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* [1]Company * [2]News * [3]Careers * [4]Investor Relations * [5]Responsibility * [6]Research [7]Deutsche Bank - Responsibility [8]Deutsche Bank Logo Deutsche Bank Search Search Query ____________________ Submit * [9]DEDeutsch * [10]Print * [11]Contact You are here: * [12]Home + [13]Content Page Topics: March 21, 2017 Deutsche Bank opens innovation lab in New York City Deutsche Bank announced today that it has opened an innovation lab in New York City, its fourth globally. The lab in Lower Manhattan's Fulton Center will enable the bank to access a leading innovation ecosystem in one of the world's largest financial hubs. It will explore new technologies focused on several areas, including artificial intelligence, cloud technology and cyber security. The Deutsche Bank Labs in New York, Silicon Valley, Berlin and London have three principal goals: to help the bank evaluate and adopt emerging technologies, to develop a culture of innovation and contribute to the bank's digital strategy. Staff working in the labs evaluate technology solutions from the four innovation ecosystems and apply the best of these to address business challenges and opportunities within the bank. Elly Hardwick, Head of Innovation at Deutsche Bank, said: "We want to make Deutsche Bank the first stop for start-ups. Through our global network of innovation labs, we are combining fresh ideas from fintechs with the scale and infrastructure of a global bank." * [14]Share this article * * [15]Media Release * * [16]Subscribe to this RSS feed You are here: * [17]Home + [18]Content Page [19]back to top * [20]Mail * [21]Twitter * [22]Facebook * [23]LinkedIn * [24]Xing * [25]Imprint * [26]Legal Resources * [27]Accessibility Copyright 2018 Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main References Visible links 1. https://www.db.com/en/content/company/Company.htm 2. https://www.db.com/newsroom 3. https://www.db.com/careers/index_e.html 4. https://www.db.com/ir/index_e.htm 5. https://www.db.com/cr/index_en.htm 6. https://www.dbresearch.com/ 7. https://www.db.com/newsroom/index.htm 8. https://www.db.com/index_e.htm 9. https://www.db.com/newsroom_news/2017/medien/deutsche-bank-eroeffnet-innovationslabor-in-new-york-city-de-11494.htm 10. https://www.db.com/newsroom_news/2017/medien/-en-11494.htm 11. https://www.db.com/Contact 12. https://www.db.com/newsroom/index.htm 13. https://www.db.com/newsroom_news/2017/global/10787.htm 14. https://www.db.com/newsroom_news/2017/medien/-en-11494.htm 15. https://www.db.com/newsroom_news/Lab_in_New_York_21.3.2017_eng.pdf 16. https://socialmedia.db.com/newsroom/v1/feed/allen 17. https://www.db.com/newsroom/index.htm 18. https://www.db.com/newsroom_news/2017/global/10787.htm 19. https://www.db.com/newsroom_news/2017/medien/-en-11494.htm 20. mailto:?subject=&body=%0D%0A%2F%2A%2D%2DIOHREFBEGIN+linkguid%3DEE5C99984F88449DAA68091151D72241+parentpageguid%3DDDFC2A4A2CBC43D6997CF7748E88DB29+pageguid%3DE51613A56F0E4974A5362A98AC64374F+targetcontainerguid%3D8DE8C4473EE244A9A72561F153F1B258+languagevariantid%3DENG+pageid%3D0+islink%3D1+type%3D1002+subtype%3D9%2A%2F%2F%2A%2D%2DIOHREFEND%2D%2A%2F 21. https://twitter.com/home?status=https://www.db.com/newsroom_news/2017/medien/-en-11494.htm 22. https://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?u=https://www.db.com/newsroom_news/2017/medien/-en-11494.htm 23. http://www.linkedin.com/shareArticle?mini=true&url=https://www.db.com/newsroom_news/2017/medien/-en-11494.htm 24. https://www.xing.com/app/user?op=share;url=https://www.db.com/newsroom_news/2017/medien/-en-11494.htm 25. https://www.db.com/Imprint 26. https://www.db.com/Legal-Resources 27. https://www.db.com/Accessibility Hidden links: 29. https://www.db.com/newsroom_news/2017/medien/-en-11494.htm

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