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Annie and Her Uncle Jack (Mg,extreme pedo,nepi,toddler,diapers,ws) by Johnny Johnson Finally, it is Saturday - the day I get to babysit little Annie. Annie is my sister's child. She is now 26 months old or slightly over two years old. This little blue-green eyed, brown hair kid is a bundle of terrible two's energy. From the moment she wakes to the moment she finally collapses, she is on the go. Into everything, she can poke her little button nose into. Even though her speech patterns were still weak, she talks constantly in a flow of baby talk mixed with just enough real words you may wonder if she really is saying something. If she is not talking, she was singing in a singsong way. Yes, little Annie was a very happy child. Me, my name is Jack Johnson. I recently had my 25th birthday. I am in fair condition and I like to workout for a few hours a week. I am by no means a muscle bound giant, but I can handle myself. I mostly do marital arts exercises to condition myself. My main fault is my size, which is why I workout, I am only 5'5". My entire family tends to be short. Otherwise, I am a normal, hazel eyed, brown hair, man. Women find me attractive in looks and where it counts in my other places. The only problem was, I was not attracted to women per-say. I am not gay. I am a pedophile. I like my women below the age of 12. For some reason I find babies to toddlers the most appealing. I also have a certain thing for small boys, up to the age of five or six. For this reason I now live alone in the old family home. I manage a few small service businesses and my primary office is in my home. I also have a small business office in a local business mall where I have a salesman that looks for new clients and where the workers for my various businesses meet. It all started with me cutting a few lawns for neighbors; now I have thirty-two full-time employees and over one hundred part-time employees that do anything needed outside or inside a home short of major construction. Mostly it is lawn and garden care still, but my handy-man business is extremely popular too. Needless to say, I have sufficient money coming in to let me live comfortably. Mom and dad moved into a condominium on the other side of town. They had had enough of the homeowner life and recently sold the place to me for the price of the mortgage that was still on the place. The main appeal for me was the location near the elementary school. Because of it, there are many kids in the neighborhood. Since I am well known in the neighborhood having lived there, I have been trusted to baby-sit my neighbors' kids since I was 13. I still do. Tempting as you might imagine, I never 'DO' anything to them that cannot be explained as caring for the child. I think that is why I like toddlers so well. They are old enough to 'play' but not old enough to tell on you. However, bath times allow me to enjoy kids up to the ages of 7 or 8 normally. It is surprising what a child and parent will let you get away with as part of a bath. My dad wanted to have plenty of room for gardens and stuff he loved doing, as well as a play area for his kids so he bought a rather large piece of land. The open land has become an unofficial playground for the neighborhood and the old gardens are where I installed a pool. I never was into gardening. Therefore, as you can tell, I have kids around me almost constantly when it is warm out. I took first aid and lifeguard lessons just so I can watch the little kids in their skimpy swimsuits. I pay a couple of teenagers to play pool guards during the days I am busy or not home. My sister, June, married at the age of 23 and was divorced a year later shortly after Annie was born. Her husband turned out to be an abusive alcoholic and she was smart enough to get away from him as soon as possible. She let him have everything; the only thing she wanted was Annie. He did not care; he was dating a new bimbo a week later and was glad to not have the hassle of a baby to drag him down. He gave up all rights to the child if he did not have to pay any child-support or alimony. My sister took the deal ran back home to live with me until she was finally able to get a small apartment of her own a few months ago. I told her to continue living with me but she wanted to be on her own and I was not about to argue. June has to work of course and I put her in charge of my house cleaning service. During the week, she has daycare available, but she needs to work many Saturdays too. Mom, who married and raised a family later in her life, is too old to properly care for the little dynamo of a child my sister has. I graciously volunteered to help. For the price of a home cooked dinner, I babysat Annie for the Saturdays she works. When Annie was younger that deal was great, now that she is older I have been tempted to raise the price. I am not serious of course but she is a chore to take care of. With a yawn I look at my bedroom clock, almost 9 AM, my sister should be here in a few minutes I think to myself. She has to be at a house by 10 AM. I had slept in a little and then lazed in my bed enjoying the sunlight coming in the window. Scratching myself, I get up and slowly head into the bathroom. I wasted too much time before my sister got here to take a morning shower. I begin to wash the vital areas and shave when I hear the front door open. I hear my sister call for me and I give a yell that I am in the bathroom. I quickly pull on a fresh pair of underpants, just in time to hear the loud sounds of little feet running towards the bedroom. The door crashes open and a little voice squeals, "UNKI 'ACK!" I lean over and a flying bundle of flesh jumps into my arms. "Hello, Annie" "Hi Unki 'ack." I laugh to myself and once again try to correct her, "Uncle Jack," as I emphasize the "L" and "J" sound. Not that I really cared as I thought it cute. Her mother wanted her to learn to say names correctly at least. Sister comes in a moment later and takes Annie from my arms, "Let's let Uncle Jack finish in the bathroom and get dressed." My sister and I never were that worried about clothing, though we respected each other's privacy normally as we grew up. Because of our close age, it was easier for mom and dad to just let us see each other nude and grow up thinking it was normal. I took baths with my sister until she was 13 and we watched each other go through puberty. It was her starting to have periods that ended our carefree attitudes about nudity. Once mom explained it to me and I understood, I too began to try being a little more modest. I was almost done and entered the kitchen fifteen minutes later dressed for the day. The coffee was made and handed to me as I sat at the table. A couple of cherry pop tarts followed a few moments later. I laugh to myself, my sister knows me too well. I have had this breakfast more or less ever since I was sixteen. I rarely have anything else, though sis has tried to make me eat more for breakfast. Annie is in the highchair with the tray full of Cheerio's. She was singing one of her songs to herself. It sounded mostly like something from the TV show "Blues Clues." She was happily examining each little 'O' as she placed them in her mouth. As I sit down, she offers me one but then quickly stuffs it in to her mouth with a giggle. I just wiggle a finger at her and she giggles some more as we repeat the game a few times. "I have my own breakfast to eat, honey." I ignored her the next time she offered one and she just smiled and ate it after a few moments. "I will see you again June by 5 o'clock?" I asked knowing she normally does a six-hour shift on Saturday. "I might be a few minutes late. I need to do some shopping for groceries and as you know, it is easier without Annie along." Chuckling I reply, "OH, YES. I know how that is." June checks her hair and make-up and then says, "Well, I had best be going. Annie, you be good for Uncle Jack." She kisses Annie good-bye and gives her a loving hug. Annie said something that sounded like "Mommy, bye, bye." "OK, my baby Annie, what do we do today?" I ask. "BOOZE COOS!" Annie chortles. I look at the clock and say, "Well, 'Blues Clues' is almost over, but Dora the Explorer is next." "ORA AN' OOTS," she giggles. "Yes, Dora and Boots. Let's get you out of that high chair and you can watch TV while I clean up. I think we will go to the park for the morning." "WINGS." "Yes, you can ride the swings, when we get there." I move the chair's tray aside and help Annie down to the floor, her feet already running as she touches the floor. Removing the tray, I dump the last few pieces of cereal in the garbage and wipe it down. I hear the TV come on. Just because the TV was on, did not mean she was actually watching so, I glance through the door to the living room to see what she was doing. She was dancing to the music that was playing on the show as it ended. I start to pack a few snacks and a finger food lunch for us both while we were at the park. I check the diaper bag to make sure everything needed was there. Deciding all was ready; I go in and join Annie, to watch Dora together. She climbs into my lap and cuddles for a whole two minute perhaps before taking off again, dancing to some music. I can only marvel at the energy this kid has. The show ends and I say, "Ok, munchkin, let's go to the park." "ARK, ARK, WINGS, WINGS!" Annie jumps up and down in front of me as she loudly chants that a few times. I pull the stroller I have out and once outside, I belt Annie into it. Annie doesn't really like to be held down like that so she fusses a little. Soon we are walking down the block to the park. "EARL!" Once again trying to correct her pronunciation I say, "Yes, that is a SQuirrel." I stop for a minute to allow Annie to watch the squirrel look for food in a yard until she began to fidget. We spotted a few other animals and watched them. Plainly though, Annie wanted to swing and she made sure I knew. Swinging was about the only thing that will slow her down and keep her in one place. She wore out the mechanical baby swing June had for her. At the park she will swing for 15 or 20 minutes, longer I bet if the pusher would allow it. Before long we get to the 'Kiddie Korral', the pre-school kid's playground. It is football field sized area, completely fenced in with a high fence and contains a playground and large shady picnic area. With only one guarded gate during the day, it was fairly safe to allow your kids to run around without having to watch them constantly. "WING! WING!" I knew I had better not even try to get her to do anything else first. I wheel over to the swings and got her out. She leaps into my arms so I could put her in a child's swing and begin to swing her. "WINGGGGGGG!" She shouts and giggles as she flies high into the air. The park is not too busy so I allow her to swing for about 15 minutes before my tired arms make me stop. "Let's find a table and have a drink of water before we play more, Annie." We amble across the open field to where there is a tree-covered area with tables. I take her to a far corner along the fence that had bushes tight against it, hiding anyone at the table from anyone looking in from outside the fence. A picnic pavilion blocked us from easy sight from anywhere else. I liked this table because while I cannot do too much to Annie without being seen I could change a diaper and play around a little. Seeing the table, Annie runs to it. I guess I come here too much I think to myself as I watch her run. "Yep, that is the table we want," I said to Annie as she looked back at me. As I set up the table and get out the water, she wanders near by singing and playing by herself. Just as I was about to call her over for her drink I see her stop and slightly squat down as she closed her eyes. She then looks at me and smiles and says, "Annie pee-pee." Her mother had started toilet training and was still trying to get Annie to tell her before she peed or pooped with varying success. Annie does know the difference between poopy and pee-pee and is happy to let you know, afterwards though. "Annie, your suppose to tell me before you pee." Annie just looks at me and giggles. I just shake my head and quietly laugh. I almost wonder if she actually knows I like changing her diapers. Well, her wet ones at least. She grabs the changing pad out of the diaper bag as I go around the table to her. I take it and place it on the table. With a fake loud groan, I then lift her up and stand her on the seat of the table. "You are getting to be such a big girl." "Annie big girl." "Let's get those pants down." "Scare Pants!" Scare pants? That was a new one for me. I thought about it as I worked her pants down to her feet and off her. "Scare pants?" I say back at her. "Scare Pants," she repeats back at me and points at her now exposed diaper. Just as she said that, I looked closer at her diaper. They had Sponge Bob Square Pants on them. I wonder at her quick mind as I lay her back on the pad. "Yes, Square Pants." I sit down on the bench and open her diaper. The smell of baby pee and baby powder fills my nose. I look down on her little bald baby pussy. As I watch, she allows her legs to fall sideways and her chubby little honey pot opens more and exposes her little clitty ridge and hood. The cool morning air makes her shiver as her tiny rosy clitty looks out slightly. My desires to do so many things made me almost drool with anticipation. But we were in public so I could only do things that are appropriate for diaper changing. Her moist inner lips are just barely open and twinkle in the sunlight. I touch my finger to the opening and push into it slightly. After a quick wiggle of my finger to make her laugh, I pull it back out and under my nose letting me smell her little girl smell along with the other smells. I lick the finger but only taste the tangy flavor of her pee pee accident. There was also just the pleasure of looking at Annie in the bright sunlight. The full rich shades of white to the peach-pink color of her outer lips and the contrasts of pale to dark pink of her inner lips and the hole inside makes me almost drool. Small red splotches of irritated skin from urine or contact with the diaper. Her little rosy pucker in back has a slightly browner colored ring around it as it is contrasted with the white globes of her dimpled butt cheeks. A slight tan line on her legs from playing in the sun this summer runs across her legs. Little dirty bare feet with tiny toes wiggle as I caress them. Her face glows with health. Slightly tanned the flesh tends from a pale white to the rosy pink cheeks and lips. Strands of her dark brown hair dance over her face in the gentle breeze. Her eyes seem to change from blue and green as she looks up at me with her adoring face. Her little teeth shining white as she giggles and sings as she waits for me to finish. With a quick look around, I raise her little shirt to expose the tiny mounds on her chest. Little pads of baby fat raise each tiny crinkled nipple to a point. As I finger them, they harden slightly and blush a darker pink. Little brown and pink rings surround each point, all no bigger than a dime. Her bare pale tummy crowns slightly before it sloped down to her little pussy lips again. She is now dancing her little butt around as she sings to herself. The slight breeze most have tickled her clittie, she was gently fingering it as she sang. Her eyes twinkled as the pleasure of touching herself filled her body with pleasure. I watched as she explored her little clittie and inner lips. A few times, she tickled at her pee hole and even slid into the little hole below. I watch as her tushy began to twitch a little and her body jerked in tiny shivers like she was perhaps getting off on the touching. I wish I could do more but for now, I will just hold this pleasant picture of seeing her in my mind. In a few hours, we will be home and it will be naptime. Naptime diapers are when I can play more, often before and afterwards. I dream of the day I get to baby-sit little Annie over-night and what I could do with her. So far, her mother has not needed 'Unki ack' to do that. With a sigh, I pull the wet diaper free and wipe her little cunny clean. I apply a little ointment on her small blemishes while enjoying her soft skin. Last a touch of powder on he tushy after setting a new diaper under her, I close the diaper and put her pants on again. I have her sit-up and I pull her shirt back down. I barely got a hug from her as she scooted off the table to the bench and then to the ground. She was off and running around the table. She takes a sipper cup of water and drinks as she walks towards a bunny rabbit she spotted. "ABBET," she squeals. The cup forgotten and dropped, she runs after the bunny as it sprints away and under the bushes. A minute later with me hurrying behind her, she gets to the bushes and searches for the rabbit. I saw it bound out from the other side but Annie did not see it and continued to look. After a minute, it was forgotten and a pretty flower had her attention. I just followed her around as her short attention span took her from one thing to another. She would try to name items she knew and I would correct with the right name or pronunciations. Before long, we were back to the playground. The swings were empty and she ran to them. Giving in, I swing her again for a few minutes. Then, I needed to 'pee-pee'. I almost wished I had the luxury of a diaper at times. The thought of a girl helping me change them and perhaps help in other ways made my cock grow with desire. I had no girl to change a diaper for me, but I did have a little girl that liked to point my cock at a toilet for me. I gather my little niece up and carry her into the men's room with me. It is a small single person room. I locked the door and place Annie on her feet on the floor. I then pulled my pants down. Annie stares at my cock as I pump it a few times. It does not help me take a pee but sure feels good to have her innocent little eyes watching me. Before I got too hard, I face the toilet, grab a tiny hand, and place it on my cock. She knew what I want her to do and she pulls it down to face the toilet. With a shiver of pleasure, I release a stream of pee that splashes into the toilet. "Unki 'ack pee-pee?" "Yes, Uncle Jack is pee-peeing." It surprised me a little, as she had never made that connection before. I wasn't worried about it as I could not stop her from seeing me, I couldn't leave her outside the door. The way my sister and I grew up, I was sure she would not care. I also suspect my sister kind of knows I like little girls. She was willing to look the other way as long as I didn't hurt Annie. She has commented about the attention I seemed to give little kids and girls in particular before as we grew up. Not married and I did not seem to be searching for a woman confirmed that, I was sure. "Do you need to pee-pee or go poopy?" She seemed to think on that for a moment and just shook her head. Just as well, I had no potty chair here and it would be hard to balance her on the toilet. I was soon done and dressed again. I was tempted since the park was almost empty to take the time for her to jack me off, BUT if a man entered too soon after I left, he might guess what happened from the smell and report me. Hungry now, I lead Annie back to the table and set out our lunch. I had no high chair here and knew I would not be able to keep her seated; I just let her eat while she walked around. Hungry also she never wanders too far off. After eating we ran around the field until finally she showed signs of tiring. Naptime was here. I strapped her into the stroller and headed home. She was dozing before I even got there. I picked her up out of the stroller and carried her limp form to the room she used when I baby-sat her. I could smell an unpleasant smell coming from her. "Annie poopy?" I ask. "Annie poopy," she responded in a sleepy voice. After a moment she added, "Annie pee-pee." She must have done that while in the stroller, as I had not smelled anything when I put her in. With a sigh, I place her on the changing table, before I could do anything though she was asleep. I was a little sleepy myself. I quickly went through the motions of cleaning her up. I decided I would put her down for her nap and take one too. June prefer Annie to never sleep for more than an hour and a half at most. It was hard enough already getting her to bed without her getting too much sleep in the afternoon. I place Annie in the crib and lay down on the bed that is also in the room. It was left over from when June slept in here with Annie. It was June's old bedroom. When Annie was too big for the crib, I will take it down and have her use the bed. I set the alarm for an hour and a half later incase I over sleep, but I normally am back up in an hour. The alarm scares Annie too much to let it wake her. With a sigh, I doze off almost as quickly as Annie did. I wake an hour later from a dream that involved Annie. We were taking a bath together. I was massaging her little lower love holes with my pecker as I slide it up and down her slits, 'washing them'. I was about to apply my special soap when I woke. My cock was stone hard and my balls were still buzzing with desire. I hit the alarm button before I forget and sit up. My tight shorts pinch my cock as I attempt to stand. The pain was delectable. The tight feeling made my balls tingle and my legs go limp. I drop my shorts and take my cock out of my boxers. Thoughts of the dream raced through my head as I pumped myself. I glance over at the crib and see Annie's face next to the slates of the crib, still asleep. I waddle over to the crib, place my enraged cock next to her mouth, and push it against her soft lips. I could feel her mouth open slightly but not enough to enter. It was enough though. Her warm lips French kissed the head of my cock. With a few more strokes, I was a fountain. Some entered her mouth I am sure but most spilled out on her cheeks, I could not keep my throbbing cock against her mouth. I shot several more good spurts on her nose and sleeping eyes. Annie makes a face as she sleeps, either from the taste or the feel of the warm cum flowing down her face. I could see her throat working slightly to empty what ever I got in her mouth. A blob of cum ran down into a nostril of her nose, made a popping sound, and bubbled as she breathed. It must have tickled because she brought a tiny hand up and rubbed her nose, smearing cum all over her tiny face. She then put her cummy thumb in her mouth and began to suck on it and giving a happy sigh, she settled down again. With a shiver, I wipe my slimy hand and cock off on my boxers. I had not planned to do this and now needed to recover a little before I could do more. I look at Annie and decided to let her sleep a little longer as I took a quick shower. The hot water felt good as I allowed it to wash over me. I thought more on the dream and decided that perhaps next Saturday my little niece was going to play in the mud and need a bath. Just to make sure it was believable to June and for the laugh of it, I will take a few pictures of her before the bath. Not that I was worried about what June thought, she trusted me after all. While I have my digital camera out anyway I may add a few more pictures to my private picture file I have of Annie. About 20 minutes later, I walk back into Annie's room as I dry myself off. I had not bothered to get dressed. "Hi, Unki 'Ack." Said a little voice still touched with sleep. She did not pay any attention to me being nude. "Annie pee-pee." Not sure if she was telling me that she needed to pee-pee or already had, I pull her diaper away from her and stick my fingers inside. I find the diaper damp and her little slit wet. "Ok, Annie, let's get you cleaned up and a fresh diaper on." I lift Annie out of the crib and carry Annie to the bathroom. It is part of June's training attempt for me to set Annie on her potty chair after a nap. I thought it a little silly since she had already peed but I did it anyway. I had not bothered putting her pants on after I changed her last time. I removed the diaper and seeing cum on her shirt, I remove it too. I will rinse it out later. I sat her on the potty chair and said, "Annie go Pee-Pee!" She looks at me like she was not sure what I wanted and just parroted back to me, "Annie go Pee-Pee." She looked so cute sitting there with only her socks on; I wished I had my camera handy. It was in my office where I had been taking pictures of girl in the pool wearing a near transparent white bathing suit. My office looked out on the pool and things like that are a pleasant distraction. After a minute, she was bored and stood up. June would have had her sit there longer but I did not feel like continuing this silly training and walked out of the room with her toddling behind me. She did not mind being bare. The dream had given me an idea of what I wanted to do with Annie before her mother got home. I still had a few hours and felt safe enough. I enter my bedroom and made sure Annie was following. I quickly grab her and send her flying a short ways onto the bed where she flopped down giggling. I quickly grab her legs, pull her to the side of the bed, and spread them wide. I get on my knees and gave her chubby pussy a swipe of my tongue. With a wild squeal of giggles as she wiggles, she yells, "STOP" I knew she did not want me to stop really and continued to probe her little moist slit with my tongue. I think she as going to say 'Unki 'Ack' but all that came out was a hic-upped, "ACK" As I licked, she continues to feebly talk to me for another few minutes until she was just cooing and humming to herself. I could tell she was still enjoying it by her humping her little butt at me every once in a while. Her pee was not very strong and the taste of it was quickly gone. The taste and smell of warm flesh along with the smell of moist talc in the powder filled my nose. I was not digging very deep yet, just running my tongue from her little puckered rear hole to the top of her baby slit. I could feel her asshole flexing on my tongue as I passed over it, allowing it to enter slightly. Her butt muscles danced each time I tickled the little hole. Every once in a while she would give a little gasp as hit her baby clittie just right as I licked over it. I keep this up for a good twenty minutes without her once trying to stop me. She never really gets off, but I could tell she was having small orgasms or at least intense good feelings, as she would arch her back slightly. Finally, I decided it is my turn to feel good. I stop licking, reach over to the nightstand, and take out a small bottle of lubricating gel. First was something I had been doing every Saturday for the few months. At first, she did not like it but now she does not complain too much. I got the idea of placing a finger in her butt after having to push a temperature probe up her butt when she was sick once. I massage the gel into her little rosy hole and coat my finger. Then slowly I press the finger into her tight pucker. Right away, I feel the sphincter attempt to close tighter. She gives a slight cry of pain. I just press harder as I softly talked to her and I feel my finger slide in a little. Once, I was in about an inch I feel the pressure release as she relaxes her little opening. I slowly twist and poke my finger deeper working more gel on my finger as it goes in and out a little. The soft velvety walls of her chute massage my finger as I feel the muscle flex a little. Little by little, it is in just past my second finger joint. It is always right at this spot I touch something that makes her clinch down hard to expel my finger. I have watched her to see if she is in pain or something but decided that it was an involuntary response. It sensed a little turd or something and pushed to get it out. I allow my finger to slide down a little and she relaxes again. I push in again and she clamps down on my finger and force it back out again. The tight rippling feeling makes my cock harden as I think about how that would feel on my cock. After a minute of this, I allow my finger to slide out. The musky smell of her butt hole fills the air and my finger is a slimy mess of gel and liquid turd material. I know some would lick it off or suck on the finger, or have her do that, I don't. I clean the finger off with a Kleenex and wipe the residue off her hole. Sometimes though, I have gotten a present after doing this. A turd would follow my finger out. While poop is not something I like, there is something appealing for some reason about watching a little brown hotdog come oozing out of an asshole. In the past, this is where I have stopped with my play. Just the act of touching her like this was enough get me off as I use my hand and coat her with cum. I don't trust her to suck on it yet. Those teeth are very sharp. I can't get her to help me jack off either because she gets bored too quickly. Today is the day my niece gets fucked, no, not penetration really but cum in that little cunny hole of hers. I grab the bottle of gel again, squirt a liberal amount on her cunny, and spread it all over her cunny lips and ass cheeks. I then anoint my ramrod with a little more of the gel. I move her to the center of the bed and place a pillow under her butt to hold her up to cock level. I move on my knees until her butt is almost against my legs. Towering over her, she looked so small. Taking her legs, I roll her ass up as I push them towards her head. She fusses a little in discomfort I guess but does not complain too much or struggle. I take a deep breath as I look down at her shiny bare cunny and butt globes. I bend forward enough to place my cock in the groove of her butt. My balls were already getting twitchy. While I had considered doing this a few times, I decided not to because I felt she was too young. I close her legs around the tip of my cock. The warm pocket felt good as it gently held my cock. I give a push into her with my hips. I feel my butt muscles tense from the feeling of it. I feel my cock slide between her legs and out the other side. I pull back and begin to repeat the motions again and again. Moving her legs around I found better angles of penetration through her legs. From my angle of sight, it looked like I was actually fucking her in the ass. While it felt good, the contact was not tight enough. I just was not getting the true feeling of fucking and found myself pushing harder into her asshole and making it slide over her baby hole in front and against her clittie. This felt much better and she seemed to like the actions. Her eyes look glazed as she smiles back up at me. Her fingers tried to get to her clittie to rub it. I was now quickly getting ready to cum and could feel the buzz of it building fast. With a firm downward thrust I caught her vagina and pressed into the tiny hole as I shot my cum into her. She gives a shriek of pain from the pressure of my cock on her little hole. I wanted to stop and yet, I had to continue pushing. I jerked with each burst of cum. Finally, the need to push subsided and I let go of Annie and allowed myself to slump to the side. I was scared I had hurt her but did not have the strength to check yet. After a few breaths though I could tell she was not hurt too bad, she was not crying. She was looking at me with a worried look. When our eyes met, she gave me a gigantic smile. "Unki 'Ack pee-pee?" That struck me as so funny I burst out laughing. She laughed with me until I finally was able to reply, "Yes, Uncle Jack pee-pee." Now recovered enough I sit up and look down in to my nieces open legs. I see lots of cum, but no pink or red cum. She was playing with the slippery fluid as she rubbed it into her pussy and legs making herself all sticky with cum. I watch for a few minutes but it does nothing to get me up again. Not that I had time to do more. I get off the bed and grab my little lover up, carrying her to the bathroom. My legs were still a little shaky and the feel of our warm skin against each other felt nice. I debate on taking her in the shower but decided to just place her on the counter next to the sink. Using a warm wet washcloth I clean my cum off her. I clean her from head to toe. Taking great care, I made sure her little cunny was clean and nothing left inside her. There was no damage but it was a little red. June will just think Annie had been playing with herself, I hoped. June has commented on her doing that. Within an hour, Annie was dressed again and singing to an afternoon show of 'Blues Clues.' I was cleaned up and the sheets were in the wash. June was home earlier than expected but I always consider that and make sure all is cleaned up at least an hour before she is likely to be home. Someday, I suppose she will be very early and I might be caught. That is part of the thrill though, the chance you might get caught. The End NOTE: More stories like this can be found at: http://www.asstr.org/files/Collections/Nepi_Stories

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