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Never Too Young (Mg+,extreme pedo,baby,toddler,nepi,inc,ws) by Maxamm I loved to babysit my two little girls. It was what I called "quality pedo time". Nikki had just turned three and little Anne was just eleven months old. Though my older daughter was my favorite plaything, I wasn't averse to occasionally getting intimate with the infant. As far as I was concerned, a girl child was never too young to begin having fun with her horny daddy. The blinds were drawn, the phone was off the hook and I knew we had the entire afternoon to ourselves. The baby was crying for her feed, but before taking her from her cradle, I stripped completely naked and made sure I had a jar of Vaseline close to hand. The baby continued to scream as I stripped Nikki down to her small white cotton panties. In my eyes, the little blonde grew sexier with each passing day. I adored her smooth skinned, elfin body and the look of pure innocence in her bright blue eyes, even when she was playing with my hard cock. Naturally, seeing me naked did not disturb her in the least. Neither did being naked with me. Playing sex games with daddy came as naturally to Nikki as playing with her dolls. The benefits of pedo-parenting! "Come on, my sexy little baby," I cooed, lifting Anne from her cradle. "Daddy's going to take good care of you." Her diaper was dry, but I still removed it, along with the rest of her clothing. So small! So helpless! So tempting! Nikki had been close to two, before I had gone any further than stroking her pussy, but her baby sister was already a real turn-on. "Come on, Nikki, help daddy feed your little sister," I said. The three-year-old toddled obediently towards me, carrying her sister's milk bottle. I sat back and raised her onto one knee, cradling the crying and red-faced baby in my arms. Anne's cries abated the instant the nipple entered her mouth. My cock stirred as I fantasized that it was my boner gripped between those baby gums and my cum gushing down her throat. "It won't be long before you're sucking daddy's hard cock, just like Nikki does," I told her. "And when you're older - maybe four - I'm going to fuck your little kiddy pussy. Yeah, stick that hard fucker into my baby girl." Even though the baby couldn't understand a word, talking dirty to her caused my cock to swell rapidly to full stiffness. I doubted I could wait until she was four. If I had thought it was even remotely physically possible, I would not wait until she was one year old, before breaking her cherry. While Anne sucked on her bottle, I guided both of Nikki's hands to my raging erection. She gripped the thick veined length in her tiny fists and rubbed it in the manner I had so painstakingly taught her. There were few sensations in the world that could surpass that of a very young child touching my cock. Before Nikki was born, all I could do was look and dream. A little girl of my own was better than a lottery jackpot. My right hand moved between Anne's legs. She continued to slurp her warm milk as I stroked her tiny pussy with a fingertip. Nikki watched intently, her hands moving over my cock and balls. I could feel the heat of her small ass through her panties against my thigh. For weeks, I had been contemplating it, but today, I was going to do it. I was going to fuck my three-year-old daughter. To hell with waiting another year or two! If I was careful, I knew I could do it. And I had no intention of excluding the baby from the fun. I waited a few more minutes, then lifted my two little girls up in my arms and carried them out to the kitchen. I sat Nikki on the edge of the big wooden table and carefully placed her baby sister on the floor. Anne had not yet had her fill of milk and started to scream again, but she would just have to wait. I had conceived another use for her bottle. Squatting down, I spread Nikki's thighs and pressed my mouth to the cotton-covered mound of her pussy. There was a very good reason why I had not already removed her panties and it wasn't just that I loved to look at the sexy child in her underwear. Nikki was not yet fully toilet trained and sometimes still peed her panties. She was far too young to cum for daddy, but when she wet herself, it was sweeter than any love honey I had ever tasted. "Do you want to pee, honey?" I asked gently, rubbing her through the thin layer of cotton. "Nikki pee pee," she giggled. "Yes, that's right," I coaxed. "Nikki pee pee for daddy. Come on. Good girl." It took a few minutes, but my coaxing finally achieved the desired effect. A damp stain appeared on the crotch of her panties. I pressed my mouth to her pussy and sucked her hot, sweet child piss through the cotton. When her bladder was emptied, I peeled off her sodden panties, licked my lips, then went to work on her dripping pussy and asshole with my tongue. Fresh piss added a delicious taste to her bald, pink pussy. While I licked her, she giggled and wriggled excitedly. She might not know what I was doing, but the toddler slut sure knew what she liked. When her pussy was clean, I gently parted the puffy labia with two fingers, before probing a little deeper with my flickering tongue. She didn't seem to like it quite as much when I did that, but she had at least passed the stage where she would cry when she felt something inside her. I could not resist stroking my cock as I feasted on her little slit. The baby at my feet continued to wail, but the high pitched sound did nothing to detract from my pleasure. If anything, it aroused me. Walking into a nursery full of screaming kids was guaranteed to give me a hard-on every time. Finally removing my tongue from my daughter's pussy, I picked up the baby's bottle and pushed the rubber nipple between Nikki's lower lips. "Does that feel nice, little one?" I smiled, keeping a restraining arm around her waist. "Daddy's getting you ready for your first fuck. That's right, daddy's going to stick his big, hard cock in your little pussy and shoot his cum inside you." As I spoke, I fucked the squirming three-year-old with the nipple, squirting warm milk into her soon-to-be-fucked hole. Her tight pussy sucked the bottle like a little mouth. Like a little cocksucking baby! I glanced down at Anne, kicking and bawling on the tiles. I wanted to fuck Nikki, but the depraved thought of putting my cock in her eleven-month-old sister was even more exciting. Why not? Babies scream, shit and suck. Anne could suck her mother's teat or the nipple on her bottle, so why not her daddy's cock? "Has daddy got a soother for you, honey!" I smiled, scooping her small, naked body up off the floor. Holding her at the required height with one arm, I rubbed my cock against her face, soaking it in her freely flowing tears. Anne continued to shriek at the top of her voice, until I finally managed to push the crown of my hard-on between her lips. It was a tight fit, but with a little patience and effort, I managed to force an infant sized portion of my cock into her mouth. Instinct took over from there as she stopped crying and started sucking. The tight grip of her toothless gums around my throbbing boner was exquisite beyond belief. I thought I must surely be dreaming. Was it really possible that an eleven-month-old baby girl was sucking my cock? "Look what your baby sister's doing," I told Nikki, who was sitting in a puddle of milk, with her legs wide open, the tip of the nipple still in her dribbling pussy, both hands gripping the bottle. She must have liked what she was feeling, or she would have already thrown it aside. Though there was only about two inches of my boner in her mouth, the innocent infant was treating me to one of the best blowjobs of my life. I held her with one hand, the other between her legs, a fingertip stroking her baby pussy. She was fortunate her sister was available. Otherwise, I might have been unable to resist the temptation to try penetrating her, even though I would probably have proved physically impossible. I looked from the stuffed face of my baby daughter, to the pussy of her three-year-old sister. Pretty soon, my cock would be taking the place of that nipple and it would not be warm milk that was filling her up. "Oh baby, ohhhhhhhh.........., my sweet little fuckslut Annie!" I grunted. "That's it, baby. Make daddy cum!" I felt the lava boil at the base of my cock and knew Nikki would have to wait a little longer to lose her virginity. I withdrew from the baby's mouth, gripped my cock in my free hand and milked a powerful shower of hot cream over her tiny body. Cum splattered her face and spat into her open mouth. By the time the last drop had been spilled, the baby was drenched in semen. I laid her out on the table then wiped up some of the sticky mess with two fingers and rubbed it over Nikki's lips. She was familiar with the taste of cum and licked it up, without hesitation. I then scooped up a hot glob with my tongue and French kissed the little girl long and deep. Afterwards, I pushed her head downwards and showed her what I wanted to do next by licking a little more cum from Anne's squirming body. Nikki was a very quick learner. With some more gentle persuasion, she began licking daddy's cum from her baby sister's face and body, as though it were the most natural thing in the world. I had never seen anything so erotic. Before she was finished, my cock was rock hard again. Having taken my pleasure with the baby, I put her back down on the floor and turned my full attention to Nikki. Anne had resumed her crying, but I wasn't going to continue feeding her until her sister was no longer a virgin. The shrill sound would provide just the accompaniment I needed. The Vaseline was in the adjoining room, but the refrigerator was nearer. Taking out a block of butter, I scooped up a large portion with the fingers of my right hand and began smearing it between Nikki's thighs. "Daddy's going to fuck you now, my sexy little girl," I told her gently, as I lubricated her with the butter. "I'm going to stick my cock in your little cunt and fuck you 'til I cum inside you. Do you understand?" Of course she didn't understand. The child was only three years old. I didn't want her to understand. I wanted her innocence, her sweet, tiny body. This was the moment I had dreamed of long before she was even born. My deepest, darkest desire was about to come true. Nikki squealed as I pushed a finger into her tight slit. Even though she was liberally greased, the penetration still hurt. For an instant, I almost changed my mind about fucking her. But a brief pang of conscience was no match for the raging lust that consumed me. Even if I waited another three or four years, my little girl's first time would still prove a painful experience. No matter how much it hurt her, I knew I could not wait even another four minutes. I wanted that three-year-old pussy and I wanted it now. The whimpers of the child were drowned out by the screams of the baby as I rolled her onto her belly on the table. Forcing her legs wide apart, I guided my throbbing rod to her butter and milk-oozing hole. Struggling to break free, with her little white ass upraised, she was a picture of perfect submission. Maybe what I was about to do made me an evil and selfish father, but I could live with that. "You're so sexy, baby!" I panted. "Such a fucking hot little whore. Daddy's big cock is coming for you. Going to fuck you so good!" Nikki's cries became a scream as I forced the head of my cock between the plump folds of her child pussy. Even well lubricated, she was so tight, I thought for a moment I would be unable to continue. But nothing could stop me now. Holding her flailing legs with both hands, I pushed harder, stretching and splitting the helpless little girl as my cock sank deeper into her virgin cunt. Though I stuffed her with only a couple of inches, the three-year-old was screaming as loudly as if I had cut her open. Her shrieks, accompanied by those of the baby, inflamed my passion to fever pitch. I drew slowly back, then pushed my cock into her buttered pussy again. Once the initial shock and agony had abated, I had imagined she might begin to almost enjoy what I was doing to her. But Nikki screamed continuously as two inches of my manmeat slid back and forth in her hot and heavenly tight hole. I stroked her ass, smearing her small cheeks with butter. Without any conscious volition on my part, the long finger of my right hand found its way to the bud of her anus. I had intended to leave that particular orifice unmolested for another day, but I was far too excited now to exercise such restraint. Her body convulsed and she yelled even louder as I pushed my greased finger slowly into her asshole. I buried it to the knuckle, feeling the friction of my thrusting cock head through the painfully stretched wall of flesh between both orifices. "You're such a good fuck................., such a great little baby fuck!" I gasped. "My little girl, my baby........... my sweet little cunt.............. ahhhhhhhhhhhh...............!" My cock erupted, spewing a heavy load of hot cum into my little daughter's freshly fucked hole. When the flood began to ooze around the head of my cock, I withdrew and pumped the remainder of my climax over her ass. Slumping to my knees, in an ecstatic stupor, I picked up the baby's bottle, wiped my cock on the nipple, then stuffed it back into her mouth. Might as well get her used to the taste of cum. From now on, Anne was going to be a regular little cocksucking baby. And I knew she was unlikely to be allowed to reach the ripe age of three, before daddy was trying out his cock on her tender pussy. THE END NOTE: More stories like this can be found at: http://www.asstr.org/files/Collections/Nepi_Stories

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