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Exposed by Mrs. Foster Chapter 1 By Sir Cum Sizemore copyright 2010 by Sir Cum Sizemore, all rights reserved * * * * * This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It contains explicit depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story. * * * * * Chapter 1 "Okay, Rich, what did you do with my clothes?" I stood there naked looking furiously around the basement rec room. I had lost the card game, and the deal was, the loser had to strip naked and follow the direction of the winner for two hours. I'd lost and Richard had decided we need to peruse his suburban neighborhood with me exposing a raging hard-on the whole time. It was fairly safe as it was past ten at night, dark, and his mother and younger brother were in bed. We assumed asleep. Rich was one of my best friends and we always played high risk games. This one was at first difficult, but truly got my adrenaline and sex hormones kicked in. While we were out there trekking through the darkened backyards of his neighbors, I maintained an erection that wouldn't quit. At thirteen, the pubescent penis and testicle growth had begun and I had the early adolescent wisp of pubic hair. My erection was probably pushing the six or seven inch mark and was much larger in girth than just a year before. The testicles had begun the descent from the tight pouch of preadolescence. The night held many challenges for a naked boy and his keeper. Rich made me run up to doors, ring the doorbell and stand with my fingers interlocked behind my head. I had to count to fifty out loud before I could vacate the residences' front porch. He had carefully selected the home of girls our age. He laughed about the potential for some very compromising incidents, but luckily none happened. Other times he made me run from the cover of darkness into the street and race two or three streetlights down the road before I could again return to the darkness. At no time was I permitted to cover my stiff member, and the instructions were that if I encountered any late night walkers or passing motorists I was to turn to them and give them the "full Pinocchio", with my fingers interlocked, and my hips wiggling sufficiently to move my boner back and forth. Just the thought of the possibility of being caught was very stimulating. Occasionally Rich would grab my dick and pull on it while he was giving me my next instruction. At first it was awkward, but after awhile I was looking forward to his fondling. On two occasions he managed to milk me and he laughed as wads of semen shot out. He probably found it amusing as he hadn't reached the same developmental milestone and was intrigued with ejaculation. But now we were back in the security of the basement rec room where his mother generally left us alone, I found myself lifting the sleeping bags and air mattresses looking for my clothes, which I was sure were plainly on top of my sleeping bag when we left. I checked the bathroom which adjoined our space, but, nope, they weren't there. "Come on, Rich. Quit screwing around. Get my clothes from wherever you put them so I can get some sleep." I demanded in a loud whisper. "I didn't touch your clothes. We left together. I never touched them." "You had to. I'm sure I put them on the sleeping bag when we left," I was getting more frantic and more pissed at Rich. I knew he had something to do with my clothes disappearing. "I'm going upstairs and get a Coke, you want one?" he seemed completely unconcerned that I was standing in front of him naked, frantic, but surprisingly flaccid too. My emergency didn't appear to be his concern. "Nooo, I don't want a Coke. Rich, I need my clothes." I growled in a loud whisper. "I'll help you look when I come back down." With that he left and went up the stairs to the kitchen. I continued to look everywhere. I couldn't find them. I even opened the sliding door and checked the bushes outside. What the hell was taking Rich? He's been up there getting that Coke for at least ten minutes. Finally, I heard him coming down the steps. He entered the rec room with a look of dread. "I found your clothes." "Thank, God, where were they?" "Mom's got them." "What?" "My mom's got them, upstairs. She wants you up there right now. She said you'd better not be covering yourself either. She said if you like to show yourself off, she's all for looking." "What?" I remember feeling the blood drain from my head. How was I going to handle this situation? Mrs. Foster was a kind enough lady, but this was a bit unsettling. I was being asked to present my completely nude body to her for her inspection. "Can't you go and ask her to let me have my clothes?" "No, I think she wants to embarrass you. She said you were to show up naked and your hands had better not be covering anything." "What's she going to do to me?" "I don't know, but she's pissed. She'll probably get the belt and stripe that bare ass of yours." "Oh come on, go up and ask her for my underwear at least." "I told you she said she wants to look at "what is so impressive that we needed to show it off around the neighborhood". Come on, let's get it over with. She's probably going to use the belt on me too. I think we're both in trouble." "Did you tell her it was a game?" "Yeah, but she didn't care. Come on, the longer we wait the harder it will be." He didn't know it, but that was true about more than the circumstance. The thought of parading my naked penis and testicles in front of a female, even if she was a mom, had caused my woody to return with gusto. I was sticking out quite firmly as I approached the stairway to the kitchen. Rich preceded me. I slowly climbed the stairs. When I reached the landing, I took a deep breath and broke into the light of the kitchen. Mrs. Foster was sitting in a chair with my clothes on the table in front of her. As I walked toward the woman she half smirked as she shook her head back and forth. My erect penis bobbed left and right as I slowly approached the table being careful not to cover up. "My, that is a handsome penis you've got there young man. Come over here and let me have a look at it." I approached and she gently took hold of my erection and began rolling my circumcised glans between her thumb and finger. "It certainly is stiff isn't it?" I shook my head as my gaze was into her eyes and not at her fingers as she rolled it around. "You want to tell me what was going on?" "We were playing a game. I lost and I had to strip and do whatever Rich told me for two hours. He made me go outside and do things in the neighborhood." "Well, you could have said, 'no' but you didn't", Rich objected trying to lessen his role in the deed. She ignored him. Her hand moved to cradling my testicles. "He said you did some doorbell ringing." As she moved back to the shaft and glans, I could feel my genitals loading for a probable shot. I can remember thinking, "If only she'd let go of it. It probably won't..." I hadn't finished the thought when an uncontrolled thrust of my hips was coordinated with a heavy dose of semen squirting onto the kitchen floor. "Whoa, that is something, isn't it. You're a shooter, huh?" she grinned and chided sarcastically. Then as if nothing happened she continued. "Richard, get a paper towel and clean that up." Then she returned to me, "Did you go to Jennifer's house?" "Yes." "And, did Jennifer get to see you naked?" "No, nobody came to the door." "Would you have liked it if Jennifer saw you like this?" "No." "What about her mother or father? Would you have liked them to see you like this?" "No." "What do you think they would have done if they did?" "I don't know, maybe called my parents and told them." "Oh, so you think your mother or father would approve of this game of yours?" "No." "Maybe I should give them a call and tell them what you were doing. Then they could handle the punishment." "Oh, please, don't call them. Don't tell them." I was frantic. "Okay, here's the deal. Since you like being naked, I want you here every other weekend for the next six months and every Tuesday. You will come home from school with Richard, you strip completely nude when you get here, you will stay nude the whole weekend and will do whatever Rich or I want you to do. You are not to cover your boy parts, you are to allow anyone who wants to touch them to do so, including Jimmy. Is that understood?" "But..." "No, Jack, this isn't something you have a say in. Either you agree or I will call your folks. Now which is it?" "I'll come here and be naked." "I thought so. I'll call your mother tomorrow and let her know that I need for you to spend some weekends with us. Rich has so few friends and you will be great to have around. We can work out the details." "Can I have my clothes?" Her hands were still massaging my woody, but her eyes were looking into mine. "No, from now on you aren't to wear anything while you're here. And besides, I would have to take them off for the shave and to whip you with the belt. And, that will be happening to both of you in about two minutes. Richard, strip." "But, Mom..." "I said strip." Rich began disrobing and Mrs. Foster left the room momentarily. When she returned she had one of her late husband's work belts in one hand and a towel wrapped around something in the other. The buckle jingled as she walked into the kitchen. A feeling of dread was overwhelming. Rich stood in his tighty whities and it was evident from her look that was unacceptable. "Richard, you will get six extra stripes for having your underpants on. I told you to strip and I mean naked." He began crying as he slid them off exposing his still undeveloped phallus. He wasn't erect though, and under the circumstances mine was quickly becoming flaccid as well. She told me to sit in one of the kitchen chairs and spread my legs. I did so. Then she unwrapped the towel to expose a can of shaving cream and safety razor. Taking the towel to the sink she turned on the hot water and when it was steaming from the sink she dowsed the towel in it. After ringing it out she wrapped my genital region with it and told me to hold it there. I must have missed the part about shaving as I was clueless about what was going on. It wasn't long before it became clear as glass though. She removed the towel and squirted the shaving cream into her hand. Then she smeared it all around my groin. "Please don't do this, Mrs. Foster. Please don't shave me." "I like 'em clean and smooth. Soooo, for the next few months this will happen often. Get used to it." She approached with the razor. I pleaded again for her to not do it. But, she did. She pinched my glans tightly with her left hand and maneuvered my penis while she worked the razor over the top and along the sides. She inspected my scrotum to see if there was anything in need of removal. Seeing none, she told me to get up on the table and lay down. Crying from the humiliation of having the first signs of manhood removed, I did as I was told. "Spread those legs." I did and she inspected my anal area. She then lifted my arms and seeing no hair she said, "Maybe I should touch up those legs. You're getting some dark hairs on them, but they are still pretty short. We'll just leave them alone this time. Okay, you're smooth, get down and sit in that chair." I quickly dismounted before she could get started on other parts. While I got down from the table, I did feel the pubis and definitely could tell the hair was gone. After I was seated, she positioned Rich in front of me and told me to grab his penis. I did. "Now you hold that thing while I whip the hell out of his backside. Don't let go. If you let go, it'll add six each time to your spanking, do you understand?" I nodded silently and then clenched his penis tightly. The glans peeked out from the clenched fist. She positioned him with his legs apart and made him grab the back of the chair on either side of my head. He started crying even before the first sharp snap of the leather making contact with his backside. He flinched and I could feel a pull from his penis. The belt landed again and again he flinched. On the fourth contact he screamed in pain and tried unsuccessfully to pull loose from my grip. But, I wasn't going to add any more to my sentence. I held it firmly. "Jack you may have to hold his bag in your other hand. It's going to get rougher. I took his still tight ball sack in my left hand and applied pressure slowly but firmly so as not to cause him to writhe but enough to tell him he was captive. The belt reported again. Mrs. Foster's technique was to space the contacts four or five seconds apart. Again, it landed and Rich jerked, but quickly adjusted back into place. The pull on his genitals was enough to keep him from moving too much. I wasn't about to let them go either. Mrs. Foster gave him ten for the excursion and another six for not having striped like she told him. He was sobbing and begging her to stop after the ninth or tenth, but she didn't. She just kept saying, "Don't you let him move, Jack." And, I didn't. After finishing with him, she allowed time for a partial recovery before we were again at the chair in reversed positions. My penis was again at full flag when Rich took hold of it. He grabbed my balls as well, right from the get go. He wasn't squeezing hard enough to inflict pain, but the message was clear, "Don't move." The belt snapped as it announced its initial contact with my ass. It wasn't as bad as my Dad's beltings, but it wasn't easy either. It stung. After four I was crying. On the fifth I moved and Rich jerked me back into place firmly. "Put your hands back on the chair and keep them there or I'll add six to your's young man." I did as I was told. After the ten licks, I too was begging her to stop between sobs. After completing the job, she told Rich to put his underwear back on and then sent us to bed. When we got downstairs he slid his underwear back off and sat on the cool vinyl tile of the recroom floor. I followed his lead. "Man, your mom swings a mean belt," I kidded as I sucked back the snot and wiped the tears with palms of my hands. "You know it." He agreed and we both kind of chuckled. "You think she really is going to make me stay naked all the time?" "Yeah, she does what she says she'll do." "Well, why would she do that?" "She likes to feel boy packages. She bathed me until this year and even now she inspects me after I shower to make sure I clean 'everywhere'. She still bathes Jimmy every night. Sometimes she makes us stay naked and holds us while we watch TV. She strokes our boy parts while we sit in her lap. " "Man, that's weird. That's like abuse or something." "Maybe, but it feels good. I mean I like it when she does it to me. Makes my dick hard and it really feels good. Sometimes while she's rubbing us my brother and I shutter and our asses come right off her lap. Kinda like when you shoot your stuff, but nothing comes out." He shrugged his shoulders and the continued, "Maybe in a few months after I'm thirteen, it'll shoot that stuff. Hey, you know, I never knew until tonight. That semen stuff is sticky. It's like glue ya know?" "Sure, I know. I mean, if I rub it and it comes out sometimes I get it all over my hands. If you cover it with your underwear they'll stick to your skin. But that other thing, you know about your mom playing with your dicks, you don't like feel it's wrong for her to be doing that?" "Naw, I like it. I told you, it feels good. Jimmy loves it. He'll get in her lap and put her hand on his wiener and ask her to rub it. Usually, Jimmy isn't allowed to put anything on after his bath. Sometimes she makes him run around naked in the backyard during the day. She used to make me strip and stay naked while her friends were here. She makes Jimmy do it all the time. Doesn't bother him either." "Yeah, but he's only seven. Maybe when he's twelve it'll bother him. Why does she make you guys show your things to her friends?" "Well, they like to feel our little packages too. I've had mine rubbed by almost every woman in her bridge club." "Wow, is she going to do that to me?" "Sounds like it. Her bridge club meets on Tuesday afternoons. I think that's why you have to be naked on Tuesdays." "Oh, I don't think so. I'm not going to do that." "My advice is, don't fight it. She only has them over once a month. Other days they meet at other women's houses. Besides she'll call your parents if you don't do what she told you. I know she will." "I'll just tell them the whole story. They won't agree to let her do that to me." "It's your funeral. If you want to take the chance go ahead, but I warned you." "Well, what do those ladies do to you exactly?" "Nothin hurts. Except maybe when the put stuff up your hole." "Whaaattttt. What do you mean up your hole?" "You know your butt hole. They shove their fingers in there and sometimes the put stuff from the relish try in there like celery or carrots. Then they take out their cameras and take pictures of us with our boy parts showing and our legs hiked up so the things in our butts are showing. They're really weird." There was a moment of silence as both of us pondered that last part. "You know there's one lady there who is into our legs. Even when we're outside, we have to be in short shorts or underwear if she's here. Of course, when we come in or are in the backyard we have to take everything off so she can see our "third legs". "This is perverted. This ain't right, Richie." "You remember her asking about Jennifer's house?" "Yeah." "Well, Jennifer's mother is in her bridge club. And, she often threatened to bring Jennifer to our house with her so she could learn about boy parts. She thought it would be really great because I was in her class at school and she could share her escapades with other girls in our class. Don't be surprised if Jennifer doesn't get to feel your dick and balls sometime during the next few weeks." "No. Old ladies are one thing, but girls in our class are another. I won't do it." "Yeah, go ahead and tell my mom you've changed your mind." That was something I couldn't come to grips with. I couldn't let my parents know what I'd been up to. On the other hand, I didn't feel comfortable about the deal. The more I thought about it the more I was against it. The next morning we went upstairs to breakfast. I was erect as I entered the kitchen and there sat Jimmy clad only in briefs, spoon in hand and a bowl of cereal in front of him. Mrs. Foster was wiping down the counter. "How come you're naked, Jack?" the seven year old inquired. "That's so you can play with his boy things, Honey. Whenever he's here naked you can play with him. Jack, go over there and let Jimmy feel your boyhood." I approached the smiling seven year old as he put down the spoon and swung around in his chair. "It's big isn't it?" He noted as he reached over and grabbed it. "Look Mom, it's really big and he's got a stiffy too." "Rub it for him, Jimmy," she instructed and he did as he was told. It wasn't long until I launched a semen barrage that spurted all over the little one's chest and upper arm. "Yuck, what's this stuff. Moooommmmm, it squirted white pee on me." Mrs. Foster laughed, "That's not pee, it's semen Jimmy. When you get older you'll be able to shoot that too. Why don't you taste it? Go ahead, it won't hurt you. Just wipe some on your finger and lick it. What does it taste like?" "I'm not going to eat that, it's yucky." "Jimmy, I said taste some of it. Or do I need to get the belt?" The boy pouted and crossed his arms defiantly. He narrowly missed getting the globs still dotting his chest spread over his arms as well. Mrs. Foster walked toward the hallway apparently signaling she was on her way to get the implement of punishment that had graced our asses the night before. Seeing this he unfolded his arms and cleaned a glob from his chest with his finger. She stopped and watched him. He teased her by bringing his thumb down on the tip of his finger. "This stuff is sticky." "Lick it, Jimmy, now!" She ordered. Slowly he touched his finger to his tongue. He scrunched his face up in disgust. Then strangely, he licked his finger again. "See it's not so bad, now is it?" "It's salty," He observed. Then he scraped the other major drop off and immediately put it in his mouth. It was like he liked it. "Leave some for your brother and Jack. They need to taste it too." I couldn't believe she was going to make me eat my semen. But that's exactly what she had in mind. "Richard, get some of that off your brother's chest and taste it." "Oh, Mooommmm, that's gross. I..." There was a loud snap that echoed through the kitchen as the leather strap smacked the table right in front of Richie. Quickly he scraped a glob of semen off his little brother's chest and put it in his mouth. His facial expression showed his distain for the mandate--tearful eyes and nose scrunched up. "Now, Jack, you try some. Hesitantly, I moved to scrape some off on my finger and she stopped me. "No, lick it off Jimmy's chest and arm." That was just too much. I started to argue and the strap again hit the table. I began licking the little boy's chest immediately. I too was grossed out by what I was doing, but it wasn't nearly as scary as another turn with Mrs. Foster's implement of torture. I finished licking Jimmy's chest (and nipples) and then moved to his arm. He giggled but I certainly didn't find the humor in the activity. After breakfast, I asked to talk with Mrs. Foster alone. She took me to the living room and asked me to sit in her lap. It was really awkward as I hadn't graced the lap of an adult in years and didn't feel it appropriate at this time in my life. "Spread those legs and let me relax you a little." Her hand did feel good as she rubbed my erection. "Now, what did you want to talk about?" "I don't want to do this naked stuff. You can call my folks." "We had arrived at an agreement and you don't want to follow it?" She was obviously pissed. "I just don't feel good about doing it." "But last night was okay? I mean you were running around naked and in all probability you could have been seen by strangers or picked up by the cops." "I learned my lesson." "Okay, come with me," she took me by my dick and pulled me to her bedroom. She forced me to sit on her bed as she picked up the phone. "What's your phone number?" After I told her, I lowered my head with the impending disaster looming. She dialed the number. All I can remember is her side of the story. "Hi, Miriam? This is Shelia Foster." A short pause then, "Oh, I'm fine, and no there isn't too much of a problem. Just a little trouble last night." Another short pause. "Apparently the boys played a game where the loser had to strip naked and spend two hours following the directions of the winner. Well, you son lost. Richard made him go outside naked and peruse the neighborhood. He would go up and ring my neighbors' doorbells and stand there naked with his hands on his head and count to fifty before he could leave the porch." Another momentary pause. "No, I don't think anyone caught him." She covered up the phone with her hand and asked, "Did anyone catch you last night?" I shook my head in the negative. "Apparently, another part of the deal was he was to have his crotch shaved by Jimmy." I was so embarrassed about what she was telling my mother, I couldn't raise my head in protest of that blatant lie. I just let it go. "No, he looks and feels pretty smooth down there." A brief moment and she continued, "I like them that way too. It makes them stay our babies much longer. Anyway, I gathered up his clothes while he and Richard were marauding and brought them upstairs. When they came home, I had them come up to the kitchen and I took the belt to both of their bare butts. I made Jack stay nude. I told him if he liked being naked I could arrange it for him to stay that way. Frankly, I think the only way to cure this is to make him realize his body isn't something out of the ordinary. I think we should make him stay nude while he's visiting and keep him exposed to others. It'll desensitize him to others if he can be seen and touched by others." Another pause, but this time a little longer. I could hear my mother's voice as she talked, but I couldn't hear what she was saying. "I have no problem with that. So, you want him to be naked when he visits here for the next few months?" A momentary pause. Then, "I could take him every other weekend, if you'd like." Again, a pause. "No, that's no problem. I'd like to have him on the third Tuesday of the month each month so I can expose him to my bridge club. They kind of enjoy when my boys are naked while they're here." Another pause as my mother spoke. "Oh you don't have to worry about that. It'll get handled. You do know they went to the homes of girls in their class last night. I think Richie was hoping one of them would open the door before Jack could clear the porch." Mrs. Foster chuckled. Again the faint voice of my mother could be heard. "While we're on the planning portion of the punishment regimen, I'd like to keep his body hairless for the entire duration of the punishment. I'll just shave him so you won't have to, unless you'd rather do it." Another pause. "Well, if they think that's fun, we should just accommodate them. I mean if running around naked is amusing to them, we'll just let him do it. I'm going to arrange for the girls to come by and have a look and some touching time too. That should really embarrass him." Another pause. "I've got him right here, naked as the day he was born. He'll be staying that way. And, I'll tell him what you said." A short pause. "No, no, I'll get him home tomorrow after dinner. Well, thanks, we'll see you tomorrow night." She hung up. "Your mother says the punishment we originally arranged sounded good to her. You're to stay here every other weekend. You won't need to bring anything other than a toothbrush. You'll be nude the entire time. You will also be kept clean of body hair. In fact, I may do your handsome legs there, Sport. Oh, and she and your father are going to take a belt to you when you get home tomorrow. I wouldn't be surprised if you aren't going to be made to be naked at home as well. But, you had to try to go back on the deal and look what that got you--more grief. Happy now?" She jerked me off the edge of the bed and slapped my right butt cheek hard. I mean it stung. I'll bet there was a hand print there. "Go on down and finish your breakfast, we've got a big day ahead." Lesson one, don't piss off the executioner. It can make things worse.

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