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Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Story_codes: m/f/f/f/pedo/dad/daut/mom/daut/inc/o/a/w/s/cons/n/c EROTIKIDS by MAXAMM Comments: The following story is a work of fiction. All movies, pictures and publications mentioned exist only in the author's imagination. Please do not email requests for anything written in this story, they do not exist beyond the author's imagination Story_intro: Behind the scenes with PEDOCAM PRODUCTIONS. Child sex adventures in Russia. New stories, hardcore KP "pics", personal ads, uncensored incest "pics" and much, much more in the biggest and baddest child erotica magazine in the world. EROTIKIDS! [Editor's Note: This catalog is 100% fictional and the items described within do not exist.] EROTIKIDS EROTICA, ENTERTAINMENT, EDUCATION FOR CHILD LOVERS EVERYWHERE. ISSUE #3 COVER PICTURE A SIX YEAR OLD GIRL, WITH JET BLACK HAIR IN PIGTAILS, STANDS NAKED ON A MIRRORED FLOOR, SMILING AND RELAXED. HER HANDS ARE BEHIND HER HEAD AND HER LEGS ARE WIDE APART. THE MIRROR UNDERNEATH HER REFLECTS HER FAT, BALD PUSSY AND THE LITTLE PINK BUD OF HER ASSHOLE. ___________________________________________________________________________ _______ EDITOR'S LETTER Dear Friends Welcome to EROTIKIDS. If issue 1 was our baby and issue 2 was the toddler you just couldn't resist, then issue 3 is the hot little slut who loves to suck and swallow. As one of our staff members recently commented - after he had made love to a five year old girl - "it's hard to believe that something so good could be illegal". The day you are hurrying to the local news stand to pick up the latest issue of EROTIKIDS, along with your newspaper, is probably the day you will be forced to duck to avoid a low flying pig. In the meantime, we shall continue to fly in the face of legal niceties to bring you a magazine that unapologetically celebrates pedophilia. In this issue, we give you what you want big time. More pics, more adverts and more uncensored preteen erotica. In response to reader's requests, we now have two Star Girls in each issue. As well as more pics of Rena, you can enjoy three full color pages of sweet, sexy and six year old Eileen, all the way from Ireland. Six of the best twice over, in fact. Tor~Pedo's latest work of fiction is a typically outrageous piece of perversion and Maxamm provides another sticky tale of dad/daughter love, with a distinctly nasty edge. Chelsea Brady fans are in for a real treat. As well as an exclusive interview and some new hot pics, we have a vintage hardcore Chelsea pic, taken when she was only three years old. If you doubted that the personal adverts are for real, check out the true-life testimonial and pics from a reader who responded to an advert in our last issue. Kids love sex and so should you. Look, touch, have fun. M.K. ----------------------------------------------------- ABOUT OUR COVER GIRL Rena is a six year old American girl, who is as sweet but definitely not as innocent as she looks. The hot pics of this little apple pie cutie were snapped by her uncle, who assures us that she comes to EROTIKIDS with full parental approval. Let's hope Daddy approves of our center spread. Proving that a photo-spread in EROTIKIDS is indeed a stepping-stone to stardom, Rena has already been signed up by PEDOCAM PRODUCTIONS, to star in a full-length hardcore child-porn movie, which is due to be released next month. In the meantime, you can whet your appetite for four full pages of our sexy and uninhibited six year old. --------------------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER: While EROTIKIDS encourages consensual adult/child relationships, the publishers accept no responsibility for any abuse or injury resulting from the sexual practices of our readers. All models appearing in EROTIKIDS do so with the permission of a parent or guardian. Readers respond to all advertisers in this magazine - whether private or commercial - at their own risk. ___________________________________________________________________________ _____ CONTENTS CHILD SEX CONTACTS----------------------------------------Your passport to all things pedo. MOVIE REVIEWS---------------------------------------------The best and worst of kiddy porn. LETTERS---------------------------------------------------You praise and damn us. DOING MY DAUGHTER-----------------------------------------Fiction By Maxamm. EILEEN----------------------------------------------------Sexy Little Irish Lass. TRUE LIFE STORY-------------------------------------------When Harry Met Jody GRANDMOTHER FUCKER----------------------------------------Fiction by Tor~Pedo. THE FAMILY ROOM-------------------------------------------Genuine Hardcore Incest Pics. CHILD SEX TOURS-------------------------------------------From Russia With Love. BLUE MOVIE BABES------------------------------------------The Making Of A KP Movie. RENA------------------------------------------------------More Of Our Sexy Cover Loli. CHELSEA BRADY - PRETEEN PORN QUEEN------------------------Interview & Hot New Pics. CLUB JILL-------------------------------------------------Lesbian Moms Loving Little Girls. ___________________________________________________________________________ _________ CHILD SEX CONTACTS Affluent male pedo - 24 y.o. - seeks special little girl to spoil and seduce. Race and color are immaterial, but girl must be aged between 6 and 10. Tenderness and lots of love guaranteed. Code; EK3-01. Pedophile couple with beautiful 5 y.o. daughter would like to swap child sex pics and videotapes with like-minded couples. Also open to party invites. 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Pedophile priest - 57 y.o. - with access to large numbers of young boys and girls, seeks similarly inclined members of the Catholic clergy for mutually beneficial friendship. Code; EK3-05 Help!! Male pedo - 35 y.o. - wants to fuck a little girl in the ass. Must be under 8. Can pay and can travel. Code; EK3-06 EXTREME KIDDY PORN! Rape, torture, bondage, bestiality. Hundreds of top quality pics and videos for sale. No crap and no rip-offs. Send US$20 for list and samples. Code; EK3-07 Would you like to rape my 7 year old daughter? Would you like to get truly medieval on her sexy little ass? The only limit is your wallet. Bidding starts at $500. Code; EK3-08 PHOTO: A PRETTY LITTLE BROWN HAIRED GIRL IS BOUND NAKED TO A CROSS. A BLACK GLOVED HAND HOILDS A KNIFE TO HER BALD PUSSY. Anyone need a young pedo stud? 16 y.o. guy seeks very young girl for first time child sex experience. Willing to be filmed and willing to share. Code: EK3-09 "Family Only" pedo club seeks new members. No sadists, singles or couples without children and absolutely no fees. Baby lovers also welcome. Code: EK3-10 PHOTO: A SEVEN YEAR OLD GIRL WITH BLONDE PIGTAILS RIDES THE BIG, HARD COCK OF THE MAN LYING BENEATH HER. IN THE BACKGROUND, A FIVE YEAR OLD BRUNETTE SUCKS A STIFF COCK, WHILE A FAT WOMAN WEARING A STRAP-ON COCK HOLDS HER HEAD. Elderly pedo couple - M78/F62 - seek other couple with daughter of teenage years or younger for friendship and non-abusive fun. Also like to exchange kiddy porn pics with like minded collectors. Code: EK3-11 Young, affluent, attractive lesbian couple seek teenage and preteen girls for hot nights and long, dirty weekends in our very private log cabin. Moms welcome to party, but dads strictly forbidden. Code: EK3-12 You can look, you can touch, you can fuck! Sixteen year old mom and three year old daughter available for your pleasure. Men and women welcome. Very cheap rates for a very good time. Code: EK3-13 PHOTO: TEENAGE MOM AND BLONDE LITTLE GIRL POSE NAKED ON A BED, FINGERS SPREADING THE FOLDS OF THEIR PUSSIES. THE CHILD HAS CUM STREAMING DOWN HER CHEST. Kinky couple - M27/F26 - with 9 month old daughter, seek pedo singles and couples for babysex orgies. Painkillers and lube supplied. Code: EK3-14 PHOTO: CLOSE-UP SHOT OF A NAKED INFANT GIRL, WITH FEMALE FINGERS SPREADINGT THE FAT FOLDS OF HER PUSSY, WHILE A MALKE HAND PUMPS CUM FROM A HUGE COCK OVEWR HER TINY SLIT. Gay pedo - 37y.o. - seeks other gay guys with an interest in preteen boys for exchange of pics and maybe more. Code: EK3-15 Bi pedo couple - M27/F44 - seek couples or singles with very young children for uninhibited sex games. O/A/W/S/Scat/etc. Can accommodate or travel. Code: EK3-16 Sexy little schoolgirl - 13y.o. - seeks generous men for all kinds of sex fun. Very experienced and very kinky. Loves gang-bangs and cock in all holes. 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No scene lasts no more than two minutes and the entire compilation is a dizzying stream of hard cocks pumping preteen cunts, mouths and assholes. Could have been complied by a monkey let loose on an editing machine. Rating ** KIDS IN BONDAGE #1 UNDERGROUND INC. Starring Mister J.V., Mistress Blade, Slaves Ginny & Rebecca. Fans of the TORTURED TEENS and RAPED VIRGINS series of movies will be familiar with the work of this particular studio. However, this is their first foray into genuine child porn and a pretty impressive piece of nastiness it is. Chained up in a dungeon, two little sisters - aged 7 & 11 are subjected to a series of brutal tortures at the hand of a hooded master and mistress. Whippings, piercings, brandings and extreme rope bondage are just some of the horrors inflicted on the two helpless little beauties. The screams are real and the detail too graphic for all but the most hardened of sadists. 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She had wanted to go and play with her friends, not spend Sunday afternoon with her daddy. Honey might have been only six years old, but she knew what an afternoon alone with her daddy meant. After all, I had been molesting her since she was four, so guessing what I had in mind did not require a great deal of intuition. "I don't like Uncle Bret," she declared. "Why not?" I demanded. "He's always doing dirty stuff with me," Honey replied. "He puts his hand in my panties and touches my peehole when I sit on his lap. Last Saturday, he took out his weener in the bathroom and made me suck it 'til his stuff came out." "Did he hurt you?" I asked. She shook her head. "No, but........." "Uncle Bret loves you," I interrupted. "That's why he likes to touch you. I touch you all the time and you like that, don't you?" "But you're my daddy. You said all daddies do those things with their little girls." "And that's all true," I replied. "But Uncle Bret doesn't have a little girl of his own, so he has to love you instead. He asked me first and I said it was okay for him to touch you. If he wants to do pokey with you, that's okay too." Pokey was our pet word for when I put my cock inside Honey. Her asshole was my favorite "pokey" place and that particular cherry had been popped when my daughter was barely four years old. Her pussy had survived a few more months. Now, I decided, she was ready for her first gang bang. "I don't want Uncle Bret to do pokey in me," she said adamantly. "Why not?" I asked. "Is his weener very big?" "About as big as yours, daddy," Honey answered. "Then it will fit in your butt and your peehole, just like mine does," I told her. "Do I have to let Uncle Bret do pokey in me, daddy?" The child's plaintive voice was almost enough to make me change my mind. But it wasn't the first time she had begged and I knew how to deal with it. "If you be a good girl today and do everything daddy says, I'll buy you that rocking horse you've always wanted," I promised. "And I'll buy you a new dress too." "Is Uncle Bret really going to do pokey with me?" she asked. I nodded. "I think so. He asked me if he could and I said it would be okay. You'd better do whatever he wants, because Uncle Bret knows the Bogey Men." The Bogey Men were the imaginary characters I used whenever straightforward persuasion was not enough to convince my little girl that she should allow me to use her in whatever way I pleased. Honey had grown up believing in the myth of the men that took little girls away if they didn't show their daddies they loved them, or if they ever told their mommies about the things they did with their loving daddies. Ten minutes later, we arrived at our destination. Bret opened the front door, wearing only a pair of black shorts. My wife's older brother had been an active pedophile for many years and boasted proudly of having had sex with dozens of little girls - some as young as three. His huge collection of photographs and movies bore testament to his claims. "Hi there, Honey," he smiled. "You look nice today." My daughter responded to his greeting with a sulky murmur. No matter what I told her, she wasn't going to change her mind about her uncle. Not that it mattered. We had already agreed that Bret would have his wicked way with her, even if it meant taking her by force. We made our way through to the lounge, where the other guests were waiting. Bret had told me we would havecompany and I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were three other men and a woman present. The latter was an attractive blonde in her early thirties, wearing a black satin micro dress that clung tightly to her voluptuous figure. Everybody was fully clothed and it would have looked like an innocent gathering of friends, but for the child porn movie playing on the VCR and the pornographic pictures scattered over the coffee table. Bret made the introductions. Alan was the oldest member of the group - a fat, grey haired man in his sixties - who I seemed to remember from some kiddy rape photographs Bret had shown me. Roland was Alan's son and the blonde woman was his daughter. Roland and Joan were twins. The final member of the grip was a bespectacled guy in his forties, named Wilson. All four were pictures of respectability, but the way they looked at Honey left no room for doubt. The little blonde six year old didn't know it yet, but she was going to provide the starter, main course and dessert for the assembled group of pedophiles. My fantasy was shaping up to reality. Under different circumstances, I would have paid more attention to the movie, in which an Asian girl of about five was being gang fucked by three white men. But nothing on the VCR could compete with the anticipation of the real thing. Honey had arrived and the pedophiles were ready to party. I sat on the vacant armchair and my daughter climbed onto my lap. She had no reason to suspect that all these strangers planned to rape her, but the fact that they were watching a video of a little girl being abused aroused her suspicions. She had seen such movies before and always when daddy was doing nasty things with her. Like most pedos, I didn't just use kiddy porn for my own gratification. It was an invaluable tool for convincing a dubious child that what we were doing was normal. As soon as Honey was seated on my lap, I pulled up her dress and put my right hand down the front of her white cotton panties. She fixed me with a quizzical look. This was the sort of thing I usually did when there was nobody else around. "It's okay, baby," I smiled. "This is Uncle Bret's house. We can do whatever we want here." "Mind if I take a few pics?" asked Alan, reaching for his camera. "Go right ahead," I replied. "Just make sure you black out my face before you post them on the Net." He took a few pictures of Honey sitting on my lap, with my hand in her panties, before I pulled the crotch aside and showed off her bald pussy. Then, Bret stepped up. "Give me a kiss, Honey," he said, leaning over my little girl. Honey drew back, but I seized the back of her neck. "Do what Uncle Bret says," I told her sternly. I knew she had French kissed her uncle before, so her shyness was mostly due to the other people present. But Bret pushed his tongue into her mouth, not caring if she liked it or not. "She has a beautiful little pussy," Alan enthused. "Take off her panties." 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I spread her legs for Bret and his tongue went to work on her little pussy. I knew Honey liked to be licked. She was just nervous in the presence of so many strangers. "Does she like to suck cock?" asked Alan. "Why don't you stick it in her mouth and see?" I suggested. The elderly man was already unzipping his trousers. His stiff cock was not very large, but my little daughter still looked scared. She tried to protest that she didn't want it, but Alan seized her by the back of the neck and forced his stiff length into her mouth, while his daughter took a few more photographs. Roland joined him, unzipping his jeans and rubbing his fat, seven inch boner over Honey's face, smearing her with pre cum. "She's a sexy little slut, isn't she, dad?" he grinned. "Mind if I try her mouth for size?" The instant Alan withdrew his wet cock from between the little girl's lips, it was replaced by his son's larger length. Roland pushed it down Honey's throat until she started to choke, then began fucking her face. Alan grabbed her left hand and forced her to grip his throbbing stalk, using her small fist to masturbate him. Naturally, by this time, I was in danger of creaming my sweat pants. Before that could happen, I tugged down the waistband and pushed my throbbing boner between Honey's ass cheeks. She knew what I was about to do and did her best to resist, even though she knew there was no escape. When daddy wanted sex with his little girl, daddy went right ahead and did it. There was no need for lubrication, as I had already greased her asshole with KY before leaving home. I had resisted the urge to fuck her. I wanted her fresh for the orgy. The six year old whimpered through a mouthful of cock as I pushed the head of my fuckpole into her tight rear hole. She could take a good six inches in her butt, without complaining too much. With Honey's bald pussy still available, Bret did not have to wait patiently to take his turn. It took him about a minute to get naked. Then, crouching between my daughter's splayed legs, he gripped his eight inch hard-on in his right fist and rubbed the crown over her small slit, smearing her with pre-cum, before entering her. With my cock buried almost to the hilt in her ass, I felt the friction of his fat, thrusting cock through the fleshy glove of her stretched pussy as he began fucking her. "Wow, this is fucking wild!" Joan cried, circling us with the camcorder and shooting what might just be the hottest kiddy porn movie ever made. She wasn't exaggerating. Honey was stuffed so full of cock, she could hardly breathe. Her mouth was alternating between Alan and Roland, while her uncle and I pounded her pussy and asshole with our hot meat. Roland was the first to shoot his load, frantically pumping his wet cock as he showered hot cream over Honey's face and hair. His cock was still spitting when his father withdrew from her mouth and hit her with a second load. She managed a small cry of panic, before gagging on a mouthful of his cum. The thick mess filled her nose and eyes and streamed down her cheeks. Alan grabbed a fistful of her hair and wrapped it around his cock, using the remainder of his wad as shampoo. Honey enjoyed only a brief respite from the deluge, before Bret was emptying his balls. He grinned for the camera as he milked his heavy load over my little girl's face and dress. She was struggling and panic stricken, but my only response to her plight was to withdraw my cock from her ass and pump my cumload over her pussy and belly. Afterwards, Joan continued to film the crying and cum drenched child as she slumped to her knees at my feet, frantically wiping semen and tears from her eyes with both hands. It was fortunate the floor was timber as the semen that dripped from her would have made a real mess on a carpet. I wasn't concerned about her dress being soaked in cum. Bret would have something clean for her to wear home. Though he had no kids of his own, her uncle had a sizeable collection of preteen girl clothes in his wardrobe. Photographing lolis was his hobby and he loved to watch them change into different outfits during a photo shoot. If the little beauties ended up naked and in his bed, that was a bonus. For the next few hours, Honey wasn't going to be needing any clothes. Her pussy and asshole might feel like they had been already crucified, but the party was just getting started. I got a wet towel from the kitchen and tried to stop her crying as I wiped the stinging cum from her eyes. Joan had passed the camcorder to her brother and was now crouched in front of the sobbing child, holding her legs apart and slurping semen from her pussy. "I don't think your little girl likes us very much," Alan remarked. "I don't think it matters all that much," I replied casually. "Do you?" He shook his head. "It's not my chief concern. I'm sure she'll get over it." "Maybe we should blindfold her," Bret suggested. "That way, she won't get any more cum in her eyes." "Good idea," I said. "Feeling better now, Honey? Does Joan's tongue feel nice in your pussy?" "I wanna go home, daddy!" the child sobbed. "If you really want to, sure we can go home," I told her. "Uncle Bret and his friends can come with us. We can all get naked together in your bedroom and play with you while mommy watches." I knew that would change her mind. Honey hated it when her mom caught her having sex with me. Though I molested her with Barbara's full blessing, her mother never took part in our sex play. Her contribution was to convince the child that she would be very hurt if she ever saw her doing dirty things with her daddy or any other man. Mommy knew she did those things, just like most little girls, but mommy weren't supposed to watch, or even talk about it. The fact that Barbara was a lesbian, with a preference for middle-aged women, made for a perfect domestic arrangement. She worked with me in warping our little girl's mind, which was reason enough to love her. "Let's get the little slut upstairs," Roland suggested. "This little slut is going nowhere, until I've licked up this mess," his sister snapped, wiping a trickle of cum from her chin. By the time that task was completed, Honey's hysteria had abated and my friends and I had stroked our cocks to renewed life. For the next few hours, I played a mostly passive role in the gang rape of my six year old daughter. I was happy to sit on a chair by the bed, stroking my cock and holding the camcorder, while I watched my ultimate fantasy unfold. Following Bret's suggestion, Honey was blindfolded with a black silk scarf. I didn't think for a minute that his sole concern was her welfare. When he asked if it would be okay to handcuff her as well, I nodded my consent. He used a set of plastic toy handcuffs to manacle her wrists at the front of her body, rendering her totally helpless. Not that there was the slightest danger of her escaping. With Honey in bondage, watching the four adults sexually abuse her cranked my pleasure to fever pitch. Joan showed her how to eat pussy, while the three men took turns to rape her painfully stretched preteen asshole. Bret was third in line. As he slid his big boner into Honey's cum dripping poop canal, Roland rubbed his sticky cock over her face. But before he could force it into her mouth, Joan had grabbed the stiff length and claimed it for her own juicy slit. "Big girls need to get fucked too," she smiled, impaling herself on her brother's cock. "Where's daddy?" Honey cried. "Daddy's right here, watching you get fucked, baby," I replied. "Your daddy won't let anything bad happen to you, sweet thing," Alan grunted, seizing a fistful of her hair. 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"Take a good look at his big, hard dick," her mother snapped. "Tell her what you're going to do to her, Dick." Fisting my thick boner, I moved closer to the terrified child. "I'm going to stick this up your butt, Jody," I sneered, rubbing the head over her tear soaked face. "And it's going to hurt really bad. Mommy's going to watch me doing it to you, isn't that right, mommy?" PHOTO: HER MOTHER'S HAND GRIPS JODY'S HAIR. RONALD'S HARD COCK IS GRIPPED IN HIS FIST AND ONLY INCHES FROM THE TEAR STAINED FACE OF THE TERRIFIED CHILD, WHOSE MOUTH IS STUFFED WITH HER OWN PANTIES. "Sure is," Vicky smiled. "I'm going to watch you stick that big dick up her butt. I hope you hurt her really, really bad, because Jody's a very bad girl. Isn't that right, Jody? Aren't you a really bad girl?" The child shook her head, whimpering through her gag. Vicky slapped her across the face. "If I say you're a bad girl, then you're a bad girl. You're a horrible, bad, smelly little girl. But Dick is going to make you good and sorry." "Yeah, Dick is going to rip your dirty little butthole open," I added, with an evil grin. My hand was trembling as I reached for the jar of Vaseline on the bedside table and smeared a large quantity over my fuckpole. Jody bucked and whimpered as I rammed a greasy finger roughly up her ass. "Wait just a minute," Vicky breathed. That was about all it took her to peel off her tee shirt, jeans and black lace g-string panties. Then, wearing only her high heeled shoes, she stood by the side of the bed, raised her right foot and planted it on the back of her daughter's neck, digging the sharp heel into her flesh. Kneeling behind the little girl, I forced her thighs as wide apart as possible and guided my cock head to her rear hole. As I pushed the thick length up inside her, splitting her open like she were being impaled, her small body jerked like she had been given a high voltage electric shock. Vicky's right hand worked excitedly between her own thighs, two fingers stabbing the slash of her blonde thatched cunt. She shuddered and moaned like she was the one being fucked, though her intense pleasure was the opposite of what her unfortunate little girl was feeling at that moment. PHOTO: THE NAKED CHILD IS SPRAWLED ON THE BED, PINNED BEHEATH HER MOTHER'S SPIKE HEELED SHOE. RONALD IS PUSHING HIS COCK UP HER ASS. Jody must have felt like she was being fucked to death by the big, hard stake of manmeat that brutalized her tight asshole. Had i used my full length, she probably would have been at least very seriously injured. Fortunately for her, my perverted tastes did not extend to such extremes. I needed no encouragement to rape her ass with the kind of animal aggression that would have had a fully grown woman screaming for mercy, but Vicky still urged me to fuck her harder and hurt her so badly, she would never forget it. Faster and faster I stabbed her preteen shithole, pushing a little deeper with each frenzied thrust. By the time I finally shot my load, six inches of my spasming cock was buried in Jody's ass. The gag was no longer necessary. I used her panties to clean the shit and blood from my cock, then rolled the wretched little girl over onto her back. Her eyes were glazed and she was barely conscious. An agonized whimper accompanied each ragged breath. "I hope I haven't done too much damage," I muttered, lighting a cigarette. "Don't worry about her," Vicky replied coldly. "My dad didn't give a shit about me when I was her age." I wasn't concerned about gaining an insight into Vicky's sadism, but that single sentence told a pretty good story. Had I not been such a sick fuck myself, I would have felt more than a passing sympathy for her little girl. "You beat her much?" I asked. "Only when she pisses me off," she replied. "Most of the time, I treat her okay. You're beginning to sound like one of those child welfare do-gooder assholes." I laughed. "Don't worry, I'm not about to show my tender side. Jody isn't the first little girl I've raped and I sleep just fine. I guess I'm just curious why her pussy isn't on the menu." "I'm saving that 'til she reaches puberty," Vicky explained. "When she's old enough to get pregnant, I plan to have her gang raped. She'll be forced to have a rape baby." "Just like you were?" I ventured. The blonde woman looked away. "This is getting too personal. I brought you here to abuse my little girl, not to play shrink." Vicky was, without doubt, the most heartless bitch I had ever met. She was also the most exciting. It was a real shame I wasn't going to have the opportunity to get to know her better. "Sorry," I muttered, returning my full attention to Jody. The child was beginning to recover from her ordeal and was attempting to sit up. Unfortunately, I was hard and ready to do her again. "Let's see how you like to suck cock," I grunted, grabbing her by the hair. She didn't like it at all and did her best to struggle free as I rubbed my sticky cock over her tear stained face, then forced it between her lips. Vicky slid her right hand between my legs from behind and squeezed my balls as she urged me to choke the little bitch with my big, hard cock. PHOTO: CLOSE-UP SHOT - TAKEN FROM THE REAR - OF RONALD STUFFING HIS COCK INTO THE LITTLE GIRL'S MOUTH, WHILE HER MOTHER'S HAND SQUEEZES HIS BALLS. I thrust so deep back Jody's throat that she started to choke, before drawing back again. I didn't need her mom's breathless encouragement to do what came naturally, but it was a nice accompaniment to the best blowjob I had enjoyed since the last time I had been with my best friend's nine year old daughter. I fucked Jody's face, twisted her hair and abused her with the most degrading obscenities, on the way to my second climax of the afternoon. When I hit my peak, I withdrew my throbbing cock from her mouth and milked my load over her face. Afterwards, Vicky mopped up the sticky mess with her fingers and forced her little girl to lick them clean. I sat between Jody's legs, slapping her pussy with my wet cock and wishing I could be the one to give her a rape baby, when she was old enough. But her dribbling and bruised asshole was not a bad consolation prize, especially when it came free. When I was ready to fuck her again, Vicky held the dazed and helpless child between her thighs and forced her to eat her pussy, while I buried my cock in her five year old asshole again. PHOTO: JODY LICKS HER MOTHER'S WET, HAIRY PUSSY, WHILE RONALD PUSHES HIS BONER BETWEEN HER ASS CHEEKS AGAIN. Creaming her bowels for the second time was the climax of my afternoon with Jody and her sick mom. Vicky didn't promise to call me again and I didn't push my luck. Her sobbing little girl lay naked on the bed, bleeding my cum from her ruptured asshole. I could hardly complain that I had been short-changed. ___________________________________________________________________________ ___ GRANDMOTHER FUCKER by TOR~PEDO I always enjoyed my regular visits to my grandmother. As I was her only grandchild, she had always treated me like I was somebody very special. Even at the age of ten and with plenty of other interests to occupy me, I still made time for my number one senior citizen. She might have a few chores that needed doing, or she might just want some company. Not that my grandmother was in any way helpless. In fact, though she was seventy-two, she still lived a full life. It was a warm, sunny Saturday afternoon, when I walked up the path to her front door. Receiving no response to the ringing of the doorbell, I used my key to let myself in. I found my grandma in the back garden, lying on a sun lounger and soaking up the rays. She was obviously not expecting visitors, as she was stripped down to her underwear. Her big, overripe breasts seemed ready to burst from the white lace confines of her bra. Her matching panties were stretched over her broad hips and reached a long way up her belly. I couldn't tell if her eyes were shut behind her sunglasses, but I took the chance to stop and stare. In all my years of visiting my grandma, I had never before seen her so close to naked. She was overweight and wrinkled and definitely not the stuff of a teenage boy's sexual fantasies. Yet, as I feasted my eyes on her aged body, I felt a stirring of lust in my jeans that took me completely by surprise. "Hello, Jimmy." Her voice jerked me from my reverie. Realizing she had been watching me all the time, I felt myself blush. "Uh, hi, gran," I blurted awkwardly. "Beautiful day, isn't it," she smiled, raising herself to her elbows. "Sure is," I agreed, doing my best to avert my eyes. "So, how are you, gran?" "Feeling glad to be alive," she answered, making no attempt to cover her near-nakedness. "You have any plans for the afternoon?" "I thought I'd help you out with a few chores," I said. "I have a better idea," she replied. "Why don't you take a dip in the pool? Then, we can enjoy the sun together." "That would be nice, gran, but...." I hesitated. "I don't have any swimming trunks." "So go naked," the old lady told me. "There's nobody here but us two." Had my grandmother not been half-naked already, I might have declined. But right then, I could think of nothing I would enjoy more than getting naked for her. She watched me strip and I found myself wondering when she had last enjoyed a good fuck. My grandfather had died when I was only four and grandma had never had another man that I knew of. But she had never been the kind of woman to live the life of a nun. Before removing my shorts, I turned away, not wishing her to see the boner I was developing. The instant I was naked, I dived into the pool. The water was cool and refreshing, but did nothing to dampen my hard-on. I tried to think non-sexual thoughts, but all I could see was my grandma in her underwear. Five minutes of swimming later, I climbed from the pool. This time, I made no effort to conceal my excitement. If grandma didn't want to see it, she could look away. "You're growing into a fine young man," she smiled, eyes roaming over my dripping nakedness. "Come here and give your old grandma a kiss." "Maybe I should dry off first," I suggested. "Maybe you should just be a good boy and do as you're told," she retorted As I approached her, she sat up, placing both feet on the grass. Her thighs were wide open and I saw a few dark gray wisps of pubic hair around the tight crotch of her panties. I had never seen a lady's pussy and I wondered what it would look like. My friend Tommy said he had seen his mom in the shower and hers was really hairy. I decided they all probably looked like that, but I would have liked to find out for sure. Leaning over, I kissed her on the mouth. She pressed her lips to mine, then I felt her tongue slide between my lips. I responded instinctively, hungrily French kissing her, the way I sometimes kissed Tommy when we played our secret games. When I felt her hand on my cock, I thought I was going to get that cummy feeling Tommy always gave me when he played with my weener or sucked it. This wasn't just a very old lady. This was my own grandmother and my weener was hard for her. Harder even than the time I had put it in my five month old baby sister's mouth. When we finally broke from our passionate tongue tango, her right hand continued to move back and forth, tightly gripping my throbbing little boner. "Oh, gran! Oh fuck, that feels good!" I gasped. "I never heard you curse before, honey," she purred. "Sorry," I panted. She smiled. "Don't be sorry. Be dirty. Tell me what you're thinking." "I want to see you naked, gran! I want to stick my weener in you!" "You know about those things?" she cried. "A boy of your age!" "I stuck my weener in cousin Michael's butt once," I told her proudly. "But Michael is such a little boy!" she responded. "He's only six. I hope he didn't tell his mom." "I told him not to," I replied. "Can I stick it in you, gran?" "Let me get naked first," the old lady told me. "Have you ever seen a lady naked before?" I shook my head. "No, but I really want to." "Then be a good boy and take off my bra." My hands were trembling as I fumbled with the hook of the broad strap around her back. When I finally succeeded in getting it undone, I slid the straps down off her shoulders. Her heavy, milk white tits sagged as the cups fell away. The coffee brown nipples were a good four inches wide and stiff like two small boy weeners. I had seen pictures of women's tits before, but none of them had been as old as my gran. Hers were the biggest and best I had ever seen. Grandma cradled my head as I began to feast, licking the soft, wrinkled globes and sucking like a baby on her rock hard nipples. She moaned softly, sharing in my pleasure. After I had gorged myself on her tits, I proceeded downwards, burying my face in the warm folds of her big belly. When I reached her panties, I hooked two fingers in the waistband. She raised her ass from the lounger, allowing me to pull them slowly down over her wide hips. I knelt for a moment, savoring the beauty of the hairiest cunt I had ever seen. It was also the first cunt I had ever seen. The dense thatch of grandma's grayish black curls spread from the crack of her ass to near her navel and the insides of her heavy, wrinkled thighs. In the center of the forest was a pair of fat, crinkled, wet pink lips. Her slit pouted as if begging for my mouth. Leaning back on her elbows, she spread her legs wider. I took a deep breath, then dived into her thick bush, tongue outstretched. I had licked my baby sister's pussy a couple of times, but that was really tiny and soft. The smell and taste of grandma's old lady cunt was a whole new experience. Knowing instinctively what to do, I spread her wet folds and burrowed deep, fucking her with my tongue and stirring sticky juices from deep inside her. She pushed against my face, grunting excitedly. I must have spent twenty minutes between her sweaty thighs, stretching my tongue in her hot, wet slash and eating her like I had been practicing for years. When I was eventually forced to come up for air, my chin was damp with her honey and there were pubic hairs on my teeth and lips. "I want to stick it in you, gran!" I panted, fisting my four inch boner. "I can't wait!" "This old cunt is ready for you, honey," she replied. "I want your sweet little boy weener inside me!" She lay back on the grass and I rolled on top of her, panting like a dog on heat. Her right hand guided my weener to her hungry slit. As I slid into her wet hole, I kissed her again. Grandma's plump body rocked beneath me as I buried my boner to the hilt, stabbing her fast and deep. I couldn't believe I was popping my cherry with my own grandmother. It wasn't something I could boast to the other guys in class about, but I liked keeping secrets. I couldn't tell them about the things I did with Tommy or my baby sister either. I could tell Tommy though. I told him everything. Maybe gran would let him do it with her too. She might have been old, but gran sure loved to be fucked. Sucking on my tongue, she wrapped her thighs around me, urging me deeper. I wished my weener was bigger, so that I could do it to her the way she wanted. Compared to my little cousin's tight butthole, gran's cunt was enormous. I imagined I could stick my whole arm up there, if I wanted to. The harder I pounded her with my little boy hard-on, the more excited she became. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but so was playing with my baby sister and wanting to stick my weener up her butt. I would have done that already, but I was scared of hurting her. Maybe when she was about one, she would be big enough. "Oh, my boy!" gran grunted, embracing me tightly, fingernails gouging my back. "Fuck grandma's cunt! Cum in me! Cum in me!" Hearing gran talk filthy excited me to fever pitch. I buried my pistoning rod one last time, then that sweet, sweet feeling washed over me. I knew I was cumming, though nothing ever came out of my weener. Feeling gran shudder violently beneath me, I knew she was cumming too. I straightened up, looking down as I slowly withdrew my wet cock from my grandmother's slash. She was so wet, I thought she must have pissed herself. But the sticky stuff foaming around the edges of her bush didn't look like piss. "You're all wet, gran," I panted. "That's my cum, honey," she replied. "You fucked me real good." Proud of my achievement and feeling better than I had ever felt in my life, I flopped down beside her on the grass. "Are you okay, gran?" I asked. "Just perfect, honey," she smiled. "I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did." "That was........" I struggled to find the appropriate words. "That was the best thing ever! Even better than sticking my weener in Michael's butt. I love you, gran." "I love you too, honey," she replied. "You sure know how to make an old lady feel young again. Now, I think we could both use a drink. Shall we go inside?" I was glad to get out of the hot sun and sip a cold glass of lemonade in the kitchen. Neither grandma nor I bothered to put on any clothes. After what had happened, being naked together felt like the most natural thing in the world. "I hope you won't tell anybody about this," she said. "They might think I made you do something you didn't want." "I won't tell anyone," I promised. "Only Tommy. He's my best friend and he's really good at keeping secrets." "I guess telling Tommy would be okay then," gran conceded. "Do you think Tommy would like to do it with me too?" "He sure would!" I responded enthusiastically. "Tommy's never done it with a lady. He sticks his weener in his sister sometimes, but she's only eight. She doesn't have hair on her pussy or anything." My grandmother laughed. "Then I guess it's time he stuck his weener in one that has lots of hair. Bring him here next Saturday and you two boys can do it with me together." "Wow, cool!" I cried. "Look at my weener, gran. It's hard again." "Then we'd best do something about it," she smiled. "Come upstairs. I'll take my teeth out and suck you better than any little boy ever could." ___________________________________________________________________________ _____ THE FAMILY ROOM - UNCENSORED INCEST PICS "Daddy's Pets" CLOSE-UP FACIAL SHOT OF A SEVEN YEAR OLD BROWN HAIRED GIRL AND HER FIVE YEAR OLD SISTER LICKING THEIR FATHER'S BIG, HARD COCK. THE YOUNGER CHILD HAS BOTH SMALL HANDS WRAPPED AROUND THE BASE OF THE THICK VEINED FUCKPOLE. "Baby's Bathtime" A TEN MONTH OLD BABY GIRL IS SITTING NAKED ON HER MOTHER'S LAP. HER MOTHER IS WEARING BLACK LEATHER THIGH BOOTS AND A MATCHING SHORT DRESS. THE INFANT IS COVERED IN FRESH CUM FROM THE THREE MEN MASTURBATING OVER HER. HER MOTHER HAS THE TIP OF ONE FINGER IN HER TINY PUSSY. "Educating Elizabeth" A SIX YEAR OLD GIRL, WITH LONG BLONDE HAIR, DRESSED ONLY IN PINK LACE TRIMMED WHITE COTTON PANTIES, IS WATCHING A PORNO MOVIE. THE WOMAN IN THE MOVIE IS SUCKING COCK. THE LITTLE GIRL'S FATHER IS KNEELING NAKED BEHIND HER. ONE HAND REACHES IS ABOUT TO PULL DOWN HER PANTIES, WHILE THE OTHER FISTS HIS HARD-ON. "Daddy's Toddler Slut" A PRETTY LITTLE THREE YEAR OLD BRUNETTE, WEARING ONLY A WHITE TEE SHIRT THAT LEAVES HER LOWER BODY FULLY EXPOSED, LIES ON TOP OF HER NAKED DADDY. SHE HOLDS IT WITH BOTH HANDS AND LICKS THE TIP, WHILE HE STICKS A FINGER UP HER ASS. "Milly And Her Brothers" A TEN YEAR OLD SCHOOLGIRL, WITH SPECTACLES AND BLONDE PIGTAILS, SITTING BETWEEN HER BROTHERS ON A LARGE COUCH. BOTH NAKED BOYS ARE IN THEIR MID TEENS AND ALL THREE ARE SMILING FOR THE ACMERA. THEIR SISTER IS WEARING HER SCHOOL UNIFORM AND GRIPPING A HARD COCK IN EACH HAND. "Bathtime Meat" A SEVEN YEAR OLD BLONDE GIRL IN THE BATH WITH HER DADDY. HE IS STANDING AND VISIBLE ONLY FROM THE CHEST DOWN. HIS DAUGHTER IS TAKING SEVERAL INCHES OF HIS COCK IN HER MOUTH. "Santa Cums For Jenny" A MAN IN SANTA UNIFORM, WITH HIS TROUSERS AROUND HIS ANKLES, FUCKS A FOUR YEAR OLD GIRL FROM BEHIND. THE CHILD'S RED DRESS IS PULLED UP AROUND HER WAIST AND SHE IS UNWRAPPING HER PRESENTS AT THE FOOT OF THE CHRISTMAS TREE, WHILE SHE IS ASS FUCKED. "Mistress Mommy" CLOSE-UP SHOT OF A SIX INCH SCARLET STILETTO HEEL PENETRATING THE SMALL, BALD PUSSY OF A SEVEN YEAR OLD GIRL. THE CHILD'S HANDCUFFED WRISTS ARE ALSO VISIBLE. "Give It 2 Me Baby!" A TWO YEAR OLD, NAKED BLONDE TODDLER PISSES OVER HER DADDY'S COCK AS HE MILKS HIS CUM OVER HER PUSSY AND THIGHS. "Katy Takes Cream" FACIAL SHOT OF A SEVEN YEAR OLD BLONDE, WITH HER FRECKLED FACE DRENCHED IN SEMEN. HER MOUTH IS OPEN AND CUM IS DRIPPING FROM HER OUTSTRETCHED TONGUE. ___________________________________________________________________________ ___ CHILD SEX TOURS - PEDO PLEASURES IN RUSSIA Sitting in a sleazy Moscow hotel room, with a seven year old girl lying naked on the bed behind me, I smoke a cigarette and think politics. With the fall of the Iron Curtain, child sex tourists who considered themselves veterans of South East Asia and South America suddenly found themselves reaching for their maps and their wallets with renewed interest. Eastern Europe was open for business, with a wealth of kids waiting to be discovered. Child abuse hysteria is minimal to non-existent in Russia and child prostitution is a booming industry. While not exactly welcomed with open arms, pedophile tourists are tolerated in a manner reminiscent of Bangkok before the do-gooders did their best to poop the party. All of the significant US and European child porn merchants now source most of their preteen talent from the former enemy and the supply is seemingly endless. Naturally, there's a downside. Apart from the homeless kids who sell themselves in public toilets and at train stations, the Russian child sex industry is Mafia controlled and rip-offs are commonplace. A foreign pedophile is unlikely to run to the cops, when he is beaten up and relieved of all his valuables in some dingy hotel room, having been duped by the promise of some highly illegal fun. With a little forward planning and some sensible precautions, such pitfalls are easily avoidable. Guide books for pedophile tourists are as rare as go-go dancers at a Jimmy Swaggert gig, but the Internet offers plenty of useful advice. Make friends in pedo chatrooms and get the lowdown from the people who have been there and done that. Better still, log onto the EROTIKIDS web site, sign up and find out all you need to know. So, did I get mugged or ripped off in the capital city of the former Soviet Union? No - but then I was not exactly an innocent abroad. I booked my trip with a company that specializes in long-haul sex tourism. When I revealed that I was on assignment for a magazine devoted to pedophilia, they politely declined my offer of a mention in EROTIKIDS. For the record, their specialty is the "legitimate" end of the market. Off the record, their sales agent revealed that a large percentage of their business came from child sex tourists. Officially, they did not want to know the real reason for my trip to Moscow. All they could do was book me into a hotel "that came highly recommended for room service" and wish me an enjoyable trip. Prostitutes are a common sight in the lobby of most Moscow hotels where rich foreigners meet and greet, but hookers in the preteen age group tend to be more difficult to find. I began my assignment by sleeping off my jet-lag for six hours. Then, instead of calling room service, I took a shower and decided to go for an early evening walk in the summer sun. In retrospect, picking up an eight year old street girl outside a public toilet, on a busy street, was a pretty reckless move. But I was a child sex tourist, on the payroll of the world's most daring child sex magazine and I was horny. Confronted by a wide-eyed little blonde in a pink Britney Spears tee shirt and tight fitting gold spandex pants, mimicking oral sex and nodding in the direction of the toilet, I did what most pedos would have done. For twenty US dollars, I enjoyed a five-star blowjob in a toilet cubicle that smelled as rancid as it looked. The child whore had probably been sucking cocks for a living since she was old enough to walk and her attitude was similarly cold and professional. She knelt before me, unzipped my pants and went to work on my cock without once looking me in the eye. As soon as I shot my load, she spat my cum onto the floor, snatched the twenty dollar bill and bolted like she was afraid I would decide to chop her head off for dessert. I didn't pick up any more street girls. Travelling halfway across the globe for a hurried blowjob in a filthy public toilet is unlikely to appeal to the dollar rich pedophile. If I had showed more green, I could probably have taken the girl back to my hotel and had a ball in more appropriate surroundings, but it wasn't worth the risk. Not when I could avail of their "room service". Back in the hotel bar, I had just enough time to order a beer, before the first hooker made her move. She was the kind of silicon enhanced twenty year old dyed blonde in tiny red rubber dress that PLAYBOY readers might have voted Playmate Of The Decade, but I brushed her away like she was a gnarled Babushka. Unless I could have sex before eight, I wasn't interested. "Could I get room service here?" I asked the bartender, slipping him an extra twenty. "What would you like, sir," he responded, with a poker expression. "A girl," I answered nervously. "A young girl." "That's possible," he replied, after a theatrical moment of consideration. "But such room service is payable in advance. And you cannot meet the girl here." "How young can this girl be?" I asked. In response, he produced a deck of playing cards and placed them on the counter. I shuffled the deck, uncomfortably aware of the stares of Mafia pimps in sharp suits and shades, and picked the seven of clubs. "That will cost three hundred dollars for two hours, or five hundred for all night," the bartender told me, taking the card. I took out my wallet and counted out five hundred dollars. I didn't feel like sleeping for a long while yet and EROTIKIDS was picking up the tab. Twenty minutes later, "room service" arrived, in the shape of a seven year old dark haired loli in schoolgirl uniform. It seemed unfair to be getting paid to molest such a beautiful child. Let's skip the boring details of my giving her a can of Coke and sitting her on my lap while I encouraged her in the use of her few words of English. And the closest I can come to pronouncing her name was "Nana". Nana seemed to have a pretty good idea of why she was in my room. She didn't flinch when I kissed her, or didn't squeal in horror when I pulled up her skirt and rubbed her pussy through her white cotton panties. When I pushed her down onto the bed and unzipped my pants, she seemed to understand what she should do. Naturally, in the interest of research and best use of EROTIKIDS dollars, I exploited Nana's young body to the full. Unlike the street girl I had molested, Nana sucked me to climax and chugged down as much of my load as she could manage. As this is the "educational" part of the magazine, I don't feel I need to go into explicit detail of what I did with seven year old Nana. Let's just say she was five hundred dollars well spent and she took it in all three little girl holes with a minimum of complaint. I was in Moscow for four days and could have happily spent every hour in this hotel, availing of "room service", but I had a job to do. 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HALF-PAGE PICTURE 4: CLOSE-UP FACIAL SHOT OF THE SEXY LITTLE SLUT PERFORMING ORAL SEX ON A BANANA. ___________________________________________________________________________ _______ BLUE MOVIE BABES THE MAKING OF A KIDDY PORN MOVIE. REBECCA HYNDE TAKES A CLOSE-UP VIEW. According to Clarence Hesfeld - head honcho of PEDOCAM PRODUCTIONS - "getting into KP is child's play." That may be true, if you're a preteen wet dream who is willing to do more with her mouth than just talk to strange men. But if you're fully grown female reporter, looking to get behind the scenes, it becomes a task akin to getting the pope to own up to molesting altar boys from the balcony of St. Peter's. Whether you're a dirty old man shooting shaky child porn videos in a basement, or a multi-national operation like PEDOCAM, one rule remains unbreakable. SECRECY EQUALS SURVIVAL. Fortunately, a referral from EROTIKIDS opens doors that reporters from "legitimate" publications do not even know exist. When you work for the best child porn magazine in the world, you're in the club. PEDOCAM PRODUCTIONS are the Universal Studios of child porn, with an Indian Cinema style annual output. In the year 2001 alone, PEDOCAM released three hundred new movies - ranging from almost legal softcore to jail cell buying hardcore. Something for most tastes, in fact. I was invited onto the set of FAMILY VALUES - the latest Maxamm story to be adapted for the live action treatment. Having read the story in question, I was expecting to find a set swarming with unruly kids awaiting their turn to get fucked on camera. I wasn't a hundred miles wide of the mark. As a rule, Clarence Hesfield prefers not to become involved in the "coal-face" activities of his business. With thirty-eight studios worldwide feeding the needs of his customers 24/7, PEDOCAM's founder is needed in the office. But, for EROTIKIDS, he makes an exception and acts as tour guide for the day. Perhaps he's concerned we'll give him a bad review. Seven year old Ruby - who plays the part of Gem in the movie - is having her ass lubed by a woman I presume to be her mother, for her upcoming anal scene. The girl is holding up her dress and appears unperturbed by the people around her. She is in the downstairs room of the "family home" and is watching a live video feed of the actor who plays her father fucking a twelve year old girl in the upstairs bedroom. Another young woman is bottle-feeding the youngest star of the movie - one year old Natalie. I have a feeling we will shortly see the infant put her sucking skills to better use. There are a few other kids of varying ages and in varying states of undress milling around, but I cannot resist the opportunity to buttonhole the never-before-interviewed King of KP. Taking the role of devil's advocate, I accuse Clarence Hesfield of child abuse. He's heard all that bullshit before and doesn't buy it. As far as he is concerned, child abuse is forcing kids to work in sweatshops for slave wages. Circumcision of boys and girls for "religious reasons" is the worst form of child abuse imaginable, yet it remains legal in most countries. In fact, denying children their sexual rights is a form of abuse. Sex doesn't hurt children. It's the guilt and fear they learn from adults that hurts. Clarence is pretty persuasive and, speaking as a girl who lost her cherry when she was all of six years old, I can vouch for his logic. Having sex with my father didn't fuck me up. What fucked me up was what happened after he got caught, but that's another story. PEDOCAM PRODUCTIONS claim they don't do bestiality, bondage, rape or snuff, but there were a few pretty graphic rape scenes in the Filipino segments of CHURCH OF PEDO. The scene where Father Maxwell ass rapes a screaming four year old girl stands out in my mind. That particular scene lasted less than three minutes, Clarence explained, and it wasn't Norman Jakes having sex with the child. The scene - along with several others related to the Philippines - was from an amateur movie that PEDOCAM got hold of and "exploited creatively". I guess that makes it okay then. I could probably have spent the rest of the day debating the questionable ethics of such an attitude, but the softly-spoken porn king didn't have all day and I had a few more pressing questions. Like, where did PEDOCAM find their inspiration? Did they buy all their movie ideas from authors on the Internet? Clarence proved to be uncharacteristically tight-lipped about that particular arrangement, citing "confidential copyright legalities." I was free to speak to the authors in question, if I could find them, but he wasn't spilling any beans. Let's talk money then. With a worldwide production line and an insatiable market for child porn, PEDOCAM was surely the next best thing to owning your own mint. Think again. Legal porn is protected by copyright. If you make a dirty movie, in which all involved are over eighteen and somebody copies it, you can haul their pirate asses into court. Somebody copies a child porn movie and distributes it as their own work - you can do zilch. Since its release, CHURCH OF PEDO has been marketed as an original work by several different companies. There is even rumored to be a version which features the actual murder of a little girl. Clarence isn't bitter about this unjust state of affairs. If he wanted to get seriously rich, he could make legitimate porn. Being a lover of little girls always carries a price. Before Ruby goes upstairs to join her "daddy and big sister" in the bedroom, I grab a few words. I've just watched the little girl get KY'ed up in front of about a dozen strangers, so I don't imagine she's either shy or a virgin. Ruby is neither. She is really excited about being in her first movie and knows exactly what it involves. She will have to suck Norman Jakes' big dick and then take it in her ass. But that's okay, because they practiced already and she did everything right. Norman always practices sex scenes with his preteen co-stars. Best job in the world? Can't think of a better one, and I'm a girl. Ruby performs to perfection, forgetting only a few of her lines. But it doesn't affect the flow. In child porn, there is usually only one take. When you're watching FAMILY VALUES, cock in hand, you're not going to complain if Gem inadvertently calls her mom by her baby sister's name. You want sex and there's plenty of that. Jacqueline Hollis plays mom in the movie. In the story, she is heavily pregnant and in real life, she looks ready to break water at any moment. Finding a heavily pregnant actress for the role was difficult. When she was pregnant with Hazel - the child who plays three year old Lisa - Jacqueline starred in a pregnant lesbians movie called BULGING BELLY BITCHES. When PEDOCAM asked her if she would like to star in FAMILY VALUES, along with her daughter, she jumped at the chance. Jacqueline loves working in porn and has no problem with Hazel being involved. Might as well get her used to being molested. Jacqueline has already been signed up to give birth during an orgy, in a movie version of Maxamm's LESBIAN BABY LOVERS, which is being made by a company called PEDYKE FILMS. I make a mental note to track down this particular Mr Double author for some future article. I wonder if he even knows that most of his stories have been made into movies. During a break in filming, I grab a few words with Robert G - the director. Robert has been involved in child porn since before the dawn of video. In the seventies, he was the publisher of a notorious hardcore magazine called LOVING LOLITAS and starred in a number of preteen fuck flicks. These days, he wears his Director's hat full-time. Needless to say, Robert loves his work. Acting as a father figure to the younger members of the cast seems to be his primary function and he provides a master class in child seduction with five year old Norma Louise. The girl who plays Joanna in the movie is understandably nervous, especially as her father delivered her to the set and then rushed off to keep an appointment, as casually as if he were dropping the child off at school. The little girl is surrounded by strangers and finds the sexually charged atmosphere more than a touch intimidating. However, with a little help from Joan, Robert calms her down and reassures her that everything will be okay. All she will have to do today is sit on her pretend daddy's lap and let him do what her real daddy does all the time. Recalling the original story, I discreetly remind Robert that Joanna also had sex with the family dog, when she was finished with her daddy. However, I need not have worried. In keeping with PEDOCAM policy, there's no bestiality in the movie. That's okay then. But what happens if a little girl becomes genuinely hysterical during a sex scene and wants to go home? We're talking about very young children here and conventional movie makers dread working with them, for a very good reason. Kids don't always do what you want them to do. If a child isn't comfortable with a scene, Robert assures me, he yells "cut". In many pedo movies, the fine line between consensual sex and rape is often difficult to discern, but in the case of PEDOCAM movies, if coaxing and persuasion fail to work, they find a new star for the part. It's probably the closest thing to ethics you will find in this business. Family dogs might have no role to play in the movie version of FAMILY VALUES, but there's no shortage of same-sex incest in the script. This is lent an extra erotic dimension by the fact that the boys who play Ronnie and Perry are real-life brothers. Mark is fourteen and Stephen is eleven, but looking like a ten year old boy presents the latter with no difficulties. The brothers have already done a couple of gay pedo movies together, as well as a photo shoot for a Danish boy lovers publication. Fortunately, neither has a problem with girls. Stephen is looking forward to his sex scene with seven year old Ruby and Mark has already "rehearsed" with his pregnant screen mom and enjoyed it. Stephen is also looking forward to molesting his fifteen month old "baby sister", though that particular scene is scheduled for tomorrow. Shame I won't be around to witness that. The boys can hardly wait to get started and I find myself envying Jacqueline Hollis. Even pregnant and bloated as a whale, she still has two of the most desirable boy studs I have ever seen just aching to fuck her. I could probably seduce them myself, or at least talk them into doing each other while I watched, but I remind myself that I'm a professional. Save that hot pussy for your next rent boy, Rebecca! During the shooting of a sex scene, only the participants and essential personnel are allowed to be present. That excludes me, but I can still watch the action unfold on the video screen. Considering the number of young children involved in FAMILY VALUES, the day's production schedule runs remarkably smoothly. Five year old Norma Louise gets through her anal scene with surprising ease and Ruby acts for all the world like she wants do suck every cock in her vicinity. Talk about a natural for the role of Gem! From my point of view, my day on set was an unforgettable experience, for all the right reasons. But it occurs to me that I'm not exactly an impartial observer. I've watched children have sex with adults and enjoy it, for the most part. There was an easygoing, party atmosphere that you would be hard pressed to find on the set of a "legitimate" porn movie. That said, the politically correct moral majority will still call it child abuse and the people who read EROTIKIDS will just enjoy. A TASTE OF FAMILY VALUES. PHOTO 1: BABY SUZY LIES NAKED ON A LARGE DOUBLE BED. HER TEN YEAR OLD BROTHER - ALSO NAKED - IS PUTTING HIS STIFF LITTLE COCK IN HER MOUTH. PHOTO 2: SEVEN YEAR OLD GEM SUCKS HER DADDY'S HARD COCK, WHILE HER TWELVE YEAR OLD SISTER EATS HER BALD PUSSY. PHOTO 3: FIVE YEAR OLD JOANNA IS SITTING ON HER DADDY'S GREASED COCK, WITH THE TIP BURIED IN HER ASS. HER PREGNANT MOM IS LICKING HER PUSSY. PHOTO 4: SITTING ON A GARDEN SWING, NAKED FROM THE WAIST DOWN, THREE YEAR OLD LISA SMILES AS HER FOURTEEN YEAR OLD BROTHER LICKS HER PUSSY. ___________________________________________________________________________ _______ CHELSEA BRADY - PRETEEN PORN QUEEN Chelsea Brady is a a very busy little lady. And an extremely popular one. In a recent survey on the EROTIKIDS web site, the star of CHURCH OF PEDO - THE MOVIE was voted the World's Sexiest Preteen Porn Star, receiving an amazing seventy-eight percent of the votes cast. Chelsea's personal web site is one of the most popular on the Net, with a paid-up membership in excess of 200,000. That's a lot of adoring fans for a girl who only turned ten two months ago, especially considering you won't find her movies in your local video store, or even in many adult stores. Chelsea's fame is truly an underground phenomenon. EROTIKIDS caught up with the Queen of Preteen Porn, at home with mom and dad. Chelsea's mom became a porn star at the relatively ripe old age of twelve and went on to star in over a hundred hardcore fuck flicks, before retiring in her early twenties. Her father's history is more elusive. Though he has starred in a handful of home-made family movies that have found their way into the public domain, none show his face. He acts as Chelsea's manager and is understandably protective of his daughter. Meeting Chelsea with her parents, it is hard to believe that this dark eyed, smiling ten year old, with sleek raven hair flowing to her slender hips, has starred in thirty-two hardcore child porn movies - the first being made when she was just four. Can this really be the same sweet child who - at the age of eight - was gang-banged by three men and four teenage boys in LITTLE ANAL ANNIE? When Chelsea says "hi" and proudly introduces mom and dad, any misgivings that she is the victim of abuse or exploitation seem like so much blind-eyed bullshit. "Want to come up to my room?" she asks, shortly afterwards. How many men - or indeed women - long to hear their dream girl utter those words? And how many parents would be happy to leave their ten year old daughter alone in her room with a man from a child porn publication, armed with a tape recorder and a camera? Chelsea's bedroom is no different to that of most girls her age. A picture of comfortable disarray, with posters of Britney Spears and Buffy The Vampire Slayer on the candy pink walls. Not a dirty picture or a sex toy in sight. Chelsea kicks off her sandals and flops back onto the small, unmade bed, perfectly innocent in her bright red cotton shorts and tight-fitting white tee shirt. She invites me to sit, then the interview begins. EK: Do you have a boyfriend, Chelsea? CHELSEA (giggling): No. I get lots of letters and e-mails from guys wanting to be my boyfriend, but they only like me because they've seen my movies. I'm too young to have a real boyfriend. EK: Do you like boys? CHELSEA: Sure I like boys. But I don't want to be with one, like I'm his girlfriend or something. EK: You have sex with lots of boys in your movies. Have you never done it with a boy you thought was really special? CHELSEA: I really liked Billy Weissler - the boy who played my big brother in KIDDICEST. But I was only eight and he was thirteen. We didn't like the same bands or anything. EK: How old were you when you first had sex? CHELSEA: Three and a half. EK: Can you remember what it was like? CHELSEA: Yeah. Mom took some pictures. I was really little then. I didn't like it so much until I got bigger. EK: Did your daddy put his dick inside you? CHELSEA: He put it up my butt, just a little bit. EK: Did it hurt? CHELSEA: No. Well, maybe just a bit. He used lots of cream and he tried really hard not to hurt me. EK: Can I see the pictures? CHELSEA: You'll have to ask daddy. He keeps all that stuff in his studio. EK: How old were you the first time your daddy put his dick in your pussy? CHELSEA: I was five. EK: Were you scared? CHELSEA: No. I wanted him to do it. I watched him doing it with mom and I wanted to be like her. EK: Have you seen any of your mom's old movies? CHELSEA: Sure. I've seen all of them. EK: What's your favorite? CHELSEA: I think the one where she does it with four cowboys together. I can't remember the name. EK: How old was she then? CHELSEA: Fourteen, I think. Mom made about a hundred sex movies, you know. Do you like her movies? EK: I've only seen a few of them, but they were really good. But I like your movies better. CHELSEA: What's your favorite? EK: Let me see now. I think CHURCH OF PEDO. That was a really sexy movie and you were such a bad girl. Did you have fun making that movie? CHELSEA (smiling): Yeah. It was really hard work, having to learn all my lines and everything, but mom and dad were there to help me and Norman Jakes was really nice. EK: Was it hard pretending Norman Jakes was your daddy, when your real daddy was watching him have sex with you? CHELSEA: No. That's just acting. I've had sex with lots of pretend daddies in my movies, but I don't love them. I'm really good at pretending. EK: You had sex with women and little girls as well, in CHURCH OF PEDO. Was that fun, or were you just pretending? CHELSEA: It was fun. I made Josie Mason cum when I was eating her pussy, and she's only four. EK: How do you know you made her cum? CHELSEA: I just know. Don't you make little girls cum? EK: What makes you think I have sex with little girls? CHELSEA: Daddy showed me your magazine. It's all about pedophiles having sex with kids. You're a pedophile too. Right? EK: Maybe. What do you think about pedophiles? CHELSEA: Pedophiles are cool. My dad's a pedophile, the guys I fuck in my movies are pedophiles and the guys who watch them are pedophiles. So, are you one or not? EK: Yes, I'm a pedophile. CHELSEA: Cool. What kind of girls do you like? Or do you like boys? EK: No, I like girls. Girls about eight, nine or ten are my favorites. What... CHELSEA: Are you married? EK: No. CHELSEA: Do you have a girlfriend? EK: No, I don't have a girlfriend. CHELSEA: If you don't have a girlfriend, what do you do when you need to cum? EK: I look at one of your movies and jerk off. You know what jerking off is? CHELSEA: Of course I know. I know everything about sex. But if you work for EROTIKIDS, you must meet loads of girls. Don't you fuck any of them? EK: Maybe - maybe not. I shouldn't really tell. I'm supposed to be interviewing you. CHELSEA: You tell me first. Do you fuck little girls? EK: Okay - yes. CHELSEA: When was the last time? EK: About two weeks ago. CHELSEA: How old was she? EK: Eight. CHELSEA: What was her name? EK: Uh......, Lucy. CHELSEA: Was she good? EK: How do you mean? CHELSEA: Did she give you good sex? EK: Yes. It was great sex. She sucked my cock, I came in her face, I fucked her in the ass. I did everything with her and she loved it. CHELSEA: Was she a virgin? EK: No. Now, can I ask you a few questions? CHELSEA: Okay. EK: What kind of sex do you like most? CHELSEA: Doing it with my daddy. I love him and he loves me. That makes it special. I fuck lots of other guys, but it's never like doing it with my daddy. EK: How about sex with your mom? Do you like that? CHELSEA: I love that! Mom showed me how to make men cum and do fucking in movies and everything. I love eating her pussy. EK: Do you ever have sex with mom and dad together? CHELSEA: That's a stupid question. EK: Why? CHELSEA: Because you know I do. Sometimes I have sex with daddy alone, sometimes I have sex with mom alone, but most of the time, we all do it together. EK: Have you ever had sex with a dog? I noticed you have a couple of Labradors. CHELSEA: You're a pervert. EK: Does that mean yes? CHELSEA: The dogs are my pets. I don't do that stuff. EK: If somebody wanted you to have sex with a dog in a movie, would you do it? CHELSEA: No. I've seen girls do that in movies, but I think it's cruel. It's like fucking babies. EK: You think it's wrong to fuck babies? CHELSEA: If you stick your dick up a baby's butt, that's wrong. Taking pictures and stuff is okay, but fucking a baby is really bad. EK: How about sticking your dick in a baby's mouth? CHELSEA: I guess that's okay. My daddy did that with me when I was a baby. EK: Got any pictures of him doing that? CHELSEA: Ask him. EK: What kind of sex do you like doing most in your movies? CHELSEA: Sucking dick is my favorite thing. I love taking a guy's big dick in my mouth and making him cum. I love looking at a guys's dick getting hard when he sees me naked. EK: Would you like to see my dick? CHELSEA: Is it hard? EK: Yes. CHELSEA: Is it hard because you're looking at me? EK: Yes. You're a very sexy girl, Chelsea. And the way you're lying back there, I can look up your shorts and see your pussy. You're not wearing panties. CHELSEA: I know. How big is your dick? EK: Seven inches. CHELSEA: I can suck seven inches. EK: I know. I saw you suck ten inches in CHURCH OF PEDO and you took a twelve inch black cock up your ass in LITTLE ANAL ANNIE IN AFRICA. CHELSEA: I only took half that black dick up my ass. It was way too big. Would you like to fuck me? EK: I'm not being paid to fuck you, Chelsea. My job is to interview you and take a few pictures for EROTIKIDS. CHELSEA: But you want to fuck me. You're looking at my pussy. EK: What about the interview? CHELSEA: We talked. Dad can take some pictures of us fucking. That was pretty much the end of my "revealing" interview with Chelsea Brady. For the record - the Queen Of Preteen Porn also revealed that she plans to continue making sex movies until she is sixteen, then become a pop star like Britney Spears. Chelsea's dad had no problem with our "interview" concluding with a photo shoot in his basement studio, with his ten year old daughter and I naked together. So what if I didn't come away with a greater insight into the world of child porn and the mind of its biggest star. Enjoy the pics and eat your heart out. PHOTO 1: CLOSE-UP SHOT OF TEN YEAR OLD CHELSEA LICKING A THRONBBING HARD-ON, WITH BOTH HANDS WRAPPED AROUND THE BASE. PHOTO 2: BACK VIEW OF CHELSEA STRADDLING THE REPORTER. BOTH ARE NAKED. HIS HARD COCK IS BURIED HALFWAY IN HER ASSHOLE. PHOTO 3: CHELSEA IS IN A SIXTY NINE WITH THE REPORTER. SHE IS ON TOP, WITH THE FULL LENGTH OF HIS COCK IN HER MOUTH AND HIS TONGUE IS DEEP IN HER BALD SLIT. PHOTO 4: SITTING ON HIS THIGHS, CHELSEA GRIPS HIS SPURTING COCK IN BOTH HANDS, CATCHING A SPURT OF SEMEN ON HER OUTSTRETCHED TONGUE AS HE CREAMS HER CHEST AND BELLY. FULL PAGE PHOTO 1: BACK VIEW OF CHELSEA IMPALED ON THE COCK THAT IS BURIED UP HER ASS. FULL PAGE PHOTO 2: THREE YEAR OLD CHELSEA LYING NAKED ON TOP OF HER FATHER, TWO SMALL HANDS GRIPPING HIS STIFF COCK. SHE IS LICKING THE FOAMING TIP, WHILE HE LICKS HER BABY PUSSY. HIS FACE IS BURIED BETWEEN HER LEGS. ___________________________________________________________________________ _________ CLUB JILL - LESBIAN MOMS WHO LOVE LITTLE GIRLS We call it Club Jill for one simple reason. Men jack off - girls Jill off. Some of us are married, some of us are single, all of us have two things in common. We are lesbians and we love little girls. That said, we are not into abducting underage girls and breaking them in with strap-on dildos. That might look good in porn movies and sound ideal in stories, but that kind of abuse isn't what us girls are about. Child abusing dykes are most definitely not welcome in Club Jill. We love our little girls and treat them with care and respect. Any kind of coercion is against the rules. We are not an "open" club. We don't have a web site and we don't look for new members. Club Jill is a family of ladies and girls, ranging in ages from baby to mid-fifties. Though we occasionally host parties where single women are welcomed, our membership is restricted to lesbian moms and their girls. Any guys reading this article, please take note. Any pics or videos we take are for our own private use and we don't share them outside of the club. You'll just have to use your imaginations. Club Jill was formed in 1998, when I met a single mom named Marcy through a personal ad. in a lesbian magazine. She had a three year old daughter and I had a nine month old little girl of my own. Marcy and I became lovers. We had been living together for a couple of months, before I found out she was into little girls. I caught her licking my baby daughter's pussy, though she confessed afterwards that she had wanted to get caught. Her own daughter had already told her about the times I had put my hands down her panties and made her "feel nice like mommy did." Three year old Lorna had even licked my pussy on a few occasions. I wasn't to know that she had practiced on her mom. Having discovered that we were both lesbian pedophiles, Marcy and I knew we had something really special together. Our children became part of our sex lives and they loved it. Baby Heather's pussy was licked almost as often as her diaper was changed. Lorna was particularly partial to that bald infant slit, probably because her mom had been eating her pussy since she was a couple of months old. The three year old had her own room, but it soon became obvious that she preferred to sleep with her two moms, which was fine by us. It was only when I got a job at a daycare center for pre-school girls that the idea of forming a club took root. An exceptionally pretty little three year old brunette named Paula quickly became my pet. She loved to sit on my lap and sometimes she would grab my hand and place it between her legs, while she rubbed her little ass against me. I knew she craved some kind of intimate contact and I wanted to pleasure her, but the center was not the place for such activities. Finally, after a few weeks of this exquisite torture, I plucked up the courage to have a discreet chat with the child's mother. Zeta was around my age and the kind of woman I might have risked asking out, had I not been in a relationship already. I broached the subject of Paula's sexually suggestive behavior towards me as delicately as possible. To my surprise, Zeta freely admitted that her daughter was a very sexual child. Without further prompting, the dark haired woman admitted that she was a lesbian and that she believed in "nurturing her daughter's sexuality". Reading between the lines, I could tell that she was just like Marcy and I. 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This being a child sex magazine, you probably want to know what happens at our parties. Marcy and I host the majority of these weekend gatherings. It's rare to have all members show up, though birthday parties are usually a very crowded affair. 'Blind Girls Bluff' is one of the most popular party games. For this, all of the women strip naked, then one of our little girls is blindfolded. Us ladies lie naked on the floor and the lucky little loli crawls all over us, touching us in whatever way she wants and hopefully licking our pussies. Her task is to pick out her mom from the mass of naked flesh. She is allowed only one guess. If she is right, she is rewarded by having her pussy eaten by each of us in turn. If she is wrong, she must eat her mom's pussy for fifteen minutes, while everybody watches. Either way, it's a pleasurable game for all concerned. Face rides are another very popular party game. 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Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. ********************************** Wish to read more texts of this writer? To load archive, pass to a file [0contmax.htm] in the same catalogue. Or on my homepage Sergdriver http://www.asstr.org/files/Authors/Sergdriver/www/index.htm There more many fascinating stories of other writers and mine too! *********************************

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