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Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Busting Todd by Xavier L This is a story containing sex between two minors. If you are interested in my other stories, you can find them listed in the Authors section under Xavier L. Please feel free to email me with comments at xavier.lancaster@ukonline.co.uk I've been watching Todd ever since he came to our school. I'm 17 and in high school, but I'm an assistant to one of the PE teachers for 1 period. Todd is 12 or 13, and he has the hottest ass. Nice, tiny, bubble butt. I've often jacked off fantasizing about doing that tight ass. Lately we had been having some complaints of items being stolen from lockers. I've noticed these complaints always follow when Todd disappears during class. So I decided to sneak up on him the next time he leaves the field just to see if he's the little thief. On Thursday came my chance. I saw him quietly sneak away during track. I gave him a couple of minutes, and then I snuck in. I could hear him going through some lockers. I walked quietly to where I had heard him. He was in a corner of the locker room. He was bent over, that hot ass in perfect position, while he rummaged through someone's gym bag. I crept up behind him. "Having fun Todd?" I asked. Todd jumped and tried to move back, but I was too close for him to do that. I simply pushed him back into the locker. "Randy! Hi, I, er, forgot my jock." "Really? I thought your locker was over there," I said, pointing to the other side. He glanced in that direction nervously, and I could tell he was trying to decide what to do next. He knew he couldn't escape. "You know what I think Todd? I think you're our little thief." "NO! It isn't me. HONEST!" "Really? OK, fine. Turn around." He reluctantly did as I told him. I moved in even closer, our bodies almost pressed into each other. "Let's see if what you say is true." I quickly took my hands and slid them down the back of his warmup pants. He jerked but had no place to go. "What are you doing?!" he asked, some fear strong in his voice. "Checking out your story," I replied, my hand rubbing against his ass cheeks. I then slid my hands along the waistband of his jockeys to the front. Feeling the contrasting fabric of his jockstrap, my hand then glided down his front, firmly rubbing against his dick and cupping his balls. "Feels like a jock to me." "I . . . oh, oh yeah. . . " he stammered as my fingers continued to rub against the bump in his jockstrap. "Forgot you were wearing it did you?" "Um, yeah. Yeah, I guess so." He tried to laugh nervously, but my fingers were distracting him. I slid my hands upward to the waist of his warmups and then quickly jerked them down. He again tried to stop me, but his efforts were pointless. I returned my hand to his bulge and then slowly traced the fabric upward up to his belly. Without any warning, I moved my hand within his underwear and grabbed his erect cock and began playing with it. "So what should I do now Todd? I've caught you. You could get in a LOT of trouble now. The last kid we caught was EXPELLED. What would your parents do about that?" My right hand continued to play with his cock as my left hand carefully pushed down his jockstrap and underpants. "Please don't tell Randy!! Please!" "I suppose we can work SOMETHING out," I offered as I continued to rub his cock and balls. "But what? Hmmmmm. Maybe if you're a REALLY good boy, I won't say anything. What do you think?" "What, what do you mean?" I leaned in closer to him, my hardon pressing against his ass, my lips near his ear, "Well, you have something I'm interested in. We would call it a fair trade. I'll even let you keep what you took out of Bill's locker." "I don't know. . . " "Suit yourself Todd. . . " "No, wait," he cried out as I began to pull away from him. I pressed back into him, rubbing against his ass with my sweatpants. "So is it a deal?" I asked, as I pushed his head downward, aligning his ass better with my tent. "Going once, going twice. . ." "OK! OK! But we tell NO ONE, right?" "Of course not stupid," I said as I pulled down my sweats and boxers enough for my dick to pop out. I spit in my hand and spread it over my hard cock. "Bend over," I instructed him, also pushing down on his head. He did as he was instructed. I presented my cock at the entrance to his virgin hole. I then slowly pushed forward penetrating it. He started to moan loudly in discomfort. "Shhhh! Put something in your mouth if you have to!" He gritted his teeth together, and his face started to turn crimson as I entered him more. "Oh, you're fucking tight Todd! Relax, man." Todd did his best to relax as I sank more of my hard rod into his ass. It felt so fucking incredible!! I pushed my boxers and sweats down some more, letting my balls have more room. Just a little more pushing and our bodies met as I sank the rest of my cock into his hole. "Oh yeah, this is a GOOD trade!" I said as I began slowly fucking him. It took him a while to get used to my rod, so it was slow going at first. As soon as it was easier, I began fucking him faster and harder. He had to put his hands on the locker for balance. He was moaning "Unh, unh, unh," with every thrust I made. Soon I was pounding away at his ass. I loved watching his head bob up and down as I rammed into his cheeks. Now I had my hands on his hips, holding onto him tightly, my face turned to the ceiling as I gave myself to the sensations flooding my body. I could feel pressure building up. I completely surrendered myself as waves of ecstasy filled me, spreading outward from my groin until at last I exploded cum into Todd's bubble butt. It felt like I was shooting gallons. We were both sweaty and breathing hard as I finished unloading my jizz into his ass. "That was great Todd! You have a helluva an ass man." I said as I pulled out of his ass and pulled my sweats and underwear back up. I smacked his butt playfully and said: "See you tomorrow bud!" and then walked away back to the track. I had to hang around the lockers a bit more because I noticed in the mirror my face was flushed. Didn't want to give away any clues. It was tempting to go back in there for round #2, but I knew there wasn't enough time. And I didn't want to risk it further. As I walked back to the group of kids in the class, my mind began thinking of how I could have more of Todd.

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