirror. Her breasts, all 34 c-cup inches of them stood out proudly from her trim, hard stomach. Striking a model's pose, Kate's lush ass, svelte hips, and long, perfectly formed legs accentuated... [21]Larry (text 12 Kb) Larry was 16 yrs old, a cute kid with the makings of a good body as he grew older. Tight stomach, nice biceps, and longish blonde hair his dad always wanted him to cut. He was a good student in school, pulling mostly a's and b's all the time. He was a popular... [22]A Lick and a Promise (text 5 Kb) It's been a long five years since my husband died, leaving me alone to raise our 11 year old son. Jack's final illness was so traumatic, and the resulting financial hardships so difficult, that I've barely thought of men and sex in all that time. It's only... [23]Mom Likes it Hot (ZIPPED 26,162 bytes, if unzipped 69 Kb) The hot summer sun beat down outside as Kathy Andrews sipped on her third martini for the day. The big house always depressed her when she was alone. Her son Tommy was at baseball training, and Debbi, the youngest, was staying overnight at a friend's house... [24]Mother's Little Secret (ZIPPED 8,089 bytes, if unzipped 19 Kb) Jeff Crawford felt like he was coming down with the flu. He had toughed it out all day and somehow made it through school, but he knew he couldn't work after school. Hoping he wouldn't pass out on the way, he pedaled over to the Burger Barn. When Mr. Simmons saw him... [25]Little Soldier Boy (ZIPPED 15,224 bytes, if unzipped 42 Kb) My mother stood at the gravestone of my father standing in his old Marine uniform. I could hardly keep from staring at my own mother's chest as her extremely large breasts heaved from the top of the uniform that was too tight to button up all the way. My mother's pale white breasts all but... [26]A Mother's Love (text 11 Kb) It was an early summer evening. I had been out with some friends for a late dinner when suddenly one of them became ill. So our plans fell through and I returned home earlier than expected. As I entered the front door, I noticed that the TV in the den was... [27]I Love You, Mom! (ZIPPED 21,501 bytes, if unzipped 53 Kb) The fiery disgust flashed in her eyes, when she heard me stammer, "M-M-Mom.... I-I w-w-w-want to see y-you....... n-n-naked!" She was totally speechless, as she stood before me in bra, panties, and half-slip... [28]Learning Center Chpter 16 (ZIPPED 9,652 bytes, if unzipped 22 Kb) "Hello is anyone home" Chris yelled as he came into the house and set down his bags. "Helloooooo". "Hmmm nothing" he thought, "I wonder where everyone is? I saw Christina down by the pool but where's everyone... [29]Mom's Lusty Lesson (ZIPPED 7,575 bytes, if unzipped 17 Kb) There were no tears in my mother's eyes when she stood on the porch watching me carry suitcases out to my old, beat-up Volkswagen. Mom's young for her 34 years, and she'd been restless about having a seventeen-year-old son around the house ever since she hooked up with... [30]Mothers & Sons 1-10 (ZIPPED 71,052 bytes, 10.if unzipped 205 Kb) Alison paused outside her son's bedroom, her beautiful face spreading into an amused smile as she listened to the soft moans and rhythmic creaking sounds emanating from the other side of the door. Her son Randy was beating his meat again. Actually his full name was... [31]Mandy and the Kids (ZIPPED 24,138 bytes, if unzipped 68 Kb) Mandy Todd stretched her long, slender body on the huge towel, the hot sand beneath her. She rested her face on crossed arms, her smoldering eyes hidden behind dark glasses. Her rich auburn hair moved lazily in the slight breeze coming off the ocean... [32]A Massage For Mom (ZIPPED 7,026 bytes, if unzipped 17 Kb) I remember my mom's friend Beth used to come over twice a week and give mom a massage. After that mom would give her a massage. They both undressed for the massage, but covered their buttocks with a towel. I used to come and go as I pleased and they seemed to think... [33]Masturbatng about Mom (ZIPPED 12,922 bytes, if unzipped 31 Kb) "Tommy!!?" Mom's voice found its way up the stirs from the kitchen and into my room. I closed my book and headed to the top of the stairs. It was about 10:00 PM on Friday night. "Yeah?" I hollered down. "Could you come down here for a minute, please."... [34]Masturbating Mom (ZIPPED 8,982 bytes, if unzipped 21 Kb) I was totally horny. I couldn't stand it any longer. My husband, Jim was away on business again and I couldn't wait another minute, much less another two days. My son, Paul was out on a date, so I was all alone in the house... alone and frustrated! My pussy wanted attention in the... [35]Maude (ZIPPED 10,571 bytes, if unzipped 26 Kb) I opened the front door and peeked around; it looked like the coast was clear. I slipped in and quickly walked over to the stairs, but just as I got to them a loud, deep voice stopped me in my tracks. "Philip! What are you doing home so early?" "Oh, hi, Grandma -- I mean, Maude. Uh, they let us out ..." Midnight Ride (text 5 Kb) * Deleted by Author's Request 09/29/98. [36]I Was My Mom's Lover (ZIPPED 17,550 bytes, if unzipped 42 Kb) This story took place several years ago when I was of the tender age of fifteen. I swear that although I've used some poetic license to "entertain the reader" (ahem) the events described are absolutely true.I have had conflicting feelings of guilt and nostalgia ever since these... [37]Mom & Her Friends (text 7 Kb) After my Dad died, my Mom started going out quite a bit with some of her friends. It wasn t unusual for her to come staggering in at 2 in the morning with some guy from the bar. I was about 15 at the time, and couldn t really believe my Mom would bring these guys home. At that age... [38]Mom and I (ZIPPED 22,361 bytes, if unzipped 58 Kb) "I mean, didn't you ever think about doing it with your mom?" my mother asked. I guess I wasn't so shocked as I ought to have been, but we had been talking about the different aspects of the current sexual scene for weeks now. It was only a matter of time until the discussion... [39]Mom & I Masturbate Part 1-7 (ZIPPED 20,380 bytes, if unzipped 60 Kb) I started having a sexual relationship with my mother when I was 12 years old. My mother was 34 at the time and had been divorced from my dad for about a year. It was a rough time for both of us, but we had each other and tried to make the best of it... [40]Loving Mom & Sis Part 1-17 (ZIPPED 28,707 bytes, if unzipped 79 Kb) Here I am, 18 years of age, with absolutely no idea of what I am going to do. Mom says college, but, there is no way that would be possible financially. She says that she has raised me and my younger sister alone and that she would finish the job. My sister Sonia, 16... [41]Mom2 continued story (text 9 Kb) "Anyhow, we queitly made our way back to the house. Once inside Denise poured us a couple of glasses of wine and we sat down in the living room to talk about what had just transpired."... [42]Mom's Day USA (text 2 Kb) A very, very happy Mom's Day to all you very special ladies who are letting your sons fuck the very pussy they came out of with their dicks and tongues, who let their sons once again suck at your nipples, who stroke and suck your boys' cocks and let them at your ass. We know there are millions... [43]Mom's Decree (text 10 Kb) My Pop's in the oil business, so he's often away from home for months at a time while he supervises exploration in the Venezuelan rainforest. I suppose we could all move down there, but our life is here, and he won't be working in the jungle forever. So here we... [44]Mom and Her Drawers (ZIPPED 18,556 bytes, if unzipped 48 Kb) It was kind of a dull rainy Saturday and Mom announced that she would be going out to do some shopping for the afternoon. She asked if I would like to accompany her, but up to that point I found her shopping quite boring - and besides, I had other things in mind. But first some background... [45]My First Fuck with Mom (text 12 Kb) The night I first fucked my mother was undoubtedly the happiest time in my life, although it has been nearly equaled many times since in our torrid love life. It happened in her father's house way back in the hills of Kentucky... [46]Mother's Milk [Taboo VI] (ZIPPED 21,789 bytes, if unzipped 58 Kb) * Revised 08/19/97 Jack pushed the door open with his foot awkwardly and entered his house. Both his hands were occupied; he was carrying with a large plastic bag of disposable diapers in one hand and two bags of groceries precariously balanced in other arm. Jack set the packages on the kitchen table... [47]Mom And The Kids (ZIPPED 7,897 bytes, if unzipped 18 Kb) I broke into their home early this morning. Surprised them as they woke. Now I have them all, in the basement, tied to the wall with their hands over their heads. mommy and her four kids. Dad's dead. Saw it in the obits... Mom Love (ZIPPED 7,755 bytes, if unzipped 17 Kb) * Deleted 07/16/98. Same file as "Mom Love" in Drawer3. [48]Mom (text 10 Kb) My mother had asked me to drop in this particular Saturday morning to try to start her car as the battery was flat and my father was away. Arriving early, I knocked on the front door however when it didn't open, I headed around the back to let myself in... _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [49] Return to MOM's BUREAU References 1. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/index.html#BUREAU 2. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/getcaght.txt 3. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/goodson.txt 4. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/heallove.zip 5. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/heather.zip 6. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/helpmom.txt 7. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/helpsout.zip 8. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/homework.txt 9. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/hornyurg.zip 10. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/hotmom.txt 11. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/howtomom.txt 12. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/hunted.zip 13. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/hypnotst.txt 14. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/incstmom.txt 15. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/incststr.txt 16. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/innylons.txt 17. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/intimate.zip 18. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/jean.zip 19. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/jeffnite.txt 20. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/kate1-3.zip 21. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/larrymom.txt 22. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/lickprms.txt 23. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/likehotv.zip 24. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/lilsecrt.zip 25. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/lilsold.zip 26. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/lovinmom.txt 27. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/lovumom.zip 28. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/lrncnt16.zip 29. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/lstlsson.zip 30. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/m&s01-10.zip 31. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/mandykid.zip 32. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/massage.zip 33. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/mastbout.zip 34. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/masturba.zip 35. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/maude.zip 36. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/mloverv.zip 37. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/mom&frnd.txt 38. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/mom&i1-4.zip 39. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/mom&imst.zip 40. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/mom&sis.zip 41. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/mom2.txt 42. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/momdayus.txt 43. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/momdecre.txt 44. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/momdrawr.zip 45. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/momfuck.txt 46. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/mommilkn.zip 47. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/momkids.zip 48. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/970801/mommf.txt 49. http://www.incesttaboo.com/incestgrrl/authors/momsbedroom/index.html#BUREAU

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