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I don't encourage anyone to do any of the things my imaginative characters do either. These are just stories that have taboo themes in them and NOT wishful thinking. I just want to tell stories and hope no one takes my tales as anything but strokable fun. 1998 Emily Walker was bent over the desk in the offices of Faber-Wright Investments, her boss and lover shoved his thick, hard black cock up her bum. It hurt of course, it always did. His cock was too long and too thick for her bum but she took it all. Reggie Harvey was big, black and very handsome. He was six foot five inches tall and over two hundred and seventy pounds of muscle. The man worked out every evening at the gym he part owned and jogged the five miles to his home with a haversack on his back. He did that every single day, to and from work. The man was pure, raw muscle. Emily was attracted to him from the minute she became his PA. The small, frail white girl was just nineteen when she got this job, her very first. She had just dumped her boyfriend and decided to start fresh. Now, a year later, she was regularly being buggered by new her lover and taking his monster cock all the was up to her heart. At least that was what it felt like to her. "Nice and tight!" he gasped as he reamed her once tight rectum. She had been so very tight once, her pussy and her arse, both ruined forever by this huge black cock. She knew that no other man could have her, she would always belong to Reggie now and she knew it. "Reggie... Ugh! Reggie go easy please Honey!" "Shut up and take my love woman, take it!" he grunted as he thrust madly into her. The first time he fucked her she had cried for days, hurting so bad that she had to go to the hospital. But he didn't let up, he packed the frail girl full of his meat again and again until it all finally fit in her small body. Then he took her bum and nearly tore her in the process. But Emily loved his cock now, she needed it day and night. She had been moved into his house just a few days ago, and encountered his bigger, meaner father. The man had dragged her small arse into his bedroom and raped her, keeping her in there until she stopped resisting. He had an even thicker cock than Reggie and he used her as if she were a fuck-toy for his personal use. Reggie had been powerless to stop him, fearing the man much more than she did. Most times he would be called to his father's room to watch as the man 'did' his girl. "This is what little white bitches is made for," he gasped as her reamed her poor aching pussy, "Breeding!" He hammered into her and came hard, grunting like a boar and flooding her unprotected womb with his seed. She had sobbed, knowing that this time she would get pregnant, but at least she had survived. Now it was just her and Reggie and she had become pregnant for him just recently. He had been so overjoyed that he had bought her another diamond necklace, that one that she showed him when the walked past a jewellery store. She grit her teeth and opened herself up to him, to his raging cock as it tunnelled into her bowels. "Bugger me Honey, bugger me!" Reggie was very scared of his father. The man was shorter than he was, but heavier and not a man to be trifled with. Back in Jamaica where they were both born, Albert "Bertie" Harvey was a feared man. He had been known to fuck anything that moved, male or female and had raped an entire family of a police superintendent, his wife, his two young daughters and his twelve year old son and the man's mother. A fourteen year old Reggie had bore witness to each rape, being made to sit and watch for many weeks as the family were kept prisoners in the rich 'Gangsta's' home. Reggie was even forced to fuck the policeman's ten year old daughter before his father took the little girl up into his bedroom and kept her there for several days, the screams of the child echoing through the house. He remembered those screams, they had been similar to his own when he too had suffered in the same manner when he had displeased his evil father. Bertie had mellowed now, only getting involved in smaller crimes now and actually wanting to pull out. Then he got caught up in a marijuana deal that went sour and ended up being sent to prison for a couple of years. Reggie felt relief, he could get back to enjoying his woman again; that was if his father didn't already break her. Peter Parkerson didn't like school. He hated it with a passion. He wanted to leave but his stepmother told him that she would dis-inherit him if he did. It was his father's money, all of it and he intended to collect. He didn't want to do anything to upset her or she wouldn't leave him a penny. Since he turned sixteen though she had started acting funny, making more and more strange demands of him. She didn't allow him any girlfriends, not that he could get any anyway. He was just too bashful and lame to attract a girl, even though they did seem to like him. He was still a virgin too, never even kissing a girl before. She seemed to get more and more possessive about him, expecting him to stay home with her all the time now and not go out at all. "Mum, can I got to the Cinema with Jack and Phil?" he had asked her yesterday. "No, I want you here. You have work to do." she said haughtily, "Anyway, why don't you want to spend more time with your mother?" "Mum, I spend all my time with you when I'm not in school. I just want to catch a film with the guys!" he pleaded. But she was adamant and he had to remain at home. She was displeased that he had asked at all and his enemas that night hurt terribly, his guts aching so bad that he cried. She lay naked in the bed next to him, stroking his young, hard cock with her soft hands, cooing into his ear. "Good boy..." she whispered as her fingers fondled his balls, "Good boy!" He moaned and shuddered against her, her huge soft breasts against his chest and shoulder as she leaned over him and planted a gentle kiss on his mouth. He groaned as her thick, wet tongue tunnelled into his mouth and his throat. He felt her spit fill his throat and swallowed to her absolute delight, she smiled down at him. "Soon, my pet!" she smiled, "Soon!" Emily's daughter was so beautiful that she almost cried every day. The girl's curly hair and huge, amber eyes were captivating. She looked like an angel, smiling up at her and Reggie. The man was so proud of them both that he bought a new place out in the countryside, somewhere far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Many nights he would lay behind her, sawing his big black meat in and out of her bottom as she fed the child, leaning over her to play with Holly Ann Harvey. Veronica Parkerson was standing over Peter as he cleaned the kitchen. She had her hands on her hips, watching what he was doing. She was a large woman, still very attractive with nice legs and a heavy, round bottom that seemed to attract lots of attention from black guys. She worked out at her local gym at least three times a week and got into lengthy conversations with that nice black man she had her eye on. Veronica wanted her step-son now, she wanted him in her bed and in her lonely, hungry pussy. He was so much like her beloved Henry that she wanted to fuck him from the very first night after his father died. But she needed him broken, trained to please. She wanted him just like his father before she used him, then she would breed him with her daughter and go after that lovely black man at her gym. She had never told her husband or her step-son that she had a young daughter. Victoria was twelve now and Veronica's father had ensured that the child had been well-trained just as she herself had been at her age. By now the child would love sperm, sucking it from her father/grandfather's cock every night and taking him in all of her hungry young holes. The girl was unusually horny for one so young, constantly begging for cock and sperm all day. Veronica looked at her step-son working. He was naked, the thick butt-plug up his bum visible and she shuddered at how sexy he looked in the tiny apron. She smiled, rubbing her crotch through her dress. She would take him tonight, she would take his virginity and then bind him to her, then he would please her for a very long time before he would be ready for her daughter. 2005 Michael Thomson was a very lonely man, having lost his first love and then been shunned by everyone he knew after it was discovered that he had been fucking the eleven year old girl. He was just out of prison a few months ago, having served his entire seven year sentence. The girl's father had wanted to kill him and he decided to keep clear of that area of London, moving just on the outskirts of North-east London; but he was now a marked man and tried to hide his identity whenever he could. It was not like he was 'doing' children or anything, he wasn't interested in that at all, at least he thought so. He was in love with Simone Prince, that beautiful, wonderful girl that had stolen his heart from the first day he saw her. He could tell that she felt the same way too, the way she watched him and smiled when he noticed her. She always wanted to be near him, jumping onto his lap and cuddling as they watched her favourite programs on TV. Her father had been his best friend from school and the single man had to be both mother and father to the quickly developing girl. She was nine the first time he had kissed her, the child showing a sexual aggressiveness that surprised him. She sucked gently on his tongue and rubbed herself against him, arousing him. He had taken her up to her room, her father sleeping in the sofa at the time. The girl eagerly taking off her panties and exposing her plump, wet pussy, looking so developed and open. He had fingered her, slipping his fingers into her and finding that they slipped deep into the wet opening easily. The girl reached down and grasped at his cock through his trousers. He freed himself and she climbed onto him, taking him into her tight young hole and sliding down on him until all of his cock was buried up into her small body. He sat there in shock, wondering where his cock was and how it had fit inside her. She giggled and rode him, eventually they both ended up in her bed fucking, the girl taking three loads of his sperm. It went on for the next two years, his cock finding easy access to her tight young anus as well as her sweetly sucking mouth. She never told him who had opened her up, who had taught her all those naughty things she did with him, but he had always suspected that it was the girl's own father. Then Ken had caught him naked in her bed and beaten him until he was unconscious. He awoke in the hospital with a police guard and was soon carted off to jail. Now he wandered the streets looking for something to fill the empty hole. He had suffered in prison and the huge, black, Jamaican brute who shared his cell had used him like a slut every night since he arrived there, buggering him and telling him how much he enjoyed it. Michael had learned what sperm tasted like and even pee. He had tongued the man's shitty arse-hole after he relieved himself in the small toilet in the corner of their cell. "This is what I think of fuckers like you!" the man had said as he shit into his mouth and made him swallow it, beating him when he vomited it back up and then forcing it down into him again until it stayed down. He was so glad to be free of that man and swore that he would never do anything to go back there again. That was when he bumped into her again, right outside his home. She was standing there, looking so beautiful and crying as she rushed into his arms. "Mikey!" she screamed, crashing into him and squeezing him so tight. "S...Simone?" he asked, unsure if he was seeing right. "Yes Mikey, it's me!" she sobbed, pulling back to smile up at him. She looked so beautiful, more than he remembered. She still had those eyes, so big and blue and she now had larger, fuller breasts, but she was so tall. "How did you find me?" he said, shaking. "I asked a lot of people, checked the child sex register and found your name on the electoral roll!" she laughed, "Oh Mikey, you look so wonderful. I missed you so much!" He couldn't speak now, just standing, holding her in his arms. "Come to my house!" she said, not asking. She took him to a waiting car and drove him away from that place. He never returned there, never went back for his things. As she coiled her slender body around him in her bed, his cock finally drained of seed, he knew that he was happy. Emily's daughter was eight when Reggie's father came to stay again. The man had just been released from prison and had found them through his many contacts. Emily trembled with terror as the man dragged her away up to the spare room and buggered her on the lare bed as her daughter watched. He pulled out of her and made Emily watch as he squirted his seed into the child's mouth, telling her to drink it all or he would hurt her Mummy much more. The child cried and did as he asked, the huge black man laughing. "Now that is an obedient little slut!" he said, "She'll train well!" Emily cried as she was pulled back into the bed and raped again, by the powerful old man. Veronica Parkerson gasped as her step-son tongued her to another great orgasm. She had been fucking the young man now for some years and he was so good and obedient. She had been eyeing up that big black man's father at the gym now too, the man had seen her watching and came over to introduce himself. Bertie was a Jamaican who was staying with his son, her black friend from the gym. He had come to look after his granddaughter and would be there for a while. She was going to meet with him for drinks next week. She had her fill of her stepson now and now she was ready to bond her two babies together. She had her daughter in the next room, naked and horny from the licking she had just given her. Now she had the young man ready too. She grabbed him by his hair and dragged him along behind her to the other room. "Ow! Ow! Ow!" he gasped. "It's time you two met properly!" she laughed. She watched them bond, training them. they joined together and it was so sexy to watch them fuck, listening to their cries of orgasmic pleasure. She now had her eye on that gorgeous black man. Michael thrust into sweet Simone's tight pussy, it clung to him, squeezing him in it's silken grip. She gasped and wonderful her limbs around him, trapping him inside her. "Ooh!" she moaned, cumming again on him. They writhed on the bed, not yet satisfied. He slid in and out of her smooth, slippery pussy, feeling awesome. She was amazingly tight, as if she hadn't fucked at all in all those years. "I haven't!" she told him afterwards, "I wasn't interest in anyone else but you!" "Where's your father?" he asked, feeling something missing. "He found a new plaything!" she said and pulled him back into her. So big. The man's cock was so fucking big. It borrowed deep into her, reaming her guts and stretching her wide open. Veronica had never been fucked like this before, never had a cock so fucking big. "Ooh! Ooh! Oooooh!" she moaned as the big black fucked her pussy. It was the forth time he was in her now, her bottom had already suffered at his thrusting cock twice. He hurt her, stretching and twisting her bowels savagely as he sodomised her in his bed. She still ached from that, but couldn't resist the man as he rolled her over and buggered her again. "That's it, Bitch!" he laughed, "Take that black cock!" She had hung onto the bed, groaning and sobbing as he sodomised her. The pain was great, but she knew she would be doing it again and again if he wished it. She had found her man at last reaching back to hold him and dig her nails into his buttocks, thrusting her hips up to his, feeling his cock nudging her heart. "Oooooh! Bertieeeee!" "You is mine, Bitch!" he laughed, cumming hard in her again. Reggie fucked his woman, laughing to himself as she clung to him and sobbed. He had met that meaty white redhead at the gym long ago and could see that she needed a real man, one that would break her and breed her. She was just the kind of woman his father would go for, big, beefy and with an arse that would make any Jamaican happy. He had befriended her, giving her some hope, then he brought his father down there for a 'chat', getting the two of them together and watching the fireworks as the bonded. He lay in Emily now, buggering her as they listened to his father bugger the redhead in his room down the hall, his father was hooked now, he could tell. They had been in there for two days, only coming out to use the toilet and eat. He still had Holly go to him, feeding her his sperm, but that was happening less and less now. Reggie would soon be able to leave with his family and get some peace. Holly drank and drank as her grandfather squirted his cums in her mouth. The child really liked the stuff now and wanted more of it. She started going to her teacher, Mr Prince, and drinking his cum now. The man had kept her back in class, removing her panties and slipping his greasy finger up her bum. She giggled as she remembered how nice that felt. He did that every day now, even spreading her legs and licking her plump little pussy. She liked that. She licked her grandfather's cock clean and watched him drive it back into that nice lady again, making her scream. He had promised to do her bottom one day, but he was just too big for her now. Holly couldn't wait. The next day, her teacher kept her back again and locked the classroom door. He took down her panties and licked her pussy, fingering her bum with something very greasy. She giggled as he tongued her, squirming as he slipped a second finger up into her bottom. Then he lifted her legs up and pressed his cock against her bum-hole, pushing straight into her until his cock-head was embedded firmly up her bum. "Argh!" she cried, and winced a little. Then he started sliding it out, then back in again, stroking his cock in her bottom as she has seen Grandfather do to that lady and her Mummy. "Oh fuck, that's good!" he gasped, holding her hips and looking down into her pretty amber eyes. She giggled and then gasped as he slipped deeper and deeper. Michael cried out and spermed his lover, seeding her. She clung to him tightly, kissing him hard, her spit mingling with his. Simone worked her hips against his, milking him further. He gasped and hung onto her hips, stopping her from moving any further on his sensitive cock. "I want your babies!" she whispered up at him, "I want your children!" Bertie came inside the big, juicy woman again. He was so tired now that he had to roll off her and sleep. She curled up beside him, happy at last that she had found her man. She was so turned on by watching him squirting his sperm into the child's mouth after he had dragged it out of her own bowels. The little mixed-race girl had sucked all the shit off his cock as she cleaned him, drinking his sperm like a meal. She clung to the big, muscular man and slept. Holly moaned as her teacher buggered her, filling her anus with his thick, gooey sperm. She dropped to the floor, taking him into her mouth and sucking him clean to his delight. He soon came in her mouth, the child's mouth working until she sucked his seed out of him. Then she pulled back, looking up at him and licking her lips, smiling at him. "Thank you Mr. Prince!" she grinned. Emily confirmed that she was again pregnant and Reggie was over the moon. He kept this knowledge from his father, not wanting the man to corrupt another of his children. Holly had already visited his own bed, waking him with her sucking mouth as she drank his sperm. He had forbidden her from doing it again, but the stubborn child was back again a few night's later. Emily was at least getting some respite, his father just too busy with that sexy redhead. Reggie wondered if he shouldn't have given her a try first before he gave her to his father. Emily's bottom beckoned to him. He rolled over and shoved deep up into her arse-hole, enjoying the screams of discomfort as she took him unexpectedly. Mr Prince was licking her pussy again, tonguing her leaking slit. She loved that feeling, urging him on by grabbing his head and pressing it into her crotch between her widely spread thighs. The man got up and plunged his cock back into her, fucking her bottom again. She really liked that, loved feeling him moving inside her guts, her back. She intended to stay in late after school again. She would be doing that for a very long time. Emily got stopped in the hall by the redhead and the woman dragged her into the bedroom with her and her black lover. "Eat my pussy Honey!" she coaxed as they took her on the bed. The huge cock was being forced up her bum, and the wet cunt was leaking in her face. She groaned, gasped and licked it, turning up her nose at the smell and the taste. The door flew open and Reggie stormed in, shoving his father off her and dragging her off the bed. "You have your woman now, leave mine alone!" he said, fury in his voice. "At last!" his father laughed, "You acting like a proper man!" Reggie took Emily out of there and down into the living room. She clung to him. "Oh Reggie!" she sobbed as he cuddled her against his body. Holly skipped home with her bottom full of sperm again today. She ran into her Grandfather's room and stood at the side of the bed, watching him and that nice lady fuck. "You want some cream Honey?" she asked the child as the big man grunted over her, smacking his hips down hard. The girl nodded and watched as her Grandfather rolled off the woman, the juicy hole leaking the lovely goo. "Come on Honey, eat up!" the woman smiled. Holly leapt up onto the bed and pressed her mouth on the woman's crotch. She felt her Grandfather's finger in her bottom as she licked up all of his sperm from the nice lady's pussy. Simone bumped into the big black man in the gym and eyes him up. She felt a strange attraction for him and saw him looking at her too. She had come there to find her father and stood watching the man bench-pressing those heavy weights with awe. The ninteen year old felt her juices running as she watch, her panties getting very wet. The big black man smiled, as if sensing her arousal. He got up and walked over to her, his towel over his shoulder. "You looking for someone, Miss!" he asked. "I was just searching for my Dad, Kenneth Prince. Is he here?" she asked, hoping that the man wasn't. "He's gone into the showers. He'll be out in a while. Would you like to wait for him?" the big man smiled. "Oh yes... I mean, I need to see him." she blushed at her slip. He grinned and led her over near the lockers where there was an empty room. She didn't even hesitate to go in with him and wound up in his massive arms, his thick, wet tongue gliding down her throat. She clutched at his huge chest, feebly trying to escape and moaning as she felt his huge cock pressing up against her belly. Her knees felt weak and she trembled as his thick fingers slipped into her panties, stroking her aching pussy. She wanted this man, needed him, even though his monster cock would probably kill her. She moaned as his finger slipped into her, so thick and long, like a small cock. He stirred her juices and teased her into a sudden orgasm, the girl screaming into his mouth. He lifted her up and took her into the back, where his private bunk lay. This was his gym after all, he had financed it from the very beginning and had the sound-proofd room put into the back there just for this purpose. Before she knew what was happening she was naked, the big man licking her trembling body, his tongue finding her sensitive nipples and then down her body to her juicy wet pussy. She bit her hand to stop the screams as she orgasmed again and again, the big black man knowing exactly where to touch her, where to lick. She lay shuddering as he climbed between her thighs and forced his huge cock up into her belly. She cried out in pain, her fingers digging into his thick, hard arms as she felt his rock-hard meat stretching and squeezing painfully up into her. "Shhh! Shhh! Shhh! Shhh! Shhh!" he hushed as he began to fuck her, his cock so big that it felt like a tree being shoved into her poor pussy. "Oh GOD!" she yelled, the huge thing straining in her guts painfully. "Shhh! Shhh! Shhh! Shhh! Shhh!" he hushed again, his hips never stopping. Simone never got to see her father that day, in fact she didn't leave that room until long after eight in the night. Veronica was asleep in her new lover's bed, Emily groaning and gasping as Bertie forced his cock up her tight bottom again and again. "I'm done with you when I decide so!" he told her, the woman whimpering under him. He intended to keep her, taking her away from his son and making her his own personal bitch just like the lovely redhead sleeping next to them. He knew that she carried a child, his child; just as he knew that Holly was his too. He intended to breed many more girls into this sweet white bitch for some time to come. Michael saw the girl looking at him as he observed her juicy young body. He knew that he wasn't allowed to go near young girls, but this one was so fucking lovely. It was then that he realised that he had a thing for girls, schoolgirls to be exact. This one was walking through the park behind his new home. She stopped came over to his fence and smiled at him. She was no more that eleven or twelve, budding tits and nice long tanned legs. When she started up at him her honey coloured eyed were captivating. "Can I used your toilet please?" she said. "Err... Yeah, sure!" he said, wanting badly to fuck the gorgeous girl. He led her into the house, watching her hips sway and feeling his cock stiffen. "Please wait for me!" she pleaded, leaving the door open and lifting her skirt. She pulled down the skimpiest pair of white panties that he had ever seen and sat down on the toilet, giving him the best view he had seen for a long long time. He pussy was fat, like a very ripe peach. He watched her peed and then clean herself, looking into his eyes. "Would you like to lick me now!" she asked him. Peter lay on his bed, thinking about his stepmother as her Succubus daughter again drained his balls. He was so tired now, wanting only to sleep. But the door opened and Victoria, Veronica's young and nymphomaniac daughter, entered the room. Peter started to sob and she came grinning towards him, ready for him to fill her greedy pussy again. Holly moaned as the man fucked her, she loved how his cock felt as it slid in and out of her tight young hole. She wanted to sign with joy at the wonderful feelings she felt. He had already cums four times in her now and she had tongued his cock and balls, coating him into another erection. The girl clawed his back as she orgasmed again. She knew that this man would be her new boyfriend. She now had two men to please her, Mr Prince and Michael. Reggie pulled his cock out of Simone and lay watching her. She was so nice, so tight. He would not allow his father to have this one, he would move away, taking her with him. He had already lost Emily to the man, finding out that the DNA in both children, Holly and his unborn daughter, were in fact his father's and not his own. He surrendered Emily to the man meekly, knowing that he already had a wonderful replacement. Simone was only too please to leave with him, she packed in her job and went to work as his new PA. Emily had no need for a job now, his very wealthy father would take care of all her needs from now on. Michael did everything Simone told him. She had learned many things from her Grandfather, gaining his ferocious sexual appetite and his forceful manner. She had told her Grandfather about this white man, bringing him to the man's home. Michael had screamed and tried to run and watching him getting first beaten, then buggered by him. Her grandfather had shared his cell with them man while he was in prison and had used him as his 'bitch' all that time. Then he made the man fuck while she watched. After that Michael was moved into their home and worked as her grandfather's driver. Holly shared his bed and loved watching the man grovelling as his anus was used. Veronica shared the sexual duties with Emily, but she was the boss. She was treated much better than Emily was, given much more leeway. When Veronica got married to her man a few months later she was overjoyed. Emily was now her pet and she used the girl's mouth as often as she used Holly's. Veronica was pushing fifty five now, so it was quite a shock when she found out that she was pregnant. Peter was forced to marry Victoria. The girl had seen her mother's wedding and wanted to have her day too. They were married in a small ceremony at the registrar's office. The girl insisting that he move with her up to Fort William in Scotland with her, so that she could be near her father when she got pregnant. The old man would want to train her girl too. 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