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Perils of Agent Scully By: Darkperil I As Agent Scully entered her apartment, the red head's grey eyes noticed the light blinking on her answer phone. It was well past midnight, and she had been working late on one of Mulder's X-files trying to create a report that would be believed by her superiors. Putting her briefcase and laptop down on the table, she sighed, brushed a stray hair from her eyes, removed her black high heels, and pressed the message button on the machine. As the tape rewound, she stretched her arms above her head and yawned, forcing the material of her white shirt to stretch tightly over her 38D breasts. Even though her tits were encased in a bra, the motion of the shirt over her nipples made them react and become hard. Her hand moved unconsciously up her torso and began to slowly tease her nipple through the material. The tape had rewound, and Fox's voice was issuing from the machine... "Dana, it's Fox. I've just had a tip off about a company that has been experimenting in splicing alien genes into plants trying to make them resistant to predators...." The rest of the message went on to describe the location of the labs and his need for assistance in breaking in so he could prove the existence of alien life. "By the way, I think the Government may be involved so be very careful. I'll be waiting at the rear gate about 1 o'clock tonight." Jotting down the directions, she noticed that it would be past 2 in the morning before she'd be able to get to the labs location. "Well, there goes another nights sleep..." Driving through the woods, she was just about to give up her search for Mulder when she spotted his car parked off the country lane by a 8 foot high wire fence. Parking her car behind Mulder's she checked the time on her watch. 2.30 am. He'd probably gone in without her. Sighing she got out of her car, and walked to Mulder's. A note addressed to her was pinned under the wiper, so she took it and read.. "Couldn't wait longer. I've made a hole in the fence, and there's a path that leads through the woods to the lab to the north. I'll meet you inside - Fox". Scrunching the paper up, she put the note in her jacket pocket, and headed back to her car for her torch. After locking her car she headed to the fence, looking for the hole that Mulder had made. As Dana's torch scanned the fence, a sign was illuminated - 'DANGER - Biohazardous area'. Just under the sign she spotted the break in the fence. Pushing the wire back, she crawled under the wire, and then made sure that the hole was well concealed. I wonder what these scientists have been up to, she thought, as she made her way along the twisting path through the woods. The torch light began picking out strange flora that was not natural. As she walked past the plants, they slowly rotated their heads homing in on her pheromones, signifying that a woman was within easy reach. The plant-mind that controlled the entire woods registered her presence and slowly changed the direction of her travel away from the main path towards the heart of the forest. Dana walked on, unaware of the alien life force that permeated the forest. Suddenly she came to a dead end. Sweeping the torch from left to right, all she could see were red and green vines, some of which looked strangely phallic, but extremely enlarged, while the 'flower bulbs' looked like they had teeth. Shrugging her shoulders, she turned around to head back the way she had come, only to find that the path was blocked by the same type of vines that were behind her. Not wanting to believe her eyes, she put on her glasses, and examined the now blocked path to see if there were any other exits from the small glade. As she came closer to the vines the bulbs began to stir, and the vines began to move towards her. Suddenly a number of vines shot out, and wrapped themselves around her ankles and wrists, forcing Dana off her feet and onto the ground. Scully struggled, trying to pull her arms that had been stretched above her head, loose from the plants. Two vines wound their way down her jacket sleeves slowly splitting the material as they went. Another two vines forced their way up her trouser legs, again splitting the material as they progressed towards her pelvis. A few of the phallic shaped vines began bashing themselves against Dana's writhing body, against her heaving breasts, and her face. One of the vines began to force itself into her mouth, so she turned her head away. After the vine tried in vain to insert itself into her mouth, a couple of other, smaller vines wrapped themselves around her forehead and over her chin holding her head firmly in place, as well as forcing her mouth open. As the red vine now had easy access to Scully's throat, it didn't hesitate to thrust in as deeply as it could, and began to slowly push in and out. Even as her throat was being violated, she noticed that the vine tasted very much like a humans penis. Her trousers had now been shredded by the vines, revealing her white stockings and suspenders as well as revealing that she didn't have on any panties. The green vines that had been banging their heads against Dana's writhing body, began to ooze a green liquid. As the liquid touched the material of her shirt, the shirt began to dissolve. After a few more seconds, the green vines were ejaculating all over her breasts. Dana could feel the material slowly begin to disappear, revealing her nipples and cream breasts. As her nipples felt the cool night air they began to react and slowly became hard. The green vines kept on bashing themselves on her breasts, now sliding on the ooze that issued from their heads. Another couple of smaller vines that were covered in small thorns wrapped themselves around her now free breasts, and began squeezing them until they both stood proud of her body. As they tightened, the thorns pierced her white skin, and blood began to be mixed with the green ooze. Scully's ankles were slowly pulled apart, and more vines, which had what looked like eyes the size of tennis balls at the ends of the stalks, came forward. As her legs were spread as far as possible, four smaller vines, again covered with small thorns, grew from the sides of the eye stalk which hovered over Dana's cunt. The smaller vines thrust themselves into her vagina and began to open her up. As the thorns bit into her sensitive labia, tears sprang to her eyes. Scully's breath quickened as she felt this new intrusion, and her body began to react to the intimate inspection of her vagina. Once her cunt was fully dilated, the eye stalk began to force its way into her. Even though she was by now well lubricated, the stalk had to pound it's way up her tight cunt, each thrust being followed by a slight retraction so that it would have a slightly looser cunt to push into. As Scully's throat contracted with her screams of pain, the vine in her throat began to pull out. As it's head reached her mouth, it began to ejaculate into her. Again Dana was surprised that the stuff that was issuing from the plant tasted like human sperm. She tried to swallow as much of the jism as possible, but the volume that the vine was producing was far too much and she began to cough and gag. As her mouth was blocked, the spunk was forced out through her nose and dribbled down the sides of her face. The vine then pulled out of her mouth and continued spraying spunk over her glasses, face and hair. At last Dana was free to observe what was happening around her. As the waves of pain of the tennis ball sized eye stalk entering her tight cunt washed over her, and the added pain of the thorn vines wrapped around the bases of each of her breasts cutting into her skin with each thrust of the eye stalk into her ravaged body. Her torch, which had fallen from her grasp when the vines first wrapped themselves around her limbs, was nowhere to be seen, and a pale green light issued from the various vines and flowers that writhed all around the clearing that surrounded her body. Then a new wave of pain coursed up from her well reamed cunt as the eye stalk began to push against the entrance to her womb. Dana's body bucked with the reaction to this new onslaught, her pelvis twisting trying to pull away from the intrusion, and in turn the thorn vines tore into her pendulous breasts. Through all this the eye stalk continued pounding at her cervix slowly widening it, and with each thrust, Scully's screams grew louder and her writhing more violent. With one final push, it entered into Dana's womb, and began to prod and inspect her. Once satisfied that a seed would flourish in such an environment, the eye stalk pulled out of her now gaping vagina. The vines that had wrapped themselves around her tits and her ankles now forced her to roll over onto her chest before she was dragged by the vines wrapped around her tits and arms along the thorn covered ground towards a thick, horizontal branch about 3 feet from the ground. Dana was then lifted up and bent over the branch, as more vines whipped out and pulled her feet apart, and the vines holding her arms pulled her firmly onto the branch. By now her nipples and breasts throbbed painfully, as they were covered in a myriad number of small cuts inflicted on them by being dragged along the ground as well as hundreds of large and small thorns which were pushed into, and under, the skin of the dirt covered orbs. One of the smaller green vines began to push it's way into Dana's puckered ass hole, and she could feel the warmth of a liquid being pumped into her bowels. As the vine kept pumping, it slowly pulled out, lubricating the entrance to her very tight anus. Another eye stalk began to prod at the opening of her anal canal, and began to force it's way in against her protesting sphincter muscles. After a few minutes of trying to open the anus enough for it to enter, the stalk retracts and one of the phallic red vines began to enter her anal passage. This vine had relatively small diameter, and easily entered into Dana's well lubricated passage. The vine began to thrust in and out, and soon shot a load of spunk into her bowels. As it pulled out, it had loosened her muscles slightly, and the spunk dribbled down the backs of her legs. As this vine pulled out another larger vine pushed it's way in to her tortured anus. Another eye stalk hovered around her tits, directing the examination of them. A small, gray tentacle, very long, thin and sharp, approached Dana's nipple, and slowly began to push at a tiny hole that it found in the end of the engorged bud. Tears ran down Dana's face as the needle vine pushed it's way in. As it pulled out, a small dribble of milk dripped from the end of her punctured nipple. Seeming satisfied, the eye stalk directed 2 large flower bulbs to just beneath the hanging mammaries, which swung back and forth with each thrust of the vine inside her ass. As the bulbs opened, Scully noticed that they were filled with thousands of inch long thorns, and each thorn dripped a clear fluid. The petals of the flowers were of a membranous material which was akin to lycra, which allowed the flower to contract and grow to any size. Each of the flowers also had a hollow stalk in the middle, with what looked like teeth inside them. The stalks slowly extended until they surrounded her nipples. Dana could feel her nipples being sucked inside the stalks, and once fully inside the stalk, she felt the teeth bite into her nipples holding them firmly in place. The stalks then pulled down hard on her pendulous tits stretching them as far as they would go. The bulbs then, slowly began to close around each of Dana's tits until she began to feel the thorns begin to enter her tit flesh. All over her breasts the thorns pierced her skin and were thrust deep into her yielding flesh. Again, Scully screamed from the pain that was being inflicted on her. Once the bulbs had fully surrounded each of her boobs, she felt an incredible heat issuing from all the thousands of thorns puncturing her skin. Whilst the vine anally fucked her, she noticed that the bulbs on her tits were slowly getting larger and larger. By now, a vine at least 3 inches in diameter was sliding easily in and out of Scully's anus, and once it had ejaculated inside her and pulled out, the spunk dribbled out freely, mixing with the juices that flowed out of her cunt. The eye stalk tried again to enter her now cavernous anal canal and was easily swallowed by the stretched sphincter muscles. After a few inches it saw that it would be impossible to plant a seed in this area and retracted. Whilst waiting for her breasts to become fully grown, the plant mind decided to give Dana's throat another good reaming, and forced one of the phallic vines into her throat. Another was inserted into her cunt, whilst a third was inserted up her ass. Rhythmically they began abusing Scully's body, and as a counter point, the thorny vines began to whip the white, tightly stretched skin of her buttocks, and across the small of her back. After a few minutes, all the vines inside her began ejaculating, and all the phallic vines that surrounded her, spunked all over her body, face and hair. Again she tried to swallow the large quantities of alien sperm that was issuing into her throat, but a lot of the stuff escaped out of her mouth and through her nose. She'd now had gallons of alien spunk inside her body - "Thank God I've kept taking the pill," she thought, as the vines pulled out of her now well fucked body. The bulbs surrounding her breasts opened up revealing tits that now had a diameter of 3 feet. Two more tentacles slithered across the ground to her pendulous boobs. These looked like fire hose, apart from the fact that the open end had rows of serrated teeth all around the inside. Opening wide, the hoses shot forward and clamped themselves hard onto her tits surrounding her puffed nipples. The hoses then bit into her flesh, which renewed her screams of pain. She could feel the hoses sucking, and she could feel something leaking from her nipples. "My God, I'm lactating!!" she thought, as thorn vines wrapped themselves around her huge orbs, and began to squeeze them, trying to force more milk into the 2 hoses. Slowly, as she was milked, her breasts slowly reduced in size. Her ass and cunt were repeatedly shafted, each time the vine getting bigger and bigger. As first light filtered through her spunk encrusted glasses, Scully's tits were back to about the same size, maybe a cup size bigger. As the first rays of light touched the feeding plants, they automatically retracted into the dark depths of the forest. As she lay in the forest, spunk dribbling from her orifices in a large pool by her buttocks, she could here someone shouting her name. Fox appeared from the forest, leading a group of men in combat gear. "Scully, what happened!!". Dana's throat was rubbed raw with the repeated penetration of the vines into it, and she whispered, "Raped...". With that she fainted. An officer looking at Scully's ravaged body, turned to Mulder and said, "We'd better get her to the facility to have her checked out. I told you that a group of criminals were loose in the woods. They caught Scully and raped her." A couple of the guards brought forward a stretcher, put her on it, and covered her naked body with blankets. As Fox made his way back to the facility with the officer, one of the guards said to the other, "Look's like the Plant had a good feed last night. Look at the size of those tits." So saying he picked up one of Scully's tits and gave it a squeeze. Milk spurted from the nipple, which the guard licked. "Better get her to safety," he said laughing, as they took Dana to the Facility.... II As the Officer and Fox headed back to the facility, the two guards carried Sully back on the stretcher. As they walked, Dana's pendulous breasts jogged under the blanket, and her head rocked from side to side. The guard that was carrying her at the rear soon had a raging hard-on looking at the swaying mounds under the blanket. "She's given me a raging horn", he said to the other guard, "and with the fucking the Plant gave her, no one will know we've had a piece of the action." "Good idea," replied the other guard, "I'll radio in and say we'll be a bit late because the stretcher broke and we needed to stop to mend it." Taking Scully off the main path, they found a small clearing that had large branches covering it, and vines hung from the periphery to shield them from any prying eyes. Putting her stretcher down, one of the guards radioed in, whilst the other checked out Dana. Pulling the blanket away, he examined her ravaged body. Her red hair was still mated with the dried spunk that the Plant had ejaculated over her, whilst the rest of her body was covered in a myriad number of small cuts, and dried semen stains. Surprisingly, she still wore her white stockings and suspenders, as well as her high heel shoes. Kneeling down beside her, the guard reached forward and began to squeeze her massive tits, the flesh pushing out through the gaps in his fingers. Dana moaned in her faint as he went to work on her breasts, finally pulling and tweaking her nipples until milk dribbled out onto his fingers. "Right, we've got at most half an hour." One guard tied a couple of vines to Scully's ankles, whilst the other tied a couple of vines around the bases of her breasts, making sure they were tight and secured well. Throwing the vines that were tied to her tits over a branch, they hoisted Dana's limp body from the ground until her hips were level with theirs. Tying off the vines, they then pulled open her legs with the vines that were attached to her ankles, and tied these off as well. Pulling out their erections they gave them a few good strokes whilst they looked over their handiwork. "What do you want first, cunt or ass?" "I think I'll try her ass." So saying, the guard walked behind Dana, opened her buttocks, and drove his tool deep into her bowels. "Well the Plant did one good job of loosening her up, I'm hardly experiencing any resistance," he said as he pounded away up Dana's anal passage. The other guard, meanwhile, had walked around to the front of her jerking body. Kneeling down, he opened her cunt lips with a few of his fingers, and began to insert them into her yielding vagina. After a few minutes, he'd gotten his entire fist sliding in and out of her loose cunt, whilst he wanked himself with his free hand. Moans of pleasure were escaping Dana's lips as she was again savagely raped. The guard fucking her ass quickened his pace and with one more violent thrust, shot his load into Dana's body. "You're right about her being well loose, we could probably both fuck her cunt at the same time." "You're full of bright ideas today.." the other guard replied as he pulled his dick out of her ass hole, lifted her hips slightly, and inserted his tool into her cunt. Once fully inserted, the other guard pushed his dick into her cunt, and began thrusting into her supine body. Dana's body jerked up and down on the vines tied around her tits, which caused a milking motion on them. Soon, with each thrust, milk spurted into the face of the guard. After a few minutes, both the guards ejaculated into Scully, and pulled their now limp dicks from her body. "What a fuck! We'll need to do her while she's awake next time." "Better be getting back to the facility, they'll be sending a search party for us soon!!" Cutting Scully down, they put her back on the stretcher and quickly carried her back to the facility. Doctor Kidman, a petite curly-red headed woman, pale skin, wore glasses, tight lycra mini-skirt, patent leather black high heels, and spoke with a slight Australian accent, and had at least a pair of 'DD' bouncing in her top, and her female nursing staff ( who were also very well endowed, and wore short nursing outfits), placed Scully carefully in a bed in an isolation room. "She'll be well looked after here, Agent Mulder," said Doctor Kidman, "She'll need a lot of rest, and we do have the best medical facilities in the area. If you leave her in our capable hands we'll contact you when she's ready to resume work." Fox, already knew he'd pushed his luck with the Government so far by breaking into the facility in the first place, and he'd found no evidence of alien artefacts in the out-buildings he'd searched. "Okay, I've got another case in a city near here, I'll be back at the end of the week to see how she's faring." "I'm sure Dana will be as right as rain when you get back..," the Doctor reassured him as she lead him from the building..... When she got back to the room, the nurses had changed the bed for a wooden table, which had a number of interesting features. At the head of the table were two manacles, which now held the wrists of Agent Scully firmly in place. At the foot of the table were a pair of gynecological stirrups which now held Scully's ankles firmly in place as well as opening her cunt and arse wide open for the coming ordeal. Coming over to the side of Scully's prone body, she gathered up one of her pendulous breasts. "Did anyone remember to measure the bovines udders?" "Yes Doctor, it has a pair of 38FF's," replied a nurse. "Hmmm, the alien report said that she was left with a pair of D-cup breasts after the last milking. No matter, attach the milking clamps and wires, and make sure that the wires are pulling her breasts to the limit." The nurses fastened the clamps tightly to her nipples, and then attached the clamps to two cables which ran to 2 sets of pulleys on the roof which then ran down to an area where the cables could be tensioned with heavy weights. From the top of the clamps, two tubes ran to a standard milking machine. The wires were also attached to a black box, which had a dial and a button on it, and was attached to the power supply. Moving to her cunt, Doctor Kidman coaxed out Dana's clit from under it's protective covering, and another clamp was attached to her exposed clit, and also attached to a wire. Finally, a ball gag was inserted into her mouth and securely fastened. Checking to see she was properly secured, a shot was administered that soon brought Dana back to the land of the living. "Good morning, Dana. You have been chosen by our alien friends for a range of experiments. You've already experienced the first, which was a genetically engineered milking unit." Kidman then pushed a large robot, which had 2 arms, and various types and sizes of dildos which could be attached on the ends of the arms, between Dana's legs. "This next experiment is more technological." So saying, Doctor Kidman switched on the robot. The two arms chose 2 dildos and snaked out to Dana's cunt and ass. With no pause, the robot pushed in the 2 dildos alternating the stroke's. Dana's body arched to the new intrusion into her body. "The alien's have noted that the milking proceeds much quicker if the bovine, that's you, is stimulated." Switching on the milking machine, the pulsator and vacuum soon started their work, drawing milk from Dana's tightly stretched mammaries. "You see, your udders are already producing milk. But what's pleasure without pain..." she said as she flipped the switch to the electric shock unit. At random, either breast, or her clit would have an electric shock sent to it. After a few seconds, Dana's body shook as a bolt of electricity passed through her clit. Tears were rolling down her cheeks as the machines went about their work. After 10 minutes, no more milk was flowing, so the Doctor switched off the machines, and unfastened and removed her clit and tit clamps. "As you've been such a good milker, I've got a present for you." As the Doctor left the room to get her 'present', she ordered that all the equipment be moved from the room. Dana, for the first time, looked around the room she was imprisoned in. In each corner was a video camera, and in one corner was a toilet, whilst in the other was a bed. The room itself was white, with recessed lighting even though there was no control for the lights. The door out, which was at least as high as the roof and about 2 meters wide, was controlled by an electronic lock, that could only be opened from the outside, and the floor was made of concrete that had a very rough coating on it that made sure people didn't slip if it became wet. "Shit, where's Mulder when you need him," she thought, when the door opened. In tottered Doctor Kidman on her high heels, her breasts bouncing like 2 playfully puppies in her tight black dress, followed in by a huge crate. Walking to beside Scully with 2 male guards, she ordered that Dana's wrists be freed and tied behind her back, and her ankles freed from the stirrups. As Scully sat, Doctor Kidman tweaked Dana's nipples and fondled her own nipples through the material of her dress. A guard handed her a rope which she used to bind Dana's tits, making them both look like 2 melons, standing proud of her chest. "I wish I was receiving this sort of treatment, but you were chosen as the most suitable bovine. Ah well..," she said as she walked from the room, her buttocks moving seductively with each step, "Release the animal..." The guards opened the front of the crate, and a gorilla knuckled it's way out. Scully jumped off the table onto her high heels. With not standing for so long, she stumbled and fell onto her knees, which gave the gorilla time to come closer. The gorilla had a huge penis, at least a foot long with a diameter of 3 inches at least. As she looked up, she saw that the gorilla had bunched one of it's hands into a fist and struck Scully on her jaw. She was sent sprawling on the floor, her vision blurred with the shock of the force of the blow. The next thing she felt were two leathery hands turning her over onto her tits, her nipples pressing hard on the rough concrete floor. Her breasts acted like 2 small cushions lifting her head and shoulders from the floor. The hands then moved to her hips, which were raised, until she rested on her knees, the side of her face resting on the ground. She then felt the huge head of the gorilla's penis begin to probe her cunt. Even with all the fucking she'd already had, the gorilla's member stretched Dana's cunt to the limit. With each thrust she was pushed along the ground, her huge nipples and breasts and knees rubbed on the non-slip surface causing pain and friction burns. After a few thrusts, Dana's head pressed against one of the walls, which provided enough resistance for the gorilla to push his dick all the way inside her womb. Now that Scully's body didn't move with each thrust, the gorilla began to pick up the speed of his pumping. With the increase in speed, the length of it's strokes also increased, with the head of the penis coming out of her cunt and then being pushed all the way back inside. During one of the cycles, Dana slipped slightly, and when the gorilla thrust, the head of the penis went into her ass hole. The gorilla grunted, not expecting the resistance it now experienced. Pushing hard, the gorilla forced open the rectal muscles, and the gorilla's penis head was sucked eagerly inside Dana's puckered and well reamed anal passage. Grunting all the time, the gorilla forced his length up her ass. By now, tears ran freely down her cheeks, and the howl's of pain were stifled by her gag. With each thrust, her head banged the wall, and her nipples rubbed back and forth on the rough floor, milk seeping out of the engorged teats, slightly helping by lubricating the floor. Once fully inserted into Dana's ass, the gorilla howled and jerked, ejaculating it's hot jism deep into her bowels. Pulling out of her ass with a pop, the gorilla knuckled it's way back over to it's crate. Doctor Kidman walked back into the room, and the gorilla was taken back to it's cage to recover. "A most excellent show, we'll leave you to recover and get back to you tomorrow." With that, Doctor Kidman walked out of the room. Scully struggled to her knees, and then to her feet. Stumbling on her high heels, she got to the bed, and fainted on the bed. When she next awoke, the room was dark, apart from a faint light from the lighting. Her arms had been freed, and she felt that most of her wounds had been healed. "I remember the aliens using some sort of 'cure-all' lotion previously, even by cunt and ass aren't as dilated as before." Standing, she slipped her shoes on and walked to the toilet. As she sat there, she wondered how she was going to escape from this dungeon. She was startled by a gurgling noise coming from the toilet. Taking no notice, she continued relieving herself. Suddenly, 2 thorn vines shot out from the bowl and wrapped themselves around her still pendulous FF-cup tits, and as they squeezed tight, milk squirted from her engorged nipples. "Help..," Dana shouted as she felt a couple of the penis vines start to push their way into her now tight cunt and ass-hole, and another vine cut off her screams for help by pushing into her mouth. Finally the two milking tubes appeared surrounding her nipples, sucking the buds deep into the tubes, their teeth biting deep into her boob flesh, and began sucking and chewing on them. The thorn vines wrapped around her massive mammaries began pulsing, pulling and squeezing her tits with the same rhythm as the milking tubes, their thorns pushing deep into her tit flesh that was forced between the tight wrapping of the vines. The lights in Scully's cell flared to full power, and the vines quickly disappeared back down the toilet. The doors opened, and Doctor Kidman, who was totally naked apart from a vibrator in her cunt and one in her ass that were held in by a pair of ropes that passed over the vibrators up to a pair of nipple rings, over her shoulders, down her back, and between her ass-cheeks, jogged in, her breasts bouncing up and down, forcing the vibrators deeper into the Doctors sopping cunt and ass, as she came over to Scully. "Need to make sure the Plant can't get back inside, it'll ruin the experiments. For now we'll leave the lights on to make sure it doesn't come back." With that, Doctor Kidman left the room, and left Scully pondering about what was going to happen next. III The arrival of morning was signaled with another increase in the light levels in the room. The lights had been left on to frighten off the Plant creature from trying to get at Dana while she slept. As her eyes were again adjusting to the brightness of the room, the metal door that imprisoned her opened, and in walked Dr Kidman. "Good morning, how's our little bovine today?" she inquired. Kidman had changed from the white coat and tight lycra dress she was wearing the day before to a black leather corset which accentuated the size of her bust, while her pierced nipples were forced through holes in the tips of the cups. She wore a pair of leather crotchless panties which had rows of hooks sown into the edge of the hole. These were strategically placed to keep her cunt wide open by attaching the rings that pierced her lips to them. The ensemble was finished by a pair of thigh length, leather high heel boots. 2 guards followed her in, and immediately grabbed Dana and as one guard held her, the other began to dress her. "As today is your first full day at the facility, we must attire you correctly," began Dr Kidman, as Dana's remaining clothes were taken off, and a pair of thigh length leather boots were fitted, "I'm sure you must be hungry after our little session yesterday," she added, as a leather halter was fastened to her hips and two leather straps that had various hooks were passed either side of her cunt and attached to the front and back of the halter, and a tight leather corset that had two half cups, was placed under her tits, lifting them from her body, leaving her nipples well exposed. Sets of small, barbed spikes were attached to the bases of the half cups, so that whenever her tits bounced when she moved, the spikes were pushed into them. To further extend her chest, her arms were pulled behind her back and forced into a single leather glove, which was then fastened to the top of the corset. A chain, which was lowered from the roof of the cell, was attached to the end of the glove. A nurse, similarly dressed to the Doctor pushed in a trolley, upon which were a large selection of dildos, vibrators, clamps, pegs and other bondage devices. Dana's eyes grew wide as she saw the size of the implements, some of which wouldn't be out of place at a baseball game. "First, we'd better get the rings in place." Doctor Kidman went over to the table and picked up a can of aerosol. Pointing the aerosol at the steel table, she sprayed a fine mist, which quickly formed a layer of ice. Moving back to in front of Scully, the Doctor began to tweak and pull on Dana's nipples. Dana moaned as her nipples were twisted and manipulated, until they began to react to the Doctors ministrations. Once they were erect, she sprayed the freeze spray directly onto the nipple. The sudden pain of the spray hitting her erect nipples caused Scully to scream, but her nipples became even more engorged, reacting to the cold of the spray. Kidman then reached over to the table and picked up a hammer and a 4 inch nail. Making Scully kneel down in front of the table, she adjusted the height of it so that her tits were resting on the table top. Pushing a small wooden block against Dana's tit flesh, she forced the erect nipple to lie on the top of the block. Scully saw what Kidman was about to do and began to plead with her, but her protestations were ignored. To stop further interruptions, she forced a ball gag into Dana's lips, and fastened it behind her head. Spraying her nipple again with the freeze spray, Kidman placed the nail at the base of Dana's engorged nipple. With one swift strike, the nail went through her nipple into the wooden block. To remove the nail, Kidman twisted it until she was able to pull the nail clear. A large hole remained in Dana's nipple, which was soon filled by a large golden ring. The operation was repeated on Dana's other breast. Tears streamed from Dana's grey eyes, as she was lead to the central table, and was forced to sit on it. Her legs were forced open and placed in a pair of gynecological stirrups, exposing her cunt for inspection. Kidman leant forward, and began to lick Dana's clit. Her fingers opened her lips, exposing the red inside of her vagina. With the expert ministrations of the Doctor, Dana was soon beginning to warm to the experience, and her breath grew sharper with each touch of Kidman's probing fingers and tongue. Another effect of the Alien's experimentation on Dana, was the increased size of her clitoris and the increased size of her cunt lips, with increased sensitivity. Once Dana's clit was fully exposed from it's protective hood, Kidman examined it. Pulling the hood all the way back, she again reached over to the table and picked up a standard piercing gun. Placing it just above Dana's exposed clit, and making sure that the needle would pierce the skin of her hood, to make sure that her clit was always left exposed. With a press of the trigger, the needle struck home, and another ring was placed through the hole. Pulling one side of Dana's cunt lips open, she pierced them 3 times, and repeated the operation on the other side, each time placing smaller golden rings in the pierced holes. Once all the rings were in place in Dana's cunt, Kidman pulled each ring and hooked it over one of the hooks that were on the leather strap that passed either side of her cunt. Once she'd finished, Dana's vagina was fully exposed, and held open by the cunt rings. Heading back to the table, Kidman rummaged through the various toys that were on the table, until she found a baseball bat. "I'm sure you recognize what this is. Once I've loosened you up with this we'll carry on with your training." Kidman lubricated the bat, and placed it at the entrance to her cunt. Kidman began to strain as she forced the massive implement into Dana's already ravaged cunt. Even with all the fucking she'd received in the last two days, the bat was stretching her cunt to the limits. Tears sprang from Dana's screwed up eyes, as the pain of her stretched cunt hit her. Slowly the bat inched it's way into her. Once fully inserted, Kidman began to pull it out again, again pulling hard as Dana's cunt had closed in tight around the head of the bat. She'd nearly pulled it all the way out, when Kidman again forced it violently back inside. Slowly but surely, the bat's speed increased until with each stroke Kidman was hitting the entrance to Dana's womb. Pausing for a rest, she ordered that a set of weights be added to each of Dana's new nipple rings, so that her tit's would be pulled onto the barbed spikes, and the motion of her juddering body move the spikes around. Now with each thrust, Dana's breasts bounced and the weights pulled the huge orbs of flesh down onto the barbs. With one more push, the bat pushed it's way through Dana's cervix, into her womb. The sudden pain sent Dana straight into an orgasm, her body shuddering to the ecstasy of the pain, her breasts moving like 2 bowls of Jell-O (jelly). Pulling the bat out, she left Dana to recover for a while. After an hour, Kidman came to see her "patient". Making Dana stand up again on her 6 inch high heels, she tightened the chain on her glove, so that Dana was forced to lean forward, her globular breasts hanging straight down, pulled tight by the weights that were hanging from them. Again moving to the table, she picked up large butt plug that had a plume of horse hair hanging from it. Firstly, Kidman inserted 2 fingers into Dana's once more tight rectum. The muscles resisted the insertion, which seemed to please Kidman. "The healing creams that the aliens have provided are excellent, your ass hole's as tight as a virgins!" So saying she began to force the large butt plug into Scully's tight anal passage. With great effort the first ring of the butt plug popped inside her tight rectum, the sphincter muscle fastening tightly around the ring. With more effort, the second, and finally the third ring of the butt plug were swallowed by Scully's eager ass hole. Releasing the chain from her glove, Kidman attached another chain to her clit ring which she used to pull Dana from the room. Leading Dana down the corridor she entered a large horse ring, the floor being covered with saw dust. In the ring stood a stallion which was chained to the wall, and had a hood covering it's head. As well as the stallion, the ring also contained a wooden horse and a light horse buggy. Scully was lead to the horse buggy and was told to stand over the pole. Kidman leant down and picked up to leather straps that were attached to the pole. Getting one of the guards to hold the pole, Kidman passed the straps through her clit ring up to her nipple rings, one strap to each nipple, and another strap was attached to the glove, so that all the weight was not on her tits. Adjusting the straps, so that they rubbed Scully's clit and passed through her cunt, she told the guard to leave the pole. The weight of the buggy yanked her nipple rings down hard, pulling the huge globes of flesh hard onto the barbs, and stretching the flesh to the maximum. The cunt rings were released from the hooks, and one rein was attached to one set of cunt rings, while the other rings was attached to the other rein. Sitting in the buggy, Kidman picked up the riding whip and struck her sharply on her buttocks. "Trot on, bovine." To punctuate her command Kidman again struck Scully on her buttocks with the whip. She began to pull the buggy, the barbs in the corset pushed hard into her tit flesh, and the leather strap rubbed against her exposed clit. Slowly the buggy began to move, and with each step Scully was in agony. As she picked up pace, she felt one of the reins in her cunt lips pull sharply, which she took as a command to turn. As Scully trotted around the outside of the ring, the continual rubbing of the straps on her clit, and the motion of the butt plug moving because of her buttocks moving continually up and down because of her high heels, she felt an orgasm rising in her. After a few more minutes, the orgasm hit, and Scully fell on her face. The forward motion of the buggy pushed her along the ground her nipples and face grinding in the saw dust, and her massive tits being crushed under her body and into the barbs. Scully writhed in ecstasy, until Kidman walked over. "Naughty bovine, you shouldn't have done that." So saying, Kidman brought the horse whip down hard on Scully's exposed backside. After 10 lashes, she rolled Dana over, and whipped each of her breasts 10 times. Seeing that Scully had passed out, she ordered the guards to release her from the buggy, strap her into the wooden horse, and to call her when they'd finished. As the guards removed the straps, they saw another opportunity to rape Agent Scully. "I want to tit-fuck the bitch this time," said the first guard, as he groped the huge mammaries. It had been at least 12 hours since Dana was last milked, and her breasts were firm to the touch as they were so full of milk. "Well I want her red lips to give me a blow job, but as she's unconscious, I'll just have to fuck her throat. You go first, it'll give me a chance to warm my dick up." So that he didn't accidentally cut himself while tit fucking Scully he removed her corset. Getting some fishing line from one of his pouches, and cuts it in half. He loops the line through one nipple ring, and then the other nipple ring, tying both the nipples together. Pulling his dick out, he gives it a few strokes, and pushes it between Scully's bound tits. Luckily, Scully had been sweating hard whilst she was jogging around the ring, so her sweat lubricated his penis. Because of the size of her tit's, the only way he got any friction was to force her tits together with his hands. Unsatisfied, he took the end of the fishing line that tied her nipples together, and, leaving his prick embedded in her folds of flesh, he began to tie both of her tit's together, just above his penis. Scully's tits were now bound about half way up each mammary, so that the guard could fuck either the top or bottom of her tits. He began to thrust his tool between her tits, and each time he pushed his dick in, a small amount of milk dribbled from her pierced nipples. After a few minutes the top half of her tits were covered in milk, so he decided to fuck the top half of her breasts. The milk lubricated his passage, and even more milk squirted from her engorged tits as the guard shot his load all over Scully's face. The second guard now approached Scully. Removing the ball gag, the guard caressed Scully's beautiful face with the back of his hand, and he too released his belt, pushing down his pants, allowing his penis to pop out. He put his hand under Dana's neck and jerked upward, tilting her head up and back. His other hand wrapped around her jaw, forcing her mouth open, her red lips parting invitingly. The guard put his rigid penis as the tip of her lips. Then, his face contorted by anger, he drove it into her mouth, up to the hilt, his balls curling around her nose. Scully's throat bulged as his cock drove deep within her. The back of her head clunked against the floor of the ring, as her mouth helplessly engulfed him. Her face disappeared in his groin as her hair curled down onto the floor. The guard's face twisted with erotic pleasure as he started moving into Dana's face with hard, driving thrusts. His testicles slapped against her chin as her throat bulged with each forward movement of his hips. As Dana gagged on his member, he groaned in reaction, jerking her head forward by her red hair. He suddenly stiffened. His face became still, as he felt the liquid passion rising up within him. One last time, he drove himself deep within Scully's mouth and held himself there. Dana's flushed, bright red lips wrapped around the hilt of the guards penis as the first burst of semen soiled her throat, as gurgling sounds came from her distended throat. A malicious smile crossed the guards face as he heard Scully gag on his first shot of cum. A loud groan of release sounded from him as he began to pump into her mouth again, letting her drain him completely. "She's one excellent fuck!" he said as they cleaned her up, and put her back into her corset. When Doctor Kidman returned, Scully was awake. She was strapped into the wooden horse, her legs and arms strapped to the legs of the horse and her ass replacing that of the horse. Her breasts hung beneath her body, like the udders of the bovine she now was. Placing a milking stool beside her, she placed a bucket under Dana's "udders". Kidman gave one breast a squeeze, and milk squirted into the bucket. Signaling to the nurse who was standing by the stallion to bring the horse over to the wooden horse. The nurse removed the hood, and as soon as the horse saw Dana's cunt and ass in the wooden horse, it got a huge erection. The nurse knelt down, and licked the horses penis, until pre- cum dribbled from the end of it. "You need to be milked, so I've arranged another bit of bestiality, as you enjoyed the gorilla so much." The nurse brought the horse over, and signaled for it to mount Dana. The huge stallion penis entered Scully's loosened cunt, and the horse began to pound his huge penis into her. Kidman, grabbed hold of one udder in each hand, and began to milk Scully. The horse soon began to cum, and the bucket was only half full. No sooner had the horse finished with her, when another stallion was led in, but with a much bigger penis. This horses dick pounded at the entrance to her womb, finally entering her fully. Orgasm after orgasm ripped through Scully's body, as this horse reacted to the constriction of Dana's vaginal passage by shooting his load deep into her body. By now, hardly any milk was being produced, no matter how hard Kidman pulled and squeezed. After about an hours rest, Scully was taken back to her cell and the butt plug removed. "Nurse Parton, could you show our guest how she'll get her food," said Dr Kidman. The nurse approached one of the walls, and pressed a button on the wall. After a few minutes, a guard led in a horse. "This horse and several others have been genetically altered so that their semen is very nutritious to humans. If you want something to eat you'll need to give the horse a blow job." The nurse placed a tray under the horses penis, and began to suck and lick it. Scully noticed that after a while the horses eyes glazed over, and it began to cum. The first shot of spunk surprised Nurse Parton and it splattered across her face and down her huge breasts. After that, the spunk landed in the tray. As the horse was led away, the tray was placed in front of Scully on the floor. "Now eat it up like a good little bovine," said Kidman. Noticing that Scully was reticent, she pegged closed her nose, and with the help of Nurse Parton, forced her face into the spunk. "Now eat it!" Kidman ordered, as she smacked her on the buttocks with a paddle. After a few more strokes, Scully began to lap up the cum like a dog. IV Another day dawns. After being forced to eat horse sperm, Agent Scully was undressed, and the alien healing lotion was applied to her body. Being locked in her cell she slept soundly, until again being woken by the sound of the door sliding open and Doctor Kidman, followed by two guards and Nurse Parton, walking into the room. Today Doctor Kidman was wearing a tight lycra dress, with a pair of black 6 inch high heels. The Nurse placed a bundle at the base of Dana's bed, and left the room. "Good morning, heifer. How's our best milker doing today?" she asked, knowing full well that Scully couldn't reply because of the ball gag that was inserted in her mouth. She signaled the two guards forward, who grabbed hold of Dana's legs spreading her crotch wide open. Then Nurse Parton re-entered the room pushing a medical trolley. Doctor Kidman held out her hand, and the nurse put a large dildo in her hand. Kidman leant forward so she could have a better look at Dana's snatch. Putting her fingers between her cunt lips she parted them to have a look at the entrance to her red vagina. As soon as she touched Dana's cunt, she began to moisten. Kidman held the huge dildo at the opening of Scully's cunt, and tried to insert it into the now tight passage. What was easily sliding freely yesterday Kidman couldn't even get the head inserted. "This healing cream is amazing! We can keep on giving women really cavernous cunts and asses, and still have them as tight as virgins the next day." Giving up trying to insert the toy inside Scully, she ordered the guards to dress her in her new clothes. A 3 inch wide leather strap was wrapped around each breast, pulled tight, and buckled. The two straps were then passed behind her neck, and fastened together. This had the effect of making both her breasts look like large, firm oranges, her nipples and tits protruding well from her body. Sets of metal pins were pushed through the straps and into the base of each tit. A metal strap was then passed over the top of the pins, providing a good electrical contact. A black box was forced between Dana's tits, and the two metal straps connected to it. "This little box could provide you with a small shock.." Kidman said, by flipping a switch on the remote control, causing Dana to jump, "or if you try to escape today, I could turn it to full power and fry you." Black crotchless panties were then pulled over her firm buttocks, and a black suspender belt fastened around her waist. A pair of black sheer stockings were then pulled over her legs, and the suspender belt attached to hold them up. A black lycra top was then pulled over her arms and her head, covering her tits, but leaving the central section from her neck to her navel clear. A micro mini skirt was then pulled over her hips, which didn't even cover the tops of her stockings and the bottom of her ass, revealing her red pubic hair and her cunt lips poking out from the crotchless panties. A pair of 6 inch high heels were then placed on her feet. The ball gag was removed, and quickly replaced by 2 dental spreaders, which kept her mouth wide open, but stopped her talking. Her glasses were returned to her, and a white maids hat was fastened to her head. Finally an small white apron was fastened around her hips which had the words, "Stop me and fuck me," printed on it. Her arms were once again placed back in the leather glove, and fastened behind her back. A dog collar was finally attached around her neck, with a strong metal chain attached to it. Kidman then led Scully from her cell, down the corridor to an underground garage. Dragging her into the van, she made Scully sit on a seat that had a pair of vibrators attached to it - one for each hole. As the van moved off, each jerk, bump and corner caused the vibrators to move around, sending erotic sensations through Scully's over-sexed body. "We've had a presence in this rural area for years, and the local's look forward to us showing them the latest milker in the herd." They drove into the center of the small town. All the women that Scully could see were amazingly well endowed, most of them walked freely along the street, whilst some of the women were being lead around on all fours like pets, their huge nipples and breasts scrapping along the ground. Once they'd reached the main square, Kidman lead her prize heifer to a metal post in the middle of the square and attached the metal chain to it. "I'll leave you here for a few hours to get you aquainted with the locals. I'll be watching from the van." Scully looked around her surroundings. The town looked like any small hick town, with pickup trucks parked outside the convenience store, and various people wandering the streets. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a fat guy, with a huge German shepherd dog, walking towards her. "Well, look'ee here, Rover, we've got ourselves a red headed heifer this week." His hand reached forward and grabbed hold of one of her nipple rings through the material of her dress. Reaching his other hand forward, he spread Scully's cunt lips with his fat fingers, and pushed one of them inside. After a few minutes of groping Dana's tits and fingering her cunt, he said, "Cunt's too tight for my dick, might as well get a decent blow job instead. Rover's not had a bitch in weeks so you'll have to do." Pulling on the chain, he told Dana to get on her hands and knees. When she refused, she felt an electric shock pass through her breasts. Taking the warning, she got down on her hands and knees. The farmer led his dog to behind Scully, and pushed the dog's nose in her cunt. As soon as he smelt her cunt juices, the dog got a hard on, and began to lick her cunt and ass hole. With the dog started on her cunt, the farmer moved back in front of Scully. Releasing the belt on his trousers, he pulled out his dick. Even though it was still flaccid it was already a good eight inches long. As he stared at the dog tonguing Scully's cunt, it grew hard, extending to about a foot, with a girth of at least 2 inches. Kneeling in front on Dana, he lifted her head, and began to insert the huge piece of meat into Scully's wide open mouth. Without the suction of her red lips, the only way he'd get any satisfaction would be to fuck her throat. Looking down, all he could see was the white maids hat, a glint of her glasses amidst a mass of red hair that completely surrounded his crotch as her face pressed against him. He leaned forward, trying to push himself farther within her, feeling the head of his manhood grind against the back of her throat. Scully gagged, her nostrils flaring as she tried to breathe through the pubic hair in her eyes and nose. The farmers hand held her in place, his penis slowly working its way down into her throat. He then slowly pulled on her hair, and her head, back, as her tongue slid the length of his penis. No sooner was his head in her mouth that he quickly grabbed her head, jerking Scully's head over him, as she gagged again, his penis grinding into her throat. Seeing that his master had his penis inside Dana, the dog mounted her back, and it's genetically enhanced penis prodded at the entrance to her now sopping cunt. With a quick jerk, the dog entered Scully's cunt, and, with it's hind legs pushing hard, thrust his dick deep into her body. Once fully inserted, it began to quickly thrust in and out of her tight vaginal passage. The farmer's penis began to throb, as his pre-cum oozed into Scully's warm, inviting mouth. The dog thrust quicker and quicker, as Scully felt it's breath on the back of her neck quicken, and the knot at the base of the dog's penis bashed relentlessly on her exposed clit. Suddenly, the farmer viciously grabbed another fistful of her hair, and rammed himself as deep as he could within her tight throat. Scully gagged violently as her throat bulged underneath her chin as he drove down. "RRGHH!!" the farmer growled, his entire body spasming as he came. His seed fired into Dana's throat. She gagged and gargled as his discharge seeped down her throat, filling her mouth. Soon, the cum began oozing from her lips around his penis. Dana made strange gurgling sounds, then swallowed heavily, gulping down his discharge. He continued to come, his grip on her hair slowly weakening. Scully slurped it down, but the cum still oozed out slowly around her lips. The farmer jerked her head back and forth violently, her hair whipping around like a doll's. She could feel his cum sliding down her throat into her stomach, but she could only gulp down more as it shot into her mouth and throat. At the same moment, the dog thrust one more time, and she could feel the dog's semen spraying deep into her womb. Scully shivered as spurt after spurt shot into her body, one cumming into her stomach the other in her cunt. As Scully was being violated again, a gang of 8 farm workers had arrived to check out the latest heifer. Enjoying the free bestiality floor show, they all had their massive dicks in the hands, wanking as fast as they could. Near to Scully's prostrate form was a bucket, a quarter full of a thick, white fluid. Every time one of the workers began to cum, he'd go over to the bucket and shoot his load into it, slowly filling the bucket. Once the fat farmer and his dog had pulled out of Dana, the farm workers got their chance to rape her. "Stand up, heifer," said one of the workers, his hand continually stroking his cum soaked prick. Dana tottered on her 6 inch high heels as she stood up, and spunk dribbled from her inflamed cunt lips, down her stockinged legs. "No way ahm sticking ma dick into dog spunk, you're gonna get yore ass fucked, heifer!" Making Scully lean forward, he tried to push his massive member into her anus. Gripping her thighs with his hands, he tried with all his might to force his swollen penis head into Dana's tight hole. "Well I'll be! It's tighter than a gnats ass. Jim-Bob, go and get the grease gun from the truck, this hole need's a bit o' greasing." Jim Bob pointed the grease gun at Dana's tight, puckered anus, and pressed the trigger. Grease sprayed out, covering the opening. He then forced the nozzle of the gun inside her anal passage, and again pressed the trigger. Scully felt the cold grease shoot into her bowels, coating the inside of her passage with lubricant. Just to make sure he pulled the trigger again, shooting another wad of grease deep into her ass. Still the cum-bucket was being filled, the genetically altered workers never losing their erection's and always able to keep on cumming. Seeing that Dana's anus was well lubed, the worker rubbed his massive penis head up and down her buttock cleft, lubricating his tool. The one thing that shocked Scully was the fact that, even though at the end of each day her cunt and ass would end up so cavernous that a Mac truck would be able to drive inside, each morning she'd have to go through the pain of being broken again and again. This night, she resolved, she'd try to escape. The worker began to ease his greased pole into her tight anal passage. With great force, the sphincter muscles slowly parted, and the huge head of his penis popped inside. The puckered opening spasmed as it tried to accommodate the huge member invading it. Grunting, the farm worker slowly forced his prick up into her bowels. Tears of pain rolled from Dana's grey eyes as her anus was violated. After what seemed like an eternity, she felt his testicles touch her sensitive cunt. Once fully inserted, the worker leant forward, and grabbed hold of her massive udders. Holding the firmly, he stood up straight, and Dana slid a couple more inches onto his shaft, her feet lifted off the ground. Two guys came forward, each one pulling out one of Scully's huge mams, whilst another 2 got hold of her thighs. The two tit guys, and thigh guys, began to lift her off the first worker's penis. When they were nearly off it, they let gravity force Scully back onto his shaft. With greater speed, they began to ram Dana onto his prick until she felt his breath quickening on her back. With one last thrust, he shot his load into Dana's bowels. Pulling his steaming cock out of her anal passage, he drained the last dregs of spunk into the bucket, which was now half full. Ordering Scully to kneel down, one of the workers forced back her head by pulling on her red hair. "We've made a special cocktail for ya. Drink it down now!", said the worker as he tipped the bucket of spunk into wide open mouth. In rebellion, Scully closed her throat, and the spunk filled her mouth, running down her cheeks, into her eyes, through her hair and onto her tits. The rest of the works were now shooting their loads directly at Scully's tit's, face and hair, coating her body with cum. She couldn't hold her breath for ever, and she reflexively opened her throat, allowing the spunk down her throat and into her stomach. The worker carried on pouring, the globs of spunk coating the inside of Scully's mouth. She gagged, but still she had to keep swallowing the warm fluid as the worker kept on pouring. She could feel the heavy stuff filling her stomach, as more and more poured out of the bucket. Finally, the spunk ran out, she heard one of them say, "Now that's what I call a liquid diet," as the workers drove away laughing. Scully retched, as spunk dribbled out of her mouth onto the concrete floor. Her red hair was plastered to her head from the loads of cum that had been shot on her face, and her boobs shone from the vast amounts of semen that had missed her face, and her stomach was so bloated from the large quantity of semen she'd been forced to drink, that she now looked pregnant. Doctor Kidman examined Dana's cum soaked body, which lay in the fetal position on the floor, a pool of drying spunk surrounding her body. She knelt down and gave one of Scully's udder's a firm squeeze. A dribble of milk issued from her swollen nipple. "Enough fun, it's time for those huge udders of yours to do some work, heifer." She ordered the guards to drag Scully's ravaged body back to the van. Dragging Scully's prone form from the van at the facility, the guards take her to a part of the complex she hadn't seen previously. Entering a room off the corridor, the guards then stripped off her cum soaked clothes, leaving only her garter belt, stockings and high heel shoes. This gave Scully the chance to examine her surroundings. In the center of the room there was a metal stand, about 2 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet. On top of the stand was a metal grill that was made up of 1/4 inch metal bars, making a grid of 1 inch squares. Mounted just below the grid were 4 electric bar fires, which were used to heat the metal grid. Below the grid was a metal funnel, connected to a standard vacuum milking machine via a hose. About a foot from one of the walls was mounted on a pivot about 2 foot from the floor, a 7 foot tall post, connected to the wall via a chain that disappeared into a hole in the wall. About a third of the way up the post was a metal bar with a bicycle attached to it. The seat itself had 2 large dildos attached on top of it, and it appeared that the seat could be adjusted in height. A variety of leather restraints were attached to the post at various heights. Dana's mind reeled at what this device would end up doing to her cum- soaked body. Kidman took hold of a control box that was attached to the base of the post and, pressing a button, lowered the saddle to below Dana's hips, so that the dildos would just touch the outside of her cunt and ass. Removing the dental restraint so that she could speak, and the leather glove, releasing her hands, the 2 guards led Scully to stand above the saddle, spreading her legs and holding her ankles to stop her from moving. "Why are you doing this to me!" Scully asked Kidman. Again Kidman pressed a button, but this time the saddle began to rise. The two huge plastic toys entered Dana's cunt, spreading her lips wide, and up her now cavernous ass-hole, slowly inching their way deep into her body. "AARRGH!" Dana cried out in pain, as her vagina and sphincter muscles stretched to their limits due to the huge size of the dildos. "Why? Because the alien's have a thing about red heads, ..", the dildos were now all the way inside Dana, and the guards released her ankles, as the saddle continued to rise, "...and you are our guinea pig so that we'll be able to feed into the water system, chemicals that would make all red head's udders grow and lactate .." the guards were now strapping Dana's ankles, thighs, arms, body and head to the post so that she couldn't move "...so that they'll be ready to be herded into special milk farms filled with special milking tools we're developing here, so we can pay off our debt to the aliens.." The post was lowered until it was nearly parallel to the floor, the bottoms of her udders hanging about 2 feet from the floor, allowing one of the guards to position the metal stand underneath them, "...for allowing us to use their advanced technologies." The post was raised back to the vertical, and a guard switched on the electric fires in the stand. Soon the metal grill began to glow red from the heat. "Please, don't do this... the people won't stand for it," pleaded Dana. In reply, Kidman pressed a button for the milking process to begin. "Oh, but they will when they'll have free sexual access to the herds, plus all the other medical benefits that the aliens will be bringing." Releasing the button, Scully slowly accelerated towards the ground and as her full body weight pushed her huge udders into the grill, squeezing the flesh through the grid, spraying milk into the funnel. A smell of burned flesh filled the room, as Scully screamed and tears flooded from her grey eyes. As the post again became vertical, you could see the criss-cross grid pattern of the grill burnt onto her white fleshy globes. "Nooooo.." she screamed, as again her huge mams were fried and squashed spraying milk into the waiting funnel. As a counter to the pain, Kidman started the vibrators that were embedded inside Dana's womb and bowels. As the pounding out of the milk continued, Scully's body went through orgasm after orgasm, until drool rolled from her mouth and her eyes went listless. After they'd finished milking her, Dana's breasts were covered in a myriad of burn marks, and looked like a pair of well done steaks. Again applying the healing lotion, she was taken back to her cell to recover, and rebuild her strength for the next day. V Waking again in her cell, Dana checks her abused body. Again, the alien cream had healed all the previous days injuries, apart from the mental scars that would remain with her forever. The lights slowly increase in brightness until it's nearly like daylight. Her arms were fastened behind her back in a leather glove, while a chain lead from a collar around her neck and was held fast to the wall by a metal ring. She couldn't scream even if she wanted to, as her mouth was filled by a large ball gag that spread her jaw wide. Apart from these fitting's she wore a pair of 6 inch high heeled shoes, black stockings and a garter belt to hold them up. Doctor Kidman entered the room, and Nurse Parton pushed in a large glass tank which looked liked it held a large mutated slug. "Good morning Dana," said Doctor Kidman, "You'll be glad to hear that we will be releasing you soon, but first we must introduce you to your new companion." Reaching into the tank, she pulled out a 2 foot long, snake like creature. Half of it's body looked exactly like a very thick human penis, except it was covered in huge blue veins. In the middle of the body was what looked like a scrotum, while the last half of the creature looked like the segments of a worm, but were covered in hairs. "This creature will be your guide." Continued Kidman, "As it has no eyes, it communicates with you telepathically, and also uses this telepathy to enable it to utilize your senses." Calling in the two guards, she tells them to open Scully's legs. She then begins to insert the worm segmented half of the creature into Dana's tight cunt. Scully could feel the creatures body inch it's way deep into her, the hairs on it's body causing erotic sensations to seep through her tight cunt. Once fully inserted, it looked like she had a foot long penis, and a pair of balls. In fact she looked like a she-male. "The creature will react like any other male to sexual stimulation, which will then pass these sensations to you via the part of it that sits inside your body by twisting, as well as thrusting in and out." So saying, Kidman began to masturbate the creature, it's foreskin pulling back to reveal a huge purple head, and the veins increasing in firmness and protrusion. With every stroke, the creature inside Dana either moved or rotated sending waves of pleasure through her body. The creature now stood fully erect in front of Scully's body. Letting the creature grow limp again, Kidman continued to explain what the creature could do. "The skin of the creature allows urine to pass, by osmosis, into it's body, which means you will be required to go to the toilet like a male. It will also react to visual stimulation. Nurse Parton, will you please open your dress to reveal your udders." Nurse Parton stood in front of Scully, and slowly began to unbutton the front of her nurses uniform. The creature almost reacted instantly, slowly becoming more erect. By the time Nurse Parton had pulled out her FF- cup tits and began playing with them, the creature was a raging hard on. "Obviously, the scrotum holds sperm, which it regenerates once a load has been shot. It will only cum when you yourself have an orgasm. Nurse Parton, use your tits to wank off Dana." Parton knelt in front of Scully and placed the vein twisted piece of flesh between her orbs. Pushing them together, she began to jiggle them up and down, masturbating the organ. Scully breath grew short, as the creature transferred the masturbation, her body slowly growing to a climax. When the orgasm came, spunk flew from the end of the creature onto the top of Parton's tits. While the orgasm continued, the spunk kept flowing, running down Parton's hands and down her nurses uniform. Once Scully had finished, Parton stood up and pushed her cum soaked tits back into her wet uniform. The creature still stood erect, as Scully's eyes fell onto Nurse Parton's hard nipples poking through the wet material of the uniform. Once the nurse had left, the penis grew flaccid. "Come with me bovine." Kidman said, as she led Scully through the facility to a room with a video, computer, and a screen. Switching on the video, she said, "We have released the chemical into the water supply. Obviously, the main herd will come from Celtic stock, as they have a large predominance of red haired animals. The following subject came to us from a local hospital. They believe we are a specialist clinic for sufferers of Macromastia, a disease that causes breasts to swell in size over a very short period in time." Beside the video image, there also appeared a computer readout. The main video image showed a nun, who had a large pair of tits concealed by her habit, and a pair of glasses. The computer readout read: "Name: Sister Jane, Age:26, Height: 5 ft 5 inches". Sound became audible, as the camera pulled back to reveal an office, as well as Doctor Kidman sitting behind the desk. "I will ask you a few questions which I want you to answer truthfully... Kidman: Original breast size? Jane: I wore a D-cup bra. Computer: Predicted Growth Increase To GG-cup. Kidman: How quickly did this occur? Jane: I went to sleep one night, an the next morning my breasts had increased to their current size. Computer: Growth Period Approx. 8 hrs. Kidman: Who else knows about the growth? Jane: The hospital, and the convent. Computer: Requires Story For Disappearance. Kidman: Has anything else occurred that is strange? Jane: No. Computer: Lactic Check Required. Kidman: How long ago did this occur? Jane: This morning. Computer: Current Time 13.00 - Predicted Lactic Production To Commence 14.00. Kidman: Have you ever had sex of any kind? Jane: No! Computer: Requires Sexual Breaking In (Anal, Oral, Vaginal). Kidman: Have you ever worn high heels? Jane: No. Computer: High Heel Balance Training required. Thank you Sister Jane. Okay, could you please remove your habit." At this point the video image changes and is split into 4 views. As Jane stripped, her huge udders dangled, revealing their size and weight. "Jane, could you lean over this bar, and lean forward until you are parallel to the floor. You can grab hold of the two rails on either side of you to help you balance." As Jane got into position, Kidman placed another bar behind her ankles, and adjusted the side rails until Jane's arms were stretched as far apart as they would go. Kidman then passed what looked like a tennis racquet with no strings over each hanging mammary. As she did this, a computer image each breast formed in separate screens, providing size (GG-cup as predicted), and volume information, as well as the circumference at the root of both breasts. Doctor Kidman again addressed Sister Jane, "I'm now going to restrain your breasts so that we will be able to assess the current growth rate." Placing a collar around each breast, Kidman then fits a metal pole between Jane's udders, fastening it to the floor, as well as the two collars. "Now we'll just take a blood sample..." Kidman reached over to a table and picked up a syringe. Pushing the needle into Jane's left tit, Jane screamed from the pain, and tears welled in her eyes. "That hurt," Jane said, to which Kidman replied, "You ain't seen or felt nothing yet!!" plunging another needle into her right tit. Jane at this moment tries to escape, but her hands can't let go of the rails, and her feet are trapped by the bar. "Why are you doing this to me?" Jane cried, as an infra-red image of each breast overlaid the computer size data - showing the current heat levels within each udder. "We're going to make you into a milk producing bovine to pay off our commitment to the aliens. You're going to join the herd." Inserting the dental spreader into Jane's mouth, Kidman opens Jane's jaw to the maximum. "As you've never had oral sex, we'll need you to get used to the taste of semen, as this will be your main diet as a bovine." She then put a message out over the intercom, that a new bovine required spunk training, all guards will have full access to cum in her mouth. The clock in the computer readout read 14.00 hrs. All the time these images were being transmitted, Scully's new penis had become hard. The organ telepathically inserted a sub-conscious message into her brain for her to masturbate, which she dully did, running her hand over the veined creature. Kidman turned to face Dana, which made her stop playing with herself. "That was 36 hours ago. We wanted to see how much larger her udders would become, and what level of pain she would be able to withstand. We'll now go live to her cell." The images all suddenly updated, with a very disheveled Sister Jane. Dried spunk now covered her face and hair, and a pool of dried spunk lay on the floor. The infra-red images of her udders showed extremely high levels of temperature, and veins now stood clearly on the surface of them. As they watched, a guard walked in, pulled out his dick, and after a few strokes got it hard. Pushing the head of the penis into Jane's mouth, he quickly pushed his entire length into her throat. Holding onto her hair, he begins to fuck her spasming throat, until he groans and ejaculates into her stomach. As he cums he pulls his dick out of her mouth and sends the last few spurts into her face. Laughing, he puts his prick away, and leaves Jane licking the cum from her lips. "Shall we examine Sister Jane's progress?" said Kidman, leading Scully by pulling on her erect penis. As soon as Kidman entered the room, she removed the dental spreader from Jane's aching jaw. Tears ran down Sister Jane's spunk covered face, "Please stop it. My breasts feel like they're going to explode, stop the pain," she pleaded. Her words fell on deaf ears as Kidman again used the measuring device to record the current size and volume of Jane's pendulous udders. Examining the computer readout, she said, "Hum, only an increase of 1 inch in diameter across the main part of the udder." Reaching under Jane with both hands, Kidman pressed each tit checking their firmness like a pair of melons. With each press, Jane let out a wail of pain. "Extremely firm." Moving around behind Jane, she pulled down Jane's panties, and opened up her buttocks to examine her anus. "What are you going to do now!" Jane blubbed. Kidman turned to Scully and said, "Let's see you use that new appendage on Jane's virgin cunt and ass." Scully's penis reacted immediately, becoming erect, blue veins bulging all over the shaft. As Dana pulled back the foreskin, she felt an immediate need to plunge it into Jane's tight virgin cunt. As the head of the penis began to part Jane's cunt lips, Dana placed her hands on either side of Jane's hips to gain extra leverage. As the huge purple head began inching into her tight hole, Scully grimaced with the effort of forcing her tool into such a confined space. Jane squealed as she was slowly speared on Dana's huge phallus. "I just can't get it inside her, she's too tight!" she said as she pulled her prick from Jane's cunt lips, "I need some lubrication." Kidman handed Dana a tube of KY Jelly, which she used to grease up the end of her penis, and most of the shaft. Trying again, Scully began to push her huge helmet into Jane. Jane screamed as the huge tool tore her hymen, and it proceeded further into her untouched vagina. As soon as the tip touched Jane's cervix, Dana pulled out, Jane's blood mixing with the lubricant, running down the inside of Jane's thighs. Sweat ran down Scully's face as she tried to control her own orgasm, as the sensations rippled through her own vagina. With greater pace, Scully thrust her new appendage repeatedly into Jane's vulnerable body, her own orgasm building with each thrust. With one mighty push, she forced the head of the penis through the protesting cervix muscles. The sudden orgasm that ripped through Jane caused her vagina to contract onto Scully's tool, sending her over the edge. The creature began to cum directly into Jane's unprotected womb, and as Scully pulled the organ out, she coated the inside of Jane's cunt with spunk. As the head plopped from Jane's cunt, spunk shot over her ass cheeks and onto the small of her back. Spunk dribbled from her gaping cunt, down her legs mingling with the blood and lubricant. VI After Scully had finished fucking the once virgin Sister Jane, Doctor Kidman pushed a pair of large funnels under each of her firm breasts. From the funnels, two tubes led to two separate standard milking machines, which were attached to two large milk jars. "Need to check how much milk we can get out of each of your udders now," said Kidman, as she reached into a large glass tank. As she pulled out her arm, a snake was wrapped around it. Putting her arm near to Janes swollen udder, the snake unwound itself from Kidman's arm, and wound itself firmly around Janes tit. As the body of the snake tightened on her huge mammary, Jane screamed as the hugely bloated udder was squeezed. The snake's tongue flicked out at Jane's inflamed brown nipple, as milk dribbled from the end. Sensing that milk was soon to be released, the snake opened it's jaw wide and bit down hard on either side of her nipple. As the snake's fangs pierced Janes firm breasts, she screamed again, and tears ran down her face. Milk spurted from the end of her nipple, as the snake's body seemed to ripple and created a milking motion. Kidman reached back into the tank and pulled out another snake, putting this one on Jane's other breast. Soon, milk was spurting from both udder's, and the two jars were being filled by the herds latest recruit. Kidman left Sister Jane to be milked, and led Scully into another corridor that was made of rough hewn stone blocks. Down one side of the corridor were a number cells that had metal bars about 5 inches apart holding back a group of half starved and disheveled looking men. In front of the cell's ran 2 rails, and at the far end of the corridor, on the rails, a small cart with a motor, that had a 3 foot metal pole attached with a large dildo on the end attached to a piston, and a metal chain with a pair of manacles on the end lay on it, and two other manacles on chains sat on either side of the pole. Kidman made Scully walk on the opposite side of the wall as she walked down the entire corridor to a metal door. As they walked, the men tried to grab at them both, some even through their bodies at the bars trying to reach them, and Scully definitely heard the cry of "Milk, milk," through the maddened screams. "This next bovine is called Malgosia, about 38 years old and about 5ft 8 inches tall. She is a housewife with 3 kids, and of Polish origin. She has very short red hair, and a fairly athletic body, as she plays lots of sport, which is a surprise as she did have a pair of D-cup breasts." Kidman opened the door on a older woman who now had breasts of at least HHH. These huge tits were supported in a huge, highly strengthened half cup bra that made them protrude well in front of her body. The obligatory ball gag was in her jaw, and a pair of black high heels (at least 6 inches high) making her balance on the tips of her toes. "Surprisingly, it seems that the older the bovine, the larger the udders become as well as what the original size of them were, and we have found that women over the age of 40 aren't affected." Malgosia stared defiantly at Kidman, as one of the two guards used an electric cattle prod to make her totter through the door. Making her stand on the trolley with her breasts pushed hard against the wall and the dildo under her cunt. The two manacles were fastened to her ankles, and the manacles on her wrists were fastened to a chain that hung from another rail in the roof, while a third chain was attached to the base of Malgosia's bra, making sure she couldn't lean backwards. The dildo was switched on and the piston activated, forcing it deep into her cavernous cunt. Malgosia lifted her heel's (no mean feet in the shoes she was wearing) as the dildo penetrated deep into her. Kidman recorded the position, and then made the piston retract until only the tip of the dildo spread her labia slightly. The stroke defined, Kidman stood back. Pressing a button on the wall activated the electric motor on the trolley, and the dildo began to slam into Malgosia's cunt. Above each of the barred cells was a light. As the nearest of the half starved men spotted that the trolley was active, the light came on above his cell, and the trolley moved to in front of his bars. As the trolley moved, Malgosia's tits and nipple's rubbed against the stone wall, and then bounced across each of the bars in the cell. Once in front of the man, he grabbed hold of one of the breasts and pulled it through the bars, making Malgosia lean forward. Pulling fiercely on her nipple, he made a dribble of milk issue forth, then, bringing his teeth down on her huge nipple began to suck milk into his hungry mouth, chewing all the time. After about a minute, the light went on over the cell at the far end of the corridor. Malgosia's nipple was torn from the man's mouth, and her breast wrenched from between the bars as the trolley moved to the other cell. On each bar, her tits bounced, sending waves of pain through her massive udders, and as she passed in front of each cell, men reached out and groped her tits hoping that they would be fed next. All the while, the dildo pounded her body, bringing her closer to an orgasm. Backwards and forwards the trolley moved, as Malgosia's huge mams were squeezed, chewed, bitten, groped, bashed about, until bruises and welts could be seen all over them. Finally, all the men were satiated, and Malgosia was released from the trolley. VII Dana was once again dressed in her normal business suit, with her breasts firmly encased in a special half cup bra that allowed her pierced nipples to rub against the sheer material of her shirt, making her nipples stand proud of her huge mams. Her huge alien penis was strapped to the inside of her thigh, and she wore her standard white stockings and suspenders, and black high heel shoes. Her trousers were of a very loose cut, so the penis could not be seen, unless looked for. "Right, Dana," said Doctor Kidman, "The next subject is a Detective in the Baltimore Police Department. I would say she's about 5 foot 6, and has long curly red-blonde hair. She found her breasts suddenly increasing in size, and as she normally wears men's type clothing, this sudden increase caused her no end of problems. She was sent to us by the Police Department's doctors for examination, and they've reported her growth to us." Walking from the building they both got into a surveillance van, that drove off at great speed. Dana watched as they drove onto an Airforce base, and straight into a transport plane that took off immediately the van was secure. Landing in Baltimore, Kidman radioed another surveillance team who had been following the potential bovine during the last 24 hours. After a brief discussion, Kidman turned to Scully and said, "Right, we want you to approach Detective Kay Howard at home where she is resting after her shock growth. The cover will be that of an X-file you are investigating relating to Macromastia." Giving Scully a tape measure, and a medical bag, Kidman continued, "We need you to measure the size of the growth of the breasts, and then to inject her with this drug that will make her follow your instructions. Bring her down to the van where we will take her back to the Facility for conditioning. Dana got out of the van, and walked into the apartment building. "It's good to be out," she thought as she walked up the stairs to Kay's apartment. "Finally getting used to the weight of these tits," she mused, as they bounced in response to her movements, her nipples rubbing against the inside of her shirt, growing hard and as large as .44 caliber bullets. Ringing the bell, she jumped as she heard a voice say, "Yes?". "FBI," replied Dana, "I've come about your sudden growth spurt." Kay opened the door, and let Scully into the apartment. "We believe that the effect is caused by a chemical release in the Baltimore area, but we need to confirm that you've been affected. For that we need a blood test." Kay agreed, and rolled up her sleeve of her shirt. Kay was wearing a pair of trousers, and a man's shirt which covered a huge pair of tits that looked out of place on a woman of her size, which made Dana's penis jerk against the restraints that held it to her thigh. Dana injected the drug into Kay's body, and after a few minutes, she noticed that Kay had become relaxed. "Remove your shirt," ordered Dana, and Kay removed her shirt revealing a pair of FF-cup breasts, about the same size as Dana's. Pulling out the tape measure, she measured each of Kay's huge tits and noted down the sizes. From the firmness of the breasts, and the large number of veins that showed through the skin, Dana knew that Kay was overdue for milking. By now, Dana's penis was crying out to be touched, so Dana undid her trousers, and undid it's restraints. The penis was hard in a couple of seconds as Dana stroked it. Telling Kay to lie down on the floor, Dana looked around the apartment for some rope. She remembered a few days ago when a guard had tit fucked her, and decided to give Kay the same treatment. Tying the rope at the top of each tit, she joined the two masses of flesh together with a slip knot. Putting her vein twisted prick between Kay's mammoth boobs, she tightened the ropes until she had enough friction. Dana began to tit fuck Kay. With each thrust, milk oozed from Kay's bloated breasts, lubricating Dana's thrusting penis. As Dana's orgasm approached, she order Kay to open her mouth, so that when she began to cum, it filled Kay's mouth and sprayed onto her face and into her hair. Satiated, Dana re-strapped her penis to her leg, made Kay clean herself up, and took her down to the van. When they were back in the van, Kidman was smiling. "Did you enjoy that Dana?" she asked, as the van speed through the city. "We had surveillance cameras installed in her room as soon as we found out about her predicament, so we got you on video having your fun." Kidman laughed, enjoying the conversion of Dana into one of them. Back at the facility, they both walked into room which had a glass panel in the wall. It looked into a room that looked like a replica of a Police cage. Kneeling on a chair in the cage was Kay Howard, her long hair, which was tied back, hung down her back, and loose straggles of it hung down either side of her freckled face. Her now pendulous tits hung down the back of the chair, and swayed with each breath she took. Kay's ankles were handcuffed to the chair legs, and her arms were 'cuffed to the bars in the cage so that her face was pressed hard against them. She also wore the obligatory jaw spreader, so that her mouth was wide open, and the spreader was fastened to the bars so that her jaw was always pressed to the bars. On the table in the cell lay a number of pieces of Police equipment, including a couple of Police batons and tazers. Also in the cell were a couple of buckets. "Obviously, with a bovine such as this, her humiliation must be extreme. What better way than to get a few of her former violent rape case convicts to give her a good seeing to. Of course, we've modified them so that their penises are at least a foot long when erect, extremely thick, with amazing recuperative powers." Five men walked into the room, each with huge dicks. As soon as Kay saw them she began to struggle, but the chair was securely fastened to the floor, and the handcuffs were standard Police issue. "Well, if it aint the bitch that sent us down. Bet she didn't think we'd have her in this position." said one of the men, as he walked around the table examining the implements on it. "Christ, look at the size of them jugs!!" said another, as he knelt beside them and hefted one of her tits in his hand, "She was one scrawny bitch when I last saw her." "Must have had a boob job," replied another, who stood in front of her face with his huge phallus in his hand, stroking it hard. "Let's see if she can take this lump of meat down her throat!" he said as he forced his bloated member into her mouth. His head just fit into her mouth, and when he began to push against the back of Kay's throat, she began to gag. Not taking any notice, he pulled his dick back a bit and thrust his hips forward, again hitting the back of her throat. With each thrust Kay thought that her throat would split due to the size of the prick in her mouth. As one thrust in her throat, another had decided to give her cunt a quick fucking, timing his strokes with that of the other guy. Kay's tits swung with each violent thrust of the rapists tool up her vagina. After a few minutes, they shot their loads, one down her throat and on her face, the other deep into her womb. In the secret room, Doctor Kidman was fingering her clit and rubbing her nipples through the material of her dress. Dana's penis was slowly growing hard seeing the punishment of the woman through the glass. "The tazers have been specially modified so that they provide varying degrees of shock, from bowel loosening to mild sting." Two of the men had picked up the tazers and were standing beside Kay. "Where are we going to shoot these little babies?" asked one, looking over her bound body. "How's one in each of her big tit's?" said the other, firing the needle into one of Kay's pendulous boobs. The other did the same, and then stood back. "Phasers on stun," he said laughing as her turned the tazer on full. Kay's body stiffened as the shock went through her body, and after a few seconds, she'd lost control of her bowels, and piss was flowing from her cunt, down her legs, and pooled in the chair. Laughing at her predicament, the other guy shocked her as well, with the same results. As they were shocking Kay, another of the rapists picked up one of the Police batons and stood behind her. "Nice pair of buns," he said, as he pushed the stick into her ass. As her anal muscles clenched with each shock, he had to push hard to force the baton in and out of her body, loosening her tight sphincter muscles, "Need to get the hole wide enough to take our dicks," he said, rotating the baton in a wide circle. Tears streamed down Kay's face as the baton slowly widened her ass hole, and the shocks from the tazers swept through her body. "Hey," said another guy," has anyone fucked a bitch whilst they were being shocked? Let's give it a go!" Turning the tazers down to mild, the guy that was loosening her ass hole pulled the baton out, and pushed his bulbous prick in to replace it. Even though he'd been pushing the baton deep into Kay's body, it took a while for his prick to be fully inserted. Another rapist, stood behind the first and pushed his dick into her sopping wet cunt, whilst a third one pushed his purple helmet into her mouth. As they began to thrust in and out, one of them triggered the tazer which caused Kay's body to stiffen. Her cunt, anal and throat muscles all contracted on the huge tools thrusting into her ravaged body, transferring the small charge into the rapists penises. Again after a good ten minutes of fucking they began to cum, spurting their loads deep into Kay's ravaged body. Spunk now dribbled from every orifice, as the vast quantity of spunk shot into her escaped her now loose holes. Dana was now using her tits to masturbate her penis, rubbing the gland between her pendulous boobs. As each thrust went into Kay, Scully mimicked the thrust with her tits, imagining that she was the one fucking Kay's tight ass. The penis soon shot it's load as Dana orgasmed, sending cum spraying into her open mouth, and into her red hair, spunk dribbling down her chin and onto her tits. Kay's torment wasn't over yet as another of the rapists started fucking her now wide open ass hole, which slurped as he thrust his tool into her bowels. The first rapist picked up the discarded shit covered baton and stood at the side of Kay and watched as her tit's swung with the rhythm of the fucking. Lifting the baton above his head, he brought it down onto one of her pendulous orbs, forcing the mound of flesh against the bars of the cell. Kay grunted, and began to weep anew, as the pain from the anal fucking mixed with the continuing battering of her tits. After a few minutes of bruising, milk started to spray from her nipple when the flesh was smashed into the cell bars. Soon milk was dribbling from the end of the bruised udder even though it wasn't being hit. Seeing what was going on, one of the other men started hitting her other tit until that to was spraying milk freely. Putting buckets under each breast, they began to squeeze and twist each of Kay's breasts, forcing milk from her nipples and into the buckets. After finishing beating and squeezing the milk from Kay's tits, and taking turns in fucking her cavernous cunt and ass, as well as making her gag on their huge pricks by jamming them down her throat, they left her cum soaked, bruised body to be cleaned up. VIII Kidman entered Kay's cell and began undoing the various bonds that held her in place. Cum dribbled from Kay's cunt and ass, and large strings of cum hung from her chin and in her hair. Making Kay sit down on the chair, Kidman reached over to a medical trolley that she'd pushed in, and lifted a cover on a glass tank. Reaching into the tank, she pulled out a snake like alien creature that looked like a human penis. Inserting the creature in Kay's gaping cunt, Kidman pushed it until it's balls touched Kay's cunt lips. Pulling back the alien's foreskin, Kidman began to masturbate Kay's new tool. She began to moan as the sensations flooded her battered and bruised body. Kay's hand's moved involuntarily, one to her ass hole the other to her swollen nipple. Pushing three fingers into her gaping hole, she began anally fucking herself, and with her fingers squeezing her nipples, she forced a steady stream of milk from her engorged nipples. Kay's breath grew shorter and shorter as her orgasm grew closer and closer. As Kidman's hand stroked faster and faster, Kay flung her head back, and shouted as the orgasm ripped through her body. Spunk sprayed from the end of her penis onto Kidman's tit's and face, and as Kidman didn't stop pumping, Kay's body bucked under this new level of orgasm. Scully's own penis had grown hard as she watched Kidman wanking off Kay. After Kidman had finished she stood up, and, wiping some of the cum from her face, she licked her fingers clean. "Dana, I think you've been enjoying yourself far too much, and your milking is due. Let's give Kay's new present a good work out! Follow me please." Kay had recovered enough to stand uneasily on her high heels. She'd never worn heels this high, and with the added weight of a huge pair of tit's on her upper body, made them difficult to get used to. Her ass hole was also extremely sore, which made her walk slightly bow legged, trying to stop her buttocks chaffing it. Following Scully and Kidman, she wondered what experience was awaiting her next. It was a surprise to Kay that the ordeal she'd just lived through was what she'd always fantasized about whilst at work - that is being gang raped by a group of prisoners. Big tits were never part of those fantasies, and from the look of her surroundings, she'd have to get used to them. Walking through another door down the corridor, they entered a room that had a large table in the center of the room. One end of the table was attached to a large hydraulic ram, whilst at the other was a wooden post. The post was covered in leather bindings at various heights (ankles, knees, waist, shoulders etc.) The table itself had bindings on it, and it seemed that the person that was strapped to the table would be forced to kneel on the table. A section of the table top was missing, and under the table a large slab was fixed to the bottom of the table at one side of the hole. On the floor below the table, towards the wooden post, was another large slab, a metal tray below the slab, under the hole. "Dana, kneel on the table, and put your udders in the hole." Dana complied, by now knowing that resistance was useless. One of the guards began to strap her ankles at the back of the table. More straps attached to her thighs forced her buttocks to perch invitingly over the edge of the table, as her pendulous breasts hung in the hole. A few more straps fastened to her shoulders held her immobile on the table. Kay, meanwhile was fastened to the wooden post, her penis pointing at Dana's ass hole. The huge purple helmet dwarfed the tight puckered opening of Dana's rectum. "That will never fit in there." Kay thought, as Nurse Parton lubed both Scully's ass hole, by putting her fingers in it, and Kay's prick. Dana's face overlooked her breasts that were sandwiched between the two boards. As the table slowly began to move, Kay's prick, aimed by Nurse Parton, began to stretch Scully's sphincter. Dana moaned as the huge monster penis plopped inside, and her anal muscles spasmed at it's intrusion. Her breasts now touched both boards. Setting the limit of retraction on the table, Kidman put the table into automatic mode. With no warning, the table forced Scully's tight ass hole along Kay's lubricated penis, at the same time crushing her udders in between the pieces of wood. Dana screamed at the double pain, and tears automatically sprang to her eyes. The table then retracted, pulling Dana nearly all the way off of Kay's throbbing member. Again the table thrust, repeating the first cycle. After the initial warm up strokes, milk spurted from Dana's squashed breasts. Kay's orgasm again began to build from the friction of Dana's spasming rectal passage. The speed of the table increased, slamming Dana's tight anus all the way onto Kay's prick. With a cry, Kay began to cum, shooting load after load deep into Scully's bowels. But the pounding didn't stop, Kay going through orgasm after orgasm, as she loosened Dana's ass hole. Once the milk had stopped being produced, Kidman stopped the machine and released both women. As Scully stood up, it felt like she'd had a spunk enema, as cum flowed freely from her cavernous anal passage. "Dana, "said Kidman, "I'd like you to meet your partner, Kay. You've both been cleared to join our Government Task Force called the 'Milk Police'. Your job will be to hunt down and apprehend any bovines that have escaped capture, and teach them a lesson. You will be based in town, where you'll have a slave each, who will do anything you order them to do. Dana, you've met the two 'maids' we've chosen for you. They are called Malgosia and Jane. We're off now to settle you both in your new house, but you must be ready for the call to action at any time." The house was situated at the edge of town, and the garden backed onto the forest that surrounded the Facility. This meant that the team were close to the Facility for transportation and equipment. Walking into the large house, Kay and Scully were both wearing trouser suits, loosely cut so as to hide their male appendages, as well as to reduce the size of their udders. Standing in the hallway dressed in short black mini-skirts, black high heels, shear black nylon stockings that were held up by suspenders were Jane and Malgosia. Their breasts hung in front of them, their nipples pierced and fitted with nipple rings, and they both wore collars that would cause great pain or pleasure depending on whether they behaved or misbehaved. "Choose your maid," said Kidman to Kay and Dana. "Nah, you go first," said Kay, "from what I've just heard in the van drive down here, you've fucked them both." "I'll have Jane," Dana replied. "Better teach them whose boss!" laughed Kay, as she led Malgosia into the Kitchen. Placing a couple of hoops in the cupboard above the cooker. Making Malgosia kneel in front of the cooker, she asked one of the guards to fetch four lengths of steel wire, and two heavy weights. Placing the weights on the floor either side of Malgosia, she said, "Hold your hands in the air." Fastening them together with a pair of handcuffs, she attached two of the wires to the cuffs pushed them through the hoops and down to the weights. She asked Malgosia to lift the weights. Seeing that she could just lift them, picked up each of Malgosia's huge tits by the nipple ring and placed them on the top of the cooker. Attaching two more wires to the nipple rings, she fed them through the hoops and attached these to the 'cuffs as well. "Pull!" Kay ordered, and Malgosia pulled on her arms. She lifted the weights as well as lifting her tits from the top of the cooker. "I like my beef- burgers well done," Kay said, as she placed 2 frying pans on the hobs, 1 for each tit. Pouring in oil, she turned on the heat. Unzipping the fly on her suit, she pulled out her penis, and, kneeling down behind Malgosia, pulled up her skirt revealing her anus. Kay pushed her engorged prick up Malgosia's ass hole. "Tight, but not too tight. I'd rest my arms for now, 'cause those pans are gonna get mighty hot soon!" and, placing her hands on Malgosia's hips began fucking. Malgosia listened to Kay, and lowered her tits into the frying pans. Watching this made Dana's prick become hard, and she had to pull it from her trousers as well. Noticing Jane standing, staring at what was happening to Malgosia, Dana told her to lean over the kitchen table, and to pull up her skirt. As soon as Jane had done that, Dana began to push her huge prick into Jane's cunt. As the member entered her, Jane rocked on her high heels, her huge nipples rubbing roughly on the wooden table. The frying pan was getting hotter, and oil was starting to spit. Soon the pain was too much and Malgosia had to pull her tits out of the fat. With the weight of her huge udders, and the weights attached to her wrists, she couldn't hold them out long, and after a few minutes she had to drop them back in to the fat. Malgosia screamed as the hot fat splashed around her tits, which made Kay's thrusts up her anal passage become even more brutal. Malgosia again pulled at the huge weight on her wrists, but this time couldn't hold them out for long and dropped them back in. Again she screamed. The smell of frying flesh could be smelt in the kitchen. Dana and Kay both began to feel orgasms coming so they both pulled out. Dana spunked all over Janes back, while Kay began to cum all over Malgosia's frying tits. "Would you like Mayonnaise with your burgers!" she smirked, turning off the cooker. Luckily, there was a large supply of alien healing cream that would cure the physical injury, but would never cure the memory. IX After meeting their maids in the house, Kidman then took the two women to see what treatment standard herd animals would be receiving once they'd caught them and processed them correctly. Driving along the outside of the forest, the van drove into a gate which had the sign 'Milk Ranch'. Two guards stood at the gate, and the ranch was surrounded by a 10 foot high, barb wire fence. "The security is necessary to keep prying eyes from the herd, you won't believe how many people want pictures of large breasted women!" laughed Kidman, as the van drove along a dusty road. About half a mile down the road, the actual ranch was in a valley and at the edge of the valley, a number of SAM batteries stood guard over it. As they drove up to the main building, they could see a field that was full of large breasted women. All of their 'udders' varied from EE to HH, and they were all wearing extremely high heels. They were also bent forward, as their wrists were tied to their legs just above their knees. "They're made to walk like that to preserve their udders shape, making them hang allows them to fulfil their full milk potential." Getting out of the van, Kidman was greeted by a farmer, who was totally naked. "I've brought some bovines to see the treatment they'd be receiving if they didn't co-operate. Lets go to the milking shed." The farmer walked up to Dana, and pulled open her jacket. "Nice size.." and then grabbed as much of the flesh as he could in his hand and squeezed, "and very firm. She'd make a nice breeder." Moving to Kay he said, "Open your shirt and lean forward." Kay complied, and the experienced milk farmer examined the hang and firmness of her udders. "Both fine specimens. If you get bored of them, I've got a use for them both here. Let's go take a look at where you'd be living." As they drew closer to the field, Dana and Kay could see that the herd animals couldn't sit down, as their knees were not allowed to bend by a pair of hard leather straps. Entering the shed, a row of women had their heads pushed through cages. They were all eating a white slurry that was flowing from one end of the shed. Attached to their breasts were vacuum pumps, sucking the milk from their engorged udders. Behind some of the herd animals were men who were seen to be fucking them. "We allow the farm workers to choose which bovine they want to fuck, as this is pretty boring work," Said the farmer, as they walked the length of the pens. "And if any of the bovines become pregnant, their milk production doubles after the birth!" he said smiling. "The milk is stored in tanks until the aliens come to collect it. After an inspection, some of the herd is taken to the alien home world for breeding purposes." Turning back to Dana and Kay he added, "Would either of you want to try the milking process?" laughing. "Once they've been milked dry, or they've grown too old, the animals are released into the town." Going through a door, another set of stables held stallions. The horses also had vacuum tubes attached to their pricks, milking the cum from their bodies. The horse cum was then pumped into the trough that the herd animals were eating next door. "These genetically engineered horses provide the protein for the herd.." Leaving the shed behind, they headed back to the van. Saying goodbye to Kidman, the farmer turned to Kay and Dana, "Hope to see you both soon." He said, rubbing his huge prick with his hand. Both Dana and Kay quickly got back inside the van. As they drove from the ranch, Kidman said, "Obviously, you still have to be milked, and we've installed a milking machine in your house." Driving back to the house, Kidman received a call. After she'd finished, she turned to Dana and Kay. "We have a mission for you. The aliens have expressed an interest in a specific woman. Her names Caroline, she lives in New York, and is a cartoonist. Unfortunately, she doesn't drink tap water, so we need you both to kidnap her, get her to our safe house where you'd administer the drug to her and condition her for the herd." The van turned around and drove to the military base's airport. Meanwhile, back at the house. Malgosia and Jane were recovering from the earlier torture. Sitting in the living room, they were discussing their predicament, and lamenting the fact that they'd never be able to escape. "Let's go and have a look at the garden," suggested Jane, "I always liked gardening back at the convent." They both went to look outside. As they wandered around the outer fence, looking into the forest, Jane spotted some strange flora. As they looked, the plants seemed to move in the darkness, seeming to pulse with life. Heading back into the house, they made food, and continued chatting. Driving to Caroline's apartment building, Kay and Dana discussed how they would kidnap her. The safe house was in the mountains far from any prying eyes. "We could use the same line that you used on me," suggested Kay. "No, from the report of the observers, it was found that she was rarely alone, either with he co-workers, friends or boy friend. We'll need some other method." After reading the report again, Dana added, "Well, it seems the only time she's alone is when she visits her gynecologist, we could replace her doctor and staff with ourselves. It seems she's booked an appointment tomorrow afternoon. We'll need to move fast." Stopping the car outside her building, they observed her leaving. She was wearing a tight lycra mini-skirt and top, black stockings and high heels. As Dana and Kay watched her sway down the street with her boy friend, Kay rubbed her penis through her trouser leg, looking forward to what they would be doing with her in a few hours time. As both Malgosia and Jane were about to go to sleep, both had to be milked. In the barn outside was installed one of the standard large breasted bovine milking units as seen earlier by Dana and Kay. Jane had worked on the convent farm and suggested that Malgosia went first and learn how to attach the teat cups to her tits. Malgosia leant forward so her pendulous tits hung below her and her neck was over the edge of the pen. Jane explained to Malgosia that the bar that she put behind her head was to stop her from standing up and hurting herself, as well as keeping her tits in the right position for the teat cups to be attached. Next Jane attached the jar marked Malgosia to the milker, and started the pulsator. She then came back to Malgosia, and picking up one of the glass teat cups, placed it on one of Malgosia's engorged nipples, and opened the valve. Jane could see the effect of the vacuum as it sucked Malgosia's nipple, and quite a lot of her tit into the teat cup before the liner in the cup had enough flesh in it to start squeezing. Jane attached the other cup, and after a couple of seconds, milk began to spray into the jar. 10 minutes of milking and no more milk was being sucked from Malgosia. Jane pulled off the teat cups by switching off the valve at the base of the cup, and then turned off the machine. Outside the barn window, a number of luminous stalks that had eyes on the ends of them were looking at the two maids milking themselves. They watched as Jane and Malgosia's huge, pendulous udders wobbled as they moved about, and grew highly agitated at the size of them. Jane released Malgosia and helped to set up the machine for her own milking. Malgosia followed the same routine, and quickly had the machine pumping away on Jane's tits. Malgosia had rummaged through the kitchen earlier and had found a cucumber which she was going to use herself tonight to masturbate with. As she watched the milk being sucked from Jane's young tits, and her young ass poked in the air, she went to the room, found the cucumber and came back into the room. Without warning, she pushed the vegetable into Janes cunt, and began to pump it in and out. At first Jane tried to stop her, but her neck was held tight in the pen. The motion of the cucumber soon had Jane approaching orgasm, and, as the machine finished milking her, she began to cum. Her entire body shivered, making the teat cups bounce around on her hanging udders. Malgosia removed the teat cups, and released Jane from the pen. As she stood up, the cucumber slid from her loose cunt, and dropped to the floor. "I'll need to wash that now," Malgosia said, as they headed back to the house. As they slept in their new home, they didn't know that an alien presence was planning a visit. Caroline arrived at her gynecologists wearing a black lycra mini-skirt, high heels, a translucent white shirt that showed she was wearing a black wonder bra to enhance her B-cup breasts and a pair of dark glasses. "Hello," she thought, as she looked at Kay sitting at the reception desk, "new nurse." As Kay stood up to show her to the doctor, she revealed her huge tits squeezed into the nurses uniform, and the extremely high heels she wore, she thought, "Wow, I can see why he hired her!" Kay turned to Caroline, nearly knocking her over with her massive breasts. "Your Doctor phoned in sick yesterday, so Doctor Scully from the local hospital will look after you." Entering the exam room, she saw an as impressively stacked red headed woman as the nurse examining some notes. Looking over the top of her glasses, Dana addressed Caroline, "Ah Caroline, nice to meet you. If you'd just remove your clothes, put on the smock and lie on the exam table I'll be with you in a moment." Kay closed the door and walked over to Dana, and, while Caroline changed, said, "The building is secure. The lift is held on this floor and our van is waiting in the garage. Are you going to inject her here or at the cabin?" "I'll do it here. It means we'll not have to hang around the cabin for too long!" Dana replied, filling two syringes with the breast enhancing chemical, and another with a knockout drug. When Dana entered the exam room, Caroline was laying on the table with her legs in the stirrups. Dana sat down in the chair, pulled on a pair of plastic gloves, and began to examine her. "Hmmm, it seems you've caught some form of disease here. I'll just give you a penicillin injection to clear it up." As Dana injected the knockout drug into Caroline, Caroline's mind tried to think of an explanation to her boy friend about this 'disease', as she slowly drifted off to sleep. "Kay, come in and check out this cunt and ass," said Dana as she inserted her fingers into Caroline's tight ass hole, and used her other hand to spread her cunt lips. Kay walked over, and immediately pulled out her prick and started masturbating. "We've got a bit of time for some fun now, what do you want, cunt or ass?" asked Kay. "You seem to enjoy fucking asses, so I'll take her cunt," replied Dana. Pushing the trolley to the side, Dana and Kay unplugged some of the cables from the various medical instruments in the room, and tied them around Caroline's ankles and wrists. They threw the cable attached to her wrists over the light fittings in the roof, and hauled her supine body upright, so that she was hanging like a piece of meat. Caroline's head lolled back as the finished fastening her ankles to a couple of tables, so that her feet weren't touching the ground. Dana gave Caroline a push to see how firmly she was fastened, and to make sure she didn't move too much.. Kay quickly got out of her clothes, and soon had her penis rock hard in anticipation of raping a fine piece of female flesh as Caroline. Being that Caroline's ass looked tight, Kay lubricated her penis, and, placing her hands on Caroline's hips, began to push the huge purple headed alien against Caroline's protesting sphincter muscles. With Kay pushing hard and relentlessly, Caroline's puckered anus slowly began to widen until the head popped inside. Stretched to the limits by the intrusion of such a large object, Caroline's anal muscles rebelled and began to spasm. To Kay, this added an extra level of sensation as she pushed her tool deep into Caroline's bowels. "I think this is the first anal fucking she's had, she's so tight," moaned Kay, as she had finally inserted the entire length of her prick. Dana had by now undressed, and examined the level of lubrication issuing from Caroline's cunt. With each thrust of Kay's prick up her ass Caroline's cunt opened and closed, and she moaned as the pain lanced through her body. Opening her cunt lips wide, Dana began to insert her prick into Caroline's ravaged body. As Dana inserted her tool, Kay could feel it's progress through Caroline's vaginal and anal passage. Caroline was now moaning continuously, and, as Dana reached the entrance to her womb, she had an orgasm. Kay's face turned to a grimace as Caroline's anal passage clenched hard on her prick, and had to concentrate on not cumming then and there. Dana began pushing against Caroline's cervix, and after a few thrusts, Dana's penis head thrust into Caroline's womb. Another orgasm swept through Caroline's body, as both Kay and Dana slowly pulled out of their respective holes, leaving just their penis heads inserted. Dana nodded and they both thrust their pricks savagely into Caroline's pliant body. Finding their rhythm the agents thrust their huge tools relentlessly into Caroline's bucking body. After a few minutes Kay said, "I can't hold it any longer!" and had an orgasm herself, spraying her alien seed deep into Caroline's bowels. Dana kept thrusting for a while longer, until she too began to cum deep into Caroline's womb. "Boy, are we going to have some fun with her," said Kay cleaning herself up and dressing in her suit. Dana pulled her prick from Caroline's limp body, and began to examine her breasts. "Fairly regular size," she said, pulling on the nipple and stretching the boob flesh to it's maximum. Injecting the breast growth chemical into each of Caroline's tit's, they released Caroline. Spunk bubbled from her now cavernous cunt and anus, running down her bum cleft and down the inside of her legs. Dressing her in her street clothes, they cleaned the office and left via the service elevator to their waiting van. Arriving at the cabin, Caroline was now awake, but her ankles were attached to a spreader bar, and her wrists are handcuffed together, plus she is now wearing a pair of black 6 inch high heels, and she felt that her breasts were straining at her bra cups, threatening to overflow them. She knew that she had been violently raped as both her ass hole and cunt were sore and she also remembered going to the gynecologist for a check up. The doctor and the nurse that were there in the office were the ones that were now opening the door to the van, but they were wearing business suits. Kay leaned in, and grabbing the spreader bar, pulled Caroline's legs outside so that she could stand, and then pulled on her handcuffs to get her upright. "Why are you doing this?" Caroline pleaded, as she was led into a wooden cabin. Kay turned and just smiled, as she fastened a chain to her hand cuffs and attached two more chains to the spreader bar. Turning to the table, she pressed a button, and the chain holding the 'cuffs began to retract into the roof. Once Caroline's arms were held firmly above her head, Kay left the room. "I'll tell you why we're doing this," replied Dana, "being a red head has made you an ideal specimen for becoming a human milk supply for an alien life form. Our Government has made a deal to supply them with human milk, and red-heads are an easily spotted character trait." "You're joking, right?" said Caroline. Kay now reappeared wearing a leather bra, and thigh length leather boots with 6 inch heels. Caroline's eye's goggled at the size of Kay's tit's and the size of the penis that hung between her legs. "Nope, we're here to prepare you for the herd. We've already injected your tits with a chemical that will increase their size and start them lactating. They'll just be like a pair of cow's udders!" Kay said, heading towards the table and picking up a cat-o-nine tails. "I'll get her undressed while you go and put on something more comfortable. When we raped you, you were unconscious. Now at least we'll hear you scream!" Kay said, swinging the whip at Caroline's back. The tails of the whip bit into her back, shredding her shirt, and making her scream in pain. From front to back Kay whipped Caroline, stripping her bare. The lycra skirt dropped shredded to the floor followed by her blood soaked shirt. Now Kay concentrated on her black wonder-bra, shredding the cups. Her breasts bled, and as Kay concentrated on her cunt and ass to remove her panties, Caroline fainted from the pain. Walking back into the room, Dana noticed that Kay had finished removing Caroline's clothes. She also noticed that Kay had a raging hard-on. "I think they chose the right people for this job," she thought, as her own penis hardened at the sight of Caroline's whipped body. Kay started to apply the healing cream to Caroline's bleeding body. Dana walked around to examine her breasts. "Udders growing at the predicted rate," she said, pulling on the nipple and hefting the swelling flesh in her hand. "Could you hand me the nipple expanders, Kay? The staff back at the ranch want to use the standard cow teat- cups, which mean the nipples on this bovines udders need to be at least 4 inches long, with a diameter of at least 1 inch." Piercing Caroline's nipples, Dana put rings in them, and then placed the nipple expander around the base of the nipple, attaching the ring to the cross bar. The springs in the expander started to pull and stretch the growing breast flesh into the ring trying to form the perfect nipple that would look like a cows teat. "Now, let's get her in the swing. We don't want to compromise the udder shape, now do we?" The 'swing' mentioned by Dana was beam that was attached to an electric motor that allowed it to swing backwards and forwards. This allowed the torturer to either use penises in the cunt or ass at one end, and the subjects mouth at the other or use dildos etc. if no one wanted to have a go, or were tired. Strapping Caroline to the beam, her ankles were strapped to her thighs, then strapped her thighs to the cross bar that extended across the bottom end of the beam, keeping her cunt wide open. Caroline's head was strapped back, and a mouth spreader was inserted so that they'd have free access to her throat. Caroline's udders were slowly expanding to their full size, and would soon need to be milked. The nipple expanders were doing their job, and her nipples would easily fit the teat cups. Caroline woke with a start, and realized that what she was experiencing was not a dream. "Ah, she's awake. Time for some more fun," stated Kay, "I've never throat fucked anyone yet, so I think I'll use your mouth this time." Pushing a button, the beam moved to the end of its stroke. Dana nodded in agreement, and slid her monstrous penis into Caroline's cavernous ass hole. "That slipped in easily, They'll be able to use your anus for warming up the stallions," said Dana, sliding her tool as far as it would go. Once the swing started it would pull Caroline off her prick and force her onto Kay's penis that would be inserted orally. "Those red lips look inviting," said Kay, pushing the end of her penis into Caroline's mouth. Caroline's nostrils flared, as the musky smell of the penis floated up to her nose. Her entire mouth was filled with the taste of cum. Kay enjoyed the sensations of Caroline's tongue on her penis head, but knew more was to come, so she pressed the button to start the machine. Slowly the machine drove Caroline onto Kay's huge prick. Her eyes bulged and she gagged as the monstrous head of Kay's penis slid slowly down her throat, stretching it. Caroline couldn't breath as her throat bulged to accommodate the invading monster. Kay sighed with pleasure at the tightness and friction. When Kay's balls bounced on Caroline's chin, the machine reversed, ramming her back onto Dana's waiting tool. The speed increased, Caroline's udders swinging freely as she was anally and orally raped. Orgasm after orgasm ripped through Caroline's body as the ordeal continued, until, with a groan, Kay and Dana began to pump their alien sperm into her ravaged body. Wad after wad of spunk slid down Caroline's throat, and spurted deep into her bowels, filling her stomach with alien seed from both ends. As the machine didn't stop swinging, Kay's prick once more entered Caroline's mouth, and the sheer volume of cum that Kay was producing forced some up Caroline's nasal passages, and began to spurt from her nose, as well as escaping from her red lips down her chin. "I never knew why men liked women to give them blow jobs. Now I do!" said Kay, pulling her still hard penis from Caroline's cum filled mouth. Dana pulled her prick from Caroline's spunk filled anal passage, "Now that's what I call an enema!" she said, stopping the machine. Caroline's now massive breasts swung freely until Dana came to examine them. "Better get the milking machine, these feel full," said Dana, removing the nipple expanders and the ring in the end of her nipple, and squeezing hard on the pair of GG-cup breasts. Starting the pulsator, Dana attached one of the teat-cups to the expanded nipple. The cup fit perfectly, and began to extract the milk that had built up during the growth phase. The other teat cup was attached, and Caroline was left to be milked for the first, but not the last, time. "I'll call the ranch for them to send out a helicopter for us and our new bovine," said Kay, "We'll be back home in a few hours to get ourselves milked. My tits feel like they're going to explode." Back at the house, the two maids had busied themselves the next day by masturbating, eating and talking about their past lives. It started to get dark again, and their master's hadn't returned again, so they would have to go down to the barn and milk themselves. As they both headed to the barn, their massive breasts bouncing in the moonlight, a large number of tentacles leapt from the forest and attached themselves to anything that was prominent; around their tit's, legs and arms. "What the hell.." was all that Malgosia could say before another tentacle forced it's way past her red lips and into her mouth. The same befell Jane, as they were yanked off their feet onto their stomachs. Luckily for both of them that their breasts were so big that it cushioned their fall. The vines then began to pull the two helpless women along the ground into the forest. Twigs, roots, stones, brambles all bashed and cut their breasts and nipples as they were dragged along the forest floor. After a few minutes they were dragged into another barn, that was filled with writhing vines. As they were pulled upright by their tits, the women could see that the barn also contained a pig pen full of piglets, and a stallion that stood surprisingly docilely with the amount of activity going on. In one corner was a huge bio-mass that heaved and glowed, and from which hundreds of tentacles emerged. As the vines twisted and squeezed the pliant fleshy mounds of Malgosia and Jane's udders, milk began to spray from their nipples. The eye stalks that were observing this, began to writhe, as two huge bulbs slithered forward. Malgosia was again flipped on her stomach, landing once more on her bruised and bloody tits. The vines then lifted her from the ground and she was carried to a bale of hay that was resting on a raised platform near the stallion. Her mauled breasts hung over the edge of the hay bale, but still at least 4 feet from the ground. The two bulbs moved under each hanging tit, and opened. A toothed stalks shot upwards and buried their teeth deep into Malgosia's tit flesh. Over the pain of the teeth biting firmly she felt a needle pass into her nipple and deep into her flesh. A heat spread from the needle, as the rest of the bulb surrounded the already expanding boobs. At the same time Jane was lifted from the floor, and the vines spread her ankles. A huge tentacle sprung forward and drove violently up her vagina, spearing straight into her womb. Tears ran down Janes face, as over and over the vine slammed into her young body. She too was flipped onto her stomach and carried to the pig pen. As her breasts dangled down, and the vines squeezed them violently, milk spurted out and hit one of the piglets, which looked half starved. Another of the piglets licked the fluid from it and at once started to chew and suck on one of Janes nipples. As the other piglets noticed this, they too tried to suck on her nipples. Each piglet jostled and pulled on her nipples as they tried to get some food. Some of the piglets chewed on the flesh trying to get even more milk from her teats. With the violent thrusting of the vine in her cunt, her tits swung violently as well, throwing some of the piglets from the end of her nipple. Blood welled from the many bites that the breasts received as they swung past hungry mouths. Malgosia watched in horror as her breasts increased in size. She then heard the sound of hooves climbing the ramp of the raised platform. More vines snaked forward, wrapping themselves around her thighs and ankles holding her legs fast. A huge weight now stood above her, and she could see the front legs, and head of the horse above her. Fear filled her eyes as she felt the horse's penis pressing on the entrance to her anus. With one thrust the animal's phallus entered deep into Malgosia's bowels, stretching her sphincter muscles to the limit. As her tits grew the horse began to pound it's huge meat in and out of her protesting anal passage. The hole was rubbed raw with the friction of the tool, pounding on relentlessly. After a few minutes, an orgasm swept through Malgosia's body, tightening her anal muscles. The horse stood frozen, as it shivered, it's own orgasm coming. Horse sperm began to shoot into her bowels, and the heat and force of the spunk from the horse sent her into another orgasm. The bulbs around Malgosia's tits now opened revealing tits 3 foot in diameter. Milk dribbled from the enlarged nipple as the horse left her, and her cunt was filled by a vine. The huge bio-mass now began to slide towards her hanging breast. As it slid underneath, tentacles whipped up to around the base. A huge maw opened in the top of the bio-mass, and with a heave, the creature retracted it's tentacles, lifting it's bloated body from the ground. The mouth sucked in one of the huge breasts. Malgosia felt it's jaws close on her tit meat, forcing a huge spray of milk from her engorged breast. The milking continued, sucking huge amounts of milk into it's bloated body. As it released the first breast, it had returned to the original size. The creature lowered itself to the floor again, and began the operation on the other tit. As Agent Scully and Howard entered the house, they noticed that the back door was open. Taking their guns from their holsters, and finding some torches in the kitchen, the two women worked their way outside. Dana noticed the trail of debris that was strewn from the forest. "Shit, I think the Plant Mind's got them. Lets go!" said Dana, leading Kay into the forest. Dana followed the twin drag trails of their two maids breasts, to a barn that was glowing. Looking for a window they went to see what was happening inside. By now, Malgosia was hanging by her tits from the roof, with each of her orifices being filled by a tentacle. Jane was in the middle of the room, her ankles strapped to a thick tentacle that was inserted in her cunt, as well as wrapping around her stomach and shoulders, holding her stiff. Beneath her now enlarged breasts sat a mass of green plant-like life. A maw was open, and the tentacle holding Jane smashed her down squashing her tits and forcing the milk into the creature's mouth. "That's the target. Keep shooting it until it dies," stated Dana. "I'll take the front you take the back." Dana kicked open the door and rolled in letting off a few rounds from her .45 automatic, straight at the creature. Vines snaked out grabbing Scully's wrists and ankles, and the gun fell on the floor. "Not again," screamed Dana, as the vines snaked up her arms, and legs ripping the clothes from her body. Yet more barbed vines wrapped around her breasts, lifting her struggling body from the floor. The creature then swung her entire body into the wall, smashing her tits hard into the splintered wood. Pounding relentlessly, Dana was soon knocked unconscious. Kay opened the back door and entered a dark corridor, as she went towards the barn, a tentacle streaked and hit her on the head, knocking her over. Tentacles wrapped around her ankles and pulled her prone body into the main barn. Scully was lying in a heap in one corner, as Jane was still being milked, and Malgosia was still being fucked. As Kay came to, she noticed that her clothes had been removed and she was held with her legs open on a bale of hay, and her head hanging back over edge of the bale, with her jaw held wide open. No matter what had happened to her this week, what she saw coming towards her face scared her shitless. A horse's penis, dripping pre-cum hung in front of her open red lips of her mouth. Without warning the tip of the horse's penis entered her mouth. It leaned forward, trying to push itself farther within her, feeling the head of its penis grind against the back of her throat. Kay gagged, her nostrils flaring as she tried to breathe through the horse hair in her eyes and nose. Slowly but surely the penis slowly worked its way down into her protesting throat. Kay's throat bulged outwards as the animals tool drove deeper and deeper. Kay couldn't breathe, causing her throat to contract on the huge penis. Retracting, the horse allowed Kay to gulp down a few breaths of penis smelling air, and then thrust it back deep down, grinding her throat. Each thrust, brought the horse closer and closer to cumming. With one final thrust the horse began cumming. The horses seed fired deep into Kay's throat. She gagged and gargled as the salty discharge seeped down her throat, into her stomach. As the horse pulled it's member from Kay's tortured throat, the spunk began filling her mouth. Soon, the cum began oozing from her lips around the horses penis. Kay made strange gurgling sounds, then swallowed heavily, gulping down the discharge. But the horses didn't stop cumming. All that Kay could do to stop from drowning was to slurp it down, but the cum still oozed out slowly around her lips, down into her eyes and into her nose. She could feel the horse's cum sliding down her throat into her stomach, which made her feel even more revolted, but she could only gulp down more as it continued to shoot into her mouth and throat. Scully woke slowly. As she opened her eyes the scene was the same as when she came in except Kay was giving a horse a throat fuck, whilst Jane's breasts were back to their original post-chemical size. The gun lay next to her hand. Again, her hand wrapped around the hilt of her gun. Aiming the gun at the heart of the creature, she emptied the entire magazine into it. Green gouts of goo spurted everywhere the bullets tore into the creature. As the last bullet entered the creature, It began to shiver, and released both Jane and Malgosia, who collapsed in tiredness on the floor. Looking around, Dana saw a pitchfork, which she picked up and charged the creature. The maw focused on Dana for the first time. Kay, still stunned from her oral lesson, looked for her own gun, as tentacles swept out and wrapped themselves around Dana. Kay crawled to her gun, as Dana stumbled towards the creatures open jaw. Vines stretched out and began to wrap around Dana's tits. The creature began to squeeze, the milk spraying directly into it's mouth. Kay aimed her own .45 at the heart of the creature and fired the entire clip into it. The green goo seeped around it, as chunks flew off in all directions. The creature began to squeal as it released Dana in it's pain. Staring into the very heart of the creature, she could see what looked like a brain. Picking up the pitchfork, she aimed at the brain, and thrust with all her might. The maw slammed shut on the pitchfork, and then fell open. All the vines and tentacles began to rot, and the creature itself began to decompose in front of their eyes. Within a few minutes, no one would know that an alien creature ever existed. Coughing up horse spunk, Kay wobbled her way over to Dana on her 6 inch heels. "We'll need to report this," said Dana, "let's get back home. By the way," she added to Kay, "I think you're a bit overdue for milking. Your tits are starting to show their veins!" X After their excitement of the previous night, they all wanted a break from anything. Jane was preparing Scully's breakfast when Doctor Kidman entered the kitchen. "Ah, Dana. I hear you killed the Alien Plant creature last night. We actually believe that there are more than one of these creatures loose in the forest, so be on the look out." Kidman sat down, and admired the motion of Jane's backside, enhanced as it was by the pair of 6 inch high heels, as Jane busied herself at the cooker. "We have a specific task for you and Kay. We need you to test a mind control device, as well as bringing the subject back here for further testing. The subject is a Liz McDonald, a feisty, red-blonde curly haired, thirty seven year old who's fit, 37B-23-33 slim, well built body. Could still carry off wearing mini-skirts, lycra tops, and high heels. From the aliens report her only problem was that she wasn't what you would call top heavy - in fact she only carried a B- cup, even though they were still very firm and stood proud of her body. She lives in Manchester, England, and works in a pub. You'll be able to observe her there, field test the device and kidnap her on her way home." Standing up, she added, "While you go and dress, I'll brief Kay on the device's control. Oh by the way, she'll be kept in the dungeon below the house, and you will do the experiments on her." Dana pushed the stray hairs from her grey eyes and stood up, sighing. Kay was in her room, doing a bit of weight lifting. Kay was lying on a bench press whilst Malgosia had Kay's prick embedded deep within her womb. Malgosia's wrists were tied to her knees to stop her from helping Kay lift her off the ground. Two steel ropes were wound tightly around each of Malgosia's huge, pendulous breasts, passed vertically upwards to a set of pulleys and down to a cross bar that was held in Kay's outstretched arms. As Kay pulled down on the bar, the wire tightened and pulled on Malgosia's tits. Slowly, Malgosia slid up the length of Kay's prick. She moaned as the wire cut into her tit flesh. Reaching the bottom of the stroke, Kay reversed the direction of the bar, skewering Malgosia back onto her prick. Kidman walked into Kay's room just at the moment Kay began to cum deep into Malgosia's well fucked cunt. Releasing Malgosia from her ropes, Kay got into the shower. "Kay, I've briefed Dana about your mission, but we need to field test a new mind control device. The receiver needs to be attached to the skin. We have an exact copy of the targets watch which you will switch with the receiver. To get her to do what you want, you press the button on this device," Kidman showed a small plastic container, that looked like a remote alarm controller, "and suggest something to the subject. She will proceed to do that task as if it was nothing out of the ordinary, and then continue with whatever she was doing before." "I'll give it a good run through," replied Kay, taking an extremely long time drying her now erect penis, "Oh, and could you take a couple of the guard dogs with you from the base in England, and let them fuck a couple of bitches. They're getting a bit restless." As she finished speaking, Kay started cumming, spraying wad after wad of alien spunk all over the front of Kidman's tight black lycra dress. "Sorry," said Kay, sheepishly, as Kidman wiped the globs of spunk from her dress. The flight over, and the drive to their hotel were uneventful. Getting over their jet lag, Kay and Dana went over to the back street pub about mid day to check on the target. Entering the bar, there were people standing chatting, and behind the bar stood Liz. They recognized her from the alien surveillance photos straight away. Her curly red blonde hair, hung around her face and down to her shoulders. She was wearing a tight red lycra top, black mini-skirt, black stockings, and a pair of black 5 inch high heeled shoes. "What can I get you?" Liz asked. "Hi. I'll have 2 glasses of white wine. By the way, my names Kay McDonald, I'm looking for Liz McDonald, she's a distant relative of the family, and we're trying to compile a family tree," replied Kay. "I'm Liz. I can't talk to you today but, I can see you tomorrow," she said, turning around and bending over to pick up some glasses, her skirt riding slightly up over her buttocks, showing the tops of her stockings, as well as revealing a small thatch of red blonde hair, peeking out of her white panties. Both Dana and Kay's pricks twitched at the sight of such a nice firm pair of buttocks. As Liz returned with the wine Kay asked to see her watch. "That's really nice. Can I have a look?" Liz undid the strap, and handed it to Kay, who promptly switched it with the mind-control receiver. Kay handed the watch back, and the two agents went to sit in a corner. As the pub was busy, it was easy to observe Liz as swept cleared glasses. They watched as Liz's firm buttocks move, as she trotted around on her stilettos. Kay reached over to one of the other tables in the bar and picked up an empty pint glass. "Let's see if this device is any good," said Kay, pulling out her prick under the table, and began to masturbate. She imagined ramming her piece of hot meat into Liz's un-lubed ass, making Liz squeal in pain. With a sigh she began to cum, milking her spunk into the pint glass. Once she'd finished cumming, the pint glass was almost full of gooey white alien sperm. Placing the near full glass of spunk on the table, Kay pressed the button on the device and said, "Come and clear our table." After a few seconds they saw Liz's curly hair bobbing towards their table. As Liz picked up the spunk filled glass, her nose wrinkled in distaste, "Who the fuck put that there?" she said. In response Kay again pressed the button and said "Sit down, and drink it." Liz shrugged her shoulders and sat down. She then brought the glass to her red lips, tipped her head back, and began to drink the thick, white liquid. Whilst they had been waiting, the spunk in the glass had started to coagulate, and both Kay and Dana could see that Liz was swallowing large globs of spunk. Liz couldn't drink it all down in one go, and each time she lowered the glass, the spunk slowly slid down the walls of the glass, collecting at the bottom. Bit by bit, wad by wad, the thick alien cum slid down Liz's throat into her stomach. Once Liz had finished, she licked her lips clean of spunk, and went back to work as if nothing untoward had happened. "This is one excellent toy. Let's go and get the dogs. We'll wait for her to go home and get her tonight." Dana and Kay remained parked on the street waiting for Liz to leave work. It was past midnight when she said goodnight to the manager, and she turned to walk towards their car. On top of her top Liz now wore a black jacket, and she had a handbag hanging on her shoulder. Their car was parked next to an alley that lead down to the back of some shops, it was well lit, but nobody seemed to go down it. As she reached the car, Kay pressed the button, and said, "Remove your panties." Liz stopped, looked around and leant against a lamp post. Hitching up her skirt, revealing her black garter belt and suspenders, she began to pull down her panties, using the lamppost to balance when she had to take them off of each of her legs. They had the perfect opportunity to see her cunt and ass. Liz's cunt had a massive pair of labia, and she also had a large gaping ass hole. "What have you had up your ass, Liz?" said Dana, as Liz pulled down her skirt, and straightened it. Kay pressed the button again and said, "Go down the alley." As she went down the alley, both Dana and Kay got out of the car, and Dana fetched the dogs from the back of the vehicle. Following Liz down the alley way, they came to the spot which they'd chosen for a bit more fun. This part of the alley was littered with packing cases. Again, Kay activated the device. "Pull up your dress, and lay down, face up, on a packing case." As Liz complied, Dana released the dogs. They'd been well trained, and were fitted with the same mind control devices as Liz. Kay told Liz to "Stay." whilst Dana sorted out the commands to the dogs. One trotted to Liz's cunt, whilst the other went round to her face. Dana told both the dogs to lick the hole in front of them. Kay ordered Liz to open her mouth, and to spread her labia wide with her fingers. After Liz spread her cunt wide, the inside was already lubricating with wind playing on her cunt and clitoris. As the dogs started to lap at each opening, Liz's tongue snaked out and intertwined with that of the dog, After a while, Dana ordered both dogs to jump so their fore legs were on the packing case, while one penis pointed at Liz's mouth and the other pointed at her cunt. Kay then ordered Liz to let the two dogs fuck her mouth and cunt. Liz licked the tip of the dog's prick. It need no further encouragement and thrust it's huge, alien enhanced penis into Liz's mouth. The violent thrusting bashed the back of Liz's throat, until she opened it, allowing the dogs penis head to thrust into her tight throat. The other dog soon got the idea, and pushed it's prick deep into Liz's well fucked channel. The huge dog penis filled her completely, as it's knot bashed her clit with each of it's thrusts. During the dogs sex session, both Dana and Kay had their own pricks out, and were masturbating. Liz's throat bulged with each thrust of the dogs penis travelling deep into her body. She'd given deep throat before, but this was ridiculous. With each thrust, the knot at the base of the dog's penis threatened to spread open Liz's mouth and lodge itself there. With one great thrust, both dogs began to cum, sending their sperm deep into Liz's body. Dana picked up a dustbin lid and placed it in front of herself and Kay. As soon as the dogs pulled their pricks from Liz's body, both women began to cum into the dustbin lid. Wad after wad of spunk began to fill the lid. Kay ordered Liz to turn over, and stay on her hands and knees. Liz's pert buttocks and gaping ass hole pointed at the sky, while the dog spunk ran from between her thighs down her legs. Dana poured the cum from the dustbin lid into a bag that had a long tube from the base of it. Approaching Liz, she began to insert the other end of the tube up Liz's wide ass hole. Lifting the bag, the spunk began to flow down the tube and up Liz's ass. After a couple of seconds, the spunk flow stopped, so Dana began to wind the top of the bag, forcing the cum into Liz's bowels like a spunk enema. Once the entire bag was pumped into Liz's bowels, Kay ordered Liz to crouch, and Dana placed the dustbin lid under Liz's buttocks. Pulling the tube from Liz's ass, the mix of spunk and shit began to spurt from her loose hole. After a while the flow slowed to dribble, and Dana bent down and picked up the dustbin lid with the spunk/shit soup. "Now, this is one hell of a test for a mind control device," said Dana, "make her drink this mixture!" Pressing the button Kay said, "Okay Liz! Youre doing well at the moment. Now drink down the contents of this dustbin lid." Liz sat on the edge of the packing case, her face still glistening from the dog cum that had escaped her eager mouth. Holding the dustbin lid, she again opened her red lips, and tipped the contents of the dustbin lid into her mouth. Slowly but surely the mixture flowed over the lip of the lid and ran down Liz's throat and into her stomach. Liz found the flow was difficult to control, and a couple of times, more spunk got over the lip of the lid than she could drink, allowing the mixture to run down her chin and onto her tits, soaking her lycra top. Liz's nipples poked through the soaked material like a pair of bullets, straining to be released from their prison. XI Driving back to the airforce base to catch a flight back to the US, Dana borrows the mind control device from Kay. Climbing into the back of the car next to Liz, Dana presses the button and says, "Take off your bra and top." Liz immediately obeyed, her nipples becoming hard as the air in the car hit her, small, but well formed, breasts. Still pressing the button, Dana said, "Pull your nipples in your fingers until they become fully enlarged." Liz began to knead and pull on her slowly swelling buds until they stood proud of her body. Dana then reached into her bag and pulled out a hypodermic needle. Placing the tip of it at the top of Liz's nipple, she forced the inch long needle into it. When fully inserted, Dana injected half of the chemical into Liz's breast. Dana repeated the operation on the other breast, and, pressing the button again said, "Put on your lycra top." Turning back to Kay, she added, "By the time we're back home she should be ripe for milking!" The flight back was uneventful, as Liz's new breasts expanded, stretching the material of her top to the limits, her new cleavage was enormous, and her engorged nipples pressed hard from the material. Liz was fully enlarged (about a G-cup) when they were driving along the country roads back to the base to enroll Liz in the bondage program. The car suddenly began to stutter and then died. No matter what Kay tried to start the car, it didn't work. Dana tried her mobile phone but that too was dead. "Shit," said Kay, "if I didn't know better, I'd say we were in for an alien encounter." "Yeah," replied Scully, "I was expecting Mulder to come rushing to the scene!!" Sitting in the car, they see some lights approaching their car along the road. As it drives closer to them, they noticed it was another car, and it too began to stutter, and it's lights cut out when it drew closer. Dana and Kay both climbed out of the car, and go to see whose in the other car. Pulling out their identification, the two women went to the car. Driving the vehicle was a nun. The most striking feature of the nun was the size of her breasts, which were pressing hard on the steering wheel. As the nun turned to face the two agents, one of her breasts swung free to rest on her stomach, and what surprised Dana and Kay so much was that she had black hair. "That's the first naturally large titted woman I've seen!" muttered Dana to Kay. "Yeah, no need for an air bag with tits like those!" replied Kay, as the nun greeted them. "Hi, I'm Sister Asumpta, and I was taking this girl, and one of the teachers, to a local clinic for macromastia. They've all suddenly sprouted huge breasts - nearly as big as mine." The two agents surveyed the potential of the other passengers in the car for addition to the herd. The teacher wore her long red hair in a bun on the top of her head, a pair of glasses perched on her nose, and now huge breasts were squeezed into a white shirt, encased in a tweed jacket. She wore a tweed skirt and sensible shoes. The girl wore a school uniform, her huge tits forced into the white shirt. Dana's prick quickly became erect, and Kay licked her lips at the prospect of new milkers. Suddenly, a bright light illuminated the area, and in the bright light everyone could see 6 humanoid shapes begin to form, as well as a couple of large metallic objects, and a few smaller dog-like creatures. When the light faded, and their eyes had adjusted to the glare, they saw 6 huge frog-like creatures. They wore no clothing, and their huge penises hung between their bent legs. In their arms they carried what looked like rifles, and on their belts they carried ropes, chains, manacles and a huge knife. The two metallic objects turned out to be large robots that hovered above the ground, and the dog-like creatures turned out to be crabs. Kay saw Liz begin to get out of the car and try to run down the road away from the creatures. As Liz tottered on her high heels, one of the creatures pulled a whip from his belt. It flicked it's wrist, and the end of the whip wrapped around her ankle, bringing her down heavily onto her huge chest. It then pulled Liz towards them, her tits rubbing along the tarmac. One of the creatures picked her up like a rag doll. Holding her by her arms, another of the creatures pulled out a knife and sliced open the front of Liz's top. Hefting each of Liz's huge breasts in it's webbed hand, it nodded, pointing to one of the robots. The creatures then turned their attention to the others by the car. "Right, everyone out of the vehicle." All of the women left the car and lined up. "Excellent, we seem to have hit the jackpot this time," said the tallest of the creatures, as it walked up the line. Standing in front of Sister Asumpta, it reached forward and fondled her breast through her habit. "A prodigious amount of breast meat. The feast will go down a storm with so many fresh large tits to eat," it said, licking its grotesque lips, and laughed. "My God," exclaimed Dana, "They're going to cut our tits off to eat!" The teacher hearing this decided to try and make a run for it. When the girl heard what the creature said she fainted. This gave the teacher the diversion she required, and she sprinted off down the road. One of the guards leveled its rifle on the fleeing woman, whilst another signaled for the crabs to chase after her. A bolt of light shot from the end of it, just missing her. The crabs sprinted after the teacher, quickly catching her, and knocked her to the ground with their claws. Flipping her over, the crabs began to rip the clothes from her body. Clamping her ankles in it's claws, they dragged the unconscious teacher back to the others. "If any more of you try to escape your deaths will come quickly." The guard went over to the body and picked it up, slinging her over it's shoulder and walked back. Again, the leader examined the size and weight of each tit, and, satisfied by their size, signaled for the processing to continue. Lifting her body from the ground, a robot glided up. Leaning her over, her breasts hung into a cavity in the top of the robot. Another of the robots was processing Liz at the same time, who had her arms now tied behind her back, and a pair of manacles attached to her ankles, chaining them together. Over to the other side of the road, a metal stand was erected, with a long bar running between the uprights, about 7 feet from the ground. On the bar were several electrically powered winches, with hooks hanging from them. By the stand, the aliens were heating a brazier of coals, that had a number of branding irons inserted into the now glowing coals. Liz was stood up and walked to the stand. Ropes were fastened around the bases of her tits to form a loop, and a hook was lowered. Looping the rope over the hook, Liz was hoisted from the ground. Her tits formed two large balls as her entire body weight was applied to the bases of her tits. "Grade A" the robot said to the guard, who then went over to the brazier and pulled out one of the branding irons, which he then applied to each of Liz's breasts. Liz screamed as the smell, and sound, of burning flesh reached the rest of the group. One of the aliens fastened two loops at the base of each of the teachers tits, and she joined Liz. "Grade B" the robot intoned, as her breasts were branded. One by one, their tops were stripped from them, and their huge tits revealed. After a cursory squeeze by the leader, each of the women's breasts were weighed and measured by one of the robots, and a grade marking was branded onto the flesh based on the size and weight of the tits. As Dana and Kay were winched up and branded Grade A tit flesh, Sister Asumpta was being processed. As she was stripped of her habit, the aliens had noticed the size of her pendulous tits. When the robot said "Grade A++" the group of aliens cheered. Now that they were all hanging from the stand, they were all teleported to the ship hovering above them, cloaked from earth radar. XII By now, the breasts of the captive women were turning blue as all their weight was being hung from the huge globes of flesh. They were teleported directly to the main slaughter room where they were cut down and left to lie on the floor. "We've got a feast on tonight, and we're one roast short," said the head cook to the scavenger leader. The leader pointed his weapon at Sister Asumpta, "Well, that's the biggest uddered piece of meat we've ever captured." The cook went over and got two of the guards to pick her up. Sister Asumpta was still wearing her wimple, and her large breasts bulged impressively in front of her short frame. Her face was smeared with dirt that had mixed with her tears. Grabbing a good handful of flesh, he mauled her tits. "Hum, nice and firm, and not too many surface veins." Turning back to the leader of the hunt, he said, "I'll take this one." Reaching to a nearby table, he picked up an injection, and inserted it into Asumpta's arm. "This will keep you awake during your processing!" Putting the needle down, he had the guards remove the ropes from around the base of tits, whilst he picked up a large serrated meat hook. "I'll just insert the tit hook," he said, placing the point of the large hook on the underside of her right breast. With his other hand, he grabbed her ample nipple, and pushed the hook through her tit. Tears of pain sprang anew in Asumpta's eyes as her flesh was pierced. She was much shorter then the cook, who then turned around, and, using the hook, hoisted her onto his shoulder. Blood ran down his back from Asumpta's torn tit, as he carried her to butcher's table. Lying her down on her back, with her head dangling from the edge of the table, he tied her calves to her thighs, and fastened a spreader bar to her ankles. The cook then began to grease her cunt lips and her ass hole. After a short pause she felt the cooks fist being inserted into her cunt. The cook worked tirelessly pounding on her cunt, until it was stretched wide. Pulling his fist from her sopping cunt, he began to insert his hand up her rectum. Brutally he forced his fingers, then his hand into her protesting anus. With each thrust of his hand up her ass hole, her cunt lips slapped together. Once he could get his wrist into her anal passage, he stopped and pulled out. Getting one of the scaled lizard penises from the pantry, he used it like a dildo, pushing it deep into Asumpta's sore cunt. Her lips were rubbed raw by the rough skin of the penis. With the thing firmly in place, he again turned his attention to her ass hole, thrusting deeply into her bowels with his fist. As he worked, he said, "You may be wondering why I'm doing this. It's to make sure the skewer fits nicely up your ass, while the stabilizing rod will slide easily into your cunt." The skewering machine was then attached to the table, and the skewer extended until it began to spread her well greased, and gaping asshole. The cook removed Asumpta's gag, and positioned her head so that his erect penis hovered near her lips. The alien's penis, dripping pre-cum hung in front of her open red lips of her mouth. Without warning the tip of the penis entered her mouth. The cook leaned forward, trying to push itself farther within her, feeling the head of its penis grind against the back of her throat. Asumpta gagged, her nostrils flaring as she tried to breathe through her nose. Slowly but surely the penis slowly worked its way down into her protesting throat. Asumpta's throat bulged outwards as the engorged tool drove deeper and deeper. Asumpta couldn't breathe, causing her throat to contract on the huge penis. At the same time, the skewer drove deeper and deeper into her restrained and bucking body. Retracting, the cook allowed Asumpta to gulp down a few breaths of penis smelling air, and then thrust it back deep down, grinding her throat. Each thrust, brought the alien closer and closer to cumming. Seeing that the skewer would soon be pushing against her stomach, the cook, with one final thrust, began cumming. The alien's seed fired deep into Asumpta's throat. She gagged and gargled as the salty discharge seeped down her throat, into her stomach. As the cook pulled it's member from Asumpta's tortured throat, the spunk began filling her mouth. Soon, the cum began oozing from her lips around the aliens penis. Asumpta made strange gurgling sounds, then swallowed heavily, gulping down the discharge. But the cook didn't stop cumming. All that Asumpta could do to stop from drowning was to slurp it down, but the cum still oozed out slowly around her lips, down into her eyes and into her nose. She could feel the alien's cum sliding down her throat into her stomach which made her feel even more revolted, but she could only gulp down more as it continued to shoot into her mouth and throat. The progress of the skewer sped up once it hit her spunk lubricated throat. The cook held back her head, so the skewer pushed out of her mouth. Asumpta was surprised that she was still alive. As her life ebbed away, she was carried to the roasting ovens where she was placed face down so her heavy hanging breasts would keep their shape and roast correctly. By now, the girls had all fainted, and were being dragged by their tit ropes to their holding pens. Dana and Kay were finally stripped of their trousers, revealing the alien penis inserted in their cunts. "Good, alien slaves. We have a method of dealing with these creatures!" Dana and Kay were led by their tit ropes down the main corridor of the ship, their 5 inch high heels clicking on the metallic floor of the craft. Opening a door, they were taken into what looked like a common room. Aliens were lolling about, drinking. On the bar top, a large breasted woman was crying. She had boyish, short-cropped red hair, high heels, and had her breasts presented on a silver platter. As they approached, Dana and Kay could see that both of her breasts had been roasted and the aliens were cutting slices of flesh from them and eating them before her eyes. As their eyes adjusted to the gloom in the room, other bizarre practices were being undertaken. In another part, a large titted, black haired woman, was being used as a hand warmer: her tits had holes in them, and an alien had his hands in the holes, and she was carried around by his prick being inserted up her ass, her high heels dangling in the air. Dana and Kay were taken to two platforms in the center of the room. They were hauled up by their tit ropes, and their ankles were pulled behind them and tied off, so they were hanging face down. A rope was tied behind the balls of the alien penis, and wrapped around the bell end of it, before it was attached to a bucket. A crowd had gathered, and the alien that had had its hands in the dark haired woman's tits stood behind Dana. Using the blood on his hands from inside her tits, he began to push his hand up Dana's rectum. Straining, the alien forced his hand into her rectal passage. As her spasming muscles relaxed, he began to pound her asshole. With each thrust, the nooses on her tits jerked causing a jet of milk to spurt from her cow like teats. Another alien now stood behind Kay. He was inserting his prick into her asshole, whilst also mauling her huge tits, making milk stream from her engorged nipples. Soon, both Dana and Kay had an orgasm, shooting their alien semen into the buckets, and so increasing the weight hanging from their penises. Slowly, as both Dana and Kay were multiply raped, the buckets filled. Some aliens, instead of shooting their loads into Dana's and Kay's gaping assholes, were cumming into the buckets. As the cum had nearly reached the rim, the alien penises were wrenched from their cunts, blood and slime spilled from the gaping vaginas. The psychic blast that came from the creatures was directed towards the earth. Cum leaked from both their wrecked sphincters, down their shuddering legs, and pooled below them. Lowering them down by their tit ropes, their ankles were released. Stumbling on their high heels, trying to keep their sore buttocks from chaffing, they were dragged by their tit ropes, and were seated at a table. "Bring Kira over here!", signaled the leader. The big titted red head on the bar, picked up her platter and trotted over to the table. "You can't get a finer breast anywhere in the universe!" he said, slicing a couple of pieces from Kira's tit, and pushing the knife deep into the flesh. He put the meat on the plates in front of Kay and Dana, and placed the buckets of cum next to the plates, using a jug to pour cum onto the tit flesh. "The one that eats one of Kira's tits and drinks their bucket of spunk will join the milk herd, the loser will join Kira as a bar snack!" Kay made Kira kneel down beside the table, allowing the platter to rest on the table. Pulling the knife from her tit, Kay began slicing into Kira's roasted tit, and chewing on the meat, drinking it down with cupfuls of spunk. Dana couldn't believe that Kay would do such a thing to another human being. "Ah, it looks like our dinner guest, doesn't want to eat!" Pouring the plates contents into a liquidizer, he minced the spunk/tit mix. Pulling on Dana's hair he poured the contents down her throat. Dana made strange gurgling sounds, then swallowed heavily, gulping down the mixture. But the alien didn't stop pouring. All that Dana could was to swallow it down, landing heavily in her stomach. Dana sat upright, retching. The leader cut more chunks from Kira's tit, and began to push the bits down her throat, pouring spunk straight from the bucket. The spunk filled her mouth, running down her cheeks, into her eyes, through her hair and onto her tits. The rest of the aliens were now shooting their loads directly at Scully's tits, face and hair, coating her body with cum. She couldn't hold her breath for ever, and she reflexively opened her throat, allowing the spunk down her throat and into her stomach. The leader carried on pouring, the globs of spunk coating the inside of Scully's mouth. She gagged, but still she had to keep swallowing the warm fluid as the leader kept on pouring, and jamming tit flesh into her mouth. She could feel the heavy stuff filling her stomach, as more and more poured out of the bucket. Even with the help of the aliens, Dana had lost the contest. Kira was taken away to the growth labs to have a new pair of tits surgically attached. Dana was taken to the bar area, and both of her breasts were lowered into an oven. Dana screamed as the heat blistered her skin, and began to cook the flesh inside. The lid slid closed, to stop the rest of her body burning. "I think 20 minutes should be enough!" the cook said, as he took the opportunity to shaft her from behind into her ass. With each thrust, Dana's engorged cunt lips slapped together, as she rocked on her heels. Just as the cook began to spunk over her buttocks and back, pooling at the small of her back, the entire ship was rocked by an explosion. All around the room, large breasted women dressed in skin tight rubber uniforms and high heels were appearing, fighting with the aliens. "My God, we're being rescued..."

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