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Index of /files/Collections/ASSTR_Collection/Red_Rose/ Name Last Modified Size Type Parent Directory/ - Directory Red_Rose.Becky.txt 1997-Apr-16 18:08:00 87.1K text/plain Red_Rose.Daddy's_Girls.txt 1997-Apr-16 18:08:00 65.3K text/plain Red_Rose.Glenda_Part_1.txt 1997-May-11 19:14:00 15.6K text/plain Red_Rose.Glenda_Part_2.txt 1997-May-11 19:14:00 19.5K text/plain Red_Rose.Glenda_Part_3.txt 1997-May-11 19:14:00 15.0K text/plain Red_Rose.Innocence_Lost.txt 1997-May-11 19:14:00 28.5K text/plain Red_Rose.Jenny.txt 1996-Jan-10 00:00:00 45.7K text/plain Red_Rose.Jessica_Part_1.txt 1997-May-11 19:15:00 16.8K text/plain Red_Rose.Jessica_Part_2.txt 1997-May-11 19:15:00 10.9K text/plain Red_Rose.Lena.txt 1996-Jan-10 00:00:00 14.9K text/plain Red_Rose.Lisa_Part_1.txt 1997-May-11 19:15:00 27.4K text/plain Red_Rose.Lisa_Part_2.txt 1997-May-11 19:15:00 26.6K text/plain Red_Rose.Love.txt 1996-Jan-10 00:00:00 28.3K text/plain Red_Rose.Marilee.txt 1997-Apr-16 18:09:00 74.0K text/plain Red_Rose.Marsha.txt 1996-Jan-10 00:00:00 68.4K text/plain Red_Rose.Rene.txt 1996-Jan-10 00:00:00 7.4K text/plain Red_Rose.Rita.txt 1997-Apr-16 18:09:00 40.0K text/plain Red_Rose.The_Kids.txt 1996-Jan-10 00:00:00 40.9K text/plain Red_Rose.The_Video_Part_1.txt 1997-Apr-16 18:09:00 28.3K text/plain Red_Rose.The_Video_Part_2.txt 1997-Apr-16 18:09:00 27.1K text/plain Red_Rose.The_Video_Part_3.txt 1997-Apr-16 18:09:00 18.5K text/plain Red_Rose.The_Video_Part_4.txt 1997-Apr-16 18:10:00 21.0K text/plain Red_Rose.The_Video_Part_5.txt 1997-Apr-16 18:10:00 12.1K text/plain lighttpd audrey

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