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Feeding Frenzy, Part 2 by Joanne If you have read the first part of my story, you will know that I was a twenty five year old army wife with a lovely baby girl Chloe. Chloe was just six months old and was still on the breast. The boys were still away doing what soldiers do. The camp was buzzing with estrogen. The girls were busy getting their kicks wherever they could. The straight women found what they needed in pairs or in groups both on camp and off it. Orgies with local men were commonplace, men who didn't come close to the magnificent specimens their soldier husbands were, but I guess it was any port in a storm. There were many women, like me, who remained faithful, from choice. Some women were faithful, but not from choice, but simply because they were very plain. Happily, no one has ever said that about me, with me it was because I was busy with my baby, she filled my whole life. However, even for us, the faithful ones, there was still an unspoken understanding that applied to us all. It was that anything that happen when the men were away was totally confidential. Gil, my best friend was totally besotted with her man when he was there, but once, when he was away, she had started underwear parties. In more recent times they had developed into lesbian orgies. Over time they had become bigger and more spectacular. There was not a single attractive woman that had not been invited, including me, to take part, but I had declined. Gil always entrusted her eleven year old daughter Chelsea to me. Chelsea would stay with me for the night or two that the orgy lasted. She was fascination with Chloe and more especially with breast feeding. My story began when Chelsea had asked to have a go on the breast that first time. Breast feeding had always given me pleasure, but as soon as Chelsea took my extended nipple into her mouth and started to drain me, the electricity ran through my whole body and exploded from my pussy. Soon I was kissing and licking the totally smooth fresh pussy that you only dream about. She, for her part, tried to pick up from me what to do and then tried her best to do it to me. The love making that followed between me and this perfectly formed eleven year old, changed my life forever and blew my mind. Chelsea wanted us to be permanent lovers and wanted to come to me, and of course, come with me, straight from school every day. That wasn't on though, her mother was my best friend and I needed my breast milk to feed my baby. She sulked when I told her that we could only be lovers when her mother was having one of her parties. Anticipation being a major factor in sexual arousal, I was sure that after her sexual awakening with me, she would go on to explore her pussy to the fullest extent and be a different girl at our next meeting. I couldn't have been more right. It wasn't long before Gil announced another party. It was going to go on all weekend. Chelsea would come to my place straight from school that Friday. It was a lovely day and I was in the garden reclining on a lounger, Chloe was in her cot shaded from the sun and fast asleep. *Hi Jo,* It was Chelsea's voice. I opened one eye and shielded it from the sun with my hand. Chelsea looked stunning in her school uniform. I could see a long way up her skirt from this angle, but her panties were just tantalisingly out of view. Her blond hair looked like a halo as it caught the sun. I opened both eyes suddenly and I sat up when I noticed the other girl with her. The other girl could not have been more different from Chelsea. She was smiling broadly. She was quite pretty with a lovely smile, but where Chelsea was slim and perfectly formed, this girl was decidedly overweight. She had dark hair, but her most noticeable feature was her enormous breasts. *This is Ruthie, my girlfriend,* Chelsea said, *her mother is at the party too. Is it OK for her to stay.* It was clear that breasts were always going to feature in Chelsea's lovemaking. I knew she was asking me if it was alright for the two of them to stay and assuring me that both parents were happy with the arrangement, but although I saw her mouth move I was lost in my thoughts. I remained silent as I examined this new and interesting development. *Of course, of course,* I heard myself saying. I was coming out of the hypnotic attraction these massive, but very young tits had for me. My mouth went dry and my pussy moistened at the prospect of exploring this chubby young body. They were both looking at Chloe still asleep in her cot, they were looking at her longingly. I wondered how much Chelsea had told her. I have never been a lesbian, but I was wringing wet desperate to explore those very young virginal tits. I was smiling both outwardly and inwardly. As if on queue or because the girls kept nudging the cot, Chloe woke and cried to be fed. I picked her up and took her inside. I laid her onto the changing mat, since she was already crying, it made sense to change her and make her comfortable, so that when was fed she could be put back down to sleep. I changed her and slipped out of my blouse and took her to the left breast. I stood up and turned around to see that both girls were totally naked and waiting. I sat on the sofa, and as before, Chelsea lay facing me and took my extended nipple into her mouth. The effect was immediate. My whole body shook with the pulses of electricity running this way and that and exploding from my pussy. Ruthie leaned over me, kneeing on the sofa to my left, presenting me with her tits. I sucked and licked at them teasing the nipples out. She gasped as the electric fingers of passion reached deep inside her. My right hand found Chelsea's smooth pussy. I circled her clitoris and ran my fingers up and down her slippery crack. She pushed at my hand with hers. She wanted more. I pressed a finger to her cunt. The hymen, that I had been careful not to break the last time, was now gone. My finger slipped easily into her. She gurgled, still on my breast, as I pressed two fingers into her and fucked her to a frenzy. She, in turn, was reaching up and finger fucking Ruthie. Both girls shuddered and quivered through their orgasms together and rolled off me. I stood up, with the now sleeping Chloe, with the intention of putting her into her cot. I realised that the cot was still in the garden. I passed Chloe to Ruthie because I was the only one dressed enough to retrieve the cot. When I returned Ruthie was sat as I had been. She had Chloe on her left tit and Chelsea on her right. She had her hand slowly fucking Chelsea, her girlfriend. I knelt down and spread Ruthie's legs. She had the dark shadow, the beginnings of public hair. The dark shadow pointed to the heaven of her pussy. I kissed it hard and felt her press her hips against me. I circled her clit with my tongue and finger fucked her until her thighs quivered uncontrollably. I tasted her young juices and orgasmed massively. Cloe had gone back to sleep on Ruthie's tit. I took her off and put her into her cot. I stripped off the rest of my clothes and lay on the rug. *I'm all yours girls,* I said. I had one of them on my face, or on my tits or fucking me or sucking sucking me,I was out of control. My pussy was hairy, that seemed to hold a fascination for them. I am not complaining, they took me to heaven and kept me there until, fully drained I fell asleep. I don't how long they went on fucking each other and I don't care. All I know is that when I awoke they were lay together fast asleep, Chelsea using Ruthie's ample bosom as a pillow. Each with a hand on each others pussy. Post A Comment Nickname: ___________________________________________________ Email: (optional) ___________________________________________________ Subject: ___________________________________________________ Comments: _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ [ Send ]

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