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#[1]ICRA labels * [2]Home * [3]Stories * [4]Tags * [5]Search Category: NonConsent/Reluctance Stories Literotica At Last A Weekend Alone Ch. 04 by [6]Dr Jerkyls Hyde(c) Brads takes his tongue from your mouth and looking back over his shoulder he opens his mouth beginning to say something. His words are lost in the animal like scream and his eyes nearly burst from his sockets. You see your master grinning cruelly as he heaves forward with an almighty thrust and buries his unlubricated cock to the hilt inside poor Bradley's virgin arse. The force of the impalement snowballs through Brad's body and as a result his own cock wedges sharply in your womb. The grip of your cervix rubbing his glans and triggers an enormous release of jism that explodes in torrents from the eye of Brad's cock. The flood saturates your womb and the insides of your cunt with hot wet audible splashes, he jack hammers with short hard sharp jabs pumping and groaning his nut juice into your welcoming fuck canal. You see his face is contorted in both extreme agony, as your master rips his arse apart also filling him with load upon load of fresh hot male come, and ecstasy as he comes for the first time inside a woman. As you feel his nut sack twitching against the lips of your pussy and his come scalding your insides, once again that nauseous feeling of having your tummy filled overcomes you. But not before you are engulfed with a mind blowing, body shattering, orgasmic explosion that makes your toes curl and you gasp out in short sharp breathes through pursed lips, grunting as once again your cervix opens to release Brad's cock from its fleshy prison. As you ride this multi orgasmic wave feeling it buffer your body every which way you are startled to realise that Brad's cock, although surely finished emptying the contents of his nuts inside your for the first time, is still hard and searching. As your cervix has not yet closed completely you are flabbergasted when you feel him start to stroke you in earnest like a crazed animal rutting to save himself from extinction. The effect is that he is rapidly caressing the super hyper sensitive nerves around the edges of your cervix and the result is an ultra-orgasm that feels like it is ripping out your belly. An overwhelming heat expands within your abdomen and pulses with growing power. Then as Brad pulls almost completely out and with a powerful slam crashes his cock back into you, the head of his cock just misses the entrance to your womb. As a result the plum head of his member catches momentarily on the edge of your cervix making it bounce quickly 3 times before breaching the tight orifice to your inner sanctum, making it rasp over the whole edge of your cervix all at once. Your hands clench so tight that your nails cut into your palms, your eyes bulging and watering madly, your mouth open wide in a rictus like silent scream, the wind whistling between your teeth as you exhale completely, the bonds holding your ankles stretching almost to breaking point as you try without success to bring your feet down and wrap your legs around this glorious man that is making you come like you have died and gone to heaven. Breathlessly you start panting unintelligible words and shake your head from side to side crying with pleasure wishing it would stop, wishing it would never end, wishing you could bottle this moment, so that you could open the cap and enjoy it whenever you liked. If this was possible you know you would become an addict and you would only ever want to know this feeling over and over and over again all day. Just as you feel the waves of bliss start to retreat you feel Brad go rigid inside you again and panting like a crazed man you feel his cock expand again as another bout of come explodes from his manhood further drenching your insides with yet more male come. He has deposited so much inside you that now you can feel it being forced out of your quim and sliding deliciously out around the stem of his cock, over his still twitching nut sack and dripping with little splashes onto your anus directly below him. Then in turn it is pooling in your arse and then slowly working its way in small globs and collecting in the small of your back to join the earlier deposits of pussy juice and butter. You feel movement on the bed and opening your eyes completely you see your master get off the bed first his cock flaccid and dripping covered in dirty gunge from Brad's arse mixed in with the semen he has placed there. As he approaches your end of the bed with a nasty smile on his face you feel Brad push back once again kneeling above you but leaving his cock as it softens to float around in the your flooded snatch. As he moves a fresh pool of combined come and pussy juice oozes out onto the bed linen. Brad catches his breath and then says "Holy fuck Dad, that has got to be the best fucking come I have ever had, this bitch really knows how to get off. You were fucking right breaching her womb is like fucking a new born. It's going to be a while before I can shoot like that again, I actually came twice in about 2 minutes and the feel of your cock exploding in my bowels, drenching my shitter took me right over the edge. Fuck I can't wait to sample her arse and mouth but plenty of time for all that later huh?" "Damn right son, we have only just hit the tip of the iceberg with this little nympho. In fact right now I can feel another boner coming on but first I need her to clean this shit off my cock". Saying that he grabs the back of your head by your ponytail and as you open your mouth to exclaim you start to say "Your fucking D......d.......dad..........mmmmmmmfph" And then he shoves his wet sticky come and grime covered cock into your mouth. You gag as you feel the head of his cock bounce and settle on your tongue and the stench from his cock invades your nostrils. The he starts a delicate fucking motion sliding his greasy cock in your mouth while you start to lick him clean quickly, hoping to finish this dirty task as soon as possible so that you can get some answers to the confusing questions running amok in your brain. While you lick his penis again you are amazed at his stamina as you feel it start to grow once again inside your mouth and imploringly you look up at his face. He smiles wickedly back as he reaches towards your bound wrists and starts to undo the bonds that have held you there all afternoon. As he finishes undoing your left wrist he starts to see saw his hips fucking your face with his new erection. Instinctively as your hand is freed you bring it down to cup his balls and fondle them and then realise what you have done. You have become his whore, his tramp, his play thing, so easy to manipulate and so ready to do his bidding. Then you close your eyes in erotic bliss, moaning your contentment, working his shaft more vigorously. Your hand moves back behind his scrotum and slowly with definitive moves you edge your middle finger towards his anus wanting to feel the pressure of his sphincter as you tease and fuck him with your finger. He leans across to undo your other wrist and your finger finally reaches his little wrinkled hole, but wait there is something already stuck in there, something hard........and fuck me days it is moving in and out very slowly. Glancing quickly between his legs you see another pair of male legs behind him in a semi squatting position. The cock between the legs is wet and semi hard and you suddenly recognise it as Brad's (his son????) You register that while you have been concentrating on sucking his cock and fondling his balls Brad has got off the bed and is right now squatting behind his father sawing the middle finger of his right hand in and out of your masters rectum. The utter depravity of the scene makes you moan and at that moment your eyes lock with Brads. He smiles back at you, removes his finger from his father's anus and places it in his mouth keeping his mouth open so that you can see him lick it clean. Now that your original target is empty you push forward and are rewarded with a grunt of appreciation as you jam your finger deep into your masters arse. Holding your finger knuckle deep, crooking your finger inside, lightly you scrape your fingernail over his prostrate. This makes him buck wildly against you and your feel his cock nudge the entrance to your throat. As you open your mouth completely he swings his hips forward and lodges his cock deep in your throat, Looking down he watches his cock as it pushes into your throat and is clearly outlined against the delicate curve of your exposed neck. He quickly releases both your opposite hand and the ankle below it leaving only your left ankle tied to the bed lying taunt and straining under his cock now fucking your throat and mouth. Thankfully you stretch your right leg out on the bed and twisting slightly turn on your left side to face his cock more directly. With the middle finger of your left hand you continue to plunder his bottom. You bring your right hand over and grip the base of his cock, dragging your mouth back to his head and lathering his piss slit and sensitive glans with your tongue while you wank the base of his cock with your right hand. He forgets your remaining tied limb and with both hands reaches down to grip your head, his left hand holding you by the hair of your ponytail and his right clasping the top of your head in his big palm grip. Then he surges forward with his hips and starts to jack hammer his cock into your mouth. The way he is holding your head you cannot resist and choose to simply relax your neck and go with the flow. Feeling your lack of resistance he tightens his grip on your hair and head and then in long sweeping motions starts to skull fuck your face. Every now and then you feel his cock head bang and bruise your inner cheeks, the entrance to your throat or even deep in the back of your throat. Finding it hard to breathe smoothly you place both hands on his thighs and start to try and push him away. Gurgling and gagging around the repeated attacks by his cock stem on your throat you start to feel giddy and see stars behind your closed eyelids. Unwillingly you feel great globs of spittle and saliva coating his cock and balls as you flail on the end of his assault moaning for him to stop and let you breathe. Suddenly he lunges forward making your gag loudly and hot stinging gases explode from in your stomach travelling quickly up the back of your throat blasting like burning acid over the tip of his penis that continues to breach the entrance to your throat. You start to gag over and over, coughing and spluttering on his cock, your mouth wide open at the root of his genitals spitting great amounts of frothy spittle onto his nuts and thighs. Fortunately the unique sting of hot stomach acid on his cock finally makes him come and for a few more agonising moments of not being able to breathe you gag and splutter more as his come shoots from the eye of his cock into the back of your throat only to be coughed back out to soak his nuts and the base of his cock. As the last vestiges of his come trickle into your mouth and onto your tongue you know you are only micro-moments away from that life saving lungful of air your abused and battered body requires to live. You feel him relax then suddenly he pushes your skull onto his semi erect cock right to the hilt and you feel his nuts crushed between your chin and his thighs. Panicking and banging over and over at his legs, beating his thighs, gurgling and making small animal noises your eyes start to close and blackness reaches out to slowly engulf your brain. As you slip into unconsciousness your last thought is Fuck I love what he does to me................... Written by: [7]Dr Jerkyls Hyde (Submit) <Page:[4] Please Rate This Submission: 1 (*) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 5 (best) Submit Vote Story Tags: [8]non consent, [9]forced, [10]double penetration, [11]original, [12]new ideas Category: [13]NonConsent/Reluctance Stories All contents (c) Copyright 1998-2009. Literotica is a trademark. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission. References 1. http://www.literotica.com/labels.rdf 2. http://www.i.literotica.com/index.html 3. http://www.i.literotica.com/stories/index.php 4. http://itags.literotica.com/ 5. http://isearch.literotica.com/ 6. http://www.i.literotica.com/stories/memberpage.php?uid=448800&page=submissions 7. http://www.i.literotica.com/stories/memberpage.php?uid=448800&page=submissions 8. http://itags.literotica.com/non%20consent 9. http://itags.literotica.com/forced 10. http://itags.literotica.com/double%20penetration 11. http://itags.literotica.com/original 12. http://itags.literotica.com/new%20ideas 13. http://www.i.literotica.com/stories/stories_by_category.php?category=13

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