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Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. ---------------------------------------------- This document contains contextual information of an adult nature. Sensitive and/or non-adult individuals should delete this document immediately. If you are under 21 or you are an adult who does NOT wish to view sexually explicit contextual material, YOU MUST LEAVE NOW! By continuing, you are stating that you are an adult and understand that falsely claiming otherwise is unlawful and may result in your prosecution. You are hereby warned to conduct yourself according to your local standards regarding the reading of adult erotic material. www.asstr.org/~Rewdius ftp://ftp.asstr.org/pub/Authors/Rewdius/ Eliston X. 'Ex' Gaulfre Rewdius@gmail.com If you like it, tell me. If you DON'T, erase it. Got an idea? Ask for a story! Send your ideas and if 'I' like it, I'll use as many details as you supply. ---------------------------------------------- RescueAK.txt Rescuing Ayumi and Kimo on IH-45 Mg MF MFg MFg+ Cons, Rom, Pett, Extr Pedo, Oral, Piv, 1st, Pedo, Inc. ---------------------------------------------- Finding a sexy young mother and little girl on the side of the road after their car broke down was a dream come true. Being given their bodies and hearts after only a few hours was more than I could imagine or have ever wanted. ---------------------------------------------- It seemed like another day was going to end as boring as the previous one, and another week with just as many hours on the road. Marty turned off IH-10 Westbound headed north toward Dallas on IH-45, familiar with every exit ramp, signpost and mile marker. Especially while driving only five miles an hour. He could have gotten farther through Houston if he had gotten out of his truck and started walking! "This stupid Houston rush-hour traffic, even after eight in the evening, plus three and a half more hours after THAT. Man, I HATE Houston!" It wasn't more than thirty minutes before Marty decided to stop at a drive through for a late dinner. It wasn't hard for him to decide which fast food place to try, the rate at which he was going not allowing him much forward progress. All he had to do was look over the hood of his nice truck and scan the horizon for anything with a tall sign that looked inviting. As he pulled into the driveway of his second favorite highway food stop, he noticed that twenty other people had decided to do the same thing right before he drove up. "Crap!" Before he got back onto the highway, he saw yet another restaurant and figured it wouldn't be any better, but he was getting pretty hungry. "Two double meat cheeseburgers with extra jalapeno peppers, a large basket of fries and a super sized root-beer." He was finally back on the road again after a twenty minute wait. By the time he had left the parking lot and was gaining speed to enter the freeway, almost everyone that had been slowing him down between I-10 & I-45 was long gone and no longer able to restrict his ability to hammer down on the gas pedal. There's nothing like having a big diesel pickup truck with all the power at his beckoning and no way to take advantage of it. "Almost nine. It'll be well after midnight when I get in. And by the time I get there, I'll be just as lonely and frustrated as every other night this month. DAMN! All I need is a lovely little angel to keep me company and tolerate my constant need for tactile contact with her soft skin and her pretty body. Come on Lord! Just one little angel for a little while? I promise I'll treat her right!" Marty was just about to open up the sack of burgers and fries when he noticed a car pulled by the side of the road with the hood up and the emergency flashers going. He had always fantasized about picking up some gorgeous babe that was desperately in need of help and stranded by the side of the road, hoping that some good samaritan would stop and render aid. After which of course, she would return the favor with a more appreciated one. He strained to look into the car windows to see if anyone was still inside waiting as he passed, when he saw the head of a little oriental girl sitting in the back seat, desperately looking around out of fear. As he passed the car at nearly 70 miles an hour, he caught a glimpse of what most likely was her mother in front of the car looking under the hood. Nobody else was too close behind him for him to safely stop, so he decided to do the right thing and help this poor lady out. He stopped on the shoulder, backed up until his truck was about ten yards in front of her car and he turned the powerful diesel engine off. As he stepped out of his truck, he saw her now standing by the passenger door, looking somewhat frightened. He smiled as big as he could and tried to look as unassuming as possible. "May I help you with your car?" "Oh, yes please!" "What happened? Why'd you stop?" As he asked the question, he couldn't help but notice how petite and demure she looked. She couldn't be over twenty four or five. Long dark hair pulled back into a single pony tail, beautifully shaped eyes, tiny mouth, pouty lips and button nose. Her face was the picture of an Asian goddess. "It began to make horrible noises and would not go fast. It wanted to stop so I drive to road side. I am not very smart with car. I buy it from a friend two months ago and she tells me everything is okay before I leave." Her broken English was somehow cute and sexy. She obviously wasn't afraid to try to speak a foreign language, so Marty decided not to bring too much attention to her use of HIS native language. "Let's take a look at the basics and see what might have happened. WOW! Oil level is so low, it doesn't even show up on the dipstick. That's not very good! Water level seems okay. Flashers are good and bright so the battery looks to be charged up. May I try to start the engine, please?" "Yes, okay. The key is still in car." They walked to the passenger door, she opened it and poked her head inside, leaning over the seat to her daughter in the back, speaking to her in Japanese. As she was bent over the seat, Marty couldn't help but notice her short skirt exposing her beautifully chubby legs. He wanted desperately to caress them, they looked so inviting. She was bent over so far and her skirt was so short that it was almost all the way to her bum. If she bent over just a LITTLE more, he would be able to see her panties. Her thighs looked full and smooth, tight and strong. An image of oriental loveliness was bestowed onto his lonely and desperate eyes, his previous request having somehow been answered more quickly than he could have imagined. Or so he wished! After a minute or two of her chatting to her daughter, she stepped back out and offered Marty the seat. As he slid across the seat to the driver's side, he smiled at the little girl in the back seat and said hello. Her face was very much like her mother's, round, a little chubby and absolutely angelic. "Hi, Sweetie!" "Hello, Mister. Are you gonna help my mommy with our car?" No broken English from her. She must have been born here in the USA. "Yes I am, Honey. Let's see if we can find out if the car will start." Without pressing the gas pedal, he turned the key to the <ON> position. All the lights brightly lit up. "Good so far!" Marty turned the key to the <START> position and just as suddenly, all the lights went out, including the interior dome light and the flashers. Marty released the key as quickly as he could and all the lights returned. He felt bad for the lady, knowing it didn't look good. "I hate to say this, but it looks like the engine may be locked up, I mean, since it didn't have enough oil, it may have seized. Do you understand?" "I am not very smart with car, so I not understand. Please to explain." As Marty tried his best to explain the inner workings of a broken engine to her, trying to relate how important petroleum lubricant is within the cavities of a normal engine and how tremendous friction and wear can cause harm, her face slowly started to get sullen. Then reality started to sink in. Her 'friend' stuck her with a broken down piece of junk. Soon, her eyes started to fill with tears and she looked as if she lost ten years of her life. "What am I to do? I have not friend here in this town." "How about if I try to help you take your car to a repair shop?" "You would DO this for me?" "Of course! Texans are always known for their hospitality, aren't they?" "Yes, I thank you very much!" "It would be safer if you and your daughter went to sit in my truck while I prepare your car, okay?" "Okay, thank you very much." "By the way. My name is Marty." "My name is Komoko Shinohara. Please to call me Kimo as my friends do." "Thank you Kimo. I'm going to get your daughter and take her to my truck, okay?" "Okay, this is good!" Marty opened the back door and tried not to stare too hard at a cherub of a little girl, her legs almost completely exposed under her short denim skirt. As he started to unbuckle her safety seat, he fumbled with the seatbelt as he gawked at her bright white panties and her soft, full legs. He tried to subdue his lust for this little beauty, but couldn't help but brush her legs a couple of times while he undid the seatbelt. The feeling of her legs was like buttery soft, satin electricity. He wished he could do more, but obviously under the circumstances, that wouldn't be a very good idea. Police have a way of often relinquishing the freedom and movement of 'child molesters'. As he picked her up out of the safety seat and held her with his right arm, she asked for his name. "My name is Ayumi. What's yours?" "Marty." "Thank you for helping us, Mr. Marty." She sounded much older than her appearance, but he was sure she couldn't be more than six or seven. Her tiny body felt so soft and inviting, Marty wished he could envelope her with his hands and body. After he stuffed his lust back down deep, he lifted her safety seat out of the back seat with his left hand and started toward the truck. "Kimo, please gather anything that you need and bring it to my truck, just in case we need to leave your car somewhere, okay?" "Hai! Okay!" Marty opened the back door of his crew-cab mondo-ultra-extreme luxury pickup truck and set Ayumi up on her feet on the seat. Without her noticing, he was able to casually pull the back of her skirt up as high as he could when he set her down, running his hand up the back of her legs and against her round bum. Surprisingly, Ayumi said nothing about the current condition of her skirt, watched his face carefully and patiently waited for Marty to command her. The front of her denim skirt was now high enough that the bottom edge of her white panties weres now in view, the plump fullness of her vulva just beyond the single layer of cotton fabric. "Stand right here and wait for me to secure your seat Honey, okay?" Her nod and smile were adequate indication of complete compliance. She immediately leaned back against the seat and watched intently as Marty hooked her safety seat to the middle seat belt. She did absolutely NOTHING about her already short skirt exposing the front of her cotton panties, completely at ease with her rescuer looking right at her underpants every few seconds. The interior light was just bright enough for Marty to make out every curve of her pudgy little mound and as his eyes grew accustomed to the lowered ambient light level, he was finally able to make out the crease that had formed in her thickly padded undies between her soft legs. He then slowly became of the delicate smell of her essence, that wonderful aroma that only belonged to little girls. Oh, how good she looked and how tasty she smelled. Her chubby legs seemed fuller than a little girl her age should own, but not as if she were overweight or fat. The juncture between her thighs and her panties was probably the most appealing vision that Marty had seen in many many years. It was as if her 'Y' were calling him to stare at and ogle her. The orientation of her pudendum was unlike any that he had imagined. Instead of just a gash between her legs, her vulva pushed forward and stuck out like a tender Georgia peach ready for eating. Her soft full labia produced a rounded, plump formation inside her panties and seemed to illustrate the tendency of soft full flesh to increase the heart rate of mere mortal men. Once he was certain the seat was properly restrained, he was about to reach for Ayumi when Kimo stepped up with an armload of clothing. It looked as if she was in the middle of moving or relocating. Why else would she have all these clothes? "Here, let me take that from you." He turned, reached out toward her and was immediately presented with the load. As he reached around to grab the loose bundle, the back of his hands brushed against her tiny breasts. They were just big enough to notice, but not too small. As he tried to take control of her possessions, he thought he better put on his best gentleman's face. "Please excuse me for touching you like that Kimo. It wasn't intentional. I was merely trying to take hold of your clothes." Kimo smiled as she looked down at the ground and didn't respond in any way. Her submissiveness was intriguing and alluring. It was obvious that she had been raised in Japan by very traditional parents since her demeanor was demure and unchallenging. Marty had heard stories about the way that Japanese men used to treated their women. He had heard what he thought were just chauvanistic dreams about how men exercised their will over women and how many Japanese women always seemed to submit to their husbands and fathers without question. Kimo's actions showed that the stories he had heard portrayed some semblance of reality. Marty was getting a little nervous since he now thought she might be even more afraid of him and might insist on calling the police for help instead. In the dim light of passing cars and the interior light of his truck, Marty thought he saw her blush as she smiled back at him keeping her eyes down indicating her submissiveness. She secretly hoped he would be brave enough to command her to stand still so he could again run his hands against her small titties. She could feel the familiar, if infrequent sensation of her body tingle with small jolts of electricity as it started in her tender loins and radiated up through the pit of her tummy. As she relinquished her grasp of the clothing, she turned to go back for what seemed to be another load. [Time to try to caress Ayumi's legs before mommy comes back!] He dropped the clothing on the left side of the back seat and turned to Ayumi and smiled. "Time to get you in your seat Sweetheart." She immediately thrust her arms forward as if she knew he was going to pick her up. Marty leaned forward until her head was gently resting on his left shoulder and pushed his hands behind her, left hand at her back holding her skirt as high as he could and his right hand sliding up her legs to her bum holding her panty covered fanny. She never flinched or said a thing about the location of his naughty hand, probably assuming that this is how Marty was supposed to help her into her seat. As he delicately set her down, he was certain to keep the back of her skirt as high as possible so he could leave her legs totally uncovered and her panties wonderfully exposed so he could look upon her with lust and hunger from the windshield mirror in front. Success!!! As he removed his hands, the back of her skirt was almost all the way to her shoulders, the front being pulled tightly against her tummy completely exposing her little padded underpants. Once his hands were completely clear of Ayumi, Kimo returned with another bundle, never suspecting that Marty was already beginning to enjoy Ayumi's soft body with his eyes and her chubby legs with his hands. He again turned to face Kimo and was going to repeat his grasp of her clothing, but stopped short, his hands about six inches from each of her sides. "Please excuse me if I touch you again. I don't mean to offend you but it's the only way to take your belongings from you." With that, she looked down and stepped forward offering her armfull of belongings. He reached around the bundle and again pressed the back of his hands against her breasts, this time opening his thumbs so he could try to feel her nipples as they passed. She never flinched and smiled a little more. To his surprise, she leaned forward ever so slightly and pressed her chest just a little harder into his hands, hoping he would grow confident enough to fondle her small breasts. Her willingness to submit to his desires proved how hungry she was for a new lord and master. Once Marty had the bundle completely under control, she let go and gently brushed his arms with her hands as they dropped to her sides. Marty's woody jumped in his slacks even harder than it already was. [Could she be flirting with me just as much as I was with her? No time to lose. Ayumi was waiting to be buckled in.] With Kimo off to collect more personal belongings, he piled another stack of clothes on top of the previous load and turned to Ayumi. "Oh My! What pretty legs you have, Honey. I'll bet all the boys think you are a VERY beautiful young lady." She smiled so wide, he thought her ears were going to touch at the back of her head. Having been complimented so easily, she responded by lifting her right leg up to her chest and placing a finger in her mouth coyly. "Thank you, Mr. Marty. But the boys in my class are just a bunch of dummies. They're always pushing me down and hitting me. I don't like them very much. They're not nice like you . . . . " As she was talking, Marty reached under her delectably soft legs and was feeling around for the safety loop that was usually mounted to the center of the seat near the front, staring directly at the mound that wasn't more than six inches from his face. He suddenly felt weak in the knees as he caught the unmistakable and much more concentrated whiff of little-girl pee, most likely an accident from some time earlier during the day. She just kept babbling away nonsensically, telling him things that to her were probably very important, but to Marty, just innocuous information. The whole time he was searching for the loop, he used his other hand to hold her right leg up and moved his face closer to her body in a vain attempt to 'look for' the wayward object. Instead of finding what he was supposed to be looking for, he found what he was wishing for. His fingers gently probing the underside of her panties and pressed against her legs and the soft mound that he wished he could also see and hopefully probe with his tongue. "Where is that darned safety loop?" He moved his fingers back and forth under her, pushing the back of his fingers against her panty covered soft folds. "I can't find the safety loop, Honey. Do you know where it is?" He kept up the barrage of gentle probing as he held her leg up toward her chest. She was so indifferent to his actions that he felt confident enough to slide his index finger just far enough inside the elastic of her panties next to her left leg to feel the left side of her silken vulva. He took only two soft swipes at that velvet Heaven, tried to savor the sensation and then tugged his digit out. She never seemed the least concerned. "I wish I could find that darn safety loop. I don't want your seat to be improperly fastened. If something would happen, then I would feel really bad." As he spoke, Marty kept his hand under her panties, but lowered her little leg so his hand could be engulfed between both of her delicious thighs. He left his index finger raised slightly so it could press firmly against her labia, but outside her panties so he could remove his hand quickly if he needed to when Kimo returned. He could feel his finger slowly pushing her panties between her labia and was getting faint with excitement. This was the closest he had ever been to a little girl in about twenty years and he wanted to enjoy every thrilling moment. He knew this would quickly be over and wished it could last forever. "Do you think my mommy will know where it is?" Her tiny face never indicating fear or dissatisfaction as Marty gently worked his finger around under her legs and up against her panty covered pussy. Marty took a quick glance around Ayumi's smiling face and looking through the back glass, saw Kimo busily gathering up their personal belonging, safely occupied and very distracted. "That's a good idea. Let's ask your mommy when she returns, okay? Let me see one more time. Maybe I can find it if I try again." He again lifted her right leg slowly as he spoke, but this time she grabbed the back of her leg just above her knee and helped Marty pull it up toward her chest. As she did, she again started rambling about her other friends in school, her birthday party last month and her dolly named Loli. [Loli! That's an interesting name for a doll. I'll have to ask her about that later on, if there IS a later on!] Wasting no time and hoping that Kimo would not return too quickly, he pushed his right hand a bit more into her seat directly under her vulva and rubbed her back and forth, this time with a little more pressure than before and with a more pronounced front to back motion. As he stroked her panty covered Heaven, he tried in vain to carry on a conversation with Ayumi, knowing full well that his mind was somewhere else. He then leaned forward even more and pushed his face between her legs until his cheeks touched each of her soft thighs and his lips barely caressed the front of her panties. Marty kept taking deep breaths, filling his lungs with the wonderful aroma of her delicate perfume, his lips gently running up and down the front of her panties. Ayumi never stopped yammering in his ears, unaware of just what was going on between her thighs. He could hear Kimo coming back toward the truck and leaned back, turning to look at Ayumi's face. "Here comes your mommy. Maybe she'll help me find the safety loop." With that, he pushed his index finger firmly between her labia and rubbed back and forth one last time, removed his hands and then lowered her leg to the seat. Just in time! Kimo arrived with what appeared to be the last of their belongings and waited for Marty to reach for them. Hoping for one last opportunity to fondle her tiny breasts, he faced Kimo to ask a daring question. "May I take this from you once again?" He hoped that she would allow him to grope her once more, but would be tolerant if she refused. "HAI! I so sorry. Yes!" He gently and more slowly reached around the bundle and again opened his thumbs to take advantage of every sensation. As he gently ran his hands between Kimo and her bundle, he watched her face for any sign of fear or objection, but none was evident. Once his hands were directly in front of her breasts, the webs between his fingers and thumbs were perfectly positioned to feel the points of her petite mounds. He strained to see if she was in any discomfort, but she still showed no sign of fear or anger. In fact, a smile was slowly forming on her face and it seemed to light up the area around them like a beacon. Taking this as a positive sign, Marty gently squeezed his thumbs around her nipples three or four times. Her eyes seemed to close halfway as her mouth quivered slightly. Her nipples felt like oversized pencil erasers, hard and sticking out much further than he thought a woman her size was supposed to have. He kept up the squeezing and releasing for about thirty seconds before Ayumi broke their concentration. "Mommy? Can you help Mr. Marty find the safety loop please. He said he needed to find it so I could be safe." As they both returned to reality, Kimo looked at Marty directly in the eyes for a second and then lowered them and blushed profusely. In a whisper of a voice, she finally spoke. "Arigato gosai-mas! Thank you very much, Marty-sama. That was very pleasurable." "Thank you, Kimo. I hope you'll let me do that again." "HAI!" Marty placed the new bundle on the floor in front of the previous load and retreated to allow Kimo access to Ayumi. "Kimo, would you help me find the safety loop in Ayumi's seat please?" She looked at him with a puzzled and quizzical look, so Marty decided to graphically show Kimo what he was looking for. On the safety seat, not inside Ayumi's panties. He leaned in past Kimo, down in front of the seat and squat in front of the little girl. He reached for Ayumi's legs, lifted them with one hand and brushed his other hand on the exposed portion of the safety seat while making a hook with his index finger. He motioned as if he was trying to hook his finger onto some mysterious object directly under her panty covered pud, but Kimo was still confused. He then returned Ayumi's legs to the seat and lifted the seatbelt next to Ayumi and 'flew' the seatbelt in a fashion that indicated there was supposed to be something there to hook onto. When Kimo realized where Marty's hands were, she knew what he wanted and knew in her heart that if his desires were for her daughter, she would grant him his wish and provide him with whatever support he requested, provided he would also want her. She developed a plan to work her way into his heart and then permit him to have Ayumi after he proved that he would first take her. It looked like a million candlepower light went off in Kimo's head as she said in a loud voice "Ohhhhhh!" Now that Marty had made his point clear, he again lifted Ayumi's legs hoping to get one last view of her perfect pink triangle from underneath as he searched with his other hand to indicate that he could not find the errant loop. "It is not there. Ayumi's seat does not have such a thing. This was in a more costly model and I cannot afford to pay so much for such a seat." Marty looked disappointed as he lowered Ayumi's legs onto his open hand, his fingers pointing slightly upward as her legs came into contact with the seat. Knowing that this would be the last time he was going to feel such a wonderous sensation, he turned to Ayumi and explained his dissatisfaction, all the while pressing his middle finger against her cloth covered vulva and pushing her thickly padded panties into her soft crease. He could feel the heat and a little wetness as the tip of his finger applied slight pressure upward, being hugged elegantly by her pliant lips. He was wishing beyond hope that he could push his finger up against her naked flesh and fill all of his senses with the wonderous beauty of this tiny little girl. "I'm sorry that I wasn't able to find the safety loop, Ayumi. Maybe your mommy will be able to get a better seat next time you need one." With that, he pulled his hand from under her legs keeping his finger pointed upward, brushing her vulva along it's entire length and then let go of the top of her legs with the other hand, hoping that Kimo didn't notice what his intentions really were. She DID, but didn't want to let him know right away. She was developing a plan to get him to do something quite similar to HER before long. Then she would let him do it again to her daughter at his leisure. Marty buckled the safety seat as best he could, patted Ayumi on the top of her knees and then reached forward and kissed her gently on the lips. "Okay, Sweetheart. All secured!" He then turned and sat next to Ayumi against the door frame on the edge of the backseat. Ayumi smiled and said "Thank you Mr. Marty". "Kimo, would you like to check Ayumi and make certain that she's now safe?" Marty wondered if Kimo could see through his fac,ade and into the depth of his perverse thoughts. He leaned back and hoped that Kimo might want to join him on the back seat and check her daughter. He was pleased with himself as she smiled at him as he looked right into her eyes. Kimo leaned into the cab over his thighs and pressed against Marty's legs with her tummy. As soon as she had most of her weight bearing down on him, he reached toward the small of her back with his right hand to steady her as Kimo inspected Ayumi's seat. Ayumi lifted her legs with her hands and showed her mommy that there really should have been a safety loop down there. Both Kimo and Marty looked down to the uncovered seat and to Ayumi's panty covered yonni. Then Kimo did something that utterly floored Marty. She pushed her right hand under Ayumi and rubbed back and forth a couple of times, as if SHE were looking for the missing safety loop. As she did, she turned to Marty and with a sad look in her eyes. "I wish I could buy the best model for my daughter." Somehow, Marty got the impression from Kimo that there was a better place for his hands, so while Kimo was holding Ayumi's legs up slightly, he pushed his left hand under Ayumi's legs, palm up, trying to give the young Asian mother the impression that he was helping to lift the little girl up so they could BOTH try in vain to find something that he was looking for. He FOUND it, but hoped Kimo didn't notice too quickly. Kimo saw how tenderly his digits cupped and fondled her daughter, knowing full well that this man liked little girls. She knew not to interfere with his somewhat boyish attempts at fondling Ayumi, and accepted that her daughter was more attractive to this nice man that SHE was. Knowing full well that she was in no place to argue at the moment, Marty her only rescuer for the last hour, she'd let him have his brief fun. While savoring the sensation of the little girl's pud against the inside of his left hand, he repeated his earlier thumb squeeze against Kimo's back and waited for a reaction. Kimo immediately changed her understanding of her role in this peculiar meeting, this nice man not only interested in little girls, but their mommies too. After he applied enough pressure to get her attention, she gave him a winsome smile and then returned her focus to Ayumi and the safety seat for a few seconds, imitating what Marty had been doing earlier on Ayumi's seat. She actually pushed her right hand under Ayumi's panty covered vulva and imitated Marty's actions, his fingers pulling the little girl's pud higher in an attempt to give Kimo more room. If Marty were a betting man, he would have put money down that Kimo was enjoying the sensation of fondling her own daughter's vulva right there in front of him. He couldn't resist this opportunity and slid his right hand down to Kimo's bum and gave it a couple of firm squeezes. She did nothing at all, giving Marty the impression that she might permit a bit more as long as he wasn't crude. His mind was immediately flying with thoughts of wild weekend sex with this woman and her daughter as his hand groped her bottom. Kimo continued to talk to Ayumi, sometimes in English, sometimes in Japanese about subjects that were obviously not important at the time, but just enough of a distraction that Ayumi would not become aware of her mother being fondled by their highway saviour, and of his hand's location under Ayumi's pud, the little angel's legs lowered slightly so his wrist was completely engulfed in soft warmth. Marty became brazen enough to reach under Kimo's dress and slide his hand against her panty covered butt, with STILL no reaction of any kind. It was as if she was HOPING he'd grope and fondle her right there, this permissive and SUB-missive young woman anxious to be told what to do by a strong, powerful man. Since she allowed this much and did nothing, he decided to go for gold and slipped his fingers further under. He could instantly feel the heat eminating from her body as he pushed his fingers between her legs and against her vulva, repeating the squeezing action between his thumb and the web of his hand. She immediately pushed her bum against his hand as if she were a cat in heat, lifting her bum higher and higher. This was so intoxicating for Marty that he reached for the elastic on the waistband of her panties and pulled them down as far as he could, pushing her underpants almost to her knees. He looked down to her bum as he lifted her dress enough to see her naked butt and let out a soft moan. Not quite believing his eyes, she wiggled slightly and let her panties fall to the grass between her feet, lifting each foot one at a time so her undergarment could fall away. This was more than Marty could have hoped for, but not more than he wanted. He immediately slid his hand back between her legs and into her crotch, instantly rewarded with her hot, sticky pussy. If she would permit this, she would permit ANYTHING! With a nervously extended middle finger, he slowly teased between her slick nether lips and urged his digit a little at a time toward HER Heaven, Kimo just as anxious as Marty was. To prove that she'd allow this highway adventure, she spread her legs a little more and lifted her tummy off his thighs, affording him as much room to work as he needed. That was all the evidence that he needed to continue, the end of his middle finger slowly disappearing into the tight confines of her inner workings. As he delicately buried his longest finger deep into her vagina, Kimo stopped talking to Ayumi for a moment and then whimpered, but instead of making him stop, she desperately needed more. MUCH more! This was like no other experience in either of their lives, a strange meeting at this darkened highway a crossing of three lives that had no equal. She wanted him, and he wanted both of them. He pulled his finger out just as slowly as he pushed in and was about to slide his finger as far into her snatch a second time when a red, white and blue flashing light appeared in the rear-view mirror at the front of the truck cab, the area around them filled with flashing beacons that indicated the presence of the local constabulary. CRAP! Just when he was about to strike gold! He removed his hand, pulled her dress down and wiggled his way out from under Kimo. As he stepped down, he reached to the ground near her feet and with his actions temporarily blocked by Kimo's car, picked up her panties and stuffed them into his pants pocket. As he walked around Kimo's car to the State Trooper's vehicle, he tried to convince his woody to go away and forget about the sensations that he had experienced the few momentes before. "Evening officer!" "Is everything okay here?" the trooper asked. "Yup! Helping this young mother and child out with a broken car." The officer looked suspiciously at Marty, doubting that his intentions were truly sincere. He then wanted to verify that everything was right in the world with the passengers of Marty's truck. Marty was shocked with the officer's next request. "Why don't you have a seat back here while I go and check on your guests?" Marty went white as a sheet! He was sure that Ayumi would tell all that had happened to her while Marty was looking for the safety loop on her seat and Kimo would in broken English tell the officer how he took her panties off and groped her. All the officer would need to do would be to look in Marty's pocket to see Kimo's panties. He couldn't drop them now, since it would be evident that they were in his possession and he couldn't try to hide them in the trooper's car, since that would be the next place he would look. Marty was in a panic, but obeyed the officer's every instruction. The officer unlocked the rear door and had Marty step in and close it. Marty felt trapped! He was most likely going to soon be the property of some homosexual rapist in a dark Texas prison cell. The officer got out and sauntered in front of the patrol car, knowing full well that Marty was sweating bullets in absolute fear. As he approached the rear passenger door of Marty's truck, he tipped his cowboy hat and smiled as he started to interview Kimo and Ayumi. After a few minutes of questions and answers, the officer returned to the patrol car, but instead of letting Marty out, got back into the driver's seat. This was it! Marty was going to jail for sure! "You know you should have just called for a wrecker service to come get the lady's car, don't you?" "Pardon?" "It isn't a very good idea for you to try to get her car to a repair shop if you don't have the right equipment. It's against the law to tow a vehicle with chains or ropes. You need to have a properly functioning tow bar or a tow truck to move a vehicle on the highway." Instead of going to jail, it looked like Marty was getting lectured about towing Kimo's car with a stupid rope! Whew!!! "I DO have a tow bar! It's in my tool box at the front of the truck bed. We just didn't have time taking all her possessions out before I got far enough along to hook it up." "You do? Show me." "Sure!" The officer stepped out and came around the passenger side, opened the door and let Marty out. As they walked back to Marty's truck, the officer couldn't have been more than a foot behind Marty, making him very nervous. Obviously, the trooper was enjoying seeing Marty sweat. As they approached the tool box, Marty unlocked the hasp and was about to flip the latch when the officer grabbed Marty's arm. "Please step away from the vehicle, sir!" CRAP! What now? Marty obliged. The officer flipped the latch and opened the toolbox with one hand while he held the top of his still-holstered Glock with his other. As the box opened, the officer removed the flashlight from his belt and started looking inside. It was obvious the officer thought Marty might be transporting guns, or drugs or something. Somehow, Marty felt reassured, since the only things in the toolbox were . . . TOOLS! After a couple of uncomfortable minutes of searching, the officer relaxed and changed his tone and his attitude. "Son, you best not be stopping on the highway late at night like this. You might become the victim of highway bandits or a carjacker. These folks think nothing of stashing drugs and guns in their victims' vehicles, dump them somewhere and drive away while they get off scott-free. Now if you're gonna help this little lady out, you best get started!" Marty felt like he was going to faint. Whatever Kimo and Ayumi told the officer, it wasn't what Marty feared. He rolled his shirtsleeves up, put his gloves on and started to mount the tow bar to the front-end of Kimo's car, almost every one of his moves carefully monitored by the highway patrol officer. After ten nervous minutes and a couple of busted knuckles, he had it mounted as securely as he could. For good measure, he also hitched up a couple of safety chains to the underside of the frame. After getting Kimo's car all hooked up, Marty then asked if he could move his truck into position. "Hurry up, boy. I ain't got all night!" "Yes sir!" After one failed attempt to get his truck lined up properly, Marty tried again, almost hitting the radiator of her vehicle with his huge back bumper. The man was so nervous, he couldn't control his own truck, which should have been a laugh. He'd towed more boats and trailers than most rental lots had seen. Finally! Everything was hooked up, secured and in proper order for a trip down the road. Marty even thought to check Kimo's car twice for the shifter in neutral and the key in the ignition so the steering wheel lock was disengaged. He wouldn't bother with the likelihood that the transmission might get overheated because of lack of lubrication. Her car was already toast anyway. With the emergency flashers blinking and the running lights on, he was finally able to return to his truck. Smiling as wide as he could, Marty felt it necessary to show respect for the law officer. "Thanks for your help, officer!" He knew the officer did nothing more than make him nervous, but he didn't think he should push his luck by seeming less than friendly. Moments later, the officer walked back to his vehicle and waited, impatiently. Marty got in the driver's door of his truck and turned around to Kimo, still sitting in the back seat next to Ayumi. "Would you like to come sit up front with me?" "HAI!" His confidence was building again. He got back out and trotted around the front of the truck and opened the rear passenger door, helped Kimo out and then helped her into the front passenger door. As she stepped up onto the rocker panel, he gently lifted her bum with his right hand, cupping and even gently squeezing her bottom noticeably. He knew he could get away with it, since the bottom of the door was much higher than in her car. The officer wanted to get going so he squawked on the outside speaker of his siren. "Okay bud. Let's get going!" [Okay! Okay, already. Geez!] As Marty got back into the driver's seat and started down the road, Kimo turned around to Ayumi and again, partly in English and partly in Japanese, she seemed to be telling Ayumi that they were on their way. Marty was finally able to take advantage of all the tremendous diesel power under the hood, the Cummins engine barely having to break a sweat to tow the now derelict vehicle behind. As she turned, Kimo's left knee pushed against Marty's hand, but he wasn't sure if this was intentional or accidental. To verify if she was thinking like a little sex starved wife, he started squeezing her leg as he had done her breasts and bum. She turned back around to face Marty and started asking questions about where he would find a car repair shop this late, but she never moved her leg. Feeling his woody return to it's previous length, he became more and more bold as he started to caress greater and greater portions of her left leg. "Where are we to go this late in the day for a repair man, Marty-sama?" "Where are you and Ayumi headed, Kimo?" "I was promised a job in Ar-rington, near Foht Wuth. I am going there. I will need to find a place to live soon and a school for Ayumi. Where are YOU going Marty-sama?" "Well, Kimo, this is your lucky day! I LIVE in Dallas, which isn't far from Arlington. Would you like me to take you all the way with me? I know a good automobile mechanic there and I'm sure he'll be able to get your car working again very soon." As he was talking, his hand slipped further and further up her leg and was starting under her dress when from the back seat, Ayumi interruped yet again. "Mommy, I need to go pee! Can we please stop now?" "OH! Marty-sama, can we please to stop very soon. Ayumi has already soiled her underpants once today and I do not wish her to do it again." Marty's memory of the smell of Ayumi's pee-stained panties came back to him, his woody getting real hard again. "Okay, there is a restaurant at the next exit. I can see the sign from here. Hold on Ayumi! We're almost there." As he continued to massage Kimo's leg further and further up under her dress, he pulled into the parking lot of an all-night diner and parked the truck along the farthest side, away from the building. His truck was brightly lit by the orange glare of the sodium lights twenty feet above so there was no concern for the safety of either vehicle. "Marty-sama. You would please to come with us? I am not familiar with such places and I am a little bit afraid to go alone." "Of course! Let's go." Marty jumped out, made his way to the passenger side of his truck and opened the door for Kimo first, helping her to the ground. He then opened the rear passenger door and reached in to collect his uncomfortable little passenger out of her seat. Without the slightest concern, he lifted her into his arms and held her snugly to his left hip, confident that Kimo would appreciate his gesture of comfort and support. They made their way into the entrance and immediately turned to go to the restroom. It was a small place and only had one dual-gender restroom, so Marty figured he could wait until the girls were done before he could take care of his now aching woody. Trying again to act the perfect gentleman, Marty opened the door and made sure nobody else was waiting inside. He then held the door open for Kimo to enter and let her pass under his outstreched arm, setting Ayumi down only after her mommy was inside. Moments after the little girl was safely on the floor, she reached under her dress and tugged her panties down before the door was closed, Marty able to see a tiny glimpse of something soft and warm underneath. It took him a moment to collect his senses and closed the door after he was able to think clearly. It wasn't more than thirty seconds before he heard Kimo scolding Ayumi for something. If only he could understand Japanese, he would be able to discern what she was yelling at Ayumi for, the little girl in distress and softly crying. After a few moments of verbal abuse, he had to know what was going on so he tapped lightly on the door and asked for confirmation. "Kimo, is everything alright? Do you need some help?" Wishful thinking! To his surprise, Kimo unlocked the door and opened it slightly, making sure nobody else was nearby. "Yes, thank you. Please to come in and help me Marty-sama?" As Marty stepped in, his heart was racing. As he stepped around a single open wall, he saw Ayumi standing in front of the commode holding her skirt up over her tummy, panties down at her feet, crying. As soon as the door was closed, Kimo locked it once again, hoping her need for some private time with a bold and adventuresome Texan would fill her days and nights with more than she was willing to admit to. Not nearly as clueless as she might think, Marty softly asked Kimo what had happened. "What's wrong, Kimo?" "Ayumi has soiled her underpants again against my instructions and I am VERY displeased with her. Now she will not have clean underpants." "That's okay, Kimo. it's not uncommon for little girls to wet their panties while they're travelling. They often can't wait until you stop at a restaurant to go pee and they have a small accident. Please don't be mad at Ayumi. She's just a little girl and may not be able to control her body very well yet." Marty's words were beginning to have a positive effect on Kimo as SHE started to cry. The stresses of the day must be getting to her, too. Marty caressed Kimo's arms softly and then reached forward and gave her a little kiss on the lips. Kimo instantly seemed to brighten up slightly. He then turned to his REAL interest and tried to put on his best face. "Let's see what we can do about these wet panties, okay Ayumi?" Marty bent down in front of Ayumi and examined the situation as closely as possible. "Are you still wet under here?" He reached between her legs and pressed his upturned hand against her vulva, stroking back and forth one time. "Oops! Need to dry you up." Marty reached for some tissue and then pushed Ayumi's legs slightly apart, followed by his tissue filled hand. The little girl was incredibly anxious to please after having done something that made her mommy mad and stretched her panties as her feet shifted further apart. He gently patted and rubbed her pud a few times, tossed the tissue into the bowl and reached for some more. Marty then turned slightly and softly spoke to the young mother, hoping to provide her with some comforting words during a tough trip. "I'm sorry you've had a bad day, Kimo. I hope I can make it better by helping you and Ayumi out as much as I can." His attempt at reassurance seemed to have it's effect, Kimo bending down and squatting next to Marty, putting her hand on his shoulder and watching his every move. As he finished speaking, he turned back to Ayumi and again pushed his tissue-filled hand between her legs, gently caressing the soft folds of skin with the slightly rough paper and his fingers. Once he was convinced he could get away with molesting Ayumi's pud no more, he tossed the tissue into the bowl and hungered to check Ayumi one last time, this time with his bare hand. Marty knew he would be pressing his luck by doing it, but he felt confident that his earlier attempt at comforting Kimo was enough to warrant one last quick feel. "Did I do a good job, Honey? Let's see." Marty's mind was flying with dreams of playing with this little oriental doll for hours and hours in the privacy of his own bedroom as his fingers were stroking back and forth against Ayumi's vulva, her tight gash easily split with an upward push with the same middle finger he had fondled her mommy with. Her labia was fat and round, stuck out forward like a small peach. The perfect fold of skin looking more like it had been cleaved by the best plastic surgeon on Earth or in Heaven. He was so engrossed in this pleasure that he almost forgot where he was and who was watching him. It didn't last more than two or three seconds, but it seemed like hours to Marty. Once reality forced it's way back into Marty's mind, he spoke again. "Okay! All dry. Now let's wash your panties and your mommy can use the commode, okay Sweetheart?" Ayumi's crying had stopped, she nodded and sniffled once more as Marty lifted each foot out of her panties. He ached to desperately hold her soiled undergarment to his face and bathe his senses in her wonderful aroma once again, but needed to wait until the right moment. As strange as it seemed, his earlier spoken wish on the I-10 & I-45 interchange might be coming true AFTER all, the young mother's panties in his right front pocket, and his right hand holding the little girl's as well. "Kimo, I'll wait outside so you can go pee, okay?" This might be his only chance to press his face into her panties while he waited just outside the bathroom door, his hands shaking as he wadded the small undergarment into his grip. He was little more than five feet from aromatic bliss, the cool feel of her dampened underwear stimulating him to near madness. But Kimo stopped him and said something that he wasn't altogether prepared for. "You should please wait with me? I am frightened to be alone in this place. it's dark and very strange to me." As Kimo finished uttering those words, she stepped behind Ayumi and pushed the child toward Marty, pulled her own dress up and sat down. As she did, Marty couldn't help but notice her smooth, almost completely hairless twat, looking very much like Ayumi's. Pink, fat lips, sticking out toward Marty, her mound very full and round, with no hint of inner lips showing at all. Marty's mind was racing again with thoughts of molesting both of his oriental dolls, but Ayumi was the closest, so he figured he could start with her again. He lowered himself to her level and leaned forward, smiling right into the little girls' face, trying to brighten her day even slightly. As he spoke softly to Ayumi, he reached forward, slipped his hand up under her outfit and did something that he couldn't have dreamed he'd be able to little more than two hours before, the back of his fingers slowly caressing the front of Ayumi's pud, up and down in an almost hypnotizing fashion. "You need to remember to tell your mommy if you need to go pee and should tell her right away, Angel. She won't be mad if you have to go more often, but she WILL be mad if you don't tell her and wet your panties. Do you understand, Sweetheart?" She slowly nodded her head up and down as his questions were asked and also gently held her left hand against the top edge of his offending digits. He wasn't sure if she wanted him to stop, but would continue until she gave him a more direct impression that she wasn't pleased or happy. Her eyes never left his as he continued the gentle barrage of pokes, probes and caresses, even while he was sliding his fingers between her little lips further and further until he could feel the warm wetness of her vagina, his actions blocked from Kimo's view by the back of Ayumi's denim skirt. "When you need to go pee from here, you should always tell your mommy or me so we can stop and let you go, okay? If you accidentally go pee with your panties on over and over, you could make this area VERY sensitive and irritated. You've heard about diaper rash, haven't you Ayumi? Babies and little girls get that when they pee their panties or diapers and that's not good. It makes this soft place very painful and we'll have to stop and get some medicine and rub it all over down here to make you feel all better." His voice began to lull Ayumi into a trance, her body surrendering to his every gesture and suggestion. His fingers dipped between her soft legs and deeper into her vagina with every nuance and syllable from his gentle lecture. "That's what happens when a baby goes pee in her diaper and her soft skin right here doesn't have a chance to get dry or be cleaned often enough. Her tender skin starts to get red and itch and very, very sensitive. It's not good to make this area hurt like that, because you might have to have me or your mommy put special medicine on you right here a lot of times before the redness and hurt goes away. You want to protect your soft skin right here, don't you Honey?" Again, her head bobbed up and down with another acknowledgement. Marty wished he could leave his fingers buried between her labia for hours, but knew it would soon end. He was just satisfied he was able to get away with doing it at all. He reluctantly extracated his hand from between Ayumi's legs and kissed her gently on the lips. Her smile was just the reaction he was hoping for. She never once let go of her little skirt, holding it high enough for Marty to have an unobstructed view of this side of his little Heaven. Figuring he could do no wrong and wanting to take full advantage of the situation, he turned Ayumi to his side and looked directly at Kimo, still sitting on the commode. Kimo was a little unsure what might happen next as her face turned bright red and her expression changed to fear. "Kimo, may I dry you as I did Ayumi?" Marty's mouth was a dry as the Sahara. His heart was racing at 180 miles an hour, or beats per minute. Whatever! Kimo gave an almost imperceptible nod as her eyes dropped to Marty's feet. He felt totally in control as he gathered a few squares of tissue and knelt in front of Kimo's knees. He placed his hands on top of her knees and gently but firmly pryed them apart. There was just slight resistance as Kimo reluctantly accepted what Marty was about to do. She was unsure if that was all he had in mind, or if maybe he was going to rape her in front of her daughter and leave her there alone. She had always heard of strange "gaijin" Americans and their nasty, crude and forceful ways. She resigned herself to being molested, raped and tortured and allowed Marty to do whatever he wanted, ending her silence with a statement that again took Marty off guard. "You may please yourself with me if that is what you wish, but please not to hurt my Ayumi?" Using a soft and affectionate tone, Marty lowered his face slightly and tried to steal her gaze from her lap, hoping he could dissuade this frightened mommy from feeling like her life was about to come to an end. "NO, BabyDoll! I'm not going to hurt you OR Ayumi. I've fallen in love with you and couldn't hurt you at all. If you wish me to stop, I will this moment. Do you wish me to stop?" In a whisper of a voice, she responded. "Eee-eh. No. You may help me, if you wish. I am hoping it will to please you." Acting more brazenly by the moment, Marty leaned forward and gave Kimo a soft kiss, their lips together for little more than two seconds, but his awareness that she tried to nibble on his before he withdrew. They both smiled at each other before Kimo tilted her head back down and she stared at her hands on her thighs. Marty very slowly and even more gently than he had with Ayumi, started to push his tissue filled hand between Kimo's legs and began caressing her twat very softly and slowly. Kimo seemed to sense his tenderness as genuine and spread her legs a little wider to allow him easier access. Marty stroked her back and forth a couple of times and then dropped the tissue into the bowl. He then reached for a few more squares and proceeded to repeat the exercise. Kimo's smile returned brighter still as he commenced his hand's gentle tissue-covered wanderings. A few more gently strokes and the tissue was again left to drown in a mixture of water, little girl and womanly pee. "Are you nice and dry now?" Marty knew the answer but couldn't resist the temptation to push his bare fingers between her labia. Kimo's eyes rolled upward under her eyelids and her lips quivered as Marty gently pried her labia apart and felt her warm, wet vagina with his middle finger. He was just about up to the second knuckle when Kimo leaned back slightly and curled her hips into his hand. That was all the evidence he needed, so Marty began to increase the amount of lubrication that covered his finger and then gently finger fucked Kimo, softly, slowly, tenderly while his thumb began working her clitty in small circles. Her hot, tight vagina was very similar to her daughter's as it gripped his digit lovingly, hungrily. Her wetness thoroughly covered his finger from tip to palm as he stroked into and out of her, increasing pressure and speed slightly as time went on. Now he focused on the second part of her torture. He moved his thumb in circles around her clitoris until it was poking out from under it's hiding place, Kimo jumping slightly as the electric sensation ran from her pussy to her head. Marty continued the massage and watched as Kimo enjoyed every moment of her torture, filling her mind and soul with images of Marty and her fucking in a pool of hot water, similar to the soaking tub she used to sit in as a little girl back home in Japan. It reminded her of the times when her uncle would join her in the tub and hold her as they talked softly about the day's events. Without realizing it, she began to remember distant memories of long love making sessions with her uncle as they soaked in the tub, alone and undisturbed for hours. She was no more than Ayumi's age when it all started, her uncle teaching her all about her tender, growing body. He was such a loving man, always anxious to help her get dressed for school, get undressed when getting ready for a bath and especially helping her when she needed someone to scrub her back, body and especially between her legs in front and back. Ayumi spoiled the moment yet again, breaking her reverie. "Mommy, I don't have any panties to wear. Should I put some clean ones on when we get back into Mr. Marty's truck?" Both of their concentration was abruptly broken and they returned to reality all too soon. Kimo was getting close to having a soft orgasm as Marty was pushing his finger gently inside her pussy and his thumb against her most sensitive spot. Too bad it had to end so soon. Marty removed his finger and hand, dried it with some more tissue, stood back up and turned to look at Ayumi. "Let me wash these out for you, Honey. Then when they dry, you can put them back on, okay?" As soon as he said those words, he realized that he would lose his chance to bury his face in her perfectly pee-soiled panties. DAMN! Ayumi was convinced Marty had the answer for everything! "Thank you, Mr. Marty. You have to be the nicest man in the WHOLE world." Just before Kimo started to get up and collect her thoughts, she ran her fingers between her slit and caressed her clit a couple of times, hoping that Marty wouldn't notice. His back was toward her and he was kneeling in front of Ayumi again. She knew that he would not mind waiting a few more minutes, so she started to rub harder and faster, feeling the pressure build inside her bucking hips like Mount Fuji about to explode. Marty could see in the reflection of the bathroom walls that Kimo was still sitting, but she was obviously busy entertaining herself at the moment, so he left her alone for the time being. His attention again turned to his littlest Asian angel as he pulled her toward him and put one hand right on her still exposed cunny and his other on her naked bum. He tried to think of some way of distracting Ayumi while Kimo was busy frigging herself, so while his fingers did some walking of their own, he started with a barrage of questions about her favorite clothes, toys, dolls, that sort of thing. It seemed to be working, since Ayumi didn't appear to be too concerned with Marty's ongoing explorations. One set of fingers was prying her little bum apart and pushing their way to her puckered sphincter as the other set of fingers was gently working their way back to her vagina. He knew she accepted what he was doing completely, since she wiggled her tiny feet apart slightly, her legs opening to allow Marty easier access. She even put a finger up to her mouth and told him something that he always hoped he would hear from a little girl in a soft whisper, not quite loud enough for her mother to hear. "That tickles Mr. Marty." Marty smiled as big as he ever did in his whole life. "Really? I guess I'll have to tickle you everyday from now on, won't I?" Ayumi nodded, looked down at her feet and started slowly swaying back and forth, never breaking Marty's hold between her legs. She began running her left hand across the top of his right hand, which by now was cupping her vulva, his middle finger exploring her honey box as far inside as it would go. Marty kept up his gentle fondling of her bum and her pud as she started talking about various subjects, Ayumi rubbing his hand with hers as he occasionally strained to acknowledge various parts of her conversation, his attention obviously somewhere else. As Ayumi and Marty kept up their 'conversation', Kimo started to whimper and whine like a puppy in slight distress, her voice getting higher and higher as she approached nihrvana. She then changed her vocalizations to more of a strained huffing. "Mmmmm. Mmmmm. Mmmmm. Nuh-ahhhh. Nuh-ahhhh." She finally achieved her aim as she started thrusting back and forth on the commode, her right hand buried deep between her legs. Marty was more and more convinced that he would be able to do this to both of his Asian beauties as the days passed. Little did he know how much his wish would come true. As Kimo was deeply involved in her orgasm, Marty again felt confident enough to try even more with Ayumi. "May I kiss you right here?" he asked as he twiddled her tiny clit. She looked a little surprised and turned bright red. Marty was beginning to get the impression that he may have just stepped over the line with Ayumi. "It's okay, Sweetheart. I don't have to if you don't want me to. Since you liked me to tickle you, I thought you might like it. I just wanted to make you smile, that's all." [I hope that got me out of trouble with Ayumi] Ayumi gently nodded acceptance, so Marty leaned forward and gently kissed the fullness of her pudendum, sliding his tongue just barely between the warm folds of skin that defined her plump cunny. He leaned back and noticed that Ayumi had an odd look to her face, like 'Why did you do that?'. She then made it perfectly clear that what she had just experienced was something that she enjoyed and wanted to convince Marty that he should continue to 'make her smile'. She reached up with her left hand and grabbed the side of his face, tugging it toward her hips and smiled at him, aware that what he had done was VERY naughty, but VERY VERY pleasurable. Marty smiled back at the little Asian sex kitten and returned his face to her pudendum, pushing his tongue deep into the crimson cleft that bisected her hips at the lowest point of her chubby body. Kimo kept dancing motionless on the commode seat with her eyes closed, enjoying her orgasm for minutes on end as Marty tickled and fondled her daughter in front of her with his tongue. Ayumi also closed her eyes in absolute bliss, pulling Marty's head into her pussy as hard as she could as he diddled and massaged her clitoris and labia lips with something that she had never before considered anyone applying right there. He began to feel slightly uneasy, realizing that he was taking advantage of a little girl, probably not even in school yet, in front of her mother. He pulled his face away from her pillow-like pussy and smiled. "Did you like that Ayumi? Maybe if you let me, I can tickle you again like that sometime very soon. What do you think?" She put her finger back to her mouth, smiled, rocked back and forth a couple of times and nodded, looking back down to her feet. She looked back up into his eyes and shocked the hell out of him by reaching to the side of his face with her left hand and gently tugged at him, indicating that she needed additional pleasure before they left the bathroom. He smiled from ear to ear and returned his face to her plump cunny, running his tongue harder than before up and down along her crimson cleft. When he again found her predeveloped clitoris, he started making smaller and smaller circles, until he could feel her hips twitching with every trip across the center of it. She began pulling his head into her body harder than she realized and his nose was stuffed almost painfully into the crease of her left leg where it joined her body. If she wanted to be tongued, he was going to make every effort to give her what she (and he) wanted. It didn't last more than three or four minutes, but it was wonderful! When Kimo stopped gyrating on the commode and began to return to decent reality, Marty discontinued his sexual adventure with this little Asian child. Marty pulled Ayumi's skirt back down as he saw the reflection of Kimo wiping herself dry for a second time. He gently kissed Ayumi on the lips again and gave her a tight hug. She hugged back, which confirmed that all was well in the world at this moment. Just as Kimo was getting up, Marty turned to again see the most gorgeous twat in the whole world, next to Ayumi's, of course. He revelled in the sight of her fat, full vulva as she pushed the handle on the commode and lowered her dress. As she turned to face Marty and Ayumi, she looked a little unsteady, still too weak from her orgasm to fully stand on her own. Marty caught her just before she hit the wall and asked if she was okay. "Very much, thank you." "I had better wash Ayumi's panties so we can go, okay?" "HAI!" "Would you like to sit back down until we're ready to leave?" "HAI!" Kimo looked as if she were about to faint, her skin somewhat more pale and small beads of sweat forming on her forehead. As Marty was about to sit Kimo back down, she instinctively reached down to pull her dress up. This time, she unintentionally lifted it above her hips to her bare tummy, completely exposing her beautiful triangle completely. Marty now could see both of his Asian Angels without any panties on. [I better get these two out of here before I get into trouble!] "Is my mommy alright?" "She's fine, Honey. She's just a little tired, that's all. Why don't you go stand by your mommy and hold her for a minute, okay?" As Ayumi walked to Kimo's side, she unintentionally turned her back to Marty, allowing him to finally bury his face in her perfumed panties. He nearly had an orgasm of his own as the aroma of her pee filled his senses, breathing deeply and absorbing as much of her aroma as was possible. This was something that he'd wished for since he was able to gently caress a little girl that was visiting from a neighbor's house, that permissive and innocent angel far to eager to let Marty gentle caress her pantied bum and kitty. Once Marty had absorbed as much of her essence as he could, he turned the faucet on, but didn't have the mental strength to undo the gift that Ayumi had provided him. He reluctantly immersed them in the sink and applied some soap from the dispenser that was along the wall to his right. After they appeared and finally smelled clean, he sadly turned the faucet off and wrang them as dry as he could. He then had another problem. [How am I going to get a wet pair of panties out of this restaurant with nobody noticing?] He then devised another impromptu plan. "Ayumi, Honey. I hate to ask you to do this, but would you please put these back on for a few minutes while we go back to my truck? I don't want other people to see that you don't have any panties on. I know you don't mind if your mommy and I see you without panties, but I don't want other people to see. Would that be okay? I promise to take them off as soon as we get back into the truck, okay?" Ayumi seemed to ponder the uncomfortable wet panties for a moment and then responded. "If you think it would be best, Mr. Marty. I'll do whatever you ask." Marty just about lost another load in his pants. Was she aware of just what Marty was thinking? NO WAY! She was just being a very obedient young lady. "Come over here so I can put them back on, okay?" "Okay." She turned to face him, lifted her skirt again and provided Marty with another wonderful view of that absolutely perfect pud. "This might feel a little funny for a minute. Just think about how it feels when you're wearing your swimsuit. It gets wet too, doesn't it?" "Uh-huh!" She lifted one foot to step into her damp panties, as Marty tried desperately to hold them almost too high for her to get into them. This afforded him a perfect view of her tightly stretched vulva. She didn't seem to notice how high he held her panties as she lifted her left leg while holding his shoulder with her right hand. Once her leg was inserted completely, she lowered her foot and repeated with her right leg. Marty felt just a little guilty, so he lowered them slightly so she wouldn't have to reach so high with her other leg. He still got a great view of her beautifully formed cleft. "Okay, here goes." Marty pulled them up completely as she held her skirt up as high as she could. "Oooooh! That's cold!" "Here. Let me rub them a little to warm them up, okay?" "Please! They feel terrible." Marty then started to rub both her bum and pud up and down, as he had before. Hoping to distract her once again, he tried to cheer her up. "I didn't think I would be able to tickle you again so soon! Thank you very much." Ayumi smiled again and seemed to revel in the attention she was getting from Marty. Even though they had just met him, Ayumi felt comfortable with Marty and began to accept everything he did as if he was her uncle or grampa. He looked over Ayumi's shoulder to Kimo, who now was beginning to recover from her earlier private adventure. "Are you okay over there?" "Much more better, thank you." "If you don't mind, I need to go pee too. May I?" Marty thought it only seemed fair to show them the effect they were both having on him. Without hesitation and with no apparent embarrassment by either of them, Kimo got up, pulled her dress down and turned to watch Marty as he pulled his pants and shorts down just far enough to amplify the size of his tool. His woody was slowly going down as he felt the pressure released from his swollen bladder. He had no idea he had to go so badly. Finally, he was done. The next words uttered from Ayumi absolutely floored him. "May I dry you now?" Marty's eyes almost popped out of his head! Not one to miss ANY opportunity, he answered. "If your mommy says it's okay." The words seemed to come from someone else's mouth as they escaped his lips. His mind was not working on all cylinders as Ayumi gathered a few squares of tissue and stood in front of his knees. She looked up to her mommy and was rewarded with a gentle nod. "I can't dry you if your knees are too close to the potty." Marty leaned back ever so slightly, looking up at Kimo. Her eyes were as big as his as she watched her daughter reach between his legs, took control of his rigid member and rubbed his now swollen cock at the tip. Once she wiped a couple of times, she repeated the exercise, just as Marty had done. Then, almost unbelievably, as she dropped the second bundle of tissue into the commode and with her left hand still tighly clutching his cock, she again reached forward and wrapped her tiny right hand around the end of his throbbing rod. The sensation was almost more than he could handle, but he never took his eyes off of Kimo's, both adults staring at each other in both disbelief and amazement. "All dry! Can we go now?" asked Ayumi. He almost couldn't answer. "Okay. Let's go home." Marty's response was completely automatic. He was going to bring these two to his home, where he hoped this would go on day after delicious day. Kimo smiled at him and recognized his response as eager anticipation and honest kindness. Marty turned around and let both of 'his' girls take a VERY long and eager look at his upturned dick, both of them staring amazed at something that was pushing toward the little girl's face in anticipation of something ELSE that would feel good at the tip. After the brief show, he pulled his shorts up, tucked his throbbing dick down and in, and then tugged his pants up and closed. Ayumi's expression didn't change too much, but it was apparent that she hadn't seen a man like that very often, if EVER! Marty was both nervous and proud to have these two Asian babes now looking at HIM, even though he wasn't hung like a racehorse. All three of them washed their hands together, as if they were a family finally. Just before they made their way to the truck, Marty ordered two cups of coffee and a juice, put some money on the counter as said "Be right back to pick them up." He bent down, picked Ayumi up with his bare arm under her skirt and up against her wet panties and took Kimo by the hand as they made their way to his truck. Halfway to the truck, Kimo leaned toward him, seeming to invite his arm to surround her diminuative shoulders. He responded as quickly as she had leaned into him. She seemed so perfect. The right height, the right width, angelic face, chubby legs and perfect twat. As he opened the front door, Kimo turned toward him and looked deeply into his eyes, this time obviously inviting him to prove how much he wanted her. He slowly but steadily leaned forward and planted a warm, wet kiss on her full lips. She responded by leaning into his chest and thrusting her tongue into his mouth. They kissed for about two minutes, when, yet again, Ayumi spoiled the moment. "My panties are making me cold, Mr. Marty." They broke their kiss and Marty helped Kimo into the front seat, caressing her bare bum as he lifted her up and into the comfort of his luxury truck. She knew he liked her just as much as he liked her little girl, his tongue to be between HER thighs soon, if he wanted her that way. She began to pull the seatbelt clasp from the door pillar when Marty stopped her. "Kimo? Would you please sit next to me in the middle, please? I'd like you to be close to me while we drove." She coyly smiled in response and slid to the middle of the seat, pulling her dress up high enough for him to see all of her naked legs in front, looking him in the eyes for approval. When she saw a lecherous grin, she lifted her ass and pulled the back of her dress completely off of her bum and up to the small of her back all the way to her waist. She turned and smiled the naughtiest smile he had ever seen, turned to face the front of the truck and then lay her head against the seat, closing her eyes. Marty wasn't entirely sure, but this might be an invitation to diddle her daughter once more as he took her panties off and put her back in her safety seat. Never being one to miss an opportunity, he closed the front passenger door, opened the rear door and set Ayumi on the floor directly in front of him, her body lit with the strange orange lights from the parking lot. She obediently lifted her skirt once again, inviting Marty to remove her damp panties. As he pulled them down, he again was thrilled to observe her form. Such sweet curves, such beautiful lines, such soft skin. He caressed her mound a couple of times and then leaned forward to kiss and lick her pud before he had to sit her down. Ayumi again reached around his head and gently tugged his face toward her naked cunny, hungry for all the attention that he was giving her. The soft smacks and pops he was making while he tongued her added to the sweet music of the crickets singing behind him. The entire time he had his face buried against her plump puddy, Kimo sat quietly and never disturbed either of them, knowing full well that we'd get to her soon enough as well. The sensation of Ayumi's naked vulva against his lips and tongue was like nothing he could have dreamed of, the tangy flavor slowly dissipating as he removed more and more of her juices. He became aware of how much anybody might be able to see as a car turned into the parking lot and the painfully bright headlights sprayed the inside of his cab with much more light than he wanted. He prepared her safety seat as he had before. Kimo never looked around to what Marty might be doing to Ayumi. He was sure he had found his dream girls. As he tucked Ayumi into her seat, he again gently probed her folds and slid his finger far enough between her legs to feel her wet vagina. The warmth was intoxicating, but he knew he couldn't linger too long, since more cars were pulling into the parking lot and someone might see what he was up to and call the cops. Ayumi giggled and put her finger to her mouth as she whispered. "You tickled my peepee with your tongue again. It feels nice." This time, there was no way Kimo was not able to hear her daughter and Marty. "I'm glad you liked it. If I get the chance, I'd like to tickle you every day, over and over. What do you think?" "You can tickle me as much as you want, but only if you tickle my mommy just as much. Promise?" "I promise with all my heart. You don't mind if I tickle your mommy with my finger in front of you, do you? It's a long drive back home and I'm sure she would like for me to tickle her a little bit while I'm driving." "Of course not, silly. You tickled ME in front of my mommy. It wouldn't be fair to my mommy if you didn't do the same for her." This was the best news that Marty had heard in his whole life. He was just invited by a six year old Asian goddess to play with her AND her mother as much as he wanted to. This he would do with complete abandon and every ounce of his energy. Once Marty had returned with the coffee and the juice, they started up the highway, back to his once quiet and lonely house. It would be quiet and lonely no more. Taking the precaution to set the automatic speed control would allow him to relax while he visited with and hopefully fondled one, if not BOTH of these angels. He set the coffee in the cup holders along the front of the dashboard and before he handed Ayumi her juice he asked her to tell him at the first sign she had to go pee. "This next time, I want to see you go pee and make sure everything is okay. Is that alright with you Ayumi?" "Okay, Mr. Marty. I wish you were my daddy. You treat me so nice." Those words were like gold to Marty and he reached around to Ayumi and gently squeezed her legs. Just before he pulled his hand away from her leg, she grabbed it with one hand and pushed it between her thighs. He responded by wiggling his fingers and pushing between her soft labia. She started giggling but never pushed his hand away or closed her legs. He twiddled her little pussy for about a minute, until he noticed the blood being cut off by the pressure from the top of the front seat. She didn't want him to stop and tried to pull his hand back into her pussy. "My arm is starting to hurt because of the front seat, Honey. Can I do that again after a little while?" "Only if you promise not to wait too long. Can I call you Daddy, Mr. Marty?" "Anything you want Sweetheart. Anything you want." He meant every word. "Now you have to tickle my mommy, okay Daddy?" As the words stopped echoing in the cab of his truck, Kimo looked up at Marty smiling and waited for his response. He looked down at her, her face lit only by the cars passing in the opposite lanes of traffic on the highway and the gently glow of the dashboard lights. He raised his eyebrows slightly as if to ask permission and she responded with a toothy smile, spreading her legs as far apart as she could. He pulled his arm from behind and pressed his still wet fingers into Kimo's pussy. She was so filled with excitement that she was getting the seat wet under her bum. Just as he started to push his fingers further and further into her tight, oven like vagina, she unbuckled her seat belt, swung her legs on top of his engorged woody, turned to the right, lay down and buckled the other seat belt around her. His fingers never left her tight grasp. As he slid his fingers in and out of her vagina, her aroma filled the cab and the sounds of her wet labia lips snapped and popped louder and louder. As he pushed into her with his middle finger, he pressed against her clit with his index finger, wiggling it back and forth as he was as far into her as he could reach. He then slowly removed his finger until it almost popped out and returned it into her warm embrace. He kept up the same pace as the tires hitting the separations on the concrete highway. It almost sounded like a loud heartbeat as the sound repeated rhythmically. Thump-thump. Thump-thump. Thump-thump. It was hipnotic for both of them. After about fifteen minutes of his thrusting his fingers into her wet warmth, she reached down and pushed his index finger harder into her clit, asking for her next orgasm to be provided by HIS hand. He obeyed her unspoken command and used his thumb and index finger to squeeze and roll and press against her clit, trying to increase his pace slowly with every repeating cycle. He actually caught himself pushing down onto the accellerator pedal, temporarily assuming control for the cruise control so the sound of the road creases could keep up with the noises of his finger dancing back and forth in and out of Kumi's vagina. At eighty miles an hour, he smiled and seemed hypnotized by the duality of the noises coming from outside AND inside his cab. He removed his foot from the accellerator pedal and let the automatic speed control maintain control for him, his efforts and concentration to be somewhere else. Soon Kimo was pushing back against his hand as hard as she could, in the same rhythm as his thrusts and the road lines. Ayumi started giggling as she heard her mommy start cooing and mewing. "Ayumi, please don't make your mommy lose her concentration. She's having a very good time right now. I promise I'll take care of you as soon as I can, okay? If your mommy says it's okay." "HAI! Umm. Ahh. You may MMMM please my Ayumi HAAA as often as you wish, Marty-sama." He was now sure that Kimo would let him do whatever he wanted with Ayumi, as long as he didn't hurt her or leave Kimo out of the action too long. "You'll be next Honey." "Okay, Daddy. But don't wait too long. I like to be tickled too." "Okay, Sweetheart." Hearing this, Kimo started getting louder and louder. Her moaning and breathing so load that Marty almost couldn't hear the sound of the tires or the engine. Every once in a while, Marty would try to prolong Kimo's orgasm by slowing down almost to a stop and then returning his thrusts and squeezes to the same speed just before he slowed. This seemed to have an almost intoxicating effect on Kimo, as she pushed harder and harder into his hand, groaned and breathed with more force and intensity. As he tried to slow down once more, Kimo yelled "EE-EH!" (NO) and almost broke his wrist as she pulled his hand into her vagina and pressed his fingers against her clit. Marty could tell she could take no more, so he helped her reach her peak and almost pinched her clit with enough force to cause a bruise. Kimo let out a blood curdling scream as she thrust her hips toward him, over and over. She must have used every ounce of energy with this orgasm, as she seemed to be lifting herself off the seat. He kept pushing into her vagina and massaging her clit for about twenty five minutes. He counted at least twenty five mile markers as she thrust toward him. She then said something in Japanese that he couldn't understand, over and over, pleading. "Mommy says that she wants you to please stop, Daddy. She's had enough tickling for a little while." [A little while? Geez! If Kimo wants it like this everyday, I might have to start working out a lot more, just so I can just keep up with her. And of course my LITTLE Asian Angel will be needing me as much as her mommy. Man, this is going to be rough until I get used to it.] Kimo held Marty's finger inside her and his thumb against her clit as she started to return to Earth from her Heavenly orgasm. He could feel her body go limp from exhaustion. "Domo-arigato Gosai-mas! Thank you very much, Marty-sama!" "You are perfectly welcome, BabyDoll. I hope I can give you this much pleasure everyday, for the rest of our lives." Kimo started crying softly as she held his hand against her hot, sticky pussy with her left while she cupped her mouth with her right. He obviously just made her VERY happy. Once Kimo was more relaxed and dried her tears, Marty started to softly caress her vulva, from front to back. As he travelled back and forth, he would be sure to insert his finger into any available opening or bump. "That is very much nicer than ever. I wish you to do this all the time with me." "Remember, I have to tickle Ayumi every once in while to keep her happy too. Is that okay, Kimo?" "HAI! You should to make her happy as well. You must please her and to please yourself everyday, okay Marty-sama?" Absolute confirmation. She had just uttered the words that he had hoped for since he had first caressed Ayumi's pud. "Did you hear that, Ayumi? Your mommy would like for me to make sure I keep you just as happy as she is right now." "Thank you, Mommy. I love you very much." "I love you too, Ayumi." "I love you too, Daddy." "I love you very much, Ayumi. I love you with all my heart, Kimo." Kimo responded in Japanese again. [Damn! I'm going to have to learn that language very soon.] "Mommy said she loves you with her whole body and soul and wants you to know that we are both yours to do with as you please forever and ever." "That's the nicest thing anyone ever told me. Thank you both." "Daddy?" Marty knew what Ayumi wanted. "Yes Angel?" "Did you forget?" "No! Not at all. I just wanted you to ask me the first few times. If I started to tickle you and you didn't want me to, it would make you mad and I don't want that. I want to be sure you enjoy it when I tickle you, okay Ayumi?" "Daddy, you're so silly. You can tickle me anytime you want to, as long as we're all alone just like this." Kimo leaned forward and kissed Marty on the cheek, reassuring him that he could do whatever he wanted. Marty pulled his hand from between Kimo's legs as she straightened up and redid her seatbelt. She was about to pull her dress down, when Marty stopped her and motioned a single finger in the air back and forth. "I want to see your pretty legs all the way home Kimo, okay?" "HAI! I hope you will not be sad when you see me in the day. I am not as pretty as American woman." "What do you mean, Kimo? I think you are the most beautiful woman in the whole world. There is nothing about you that I'm not happy with." "You will see soon and you will mostly be sad when you see. Please to not be mad. I must show you." Marty watched Kimo in the mirror and strained to see what she might be talking about. His mind was flooded with all kinds of horrible images, but he tried desperately not to show any emotion when she revealed her terrible secret. She reached behind her and pulled the zipper down that held her dress up over her arms. She kept her position on the bench seat, slowly lowering her dress a little at a time, hoping her new found benefactor and lover would not be so shocked that he would send her away. She stopped for a moment and whispered a request. "Please, you will tickle me like before?" She took his right hand and pushed it into her pussy, stroking herself back and forth with his willing hand. "That feels absolutely wonderful, Kimo. Thank you for letting me enjoy your body." Once she was certain he would continue on his own, she removed her hand from his and returned it to the top hem of her half-lowered dress, now just above her breasts. She seemed to be trying to build up enough courage to attempt some insurmountable task and then finally pulled it the rest of the way down. She kept her eyes locked onto Marty's, trying desperately to find the slightest emotion from which to base her next action. Marty never stopped fondling her pussy, gently exploring her puffy labia lips, feeling the slight resistance to the soft pressure he was applying and then from her sphyncter to clit, back and forth, over and over. All he could see was her black, low-cut strapless demi-bra, her skin glowing brightly in the dim light of the cars as they passed. She hesitated for a moment and then reached to the clasp between the cups, popping it loose and pulling it from around her and flinging it to the floor. Her eyes were as wide as he had ever seen them, looking as frightened as when he first saw her earlier that evening. Her tiny breasts now jiggled in the open air with every bump and jolt. This was the first time that Marty had seen what he played with when she handed him her clothes and they looked perfect! He wanted to run the back of his fingers along the tips of her nipples, which would cause them to become even more firm and then circle each of them with the tips of his fingers. She didn't see any change on Marty's face, but thought to herself that he must be protecting her dignity and not allowing her to lose 'face' by reacting with strong negative emotions. She finally gathered enough courage. "You are sad with me, yes?" "What for, BabyDoll? I see nothing in front of me to be sad or unhappy about." "My breasts. They are so small. They are not big like American womans. I have always been ashamed since Ayumi was birthed, since she made them small when she nursed from them. My husband left a year ago because he no longer was pleased with my body, mostly my breasts. I am so ashamed. I am sad that you do not have a woman with big pretty breasts." Kimo started crying softly and covered her breasts with her arms, hoping to somehow hide behind her thin limbs. She was very surprised by Marty's next actions. "HEY! HEY! HEY! Kimo, please don't be sad. Stop crying BabyDoll. Please, let me see your beautiful breasts." As he finished his request, he reluctantly removed his right hand from her perfect twat, and tugged at her arms, trying to lift them from her chest. She complied, although she really didn't want to. She was certain that Marty would reject her if he looked too close and she didn't want to lose him so soon after she found him, if for no other reason that to keep her daughter from being fatherless again. Once he uncovered her chest completely, he smiled and softly placed his right hand on her tiny breasts, her nipples still nothing more than soft bumps. He started moving his hands in small circles over her breasts as she sat back, watched and felt every move. Within a minute, her nipples started to get harder and push upward toward his gentle hand. Within two, they were fully erect and felt to Marty just like the oversized pencil erasers he imagined earlier. "You are not pleased with my small breasts?" "I LOVE your breasts BabyDoll. They are PERFECT!" "I am so pleased that you enjoy them. I have always been ashamed to see them, as they are small like a little girl." "Kimo, I want you to let me see them everyday from now on, all the time. In fact, if you DON'T show them to me, I'll take your clothes off for you so I can see just how beautiful they are." Kimo was elated that someone found her little titties pretty and really wanted to look at them and not cover her up because she wasn't buxom or full-figured. Marty was the first man that seemed to truly enjoy looking and touching her titties and she was going to make sure he could do it as often as he wanted to. Just before he swung his hand back over the seat to tickle Ayumi, he gently squeezed her nipples and smiled at Kimo. He lowered his right hand to her legs and pulled them apart so he could see all of her cunny. He then turned on the map light that was situated just below the radio and adjusted the rearview mirror so he could look at his new playground while he drove. Kimo revelled in the visual attention that Marty was paying to her and surrendered herself to him completely. If he wanted to do something with her body, she would allow him anything at all. Marty tickled Kimo for a few minutes more as he looked into the mirror, watching his hand as it moved like a hungry snake looking for food. Now it was Ayumi's turn. Marty would continue to watch Kimo's pussy and titties as his right hand tickled and fondled her daughter's pussy. "Touch yourself Kimo. Use both hands and your fingers to tickle yourself so I can see you have fun BabyDoll." Even though Kimo was terribly embarrassed at the thought of masturbating in front of someone for the second time in her life in one day, she ran each hand over her nipples and tugged at them, teasing Marty with the elastic flesh so close to him. Then one hand began to wander down her tummy and was soon gyrating slowly against her clitoris and labia. As Marty watched his adult Asian lover fondle herself beside him as he drove North, getting closer to their home with every mile, he ran his right hand along Ayumi's legs, rubbing and squeezing them gently. He teased Ayumi for ten minutes, just caressing and rubbing her legs, until finally she could take no more and pulled his hand between her legs and shoved it up against her steaming six year old pudendum. Within another minute, his fingers were exploring her nether regions, his middle finger again finding her tiny vagina. They approached a brightly lit section of highway and Kimo instinctively pulled her hands back and returned her dress to a more publicly normal position. "No Kimo! Don't cover that beautiful body up yet. Nobody can see inside my truck as we drive by, Honey. Please pull your dress back down so I can see your pretty titties and let me see you play with yourself some more. The bright lights will make it easier for me to see you." Kimo was horrified at the prospect of someone seeing her masturbate for Marty and hesitated briefly. She looked at his face, hoping he would change his mind, but he turned a couple of times, smiling and winking at her. Her face was so red from embarrassment, that it looked like she had a sunburn. "Please Kimo?" That was all she needed to hear. He was now pleading with her to see her teenaged-looking body, something that NOBODY else had ever done. She lost her fear and pulled her dress down even further than before, allowing him to see her skin, from forehead to tummy and then pulled her dress up so he could see her naked cunny. Her dress looked like a black scarf around her waist, scrunched up and bunched into a fat ring of material. "Please keep playing, BabyDoll. You look lovely when you're touching yourself." She fell in love with this man and she was going to do whatever he asked of her. Her hands seemed to move on their own accord and before they travelled out of the unnatural light, she provided herself with yet another lovely orgasm, her body bucking and squirming to the beat of her heart, as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure filled her. Marty tried to keep time with Kimo, his fingers dancing and wiggling in Ayumi's tender young body. He kept up his digital attack on her tiny pussy for over an hour, certain to make her sore. He finally removed his finger from her vagina and tenderly caressed and fondled her labia over and over, uncertain if the numbness he felt in his arm was from the lack of blood, or from an overabundance of hairless pussy. After Marty had pulled his hand back across the seat and was about to start playing with Kimo again, his newest adult Asian angel stopped him, undid her seat belt and shifted her position toward the door. She pulled his hand under her chest and pushed it against her titties and lowered her face to his woody as she undid his pants and extracted his throbbing member. There was just enough room between his hips and the steering wheel for Kimo to push her head comfortably and she began to bob up and down on his woody, providing him with miles of sensual pleasure. She continued to provide her new lover with over an hour of sexual bliss, until finally he couldn't stand it anymore. He reached to the back of her head and gently warned her that she was about to be 'blessed' and she thrust her mouth down until he could feel the tip of his dick touch the back of her throat. He unloaded into her with spasm after spasm of baby juice, Kimo taking every little bit hungrily. It was difficult for him to keep his eyes open and the steering wheel pointed between the intermittant lines, but he managed somehow. Thankfully, the speed control maintained an even and safe rate of travel. Once she was satisfied she had provided her new lover with enough pleasure to keep his sexual appetite temporarily quenched, she sucked him clean and just stayed there as she licked and sucked on his dick gently and softly until they got the the outer loop. Once there was too much light streaming in, Kimo nervously stopped sucking and licking, put his member back into his pants and carefully tried to cover herself. Marty knew she'd be horribly embarrassed, so he let her maintain a modicum of decency and nodded to her. As they pulled up into Marty's driveway, he said "We're home!" Both ladies were exhausted, from the trip AND from Marty's finger travels. He didn't want to unpack the truck or unhitch her car until the next afternoon since there was plenty of room in his long driveway for the car to remain safely where he attached it. He was too interested in having both of their naked bodies pressed against his in bed. He was still full of energy, even though he had just driven over twelve hours, on top of a full day of meetings and negotiations. He carried each of their sleepy forms into the house and lay them onto his bed. He secured Kimo's car, turned the lights and flashers off, removed the ignition key, locked both her car, his truck and finally the front door. With a broad smile all across his face, he walked back to his room and shucked all of his clothes. "Daddy, I need to go pee now." "Okay, Angel. Come on." He picked Ayumi up, took off her shoes and socks, then her skirt and top and made his way to the bathroom. Trying not to blind her with the bright overhead lights, he turned on the nightlight next to the sink. This was still enough light to enjoy her prepubescent form. As he was about to set her down onto the commode, he wanted to try something that he had seen on the internet and sat down first and then placed Ayumi directly over his woody. "Okay, Honey. Go ahead and pee." She barely needed any encouragement and immediately flooded his member with a hot stream of little girl juice, the aroma so strong that he took long deep breaths to try to absorb as much of it as he could. Her arms were wrapped around his chest as far as she could reach as she sat on his lap over his throbbing cock. He was going to do this from now on and even with Kimo if she was willing. He now wanted to try anything and everything. As long as his girls enjoyed it, he was going to try it. As she let the last few drops of pee leave that warm hole, he shifted her slighty so his cock was pressing against her vulva. He rocked her back and forth, pushing his cock against her pussy with increasing force and frequency. He could feel his dick push between her labia and come into contact with her tiny virgin vagina. "Am I tickling YOU now, Daddy?" This sent him over the edge. He could feel her tiny pussy lips slowly engulfing the head of his cock and he could hold back no longer. "Baby, I'm going to shoot sticky stuff all over your little pussy. I hope that you don't get mad at me?" "It's okay, Daddy. I don't mind anything that you do to me, 'cause I know you love me and mommy with all your heart." The words barely left her lips when Marty felt the pressure welling up inside his balls. His cockhead was almost completely inside her vagina as he thrust one last time and then let go with as much intensity as he had in his entire life. It was the best orgasm that he ever had. He had sprayed his little Asian beauty's pussy with load after load of baby juice and she just sat there on his lap, hugging him tightly with her tiny arms. After his balls stopped quivering and his contractions subsided, he bent his head down and kissed Ayumi on the cheek. "I love you so much, Daddy. I'm glad you came to our rescue today." It suddenly hit him in the face. He had only met these two this evening and he was already involved in a pedophilic and incestuous relationship with a six year old, with the approval of her still nubile and very sexually hungry mother. If he were struck by lightning and died right now, he would not utter a single word of complaint. "Can you dry me off now, Daddy? I think I want to go to bed and sleep." Catching his breath and his composure, Marty responded. "Sure Honey. Let me get you all cleaned up and dried off and then I'll put you to bed with your mommy and me. Maybe tomorrow morning you might let me tickle you some more. Would you like that?" "You don't have to wait until tomorrow morning, if you don't want to Daddy. You can tickle me while I'm sleeping. I wouldn't mind." "Oh, thank you, Sweetheart. I probably will tickle both you and your mommy all night." "Thank you, Daddy. I hope you have as much fun tickling me as I do. It feels so good when you tickle me, 'cause you're so soft and gentle." Marty hugged Ayumi once more and then reached for some tissue to take as much of their love mixture off as possible before he cleaned them both up. After stepping into the tub and soaping and rinsing them clean, he dried them both and lay Ayumi's sleeping body on the counter next to the mirror. He positioned her so her open legs would face the nightlight so he could get as much of a view as possible. Then he gently started kissing and then licking her puffy, fat, full pussy lips, slowing pushing his tongue further and further inside her beautifully formed cleft. Once he found her clit, he backed off not wanting to disturb her sleep. He instead opened her legs wider and thrust his hungry tongue into her virgin vagina, tasting a salty taste from her pee and sweet taste from her skin. After a couple of minutes of this absolutely entrancing sensation and taste, he knew he had to let her rest. He reluctantly removed his tongue from her tight little hole and just stood back and looked at her naked, hairless, prepubescent shape. He was now going to do whatever it took to keep these two happy, no matter the cost or the effort. He had found his Heaven on Earth and nobody was going to take them away. Marty gently caressed her pud until his saliva was history, probed a couple more times and then picked Ayumi up and carried her to the bed. As he lay her down, Kimo turned and stretched, looked over at Marty and gave him the most delicious smile. "Hello, BabyDoll. Have you been awake very long?" "No, I just wake up. Is Ayumi feeling good to you?" "Yes, she is. She had to go pee, so I took her with me on the commode. She then tickled ME for the first time and it felt wonderful." "Maybe you let me tickle you too, now." Marty reached over to Kimo and lifted her dress up higher and higher until he reached the top of her tummy, enjoying the view of her adult twat as much as he enjoyed Ayumi's prepubescent pud. He stopped for a minute and just caressed her soft flesh back and forth, over and over, trying to impress into his mind as much of every moment as he possibly could. "You make me feel very much happy, Marty-sama. You must do this very often. I wish that I can make you as much happy as you make Ayumi and me." "You already have, BabyDoll. I must be the happiest and most satisfied man in the entire world." Kimo was surprised when Marty bent down over her and started to suck and nibble on one nipple, so softly and gently that she wasn't really certain he was really touching her, or if it was just her imagination. She felt the familiar stirrings between her legs and realized that it was his mouth on her breast that began to make her tingle. He then moved to the other breast and returned his empty hand to the now naked and somewhat lonely breast that he had just suckled. He kept increasing the force of the vacuum in his mouth, trying harder and harder to pull her entire nipple into his anxious mouth. His tongue attacked her nipple as forcefully as a little samurai warrior, teasing it back and forth between his lips and around in circles. Her breathing started getting deeper and more frequent as he continued to suck, nibble and fondle her nipples, each in turn. Soon, Marty wanted to give her more assurance that he was satisfied with her body, so he started spending less and less time playing with her breasts with his mouth and filled his hands with their tiny forms, massaging them and tickling them over and over. He then kissed her tummy, then her waist, above her puffy mound, the crease between her legs and her labia and finally that glorious slit, never once relinquishing his hold on her breasts. He re-arranged himself between her legs and buried his face against her pussy, exploring every facet and fold of her body. He even let himself poke his tongue against her sphyncter, something that he NEVER thought he would do. Kimo was finally completely relaxed and allowed the fullness of her excitement fill her petite body. Marty kept up his enjoyable attack of her pussy for over an hour, until finally he heard softer moans and groans, similar to her previous exhaltations, but now muffled by the pillow that used to be under her head. As she reached the peak of her orgasm, she let go of the pillow and grabbed Marty's ears, almost ripping them off as he continued his attack. Her hips seemed to come up off the bed as she thrust and convulsed over and over, trying desperately to fill her body with as much feeling as was humanly possible. Within a few more minutes, he heard her speak a series of phrases that sounded vaguely like the ones that he had heard the last time she peaked. He slowed the frequency and pressure of his tongue on her pussy, so that when he stopped it was almost as if he wanted to draw her pleasure along as much as possible. She was completely spent. She lifted the pillow off her face and looked down to where Marty's face was, still slowly and softly brushing back and forth across the slit between her labia lips. She reached down and lifted his face so she could she him from his forehead to his now sticky chin. "You are not displeased with my breasts?" "Of course not! In fact, if you won't object, I would very much like to see you with nothing on them when we are alone in our house." "Does this mean you do not wish for Ayumi to see me with my breasts uncovered?" "No, No! I mean when nobody OUTSIDE is able to see you, I want to be able to look at your breasts and touch them and play with them whenever I want. Ayumi can see them as much as she wants as well. If she wants to touch them, I hope you'll let her. The reason I don't want anybody ELSE to see you naked is not that I am ashamed, but that I am very jealous and protective. I want to be the ONLY one to see either you or Ayumi naked. Do you understand?" The light slowly grew brighter and brighter in Kimo's mind as she grasped the depth of what Marty had said. Her eyes filled with tears as she reached out and pulled Marty into her chest, practically smothering him with her tiny titties. He realized that she understood completely and smiled as he took one of her nipples into his mouth once more. "Now I must pleasure you again, Marty-sama." Marty-sama sounded too awkward and formal. There had to be another name that she would be willing to use. Something more private and personal. He was bound to find out what it was, but that would have to wait. She motioned for Marty to lay back on the bed face up next to Ayumi. She then took his right hand and gently placed it onto Ayumi's naked pud, and then shimmied down between his legs and started to kiss him on and around his pulsing cock. Within a few minutes, she had wrapped her mouth completely around it and was bobbing up and down with a smooth, steady rhythm, not too fast and not too slow. Just right! As Kimo kept up her mouth massage on Marty's cock, Marty felt his fingers slowly exploring Ayumi's pussy, almost instinctively, naturally, wantingly. Ayumi woke for a minute and said "Thank you, Daddy", opened her legs wider for easier access and went back to sleep. Marty began feeling that wonderfully familiar sensation building in his balls and asked Kimo to get on him. She let his dick out of her mouth with a quiet 'pop', straddled his legs and slid his hot maleness into her wet pussy for the first time. There was just enough resistance to his dick to give him the distinct impression that she might still be a virgin. It was absolutely the best fuck he had ever had as she humped him up and down. For a minute, she looked like an oil well pumper, her body going up and down with strong, smooth action, her pussy wrapping Marty's dick with the hot embrace that he had been longing for so many years. The closer he got to his own orgasm, the more she tightened her vaginal muscles, but never slowing or increasing the speed of her motion. "Come here, BabyDoll. Lay on top of me, please." She pressed her body onto his and tried to keep up her thrusts. Their mouths met, their tongues danced, Marty's left hand immediately found Kimo's bare bum and started exploring anything he could find with his fingers. He eventually was able to push his middle finger into her ass after some gentle persuation and started to match her speed with his probes. She seemed to enjoy this new sensation and pushed herself harder onto his cock, until at one point, he could feel her cervix pressing against the tip of his dick. This was the first time in his life that he ever experienced this, since he wasn't much more than average in length. As he approached yet another orgasm, he pushed back against every thrust that Kimo presented and maintained the attack on her butt with his finger. He was also sliding a good portion of his right middle finger into Ayumi, her vagina now wet and sticky with excitement, even in her sleepy state. Kimo and Marty started their orgasms almost simultaneously, each one gasping for air as if none were left anywhere on Earth. Then a very surprising thing got Marty's attention; Ayumi started thrusting her hips against his stroking finger, making soft whimpering sounds as she moved. The sound and the motion was unmistakable, as both Kimo and Marty heard it at the same time. This sent both of them into orbit, as they pushed against each other as hard as they could. If they could push harder, their bodies would join at the molecular level and become one. Ayumi's thrusting and whimpering got louder until finally she sounded as if she were crying with each upward movement. Kimo started convulsing next, followed immediately by Marty. They each jerked and moved together for minutes, until finally they each slowly came back to the bed, exhausted. Marty left his cock inside Kimo and his finger inside Ayumi, both digits being completely satisfied. They remained in that position for the rest of the night. It wasn't until 10:45 AM that they started to stir. Ayumi was the first to move as she started to masturbate herself with Marty's finger. She was turned on her side facing him as she pulled his hand with increasing earnest. As Marty woke, realizing what his lucky hand was doing, he turned and smiled at Ayumi. "Morning, Angel! Having fun with your Daddy's hand?" A muffled "Um-hmmm" was her response. She immediately leaned toward him and planted a warm, wet kiss on his lips, closely mimicking her mother in that regard as well. They kissed for a few minutes as Ayumi kept up the attack on her own vagina with her new Daddy's finger. Kimo woke up to see her daughter being finger-fucked by her new Daddy and smiled. "Hello, Marty-sama. Is my daughter pleasing you very much?" Marty broke his kiss with Ayumi only to start kissing Kimo. After a minute or two, Kimo lifted herself off of Marty, his cock still inside her from last night's fuck. It was starting to grow to it's previous length again, being influenced by his new daughter's affection for his finger. As Kimo rose, she made her way to Ayumi's side of the bed. She gingerly picked her up making certain not to break her hold of Marty's finger inside her tiny pussy. She then positioned Ayumi directly over Marty's cock, holding Ayumi under the arms. Ayumi's face brightened like an arc lamp on Saturday night. She knew exactly what was about to happen and she looked forward to it eagerly. Just before their bodies met, Marty knew that this was going to be very painful for Ayumi, something that he didn't want for her to feel from her new Daddy so soon. He knew it was bound to happen, but stopped Kimo before their sexes touched each other's. "This is going to be VERY painful for Ayumi. Are you sure you want me to do this, Kimo?" "HAI! She should feel her new Daddy in her body just like me. I have spoken to Ayumi about this while you sleeped. She knows what is happening and she is not afraid." "Is this right, Kitten? Are you sure you want your new Daddy to do this? It will hurt a lot for a few minutes. It will eventually feel better, but the pain will be very strong. I don't want to hurt you Kitten. Not at all!" "Please, Daddy. It feels so good with your finger, I want to know how good it feels with your thing inside me, just like mommy. Please Daddy? I really want to, honest!" Marty couldn't help but be putty in her hands, as those eyes drilled deeper into his heart and soul. How could he refuse any of her requests or demands? He knew it was going to hurt, but the girls were convinced it was the right time for Ayumi. He removed his hands and their bodies came into contact perfectly aligned. Kimo obviously knew how to position Ayumi to minimize discomfort. He felt the tip of his cock press between Ayumi's labia and start to enter her still virgin vagina. He felt a strong reluctance to what has about to happen, but let his hormones and heart rule over his common sense. Ayumi's pussy was so wet that the head of his dick was inside her almost immediately. It was as if he felt the sun shining intensely at this one point on his body. He next felt pressure against the rim of his glans and assumed that it was her tiny maidenhead. He instinctively pushed his hands up under Ayumi's legs in an attempt to prevent what was about to happen, but Ayumi and Kimo both pleaded softly for him to allow them to continue. He relented and removed his hands. "Go very slowly Kitten and it might be less painful." Taking his cue, Kimo lifted Ayumi off just slightly so the pressure would go down just enough for her to grow accustomed to his size. Marty noticed that Kimo had removed her hands from under Ayumi's arms and it was now Ayumi that was controlling her slow advance onto Marty's dick. Ayumi then slowly started pumping up and down, increasing pressure against her hymen at the bottom of each thrust. Marty could tell she was feeling discomfort by the expressions on Ayumi's face, but she seemed to be able to handle each increase in pain very well. He let her continue on her own as he reached over to Kimo's naked breasts, caressing and massaging them with absolute abandon. Soon, Kimo's nipples were sticking out like rockets, eager for each new caress and squeeze. Hoping to please Ayumi as much as possible, even though he knew she had to be in absolute agony, he reached between her legs and found her tiny button of a clit and started to massage and play with it hungrily. This seemed to help a lot as Ayumi's expression changed from a pulsating grimace, to a repeating series of smiles and frowns, as if she were following some obscene script. Ayumi kept up her thrusts for twenty minutes until she finally developed enough courage to push down one last time. Then it happened! They were all not sure if they really heard it, but it sounded like a little 'pop' when Ayumi pushed further than she had previously and sank down onto Marty's swollen cock, letting out a short squeal at the very moment after she became a woman at six years old. She then started to push further down onto Marty as tears flowed down her face. Kimo was the first to react and reached over to wipe away her baby's tears. "It's better now, Ayumi?" she asked. "HAI! Yes, mommy. It was just like you said. It hurt for a few seconds and then the pain started going away almost as fast as it started." Ayumi was now earnestly fucking Marty, stroking him almost as hard and as deep as Kimo had done the night before. Marty felt as though he was going to lose consciousness as Ayumi kept up her movements. Kimo's breasts felt wonderful, Ayumi's clit eagerly and almost forcefully begged for more abuse, her vagina now accepting him entirely, her strokes complete and steady. Then, that unmistakable whimper started from Ayumi, her thrusts more and more frequent and deliberate, Kimo's body rocking to and fro, in the same beat as Ayumi's motions. As Ayumi reached her first vaginal orgasm, Marty let go and shot load after load of his baby seed into his new daughter, his new naughty, horny, slutty baby girl. Kimo joined the erotic exercise and started moaning and thrusting her own fingers against her own clit and inside her vagina. It had to have been the most erotic and exotic display ever presented in the history of man. Marty wasn't sure how long they kept moving into each other, but he was sure it wouldn't be the last time they shared such a beautiful experience. This was going to happen everyday, as long as he had anything to do about it, or as long as he could last with these two nymphomaniacs. Once they all were totally spent, physically and emotionally, they lay in a heap on the bed, pressing their hearts together, holding, touching, kissing, playing. It was about 4:00 PM when they finally got up out of bed and gave each other the most endearing bath any of them ever enjoyed. They never really stopped having sex with each other, either with their fingers, their mouths, or their sexes. Within a week, Marty sold his house, all of his stocks and bonds and they moved to a small Texas town away from prying eyes and mouth covered whispers. Within a month, Ayumi brought a new friend home with her as a gift to her loving Daddy. She was seven, a year older than Ayumi. Her name was Claire and she looked like a little butter-ball. Chubby, but OH-so delicious. At first, Marty resisted the temptation to make any advances to Claire, knowing that all of his needs were being met on a daily basis by his two Asian angels. He also didn't want to encur the wrath of the local constabulary should she not be as willing to permit the nasty advances of a horny older man. The more he learned about Claire, the more sorry he felt for her. Her father was a drunk that left her mother a year after Claire was born, later to be found dead down at the local creek. Her mother was the town slut with four sons from various men. Their house was nothing more than a wrecked-out trailer with bad plumbing and worse electrical appliances. Claire was nothing more than a nuisance to her mother and an outcast to most of the townsfolk. Marty wanted to cry when all the details of her life were revealed to him. Claire was strongly envious of Ayumi, with her beautiful clothes, new toys, clean house and all the food and love she ever wanted. Ayumi seemed to feel the deep despair inside Claire and wanted to help her in some way. That's when Marty was surrounded by three beautiful women with a bold proposition. Adopt Claire and make her a permanent member of their loving family. Marty was floored! He needed to talk to his girls privately before discussing it openly in front of Claire. "Claire, Honey. Please understand that it's not that I don't want you to come live with us, or that I don't love you. It's just that Kimo and Ayumi and I have a very special relationship that maybe you wouldn't like to take part in. You are such a lovely young lady, that it's hard for me to ever say anything mean to you, but I need to talk to my girls first, okay?" Claire responded with more of an adult demeanor than Marty had expected. "You mean that I might not want to be your special daughter like Ayumi and I might be afraid to walk around the house with no clothes on? You don't have to worry about that. My brothers and my cousins have already made me take my clothes off and did all sorts of things that they wanted to with my titties and pussy. I hate it when they make me do stuff like that, 'cause I know they don't really love me like you love Ayumi and her mommy. They aren't all gentle and soft with me. They make me do things that hurt and they don't stop when I cry. I just wish I had a REAL daddy like you. I would do anything that you wanted and I wouldn't even tell nobody. Not even the sheriff. He likes little girls, too. I remember when my mommy got in trouble with Mr. Perkins at the grocery store and the sheriff came out to my house to talk to her. Sheriff Wilson talked to mommy for a long, long time. Then mommy called me to come into the room with them and they talked some more about me. About how big I was and how pretty and stuff like that. My mommy told me to go to my room and wait for her to come see me. When she came in, she told me to put on my Sunday dress, but to take my panties off. She watched me the whole time I put my dress on and then she waited for me to pull my panties down. When I was done, she told me to sit on the bed and be a good girl and do whatever I was told, or I'd get a whippin'. Then Sheriff Wilson came into my bedroom and sat down beside me and started touching me all over. He started hugging me and kissing me like my brothers and cousins did and made me sit there all quiet and not fight him. Then he told me that if I did whatever he asked, my mommy would not be in trouble with Mr. Perkins anymore. Then he told me that if I wanted my mommy to stay out of jail, I would have to let him come back every now and again and let him do it all over. He pulled up my dress and touched my titties and put his big fat fingers in my cunny. Then he made me lay down and take my dress off and he touched me all over my body. After he did this a while, he pulled out his peder and rubbed it on my cunny until he squirted me with his baby juice. Then he got real mad and spanked me on my bare bottom for being a bad girl, but I did everything that he wanted me to, so I cried and cried. After that, Mr. Perkins started coming around and he started touching me with his hands, but he never pulled his peder out or touched me with it on my cunny. He came over about three times, but someone saw him through my bedroom window and he left in a big hurry. He ain't been back since. Neither has Sheriff Wilson. Everybody in town thinks I'm a little slut since I let those men touch me like that, but it ain't true. I just did what my mommy and those men told me to do. I didn't want to, but I had to. Now you probably think I'm a little slut and you probably don't want me to ever see Ayumi no more, ain't that right?" Marty was absolutely speechless. How could anyone put such a beautiful little girl through so much. He started feeling very guilty about having sex with Ayumi at her tender age. Tears started to well up in his eyes and cascaded down his cheeks. Kimo, Ayumi and Claire all reacted the same way. They immediately wrapped their arms around Marty and hugged him while they all cried. Once all their tears were spent, Marty wiped his eyes and reached for Claire. He set her on his lap as tenderly as he would with Ayumi or Kimo. "Claire, Honey. I feel very bad for not trusting you. Now that I have heard about your life, I would like to do whatever I can to help make it better than ever." Her eyes lit up and her smile looked as though it would almost break her face. "Kimo, Ayumi, do you want Claire to be the newest member of our special family? You both know what that means. You'll have to share me with Claire, too. Is this something that you would be willing to do?" Kimo looked at Ayumi, then at Claire, then back at Marty. Ayumi did the same. Claire followed along. They all looked back at Marty and nodded in unison. "Are you sure? REAL SURE? We would have to move again to get away from these bad people?" "Daddy, we can move as often as you want. It doesn't matter WHERE we live, as long as we're with you." "Ayumi is correct. I will obey your wishes for all my life." "Mr. Marty, please let me be your newest special daughter. I really would love you like Ayumi and her mommy everyday. I know that you would be good to me. PLEASE? Pretty please?" It was happening all over again. This plump little pixie actually wants him to introduce her to love and sex. Obviously, Ayumi had told her more than she should have, but that didn't matter now. Marty had to figure out how to legally take custody of Claire and make certain that none of her tormenters would ever make trouble for any of them, ever. After getting the dirt on all the boys and men that had abused and molested Claire, he wrote it all down in as close to chronological order as Claire could remember, made two copies and had a visit with the county judge and the local health care/social worker. After no more than three hours, they all agreed to put their plan into action. The judge called a court session with Sheriff Wilson, Mr. Perkins, Claire's mother, her sons, the milk man and the postman. Marty, Kimo, Ayumi, Claire, the social worker and the editor of the local paper were also in attendance, lots of yelling and accusations of child molestation being thrown around, at Marty. Once the judge got everyone to settle down, he presented the guilty parties with the evidence and asked if they would like to spend some serious time in the state prison for child abuse and child abandonment. You could hear a pin drop in that courtroom. The only sound that could be heard was the old ceiling fan squeaking overhead. The judge then presented Claire's mother with formal adoption papers and asked her to sign where it read 'Relinquish and terminate all rights of interest and responsibility'. Her mother signed with a shakey hand and glared at Marty. She had just lost her best asset for staying out of the local jail. She was also going to have to start paying for milk and stamps again. Claire's brothers didn't seem to be too affected by all the proceedings, until the judge said that he was going to personally tell all the local girls that they had been taking liberties with their younger sister for years. That might make all their girlfriends think twice about going courting with perverts. The judge finally finished with "If y'all leave Claire and her new family be for the rest of their lives, then nobody need know what happened here today. Agreed?" Everyone nodded without a single argument. "Claire, Honey. You and Miss Simmons go and get your things from your house while I make these other folks wait here, okay?" "That's okay, Judge Whitmire. I don't need nothing at my old house. My new daddy is gonna buy me whatever I need from now on. There ain't nothing at that old house that I ever want to see again. My new daddy's already bought me my new Sunday dress and I wore it today just 'cause he let me." "Okay, then that does it. Marty, congratulations. You now have another beautiful daughter." "Thanks Judge. I really appreciate everything that you did for Claire. She will be loved and cared for as much as Kimo and Ayumi are everyday." Marty wondered if anyone suspected JUST how much his girls have been loved since he found them on the side of the road north of Houston. Within a week, their house was sold and they moved across the state to another little dustbowl of a town. This one was even smaller than the last one. Within six months, Marty had opened a grocery and general store and setup a satellite downlink station and started providing cable service and DSL internet access to all the townsfolk. A year after they moved in, Marty sold off his businesses and retired for a second time. It was on Claire's nineth birthday and right after her party that all his girls corralled Marty in the den. Ayumi hopped up on one leg and Claire hopped up on the other. Kimo stood behind him, pressing and rubbing her tiny breasts into the back of his head. Marty knew what they were up to and resigned himself to whatever was going to happen. "Daddy?" Claire spoke. "It's time you started treating me like Ayumi and my new mommy. I know you've waited until I was ready and now I'm ready. Ayumi and mommy have told me all about what you like and what they like to do to you and I want to do those things too. You remember this dress, that first Sunday dress that you bought for me? I wanted to wear it specially for you today, 'cause I know you like to see me underneath it. This time I have my slip and panties on so you can't see just me inside. You're not mad are you?" "Of course not Punkin. You know I love to see me girls and their gorgeous bodies." Claire and Ayumi hopped off his lap and stepped around the corner. He heard the distinct sounds of clothing being removed and gentle whispers. The unmistakable sound of panty elastic popping and sliding over young skin made his dick jump in his pants. He reached up behind his head and began massaging Kimo's breasts and asked "Let me see, please?" Before the girls returned, Kimo was topless in front of him, his mouth eagerly tasting her nipples for the second time today. As he sucked and nibbled, his hands pushed their way under her panties and they fell to the floor. He wasn't more than one knuckle deep into Kimo's pussy when both his daughters walked back in. "Hey mommy! That's not fair. We wanted him first." Damned interruptions. Never fails! As the girls stood in the doorway, the sun shown brightly from behind them and Marty could see through their dresses that they didn't have anything on underneath. Their soft curves were accentuated by the strong light, their full legs defined like statuesque pillars supporting the temples of Heaven on Earth. Their fat, round puds identifiable easily through the sheer fabric. "Come over here, both of you. Let me see my angels up close. REAL CLOSE!" They both giggled and practically lept onto Marty's lap, making certain to pull their dresses up to expose their naked bodies underneath. They both looked absolutely angelic and slutty at the same time. Marty knew this was going to be another memorable night. "Okay Daddy. You need to take care of Claire first, okay? Then you can have me and then mommy afterward. Would you like that?" Marty's heart was racing with anticipation. He knew what Claire's body looked like, but the feelings of newness and exploration stimulated him fiercely. He gently pulled Claire's dress up until her breasts were exposed. They were almost the same size as Kimo's, but with tiny pink nipples instead of Kimo's distinct dark ones. He had hoped that Ayumi would not be jealous of her new older sister, since her titties were not as big as Claire's yet. "Would you like for me to take this off, Daddy?" "Um-hmmm." With just a little help from Ayumi, her dress was off and on the floor in a flash. "Touch my titties, Daddy. Please?" Marty nervously brushed her left breast with the back of his right hand. The soft resistance was absolutely delightful. He went back and forth across her chest, drinking in the softness of her breasts and the delicate points of her protruding nipples, slowly getting harder and harder until they looked like tiny cherries waiting to be picked. Claire closed her eyes and opened her mouth slightly, enjoying the gentle caress of someone that truly loved her, not just for her body but for her heart and soul as well. After a few minutes of petting, Marty reached down with his mouth and kissed her right nipple, then her left, then back, then again, over and over. Once she was comfortable with his mouth exploring her breasts, he started to suck on one nipple while massaging the other breast. Claire never realized that sex could be so beautiful. She still remembered her brothers and those dirty old men molesting her, taking their pleasures with her body, never considering what it might be like for her. This was altogether different and she was dreamy with excitement. She could feel her cunny start to tingle like it had never done before. She could also tell she was starting to get real wet down there and felt more like a woman than in her previous nine years. Marty slowly moved his hand from Claire's breast to her tummy and then to her waiting cunny, gently sliding the back of his hand against the fullness of her vulva. She responded by opening her legs wider and wider, until only her right leg remained on Marty's lap. He gingerly turned his hand around and began to slip his middle finger into the crease in her pud. The fullness of her pussy was even greater than either Ayumi's or Kimo's. He continued until he could cup her entire pussy with his hand and began softly massaging it against his open hand. He released the grasp of her right nipple from his mouth and immediately pressed his lips to hers. Their tongues started darting back and forth, exploring this new world of sensations. They kissed for ten minutes, while Marty started pushing his middle finger further and further between her labia until it finally came into contact with her vagina. Deep inside, Marty felt bad that she was no longer a virgin, but he wanted to treat her as if she still was, going as slowly as possible so she could savor every sensation and be willing to anxiously relive these moments for eternity. His finger easily slipped into her vagina and he started to finger fuck her, her juices smacking and popping with every movement. He kept up the assault on her pussy while kissing her softly, but passionately. Soon, he could tell that Ayumi was getting really horny, as she started to play with Claire's breasts while her daddy was plunging his middle finger into Claire's hungry cunny. He never allowed this to distract him, as he kept up the barrage on her love tunnel. He released her lips and returned to her right breast, Claire breathing harder and harder as he sucked and nibbled. "Daddy, could we please go lay down? I want to feel you inside me." "Yeah, Daddy. Let's all go lay down, okay?" Marty slowly removed his finger from Claire and immediately pushed it into his mouth, hungrily licking it clean and almost dry. He then reached down, picked up both Claire and Ayumi and turned to Kimo, gave her a beautifully soft wet kiss, reached down to her left breast and sucked on it once or twice and then said "Let's go girls. All of you!" Their smiles would have been perfect for a toothpaste commercial, they never looked brighter. As Marty set the girls down on the bed, he turned to Ayumi and said "Hey now. You're the only one of my girls that's wearing anything. We need to fix that, now don't we?" She giggled and as she had done so many times before, put a finger to her mouth and rocked back and forth. Marty couldn't resist giving her a hug, she looked so precious. As he hugged her, he reached down to her bare legs and slid his hand up to her naked bum, pressing his fingers between her cheeks and rocking his hand back and forth a few times. He felt the familiar and unmistakable sensation of her tightly puckered sphyncter against the tip of his middle finger. He pressed a little further down and was rewarded with a hot, wet pussy, aching to be cleaved by his fingers, tongue and then cock. "I need to take care of you too, Angel. Let me take care of Claire first, okay?" He always knew what to say to make Ayumi and Kimo feel special. She beamed with pride, knowing that she had the best lover and daddy in the whole world. As he drew back, he took the bottom hem of her dress in each hand and slowly pulled it skyward, looking straight into Ayumi's eyes. As he uncovered her chubby little body, it was as if it was the first time and he tried to drink in the glow of her form from bottom to top. Once her dress was up and off, he reached forward, kissed her soft lips and pushed his right hand between her legs. They easily parted as his fingers found what they were searching for. He rocked his fingers in and out between her labia until he could feel her wet vagina at the tip of his index finger. He pushed it in as if it were the first time all over again. Her moans and whimpers easily displaying her deepening pleasure. He softly finger fucked her for a few minutes and then let her come back down to Earth once more. As he removed his finger from her pussy, a sharp wet snap was heard and they all giggled. He reached down and gave her a little kiss on her puffy pussy, momentarily sticking his tongue against her clit just to tease her. She said thank you and pushed his head toward Kimo. She knew that everyone needed some attention before Marty spent the next couple of hours with Claire. After a similar series of teasing gestures was embellished onto Kimo, both Ayumi and Kimo directed Marty to Claire, patiently waiting for what she knew was going to be an unforgettable and very pleasurable experience. As she stood on the bed, his eyes almost burned holes in Claire's nubile body. He knelt in front of her on the bed and started his gentle attack, starting with kisses. He sucked one of her lips into his mouth and teased it with his tongue, then the other one. As she stood in front of him shaking slightly, he petted her soft body all over. Her breasts, her nipples, her legs up and down, her round full bum, the tight crevice between her butt cheeks, her dimpled sphyncter and finally her hot, wet pussy. He tried desperately to go slower than he had ever gone with his Asian angels, but somehow, Claire's body was even more intoxicating than he imagined. He almost gave her a hickie on her puffy breast, he sucked so hard. Claire didn't care what Marty did, as long as he didn't stop. She had never experienced such passion and joy before and she was now going to demand it as often as she could. Marty lay her on her back and spread her full legs apart, exposing her pooching labia to his eyes. He moved closer and closer to her pussy, until he finally was attacking it with his mouth, stabbing at her vagina with his tongue and flipping her clit back and forth, up and down. She started to writhe around as if she were on fire. She was! A sexual fire. Within ten minutes, she was fully his, her hips bucking upward to meet his face, his fingers pushing deeper and deeper into her wet hole. Before he realized it, he had three fingers in her pussy and was thrusting in and out like a piston inside a race car engine. She screamed "NOW! Please Daddy, NOW!" Without hesitation, he slid her back further on the bed and immediately climbed between her legs, pushing his engorged dick into her as smoothly as if they had made love for years. She pushed up against him so forcefully that she lifted him off the bed. He plunged into her over and over so hard that the bed started to move away from the wall. His cock was feeling a pussy that had been abused and molested by men and boys that could not appreciate such wondrous beauty, and this same pussy was for the first time enjoying being splayed wide open. They kept it up for twenty minutes until neither of them could hold off any longer. "Daddy! I'm going to . . . To . . . TO . . . CUUUMMMM!!!" As the words found his ears, he thrust as hard as he could and they both released wave after wave of sexual energy into each other's body, as Marty filled her prepubescent vagina with baby juice. It felt so good that he kept up his stroking for five more minutes, until finally the heightened sensitivity of his cock would not allow him to continue. He stopped pumping and just left it inside her until it finally went limp an hour later. While they lay together, they let their hands explore each other like newlyweds, finding more and more to caress and touch. From behind, Marty could hear both Kimo and Ayumi playing with each other, fingers pushing in and out of warm, wet folds, lips and tongues twisting and dancing in loving embraces. Soon he heard them both let out joyous, ecstatic choruses of pleasure as they pleasured each other to a beautiful zenith of sexual sensations. They then settled around Marty and Claire, reaching to them and each other in beautiful, innocent petting. As Marty lay next to Claire, Kimo pressed against his back and reached around to hold his dick and stroke it delicately. With his mouth he started sucking on Claire's breasts. With his left hand under and behind him he searched for and located Kimo's clit and started to gently stroke it at the same rhythm as her hand on his dick. With his right hand, he reached across Claire's body and found Ayumi's pussy and started to finger fuck her, again at the same speed as Kimo's motions. Claire reached to Ayumi and started caressing her nipples with her left hand and reached around Marty to play with Kimo's breasts. Claire and Ayumi kissed softly back and forth as all of their hands were busy exploring and pleasing each other. Everything was right in the world. Nothing would ever be the same again as they each would please each other every day. They would occassionally all gang up on one family member and pleasure them until they could take no more, after which they would climb into the big master bed and touch, hold, caress and kiss each other until they all fell asleep. The rest of their lives were like this, day after day until both Claire and Ayumi presented the ultimate gift to their daddy, two absolutely perfect little baby girls. From the first day they were both home with their daddy, the baby girls were treated to the pleasures of deep emotional and physical love, the likes of which nobody would ever know of. When the baby girls turned six, they each had their night with their daddy and then with all of daddy's girls over and over. They lived the rest of their lives entwined in each other's bodies, never being totally satisfied. Marty would love to sit naked on his favorite chair in the study and have each of his girls come and sit on his lap until something popped up between them. His fingers eventually turned as soft as the girls pussies, always being pressed into warm, wet folds of skin. They never let Marty alone. He always ended up with one of his girls either on his hands, his cock, or his face, many times all at the same time. He never refused anything they asked and they never let him go more than an hour without one of them pushing their pussies into his body, somewhere. As you finish reading this, picture five naked little pussies around a very contented man, stroked, caressed, petted, licked and fucked, over and over and over and . . . - Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated. +-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -+ | alt.sex.stories.moderated ------ send stories to: <story-submit@asstr.org>| | FAQ: <http://assm.asstr.org/faq.html> Moderators: <story-admin@asstr.org> | +-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -+ |ASSM Archive at <http://assm.asstr.org> Hosted by <http://www.asstr.org> | |Discuss this story and others in alt.sex.stories.d; look for subject {ASSD}| +-------------------------------------------------------------------------- -+

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