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Welcome to Rewdius' Story Page Disclaimer: This website contains adult erotic fiction! If you are interested in sexual fantasy between mature adults and much younger participants, then sit back, get comfortable, unzip your slacks, or pull up your skirt, and disappear into a world where limits are only imposed by outsiders, and erotic adventures know almost no bounds. Rewdius, et.al. Quick-Links (click or just scroll down for the stories) [1]Standalone Works [2]Multi-Chapter Stories [3]Copyright Notice (c) [4]Legal Requirements [5]Author Bio [6]Author Blogs These are the latest updates to the story page (Quick-Links are highlighted) Pedophile arrested in the White House Updated 2011/12/25 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Standalone Works [7]Return to the Top _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Title (click for the story) Date Story Codes -- Gender & Age / Description or Fetish Size (Kb) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [8]Pedophile Arrested in White House 2011/12/25 M _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ No Sex 3 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ NEWS FLASH!!! A pedophile was arrested in the White House in Washington D.C. December 25th, 2011. Stay tuned for more details. The following was written by a friend of mine, and he gave me permission to post it, so ......... _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [9]The Good Samaritan 2011/10/09 Mg _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Oral, Anal, Pedo, Piv, 1st 200 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ WARNING: Read the story codes. People normally think a good samaritan is someone who helps other people without benefit for themselves. In spite of the many dozens of foreign and lonely orphaned little girls I've helped to have better lives with food, a nice place to stay for a night or week, lots of money, and the ability to consent to anything we did, my efforts were never completely free. What was another orphan's downfall in a small Russian town turned into my liberation, and I took adversity and turned it into happiness. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [10]Lost In Time 2011/10/02 Mg Mg+ gg fg+ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Oral, Pedo, Piv, 1st, Teen, Preg, ScFi, Inc, Harem 553 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ No great story is the work of a single mind. One of my most ardent supporters and frequent editorial assistants is a reader who goes by the identity of "JD." In spite of his rather unassuming name he's been a Clossus of help and a wealth of invaluable suggestions for this and other works. Without his input this work would have been rife with far more errors than I'd care to acknowledge. His many recommendations have turned what was a good tale into what I think is one of my best and most entertaining stories. I hope you agree. If you'd also like to thank "JD" for his help send me a note and I'll pass it along. It should be painfully obvious from a few of my earlier works that I've been the recipient of some truly unimaginable help. Thanks, JD. Once the new 'Kubrick/Clark' space station was complete it was only a matter of waiting until an assignment was posted. While busy inside the 'Oregon-4' cargo/maintenance shuttle everything went crazy. The next thing I knew the door was sealed, the emergency vehicle ejection system actuated, and I was by myself in space. Before a month was out I had a small family of prehistoric young wives to take care of. My old life was gone, but my new life was much better. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [11]Blues And Basements 2011/09/20 Mg _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Pedo, Oral, Piv, Anal, 1st, Preteen, Inc, LtDom, LtBond 451 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The beginning of this story was originally created for a three-hour timed online writing competition against a worthy belletristic adversary. After sitting idle in my 'working' folder for too long I've decided to update and post it. My son Josh is a real chick magnet, and during his venture into music with some of his high school buddies I was afforded some wonderful views of sweetness by some of his lovely young fans who kept me more interested in my basement than any of those sexy angels might have wanted anyone to be aware of. But it was a troubled and insecure chubby angel living in my house who needed my attention far more than one of Josh's daring groupies. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [12]A Teen Caught 2011/07/24 Mg MF _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Oral, Pedo, Piv, Teen, Inc, Preg 56 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Of all the people in the world I thought my fourteen year old daughter could be trusted the most. She understood the concept of being responsible for her own actions, and we came to an understanding when she was nine that we'd always be honest with each other, even if it hurt. When a friend of mine handed me a memory stick and told me to take a look I thought he wanted me to help him with a project at work. What I saw on that small electronic storage device after I got home changed my life forever. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [13]My Independence Day Little British Firecracker 2011/07/09 Mg MF Mg+ g+ Fg MFg+ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Extr Pedo, Pedo, Oral, Anal, Piv, 1st, Preg, Lesbian, Inc, Brief W/S 984 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ WARNING!!! The following adult erotic mini-novel contains strongly detailed descriptions of physical intimacy with very young girls. If you are the least offended by such things do NOT read this work. Although there is a story here with a romantic plot and a happy ending there are also many references to very lewd and extremely perverse sexual activities. In other words ... this is a long and very detailed stroker. The moment I saw her any strength I had was lost. She was everything I could have wanted all of my adult life, in spite of my lack of actual experience in such a wonderful pursuit. Of all the darling little girls I'd dreamed up in all the fantasies I'd created, none were like her. Even though I wanted her at that moment, I couldn't have imagined I might ever have a chance to actually get to know, much less touch or even love her. Her lovely Brit mom was a bonus. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [14]Into The Void 2011/06/19 Mg Mg+ gg _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Pedo, Oral, Anal, Piv, 1st, ScFi, Preg, Les, Inc 559 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ "Into The Void" is an immoral love story filled with adventure and suspense, not a masturbatory classic. Yes, it contains intimate descriptions of a potentially pornographic alliance between a twenty five year old man and a twelve year old girl, but there's more to this tale than a forbidden relationship and taboo sex. If you'd like to read a piece of adult erotic science fiction brimming with uncertainty, drama, anxiety, potential failure, and a surprise finish with two people who wanted to do something with what they saw as the end of their lives, then read on and enjoy this story. The selection process wasn't that hard. All they needed was someone who was smart, could take orders, able to think on their feet, self sufficient if communications was lost, and be ready to point the nose of their craft into the rogue dark comet at the end. Having a 12 year old fellow passenger was a surprise; she's brilliant, very eager to learn and have fun, and just as likely to die young as I was. Her size was perfect in many ways. I'm glad nobody knew what my real needs were. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [15]Helping My Sad and Drunk Mom 2011/03/27 mF _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Oral, Piv, 1st, Teen, Inc, Preg 92 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Of all the people in the world who deserved better it was my Mom. She seemed to have nothing but bad luck, and it hurt me terribly whenever I saw her depressed or heartbroken. If there was something I could have done to lift her spirits and give her a better life I'd do it in a heartbeat and often said silent prayers to some unseen spirit in just that sort of desire. When I heard her crying in the dark and found her drunk I knew her blind date didn't go well. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [16]A Sixteen Year Old Takes a Dare 2011/03/20 Mf _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Oral, Piv, 1st, Teen 108 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ My day couldn't get worse. I got a speeding ticket, my ex-wife complained she wanted more money, and my boss told me an employment adjustment might be in the cards for me. And then something happened that literally made me stop breathing for a moment. A lovely sixteen year old angel wearing skimpy clothes walked up to me from across the fast food restaurant lobby and asked me if I'd like to take her someplace nice and private. She later told me she did it as a dare. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [17]Escaping In A Truckstop 2011/03/20 Mg MF Mgg MFgg Fg gg _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Pedo, Oral, Anal, 1st, Piv, Extr Pedo, Inc, Preg 431 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The old phrase 'Finders, Keepers' had never been more appropriate, two little girls and their mother a lost trio that just happened to run into a kind soul. What they were escaping from while they hid in that truck stop was more frightening than the unknown. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [18]Daddy's Secret Dungeon 2011/03/06 Mg MF Fg FgM FF gg+ Mg+ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Oral, Anal, Piv, Extr Pedo, Pedo, Preteen, Teen, LtBond, Bond, MDom, Span, Implied Rape, Tort, Inc, Les, Polyandry, Preg 422 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The day Franky was brave enough to venture into her parents' private playground in the family basement nothing of her life would ever be the same. She knew she was doing something against their expressed permission and was a changed little girl after learning the awful truth about her Mommy and Daddy. She would also lose her cherished status as an innocent and chaste child and be converted to a knowing, experienced, and bold young woman with a new understanding of herself and a new hunger that would never be sated for the rest of her life. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [19]My Dream Love, by Tay 2011/02/21 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rom, Nosex, Poem 5 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ A very special young lady wrote a poem for me that I must share with the rest of the world. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [20]Mrs. Miller, Scott's Older Mistress 2009/08/19 mF _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Oral, Pedo, Piv, 1st, Fetish, spank 138 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ What does a person do when they become aware of an irrational desire for something that has a stronger effect on them than anything else in their lives? How does a preteen and immature boy tell an older mature widow that he craves something that she owns and fantasizes about that special something every waking moment of his day? Can lust be driven by something as ordinary albeit as exotic as a pair of ladies' evening gloves? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [21]Turning a Faerie 2009/08/13 Mg _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Pedo, Oral, Piv, 1st, Preg, ScFi 209 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ I never expected to fall in love with, let alone meet a gossamer winged faerie while on vacation away from my financial business and normally hectic lifestyle. Turning her into my petite lover was a feat that I couldn't have imagined possible. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [22]My Lolita Dominatrix 2009/08/02 gM fM _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ NC, Extr Pedo, Pedo, Teen, Oral, Piv, 1st, Inc, Preg, Cuck, FemDom 23 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ How old does a little girl have to be before she can be called a 'Lolita' or worse, a dominatrix? I've always assumed a girl had to be in her pubescence around twelve to fourteen. I was wrong ... very wrong! I found out very quickly that little girls can have just as much power as Queens and Empresses, my will subverted to be the sex-slave and toy to three generations of strong-willed women. Two of them I willingly accepted. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [23]A Soft Cock Can Provide Love 2009/08/02 MF Mg+ FF _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Coer, Pett, Oral, Extr Pedo, Pedo, Teen, Voy, Swap, Creampie, Les 184 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ If anyone ever told me that I'd willingly give up my lifetime supply of erectile dysfunction prescriptions, I'd have told them to go back to thumping their bible and leave me the fuck alone. But when an uncommon opportunity arose that afforded me tremendous financial and emotional freedom with all sorts of special benefits, I just couldn't turn it down. After I was offered a very lucrative job for very special bosses with lots of stipulations, I couldn't believe I was signing away my right to privacy and contact with any unapproved prescription medications. For the record, I don't regret a single day since that last time I had a rock hard erection or having decided to remain soft for many years, and I look forward to staying this way for as long as she needs me to. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [24]The Fort Lauderdale College Girl 2009/08/02 MF MF+ FF _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Oral, 1st, Piv, Inc, Coll, Creampie, Spank, Preg 108 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ What if you had the most enjoyable sex in your life in a hotel bed in Fort Lauderdale with a woman you didn't know? What if you were in total darkness for hours and knew perfectly well that the young woman fucking you was in college on Spring Break and was no older than your daughter? Imagine what happened when the truth of my dirty deed was eventually discovered by my daughter, my future to be determined by how her mother would react to the disgusting news when she also found out. You won't believe what really happened. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [25]My Little Girl Sex Saddle 2008/09/20 Mg Mf _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Coer, Pett, Cons, Extr Pedo, Oral, Pedo, Piv, Inc 68 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Of all the possessions I own and the many homes I live in, the one acquisition that truly is a technological marvel and brings me the most joy has to be My Little Girl Sex Saddle. More wonderful moments have occurred and a loving sexual awakening shared on my electric saddle than I could have dreamed possible, most of my life slipping by before I was able to celebrate in such sweet glories. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [26]Getting a checkup with my doctor 2008/09/09 gM gMM gM++ ggM _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Slow Rom, Pedo, Teen, Extr Pedo, Pett, Oral, Anal, Piv, 1st, Inc, Preg 149 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ My doctor never should have helped me learn about my body when I was ten, because now he lives each and every day with the fear that someone is gonna find out about me and the baby girl he helped create. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [27]Asian Angels Rejected by an American Man 2008/09/09 Mg MF MFg _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Pett, Extr Pedo, Teen, Oral, Inc, Implied PIV 80 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ever wish you had a playmate that looked like a little girl? Marty found two rejected little angels and brought them home as soon as he could, a lovely Asian young woman and her darling little girl. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [28]A Pedophile in a Naturist Campground 2008/09/09 Mg+ MF MF+ MFg Fg gg _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Extr Pedo, Oral, Pedo, Piv, 1st, Inc 142 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ There's nothing like vacationing in a luxurious RV at a naturist camp ground, lots of lovely little angels anxious to come play and be tickled all day long. Meeting and falling for a sexy young woman 'of age' seemed odd since I much preferred them younger, but Cheryl was more my type than I could have imagined. The next two weeks were going to be a LOT of fun! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [29]My lovely little brown sugar baby, Kanisha 2008/09/07 Mg Mg+ MF MFg gg g+b _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Extr Pedo, Oral, Pedo, Piv, 1st, Inc 338 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Of all the things that made Will happy, the sight and feel of a pretty little black girl's bare bum had to be right at the top. As long as she was at least two and no older than ten, his interest was keenly piqued and eyes frequently attracted to any angel within visual range. What made him even MORE excited was for the object of his fascination to be a lonely and chubby angel that didn't know her own daddy and most likely wouldn't find any man in a dozen miles that took interest in anything she did or said. Kanisha fit the bill perfectly. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [30]Rebecca's New Daddy 2008/09/02 Mg MF MFg Ff MF+g+ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Pedo, Oral, Piv, 1st, Teen, Inc, Preg, Extr Pedo 175 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ What are you supposed to do with an aching heart when a cute twelve year old keeps coming around to be friendly? What if that curious and pretty little thing also had a physical impediment that made her a slight outcast among her peers? How does a man look a twelve year old in the eyes and tell her that he wants nothing more than to be her lover? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [31]Rescuing Ayumi and Kimo on IH-45 2008/08/26 Mg MF MFg MFg+ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Extr Pedo, Oral, Piv, 1st, Pedo, Inc. 145 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Finding a sexy young mother and little girl on the side of the road after their car broke down was a dream come true. Being given their bodies and hearts after only a few hours was more than I could imagine or have ever wanted. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [32]Lots of Tingles 2008/08/18 Mg _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Extr Pedo, Oral, Inc 12 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Spending time alone with my youngest daughter's baby girl was a real treat. The first time I got to take her to the potty all by myself was her initiation into a world FULL of tingles. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [33]The Duality of a Common Man 2008/08/18 Mf Mg MFg Fg Mgg fg _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Teen, Oral, Piv, 1st, Preg, Extr Pedo, Inc, Brief Necr, Pedo 441 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ After graduating with dual-Doctorate degrees, starting my own professional consulting company and meeting a pretty country girl, my life changed in more ways than I could have imagined. Marrying that innocent young woman and then raising a daughter normally isn't considered evil in the least. Falling under that precious little girl's spell was. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [34]Peggy 2008/06/19 M/g8 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Coer, Pett, Pedo, Oral, Anal, Piv, 1st, Extr Pedo, Mild NC, ScFi 229 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Peggy, a chubby little eight year old is regarded by her schoolmates with dislike and hurtful gazes, and she feels her life is without benefit or joy. That is until her older neighbor helps her out of a compromising situation at the school bus stop and shows her that somebody thinks she IS a pretty little jewel after all. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [35]My New Nextdoor Neighbors 2008/06/15 Mg+ MF MFg _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Extr Pedo, Pedo, Oral, Anal, Showers, Piv, 1st, Inc 164 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ New neighbors are always fun to have around. I never expected to have two little girls around me THAT closely. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [36]Uncle Tommy 2008/06/15 MF Mg MFg MFfg MF+g+ bg bgFf _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Extr Pedo, Oral, Pedo, Piv, 1st, Teen, Inc, Preg, ScFi 64 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The first thing that you should know is that not all little girls WANT to be their Daddy's little sex toys. I should know. My next door neighbor paid the highest price he could for that lesson. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [37]Babysitting Megan 2008/06/15 Mg MF MFg MFg+ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Extr Pedo, Oral, Anal, Piv, 1st, Inc 201 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ There can be other rewards to babysitting than money, including the young mother when she comes home. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [38]The Chubby Lover 2008/06/15 Mg Fg M+g+ M+g+Fg _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Oral, Pedo, Piv, 1st, Preteen, Inc 81 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Never underestimate the power of positive thinking! I won't, EVER again. Especially when it comes to a chubby little plain-Jane preteen who has a bombshell for a younger sister. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ [39]The Genius and the Orphan 2008/06/15 Mg Mf MFg+ Mf+g+ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Extr Pedo, Oral, Pedo, Piv, 1st, Teen, Inc, Preg 82 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Being a genius doesn't always prepare you for what life drops at your front door. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Multi Chapter Stories [40]Return to the Top _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Title (click for the story) Date Story Codes -- Gender & Age / Description or Fetish Size (Kb) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Angel In The Woods [41]Part 1 [42]Part 2 [43]Part 3 [44]Part 4 [45]Part 5 [46]Part 6 [47]Part 7 2011/04/03 2011/04/10 2011/04/17 2011/04/24 2011/05/01 2011/05/08 2011/05/15 Mg _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Oral, Pedo, Piv, 1st, Teen, Inc _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 67 30 59 75 26 58 18 Middle aged and widowed pastors are supposed to restrict their flock's education to lectures and sermons at the pulpit. For one pastor with a 12-going-on-22 neice to guide his pupil in the woods about things that might have been tucked somewhere within the Bible's teachings about her body, sex, and the true meaning of love could have gotten him defrocked. But Angela needed more than fire-and-brimstone chapters and verses, and eventually convinced her favorite uncle, Roy Wiggins, to provide her much more than her parents and his parishoners would consider appropriate. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Little Evacuees [48]Part 1 [49]Part 2 [50]Part 3 [51]Part 4 [52]Part 5 2010/03/06 Mg+ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Interr, Extr Pedo, Oral, Pedo, Piv, 1st _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 70 67 61 101 129 The souvenirs I brought back from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Being an independent relief-support technician and licensed radio operator, I thought I was prepared for anything. Two lovely little black girls weren't on any of my lists to be ready for. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Visitor To Japan [53]Part 1 [54]Part 2 [55]Part 3 [56]Part 4 [57]Part 5 2009/04/10 Mg Mgg Brief gg _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Extr Pedo, Oral, Pedo, Piv, 1st _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 225 194 96 68 111 Incomplete Consider a West Texas country bumpkin studying to get a Doctorate degree in Social Anthropology and traveling to Japan to obtain in-depth information and validate his assumptions about their culture. Along the way, he's treated to lots of lovely little Asian ambassadors eager to share a part of their country that is rarely if ever seen or appreciated by Westerners. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ A Boy's Dream Come True [58]Part 1 [59]Part 2 [60]Part 3 2009/10/05 mF _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Pedo, Oral, Piv, 1st _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 90 85 85 Incomplete What is a ten year old supposed to do when he is little more than an unwanted dweeb and nobody is around to play with on the first day of summer? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Meeting Simone at Her School Dance [61]Part 1 [62]Part 2 [63]Part 3 [64]Part 4 2009/01/02 Mg MF MFg Fg _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Pedo, Oral, Anal, Piv, 1st, Inc _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 81 84 85 91 Meeting my future preteen wife at a private elementary & middle school dance. What was your favorite school dance like? Was it unforgettable? Do you remember it with tender affection, a reminiscence that's carved into your brain and will stay with you for the rest of your life? Consider a thirty something man going to a dance held at a private school where he meets someone that he couldn't forget if he tried, a preteen that stole his heart and eagerly relinquished the most precious gift she could give him in return. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Being Betrayed and Getting Revenge [65]Part 1 [66]Part 2 2009/01/02 Mg MMM+F MF _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Interr, Cons, Pett, Oral, Piv, 1st, Preteen, Voy, Phys Abuse, Implied Rape _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 62 80 My wife and neighbor may have betrayed ME, but paybacks are HELL! My reward for discovering my wife's infidelity was my neighbor's twelve year old daughter and eventually even HIS wife after a brief 'adjustment' period. If there is a moral to this story, it's to be faithful to your spouse or partner, or take your chances with a guilty conscience and eventually being caught. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Pussy Petting Palace [67]Part 1 [68]Part 2 [69]Part 3 [70]Part 4 2009/01/02 Mg M+g+ Mg+ fg gg _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, NC, Rom, Pett, Extr Pedo, Oral, Pedo, Piv, 1st, Les, Implied Rape, Mild Violence, Implied Extr Violence _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 73 72 77 84 A place where men with money could have girls as young as four. Have you ever been offered a gift that you couldn't accept and yet wanted more than life itself? That's what happened to me late one Friday night while I impersonated a rich client in the slightly darkened room of the Pussy Petting Palace, an exclusive club where men with enough money could openly fondle little girls as young as four. With dozens of men leaving for the evening, a terrified and naked eight year old begged me frantically for me to take her away when I left so she didn't have to die. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Summer Swimclub [71]Part 1 [72]Part 2 2009/01/02 Mg Mg+ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Extr Pedo, Pett, Oral, Piv, 1st, Pedo _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 60 63 How I made six and ten year old friends at a nice summer hangout. Spending time at a swimming pool during the summer and coaxing a six year old and her ten year old sister to come home with me and pose for my camera wasn't really that hard. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The So-Muchi-Doll [73]Part 1 [74]Part 2 2009/01/02 MF Mg(doll) MFg(doll) Mg Mf _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Pedo, Oral, Mild Bondage, Piv, 1st, Teen, Preg, Extr Pedo, Inc _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 95 93 The lovely Japanese doll that brought my wife to me. "Somuchi, the closest doll to perfection ever created." Today wasn't the day I should have seen that claim on their internet website. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lisa I never thought I could love a little girl, but Lisa was more than a child. Finding her after she was lost went beyond any concept of understanding or happiness. [75]Part 1 2008/06/15 m13g5 through M17g9 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Extr Pedo, Oral, Pedo, Piv, 1st 62 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ From five to nine and smiles to sadness. [76]Part 2 2008/06/19 Mg9 (almost) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Pedo, Oral, ScFi 62 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ An angel's fall from grace. [77]Part 3 2008/06/24 Mg Mg+ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Extr Pedo, Oral, Pedo, Anal, Piv, 1st, Preteen 174 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ A trip through a small town, my memories forever altered. [78]Part 4 2008/06/24 M27g9 MFg MFg+/MFg+ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Extr Pedo, Oral, Pedo, Piv, 1st, Inc, ScFi 193 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lisa, Angel, and Forever. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mermaids Sailing to the South Pacific was supposed to be relaxing and guilt free. It wasn't! [79]Part 1 2008/06/15 M/g6 M/g12 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Coer, Pett, Extr Pedo, Oral, Anal, Pedo, 1st, Piv, ScFi 100 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sailing with Naked Ladies, Guilt over Dirty Deeds, and A Topless Introduction. [80]Part 2 2008/06/24 M/g10+ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Coer, Pett, Pedo, Oral, Anal, 1st, Piv, ScFi 88 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ An Isolated Hideaway, Meeting Harold, and A Landlocked Water Nymph. [81]Part 3 2008/06/24 M/g6 M/g12 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Coer, Pett, Extr Pedo, Oral, Anal, Pedo, 1st, Piv, ScFi 57 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ A Tender Lover Leaves, A Visitor Arrives for Fun, and Wordless Teenaged Passions. [82]Part 4 2008/06/24 M/g6 M/g12 M/g10 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Coer, Pett, Extr Pedo, Oral, Anal, Pedo, 1st, Piv, ScFi 57 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Abbie's Birthday, Nasty Uncle Kyle, A Storm at Sea, and Washing Up On Shore. [83]Part 5 2008/06/24 M/f14 M/F M/g++ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Coer, Pett, Teen, Anal, Oral, 1st, Piv, Pedo, Extr Pedo, ScFi 57 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ A Frightened Teenager, The Queen, My First Baby Girl, and Untold Riches. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Special Loving 'special needs' children wasn't something I expected I'd do, but found I wasn't able to resist after my heart was stolen from me, and accepted my task with aplomb. [84]Part 1 2008/06/15 Mg Mm _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Extr Pedo, Oral, Pedo, NC 57 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Moving Away From the Big City; The Harrison House and a Supportive Caregiver; Twisted Minds and Broken Bodies; Debbie and Tammy [85]Part 2 2008/06/19 Mf _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Teen 54 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Smiles in a Wheelchair from Mary; A Very Timid Trisha; Treats, Tears and Permission to Undress a Sleeping Angel; A Bedtime Story and Touching Trisha's Titties [86]Part 3 2008/06/24 Mf Mg _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Teen, Oral, Pedo, Oral 64 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Two Lonely Girls at the Auction; Permitted Hidden Touches and Pleasant Feelings; A Late Night Snack for a Naked and Sleepy Trisha; Locked in Debbie's Room, Painting for me Naked; Masturbating in Front of a Blind Girl and Fondling Her Lovely Small Breasts; A Kiss is NOT Just a Kiss, Because It Usually Leads To Lingual Masturbation [87]Part 4 2008/06/24 Mg Mf _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Pedo, Oral, Teen 72 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mary Wants Some Company, And a Nice Kiss; Kissing, Fondling, Stripping, Lingual Tickles and Fingering a Senseless Angel; Invitation To A Sunday Service; Hugging A Frightened Trisha for an Hour; Our First Kiss, A Pretty Dress and a Short Visit with Friends; [88]Part 5 2008/06/24 Mf Mg _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Teen, Oral, Extr Pedo, Oral, Partial Piv, Not Quite 1st 81 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ A Sleeping and Then Willing Teenaged Debbie To Play With; A Few Quick Fondles, a View Of Heaven Before Church and Then a Visit to My House; Debbie's Trip to the Potty and Glassblock Along the Floor; Tammy's Potty Visit and a Long Quiet Lingual Adventure for Her On My Bed; Kaleidoscopes, Fondles And A Single Firm Push Into Debbie; More Licks For Tammy, Her Secrets About The Sheriff and Being Sodomized; Her Friend Cindy's New Daddy and What Fucking For the First Time Was Like; [89]Part 6 2008/06/24 Mg Mf _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Extr Pedo, Oral, Anal, Teen, Fake Best 64 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ One Last Round of Licks For Tammy After Returning; Debbie's Permissive Nature, and Dressed For Dinner; Trisha Needs a Visitor, a Friend, a Lover AND a New Human Puppy; 'Puppy' Does FAR More Than Terry EVER Could, Tickles, Licks, and Undressing A Friend; Dinner, Fears, and Tickles For a Frightened Teenager; Soft Puddin' and Dessert -- Cherry Gelatine Too; Walking Tammy To Her Room, Quiet Conversation, and One Last Thing Before I Go; [90]Part 7 2008/06/24 Mf _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Teen, Oral, Fake Best, 1st, Piv 64 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Puppy Visits With Trisha On The Drive Home; A Quick Tour then No Electricity, and Fear of Freezing; In Bed With a Naked Fourteen Year Old, Her Hands Never Still; A Night And Morning of Kisses, Touches, and Romance; Trisha's 'Puppy' Turns Her Into a Woman; A Shower, A Dinner, and A Slow Fuck; Even In Paradise Trisha Was Afraid; Martha Told About Trisha's Adoption, and a Trip To The Mall For Some Clothes [91]Part 8 2008/06/24 Mf Mg Mg+ MFg+ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cons, Rom, Pett, Teen, Piv, Pedo, Oral, 1st, Piv, Preg, Extr Pedo, Inc 66 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Trisha's Very Own Daddy; Important Papers In Trisha's Room, and a Special Request; Tammy's Tears, and One Daddy for Two Daughters; A Night Between Two Hot Bodies, and Deep Inside One of Them; Breakfast As Usual, and Painful Stories From Letters In Front of a Fire; A Trip To 'The House', and Returning With Four Girls; The First Night of Slow Fucking, and The Taking of Tammy's Virginity; Trisha's A Bride After Her Seventeenth Birthday; My Formerly Empty House Filled With Six Horny Girls _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Copyright (c) [92]Return to the Top _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you wish to download a copy of any of these works, please remember that everything contained within is Copyright (c) 2008 through 2011, Eliston X. Gaulfre, aka Rewdius. This list is by NO means the entire catalog of my work, but my readers weren't willing to support my efforts or encourage more stories to be added, so this page won't have new works added any longer. This page, layout, design, and the story contents are (c) Rewdius, 2008 - 2011. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Contact the author [93]Return to the Top _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Eliston X. Gaulfre, aka Rewdius, wanted to hear from his readers, but a vast majority never took the time to share their thoughts. Still ... By visiting my page and reading any portion of my fiction you stated that you are an adult and understand that falsely claiming otherwise is unlawful and may result in your prosecution. You have been warned to conduct yourself according to your local standards regarding the reading of adult erotic material. If you were adult enough to read what I've created, then you are also adult enough to accept the responsibility for your own actions. Don't flame me for reading my fiction, because you've been warned multiple times and were never forced to view anything. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Enjoy what I've written, because there won't be any more. 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