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Little Baby Jane (MF,g+,toddler,extreme pedo,voy,inc,bi) by Jones My second wife had a 10 year old daughter, Doris. Doris had matured beyond her young years. She was a tease, but a sexual tease even at that young age. When her mother wasn't in the room she would get on my lap and bounce until she felt my cock start to get hard. Then she would get down and smile at my wet bulge and tell me she loved me. By 13 she was wearing short pleated skirts, white shirts and bobby socks to school. Now she would climb into my lap so that her white panty clad pussy rested on my swelling cock. She pulled her skirt up to keep it from wrinkling. Right. She was just begging for my hard cock and I was ready to fuck her anytime I got the chance. One Saturday morning I woke up to my wife's whispering in my ear, "Hey sailor, I'm fucking horny, any ideas?" Her fingers walked down my bare belly and found my hard cock. Then she said, "I'd fuck a yellow dog right now but look what I found, something hard for my wet cunt." Her dirty talk always turned us on and she spread her legs and mounted my throbbing prick. Her hairy wet cunt made sucking noises as she rammed down and then lifted off my cock, then down again. I thought I saw something from the corner of my eye and there was little Doris, secretly watching me fuck her mother. This really turned me on and I picked up the fucking speed and said, "You are a hot piece of ass and I'm going to fill your steaming cunt with cum. Maybe that will cool you off you fucking whore." That did it and we both exploded in huge orgasms. I hoped Doris got an eye full. Well, she started dating and she was turning out to be a slut just like her mother used to be. Our sex life had slowed down. One night I heard something and got up and found her in the back seat with a boy. They didn't see me but I jacked off in the dark watching her suck his cock while he finger fucked her. Another time I heard voices and a car drive off. I got up and found her drunk trying to get in. I sat with her in the swing and held her while she cried. She was upset because all the boys she dated were only trying to satisfy themselves. I kissed her forehead and told her it was natural to have sex but she might have to find an older man to satisfy her. She grabbed me and kissed me and said she wanted to be fucked like I fucked her mother. I told her I loved her and gave her a little kiss which turned passionate. She had her hand on my cock bulge and I was fingering her soaked panties when we heard her mother. Shit, almost caught. Before I could figure out away to fuck her she ran away with a real shit head. Long hair and ugly but she said he loved her and made her feel really good. She was only ninteen. We didn't hear from Doris for a few years then, out of the blue, she turned up with a baby on our door step. She was honest and told us she was oversexed and he and his buddy's gave her wonderful sex until she got pregnant. After several months they took off and left her high and dry. Her make up was a mess as was her uncut hair and she only had on a dirty short skirt and white blouse. Her mother was shocked but her trashy look turned me on. I felt my cock start to swell and drip. Her mother was gone for the weekend so she and the baby stayed home with me. God was I hot for her. She didn't wear a bra so she could nurse and I didn't see a panty line. It was hot so I only wore an old thin pair of baggy shorts. I know she could see my cock swing when I moved around but she didn't say anything. She sat next to me and pulled her blouse up and nursed the baby. I rubbed the baby's head and "accidentally" brushed her bare full tit. The baby, Little Jane, went to sleep so Doris put her in the crib. When she bent over I could see heavy dark pubic hair between her legs. She flopped down beside me on the couch and her big tits left milk stains on her blouse. I put my arm around her and we were suddenly passionately kissing again. I put my hand under her blouse and felt her wet nipples. She pushed my head down and told me to nurse her, that baby Jane gave her orgasms while nursing and she loved those orgasms. She pulled her blouse off and I was sucking milk from her tits. As I sucked and she moaned I put my hand on her bare leg and she spread them and I rubbed up to her thick untrimmed pubic hair and found her wet cunt lips and slid two fingers in. She had an orgasm and then stood up, looking down at me. She was nude and asked if I remembered being on the swing with her when her mother almost found us. She told me to undress and she was going to finally have my cock in her cunt. Just then little baby Jane woke up. Doris said to follow her and she picked up the baby and went to her bedroom. She laid on her back and put the baby to her nipple to nurse. She spread her legs and her hairy cunt was slippery with her juices. I knelt between her open legs and started licking her open cunt and clit and she exploded again in a screaming orgasm. Milk squirted out of her nipples and nearly chocked the baby and I lapped up her cunt juices. She said that was hot so lets see what happens when you fuck me. While the baby nursed I got between her legs and sunk my frantic cock deep in her. She yelled, "Oh fuck my cunt, suck my fucking tits little Jane. I fucked her like a trip hammer and we came together. Doris said, "Let's see if my baby likes cum as well as her mommy." I laid my slippery spent cock next to the nipple the baby was nursing. I squeezed left over cum out of my cock shaft all over the nipple and some in the little mouth and the baby kept sucking. Doris said, "Hey baby, if you liked that just wait till you suck your first cock." She heard that some babies will suck a clit so we put baby Jane to her mother's fucked cunt but no go, yet. Doris worried that her mother would catch us fucking with the baby but we hatched a plan to include her mother (my wife of course... the slut, remember?). As planned I didn't fuck my wife for a month and she got really randy. One night Doris took her to a stage show and got her drunk. I stayed at home and let the baby lick and try to suck cock. No luck, yet. As soon as they got home we sat Doris between us on the couch. She pulled her blouse up and the baby started suckling. I let my wife see my big cock bulge as I rubbed Doris' bare shoulder to "relax her." My wife rubbed her daughter's other shoulder and said that she could use that too. I went around behind the couch and took my drunken wife's blouse off. I rubbed her shoulders and then removed her bra and massaged her mature tits. She started to breath hard and said how good it felt not to wear a bra. As planned, Doris said, "If you think that feels good, remember this?" and put the baby to my wife's nipple. As the baby suckled my wife put her head back and closed her eyes. Then Doris started sucking her mother's other tit. My wife, breathing heavily said, "My god, that feels good" and started to put her hand under her skirt and spread her legs. Doris ran her hand to her mother's soaked cunt and started finger fucking her. My wife slurred, "What we need now is a good hard cock." No sooner had she said that than my cock was in her mouth. We ended up in bed, the baby sucking Doris's tit again and my wife sucking the other. I rubbed my cock head against my wife's mouth an the tit she was sucking and then against the baby's mouth and the other tit. My wife came through and said, "Hey sailor us girls are horny and need a good hard cock. Fuck Doris first and then let me eat her fucked cunt. Then fuck me and see if the baby would like to suck a little cum. We now sleep naked and the baby is learning to lick cum off of their tits and lick cum filled cunts and maybe suck cock one of these days. THE END AUTHOR's NOTE: More stories like this can be found at http://www.asstr.org/files/Collections/Nepi_Stories/

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