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#[1]ICRA labels * [2]Home * [3]Stories * [4]Tags * [5]Search Category: Loving Wives Stories Literotica The Boss's Whore by [6]Firebox(c) At my husband Sam's request, I had a year long affair with Lino, the owner of the dealership that my husband is a mechanic at. Sam and I have been together for 14 years, and in the past two or three of those years he and I have been fantasizing about having him watch me fuck and suck another man. I had just started working part time as a receptionist at the dealership when one morning, on the way to work, Sam told me that he wanted me to suck the owner's cock that day. I got more and more excited thinking about it in the car and when we arrived I told Sam that I would flirt with Lino. He was pleased and very happy about this news. I am a forty-one year old redhead with long legs and long hair. While working at the dealership as a receptionist, I got hit on constantly by both customers and the mostly male employees. Sam says that it is partially due to my being sexy, and partially due to the fact that men around me know instinctively that I am a slut. I knew that Lino found me attractive because I had already caught him leering at me on many occasions when he thought I wasn't looking. When I walked in the office that morning, my pussy had already soaked my panties and I was feeling a little giddy and light headed with excitement. Lino and I were in the middle of a two day reorganization of his office, and I did a lot of bending over that day. Sometimes I had my ass in the air in front of him, and sometimes my head was near his crotch as I squatted down to pick something up. At first he avoided me as we moved past each other in the crowded, messy office, but when I stopped trying to get out of his way he stopped avoiding me as well. As the day progressed, he would move past behind me and brush his semi hard cock along my ass as he passed. By the end of the day, I was looking out the window at my husband on the shop floor while filing and Lino came up behind me. He pressed his obviously thick cock against my ass through his pants. I pushed my ass out towards him and felt his hands on my hips. Just then his office door creaked and he moved quickly away as the GM entered the room. It was the end of the day, and I excused myself and left with my husband. I told my husband what had happened, and he was so excited that he pulled over into a parking lot and made me suck his cock right there. The next day I knew what I was in for and dressed appropriately. I wore a pleated skirt that sat just above my knees and a frilly thong underneath. A pair of knee high boots and a fitted white blouse completed my outfit. Within ten minutes of arriving, I ended up on my knees in Lino's office working his thick uncut cock and meaty balls with my mouth and tongue. In a few minutes he finished by spraying cum all over my face and tits. I worked at the dealership every Thursday for ten more months, and Lino would fuck me in his office pretty much every shift. He never used a condom, he would just pull out and come on me. That ended up being messy, and I would smell like his jizz the rest of the day, so I took to swallowing his load. It was a miracle that he didn't get me pregnant in that time with all that hard unprotected fucking. His office was in the mezzanine and looked out over the shop floor. His favourite thing to do would be to fuck me doggystyle while we both looked out at the shop floor through the one-way glass of his office window. It was so exciting looking out at my husband and the other mechanics while our boss was pounding me hard from behind with his thick cock. After a few weeks, in addition to Thursdays, we started meeting at a motel near my house on Friday afternoons. I am pretty sure that he secretly videotaped these sessions, because he was always moving me around like he was posing me. At the motel he treated me like his whore. One time he put me on the bed with my face near the edge and fucked my mouth and made me lick his balls until he shot his load all over my face, hair and tits. Another time he savagely fucked my ass from behind so hard that the condom broke just before he shot his load deep inside me. I left my job at the dealership a few weeks ago and ended my affair with Lino at the same time. A few days ago he called me and told me that he wanted to start up again. I said that I wasn't interested, and he got very angry. He confirmed my suspicions about his video taping and told me he would expose me if I didn't continue our affair. He also told me that he had shown the GM the videos and that he expected me to meet with him and the GM at the motel room next Friday. I told Sam, and Sam said that I should go for it... Written by: [7]Firebox Please Rate This Submission: 1 (*) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 5 (best) Submit Vote Story Tags: [8]cuckold, [9]milf, [10]redhead, [11]cheating, [12]work, [13]voyeur husband, [14]hot wife Category: [15]Loving Wives Stories All contents (c) Copyright 1998-2009. Literotica is a trademark. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission. 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