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Accidental Lovers 1 by Sappho Eros Introduction: It was a Friday afternoon in June, school was over for the week and Rachel and I were on our way home to Rachel's house for a sleepover. I had packed some fresh clothes in her school bag for the morning. We turned into Rachel's road, just 50 or so yards from her house. We were both still in our single piece school uniform dresses, carrying our bags over our shoulders: me with warm brown eyes and auburn hair down to my shoulder-blades, Rachel with bright blue eyes, blond hair down to the middle of her back and a figure and face which even at 12, were set to break the hearts of many, many men. The houses were all-semi detached Edwardian homes along Rachel's road, as in mine, a similar road not far away: fairly large, middle class, with decent sized front and rear gardens. We arrived, and Rachel opened the door with her key. She was generally the first home. We made our way up to her room to dump our bags before going down to the kitchen to find something to eat. With the weekend ahead, both of us - eager to get the mundane and boring out of the way - got our homework up to date while the rest of Rachel's family arrived home one by one, her older, irritating brother first. Dinner was a pleasant affair. Rachel's mum came in from work and knocked up a quick spaghetti bolognese. Conversation was fairly good too, with Rachel's parents, but you could tell there was angst between Rachel and her brother. After dinner, Rachel and I went to Rachel's bedroom to chat, gossip, gossip and chat! Rachel put the light on, opened the windows and closed the curtains, as I closed the door. It was a warm evening. Rachel had a large bed, which was just as well as we shared it when I slept over. There was also had a wardrobe against the far wall, and a chest of drawers and chair which also doubled as a desk for doing homework. We decided to get ready for bed, though as it was only eight, bedtime was a long time away. We washed our faces and brushed our teeth in the bathroom, then went back to Rachel's bedroom and changed into T-shirts and fresh knickers. We sat next to each other on the bed, leaning against the wall, and talked. Mostly it was the things we always talked about on sleepovers: boys, men, what the future held, what jobs we could get, would we go to university? Then we lay down next to each other on the bed. It was getting late. We did have some frank conversations with each other. We had both been playing with ourselves a bit, and sometimes talked about it. Girls at school gossiped about orgasms and such things. "Have you had an orgasm yet?" Rachel asked. "No.... You?" "No." "Perhaps you need a man for that?" Rachel said. "Probably.... I wonder what kissing is like?" "Same here." I was getting a little damp. I did sometimes, in bed, particularly when I imagined being with a man, but had never done on a sleepover. I felt a breast - I like gently massaging my breast - and my other hand moved over my knickers and I just gently rubbed myself a bit. It always felt nice. Rachel asked, "Are you playing with yourself!" "No...! Just scratching an itch!" "Ah... I need to scratch an itch too." We were so comfortable with each other that it seemed OK. We both knew we played with ourselves, and had talked about it., I had been doing so since I was 11. I noticed how nice it was to wash down there, and tried it in bed. We had just never done it together. I looked at her, she had one hand inside her knickers, and the other under her shirt! I did that at home alone, but not with Rachel. She looked at me. "Do you want to try kissing?" I asked. "Yes, but with who?" "We can try and practise on each other." "I suppose." We turned on the bed to face each other, and kissed. We simply kissed each others lips for a while, not really moving as we both got used to it. It felt nice. I got damper. I didn't want to get damp with Rachel, but then I didn't mind getting damp with her either. We were best friends, and kissing is supposed to be passionate, and we were only practising after all. "That's nice," I said. "Yes....Do you want to try French kissing?" I thought about it for a bit. I enjoyed kissing Rachel, half imagining a handsome man, but cuddling up to my best friend as well. Both things felt good. I liked hugging Rachel, we were best friends and so it was safe and we could tell each other anything. On the other hand kissing a girl felt odd, but then I was not kissing just any girl; I was kissing Rachel and enjoying it. I was getting damper as well. "Ok. I am getting a bit... you know, damp." "So am I. It's the kissing. It's nice." When our lips met again our mouths were open. I put my tongue in her mouth first, meeting her tongue which mingled with mine and then moved into my mouth as mine moved in hers. We held each other even closer. I could feel us both getting hotter, and could hear my pulse race. Our hands started to move as our kissing became more passionate. I was lost in the moment. I ran my hands over Rachel's back, down to her bum, and then up under her T-shirt up her back. She followed suit. It felt great to caress someone's naked skin and have someone caress you. I moved a hand over her front and up to her breasts. That felt good. Rachel did the same. We both liked massaging our breasts, but had never done it to each other. "It's too hot." Rachel said. She sat up and took off her T-shirt. I could not help doing the same. We returned to the kissing, but now only wearing knickers. Cuddling Rachel's almost naked body close, whilst kissing like that felt soooo good. Well, I was getting very damp now. We came up for air, smiled at each other and carried on. Our hands were moving all over each other's backs, bums and breasts. Ooh. Good! Then as my hand went over her bum I pushed it inside her knickers, and felt her bum. Rachel had a nice pert bum, and caressing that inside her knickers was an experience. In fact my hand stayed there for a while, just moving around between her cheeks. The passion of our kissing was increasing. I pushed her knickers down at the back so they didn't cover her bum, and rubbed my hand all over her naked back, bum and breasts. I was beginning to get exicited... well, I was getting more excited. Then Rachel just took her knickers off! She obviously did not like them a bit at half mast. Mine were off in a flash. We were now kissing and cuddling naked. My hands had free reign over her body and she had free reign over mine. We both made use of it, moving from bum, to back, neck, breasts and thighs. I was getting wetter than I had been before, even after playing with myself. "This is good," I said. " I am getting so wet!" "So am I, and we're only practising!" I pushed a leg between hers, and she moved hers apart to allow it in. Then as my hand moved over her bum, it was between her cheeks, and my fingers touched her dampness. She held me closer and drove her tongue deeper into my mouth. Touching her there turned me on, so I pushed my fingers further around. My heart was racing, I was beginning to drip. Then her hand found my wet spot. Ohh...! We broke off the kiss and smiled at each other, then started kissing again. I wondered how much better being with a man would be! I wanted one right now! I pulled my fingers from her at the back and moved my hand to her at the front, she was getting so wet! I slid my fingers straight between the lips of her pussy, just like I did to myself in bed. I don't know why, but having my fingers in Rachel's pussy felt electric. Her fingers were still saressing me from behind. I gently moved my fingers up and down between her lips, and just ran them onto her clit, which was very hard. Rachel broke off the French kissing. Was she pissed off? The look in her eyes said not. We were both breathing deeply now, considering that we were in bed. I kept moving my fingers up and down her pussy, and felt both my sets of lips quiver. She moved her hand out of me from behind, caressing my bum with her damp fingers, over my hips and plunged then into the front of my lips, and she started rubbing between mine like I was doing between hers. Our bodies were writhing gently. This felt so much better than playing with myself. We were still just looking at each other, breathing deeply. I kissed her. We kept kissing each other as we rubbed each other, not with tongues though. "This is much better that playing with myself," I said. After a passionate kiss, Rachel replied, "Ohh yes!" We rubbed each other for a bit, still kissing, and our breasts were rubbing together. I felt as if I was in heaven. Rachel looked as if she was there with me. Then she rolled onto her back, and her legs opened wider, as her feet moved up the bed. I kept my fingers moving gently up and and down her lips, and her breathing got deeper. Her hand came out of my pussy, and moved to her breasts. Then she took the hand that was under me, holding me close, and put it between my lips. I was worried for a second but not now. Rachel looked at me, her eyes smouldering, and as she breathed I could see her chest moving up and down. On her chest were the most perfectly formed small gorgeous breasts I had ever seen, with erect nipples. I had rubbed them, but now I just wanted to kiss them. I kissed Rachel on the mouth, broke off to see her give that look, then kissed her on the neck, leaning over her body, and kissed down her chest until I reached her breast, I moved around a bit before I kissed her nipples, which tasted of my juices. I was so hot now, and so was Rachel; I could hear it in her breathing. I kissed both her breasts. Then I just kept kissing her naked body moving further down until I could smell her wetness. That was more electric than anything that I had ever experienced before! I still had my fingers gently rubbing her. I could feel her breathing deeply. I was dripping wet. Her legs were up, and wide apart. I moved so I was between her legs. I kissed her on her firm tummy, and took my fingers out. I carressed her legs with both hands, as my kissing moved further down her tummy, and then down towards her pussy. As I did so, her hips moved to push up, I moved my kiss to her mound, then down to her lips, then my tongue parted them like my fingers had earlier. Her taste was like when I licked my fingers after playing with myself, but so much better. I moved my tongue up and down. Her hips moved against my tongue movements. My tongue started to wonder further up and down, going as far as her hole at the bottom, and up to her clit at the top. From time to time I would lick the outside of her hairless pussy. I kissed around her clit. "Oohh...!" This was so exciting! It was like electricity going through my body. My tongue was moving up and down, just savouring the sensations and tastes of Rachel's pussy, and the way it moved on my tongue. My hands were carressing from the backs of her thighs, up the side of her body and to her breasts. I moved my tongue up to her clit. It was hard and very responsive. I knew I did not want to hit it too hard - that hurt me - so I gently rubbed my tongue over and around it, and then up and down her lips. Her hip movements got a bit faster. This was electric! It was making me almost cum! "Ohh Amy...! Ohh Amy!" Her hips moved faster, she got wetter; it felt, smelt and tasted fantastic! I was in heaven and so was Rachel! "Ahh...!" She arched her back, shuddered several times, then relaxed. I licked gently, savouring her juices. Wow! That was fantastic for me! I moved my kissing up her tummy, gently kissed each breast and when I got to her mouth, Rachel smiled, bit her bottom lip, hugged me close and kissed me. "That was fantastic! I came!" Rachel hugged me, smiled at me, kissed me! I felt so hot inside! We hugged on the bed for a while, kissing. Then Rachel gently rolled me on to my back, French kissing me, and caressing my breasts. Then a hand gently worked its way down to caress my inner thighs. My legs were already open, and opened wider. She gently tickled around my pussy. "AhhHhhh!" I was so hot, wet and in heaven. I smiled at her, with love in my eyes. Rachel's fingers gently moved between my lips, into my wetness. She gently rubbed, not as far down as my hole, and not as far up as my clit, but she kissed me. My hips were moving. She moved her kissing to my breasts, one after the other. "AhhHhhhHhhh!" As Rachel's kissing worked down my tummy my sense of anticipation grew. Then Rachel kissed my inner thighs, took her fingers out of my pussy, and started to kiss me there. Bliss! I was in heaven! Then her tongue moved between my lips! Her hands caressed my thighs, her tongue moved up and down my slit, from my hole to my clit, then she moved her hands up to my breasts and played with my nipples. "Rachel... hhh Rachel!" As she licked up and down my slit, and in and out of my hole, and up to my clit my hips fucked her face. I felt so hot, so wet, with electricity running through my body. I was losing control..., who was I kidding? I had lost control ages ago.... I felt a crescendo build, my hips moving against Rachel's tongue... then that feeling of sheer ecstasy as I came all over her face. Rachel lapped up the cum between my legs, as my body relaxed, and kissed her way up my body until our lips met, then our tongues in more French kissing. I hugged and caressed her body close to mine. Rachel broke the kissing, got out of bed and walked over to the light switch to turn it off. Wow! She looked so buitiful naked! Then she got back into bed, naked with me. Naked! We put our night T-shirts and knickers under the pillow, as we cuddled under the blankets, and went to sleep, naked in each other's arms, huge smiles on our faces. Please note that this is my first published work. Many thanks to the proof readers as well, they were very constructive. They know who they are though did not seem that keen on getting a mention! Copyright Sappho Eros 2010. 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