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Oh, YESSSssssss. ~~~ * [22]Meeting Mistress Lynne: by [23]Broken Will (Synopsis: A husband and wife, newly into BDSM meet a woman who teaches her how to better dominate him. ) Comment: A husband and wife, newly into BDSM meet a woman who teaches her how to better dominate him. * [24]Eliminating The Threat: by [25]James P (Synopsis: A woman gains a vicious measure of revenge on a rapist.) Comment: * [26]Games: by [27]Sardonicus (Synopsis: A young man moves from Iowa to San Francisco. He is intrigued by an offer for some.) Comment: When the game becomes pain and the fantasy real. * [28]My House: by [29]Jonathan (Synopsis: One man's interview with the head of Artemis house--a secret and exclusive club for dominant women men exist only as slave property.) Comment: One man's interview with the head of Artemis house--a secret and exclusive club for dominant women men exist only as slave property. * [30]New Society : by [31]Mercury (Synopsis: Some time in the future all 18 year old males are stripped naked, enslave, and sold to dominent women) Comment: * [32]A Perfect Match: by [33]Onewhoadores (Synopsis: A young woman, unlucky in love, becomes a reluctant domme, with surprising results.) Comment: * [34]Mary Allen: Femdom Household Horror: by [35]TheSharpie (Synopsis: The Mary Allen talk show recounts a story that shocks America: a seemingly normal family is practicing female superiority as a religion.) Comment: The Mary Allen talk show recounts a story that shocks America: a seemingly normal family is practicing female superiority as a religion. * [36]The Future: by [37]C. (Synopsis: This story is in two parts. Part I takes place 200 years in the future where the world is controlled entirely by women and males are being slain for food. In addition, many male bodies are stuffed and put on display as well being used to make numerous items. Part II explains how this future world comes into existence. ) Comment: WHOA.. * [38]Susan and Jake: by [39]Tiffany (Synopsis: Story of Susan and Jake, a FemDom and her willing partner who sometimes thinks he may have bitten off a bit more than he can handle.) Comment: Story of Susan and Jake, a FemDom and her willing partner who sometimes thinks he may have bitten off a bit more than he can handle. * [40]Dark Descent: by [41]PainAngel (Synopsis: Micah is an angel in God\'s army. He is on earth to defeat a group of demons but they defeat him instead, choosing to take him back to Hell with them. But if Micah thought spending eternity at the hands of bloodthirsty demons was bad, he\'s in for a shock. Because he\'s about to meet Ursula, one of Hell\'s foulest residents. ) Comment: * [42]Predator 1, Prey 0: by [43]Selveate (Synopsis: A woman selects a man to emotionally destroy) Comment: * [44]2054: by [45]JensenDenmark (Synopsis: A day of transition for Stephen) Comment: * [46]Raped into Submission: by [47]Lonely Puppet (Synopsis: A young man is taken prisoner by an innocent-looking woman who turns him into her sex slave.) Comment: * [48]Eustace: by [49]The Siren (Synopsis: College president and submissive slaveboy, he and five generations of his family have submitted to the dominant sorority of Kappa Gamma Sade!) Comment: * [50]Jack, No More: by [51]control_freak (Synopsis: A young advertising agent is taken captive by a mysterious woman and her slave. Things are about to change for this power executive...oh yes.) Comment: * [52]Releasing The Slave Within: by [53]Gemma Jones (Synopsis: A castle serves ideal shelter from the rain, but has Andrew bitten off more than he could chew?) Comment: * [54]Rebecca\'s Revenge: by [55]Alex Bragi (Synopsis: The story of one woman\'s sweet revenge on an evil and wayward priest.) Comment: * [56]Sister's Hoe: by [57]Femdom slave (Synopsis: A sister (with her mom's help) turns her brother into the true slave that he is. Read as this adventure begins and ends.) Comment: * [58]A University Education: by [59]Some Writer (Synopsis: When a university student gets tied up by a girl he has a crush on, things don't quite go the way he wanted.) Comment: * [60]Wimp\'s Progress: by [61]rolf palsy (Synopsis: Under the collective thumb of his mother and three sisters for peeping, what\'s a poor wimp to do? It\'s a downward spiral as his female teachers, friends of his mother and some of the female students at school join forces to utterly humiliate and degrade him.) Comment: * [62]Thousand Tales: by [63]pr_squared (Synopsis: Vlerie Ceru considers the events that brought four males to her kitchen.) Comment: * [64]Love in Cathedral Heights: by [65]justin benedict (Synopsis: unique love story involving chastity, teasing and denial between a young man and an older woman.) Comment: * [66]Engaged and Committed: by [67]Unknown (Synopsis: Michael always had fantasies in the dominance and submission with her nurse girl friend. She figured that out and committed him into the hospital she's working. Her nurse friends came to help and the situation was a little bit out of her hand.) Comment: * [68]Lady Wild: by [69]Pandora (Synopsis: Set in the Midwest of America during the age of pioneers, a revengeful young woman captures the outlaw who had killed her husband and makes him pay.) Comment: * [70]Ivy League Sluts: by [71]Harry Berg (Synopsis: The story begins with the forced seduction of Stacy Todd, a scholastic overachiever enrolled at Harvard. Stacy falls under the control of Mike Cabreeze, a corrupt Cambridge cop. With the help of her dormmate, Portia, she is slowly transformed from a nave young girl to a sophisticated woman with an unbounded sexual appetite. Forced by Mike to participate in a dizzying variety of perversions, she morphs from prey to predator. Rescued by a British billionaire who has dedicated his life to punishing the wicked, Stacy becomes a world class assassin. In the finale, she destroys Mike and his cohorts. ) Comment: * [72]My Anaconda: by [73]counterparts199 (Synopsis: A female scientist is on an Amazon search for the world's largest anaconda, employing a male guide.) Comment: * [74]Fidelity: by [75]Hinzelmann (Synopsis: A group of femdom women support and strengthen one another in the domination of their men, until a love triangle disrupts their unity, creating a rivalry that illustrates different philosophies of female control. Themes: women sitting on men, women riding men, large women squashing men's bodies, woman worship, women straddling men, male domestic servitude, human furniture, women pinning men, women fasting men, breath deprivation.) Comment: * [76]Sex Secrets Men Never Hear: by [77]Jill Crokett (Synopsis: Two women share the deep, dark secrets of their of their sexual history with one another. The type of secrets they would never tell to men. ) Comment: * [78]The Accident That Changed My Life: by [79]Saint of Fools (Synopsis: A man learns the price of window shopping.) Comment: * [80]Masquerade: by [81]Some Writer (Synopsis: A woman turns up to a party with a dashing costume containing hidden secrets, and finds a man that she will guide into new territory with her arsenal of sex toys and seduction.) Comment: * [82]Subby Hubby: by [83]less_is_more_2005 (Synopsis: Man convinces his wife to dominate him and gets everything he asked for.) Comment: * [84]Holiday Highlights: by [85]Desmios (Synopsis: A sequel to 'Holiday Slavery'. Mistress Tina takes her slave Peter on the cruise ship again... with some new 'recruits'! Rather than recounting every day of the vacation, Peter concentrates on a number of highlights.) Comment: * [86]Holiday Slavery: by [87]Desmios (Synopsis: A completely fanciful story about a tropical island resort where "my kind" of slavery is an accepted part of life. Male AND female slaves, open-air public nakedness and B&D. Maybe a few little surprises for the reader who follows the story through!) Comment: * [88]The Prisoner: by [89]Lady Blade (Synopsis: A Man is sentenced to death for a crime he's not even sure he committed. On Death's Door he's given an offer he just can not refuse. Can a Woman he meets on his execution day really save his life? Read on and find out...) Comment: * [90]Dr. Benson's Office: by [91]redleg112 (Synopsis: Wife gets revenge on cheating. Husband turns him over to local female Dr for traing at clinic. f/m nc tease denial torture) Comment: * [92]Climbing the Corporate Ladder: by [93]Deklan (Synopsis: Set in 2053, when women are second class citizens and corporations run the globe, Middle Eastern born Jasmine Hussan climbs the Corporate Ladder in her attempt to reach the top to instant female favored laws. Those in her way are deal with in her ruthless crusade for power: will she get there, or will the chauvanistic society continue? ) Comment: * [94]When Predator Becomes Prey: by [95]Deklan (Synopsis: A chauvanistic slaver discovers what he believes to be the catch of his life, but instead turns out to be its downfall.) Comment: * [96]The Solution: by [97]Julia McLoughlin (Synopsis: A secret society, THE SOLUTION, will answer the call of any woman or girl who has been raped or mistreated by men. They will punish the perpetrators with vehemence. They will travel all over the world to revenge the misdeeds of men.) Comment: * [98]The Bracelet: by [99]Helen D' Rago (Synopsis: My toyboy slave finds an item and finds himself in a lot of trouble as he returns it.) Comment: * [100]Confession: by [101]hall2226 (Synopsis: A young man goes to see Sister Ruth to confess, do penance and receive absolution) Comment: * [102]Institute Kleist: by [103]hall2226 (Synopsis: Institute Kleist is a facility specialising in Discipline Therapy for the male. The Director, Madame Greta, introduces new patient #15 with a session of whip and boot training.) Comment: * [104]Katie and I: by [105]bitchboy (Synopsis: Katie is having me write about my life.) Comment: * [106]Mall Princess Moves In: by [107]Underdog (Synopsis: An average-looking but well-off submissive masochist is enslaved by two young women who move into his home and take over his life. One is coming to own him forever, and one comes for a little fun. One is sexually dominant, and the other is a budding female sadist, but both crave and demand total control. This is how it begins.) Comment: * [108]Mall Princess: by [109]Underdog (Synopsis: A single thirty-something guy meets a beautiful high school girl at the mall. He\'s whitebread, she\'s goth. He\'s there to return a DVD player. She\'s there to find her newest personal slave.) Comment: * [110]Carrie\'s Birthday: by [111]Underdog (Synopsis: Upon her birthday, Carrie is initiated into her newfound dominance over the males of her life. Her mother opens the door to dominating her father and older brother, and tells her of the special school she will be attending to teach her the way of Female Dominance as her brother accompanies her as slave. This is the night of her initiation, and it is her birthday, where she receives some special gifts from her brother and father.) Comment: * [112]French Lessons: by [113]lipsticked (Synopsis: Michael answers an ad for a slave/servant and his life is no longer is own.) Comment: * [114]A tale to tell: by [115]Helen D' Rago (Synopsis: Reflections on the training and rituals of boytoy and slave by His Mistress. In several parts.) Comment: * [116]As My Slave Softly Weeps: by [117]Helen D' Rago (Synopsis: A short tale by a Domme Mistress and owner about some fun at night with her boy-toy) Comment: * [118]The Initiation: by [119]Tyjord (Synopsis: Aaron's pledging to a fraternity takes some unexpected twists when his sister and girlfriend decide to lend a hand.) Comment: * [120]The Penalty Box: by [121]Tyjord (Synopsis: A night in the life of a young couple in love. He\'s an up and coming sports star. She\'s a wealthy business woman...and extrememly dominant. How far will she take him? How far will he go?) Comment: * [122]Procurement & Training Center: by [123]tallywacker38 (Synopsis: A dominatrix targets a young college boy for slavery and profit. He is coerced into obedience and learns his schooling will not occur in college.) Comment: * [124]Aurora, Sexy Assassin II: by [125]joaquin d bootboy (Synopsis: This is the sequel to the first episode. Aurora lures her next victim away from the safety of his guards enticing him with her sensuous ways and alluring charms. Witness how Aurora reduces a vicious criminal into her willing dog slave before he meets his end.) Comment: * [126]Aurora, Sexy Assassin: by [127]joaquin d bootboy (Synopsis: Erotic thriller and action packed adventure of the lovely Aurora the sensual and deadliest assassin ever.) Comment: * [128]The Interview: by [129]jan311648 (Synopsis: Set in England, a naive young man applies for an IT job with a large International Financial Institution and is targetted by a powerful top woman executive who spots his extreme hidden submissiveness. This story covers the period from their first meeting at her place of business to his removal that evening to her mansion outside London.) Comment: * [130]Freshman Year Girlfriend: by [131]Underdog (Synopsis: I\'d always had strong submissive fantasies, but had never had a chance to act them out until I met my freshman year girlfriend. She seemed shy and a bit strange when we met, but turned out to be wildly inventive and creative as her femdom over me got more intense and extreme. This first part has little sex, but future installments will have much.) Comment: * [132]Goddess Sublime: by [133]Pauly Walnuts (Synopsis: Two neighbors unexpectedly discover latent D/s tendencies. Through a few chance contacts and one gloriously fateful night, their dark journey begins.) Comment: * [134]My Fair Lady: by [135]Pauly Walnuts (Synopsis: The story of a guy who is probably similar to a guy you already know, but how his penchant for following his desires led him to meet a woman who gives him exactly what he thinks he wants. This will be a multipart story updated in small doses to give the author time to recover after each episode!) Comment: * [136]Three rules . . .: by [137]Peter Last (Synopsis: he had only three rules . . . but a LOT of toys . . .) Comment: * [138]Andrea's Helper: by [139]Dave (Synopsis: She loved to play with her electric helper to satisfy her own sexual desire. But use it on a male could also be interesting.) Comment: * [140]Pleasure Planet: by [141]Dave (Synopsis: An astronaut crash lands on an orgasmic planet.) Comment: * [142]He Let Her Know Too Much: by [143]Mind Prison (Synopsis: Eric's obsession with female domination and bondage has been growing inside since he was a kid. However, he could never quite convince the girls he was dating to play along......... Until now.. His new girlfried has a plan to use his obsession to gain control.) Comment: * [144]Two Girls Team Up: by [145]Mind Prison (Synopsis: Eric finds himself in a tight situation when two of his friends, Jane and Lauren, discover that he has some dirty little secrets.) Comment: * [146]Training Larry: by [147]Mistress Domme (Synopsis: With the help of her gorgeous next door neighbor, a budding Domme trains her husband for a lifetime of servitude.) Comment: * [148]Peter Vanishes: by [149]JP (Synopsis: Peter gets himself into a lot of trouble when he falls for a seductive young woman on the train.) Comment: * [150]The French Kiss: by [151]beck_and_call (Synopsis: Two French vixen sisters seduced him and kept him as their little pet. Short story.) Comment: * [152]Sweet Honeymoon: by [153]Gracko (Synopsis: Guy gets married to a beatuiflu wife. Little did he know she had a secret lover and he had been set up for a life of torment for their pleasure.) Comment: * [154]Serving A Woman In Power: by [155]Peter Allow (Synopsis: Stevie always thought that a female boss would be soft when she left the office. When his family moved to a new town and Linda became his boss, he learned that it was not true. As a new employee she takes him with her on training where he finds out that he not only has to keep up with his professional duties but also has to fulfil her sexual preferences and over a week he becomes her submissive slave.) Comment: * [156]My Horrible Fate: by [157]SteveL (Synopsis: Male blackmailed and totally enslaved by wife and friends,NC, forced feminization, punishment, piercings et.al) Comment: * [158]Predatory Instinct: by [159]BDSM Bill (Synopsis: Jack is like a leopard, fierce and proud. Too bad for him when he meets a tigress. The M/m action is not a major part of the story.) Comment: * [160]Kryztal: by [161]Carmenica Diaz (Synopsis: Caroline and Hal Blaine lived in a perfect world of Hollywood glamour and wealth until an enemy told Caroline about Hal's dirty little secret. Disgusted and intrigued, Caroline had to know more. And then, she met Kryztal.) Comment: * [162]Jack and Sarah: by [163]Rosie (Synopsis: Jack is a man more used to being the Master to helpless females - until he meets Sarah whose dominance excites him.) Comment: * [164]Ambrose And The Amazon: by [165]The Siren (Synopsis: What happens when a submissive midget turns a seven foot tall woman into his Domme?) Comment: * [166]Pouting Prudence: by [167]Carmenica Diaz (Synopsis: Ian was amazed that Pruedence the office sexpot was talking to him but he didn't know the entire story.) Comment: * [168]Dominant Black Tales and Submissive White Tails: by [169]AfroerotiK (Synopsis: Dominant Black Couple seduce and reduce a white man to his true place of submission.) Comment: * [170]The Other Woman: by [171]Carmenica Diaz (Synopsis: ) Comment: * [172]Tony\'s Training: by [173]John Comstock (Synopsis: Together, they found a way to change his behavior . . .) Comment: * [174]Dependable Donald: by [175]John Comstock (Synopsis: The lure of an exciting job and a lot money proved irrestible . . . and then the boss lady proved equally compelling . . .) Comment: * [176]Such A Simple Thing: by [177]Aaron Oliver (Synopsis: A man discovers why he's had such an intermittent interest in sex over the years -- and it changes his life) Comment: * [178]Now How Did That Happen?: by [179]Aaron Oliver (Synopsis: A man is slowly sucked into a lifestyle of orgasm denial) Comment: * [180]The Gun: by [181]Aaron Oliver (Synopsis: A woman surprises a man in a parking lot . . . with serious consequences . . .) Comment: * [182]Angie: by [183]Aaron Oliver (Synopsis: A man discovers his wife with another man . . . with surprising results . . .) Comment: * [184]My new life with my step sister: by [185]brian mullany (Synopsis: a brother becomes the slave to his step-sister after there parents are killed in a car accident) Comment: * [186]Caroline\'s Awakening: by [187]thako (Synopsis: Girlfriend comes home to find Boyfriend has a submissive side, and she exploits it to her advantage.) Comment: * [188]Mirror, Mirror: by [189]Jason (Synopsis: Two blonde babes take a cocky young teen all the way, over the top.) Comment: * [190]Slave to a Man Hater: by [191]beatenboy (Synopsis: The ad read: "Seeking genuinely cruel woman who would love to physically & mentally abuse & degrade a sincere, submissive, 36 year-old SWM." The woman who answered took him to depths of depravity he'd never imagined.) Comment: * [192]The Femina Empire: by [193]Pluto (Synopsis: Planet Earth is force to join the Femina Empire. A Federation of many planets. In this Empire, humans right are not distributed evenly, that is women have them all and the males have none, they are slaves. They are chattels, pieces of property, own by women. Humans from earth learn to adjust to this new reality.) Comment: * [194]Filthy femdoms: forced oral: by [195]Aceith (Synopsis: Unsuspecting victims are kidnapped and taken to a location where they are abused by several cruel femdoms and forced to perform orally in the most disgusting manner possible.) Comment: * [196]Him: by [197]Tara (Synopsis: He tought he could get away with it but boy he got it wrong.) Comment: Synopsis: He thought he could get away with it but boy he got it wrong. * [198]An Alternative Life: by [199]Jim Hale (Synopsis: A man of means desires to be a, plaything of a young lady. His wishes come true when he answers an ad for a, "Sugar Daddy". He quickly learns she knows far more than he about this lifestyle. He is mesmerized by her and does far more than he would have believed to please her. Additional chapters to follow very quickly.) Comment: * [200]A One Night Stand: by [201]counterparts199 (Synopsis: ) Comment: * [202]A Week Away: by [203]carnaj (Synopsis: A game gone wrong! Billy loved to be tied up, and his sister Christy soon learned that she loved to do the tying. When their mother goes away for a week however things get out of hand as Christy kicks up the game to new levels. Bondage and Foot Fetish run rampant as Billy is held captive by his sister, friends and neighbors for a week of torture that will not end.) Comment: * [204]Service With a Smile: by [205]Ladyvet (Synopsis: A submissive husband discovers that providing stud service to an assortment of women as his Mistress requires him to do it is not nearly as pleasurable as it could be.) Comment: * [206]Roll of the Dice: by [207]Ladyvet (Synopsis: A submissive husband finds himself sexually stymied by his dominant wife's unusual present and the rules she devises to keep him aroused and unsatisfied.) Comment: * [208]Goddess: First Contact: by [209]OblongMilk (Synopsis: A man finally meets his ultimate Goddess. Although it will be the time of his life, he might not be able to walk properly afterwards.) Comment: * [210]FutureDomme: by [211]counterparts199 (Synopsis: A femdom vacation gets caught up in law changes and contractual fine print. In a much changed society, even more is in store for our hero(in).) Comment: * [212]My Place in Life: by [213]Millie (Synopsis: A submissive male tells his story.) Comment: * [214]The slave: by [215]yoyo123 (Synopsis: Many enemas F/m cock and ball torture) Comment: * [216]Natalie: by [217]Koppite727 (Synopsis: a girl i knew in college, or wish i had known...) Comment: * [218]Wishes: by [219]UBisSub (Synopsis: A man wishes for his wife to make him her slave, he get way more than he wants. As the saying goes Be careful what you wish for!!!) Comment: * [220]Bound And Chained, New Beginning: by [221]Veronica Leigh Marquette (Synopsis: This is the sequel of author's Bound and Chained. It's still a romantic story with SM scenes, but has new excitement.) Comment: * [222]The Club: by [223]subrob (Synopsis: This story is dedicated to Mistress Affina Joseph Entrapped by a neighbor. Robert is required by his wife Robin to visit a disciplinarian for punishment. Later he is introduced to The Club in which all the wives spank all the husbands for their misdeeds at a once-a-month meeting.) Comment: * [224]Far From Home: by [225]Aaron Oliver (Synopsis: A businessman finally takes a chance, far from his home city -- and finds exactly what he'd dreamed.) Comment: * [226]Finally Free: by [227]David (Synopsis: A husband and wife long toying with the idea of a true D/s relationship finally get there after a weekend of hell for him.) Comment: * [228]One hot summer: by [229]slave-mike (Synopsis: Older woman seduces and enslaves much younger man.) Comment: * [230]Blackmailed For Wife's Crimes: by [231]SEVERUSMAX (Synopsis: A Dutch psychologist is blackmailed by his wife's boss, an Englishwoman, into being her sex slave and the office stud. Her leverage is his wife's embezzlement from the firm) Comment: * [232]My Submissive Life: by [233]Doug Young (Synopsis: About a submissive who finds a dominant woman with other dominant friends who agree to use him and abuse him for their pleasure. He is used by each dominant individually and trained to feel their needs. As time goes on he is increasingly exposed to things that he had not wanted or intended, but continues to submit for fear of losing it all. He becomes totally submissive and dependent upon these women and even their spouses.) Comment: * [234]Tara's Revenge: by [235]bound_bob (Synopsis: Woman kidnapps a man and makes him pay for what he did to her friend (A BDSM love story).) Comment: * [236]The Big Cat Club: by [237]splatter_GB (Synopsis: The journey into life long submission, started on a whim, with a very painful training process.) Comment: * [238]The Scholarship Student: by [239]James Lacy (Synopsis: Due to the lack of family support for his college education, the young student was seduced into the trap that his mistresses carefully planned. He was so willing to jump in to it.) Comment: * [240]Cassie's Secret: by [241]Jim Hale (Synopsis: Cassie is a beautiful young lady who has been used by men. Now she is the user.) Comment: * [242]First Time for Everything: by [243]Lady`Sapphire (Synopsis: tim\'s first \"real life\" experience with submission, alone in a cabin in the woods with lovely and enigmatic Ellen.. All the usual disclaimers about adult content and don\'t read if you\'re underage where you live apply) Comment: * [244]The Seduction of Bill: by [245]Dianna Vesta (Synopsis: A shy young man is seduced by an older dominant woman who lures him into foot worship and to service her strap-on dildo.) Comment: * [246]Geek Girl: by [247]Some Writer (Synopsis: The journal of a girl's teenage sexual development, as she discovers sex, boys, bondage and domination.) Comment: * [248]Forty: by [249]Some Writer (Synopsis: A short story about a recent divorcee who picks up a guy at a party and takes charge.) Comment: * [250]Woman In The Dark: by [251]Some Writer (Synopsis: A man pleasures his mistress, not being able to see her in the dark.) Comment: * [252]Jonah: by [253]Yonho (Synopsis: Young man unfairly sold into slavery by a "friend".) Comment: * [254]Second Thoughts: by [255]J Battier (Synopsis: A chance encounter with a married couple on an online alternative dating service leads to a weekend fantasy experiment that may prove to be a lot more real than Mike had ever intended. ) Comment: * [256]When The Tables Turn: by [257]sweetcandyapple (Synopsis: She thought he was the love of her life until she realized that she wasn't alone in those thoughts. It was time that he learned a lesson, the hard way.) Comment: * [258]The Line Between: by [259]Jeremy Binder (Synopsis: Jeremy finds that nothing is more excruciatingly erotic and exciting that to find oneself naked and bound in the hands of a lover who patiently, devilishly and repeatedly takes him to the edge of blissful denial.) Comment: * [260]Heaven and Hell: by [261]Jeremy Binder (Synopsis: She teased me with her delicate and talented fingers, stroking my cock, bringing me closer and closer to the edge of climax. My body arched and strained in my bonds. My cock head felt so taut that I wondered if the purplish skin might tear. Again and again, she wrapped her oil-slick fingers around my head and twisted. She was going to make me cum. I had little doubt that anything could prevent that as this point. Then, she stopped. She put a warm finger to my lips and whispered, Shhh, I know this is difficult for you. Its supposed to be...\") Comment: * [262]Bunny Rabbit: by [263]DJD (Synopsis: The story has a lot of humiliation, heavy bondage, kidnapping undertones. It\'s about a young man coming out of his shell and getting more than he thought he bargined for.) Comment: * [264]Timothy: by [265]Jane Marwood (Synopsis: Timothy's mother is ill and nineteen year old Hazel is sent to look after him. After a humiliating school medical Hazel is in charge of supervising the boy to his total chagrin.) Comment: * [266]The Beautiful Twins: by [267]Some Writer (Synopsis: A young man gets drawn into the strange world of a mysterious beautiful pair of twins) Comment: * [268]Video Training: by [269]M.M. (Synopsis: A guy meets a policewoman of his dreams. She uses and abuses him as much as she cares, too.) Comment: * [270]Lethal Loving: by [271]M.M. (Synopsis: Guy meets a girl from his past, falls for her, she's sadistic and dangerous, even for his life, ...) Comment: * [272]Complete Surrender: by [273]Doug Young (Synopsis: A man is controlled by his Mistress and trained to do her bidding.) Comment: * [274]Becky's Slave: by [275]Doug Young (Synopsis: A man's wife turns him into a submissive sex slave and uses him for her pleasure. She also loans him out to friends. He is punished, denied, and forced to perform all kinds of disgusting acts.) Comment: * [276]Shame On You, Mr. Hyde: by [277]Dr. Phil (Synopsis: It'a amazing how easy it is to enslave a young man, once you understand how all the parts work! Girls, don't try this at home. A tale of humiliation in 14 parts.) Comment: * [278]Karin's Thimble: by [279]justin benedict (Synopsis: teasing and denial and power exchange story... very gradually, she pulls him in!) Comment: * [280]After the Garden Party: by [281]justin benedict (Synopsis: nice teasing and denial story...) Comment: * [282]Julie's Triumph: by [283]justin benedict (Synopsis: Can Julie, a tease/denial Mistress, turn her macho military officer boyfriend into a chastity slave?) Comment: * [284]Jeremy's Women: by [285]justin benedict (Synopsis: Jeremy and his dominant wife Heather are visited by Simone, his longtime dominatrix, and Sheila, who is learning to dominate her husband! Jeremy is amazed when Sheila falls in love with him, or is it just an illusion?) Comment: * [286]Military Wife: by [287]justin benedict (Synopsis: Mistress Dee begins whipping Norbert to get him promoted up the Army ladder, from lieutenant to General!) Comment: * [288]The Complete Stories of Ted and Celeste: by [289]justin benedict (Synopsis: All my old stories of Ted and Celeste, with a new one at the end, "Celeste's Picnic!" (the individual stories were removed)) Comment: * [290]Ask Medusa: by [291]justin benedict (Synopsis: advice column from a domme who cares!) Comment: * [292]Abu Ghabir: by [293]Harry Berg (Synopsis: Inspired by recent events, a satire of Iraqi prison life where the interrogators are a group of homicidal lesbians who love their job. This is a very over the top story.) Comment: * [294]A Month in the Highlands: by [295]Lex Ludite (Synopsis: A male sub is given to a cruel and uncaring mistress for one month as the result of a bet. This is his story told in a matter of fact manner that is in stark contrast to the horrors he endures, or does he? This is not for the macho types or those with little stomach for a world that most refuse to acknowledge.) Comment: * [296]Herrin: by [297]M.M. (Synopsis: Long term enslavement...real hardcore femdom.) Comment: * [298]Paramount Rule - The Gaol: by [299]Tanya Simmonds (Synopsis: Spinning off from a sub-plot in \"The Paramount Rule - part 2\" this is a tale of extreme femdom cruelty in a Turkish prison where the prisoners are denied any form of sexual outlet and the governess is the most sadistic woman imaginable.) Comment: * [300]The Paramount Rule: by [301]Tanya Simmonds (Synopsis: A school for boys in the puritanical 1950\'s where masturbation is strictly forbidden and severely punished by the headmistress and her staff and forced cunnilingus usually follows punishment.) Comment: * [302]The Perishable Heart: by [303]damselsthrall (Synopsis: Who was this young dominant beauty who stole my heart in aisle nine? My heart pines for her. My cock throbs for her. Does either organ stand a chance?) Comment: * [304]The Step Sister: by [305]Tommyevil (Synopsis: Find out what happens when a young man meets his amazon stepsister for the first time.) Comment: * [306]It Always Starts The Same Way: by [307]Dark Crusader (Synopsis: A mans dreams get out of control.) Comment: * [308]Male Breaking 101: by [309]TJ Ryder (Synopsis: A dominatrix nurse explains her favorite way to reduce a male safely.) Comment: * [310]Paula the Equestrian: by [311]Teemu (Synopsis: A girl totally enslaves an older man with her teenage friends. He is trained to be a breeding pony in the hands of his beautiful, young tormentors.) Comment: * [312]Two Of A Kind: by [313]M.M. (Synopsis: See what happens when two people reveal that they are born for each other...one ot serve, other to be served.) Comment: * [314]Doctor's Advice: by [315]M.M. (Synopsis: A wife inquires with her best friend, the doctor, how to treat her subby hubby.) Comment: * [316]The Taking: by [317]TSavik (Synopsis: Newly divorced woman used witchcraft to seduce and enslave the boy next door.) Comment: * [318]English Wife: by [319]Citizen X (Synopsis: Newly-blossomed sadist Marisa deals her philandering husband a long overdue lesson in obedience.) Comment: * [320]The Ventrioquist: by [321]justin benedict (Synopsis: I coded this as f/m and m/m, but there is no actual biological female in the story. It is about a ventriloquist who is dominated by his dummy!) Comment: * [322]Pain of the Goblin!: by [323]justin benedict (Synopsis: He\'s called the Goblin, but he\'s just a pitiful slaveboy...) Comment: * [324]Slave to the office hottie: by [325]misterjim (Synopsis: she was the sexiest girl in the office. On our out of town trip I learnt she liked to play games of chance. Sometimes I would win and she would be my slave; other times I lost and the I was hers. Then her friends got involved and I was in trouble!) Comment: * [326]Eudora\'s Awakening: by [327]The Siren (Synopsis: Marjorie teaches Eudora the best way to tease and control a man!) Comment: * [328]Under Her Desk: by [329]Brian Solomons (Synopsis: A man gets a new job. His boss is a sexy woman and she puts him to good use under her desk.) Comment: * [330]Natasha: by [331]Will Adams (Synopsis: A 13-year-old girl begins her journey of domination as a Queen Scat provider.) Comment: * [332]The Perfect Job: by [333]Sam Dan (Synopsis: A college graduate lands the perfect job, with the perfect boss: A woman who takes him deep into wretched submission. The dream job of every submissive! This story is in three parts.) Comment: * [334]Boot Worshipper: by [335]AFBV (Synopsis: A man is inducted into the world of female domination. His experience of one day at the hands of a Mistress removes all doubt in his mind about his own sense of worth. he gives himself utterly to her, and she takes him completely.) Comment: * [336]Nanny 911: by [337]eagerminion (Synopsis: Nanny uses blackmail and domination to keep boy in his place.) Comment: * [338]Bound And Chained: by [339]Veronica Leigh Marquette (Synopsis: Bound and Chained involves a sci-fi setting, female domination and some serious SM action, but still romantic.) Comment: * [340]The Weekend: by [341]Sardonicus (Synopsis: A young attorney stumbles across his boss' daughter and some friends playing S&M games in the woods. He is caught watching them and blackmailed into submitting to thier torments. He soon finds he can't resist the games played by the lovely Maggie Whistler.) Comment: * [342]Nails: by [343]Carmenica Diaz (Synopsis: A husband discovers his wife has learned some new skills. A complete short story from the Queen of FemDom.) Comment: * [344]Sisters' Wimp: by [345]rolf palsy (Synopsis: Too much of a good thing sends a newly wed husband down the slippery slope leading to his transmission into part pussy slave and all wimp) Comment: * [346]The Garden: by [347]Andreabeth Pratt (Synopsis: Setting is a fictional play of sugmissives and Dominates and Dommes.) Comment: * [348]Title: obeying the law: by [349]tim (Synopsis: about a man,getting mad at the wrong person) Comment: * [350]Police Brutality: by [351]Dr Smut (Synopsis: A man, after work, stops for a needed pee and gets stopped by a policewoman. Trading servitude for jail, he gets what he deserves.) Comment: * [352]Matties Rag: by [353]Dave (Synopsis: Mattie vs the Alien. Another fun tale - the misspellings are intentional.) Comment: * [354]Biker Bitch: by [355]needledick (Synopsis: This story is my first attempt in writing a story for this site) Comment: * [356]Whore To An Amazon: by [357]Cambridge (Synopsis: He aids the beautiful Amazon Otrere and is taken by her.) Comment: * [358]Jimmy and Rebecca: by [359]T Bone Steak (Synopsis: Jimmy and Rebecca are a couple who are into sm. They explore it. The story is fictional, it didn't happen for real.) Comment: * [360]Personal Assistant: by [361]Carmenica Diaz (Synopsis: Brenda is the Personal Assistant to the Director of Marketing at Mentone Industries, a chauvinistic corporation that believes men are meant to be managers and women are to be treated like children. (Note: This is an excerpt, the first chapter of the author's published E-novel.)) Comment: * [362]Strangled for Her: by [363]Casanova X (Synopsis: ) Comment: * [364]Merry Birthday to You: by [365]Dr Charles Forbin (Synopsis: ) Comment: * [366]Owner\'s Demise: by [367]Wolffie (Synopsis: Hotel maids teach The Owner a lesson and give him a treatment he secretly craves.) Comment: * [368]Tempestuous Telemarketer: by [369]justin benedict (Synopsis: It\'s hard enough selling by telephone, and worse when you have a woman and her whip hanging over your head!) Comment: * [370]Sex Ed 101: by [371]Lizard King (Synopsis: A captured downed pilot fears his luck has run out as he faces an upcoming interrogation.) Comment: * [372]An unsual Indian saga: by [373]Masala (Synopsis: A dominating Indian male discovers that he\'s actually submissive. The story depicts the turns of events in his life and how his mother and sister are eventually dragged into it.) Comment: * [374]Husband's Punishment: by [375]Michael Ginsburg (Synopsis: Misbehaved husband was punished by his dominant wife and friends, and his other adventures. Here are his punishment reports.) Comment: * [376]Wild Idea: by [377]Prometheus (Synopsis: A man shows up for a quick bondage video shoot, only to get tricked into much, much longer experience.) Comment: * [378]Suberic Submits To His Girlfriend And Her Friends: by [379]slave eric (Synopsis: suberic is forced to submit to his girlfriend and two of her bisexual friends. They embarrass and humiliate him, much to his surprise!) Comment: * [380]Skinned: by [381]Dave (Synopsis: Two pre-med students use one of their classmates to improve their GPA. Bloody experiments here.) Comment: * [382]Trusting Stephanie: by [383]Willie (Synopsis: Stephanie asks Willie if he trust her. Which is a more loaded question then he was expecting. This is my first attempt at a story. Please feel free to comment and give suggestions) Comment: * [384]Rubber Amazon Slave Traders: by [385]Master Rhetoric (Synopsis: A spaceman answers a distress signal and all too quickly finds himself the victim of two sadistic sex hungry sluts from outer space.) Comment: * [386]Japanese Dom: by [387]BDSM Bill (Synopsis: WARNING!!! If you are in Japan, don't visit a pro dom unless you want to be really TORTURED.) Comment: * [388]Mary Had A Little Lamb: by [389]Severin Rossetti (Synopsis: Complete with ball gag, harness and collar, Mary's pet is as meek as a lamb in this reworking of an old English nursery rhyme.) Comment: * [390]Five Nights with Madame Pearl: by [391]Prometheus (Synopsis: A continuation of House of the Rising Sun. Sun leaves for a week leaving Madame Pearl in charge for five nights.) Comment: * [392]Step Daddy Slave: by [393]mark. (Synopsis: ) Comment: * [394]At His Young Aunt's Mercy: by [395]j.o.writer (Synopsis: In order to get a new car, he had to show his parents that he's a good boy by obeying every order of his aunt.) Comment: * [396]A Bondage Correspondence: by [397]Desmios (Synopsis: A fictional exchange of letters between two people; the theme is pretty obvious from the first paragraph, so I'll just let you read for yourself.) Comment: * [398]The Pet: by [399]Moonbeam (Synopsis: A wealthy former model turned legal tycoon has a house of horrors in the Hamptons attended by her staff of beautiful maids and one male torture pet.) Comment: * [400]Surrender: by [401]splatter_GB (Synopsis: A Fantasy of a male commander taken and turned to slave, over the course of time.) Comment: * [402]Joe's Date: by [403]DungeonMaster (Synopsis: An attorney is so enamored by a voluptuous vixen and is lured by her into a date, which results in him being turned into a sex-slave by her and her two friends.) Comment: * [404]Conspiracy to Emasculate: by [405]Marion (Synopsis: Frustrated wife and her lesbian lover, a urologist and surgeon conspire to physically emasculate the husband. As a result he is no longer able to have an erection, nor can he ejaculate even though he still is filled with desire and lust.) Comment: * [406]A Suitable Punishment: by [407]Carmenica Diaz (Synopsis: A story I wrote between novels. Please don't expect too much from this tale - it has all the usual ingredients - an errant husband, a woman scorned who morphs into vengeful wife and, of course, a suitable punishment.) Comment: * [408]Military Misses Victory: by [409]neverman (Synopsis: A man loses a bet to a female platoon.) Comment: * [410]The Ebony Princess: by [411]Jorgan (Synopsis: A Princess and her friend find a new way to have fun with their pet lioness.) Comment: * [412]Hanging for Jenny: by [413]Casanova X (Synopsis: ) Comment: * [414]The Sacrifice: by [415]Marion (Synopsis: Male submissive finds himself the sacrifical victim to an organization of women who are avowed men haters and who take pleasure in torturing and ultimately putting men to death.) Comment: * [416]Michael: by [417]Pandora (Synopsis: If you have enjoyed reading "Engaged and Committed", feast your eyes on this: time to put a guy in torture and rape for a change.) Comment: * [418]Jason's Vacation: by [419]Tyjord (Synopsis: Young man falls victim to an s/m conspiracy plotted by two beautiful, sadistic women.) Comment: * [420]The Call: by [421]Slydreamer (Synopsis: A male submissive story with a slight twist. Not really a surprise, but a twist. It addresses the fantasy question.) Comment: * [422]CFNM Introduction: by [423]CFNM Lover (Synopsis: A young woman is introduced to CFNM by her friends) Comment: * [424]Weekend Servitude: by [425]Festen (Synopsis: A man is "kidnapped" by a dominant couple he knows and serves as their sex slave for a weekend.) Comment: * [426]how i became Her property: by [427]I. K. (Synopsis: the full story of how I willingly surrendered myself into slavery at Her hands) Comment: * [428]Mistress Z: by [429]Doug Young (Synopsis: Submissive finally finds a Mistress to use him. Unfortunately he must submit to things he had not considered.) Comment: * [430]Sweet Revenge: by [431]Sardonicus (Synopsis: Two women are hired to teach a man a lesson. He is mistreated badly for several days, then abandoned in a school yard for the police.) Comment: * [432]Yes Maam, whatever you say: by [433]Mr Access (Synopsis: The story of an office worker becoming his work colleagues slave and how they both explore the world of slavery and discover the sexual side of pain, control and humiliation.) Comment: * [434]Shanghai Shanghai: by [435]OblongMilk (Synopsis: While visiting Shanghai on business, a man stares at a beautiful woman in the street. He pays the price for rudeness; does he ever pay.) Comment: * [436]The Chariot Race: by [437]Tom Snel (Synopsis: A young man has a chance to win the woman of his dreams. Though it will be very challenging for him. In the end the right woman comes along instead.) Comment: * [438]The Game: by [439]Devotional (Synopsis: Male agrees to a varation of strip poker. Needless to say, he loses and is expected to "pay up".) Comment: * [440]John\'s Entrapment: by [441]Ann Bech (Synopsis: John wins the lottery, but finds it to be short lived when Amber is the one that really wins.) Comment: * [442]A Working Day: by [443]Abe Froman (Synopsis: A day at the office for a power broker with a unique relationship with his secretary.) Comment: * [444]Improving Our Marriage: by [445]Dan Butler (Synopsis: The main character falls in love with, marries, and becomes the slave to a beautiful woman. She and her friends abuse him and deprive him of sexual stimulation by using a chastity belt. Ultimately, he is locked in it for life.) Comment: * [446]Human Resources: by [447]Cindy V (Synopsis: A late-night worker stumbles across the secret activites of the human resources department, and is dragged into it.) Comment: * [448]Toilet: by [449]slavenick (Synopsis: A male turns himself over to his Mistress . . . little does he know that She is going to turn him into a toilet.) Comment: * [450]My name is Mat: by [451]Koppite727 (Synopsis: A foot fetish gets out of control. Thank goodness Mat has found the Clinic. These women will surely cure him.) Comment: * [452]Slave K: by [453]T Bone Steak (Synopsis: A slave has been kidnapped and forced to serve mistresses) Comment: * [454]Why Not: by [455]M.M. (Synopsis: A nice wife goes bad! She gets sadistic, he has no balls to leave...) Comment: * [456]Christopher's Predicament: by [457]Tyjord (Synopsis: Young man suffers as the subject of his sister's nursing school project. Not for the Squeamish!) Comment: * [458]Card Sharp: by [459]Some Writer (Synopsis: A girl agrees to set up a game of strip cards between her ex-boyfriend and the girl he fancies. But the cards are fixed...) Comment: * [460]From Stud To Slave In A Weekend: by [461]UBisSub (Synopsis: From stud to slave in a weekend. Title says it all.) Comment: * [462]What Are Friends For: by [463]Blueknight (Synopsis: Scott, part of a group of 20 something friends, is roped into being the slave for 3 females of the group, and their trip to the cities BDSM nightclub.) Comment: * [464]Lir's Lust: by [465]sarijak (Synopsis: He broke into the abandoned building for his girlfriend, never suspecting it was the hidden temple to a cult who worshipped Lir, Goddess of rape and torture. Now he is their newest victim and his girlfriend their newest member - if she survives the initiation.) Comment: * [466]The Envelope: by [467]Iam Dumbshit (Synopsis: Male sub finds himself at the mercy of another female sub that he took advantage to while his Mistress is out of town.) Comment: * [468]The Old College Try: by [469]Alias (Synopsis: Tristan gets more than he bargained for trying to make up for a bungled date...) Comment: * [470]Las Hembras: by [471]DrDan (Synopsis: A young parole officer is captured and enslaved by an all-female street gang.) Comment: * [472]Domestic Discipline in the Burbs: by [473]RJ Mclink (Synopsis: Stately custom homes surrounded by well manicured lawns depict an image of normalcy and respectability in a contemporary suburbia. But inside some of these homes dwell individuals, who practice ritualized domestic discipline and sadomasochism, where the wife of the household, maintains complete control over her subservient husband. It is the role of the wife/mistress to rule supreme and to train her husband to become a humble servant obeying her every command and focusing exclusively on her needs.) Comment: * [474]Diaries of Ay'esha - Ain't S/he Sweet: by [475]Dr Charles Forbin (Synopsis: While Mistress Minx is on vacation, her slave Michael is turned over to another Mistress ... to be trained as Michelle, a TV whore.) Comment: * [476]The Sentence: by [477]Darklaw (Synopsis: Captain Raymond and the Lady Josephine are sentenced to death and tortured in the most brutal ways possible. Skip this one if you don't like gang rape, crucifixion, impalement, denial as torture (if you have to ask you have neve been married) the pear, testicle crushing, breast ripping, and other great tortures described in excruciating and historically accurate detail.) Comment: * [478]Diaries of Ay'esha - The Lost Lamb: by [479]Dr Charles Forbin (Synopsis: The second segment in a continuing series about a man brought by force into the service of a beautiful woman and how his love grew for her and her sisters in Dominance, the Daughters of Ay'esha.) Comment: * [480]The Secret Lives Of Some Women: by [481]CFNM Lover (Synopsis: A young woman gets introduced to the CFNM ways of her friends and their husbands) Comment: * [482]My Boss, My Slave: by [483]Desmios (Synopsis: A secretary "persuades" her boss to submit to being her part-time slave. (Written from the point of view of the secretary, although the author identifies more with the slave!)) Comment: * [484]Halloween Submission: by [485]tatt2dmedic (Synopsis: A submissive recounts his mistress's halloween costume and the events that ensue.) Comment: * [486]The Artifact: by [487]Aceith (Synopsis: An apparently alien object is found buried at an abandoned mine site. Experience reveals that the object is the 'stuff that dreams are made of', and can deliver one to any fantasy senerio, merely by command.) Comment: * [488]Adventures in Medical: by [489]Quicksilver-Iota (Synopsis: Story about female medical practitioners taking advantage of male. He was humilated and used by nurses and female doctors during various medical examination.) Comment: * [490]The Neighborhood Girls: by [491]chuck (Synopsis: With what starts as a kids' basketball game, neighborhood friends find the joys of femdom BDSM.) Comment: * [492]At The Bottom Of The Bag: by [493]Lisa Jones (Synopsis: A wife finds a BDSM magazine at the bottom of her husbands overnight bag after a business trip. What should she do about it?) Comment: * [494]Appointment In Seattle: by [495]windsor_rook (Synopsis: A married submissive accompanies his dominant wife on a visit to another Mistress that will test his limits and realize his fantasies.) Comment: * [496]Lisa and robert: by [497]subrob (Synopsis: Lisa, robert's mistress, takes him on a series of adventures in submission.) Comment: * [498]How I became a servant of Ay'esha: by [499]Dr Charles Forbin (Synopsis: The first segment in a continuing series about a man brought by force into the service of a beautiful woman and how his love grew for her and her sisters in Dominance, the Daughters of Ay'esha.) Comment: * [500]It All Began as a Dream: by [501]Jim Hale (Synopsis: As with all my stories, no part of this story is true. None of the characters are true. I know no one like any of these characters. This is a F/m, FF/m story. Sometime the scenes may not appeal to all readers. This is your only warning. Leroy Brown had fantasies about a teen girl he knew in the neighborhood. His fantasies were somewhat perverse. One night while on a sexual high he sent her an email.She got older with the passing years, and his email did not seem as perverse to her as it did the first time. Would Leroy ever regret the emails, his fantasies or his meeting her again? ) Comment: * [502]Ten Days in Another Town: by [503]Nessus (Synopsis: The guy was captured by policewomen and in prison for 10 days, completely under the control of these gals. He for sure had learned how to please his mistresses and obey their orders.) Comment: * [504]Amanda, the pig catcher: by [505]The Duchess of Hell (Synopsis: Amanda and her friend Christina catch Justin and turn him into a pig in the most brutal manner imaginable. And that\'s just the beginning...) Comment: * [506]The Mansion: by [507]Lady Blade (Synopsis: A Slave Training Center where family traditions don't come without a price.) Comment: * [508]Dog Tags: by [509]carnaj (Synopsis: A young man receives a very special gift from his girlfriend on his 21st Birthday. That gift starts his life in a downward spiral leading him into a world of humiliation and degradation at the hands of strangers, co-workers and friends! What can poor Jim do as he is used and abused, all to the delight of his girlfriend Beth. What can he do to regain control of his life before he falls too far- or can he?) Comment: * [510]Manx: by [511]Kanashin (Synopsis: David's father left him 150 million dollars but he has to be a good boy to his young stepmother. And she made him obey her every order.) Comment: * [512]Naturally Demanding: by [513]Jim Hale (Synopsis: Naturally Demanding is a story about a male high school senior who has fantasized for many years about being a slave for some girl. He meets a high school girl who specializes in making his fantasy come true. Her whole family, dad, mom and twin daughters live the very real life style which John believes he seeks. In a very short time this, "Goddess", and her family take John, from being a, "normal" young man to a very used slave. But is their use torture to him, or does he revile in it?) Comment: * [514]The Interrogation: by [515]Wistan (Synopsis: A female Israeli interrogates a Lebanese boy. She's a professional torturer who uses a mix of sex and violence to get results. This story is based on current events in the middle east; I've tried to make it as authentic as I can, basing it in up to the minute events. More parts may follow depending on feedback, and how the current conflict pans out.) Comment: * [516]Pussy Whipped Wimp: by [517]rolf palsy (Synopsis: The humiliating misadventures of the perfect catch ever to have the misfortune to fall into the clutches of an avaricious woman and her mother. If it's bad and could possibly happen, it does to this pussy whipped wimp.) Comment: * [518]The Prisoner: by [519]Will Cane (Synopsis: A businessman is found guilty under a new law of harassing his female emplyees. As an experiment he is sentenced to a period in a Female Correctional facility. The staff are uniformed females of various ranks. The aim is to teach the inmates total obedience to females in authority. The methods by the staff include parades, rigorous inspections, corporal punishment and humiliating training.) Comment: * [520]The Stepford Husbands: by [521]Jane Marwood (Synopsis: A young boy is sent to anew school where he is at the mercy of the female pupils, eventually to become a Stepford Husband.) Comment: * [522]Peter at Sea: by [523]Jane Marwood (Synopsis: Peter was looking for a job to pay his tuition. He was recruited as the cabin boy without realizing that he's the only male on the vessel. He was soon under the mercy of the captain and her female crew members.) Comment: * [524]Slavery Conscription Story: by [525]Phemral (Synopsis: In a not too distant future in England. Fed up with the attitudes of young men. The English government forms a mandatory conscription service for all young men for a period of two years. After a period of training the young men are sent off to various duty's. The time can be very harsh or just hard, never easy though. Will this catch on?) Comment: * [526]Mistress of the Game: by [527]Alex Bragi (Synopsis: To others he may have been a very influential man to be shown respect at all times, but to her he was nothing more than a whimpering little whore she controlled - a toy for her pleasure and amusement. The story of Wendell, his sex life, and the women who control it.) Comment: * [528]A Lesson in Cock Control: by [529]Chris2 (Synopsis: A sadistic black dominatrix punishes a slave for his lack of cock control.) Comment: * [530]Celeste's Chuckles: by [531]justin benedict (Synopsis: Celeste puts Ted through it again...what he'll do for his monthly orgasm...damn that chastity belt!) Comment: * [532]Countdown: by [533]Slydreamer (Synopsis: A Mistress shows off a technological nightmare to her submissive and teaches an object lesson with far reaching consequences. a slight sci fi device, but otherwise a very plausable story.) Comment: * [534]Celeste's Great Adventure: by [535]justin benedict (Synopsis: yet another tale in the saga of Ted and Celeste...She teases and torments him...what will Ted do THIS time for his monthly orgasm?) Comment: * [536]Dreams Revealed: by [537]Gregory Alan (Synopsis: The story of a man's submission, day to night.) Comment: * [538]Birthday Boy: by [539]Carmenica Diaz (Synopsis: (Book excerpt from author's published eBook) Ross requested that his wife be a little broadminded and become a little dominant in their sex play. Debra tries and Ross accepts what he thinks is her na?ve attempt until Debra devises a unique birthday gift. Happy birthday Ross, happy birthday - birthday boy! ) Comment: * [540]The Unauthorized Orgasm: by [541]slave barry (Synopsis: Male live in slave is busted jerking off and pays the dear consequences for it. Paddling, caning, long term bondage, chastity.) Comment: * [542]The Trap: by [543]Bad Bob (Synopsis: When the sexual advances of a young female university lecturer are turned down by one of her male students, she decides to lay a trap and imprison him. Once she has him, she emasculates and humiliates him before reducing him to being her mere sexual play thing.) Comment: * [544]Lunch: by [545]chuck (Synopsis: Mistress invites a couple of her girl friends over for lunch to show off her new pet.) Comment: * [546]Slave to Hooters Waitresses: by [547]misterjim (Synopsis: Dave got more than he expected when he responded to a mystery e mail from a hooters restaurant waitress offering him sex. He soon found himslf IN BONDAGE forced to serve the mystery girl and her girl friend as they worked to train him into being a perfect sex slave.) Comment: * [548]The Maya Twins: by [549]Carmenica Diaz (Synopsis: Once upon a time, there were the Maya twins. Hannah and Savannah Maya were identical, breathtakingly beautiful and with definition of morality that was unique. Very, very rich and constantly bored, they were amused when Hannah's new husband, Jonathan, declared his undying love with the purchase of the state of the art chastity belt, the Dickson Device. (Note: This is an excerpt from the author's recently published e-novel.)) Comment: * [550]Woman On Top: by [551]ElectricGeisha (Synopsis: Sometimes, a woman just needs to take what she wants.) Comment: * [552]Anything For Love: by [553]Factory boy (Synopsis: A young and naive expat working in Asia will do anything for his beautiful girlfriend, or will he?) Comment: * [554]A Visit To Holland: by [555]bound_bob (Synopsis: The man who goes to Holland to visit on-line friend gets kidnapped.) Comment: A man goes to Holland to visit an on-line friend, and suddenly finds himself kidnapped. * [556]Hand Job Mistress: by [557]James Lakes (Synopsis: ) Comment: * [558]Executive Flesh: by [559]Lady Wolfdreams (Synopsis: An unsuspecting male is kidnapped, tortured by a sadistic Mistress, and then sold into slavery.) Comment: * [560]County Trunk: by [561]Felix (Synopsis: He enjoyed the scene along the county road without noticing that he was in a village of female domination.) Comment: * [562]Cary's Frustration: by [563]justin benedict (Synopsis: marvelous tease/denial, cbt story of a unique marriage.) Comment: * [564]Beast Within: by [565]Dave (Synopsis: She grew up in the mountains. She is wild, dangerous, and she will lead to female domination of the society.) Comment: * [566]Window Shopping: by [567]Abe Froman (Synopsis: I had planned just a quiet day in the City, but lost in her eyes, I ended up much more purchase than shopper.) Comment: * [568]Young Girls Should Not be Taught Physics: by [569]annexintoronto (Synopsis: A young man reluctantly agrees to teach physics at an all girl school. Over the course of the school year he learns that girls and physics do not mix.) Comment: * [570]You Never Know: by [571]lipsticked (Synopsis: Steven becomes the property of his dominant neighbor and her mother. He discovers the reality of his situation only after it is too late.) Comment: * [572]Working in a Womens Prison: by [573]neverman (Synopsis: A man gets a job in a female prison and suffers as the inmates blackmail and abuse him.) Comment: * [574]Useful Humilation: by [575]Carmenica Diaz (Synopsis: Tammy is suprised when her friend Rose tells her she has her philandering husband under lock and key. She is even more suprised when Rose tells her she is going away with her boyfriend and wants Tammy to look after the key while she's gone.) Comment: * [576]Toys in the Attic: by [577]Carmenica Diaz (Synopsis: Tim and Diana, newlyweds, move into their new house and Tim finds a box of bondage toys in the attic. Who put them there? Why does Diana enjoy using them on Tim? Why does Tim find control slipping away? (By the author of Kryztal and Useful Humilation)) Comment: * [578]The Stud: by [579]steven352 (Synopsis: A high school senior visits a university he is thinking of attending and is kidnapped.) Comment: * [580]The Salesman: by [581]Dave (Synopsis: Three mature ladies encounter a young salesman.) Comment: * [582]The Longest Night: by [583]Chris (Synopsis: An arrogant male finds himself in the dungeon of three extremely creative dommes.) Comment: * [584]The Librarian: by [585]ProjectEuropa (Synopsis: The story unfolds to reveal a quiet frustrated librarian has a secret life with dire consequences for the man who thinks he has picked up just another easy lay.) Comment: * [586]The Letter: by [587]Dr. Phil (Synopsis: A young professional man writes a letter to a powerful older woman and makes the mistake of his life. Humiliation. Four Parts.) Comment: * [588]The Joy Of Being A Holiday Camp Entertainer: by [589]Gracko (Synopsis: A man desparate for a job signs a contract without reading it - hte fool. He becomes the plaything for sadistic female holiday-makers out to have fun at his expense!) Comment: * [590]Shipwreecked: by [591]Raskolnikov (Synopsis: Losing his ship in a storm a captain finds himself shipwrecked in an island ruled by women. Given a choice to either submit for life or die - he submits and finds his freedom.) Comment: * [592]Prison Nurse: by [593]albert (Synopsis: It is about a nurse and a female prison guard which intended to transform a male inmate into a sex slave.) Comment: * [594]My Life In A Cage: by [595]Tweak (Synopsis: A husband begs and begs his wife to take complete control of his life with no chance of getting out of it once it starts. One day she takes him up on the offer and his life is forever changed!) Comment: * [596]Male Concubine: by [597]Unknown (Synopsis: In a future where men were reduced to sex slavery and kept in special detenton area.) Comment: * [598]Jake by Me: by [599]Enos Quill (Synopsis: Jake is upended by two brats.) Comment: * [600]Humiliation Angels: by [601]fireball (Synopsis: A male executive is introduced into a new world of domination and humiliation by his sexy secretary and her three friends.) Comment: * [602]Genesis: by [603]M.M. (Synopsis: See how the future looks for male race...genetically engineered race.) Comment: * [604]Dave and Cindy: by [605]Kanashin (Synopsis: Dave calls his sister Cindy to discuss his obsessions at the request of his analyst Stacy. Things quickly get out of hand as Cindy takes advantage of the situation.) Comment: * [606]Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: by [607]AfroerotiK (Synopsis: The BDSM community comes out in full force to support the displaced Black Dommes of New Orleans. One lucky sub wins the opportunity of a lifetime at the fundraiser) Comment: * [608]Captured and Tortured: by [609]GOPI (Synopsis: He never thought this kind of things could happen to him, until he was kidnapped by these ladies.) Comment: * [610]'A Winter Excursion' Boy: by [611]jan311648 (Synopsis: This tale, meant to be read immediately after reading Ms Howard's account of that same day, describes the same events from Boy's viewpoint - those of her one-time pet, now her draught animal of some four year's experience. ) Comment: This tale, meant to be read immediately after reading Ms Howard's account of that same day, describes the same events from Boy's viewpoint - those of her one-time pet, now her draught animal of some four year's experience. * [612]'A Winter Excursion' Ms Howard: by [613]jan311648 (Synopsis: This story is a sequel to 'The Interview' and is set about 5 years in the future. It describes the events of a day in Winter from the point of view of Ms Howard, Boy's Mistress and owner. Originally enslaved by her as a prospective pet, she has tired of him in that role and put him to other work...) Comment: * [614]The Gift Giver: by [615]Jordan (Synopsis: Male given away as a gift.) Comment: Synopsis: Male given away as a gift. * [616]Texas Death Row Market: by [617]Darkhorse (Synopsis: In the year 2014, state of Texas, was the first state to abolish death penalty. State of Texas would no longer maintain a death row; instead the inmates who committed violent crimes and homicide would be sold to anyone as a slave for the rest of their lives.) Comment: Synopsis: In the year 2014, state of Texas, was the first state to abolish death penalty. State of Texas would no longer maintain a death row; instead the inmates who committed violent crimes and homicide would be sold to anyone as a slave for the rest of * [618]The Birthday Present: by [619]solivagus (Synopsis: Thomas gets more than he bargained for when his wife agrees to dominate him on his 40th birthday.) Comment: Synopsis: Thomas gets more than he bargained for when his wife agrees to dominate him on his 40th birthday. * [620]Turn About: by [621]DungeonMaster (Synopsis: A Mistress reduces a dominant macho-man into her own personal slave-boy.) Comment: Synopsis: A Mistress reduces a dominant macho-man into her own personal slave-boy. * [622]Housebound: by [623]whisky (Synopsis: Mike is surprised at home by a female burglar.) Comment: Synopsis: Mike is surprised at home by a female burglar. * [624]Diana's Plan: by [625]whisky (Synopsis: Tom and Diana both work out at local gym, but anger towards men fuels Diana's unbridled desire to control a man; Tom is the unfortunate innocent.) Comment: Synopsis: Tom and Diana both work out at local gym, but anger towards men fuels Diana's unbridled desire to control a man; Tom is the unfortunate innocent. * [626]The Threesome: by [627]Abe Froman (Synopsis: After sharing his fantasy for a threesome with his girlfriend, the result is a bit of a surprise.) Comment: Synopsis: After sharing his fantasy for a threesome with his girlfriend, the result is a bit of a surprise. * [628]Initiation to Slavery: by [629]slaveofaffina (Synopsis: Slave Training of a virgin male slave by his Cousin sister and arch lady rival in college to slavery) Comment: Synopsis: Slave Training of a virgin male slave by his Cousin sister and arch lady rival in college to slavery * [630]Satisfying Stephanie: by [631]Wistan (Synopsis: The story of Jason and Stephanie, a mismatched husband and wife trying to find a way to live together. Although not their intention, they find themselves gradually sliding into the role of mistress and servant as Mark is gradually cowed, beaten and cuckolded into submission by his wife and her lover.) Comment: Synopsis: The story of Jason and Stephanie, a mismatched husband and wife trying to find a way to live together. Although not their intention, they find themselves gradually sliding into the role of mistress and servant as Mark is gradually cowed, beaten * [632]The unlucky American: by [633]Marshall Wade (Synopsis: ) Comment: Comments: Smuggling a small amount of drugs into a European country lands an American college boy with the mandatory sentence: Five years as a slave. * [634]House of the Rising Sun: by [635]Prometheus (Synopsis: The relationship that forms between a man and the proprietier of a house of domination.) Comment: Synopsis: The relationship that forms between a man and the proprietier of a house of domination. * [636]Diana the Huntress: The Collosseum: by [637]meat_slave_boy (Synopsis: In a modern society where slavery is legal, a young man is tortured and killed in an arena setting.) Comment: Synopsis: In a modern society where slavery is legal, a young man is tortured and killed in an arena setting. * [638]The Letter: by [639]Wistan (Synopsis: An evening in the life of a husband and his dominant wife.) Comment: Synopsis: An evening in the life of a husband and his dominant wife. * [640]House Invasion: by [641]Aaron (Synopsis: A young man comes home after a long day, only to be attacked, used and abused.) Comment: Synopsis: A young man comes home after a long day, only to be attacked, used and abused. * [642]Atonement: by [643]splatter_GB (Synopsis: The story of a male slave's punishments for breaking rules of his Mistress.) Comment: Synopsis: The story of a male slave's punishments for breaking rules of his Mistress. * [644]Jason's Devotion: by [645]beck_and_call (Synopsis: Jason wanted to give his girlfriend an impressive anniversary gift. All she wanted was his total submission to her.) Comment: Synopsis: Jason wanted to give his girlfriend an impressive anniversary gift. All she wanted was his total submission to her. * [646]The Story: by [647]Laleldil (Synopsis: Bob\'s long hidden desire to be dominated is fullfilled much further than he had wanted.) Comment: Synopsis: Bob's long hidden desire to be dominated is fullfilled much further than he had wanted. * [648]Punishment 2015: by [649]Jane Marwood (Synopsis: Punishment for a crime is different in 2015. Punishment of a young man at the hands of beautiful female correction officers.) Comment: Synopsis: Punishment for a crime is different in 2015. Punishment of a young man at the hands of beautiful female correction officers. * [650]Slavery 2020: by [651]Factory boy (Synopsis: 2020: Slavery Conscription, young men serving two years as work slaves, has been operating successfuly in Great Britain since 1997. It's made that country an economic superpower, but at what price? In 21st Century Britain, we hear the story from both sides: the slaves and the women exempted from this horrific experience yet affected all the same.) Comment: Synopsis: 2020: Slavery Conscription, young men serving two years as work slaves, has been operating successfuly in Great Britain since 1997. It's made that country an economic superpower, but at what price? In 21st Century Britain, we hear the story * [652]More Than He Bargained For: by [653]rbbral (Synopsis: A young man travelling in europe visits a prostitute and asks to be tied up and beaten. She however has an arrangement with a local dominatrix who is looking for a permanent live-in slave. The prostitute calls the dominatrix who comes to inspect the young man and consider if he is what she is seeking.....) Comment: Synopsis: A young man travelling in europe visits a prostitute and asks to be tied up and beaten. She however has an arrangement with a local dominatrix who is looking for a permanent live-in slave. The prostitute calls the dominatrix who comes to inspect * [654]Slave to the Empire: by [655]Lord Of Storms (Synopsis: Kieron was a rogue, and about to get caught up in adventure of his life when he accepts a commission from an unscrupulous Noble.) Comment: Synopsis: Kieron was a rogue, and about to get caught up in adventure of his life when he accepts a commission from an unscrupulous Noble. 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