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Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Sex with hot Mami Posted on April 10, 2008 12:00 PM, Filed under Incest Hello friends, This is my mami who took my virginity. She is a very sexy woman. In any cloths, you can see her figure coming out from the cloths. Tight boobs, sexy ass and wonderful pussy makes me still crazy when I think about her when she took my virginity that night. It was special night for me. Me and my mami were alone that night since all the other family members has gone for attending a marriage in the other city. Since I was not well so I stayed back and mami volunteered to stay back for me for my welfare. This is it, I think she already decided to fuck me that night and here she got the chance to cash it. I had no clue about it. When everybody left it was 8pm we were having our dinner. I found her bit different and naughty. She was giving bit sexy looks and at the same time she relaxed her tight cloths. I could see her stomoch deep down and her 75% boobs coming out from her blouse. I was bit amazed and also shocked but my little brother was enjoying inside my underwear, trying to come out. It was getting bit difficult to control but also scarred what she will say. Anyhow, I said goodnight and went to bed. She also went. I slept than suddenly got up in the middle. My mami was inside with me in my quilt (razai). My little brother becoming more uncontrolable, I didn't show her that I am awake but what she was doing that time very enjoyable. She touchinging me everywhere. She started from my chest to stomoch, hand, leg and than slowly she put her hand inside my underwear. She caught my little brother by her hand and noticed it is very hard. There she knew I am not sleeping, she said, naughty boy fooling me. She directed my hand to her peticot, asked me lift it and put my hand inside her pussy which was very wet. That was my first touch of any pussy. OOOOOOOOOOOh I cannot tell you the pleasure I had. I was playing with pussy then she asked me to remove her saree, then blouse, then peticot all the cloths. I made her naked. She took my liitle brother in her mouth, wonederful time. We played almost 3 hours like that then she said fuck me, chodo mujhe pls. I was eagerly waiting for that went over her 1st in missionary position, she was making noise like anything because she knows no one around so she was very free. I fucked her ass also in doggy style. After that we fucked each other many times. She gave me many contacts, her friends, neighbours married ladies. We are still very good friends. We go out for lunch, hang around enjoying life. Now I live in london but going india very frequently specially delhi, Ludhiana and mumbai. Any ladies or girls wants to have relations, they are most welcome. I know few ladies, whom I see very regular in delhi/london. We have professional relationship, whenever we see each other, since they are very rich so they pay me everytime, whatever they pls. Though I don't want that but that makes them happy so I don't oppose them just accept their gift with love. It doesn't matter whether we had sex or not. So pls. don't think I am looking for money but for relationship. Permalink | Comments (2) Watching my sister doing lesbian stuff 2 Posted on April 8, 2008 12:00 PM, Filed under Incest Watching my sister doing lesbian stuff - Part I So read the second part.............. After having seen my bitchy sister's lesbian encounter with her best friend, I observed a constant hard on in my pants, everytime that bitch walked passed me. Initially there were not any clear ideas in my mind. I had blur thoughts. At the most I would just go and masturbate at the image of my 14 year old sister, getting totally naked infront of her best friend, spreading her legs shamelessly and letting her friend play with her pussy. I admit it very shamefully that I was more aroused at the images of my sister. Saba, her friend, who was really a sexy babe with a very tremendous growth of breasts at a tender age, was cornered in my thoughts. All what aroused me to the maximum was my sister's Nanga Jism. With the passage of some more time, I observed very clearly that my sister's breasts were becoming heavier. Partly it was because of her growth and age, and partly it was because of her boobs being played mercilessly by her friend, and who knows (by more than one friend and know knows by some boy as well. She was a bitch in heat and I could expect anything from her. As the time progressed, I noted another thing. My 14 year old sister was practically seducing our young servant boy. He was 16 by then and had full hormonal system running through his body. And my sister was taking full advantage of it. She was giving every possible signal to that boy to dare a bit and fuck her. I noticed that she used to wear skimpiest of clothes in the house and would always "Forget" to wear Dubatta when he was around. I noticed it many times that when her shirt's neckline was bit lose and deep, she would bend forward very frequently and very profoundly infront of him so that he would see each and everything of her bra-less boobs, including the hard nipples. I am sure, he was masturbating too much during those days, while thinking about fucking my underage sister. And I had no doubt that someday he was destined to fuck my sister's PHUDDI. My masturbatory sessions were continuing with images of my sister when one day when I accidently discovered that right at the time when our servant boy was due to go to my sister's room for Dusting purpose, my sister intentionally decided to change her dress. She pretended to have "FORGOTTEN" to lock the door and was absolutely and totally naked when the servant boy opened the door and was gifted by the sight of my sister's Nanga jism. It was when I thought that she was treading along a dangerous and treacherous path. She was just 14 and was willing to lose her virginity and that's too to her servant. I was her brother and being her brother I wished that she could protect her virginity for her husband. Having lesbian encounters, even if it is hundreds of times, was one thing, but having a boy to penetrate his dick in her pussy was something I could never allow. But then I had to think another thing as well. She was only 14 years old and she had already enjoyed being nude infront of someone, she had enjoyed being seen nude, she had enjoyed her breasts and nipples being sucked by someone, she had enjoyed having her pussy penetrated by fingers which didn't belong to her. She had tried to seduce her male teacher, and here she was seducing her young servant. So it was really like living in fool's paradise, to expect that she'll keep herself virgin till she gets married. Even I was not in a position to say, whether or not she would still be a virgin after a month. How could I rationally believe that she would be a virgin at the age of 22/24 years (average age of marriage in educated families). So it was evident and crystal clear that my sister would not be a virgin, rather a well-used bitch at her wedding night. In the circumstances I was thinking, if she is going to lose her virginity, why should it be some stupid guy? Why should it be our servant or tutor? Why not ME.....???? Come on folks. Don't scorn me for being such a pervert. Try to understand my point of view. I just wanted to protect the family prestige. I didn't want her to lose her virginity to someone who'll probably be "Broadcasting" the news of my sister's popped cherry to his friends. I didn't want my sister's pussy to be the Talk of Town. All I wanted, if she is going to lose her virginity, then it should be someone she can trust. And who can be such a trustworthy person other than me, her real brother. So from that day I started seducing my sister. I know, with her tender age and huge carnal desires, lust for a LUN in her CHOOT, she would come in my arms so soon and so easy. And it's what turned out to be eventually---EASY. You guys may think, why I was taking too much pain in seducing my sister, when I could easily blackmail her into having sex with me by telling her that I had come to know about her tryst with Saba. But I thought it was too cheap a path to follow. I wanted my sister's naked body in my arms and bed, forever, not for just few times. I wanted her to love whatever I was going to do to her. I wanted her to enjoy her time with me. I didn't want her to remain under a sense of fear and guilt. I wanted to enjoy the hotness of a sexy bitch. I didn't want mere body of a terrified and blackmailed girl, rather I wanted the soul of that bitch in bed. Secondly, I could use that information at some other time, in order to get both Saba and Nadia in my bed. So I decided to seduce my sister into sex. I started with some hungry looks at my sister, but only at that moments when she used to be in the MOOD. For example, just at the time when she would flaunt her body to our servant, I would give her that hungry looks right at her breasts and nipples. I knew that her pussy would be soaking wet and she would welcome every vulgar look at her body, even if it is of her real brother. Secondly I started giving her more time. We had always been very very close siblings. But to persuade, rather prepare, her to have sex with me, I needed to be extra nice and extra friendly to her. And more frequently I would bring up the topic of Girl Friend and Boy Friend. It was a heartening sign for me to observe that she was taking too much interest in such topics. Every time I came up with such a topic, I would say it repeatedly, "As you are grown up now", "as we are grown up now so we can discuss these issues" etc. These assurances had impact on her. She had started to feel like a "Grown Up" and was treating me as a friend. With each passing day, our conversations became more explicit than the previous day. I ensured her in unambiguous terms that I understand the need of young girls and boys to have friendship/relationship with opposite sex. I jokingly asked her, whether she had some boyfriend or not? She blushed and replied that she had not. I asked have you some liking for someone in your class or in the vicinity. She blushed again and refused to answer. I said, "Common dear, don't treat me as your guardian and brother. Treat me as your best friend. Nadia, I ensure you, that you can trust me in every single issue and can talk to me without any shyness." And then I asked, "OK, tell me, can I talk to you without any hesitation on every single topic? Including girl friends, boy friends and even including SEX?"........Nadia was blushing quite a much but it was clear that she was enjoying the conversation as well. Specially when I mentioned to her that we can even talk about sex, she made gestures which showed that she liked such frankness. Then taking advantage of the situation, I thought to myself that I had to bring up a topic that is bit explicit. I was 200 % sure that Nadia would not object to anything I come up with for discussion because we had always been good friends. So I asked her very frankly and casually, "Yar, have you ever measured your breasts?". My sister was awestruck. She had open mouth and looked into my eyes with a look which was not of anger. It was a look that merely said, "Oh big brother. You are tooooo naughty". Nadia, my sister, replied in a fake anger and clear smile, "Bhai, what's the problem with me that you wanna fix? Why are you asking it?". I pretended to be bit serious and said, "Coz I wanna suggest you something. I think your breasts (I was intentionally using the word BREASTS) have grown reasonably well, and you are no more a child so I think it's the time that you should start wearing a bra. More specifically at home coz your nipples become quite prominent through your shirt." And then in order to lighten up the situation I jokingly said, "I'm your brother so I'll have no problem, but our young servant boy will surely have lots of problems. Are you getting my point Nadia?" Nadia was enjoying and blushing at the same time and said, "Oh Sorry bhayya, I'll try to avoid it." I winked her jokingly and said, in a light hearted manner, "Apas ki baat hy, tumhari esi dressing lagti bohat sexy hy" (Your such dressing really looks very sexy). Then becoming bit serious, I said to her that we needed to talk about sex so that I could help her in whatever complications she had in her mind regarding sex etc. That day I asked whether she knew about the relationship of girl and boy which produces the baby. She admitted that she knew the obscure facts regarding it (I'm sure she knew it very well). I asked when did she come to know about it, she replied she was 12 years old when a classmate told the girls about the spicy things the boys and girls do in bed. I asked, whether she had seen any XXX movie, she replied in negative, but confessed that she has heard a lot about it from girls. She however told quite bravely that she had seen such stuff on internet but only to the extent of pics. It was an interesting topic again. I was too much excited. I asked about her physical response to such stuff. I asked whether she gets wet or not? Now Nadia was too much excited. She was loving the conversation with a BOY. I asked her whether she knew about fingering etc (although I knew it well that she could take 2 fingers up her PHUDDI) She feigned shyness and anger, but with a pause, admitted that she knew about it. I smiled and said, "One last question, Do you do fingering?"....There was no point of return for her. She had to admit, and that's what she did. ADMITTED that she used to do fingering. I asked how frequent did she finger fuck herself. She told that there was no particular frequency, but twice a week is normal for her. For the first time she took part in INVESTIGATION and asked me about my masturbatory sessions. I liked my sister's boldness and admitted confidently that I masturbated almost daily. She burst into laughter hearing it. She thought I was way toooo hot to handle. Then one day the topic turned to Dates. And I told her about the things which boys do on the eve of their dates with girls. And just to arouse her sexual feelings and more specifically in order to ensure her that I was her friend I said, "Nadia, you are becoming young. You too have desires as a normal young girl. I'm an open minded fellow so I would not ask you to stay away from boys but I do request that you should be careful regarding your physical relationship with those boy friends who'll come in your life. I'm not saying that you should have NO physical contact. Believe me, I'm fine even if you get totally naked with your boyfriend, but try to avoid having his male organ penetrated in you. You are well aware of masturbation so I'll encourage you guys (nadia and her boyfriend) to masturbate each other. But try to keep yourself virgin till you are married". I kept speaking, "However I also know it's very difficult to be naked with opposite sex and yet not have full sexual intercourse. So if you are in such a situation and really decide to have sex, then plz do take all precautionary measures. Use Condoms". My statement had quite an impact on Nadia, she was blushing but getting hot too. She also got the feeling that in my shape she has got a friend in whom she can trust. We kept on talking about these issues for some days, and during those days, my masturbatory sessions while thinking of my sister, increased considerably. But I also noticed that my sister's hotness had also increased considerably and she still consistently used to wear the same NIPPLE POKING dresses. It was like a Lust Triangle. I was seducing my sister, my sister was seducing the servant. Just few days into having such bold discussions with my sister, came Saturday night. On Saturday Nights, famous channeld Mnet (mnet) used to telecast erotic movies, XX movies. I was regular viewer of those movies. But it was the start of summer season. Only my room had Air Conditioner, so Nadia, who used to sleep in her own room in winter, had to shift to my room at night to sleep. Also only my room had TV in it. In ordinary circumstances, I would have felt problem watching a XX movie with my sister in the room, and more specifically because of the frustration caused by the loss of liberty to masturbate. No Young boy can live without masturbation, let alone when he has just watched a sexy XX movie. But this time around, the situation was changed. I took it as a chance to enhance my chances to seduce my sister. In order to mentally prepare my sister for that night I told her that a XX movie was to be telecasted that night, & that she could watch it with me if interested. She had become my friend, rather a sister, so she accepted very happily. When the movie started at 3:30 AM (midnight) I awoke her from her sleep and we started watching the movie. Soon the hot stuff began and we started to feel bit hot. After 15,20 minutes, I asked jokingly, "Yar are you experiencing any physical phenomenon....like getting wet?" She blushed and did not respond. I repeated the question and she said very bravely/confidently, "It's a stupid question. I'm watching an X-rated movie, and that's too for the first time in my life, how can I be NOT wet? I can ask the same sort of stupid question like ARE YOU HARD? Its stupid question coz I know you are Hard. No normal boy's DICK can be flaccid." The way my little sister spoke, it was quite evident that she was hot as hell. She had quit thinking me as a brother. She was treating me as a young boy with whom she liked talking about sex. Her confidence and intentional use of word DICK made it clear that she was seduced by me, and was then trying to return the favour to me by seducing me. All I could manage was a heartful laugh and told her that she was right. I was hard. My sister was hugging a pillow at that time. I said "PAUSE" and then asked her, "Tell me honestly, where your hand is right now? I'm sure it's not free, it is surely touching you at the special spot. Isn't it". She had grown too hot by then so she did not shy at all and shamelessly admitted that her hand was definitely pleasing herself. I asked, "Is it inside your SHALWAR or you are touching it from outside". She laughed and said, "Off course from outside coz I didn't want the splashing sound to be emitted but now that you know it, I'll put my hand inside my Shalwar." And she winked at the end. We both were hot. So I decided to take a final step and said, "Listen Nadia, we both are regular masturbators. And right now we both are watching a hot movie so we both are feeling the urge to masturbate. Why not masturbate right here while watching TV. We are friends so we should be open regarding sexuality. Atleast I have no problem playing with my DICK while you are sitting beside me. And if you finger fuck your PUSSY, it's perfectly fine and OK with me." Saying it, I put my hand inside my trouser shamelessly and started playing with my dick. Then looked at Nadia and gave her a go ahead signal. She was a bitch. It was difficult for her to control demands of her PHUDDI for longer duration of time. She was shameless as well. She threw away the pillow, and put her hand inside her SHALWAR. And we started masturbating ourselves. I was a quite masturbator but Nadia was not, or probably she was seducing me. There was very light rhythmical moaning sound emitting from her mouth, and there was splashing sound of her finger's slide against her wet PHUDDI. Both the sounds were having an effect on me. I wanted to ejaculate soon but I was also thinking about the options at hand which could benefit me in an hour or so. The movie kept on rolling. Half an hour before the end of the movie, I again spoke and said, "Nadia, enough is enough. We are friends, yet we are behaving very abnormally. I have problem masturbating while putting my hand inside my trouser. My arm is aching coz of improper posture. And I have never masturbated with hands inside trouser. I always first get naked before I masturbate. You'll have to stay in my room for many more months before winter comes and during those months we'll feel the urge to masturbate. If we do not lay the foundation for a truly frank friendship then I'm afraid we'll create problems for each other. Why can not we be so normal and frank to masturbate freely while lying nude beside each other? Lights are off and in the dim light of TV Screen, even if you get a glimpse of my hard Dick, I have no problem with it. Infact I have no problem even if the lights are switched ON. So what do you say? Can we get naked and masturbate freely?" Nadia did not reply anything, rather did something practically. but what she did really took me with a surprise. She leaned forward towards me, put her hands on either side of my hip bone, and pulled down my (elastic string) trouser in one swift motion. She did it so quickly that I was amazed and surprised at the same time. There I was, a young boy, naked from waist below, his hand holding his rock hard dick and feeling his real sister's eyes on his dick. It was dirty, it was taboo, it was pervert, yet it was so enjoyable. So Fucking hot. I paused for a moment, and then without breaking eye to eye contact with my sister, I slowly started giving strokes to my LUN. My sister had a second look at my LUN and I intentionally moved my hand to the base of my LUN, so that it becomes visible to my sweet sister with all its glory. My sister had put her hand inside her Shalwar and was breathing very heavily. Her little breasts were rising and falling with single inhaling and exhaling. It's when I took the second step. And just as my sister made me nude, I leaned forward and with a single swift motion removed her Shalwar. My goodness. I was making my REAL SISTER, my BEHEN, NANGI infront of me. And look at my bitch sister, she didn't resist even to the least. Didn't even move a limb to stop me, rather only shifted her hips in a way to afford me the ease to remove her Shalwar. I could see my sister's PHUDDI in the dim light of TV Screen. She had hair on her CHOOT, and her hand was buried inside the valley between her legs. Her legs were not parted though. I kept on looking at her PHUDDI for couple of seconds and then placed my hands on her ankles and parted her legs. It was a sign of encouragement from me that she could finger fuck her pussy in the easiest possible posture, i.e. with her legs wide spread. My bitchy sister again did not object to it and with the light movements of her hand on her PHUDDI she parted her legs to a considerable angle and started fingering with some pace now. I had regained my position and was masturbating. The movie was still going but we had completely lost interest in it. We both were masturbating silently, occasionally looking into each other eyes, but most of the time looking at each other's private parts, My sister was continuously looking at my dick and I was flaunting it intentionally to my sister, and my eyes were locked at my real sister, my sweet BEHAN's PHUDDI, and she was not doing anything to hide it to the least. Every second was worth enjoying. I don't know for how long we kept on doing it. But it was not long before our desires touched another height. I was not satisfied now, merely looking at my sister's PHUDDI, I think the same thought was in my sister's mind. We both wanted to touch each other. Having gone so far, it was just matter of minutes before we could practically into the forbidden land of INCEST. BROTHER-SISTER INCEST. I first took another initiative and, again, without speaking a single word I released my dick and held my sister's Qameez (Shirt). And then I tried to lift it up in order to have a look at her breasts. It was just a hint to her that we were no longer brother-sister, not ever friends, rather we were two bodies in heat who just wanted sex. It was a hint that I actually wanted to see my sister TOTALLY NANGI. My sister obliged me and she too pulled her hand away from her PHUDDI and removed her Qameez entirely off her body. All the barriers were broken now. As she removed her Qameez, I removed her Shalwaar entirely from her legs and my sister suddenly became totally nude, NANGI infront of her real brother. We were not speaking to each other. It was like we were two young lovers, exploring sex and youth. Then my sister did the same to me, removed my trouser completely and I removed my shirt. Even with AC switched on, the room, the atmosphere and the two bodies in the room had become too hot. Burning with passion. As soon as we became totally nude, it was my turn to take over finally. My sister regained her position to masturbate but this time I didn't regained my position to masturbate. Rather I leaned forward and without any hesitation ................. I placed my lips on my sister's right breast and started sucking it ............... .................. It was a moment of truth. My sister immediately gave a loud moan, closed her eyes, moved her left hand on the back of my head and started playing with my hair and exerted pressure of my face on her breasts, her right hand moved towards my stomach in order to hold my LUN. It was an outstanding and exceptional feeling. Just imagine guys. There was a 14 years old girl who was my REAL SISTER. A girl who was so hot even at the tender age of 14 years. That 14 years old girl was letting her brother suck her breasts, one by one, and was searching for her real brother's LUN. I kept on sucking my sister's breasts for sometime, specially teasing her nipples with my bites. Then I switched on the table lamp to lit up the room with reasonable amount of light. So that we both could now enjoy looking at each other's nudity without any bit of cover (either of cloth or of light). The light of table lamp only made the scene more enchanting and romantic. There were beads of perspiration on our foreheads/nose and we were looking at each other's sexual parts with hunger in our eyes. Then my sister smiled and moved her hands towards my LUN. Placing it on my thighs and then slowly moving it up. The moment when her fingers touched my BALLS was like an electricity went through my body. Her movement continued until she finally broke another barrier.............She had placed her hand on my Rock Hard LUN and had held my Lun in the tight grip of her hand. There it was, My REAL SISTER was holding my LUN and was giving it slow strokes. She had placed her head on my chest and was looking, with love and lust, at my LUN. Folks, you can not imagine that feeling. Not only it was the first "Foreign" hand on my LUN but also it was of my real sister's. Those who became lucky in the later part of my sister's life to have my sister's hand on their LUNs will tell how soft and smooth her hands were, and how good it felt to let her masturbate DICK. Then I said, "Nadia, I'm not going to FUCK you, but we can do every single thing else. We can enjoy each other's nudity, we can enjoy masturbating each other, You can suck my LUN and I can Lick Your PHUDDI. Do You have any objection?" She smiled and said "NO". It's when we embraced each other like two pieces of magnet suddenly joined together. We were kissing each other in a patienceless manner, we were rubbing our hands at each other's backs, we were fondling each other's private parts, we were rolling on the bed. And then in the next half hour or so, we did everything other than actual fucking. I parted my sister's legs and Licked her PHUDDI with such a passion that she could not control her moaning, I inserted my tongue inside her PHUDDI and did the IN & OUT movement. I placed my DICK in my sister's mouth and she accepted the offer without any hesitation (in the later part of my life, experiences with my GFs told me that girls are very touchy in this respect and hardly suck DICKS). We were becoming too hot and we decided to release each other finally. We positioned ourselves in 69 mode with my sister sitting on me. I mean I was lying on bed and my sister had placed her PHUDDI on my face and was having her face on my LUN. My sister was sucking my LUN in an inexperienced manner but with lot of fervent enthusiasm. Soon I was on the brink of shooting my load in my sister's mouth. I warned her and she quickly moved her face away and started jerking me vigorously. On the other side, I was licking, biting, sucking and fingering my sweet SISTER's PHUDDI. She had already cum once and it was her second time. Just as I reached my orgasm and she reached hers I inserted almost my complete tongue in my REAL SISTER's PHUDDI and started tasting the Juices. Then I reached my orgasm. With a grunt I shot loads and loads of hot sperm on my sister's hands, boobs and neck. Few drops landed back on my stomach. My sister's hands were soaking with my Semen. It's when my sister started having orgasm too, her legs shook and she lost control over her limbs. She literally sat on my face and I really liked this intensity of her orgasm. My face was buried in my sister's ASS and PHUDDI and she was cuming........... After we had cum, we laid there for sometime, totally naked and still hot. Then we went to the washroom to wash ourselves. As it was too hot so we decided to take a shower and again masturbated each other in the washroom. Even after reaching our orgasm, there was no sign of guilt in us. We were happy for what we had done and we were thinking about future prospects. Definitely there were many more good times to come soon. This way, I was sure that I had curbed my bitchy sister's desires for sometime atleast. She'll not be so frustrated to show her body to a boy, and she'll not be so frustrated to have a LUN in her PHUDDI. I know I could fuck my sister then and there, that day. But you see, I'm a true and loving brother. I could never compromise on my family's prestige. I only did all it, in order to save family prestige, because, had she done all this with any other boy, he would have told all this to his friends and soon my 14 years old sister's PHUDDI would have been the talk of town. ;);););););)...............Am I right???? Well honestly speaking, I had decided that as long as we can enjoy, without actual penetration, we should keep it only SOFTCORE sex i.e. without penetration. The same rule applies as long as she can keep her virgin without penetration. But I had told her that if someday she finally decides that she's gonna have a LUN in her PHUDDI then it should be my LUN, her real brother's LUN because CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME ;););) Rest of the stories, I leave to some other time. Kindly do comment on my story, And please read the first part too and tell me did you like these stories. Permalink | Comments (37) Fucking drunk aunty Posted on April 5, 2008 12:00 PM, Filed under Incest Hi My name is Ravi 25yrs old settled in Bangalore. I was from a lower middle class family. My father was a school teacher and my mother housewife. This story had happened when I was 18 yrs old. My parents were settled in a village 40km from Ernakulam. There were no good colleges near by our village. So I had to go to Ernakulam for my college. It was difficult for me to go all the way to college from my home everyday and also my parents didn't have enough money to admit me in the hostel. So the only option left was to stay with one of my distant relative Shobha who was living in Ernakulam. She readily agreed to this option because she was staying alone in her home, as she had not yet married although she was 33 yrs old. So my college life started out there from my Shobha auntie's house. Now about Auntie she was an average looking woman with about 160cm height and around 55kg medium complexion, short light brown hair till her shoulder, shining black eyes. Although she didn't have very big pair of tits they were very firm and they stood upright. Her ass was bigger when compared to the normal expectations. She was working in a private firm and had very good income that she didn't know how to spend, as she didn't had many relatives. So my life out there was pretty lavish. I had a room with attached bath near my auntie's in the 3-bedroom house. We became good friends in no time as she was of such friendly nature and also because we both had no one else out there to mingle with. She lived a jolly life may be because she wanted to forget all her past. (Her past was full of tragedies, which I don't want to explain now and even you wont be interested in all those sad stories.) She used to go have drinks with her friends during the parties but she never used to be really so much drunk that she looses her control. But after one late night party when she reached the house I found that she was totally drunk and she had a bottle of beer in her hands when she knocked the door. When I opened the door hearing the bell ringing I saw Shobha auntie leaning on her back on a pillar with the beer bottle in left hand and a ladies cigarette in right. On seeing me she smiled and said sorry for disturbing during the late hours. She told that she is in a great mood after the party and she wants to drink and smoke all night. I looked at her whole body. She was wearing body tight jeans and a white low neck short Kurta with 2 buttons, the top one being open. I helped her in into the drawing room and she sat on the sofa. She kept the bottle of beer on the small table and asked me to sit there to give her a company. I asked her to stop drinking for the day and go to sleep but she plainly refused to the idea. She was so drunk that she was speaking a lot. She jumped from topics to topics. I remained a mere listener not interested in her talks. But I couldn't resist myself looking at her shaped tits as she had her top button open. She in between bend for taking the beer bottle from the small table and keeping it back when I got glimpses of her cleavage. She had a white bra inside her Kurta. I was thoroughly enjoying the feast in front of me when she got up. Now I couldn't any longer peep into her Kurta, so I was naturally a bit sad. But she came near me laid down on my lap. She continued her talks in my lap looking on my face. Her head was so near my half erect dick that I was totally out of state. She held my right hand and started playing with it casually and after sometime kept it on her belly just on the top part of the jeans. Half my hands rested on her jeans and rest on her belly. I tried to pull it but couldn't reach more than her upper stomach just below her boobs when she held it again. The lower part of kurta came up with my hand and I could now see a small portion of her belly. Her navel was just below the top portion of her jeans. She had a great navel with a definite round shape and a small height. She had black mole very close to her navel, which took me by surprise. My hands were still on her upper belly and I was trying to move it as near as her boobs as possible without she noticing it. When it almost reached her boobs she got up in a flash and I really got a bit tensed. To my relief she asked me to guide her to the toilet. She was in no state of moving about alone. I held by her waist with her left hand on my shoulder and guided her towards the toilet attached to her bedroom. It had a western style lavatory in it. She stood there inside the toilet leaning against the wall and I was about to retreat closing the door when she called me. She yelled "Are you leaving me in the half way? Now how will I come out of this jeans ". I slowly moved towards her and was in a state of confusion whether she trying to show me her private parts or else are she really innocent. The smile in her face made me believe that she really is innocent and she is in no position to open her jeans by herself. Anyway I was happy that I would be able to see more of her private parts. I went near her and knelt down in front of her. I unbuttoned the jeans and pulled down the zip. She had black panty inside. She was standing with her back leaning on the wall. It was very difficult to pull down the jeans but I found it very exciting because I could slowly see more and more of her hidden parts. While removing the jeans I took great care in touching her maximum and I brushed my hands all over her thighs in an innocent manner which she didn't care of. She had smooth a bit hairy thighs with not even a small mark on it other than the black mole on her inner left thigh. Now she was standing in front of me with a white kurta and black panty on. I watched her from top to bottom. She asked me to balance her by her back and turned with her back towards me. I used both my hands to hold her by waist. Still she was moving front and back as a pendulum. She lowered her panty herself to about half her thigh. I was really shocked to see her butt in front of me and as expected there was a black mole on her butt too. I couldn't control myself and in a flash I moved my hands over her ass as if I am adjusting the hold on her waist. She asked me make her sit on the closet. I made her sit on it. Now I was there standing in front of her and the whole of her bottom was naked in front of me. I saw her pussy for the first time. It was royal site. I felt she had never trimmed or shaved her pussy, as it was very hairy. I love hairy pussy and armpits. I looked towards the pussy. Slowly her legs separated, the cunt lips opened. The first drop rushed out pushing the small skin on the top. It was a thrilling site as I am pee lover I thoroughly enjoyed the scene. I looked on each and every drop flowing out from the pussy touching the hair into the closet. Some drops remained on the hair. I was almost in a comma stage when she held my hands and asked me to give her the hose to wash her pussy. She sprayed the hose on to her pussy. All the hair got wet and as if it was feeling shame it covered the pussy. She pulled down her panty bit lower with her hands and later with her feet. It fell down to the floor. She got up and stepped out from it from supporting me. Now she looked on towards my eyes as if what to do next. My wicked mind said, "Why don't you have a bath". She said, "I am ready if you can help me in it". That was what I was waiting to hear. I made her lean against the wall opposite to the shower and I opened the shower. Water started flowing out of it onto her body when she cried out "Remove my kurta before wetting me". I had forgot to do that as I was in really hurry to see her wet. I closed the shower. She had drenched a bit. I unbuttoned the lower button and pulled up the kurta. Now she was in front of me wearing just a white bra. I didn't wait for her permission to unhook the bra. I made her in a position as if she is hugging me and I unhooked her bra and removed it and threw it the side. Now she was actually in a position that she soaked me. My T-shirt and lungi got a bit wet in the front. I had no underwear inside so my almost erect penis was poking onto her lower belly. She didn't wanted my body heat to go away when I tried to separate myself from her and look on to her face so she pulled me back and hugged me tightly and said that she is feeling very cold. I used my left hand to open the shower and both got fully soaked in it. I kept on hugging her under the shower. She still was in the drunken stage to understand my wicked desires. My hands moved all over her back from her hair to her butts. I had lost my control. I started kissing her on her neck and shoulder. I made her lean against the wall moved back and closed the shower. I had a good full view of her body. She had her eyes closed as if she is watching some dream. Water droplets fell from the tip of her pointed black round nipple. I removed my T-shirt and lungi in a flash. She had her eyes still closed. I went near her and gently kissed on her lips. She was breathing on to my face. I rearranged her hair such that I could see her face clearly. I bent down to kiss her erect nipple. I gave a small bite on her nipple for which she responded with a ssssshhhhhhhhh sound. I looked up to her eyes to see it still closed. She was enjoying it thoroughly. I took my right hand and moved it over her bush. I separated the bush to make the way the pussy. I separated the pussy lips and slowly slid in my middle finger into her pussy. She had her hands on my shoulder. She was holding it a bit harder now. I was standing sidewise kissing her on her lips and my right middle finger played with her pussy. I continued this until I felt wet juices oozing from her pussy. I bent down and licked the oozing juices. It tasted a little salty. I helped her to the bedroom and made her lay on the bed on her back. The whole body was under my control. I started kissing from her forehead down to her lips to her boobs and settled down in the pussy. Her hairy pussy and armpits excited me a lot. I played with it for sometime. I was feeling very restless down on my dick. Although I felt she was thoroughly enjoying what I am doing with her she was not in a position to give pleasure back to me. So I decided to find a way for it my self. I took and 69 position inserting my dick in her mouth and I started fucking her mouth. I did it for sometime while my tongue played with her clitoris. Now it was time for the real play...I made her position herself so that I perfectly can enter my dick into her pussy. I slowly inserted my naujavan into her pussy oozing with the precum. I started out slowly but took up the pace. She had started moaning. Her sound grew with my pace. I thrusted my dick inside her tight pussy. I was feeling like in seventh heaven. I felt that I was about to burst out myself in her when her moan grew the loudest and she held me so hard that I almost lost my pace. But soon I rediscovered my rhythm and fucked her hard inserting my dick into the maximum possible depth. It went on until I exploded my whole cum into her pussy. The cum overflowed from her pussy. She still laid naked her eyes closed her hands around me keeping me close to her body. I kissed her again on her lips and lay near her and didn't know when I slept. The next morning when she found both of us naked on her bed she was shocked a bit but not sad for what happened. From that day on she took the lead in having sex. She loved to ride on top of me. We used to try out play each other and mostly we reach our orgasms almost together. We used to have sex until recently. But after my marriage we didn't get enough time for the same. Permalink | Comments (17) Sexy fun with Rena Posted on March 24, 2008 12:00 PM, Filed under Incest Dear all, I am a fan of Human Digest. Read lot of stories and really wonder how we Indians have changed a lot. We have lot of sex and fun like the foreigners but we do not reveal the truth to the world. Well, I am from Chennai, Tamil Nadu aged 31 running my own business. The incident I am going to tell you happened when I was a bachelor, doing my degree. I did my degree through Open University system while I was working in private company. I used to go on business tour often on behalf of my company and learnt much about prostitution and men sharing their bed with girls who are for money. I am not interested in such sex because I strongly believe we will not have much fun in that. When I left the company where I was working, I took a break for two months before joining the new company. Decided to go and visit some places and spend time with my relatives. So I went to one of my Aunty's home which is in Madurai. She had two daughters. The elder one got married and settled with her husband in Trivandrum and the second one was just doing her first year degree. When I went my Aunty's home I was shocked to see the way this little girl had grown. She was gorgeous and inviting any male week in sex... I remembered all our olden days when I used to be with them often. So as the day ended up in talking and talking... I was given my room for the night to sleep. After dinner we all went to sleep a bit late around 12:30 because my Aunty and her whole family were enjoying my presence. At around 2am in the morning, I wanted to have some water so I came out and went to the kitchen. While I was passing by the bed room of my Aunty, I could hear some strange noise like... m... ah... uh... and all... Thinking my Aunty and her husband are making love, I did not bother to peep in. I walked my way to kitchen and took a bottle of water and returned. While I was coming out, I could see my Aunty and her husband sleeping on the balcony. So I was surprised how come there was a noise from the bedroom. So I was curious now and wanted to know who was making that noise... I went back again to the bedroom and gave a slight push on the door. It was just not locked so gave a way to let in. But when I peeped in, I could see only my Aunty's daughter sleeping on the bed and when I entered in looked around, couldn't see anyone else. I was a bit confused. But then did not wanted to disturb her sleep. Walked back slowly and came to my room and slept. Next day... as we were having break fast, I just joked that I could hear some strange noice around 3 am and I was scared whether there was any "Booth" or "Pisasu" aroud the house. My Aunty was laughing at and my Aunty's husband said must be "Mogini pisasu" came to take me since I was the new comer there. But I could see a strange smile on Rena's face... Well, she went to college and I went to see few of my friends and came back in the noon and had little food and went for sleep. I could see my Aunty's mummy had come back from her son's home. So now I understood she used to be here. But only for a short while she had gone to her sons place. The next night came and I was curious to know about the noise and find out what it was about. I kept alarm for about 2 am and slept. Got up by the alarm at 2 but did not get up from the bed. I was waiting for five ten minutes and then walked towards the kitchen. Waited near the balcony and to my surprise my Aunty and her husband were not there, I was just looking around and caught them lying on the floor of the adjacent room, my Aunty having no dress on her Top, the saree was lower down to her waist and her white boobs were massaged by her husband. I could sense that they just started the game, but I wanted to see the whole. I went near the Dinning Table and bent down to my Knees and folded my legs and hide myself to under the table so that I can view the entire act without any disturbance but at the same time safely. My Aunty's husband was a real fucker I should say. He was playing with her balls and licking her occasionally and started putting fingers in her hole. When he put her fingers, she was getting mad and started making huge noise and lifting her waist up and down. All the time her hand was holding his dick and rubbing. Soon they both were naked and I could see his cock was not even hard enough to enter and it was only 3/4 the size of mine. She was about to take the lund in her mouth when I saw my Aunty's daughter coming in from her room and looking here and there to find out if some one is around. She stood there near the window and watched the act along with me (she was not aware that I was there in the room) She started rubbing her boobs over her nighty and her other hand was just on her Choot. She was rubbing constantly and when the couple reached their climax... she was causious and left the place and went inside her room. I was waiting for the next step from my Aunty and her husband. Well, they were laughing and talking something... I got up slowly went to my room and after five minutes came back as though I am coming there only then. I purposely switched on the light and went to kitchen to take water. When I came back to my room I could hear my Aunty asking me... what happened? I said nothing akka, I came and had little water. She said fine and went to sleep. Now I have come to know who made the noise yesterday and what is to be done for that. So I decided and started planning it out... It is great as I told you in my earlier incident, I could understand that all that noise I could hear from the bed room of my Aunty's door was from her daughter Rena. I now am sure that Rena is watching their parents after day's affairs secretly and wanted some real damp fuck in her count. I was thinking how to initiate the game. Because by then Rena's grandmother was also there in the house. But by then I started showing some signs to Rena that I am attracted by her beauty and I know little about her fantasy so that I can prepare her to the fun. One fine morning when Rena's mother and father planned to go to their relative's home which is some 25 kms away from their place, I thought I should make use of this chance well. But they said they would be back by 7 pm in the evening. But from morning 10 till 7 in the evening is more than enough for me to have the fun. But Rena was already ready to leave for her college. I was somewhat restless. I can not ask Rena to take a leave for the day. So I was waiting for the right time, I thought to myself, today I may nay have a chance even. When all three of them left the home, I told Rena's grandma that I will return back after 2 in the noon and I would have my lunch also in hotel. So grandma said ok, and left me alone in the room. After having my bath I left home and went out. I wanted to make few calls to the new company where I would be joining after 45 days, so I searched for the number and only then I could see that I left the diary at home itself. So had to go back again to home to take the diary. I reached home and I was about to knock the door but the door was open. Normally when her grandma is alone at home, she keeps the door locked. But since the door was open, I thought may be some nearby neighbors are in there with the grandma having some chat. So I just pushed the door and went in. I couldn't see anyone in the hall and so I continued walking towards my room. When I entered my room, I could see Rena standing there just looking around the room, going inside the bath room and just standing there without any reason. I was waiting for her next action. She slowly took the "Kailee." And then took my underwear, touched it so passionately and was smelling it, then put that back in its place. I did not wanted to waste this golden opportunity. I entered the room and since she did not expect me there, she was shocked and surprised. I asked her, Hi Rena, you were supposed to be in the college now. What are you doing here? She with a shy voice said, no, I was not feeling well, so I came back from the to home halfway. I said, oh, what is wrong with your health? Asking this I held her right hand, as though I want to know whether she is having high temperature. Yes she was very hot and I could sense her heart beat raising up. I asked her what happened to you Rena? What is wrong, she said nothing but was standing silent. I told her I would call grandma for help. She said no, not needed. I then asked her, where is grandma, she told grandma is about to take her bath. I then realized, grandma does not know that I have come back because when I came home Rena was there so the door was open and as for grandma, I would be coming only after 2 noon. So I told Rena, Listen, grandma does not know that I am here in the home. I told her I would come only after 2 pm. So you can go down there and take balm and come up here. If you want you can tell her that I am going up to take rest and don't disturb me. Ok? Moreover, grandma can not climb up steps and she will not come here also. I do not know what made her obey my instructions, she was going down there as a Robo. I quickly changed my dress, got into my Kailee(made sure I wear the underwear) and with the sleeveless banyan, I was waiting for Rena to come in. I kept pin drop silence so that grandma will not hear any noise in my room. After about 15 minutes Rena came in wow you wouldn't believe, she was well prepared the act. She put on a nighty in which she looks so sexy, removed her band on hair and I am sure, she had some changes in her inner dressings also. I asked her why she tool such a long time. She said grandma will come from bath room only after half an hour and I made sure she has all the clothes on the bed so that she does not bother to call for me. Also I told grandma that I am going up to the room to lie down for sometime since I am not keeping well. She said ok and told me that I should come down by 2 pm because you (me) would be coming by then. We both smiled and I could feel the sense developed between us, though we were not passing any message. I spread the bed sheet and asked her to lie down on the bed. She was so shy and I liked to see her shy face. Because never in the past I have seen her so. I was about to take some balm on my hand when she said it is not needed and she will not like the smell. So I asked her what she wants then, she asked to give a gentle massage on her forehead and upper cheeks and near her ears. I put my hand on her forehead and she closed her eyes as I was rubbing gently I could hear a slow noise from her like ''mhmmm" at the same time, her fold on my hands were increasing its pressure and at one point she was holding my hands so firm that I could feel as though it was rock solid. I slowly put my face closer to her and gave a gentle kiss on her forehead and said, Rena, you have grown so well, beautiful and I love you so much !!! Saying this I planted my lips on her lips and to my surprise she was not leaving me and continued. And her hands reached my chest and rubbed the hair gently. I was so excited! I put my hands on her breasts and started rubbing it gently. She was getting honey and started biting my lips. I said Rena, let me just take off my banyan and took of my banyan. She hugged me so tight and said, you know how long I was waiting to lay on this sexy chest ??? You killed my sleep every night... because of you, I had to masturbate every night to get sleep. I was shocking to hear these from her mouth. I said, Rena I thought you were watching your mom and Dad's act and enjoying yourself. But you say I am the cause for this ?? She said yes, I wanted you badly since the day you came here, but situations were not favoring me so I waited. Today when pappa and mamma told that they are going out, I decided and wanted to convey to you too, but not sure about your idea. So I went in silence and came back. But my guess was correct. With these, words, we both hugged tightly each other and I was about to lift her nighty and put my hands directly on her boobs. But she went to the door and closed it inside and came near and told that she wants to see my "Chunny" I was in heaven, said you can come and see that, release my boy from his jail ! She came near and touched my underwear, when she saw the huge bulge, her eyes opened in surprise, put her hand on my waist and pulled down my underwear. My lund jumped out straight towards her face and she was amazed by its size. Even I was amazed by its size because it was more than in its usual erection. She said your chunni us bigger than dads, and started rubbing it and playing with the balls. I was feeling so good and wanted this to continue. She then asked if she can taste the pre cum that was flowing from the chunni, I said, its all yours and do whatever you want she cupped my lund with her lips and played a circle with her tongue it was a difference feeling for me I felt as though I was flying in heaven, she kept on tasting it, playing and fondling with it started giving deep throat sucking and I was getting to my climax. I told her I would explode, but she continued. Finally lots and lots of load of cum was pumping out from my lund she was looking at my face when the cum came out and was feeling happy about it. However, the few drops which came first were taken in her mouth and swallowed by her. I just sat at the bed and lied on my back flat. She then fell on my chest again and lied her head on my hairy chest and with one hand was rubbing the hair on my chest. After few minutes, I said, I would wash and come but she said, she would do that for me and came along with me to the bathroom and washed my lund and balls, She then wanted to pie she said and asked me to go out of the bath room, saying she feels shy pieing in front of me. So I came out and after few minutes she came out too.. I said, why not you take out your nighty, and took off it from her. She was not wearing anything inside. So my guess was correct. She went down and prepared herself for this great pleasure. I asked her to lay on the bed and she closed her face with shyness ! I took my mouth to her face started kissing all over her face, slowly came down to her breast and kissed on her nipple. When my mouth met her nipple, she held it still and I started sucking those beautiful breasts. The more I sucked, the more she was getting aroused. I then put my hand on one of her breasts and came down to her navel, kissed it and licked it with my tongue. She was getting mad. I was coming down to her marvelous choot while all the time I was kissing her and playing with her breasts with my hands. I could see few hairs on the choot and she was wet and was soaking the bed sheet. When I kissed her "Pundai" she said a loud noise "Ama haaa" I continued my way with my tongue and started inserting my tongue in and out, at the same time tried to put one finger inside along with my tongue to give her maximum pleasure. She was lifting her waist up and down and making so much noise that I was little scared if grandma could hear the noise, things would go bad. But continued my way and all of a sudden her body was shaking vigorously and lot of white gum like fluid was coming out from her. I knew she has reached her climax and did not continue then. She closed her eyes and was lying there without any move! I lied along side and put my hands on her and slept for few minutes only. All of a sudden I could hear noise from down there, grandma asking Rena, her choice for the noon. Rena without going out from the room, but just opened the door halfway said, she will take only "Kanchi" with Rasam. And returned back to our bed. While she was coming back, I admired the beauty of her body and the structure she had ! But she was honey still and wanted my manhood in her hole. I knew that she wouldn't be satisfied until I put my 8 inch lund in her. Permalink | Comments (1) Nice sexperience with aunt Posted on March 11, 2008 12:00 PM, Filed under Incest Hai! My Name is manesh I had a nice experience, with one of my Aunt I still remember that nice experience. It was happends in when I was studying in UG. Once My aunt(uncle wife) visit our house with her kids for vacation. she was in the age of early 30s, a typical south indian fatty lady, with very big booms and tits (38-34-38).. On first day night everybody sleeping, iam studing for my semester exam on terrous. After finish my reading and iam plan to go to sleep. At that time I am looking for space, there was free space next to my aunt only.she was very deep sleep, at that time iam noticed that she was forgotten to close her left boom after feed her child. Then I got tempted.Then I going to sleep next to her. Now she was sleeping facing me to her big back tit. First I slowly touch her body with one finger. she was not responding, then I got courage that to move my palm to her bare hip, wich is so smooth, I move my hand up to her soft belly, still she was in deep sleep and no respond. I am lucky,after some time she turn to facing her face to me. This time I am clearly visible of her half left boom, then I slowly touch her bare boom with one finger, still she in deep sleep, then I got courage to touch her full boom with my palm and press slightly, and slowly I turn my face to close to boom, and kept my full face between that 2boom and I feel that heat and smell for some time, then slowly I pull her bra to see another boom. Now I am seeing fully 2 boom clearly, and kept my mouth one boom and suck, mean time my hand squeese the other boom gently, after five minutes my pennis was leaked, then slowly go to teerous and sleep there itself. But next day she wear nighty and also inside nighty wear blouse also, I think she got some doubt, because of her bra opened, after that they go to their native place. After 3 years same aunt with her kids visited one rainy night with wet dresses, to attended one function, and my parents are out of station for attendin another function, but this time I am plan to sex with her. Unexpectedly she lost her luggages while come to here, so she was no other dress to change, Then she ask me to purchse new for her. Then I told that already it is already late night, right now there is no shop open. so she wear my mothers dresses, the blouse was very loose fitting for her, but she managed to cover with saree. This time she was more cousious with me. After finish dinner I had served milk(mix some sleepin tab) to everybody, She wants the seperate room to sleep, and allote the room to her, then she go sleep with her kids after lock with key, after 1 hour I have slowly open the door with another key. And I was shock to see, she was sleeping with blouse and skirt and close her chest portion with the small towel., the I slowly move near to with out making noise. First I check to slight slap to her chick, she was deep sleep, becouse of her journey and sleeping tablet. then I got courage, firsty I have remove that towel, now I am seen her two big booms with clevage, slowly put my hand to her boom and press it, wich is very smooth, then I slowly kept my hand between the boomsb by moving my hand to inner side of the blouse, and feel the heat some time, and I slowly unhook her blouse very easly, because it is very loose fitting to her. Now I can clearly seen that big booms barely, I suck one boom and massaged it anohter one. After some time, I have scroll her skirt up to waist. I was shocked to see, she was with out panty and her bussy was very big and big ass also, I kept my mouth some time to her bussy and smell it for some time, and massage it for some time, then I have adjusted her leg to easy work for me, then I have slowly down me to her body, and wait for some time, for her respond, there is no reaction from her, and I have lie down between her two leg, and I entered my pennis, slowly to her bussy, which is going very smoothly, like knife in to the butter, since her bussy and ass was so big, my full pennis hidden her, them I slowly make ride to her, mean while my mouth was sucking one of her boom and one of my hand massage other one, after 20 mts riding I got full ejection and pass my sperm Then I woke up from her, and adjust her dresses as same position when I came before, then lock that room with the key, and I am going to sleep. Next morning she was no doubt at all so my plan worked. Permalink | Comments (10) Best sexperience with gorgeous aunty Posted on March 5, 2008 12:00 PM, Filed under Incest Hi All, its been wonderful reading the exciting personal experiences of so many people. I am kind of shy person generally reluctant to share my personal experiences with others. But this is a wonderful platform and I couldn't control sharing my first and best experience. It was in my 10th class at the age of 15, when I first masturbated. Since then it happened many times. I have a great passion for aunties. Beautiful aunts in saries used to be my dream 'girls'. But I never dared to take a chance with any lady until I met with Radhika aunty. Radhika aunty, oh God my dick is getting hotter pronouncing her name. She is my diva. I first met her in one of my cousin's marriage. I was doing my 3yr engineering then. I was very known in my family circle. I used to enjoy the full limelight during those days. I was just about 21 years, 5.10'' height, fair complexion and medium built with athlet body. I used to get many complements from my relatives about my good looking figure. :) seriously, I think that was the age when you feel like a hero. When I was first introduced to Radhika aunt, it was a wonderful day for me. She is a stunning beauty about 32yrs old, 5.5" height, very fair complexion and in good shape. I don't know the sizes, but as far as I know she is perfectly carved to kill the men with her beauty. She wore a red sari on that day and I stole couple of glimpses of her milky white stomoach exposed in between the sari and jacket. She has one kid and he is around 5yrs old. For some reason she spoke to me for a long time during our first interaction itself and we shared some lighter moments and jokes. She told me that she likes the ones who do well in studies and she asked me to visit their home in Vijayawada (a town in coastal andhrapradesh) when ever I pass on that place. As the place where I did my graduation is nearer to that place, I told her that I will surely come to their home. Uncle also asked me to visit their home. During the evening time they left from the marriage. I didn't feel like staying in the marriage. I immediately went to toilet and masturbated. Oh...! That was a real fun masturbating imagining the aunt whom I have just seen and adored for a moment. I had all the day dreams of fucking her wildly in different angles. I thought of going to college immediately the next day. But as I had some other commitments to go to Hyderabad it was not happened for 20 days. Then after 20days I started to return to college. All my thoughts are on the aunt. Luckily uncle made a call to my dad and during the conversation uncle insisted me to come their home. I was in cloud 9. I went to their home. Uncle work in a private bank. He leaves to office early in the morning and comes back during the night. Initially the plan was to visit their home stay there for some hours. But because of their insisting, some bandh and other issues I stayed there for 3 days and I could notice theirs was a routine family life. Uncle was always busy in planning for so many businesses. Initially I didn't dare to talk to her anything more than few lighter things and jokes. First time I realized practicals are tougher than the theory and imagination. But seeing her so closely I couldn't control myself. I stole some glances of her round boobs through the low neck jacket. I tried to use all my mathematical skills to measure her sizes. I was not in a position to control the excitement of my dick. I wore a sporty night pant. Though the underwear was in the erection was clearly visible. I doubt she noticed it couple of times. All through the day I was very much close to her. Many a times I used to sweat when I speak to her. She asked me couple of times why I am not so ease. I gave some lame excuses. She gave me many naughty smiles. I had experienced the little touch from her in the name of helping her at the work. It was so wonderful feeling to describe. But I noticed one thing. She is very horney and I thought I could melt her easily if I am tactical enough. I would be going to college on the third day morning. On the evening time around 6 pm uncle suddenly called from the office and told aunt that he is going to Hyderabad on some work. He told that he will be back in 2 days. He asked me for an excuse as he is giving me trouble. I told that's okay. But inside I was feeling very lucky. My sixth sense hinted me that it's the end of my virginity. Night at 10pm me, aunt and uncle and their kid went to bus stand in the car and drove back at around 10.30pm. By the time we were coming back the kid got in to sleep. I was driving the car, aunt sat next to me. We were talking about Murari movie, the latest telugu release. Aunt was a big fan of that hero. Suddenly aunt asked me who is my favourite heroine. I told her that nobody and laughed away. But aunt insisted me saying in this age you should be having a dream girl. Though there are some heroines I really like, I didn't say anything. Now the exposing from her is clearly visible. I saw her stomach area many a times and in between I told her she is looking really nice. She gave me the same naughty smile again. That was a bomb on me. Then she asked me if I loved anybody. I told I didn't. She told she wish to be in my age so that she could enjoy the college life. She told the college life is the most beautiful life in ones life. I again repeated that she looks more beautiful than many girls in my college. I slowly started advancing step after step. I don't know where from I got that courage I told her that had she been my classmate I would have fallen in love with her and immediately I told her that I was joking. She stared at me for some time and then told, she might have accepted my proposal and laughed aloud. She told me that I look very smart that any girl would like to be with me. This gave me real confidence. I understood that we are getting closer. I didn't want to lose the momentum. Things went like that and we reached home by around 11pm. She told me that she is getting sleep and went on to her bedroom. Suddenly all my dreams were shattered. I thought she will be spending some more time talking to me. I was really enjoying the talk. More than I used to enjoy during the masturbation. Theirs is a 2 bedroom beautiful home. Really aunt has a beautifu taste. I sat in the hall watching TV. After 10mins I went in to my bed room to changed the dress. I found a book there. I took it in to my hands and it was with 'Khajarahoo' sculptures. There are somany KHAJARAHOO sculptures on that book and I think all the angles in sex are covered in those sculptures. For a moment I appreciated the aesthetic taste of our ancestors, took the book with me and went to hall. I was watching the TV and looking in to the book to do a research on various angles I never known. Suddenly after 30 mins aunt came out saying she is not getting sleep. Seeing her I tried to hide the book under the sofa. She noticed that and asked me what it is. I told its nothing. She came and sat next to me and took the book forcefully from my hand and stared at me for a quick while. I could remember the sexi smile on her face at the end. She was in her blue nighty. Losen her hair and looking damn good. She told me that her husband got that book and asked me how did I lik the book. She was looking very natural. I frightened to open my mouth and found it was already dried. Finally I managed to told that I didn't see it fully. She gave the book to me and kept her hand on my left thigh. I felt the 1000wt shock passing in my body. I could smell the perfume on her body and could hear my heart thumping away. She is giving me a regular touch with her fingers on my left thigh. The touch of her fingers and the fragrance of the perfume were really turning me on. It was amazing how a touch can arouse you and the fragrance of perfume kick you on. The nightly was of a different kind I have ever seen her wearing. It was nicely exposing her beauty and curvy shapes. It has got very low neck with a designed out lining. She started talking on some or the other issues but my concentration was all on her round boobs. She noticed it couple of times but never bothered. In fact the finger touch moved towards my dick. Almost touching mine. My God, I am blowing out. Slowly I took her hand in to my hand and smoothly touching her. My hands were trembling and my palms are sweating. She moved close to me and told in my ears that I am looking very attractive. I looked at her face and she gave me a smile. She asked me what am I doing with her hand. I told nothing. She then took my hand. Now both her hands on my thighs with my hand. She started rubbing my palms. She told that my palms are very smooth unlike they used be with gents. I smiled. I suddenly asked her that I am getting sleep and I want her to spend some more time talking to me. She agreed and gave me enough room to lay down on her thighs. She pulled me slowly on her. I could feel the touch of her boobs. She is often bending nearer to me to give me that touch. I closed my eyes and enjoying that feeling. Now I turned around so that my face could touch her stomach. Hugged her tightly. No resistance from her. She was touching my shoulders and pulling me closer to her. I was not in a position to miss that thrill. It was first time in my life. After some time I told her that I am not comfortable on that sofa and to we will go in to my room. She agreed and told that she could only spend time until I go to sleep. I tried to smile and look at her. I don't know what feeling were on my face. She made a move towards my room and I just followed her. She was trying to switch on the fan. Suddenly I hugged her from back. All my body touched her body so closely. A sudden jerk came from her and asked me what am I doing. But the smile was there on her face still. I told her that I feel very close to her. I was not able to control my feelings and took her hand to my dick. It was already heated up ejecting the fluid to control the heat. She immediately hugged me and kissed me on my lips. I hugged her and tightened my arms around her back, that made her boobs push on to my chest. My cock got hard in a second. I hugged her and bent my neck to have my lips touching her neck. I kissed her very mildly on the curve of her neck and hugged her tight. She liked it and responded back giving more room to go down and kiss her on her boobs. I told her 'Radhika Aunty I Love you'. That worked like a mantra. She responded saying she cant miss the night wasting with words. I observed she was also breathing hard as me and she also started moving her hands on my back. I moved my face all over hers kissing her neck, her lower neck, cheeks and forehead. I moved onto the other cheek, took the soft cheek into my mouth and sucked it. I loved sucking her lower lip. I know its like a red apple. We had a lip to lip kiss for almost 5 minutes. I tasted her salaiva and even she responded with the same. She bit me on my chest, shoulder, and back. She took my fingers in her mouth and smoothly sucked them. The touchy feeling of her toungue was so happy. I removed her nighty by now. She has nothing on her body now. Completely nude. I could see her body in the dim light. By now she removed my T-Shirt and the pant. I am on my underwear. She touched my dick softly and tasted the liquid on the underwear. She is giving all the beautiful expressions on her face. She is tempting me. She is a master. I asked her to lay down on the bed and started sucking her whole body. I started kissing her from fore head, kissed her nose. I took her head in to my hands and slowly moving all around the face kissing on the ears, cheeks, lips, chin, neck and then slowly moved on to the two round balls. They are very beautiful. She told me to hold her tits. I was trembling since I have never had an experience like this before. I slid my hands down her shoulders and cupped her breasts in my hands. I was amazed to see how erect her nipples were and the wonderful feeling it was to have another woman's private parts in my hands. It appeared she was enjoying this fully. My hands are doing magic on her body. I have started applying all my theoretical porn knowledge on my diva. I was enjoying her getting excited to my movements. She took my dick in to her hands and told 'an young dick..!' and smiled. I cant forget the look on her face when she saw it. She held it with her hand and began stroking it slowly up and down. I smiled back. She asked me to lay down on her with my dick on her face and my face on her pussy. I did as she guided me. I think she has just washed her pussy. For a moment I thought She got ready with a perfect plan. The hero arose in me. I kissed her stomach, abdomen and went down to her pussy. Started with slow kissing I almost ate her pussy. I touched her thighs. Mean while she is fully busy in giving all the pleasure I want by sucking my dick in and out. She is sucking it like a little kid sucking the ice fruit. She took my balls in to her mounth and I got a feeling she almost ate it. Completely in to her mounth. She is a wild sucker. I don't want to give any less pleasure. So I took my center fingure in to her cunt and started giving her smooth strokes. The real fun started now. For evey move of my fingure she was almost jumping on from the bed. She was sucking my dick yelling out 'Subbu I Love you.... I love you rascal. You are taking me to the heaven. How sweet are you... I want to be your girl friend come on fuck me ra....!!' Oh she is on top of the excitement. Many times I asked her not to shout. She told she cant control. I removed my fingure and started to lick with my toungue, she was in heaven and screaming, I just spreaded her legs and kept my mouth on her pussy lips and put the toungue inside of her pussy, it was so wet and she was just stroking me on my buttoks. She is just moaning loud. I can hear her screaming sound loudly... subbu... please ... come on ra... I cant miss u naanna....I will die with this happiness... please hold on.. I am tired,, I cant control like this, I did not listern her, I just bited her clit and put my 2 fingers in to her pussy and shaked all over insider, she was like jumping on the bed. I now turned towards her kissed her tightly. I hugged her tightly. She took my dick in to her hand and guided it to her cunt. I have put my Big Penis to hear pusssy, and Fucked her very well. Initially we were in X shape. Then turned up and down. During the strokes I sucked her boobs. I asked to turn to one side. I stood on my kneels and started giving her strokes. This time she is almost crying. She told me she never had this mcuh of fun. Finally I asked her to lay down facing her boobs to the bed and me still inserted in to her pussy, giving her strokes from the top. I gave the hard strokes. I don't want to loose out soon. I was giving the strokes with little gap in time in between. Finally when I was almost out I took my dick out and ejected the lawa on her back and she immeidiately turned around and brought her face exactly opposite to my dick. My little rascal with all proud ejected his sweat on his heroine. Her face was fully wet and my cum was droping out from her face...She ate the semen and took my dick in to her hand and kissed it. I laid on her for 15 mins and slept for some time. I had a wonderful 15mins of sleep and then she woke up kissed me all over and took me to the toilet and cleaned my dick. We had a shower bath and she sucked me dick again there. I too sucked her boobs. We finished our bath after 10-15 mins of mastin in the bathroom. We came out shared a long kiss for minutes... None of us wanted to leave the others...but we know we are going to have the same fun on the next day.... And we actually had couple of times and the next day. I can never forget those wonderful days in my life. Permalink | Comments (23) Pumping darling aunty Posted on March 3, 2008 12:00 PM, Filed under Incest Hi all readers of HumanDigest, I am Suresh from Bangalore. I am 24, 6'1" tall, good looking and weighs 78Kg. I have been a regular visitor of this site for a long time. Now I am working in an MNC in Bangalore and going to tell the real story from my life. All this happened some 6 years ago, when I was enjoying my annual school vacation in my Mom's home in a small village near Kottayam. It's a beautiful place with rubber plantations and the river Meenachil nearby. In the home, there was my grandmother, uncle's (mom's brother) wife Renuka, and their two children. The elder was a girl and just one year younger to me. The younger boy was about 10 at that time. Uncle was working at Cochin, comes home on every Saturday evening and goes back on Monday morning. Then, let's come to the story. My aunt was a beautiful woman of the age of around 36 then with a height of around 5'8" and was having an average body. She was fair with a milky complexion. She normally wears saari at home and is very careless about her dressing. The house is in the middle of the plantation and the nearest neighbor house is at around 100m apart and normally, no people from outside comes there. I think, because of this fact she was very careless about her dressing. So whenever she does any household work like washing clothes or collecting rubber latex, she will tuck her saree to her pettikkot knot. This will expose her milky smooth legs up to her lower thighs. And she will just put the pallu of her saree above her blouse, exposing almost full of her cleavage. As I started masturbating in the very previous year only, these all were a delicious sight for my eyes. Naturally, she became the heroine of my fantasies. This all continued for a few days and I was very eager to watch her fully nude and enjoy her. She was very friendly with me. We used to chat a lot, cracking jokes, gossiping about all our relatives and so on. She used to tease me saying that I did not have a girl friend even though I was looking smart. Then I would reply that `you can become my girlfriend' and we laugh together. I could not go any further, as the children and grandma were there all the time. One Sunday evening all were watching a Malayalam hit movie in TV with great delight. Uncle was not there, as he went to visit his friend nearby. Then I noticed that my aunt is applying oil on her hair, as she was preparing to take a bath and went to the bathroom, which is behind the house. After sometime, I also vanished from the drawing room. As it was the last half hour of the film, nobody noticed me. Without making any noise, I just came to the backyard. I noticed the light in the bathroom and then heard the sound of water pouring down. I went to the backside of the bathroom, as there were some banana plants and it was full of dark there. I just peeped through the gap of the ventilator. Ohhh.....!!! What a sight it was....!!!! My aunty was applying soap all over her body. She was fully nude with her beautiful mulakal and her hairy pussy was fully exposed. I caught by breath...she might be some 32-28-34 then. I started stroking my dick. It was at its full 7" length and ready to explode. She put her right fore finger in her hairy pussy, applied soap all over there. That time she left out a soft moan...HHMMUMM...this increased my stroking speed. Then she applied soap over her mulakal, on her cute round shaped navel, on the belly and on the milky thighs..... In another 3-4 minutes she completed her bath and dried herself with the towel. After that, she put on a lacy black bra and a lacy blue panty. She looked very sexy in that dress, and at the same moment I ejaculated a big amount of semen. The ejaculation process continued for about 20-25 seconds and I felt very exhausted after that. I left there and placed myself on my old seat in the drawing room, without making any noise. Nobody noticed it too, as they all were dissolved in the movie. After this incident, I became too mad to enjoy my beautiful aunt. But I did not get even a slight chance and I had to leave for my home as the vacation classes for 10th STD was going to start. One more year passed without anymore advancements. All these time, my aunt was my heroine in all my fantasies and I masturbated everyday thinking of her. I completed my exams; all my teachers and parents were expecting a distinction for me, so did me too. Again I went to my mom's home to celebrate the vacation, but with all my text books which would be used by my cousin sister Anu, who was going to 10th STD then. All were happy to receive me as I was coming there after one year. I noticed that my aunt became a little more plumb, which made her look too sexy. My cousin was too happy to receive all my books and aunty insisted me to stay there one month to help her in Maths and English, as she was weak in those subjects. I said ok and started teaching her on every evening as she was having vacation class and tuition on day times. Days were passing like this. Then one fine day came to strike my luck. My cousin brother went to his uncle's home on the previous day for a 2-3 day visit. In the early morning, grandma went to meet her sister, who was residing in the nearby village. By 8:30, Anu also started for her classes. Now, only I and my aunty were there in the house. By 9:30, she started collecting latex and I also went to help her. As usual, she tucked her saree in the petticoat knot with exposing her thighs. I could not take my eyes from her milky thighs and once she caught my glance too. She smiled and asked, "Suresh, where you are looking...?" I really got blushed, but I managed to reply: "Aunty...., you....you..are looking so beautiful." She again smiled and said: "It's Ok.., but, why you are looking on my legs..? You are a naughty boy." For that I just smiled and said nothing. She again laughed and continued the work. After all her household work, she went to take bath. By all these time, I was thinking how to approach her. I did know that it was a rare chance and we would be alone there till evening. But I could not understand her mind, although she behaves very freely with me. Aunty came back with wearing a rose colored night gown. She looked very sexy in that dress. Then she told me to take bath, as it may rain in the afternoon. When I came back after bath, I was shocked to see that sight. Aunty was sitting on the marble steps, preparing some vegetables for the lunch. The front portion of her gown had gone up to her knees, and as I was coming upwards (the bathroom situates in a lower area than the court yard) to the court yard, I could get a clear view of her thighs up to the pubic area. She was not wearing a panty. I enjoyed this marvelous seen for a few seconds, and then called aunty with placing my right forefinger on my nose and with a naughty smile on face. She asked "what, what are you doing...??". She did not get what I was mentioning. I just pointed my forefinger towards her front are. Then only she noticed that her gown had come up and the front portion was open. She got very shy and blushed. I told " Njan ellam kandu, humm..." and went inside to change the dress. When I came back, aunty had gone to kitchen. I also went there. Aunty felt very shy to look at my face. I told her " Njan auntiyude ellam kandu ketto.... Nalla bhangi undu...". She was very stunned and blushed after hearing this and replied. "athu....njan sraddichilla.... Sshe.. Nee ithu aarodum parayaruthu....keto..". " Umm, nokkatte...". "Daa, please..... Aarodum parayaruthu.... Enikku valiya nanakkedakum...." "Sari..sari.., njanayittu auntikku nanakkedonnum undakkunnilla...pore.." "Ok..athumathi..." We took the lunch. It started raining in the afternoon. My grandmother called from her sister's home that she was coming on the next day only. I again felt happy that I will get aunty alone till that evening and on next day morning. It was heavy rain with lightning. Me and aunty were sitting in the drawing room and chatting. Then came a loud lightning, I jumped off the sofa, sat very close to aunty. Aunty laughed loudly and started to tease me saying "Ayye, nee ithra valiya aalayittum oru pedithondan anallo.." I replied "Aunty ithra valiya aalayittum sarikku dress cheyyaan ariyillallo.... Njaan innu ellam kandathalle....he..he.." She again got blushed and said " Eda, ninakku vere onnum parayanille...avan kandu polum... nee enthonna kandathu...??" "It was full of black hairs.... And you were not wearing any panties too ...why aunty.....?? She again got blushed and said nothing for a few seconds. Then she asked " Is this the first time you are seeing the private parts of a lady..???" I got interested in the topic and said "Yes aunty, yes..". She said nothing for that. Silence fallen in between us. I thought it was the right time to approach her and I am not at all going to get a chance like this. I called her "Aunty...". "Umm.." "Aunty...that...." "What suresh, what you want...?" "Aunty, can you show me that once again....??" She felt very upset of this and hesitated "what, what you are asking suresh....? Don't tell such dirty things." "Please aunty, just for once." She got angry and went to her room. I ran behind her, hugged her from back and begged again "please aunty, please....only once more...pleassseee...." She did not respond for a few seconds. By that time I slowly kissed on her back neck. I still don't know, from where I got that much courage.She got thrilled but suddenly came out of my hands. She asked " do you want to see me fully...??" I drank my saliva and said"Yes..yes.." She slowly kissed on my forehead, and then hugged me tightly. I became happy as I reached heaven. I too hugged her, kissed on her cheeks, eyes, nose and on her lips. We took each other's lips in mouth and fought with tongs. I felt her saliva very tasty. I was mad to enjoy her and started kissing all over her face. Then she stopped me and said: "Don't be in a hurry my cute boy... I will teach you every thing...". She took off my T-shirt and told me to take her gown off. I was too delighted to do that, and removed her cloth. Now she was in her black bra and brown petticoat only. I started pressing her boobs with the bra on. She again stopped me and told me to remove the bra also. When I took away the bra, her boobs jumped out of the bra cups. They were marvelous with a round, slightly hanging shape. Their areolas were light brown in color and nipples with light pink color. Her belly was little sagging with a round - deep navel. I started cupping her boobs and then made aunty lie on the bed. I kissed on her right mula and then started to suck it. I circled her nipple with my tongue and I could feel that it was getting hard. Mean time my left hand was pressing and massaging her left mula. She closed her eyes in pleasure and started to make light sounds like "mumm....hmm..mummuu...." and it was raining heavily outside. After 2-3 minutes of sucking and pressing both boobs, I kissed her again on the lips. We had a sweet - long smooch again. Then I smelled and kissed her arm pits. It was nice and I enjoyed it well. Further, I moved down to her belly area to explore her navel. I put my tongue in her navel, circled it and tried to suck it. " Ohh...mumm...Ahh...ohhoo..." She lifted her waist from bed in pleasure. I again did it and she was enjoying very much of this. Then I opened her petticoat knot and removed it through her knees. She was not wearing a panty and was too shy to show her pussy area and covered it with her hands. I forcibly removed them and she closed her eyes in shy. Her milky thighs were good in shape and the pussy area was full of black hair. I ran my right hand through her inner thighs, she jiggled her body in pleasure and finally I started to explore her black forest. I inserted my right middle finger to her pussy, enjoyed the warm and hotness of her inner walls and then took it outside. I had done all these as I had seen in porn movies. Then I kept her hairs to both sides, tried to kiss her pussy opening. She hesitated it saying " No suresh... don't do it.... Its not good..." "But I like it aunty.... You are so sweet..." I again forcibly kissed on her pussy.... She tried to tilt her body, but I kissed on her pussy lips. Although a few of her hairs gone inside my mouth, I did not stop. I again kissed on her clitoris, opened her lips with both hands and tried to insert my tongue inside. Aunty was on top of heaven and making different sounds... " Ahhaa....Ohhhooo....Hmmm...mummmm....Aaahoo....". I understood that it was the first time she was enjoying this much. I did not stop. I could feel that her warmth and lubrication were getting increased. Still she was making loud sounds. Luckily it was heavy rain lashing outside and nobody could hear it. After 3-4 minutes of pussy eating, aunty started to jump from the bed and making strange noises. "Ahhaa...aahoo...hooommmuuummm...aaawoowoo...Mmmm...ummm.". I was still penetrating my tongue to her depth and she pressed my head towards her pussy. Then I noticed that some fluids are coming out of her hole, and it tasted little salty. I did not like that and stopped sucking. Aunty had her climax once, now settled down with her eyes closed. I again kissed her on her cheeks and lips and she gave me a vigorous smooch. Then she removed my lungi and then my jockey. My tool was fully erected with his 7" length and 3" circumference (later we measured it after one of our vigorous love making session..hmm..). She got hold of it and was too happy to say that "Suresh, this is beautiful my dear.... It is thicker than your uncle's.... More over, he is not touching me at all...." From this I understood that she was also longing for sex for a long time. She started to stroke my tool. Already pre-cum was oozing out of it. She had shown no hesitation to kiss on top of it and took the cock inside her mouth also. But I did not allow her to come inside her mouth as I want to fill her pussy with my juice. I withdrawn it and separated her legs. She understood what I was going to do and smiled at me. She caught my dick and guided to her entrance and said "You press slowly.... Then start with small strokes... increase the speed when I tell you..." We both felt it little difficult and painful to enter inside as she was not having sex for a long time. But I managed to do so and felt it as I was in heaven. Her pussy was hot and tight. I remained in that position for 2-3 seconds to experience her warmth. Then I started to stroke slowly. It was really enjoying.... I continued this for about 2-3 minutes, and then aunty told me to increase the speed and started to stroke her heavily. Some times my cock was coming out of her pussy; aunty adjusted herself and told me that it was because I was doing it for the first time. I was kissing her lips and massaging her boobs in meantime and she was also massaging my hair and back. After some more time she also became fast and started to reciprocate for my strokes from below. She was lifting her hip from the bed and started to make rhythmic sounds like "Ahha...ahha....ohoo...ohooo...mumm...hummm.....ahaa...ohhoo..." I understood that she was enjoying my actions and felt proud of myself. I further increased my speed. Her sounds were going high pitch. I also understood that I was reaching the climax.... I sucked her right boob again, bit lightly on her nipple, aunty jumped of ecstasy and I said "Aunty..., its here..... I am going to come.... I will explode now.... I am coming...." "Me too coming my sweet boy..., come inside me.... Fill my pussy with your juice...." The very next moment I started exploding. It was not like masturbation.... Semen was coming out as a water jet.... It was pumping out for 20-25 seconds.... Her pussy was filled with my juices. I was so tired and collapsed on her chest.... She was lightly stroking my back and massaging my hairs...and said"I love you darling... I liked it very much...." I started to kiss on her forehead and her eyes.... I again gave her a smooch kiss.... And caressed her ear lobes with my tongue... Then suddenly she hugged me tightly and my dick could feel the hot fluid flowing out of her pussy... Yes, she was reaching her second orgasm in her life.... I kept caressing her for some more time. She was also kissing my face and lips. We remained in that position for about 2-3 minutes. Then we parted....Still it was raining outside. Her inner thighs, my dick and the bed were spilled with our love juices.... Aunty told me; "Suresh, this is the first time I am enjoying this much in my life. I cannot believe that you don't have previous experience with women. I like you so much my sweet boy..." We again shared a French kiss and she was playing with my dick. I pressed her boobs and massaged them. We separated after some time as it was evening and Anu would come at any time. She changed the bed sheet with a new one and we together took a quick shower. I was watching TV and aunty was in kitchen when Anu was coming home. I enjoyed aunty next day morning also, while I shaved her pussy and armpits, we had 69 and all. That I well tell you in next chapter. Okay... I hope you all people have enjoyed my first encounter with my aunty. Permalink | Comments (12) Pumping my dream woman Shweta aunty Posted on February 28, 2008 12:00 PM, Filed under Incest Before advancing with my story let me give u the picture of my dream woman, SHWETA, my aunt in-law. She was around 35, about 5 yrs elder to me. 5'5" inches tall with average body structure. She has got a semi-dark complexion with rosy full lips below her sharp nose. Her hair touches her hips every time she lets them go loose. A perfect 34-32-36 figure. And every time I have been close to her body, the aroma of it has always helped to arouse my wildest senses. This is my Shweta and now let me share with u wonderful people the most exciting afternoon of my life. It was a Saturday afternoon. My family members have all left for my in-law's house to attend a function, which was around 50 kms drive from my place. Since I had some important works at my office so I could not go. It was decided that I would complete my work and join them later. Luckily my work got over a bit early and I got the chance to come back quickly than my schedule. I thought of utilizing this time. So before going for my bath I thought of doing some physical work-outs. Also just 2-3 days before I had bought one XXX DVD which I did not get the time to check. So I turned it on along with a slow music and started my physical exercises. I was concentrating more on my physical work-outs so I was not getting that much excited. But still I was feeling that pinch down, under. Then there was this noise of my door-bell. I opened the door and ooohh...laaa... SHWETA was standing in front of me. I got so excited seeing her that I almost forgot everything. While exchanging words I got to know that she too had to delay her trip to my in-law's house for some urgent office works. Her husband and 5 yrs old son has already left for there. From my wife she has come to know that I would be going late and that's the reason for her sudden visit. During our conversation my eyes were continuously surveying her body from top to bottom. She was as usual very formally dressed and her hairs were locked. She had the minimum of make-up on her face. She was carrying an air-bag with her and we both were standing. Then I realized that her eyes were also grazing all around my bare chest and on the slight rising downside that has caused due to the semi-hard erection of my dick. Thanks to my tight sports under-wear. I then came to my consciousness and felt very embarrassed for making her stand so long and to present myself in such a manner. I conveyed it to her and told to make her comfortable, as no one is around and I am very poor in hospitality. She asked me what was I doing as I am sweating so badly. Hearing my answer she burst out into laughter. "How many more women do you want to kill?" she asked me in a wrapped voice. "Come on let me wipe your sweat". She took the hand towel and followed me to my bedroom. I had completely forgotten about the movie by then. So when she too entered the room with me I was in a total shameful state. I hurried to switch off the T.V. and then the player, and in doing so the towel unwrapped itself. Nothing could be more shameful for me and also for her I thought in my mind. I looked up at her and saw her gazing wildly at my erected dick. I somehow managed to pick up the towel and again place it in its old position. Now we both started laughing loudly. She came close to me and told me to turn around. "Now I understood what sort of exercise you were doing inside", she told me still giggling. I did not try to give any explanation as I knew it won't help. So I stood silently, as if waiting for a punishment. She continued, "Do you enjoying watching it alone, without a partner? I never enjoyed watching these stuffs without your uncle. What's the use if you can't enjoy the practical part?" Though we were friendly but never have we discussed anything like this before. So I felt a bit nervous and didn't know how to react. The hardness of my dick was now getting out of control. "You were never that shy, why are you out of words now?" she asked me still rubbing my back. But this time I was also feeling the touch of her fingers. Her next question completely bowled me out. "Have you ever fantasized about me?" She has stopped rubbing my back and there was a pin-drop silence. The next thing that happened was out of my equations. I turned around took her in my arms and smooched her wildly. She was not at all surprised rather it seemed as if she was waiting for it to happen. With every passing second we came more close to each other and our kisses and hugs became more intimate and passionate. She wrapped me round with her hands, scratching my bare shoulders with her beautifully shaped nails. I had put my hand on her bumps and was pumping them slowly. My rock-solid dick was getting rubbed at the joint of her legs. Her body aroma was becoming more tantalizing and I got swayed into the heavenly world of passionate lust. I tried to slid my hand through her kurta and touch her belly. The moment she felt my touch over there she with a push freed her from my arms. Her eyes were still close and she had that usual mysterious smile on her face. She was breathing heavily as her boobs were dancing with the rhythm of her heart beat. I felt very ashamed as well as nervous for this action. I apologized to her for this and told her that she has been in my dreams from the very first day I saw her and today the as she was so close to me I couldn't control my deepest desires. "You have made me wet by your sweats, just look. Now go and have your bath and I will dress up by then or else we would get late", she commanded me in her usual tone and left the room. As she left I helplessly just watched the swaying of her hips slowly moving out of my sight. I took a little extra time in the bathroom as I shaked away the hot creams from inside. I came out and yet there was no sign of her. I thought better not to disturb her as I was not feeling comfortable for my past action. Knock - knock, "may I come in." She was standing at my room's door, wearing a white transparent sari, with a black designer bra. Her hairs were open and she was wearing a nose-ring also. It seemed to me that a statue of khajuraho has come to life and is standing in front of me. She came close to me with slow steps, her head knelt slightly down and eyes closed. "Your servant is in your service my lord. Tell me how I can please you." I was dumb tucked. I kept on looking at her body's every exposed part. She pushed and made me sit on my bed and stood in front of me. I wrapped her waist and brought her close to me and then tugged my face into her chest. I don't remember how long we were like that. It seemed as if two long separated lovers has met each other all by sudden. I then removed the upper part of her sari and kissed her naval. Slowly then I put my tongue in it and licked it. I was thrusting my lips slowly and slowly deepening the hole a bit by bit. She caught my hairs tight with excitement. And for the very first time did I heard the moaning sound coming out from her mouth. I pulled her on the bed and kissed her lips slowly, enjoying the rolling of her tongue inside my mouth as we got more and more passionate. I have by now unhooked her bra and let those hot mounds of flesh come out of their bondage. I was pressing them one at a time. "Uhh......aaaaaa......... Somu you are hurting me. They are my boobs not your tennis ball." I released my grips and massaged them with great ease. Her pinkish nipples have hardened and were pointing straight to my mouth. I rubbed them slowly with my palm. "Uhhh........aaaaahh......uhhhhh, yoouu are reaaaally treating them good, my loovvve, ouuuch, don't stop caaarryy onnn, aaaahhh...aahhh. Suck onnne, suuuck the otherrrr one." her voice wrapped up in her throat every time she spoke something. I brought my tongue close to the other boob and licked it slowly as a cat drinks its milk and with the other I was either massaging it or was rubbing the nipple against my rough palm. Her eyes were closed and her belly was shaking with excitement. "Do you like it my dream girl?" I asked her, expecting some sort of good, satisfying answer. Instead with her hand she pressed my mouth on her boob tightly. Now her entire right boob was inside my mouth. Now there was no more licking, I was sucking that fleshy lump. It was going deeper and deeper inside my mouth. My teeth and my tongue were in full action now. "Oh yes, go on, go on, tear it apart. Press it harder. Let me see how much strength you have." I kept on sucking and biting them and pressing them hard turn by turn. I was playing with her boobs like a little puppy playing with a doll. My cock was rock hard and it was paining. She opened the towel and threw it away. Now she was trying to reach for my bumps with her fingers, stretching them as much as possible. I raised my head and kissed her lips deeply. She now grabbed my cock and was rubbing it by her palm. A current flew pass my body. We gave a roll and she came on top of me. Her experienced hands were still on my dicks fondling it according to her desires. She kissed me on my chest then on my nipples. She bit me with her teeth and looked at my face. She was looking very beautiful. Her hairs have covered a part of her face and some of them are on my chest and on my face. I removed them and pulled her up to kiss her lips again. I removed the sari completely from her body exposing her beautiful thighs and more beautifully curved hips. I slid my hands through the designer panty into her hips and pressed them slowly. She was rolling her tongue inside my mouth and sucking my lips and then chewing them. At the same time she was also playing with my dick. After staying like this for few more mins. she slide down and took the dick in her mouth. "Wow", was all that came out from me. She licked it slowly wetting every inches of it with her saliva. She then rubbed the head of it with her palm slowly. Instantly I felt current flowing through my body. It was an experience I never had. She kept on doing it for few more seconds and then put the thing in her mouth. "Uffff........shwetaaaaa....mmmmm...come on my looooove." I wasn't able to speak properly. I caught her hairs and started fucking her mouth, trying to add extra inches every time I thrust my dick in it. She was an excellent cock-sucker. That was a hell of a blowjob which I have never experienced before and guess nobody will be able to do the same. I was about to cum and I wanted to withdraw it from her mouth. But she insisted to keep it inside and as I cummed she swallowed every drop of it. She licked it again, every little portion of it with her tongue. "Oh God, you are the Goddess of Kama, my love. I have loved you from the day I have seen you. Never did I think I would get the chance to tell it you and that also when we are soooo close to each ohhhther. I don't........care what u........... feeeeel.......uuuhhhhh.....aaaahhh........about me, but I love you." She came up and again kissed me on my face, on my eyes and then attacked my lips. "Can't you feel what's inside my mind?" she uttered the words, her eyes straight in mine. I gently kissed on her forehead. I rolled her down and went for her cunt which was already wet by then. I kissed her belly, her naval, and her back. Licking and sucking every single inch of her skin. She was moaning and it again made my dick go hard. I kissed her thighs and fingered them slowly. I spreaded her legs and touched her cunt with my two fingers and I was massaging the outer walls. It was clean shaved as was her armpits. I kissed the adjoining areas and then place my tongue in the cunt. Uuuhhhhh....... I licked it and juice was rolling down from there. She pressed my head more in it and deeper in did my tongue went. I was licking her pussy. My tongue went deep inside as far its reach was. I was fucking her with my tongue. At the same time my hands were busy playing with her boobs. " U devil, uuuhhhh....aaahhhhh", she gave a little jerk and there she was cumming. She has caught my hairs so tight it seemed they would tear off. Slowly she released her grips. My cock was thirsting to enter that cave and drink those sweet juices. I took my dick in my palm and rubbed it agaist her wet pussy, as if to acquaint it with a new surroundings and then slowly and slowly inserted it inside her bit by bit. "Somuuuu... aaahhh..aahhh...u naughty. Don't make me mad, aahhh..." After inserting few inches I stopped and I started pushing it in and out of the den. "Ohhh God,..mmmmm... stop playing with me. I want to taste it full inside me." I knew she was going mad with excitement but I was enjoying it. I wanted to punish her. She understood my intention and told me " I am all yours Somu, why are you giving me this pain? Plzzz fuck me hard, real hard, my love. Don't play with me you devil come on show your aunt you a re the mannn.....uuhhh....of her dreams. Uuhhh.... Mmmmmm, fuck me, fuck me hard." I was now in full control over her. I continued likewise for few more minutes and then completely took it out. I took my cock near her lips and inserted it inside her mouth. " Do you like the taste of your own orgasm my love?" She was as wild as an untamed horse. She sucked it like hell. "Ohhh....goood, uuhhh....you are really the best cock-sucker I have mmm.....uuhhhh...... come across, you are the best myyyy...uuumm... love, you are the ultimate." I fucked her mouth again and again. She was grasping for air after few strokes. She caught me tight. I pulled it out from her mouth. I noticed that my dick has enlarged more than usual. Normally it doesn't come to this size. I went near her pussy, licked it like a cat and then rolled my dick against the walls of it. "Please somu now, pleeeeease....mmmm....now, nooow.... aaaahhhh......aaahhhh.....you devil." I have inserted the entire dick inside her den in one stroke. And it made her cry in pain. I pulled it out a bit and thrusted it again inside fully. After 2-3 strokes the rod got lubricated and it was feeling like passing a hot knife through butter. I kept fucking her hard as I could. She enjoyed every cms of my dick drilling through her wet cunt. "My baby uuhhhh.....uuummm....mmmm....uuhh...uuhh... you want to do push-ups, mmmm.... Give your aunt thirty push-ups Rambo, hard one." I took a pillow and placed below her hip and started my push-ups. Every time I was taking the rod full out and then full in. Uuuhhhh.......uussss...yeessss...yesss...yesss...uummm.... At the count of twenty-two she did her second orgasm. My back was bruised by scratches of her nails. Her body aroma had become like a wild flower intoxicating me more and more. We rolled over and now she took charge of the situation. My dick has become numb by now and was losing its hardness. She took it inside her mouth and started sucking it, tasting again her vaginal juice. She was wild; desperate to have the last fuck. She took it in her palm and massaged it and then again sucking it, trying to put the entire piece down her throat. My dick was slowly regaining its hardness. She placed the cock in her pussy and sat on me. She was now fucking herself. "Uuuhhhh....uuffff....aaahhhh....." With every stroke she was accelerating her speed. She was enjoying the best horse ride of her life. My dick was penetrating deep inside her vagina touching the inner wall every time it went inside. "Soomuu...my love, you have sent mmmm......me to the seventh heaven uuuhhhh. I don't want to lose you everrr...ever aaahhh....mmmmm...uuhhhh. I felt the juices dropping on my body. I wanted to remove the dick from her cunt cause I was about to cumm. She got up and started to suck my dick. She was massaging it, sucking it and out came the hot lava. It was all over her face and she was licking my dick clearing up every drop of the cream on it. She looked up at my eyes. She was still having that naughty smile on her face. I pulled her up and we kissed each other. We held each other tightly because we knew it was time for us to get back to reality and we didn't want this dream to get over. Permalink | Comments (16) Unique sexperience with aunty Posted on February 26, 2008 12:00 PM, Filed under Incest Hi I am a recent visitor of this site and I liked this very much....and here is one my experience with my aunt...... hello, my name is shivan I was laying down on bed when my phone rang and so I got up and I picked it up. It was my cousin mithun saying that if I wanted to spend the night at his house, so I picked up my stuff and left. When I got there he said he was going to a camp in the morning. So I took a shower (the bathroom had 2 doors and u could only lock 1 of them the other one was the one my uncle and aunt used because their room was right next to it). So we played the playstation 2 and we watched movies later ngiht he said he needed my help on packing his stuff for camp. So we went to sleep and we were saying who was hot from school. Somehow, I fell asleep and didn't even remembered how we stopped the conversation. So I woke up and he was alsready gone. Aunt had breakfast but I said I didn't wanted any and uncle Ganesh was about to go to work and he had a tough job because he also worked overnight 'til 3 am, he was pretty easy going and he didn't get mad that easy...so he was cool, unfortunatelly, he cheated on aunty sometimes... I left home on my bike. My parents were gone for 3days so I remembered the reason why I had to stay at Aunt's. So I went back and she said "why did you come back?" and I replied "because I remembered that I had to stay with u because my parents are gone". She offered me to watch tv and when night came I took a shower, she had a big picture of her in the restroom somehow, I never really paid attention to it, so I looked at it and I suddenly realized she looked beautiful. My cock got a boner right away and I really didn't know so I took my shower and went to bed. My aunts room still had her light on so I got up and her door knob had broken before so my uncle had to get it fixed someday, meanwhile, we were still alone and I peaked to see what she was doing because I liked her now. She was reading a book, but after 5 or 6 minutes later she finished reading and went to put on her sleeping clothes, this is the good part, she took off her shirt and you could see her bra and she took off her pants and put em away, I guess I was wrong about her putting on some sleeping clothes! Her Titties looked pretty fine and she was 40 yrs old. She didn't have a pretty nice body but not bad and somehow it attracted me! This was actually the first time ive seen someone naked in front of me! I got a boner again and I went back to bed and started wacking off. She yelled from her room to see if I wanted some blankets and I said yes. I went and get them (but she never said to go and get them at her room) so I entered the room and she was still nude and she yelled "no no no... Theyre over there at the garage". She saw me looking at her nude body for about 2 seconds, (literally) and she laughed with embarassment. So later on she called me to her room and told me not to tell anyone of what I just saw, I was embarassed, too, and she was going to kiss me good night but my head moved a little causing her to kiss my upper lip.my cock then got big again and she knew it. She didn't say anything and she smiled embarassedly. So she said she was sorry and tried to kiss me again in my cheek but then at the same time we stopped and changed our minds about kissing each other in the cheek (at the same time) and we were making out! She said to take off my pants because it was only fair that I got to see her and she didn't! So I took them off and she took my shirt off! She then took off her bra and her thong was still on her and she found my cock confortable for her to sit on! She was screaming "AH AH AH ... " and she got up and started to putting her ass in my face so she can suck my cock while I was getting me sum ass... I was afraid of someone knocking on the door or something... She then got up, I thought she was ready to quit but she went and asked me to finish her on the back really fast! But I never finished her there she was having major orgasms and the neighboors could've heard it! I've never had sex before so I wasn't an expert and I freaked out a lot of times. She saidd it was ok because uncle Ganesh didn't get back until 4 more hours. She leaded me to the bathroom where she turned on the hot shower and meanwhile we were kissing and I was getting my first handjob, then we were on top of the thing where you wash your hands (I don't remember what its called), she got some lotion and rubbed it all over her, all of it!, and she got soooo slippery! MAN ! HER TITS WERE SOOOO FINE I WANTED TO TITTIE FUCK HER! So we went to the shower and started to get it on there, but someone knocked on the door! Shit! She ran and put on some clothes really fast, and she was still wet! She didn't even put on a bra and she opened the door.....................it was a neighboor! He said to please keep it quiet cause theyre trying to sleep! We took a rest for about a min or 2 we ate something and she said it was a good idea if we had it in the kitchen table. She grabbed some yogurt and rubbed it on my cock then she sucked it. Then the table got boring so we tried something else... "we can go to Mithun's tree house", she said, "or we can do it on the sofa". I said either way was fine, so we went to the tree house ... Without any close on... Holding hands as if we were partners with each other now! She didn't turn on the lights there because then people would see us. But then I said "so what if they see us, its not like if they were going to see who we were"... "besides, youre mine now... Arent you?!?!" She yelled and said she was all mine and no-one else's but mine! NOT EVEN UNCLE GANESH ANYMORE! She said uncle Ganesh never really enjoyed sex. She then confessed me that she's been with other women and even Aunt shanthi... So we were tired and her ass was sored. But I made her have more of my cock (even though I was running out of cum) "I'll give you my last drop that cums out of me!" I said and she quickly followed my orders. We went down the tree house and we started to fuck on the grass... This time nobody could see us... So she was in top of me and I was ready to cum... I told her to stop and put her mouth on my cock so she can drink something and get more energy... She quickly obeyed and she drank every single drop ...it all went down her throat!!! Next day, the kitchen and eveything was all cleaned up and aunty was cooking breakfast, she smiled at me and gave me my breakfast. Permalink | Comments (3) Help from daughters sexy friend Posted on February 21, 2008 12:00 PM, Filed under Incest Sunita watched in fascination. No doubt, Shom Uncle had his back to her and he was fully clothed. But there was no mistaking what he was doing. The elderly recently widowed, father of her dear friend Deepa, and was busy stroking himself fast and hard. His hand was holding the railing and his head was thrown back. His hand was moving in long strokes and short thrusts.... A rhythm she was familiar with for all the times she had masturbated her own husband Kunal to orgasm. That was how she managed Kunal, when she needed to and it never took Kunal too long to come. But Shom Uncle seemed to go on for quite a bit. His hand was clearly under his dhoti and every now and then, his tall broad frame shuddered. He paused as he relished that wave of pleasure and then gave himself a few more long strokes. As he leaned forward and sometimes back, he turned a bit which gave her a glimpse of his hand on his cock. It seemed a full fist and the head was jutting well beyond the clenched fist. Sunita felt her throat catch, and the dryness in breathing coming from excitement. She felt a release of fluid between her legs and she shifted uncomfortably. Uncle was now hunched over. Hard strokes with the hand flying over the pillar of flesh he caressed lovingly. Then after a few short ones his head was thrown back and she heard the groan of satisfaction in the release and frustration at being alone by himself. He shook shuddered and spasmed, for several long seconds as he came. Sunita watched in fascination as his body jerked. As the elderly man thrust, jerked and slowed down, she heard him exhale with a long and deep sigh. Satisfaction. And then a shudder and a stifled moan. She stepped back into the shadows, her feelings a mixture of embarrassment, sympathy, excitement and illicit thrill. She ought to have knocked or atleast, cleared her throat. She glided down the stairs as silently as she could carrying with her the tea she had brought for him. The upstairs was his lair and his preserve. She came down to the kitchen and Deepa asked her, "Why didn't you give him the chai?" "He was in the bathroom," whispered Sunita and stared out of the window. Aunty had died a few months ago after a protracted illness and Sunita had come to spend time with her close friend Deepa and console father and daughter. Deepa was now quite reconciled but clearly her father had more problems than he could discuss with anyone. She shivered involuntarily at the thought of the cock she had seen him wield and lust raged through her body when she thought of how different it looked from what she had seen and experienced of her own husband Kunal. And then she remembered the school girl stories Deepa and she had exchanged years earlier when Deepa told her of the raucous noises from her parents room all those years ago. Deepa had got up in the middle of the night to get some water and she had heard loud moaning noises and some slapping sounds. When she peeked through the door which was ajar she had seen her mother sitting astride her father. Uncle had been slapping Auntie's sumptuous ass. Her saree had been pulled aside in the typical fashion that Indian's make love: not quite undressing but pulling aside clothes and raising skirts to accommodate the male. Her breasts were squeezed out under her blouse and bra and Uncle had been nipping at the flesh. Auntie was screaming, "Yes! "Bite me! Maul me! Take me! Amaar ke diye!" Begging to be fucked harder and harder. When Deepa had shared this story with Sunita they had giggled with the usual thrill that school girls have for discussing all things sexual. Now that memory came back to tell Sunita the unstated story of Uncle's continuing sexual needs and how the absence of Aunty was causing him to be the way she had seen him now. The rich wetness between her legs scared her. "Just take the tea for him," she whispered to Deepa and went to her room to lie down for a bit. As she lay back and closed her eyes she saw Uncle looming over her and she opened her eyes with a start. It was her imagination. She smiled a little smile to herself and closed her eyes again. And watched him come over her and sink his animal size cock into her cunt. Involuntarily her legs spread and she squirmed, wondering if she would be able to take the pillar in one stroke. She caressed her lower belly, allowing herself the naughty indulgence of a very private pleasure. She rubbed herself, sighed, turned over and slipped into a long mid morning nap. Later in the afternoon "We must be back home to serve baba his tea," Deepa reminded Sunita. They reached home and Sunita got into the kitchen to make the tea. Deepa got busy with unpacking the shopping and putting away things. Sunita placed the cup on a tray and got the midday paper and slowly walked up the stairs. There lay uncle sprawled on his easy chair, reading a newspaper. He didn't see her coming. And she didn't have any warning of what she was going to see as she came from behind him and looked over his shoulder. Her eyes latched on to the tent in Uncle's dhoti. And the cloth which was held up, revealed a bit from the side to show the flesh of his cock. Sunita stood transfixed. She saw the bulge twitch from the involuntary effects of a prolonged state of arousal. She quietly set down the tray, and moved closer to her friend's father. With one of her hands she lightly covered his mouth to let him know that he was not expected to say anything or stop her. The other hand slipped through the gap in the dhoti and her small hand closed around the raging cock. His eyes opened wide in shock. Her throat went dry as she surveyed the dimensions of the tool in her hand. Her fingers softly felt the skin, her thumb reached up as she held him the way one would hold a joystick of a videogame. Her thumb moved over the head and her fingers traced the line back down to the base of his cock. Her other hand now moved from covering his mouth to the back of his head and her fingers gripped his hair. Her hands slowly slid up and down the cock and with each move the paper rustled. The rustling followed a pattern as Sunita's hand fell into a rhythm on the cock of her friend's father. The man groaned. "Beti!" he said pleadingly, referring to her in Hindi as daughter for that is how he had addressed her for years now. "Ssshhhhhh, papa!" she whispered, "aap ko maloom hai ye aap ki zaroorat hai. Aur mai to phir madad hee karne ayi hoon na?" she whispered in a kind, soft tone. ("you know you need this. And then, have I not come here to help both of you overcome what you have been through?") The man groaned in protest and threw his head back. Sunita continued to slide her hand up and down the pillar of flesh. First she gave him steady long strokes and then one quick jerk. Then again she went back to long strokes followed by two quick thrusts. She kept her head down and eyes lowered. It was an act of kindness and she didn't want to acknowledge Uncle, or that she was masturbating her friend's father. Shom Uncle's hands were gripping the arm rests of his chair and as his hips thrust upward his legs stretched out under him, as pleasure shot down his legs all the way to his toes. Sunita lovingly brought her other hand to the cock and changed hands how as her other hand needed rest. She remembered Deepa's narration of how long her dad could fuck and also the incident of the morning that she had witnessed. Her right hand now took charge while with the left hand she caressed the underside of his penis. Pre-cum oozed over her fingers as the elderly man started to juice up. She opened her fist to take in the fluid and use it to lubricate and continue the stroking. The wetness drove Shom crazy, he hissed, his face contorted in ecstasy as his daughter's friend, this sexy young woman, pleasured him beyond his imagination. His hands stretched and he surprised Sunita by slipping it under her kameez, a task made easy by the fact that she was leaning and the top was easily accessible. She gasped as she felt the fingers of his large rough hand touch her torso just below her breast. The old man felt her breast through the lacy fabric of the bra. It was just a cup bra covering half her breast and he quickly folded down the lace edge to feel her nipple. She shuddered, her hands gripping the cock harder. She needed this to end soon, before Deepa walked in. She couldn't stop Shom Uncle from touching her after having made the first moves. Shom's body was wracked with pleasure which was enhanced from the softness of her breast which he was now caressing furiously. Shom was half sitting up from his previously reclining position in that chair. Her thumb moved over the head again and again. As he shuddered her mind quickly drew a map of his cockhead and zoomed in on the most sensitive zone. She leaned forward and quickly focused on stroking him hard and furiously on that side of his cock, making sure her thumb ran over the head as she stroked downward. Her head was leaning forward over him. Her kameez (top) gave him enough of a view of her soft breasts now jiggling with the effort of her stroking his cock. His hand changed orientation and he put his palm on her stomach his fingers pointing downward. She gasped. She stopped stroking him for a moment to control herself. Her head thrown back. His fingers slid into the top of her salwar and past her panty. He stroked her hair down there, the furry patch and he felt heat and dampness as his fingers discovered her pussy. He just covered the whole pussy palming her and letting his fingers caress rather than invade. Yes, his world was centered around the waves of pleasure emanating from within him as her silken fingers firmly yet gently moved up and down his pulsating cock. But he was not able to shrug off the thought of what he was feeling with his daughter's friend. The smallness of her fist somehow adding to the thought that she was in every way smaller than him, younger. a different generation. And that prevented him from letting his fingers push apart the fingers that were so clearly soaked and aching for satiation. She shuddered and her hands moved over his cock faster. Her hair fell forward, making for a gentle screen between his lust laden gaze and her head, just over his cock. He had no way of knowing how close she was with her luscious lips to the head of his cock. His hand rested on her head as he gently and suggestively pressed her to lower her head. She resisted taking him in her mouth though a drop of saliva from her somehow wet mouth dripped on to the cock in her fist. She sucked in her breath and continued to hand fuck him faster and more furiously. Uncle Shom groaned loudly and closed his eyes. His legs were stretched as far as they would go and his toes were extended. His hips started to jerk and thrust violently. But what took him over the cliff was her hand which she brought up to his chest and started stroking the hair softly. Her hands were on him everywhere. He felt the cum surging up from his insides, boiling to the surface with an intensity. His knuckles went white as he gripped the arm rests. Sunita watched in fascination as the man under her hands twisted, turned and thrust himself. She could not close her wet open lips around his cock. Yet, something in her wouldn't allow her to move back either. She remained, tantalizingly close, her lips mimicking the act of taking him in and her mind reminding her of who she was with. Uncle Shom. Uncle Shom screamed as he shook, "Sunitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Beti, yes! Yes! Faster, faster, yes there. Oh how do you know my body, how do you know what I want. Take me there, yes, now! Oh its been so long...." Both Shom and Sunita froze when they heard Deepa at the foot of the stairs. "What's going on up there? Papa? Sunita?" she called out. Sunita opened her mouth to reply and found her throat choked. She cleared her throat even as with both hands alternating she made a wet sheath of rippling fingers that fucked his cock. "I am here, just helping Uncle with some clearing up," she called out. "But there were some noises I thought?" asked Deepa. "Oh yes!" answered Sunita as her hands slid down the cock. "He is," she continued, sliding her hands up, "instructing me." Her hands now stayed around the head and she rapidly jiggled the cockhead between her network of fingers. "Telling me what to put where." "I will send her down now, beta" called out Shom to his daughter. His hands clutched at Sunita's back, her breast, trying to pull her closer. He was roughly trying to probe her but proving inefficient in the heat of the moment. She pulled the skin back and allowed the head to swell, surge and jut out angry, proud, provoked - whichever. And then one slide all the way up and back again. And then again. And again. And when she slid her hand down, this time a long thick rope of cum jetted out. It leapt towards her face and fell back uselessly onto his garment, flowing over her hand. Then again came a huge surge and another dollop of his cum. Then some shorter spurts as she urged him to empty himself. "Oh! Yes uncle. Cum. Cum as much as you want. I am here to help you release!" she whispered. Copious amounts of fluid, now not in jerking and shooting surges, but in an overflowing abundance flowed over her fist, covering her hands. She held him. Her hand now replaced the stroking up and down with a tightening and loosening- A squeezing effect, milking him as it were. She allowed the jerks and spasms to reduce to a pulsating, now shrinking pillar of flesh. Shom groaned loudly as he felt the pleasure waves recede and a deep sense of relaxation wash over him. His legs once taut and stretched out, now slumped and his heels came to rest on the floor. He hugged the girl to him even as she wiped her messed up fingers on his dhoti cloth. She opened her fist and palmed the tender sensitive flesh of his penis and sent him into ripples of pleasure. She hugged him. She was happy. The strength of his orgasm was intense and fulfilling. She was glad that she found a way through to a need which Uncle would not have been able to speak of to anyone. And even as she justified what had just happened to herself thus, she could not ignore the illicit lust that the strong flow of fluids between her legs indicated. She rubbed her thighs together and shivered, thinking of how she would now need to relieve herself. How she would face her friend again? And would she ever be able to come up confidently, to just serve tea? "Let's go shopping!" said Deepa. The dull gloom of her mothers recent passing away was slowly lifting from the Ganguly household and Deepa had a lot to thank Sunita for that. Her dear friend had come over and spent a few days and that had helped everyone overcome their grief. Especially for father, thought Deepa. She had no way of knowing that just the previous day Sunita had found Shom Uncle lounging in his easy chair sporting a large erection and Sunita had taken care of it for him, fisting him till he came uncontrollably. The sheer size of that erection had startled her, and earlier that day when she had chanced upon Uncle masturbating, it had surprised her that he still had such strong sexual urges. The encounter of the previous afternoon was a mix of lust and sympathy. Sympathy to see him lonely, having known that he had been wild with lust when came to his sexual activity with his wife. And lust to see that cock, his firm sinewy body which compared very favorably to her own husbands cock. Or libido. "Yes, lets go shopping," replied Sunita. "Don't we need to say bye to Shom Uncle first?" "Well, I already have done that. You can go see him and say bye if you want to as well," said Deepa. Sunita looked up the stairs and wondered about the strong elderly man up there. She took a few tentative steps wondering how she would face him today after that intense encounter of the previous day. By the time she had climbed four steps she could feel the juicing up in her pussy. She lifted her saree as she climbed the stairs to avoid tripping as she climbed up the stairs. There he was, on his easy chair. Lying back with the morning paper across his chest. Her eyes darted to his dhoti, to see a part of his leg through the parting of the cloth. She cleared her throat, "Uncle?" She looked at him with her head slanting to one side, her eyes sparkling at the thought of the mischievious and harmless time they had had together the previous day. Shom looked at her and felt his cock twitch. She was incredibly sexy looking in that saree. His eye wandered over her. Her shoulder length hair, the soft saree hugging her curves. The bare torso where the blouse ended. A navel and soft tummy that he would surely enjoy feeling with his face. And the curve of that hip...............The erection was complete and dramatically tenting his dhoti. Shom felt no shame and did not attempt to conceal his inflamed desire. Far from it, he felt proud and was happy that he had Sunita here with him. Yes, his daughters friend. That thought did fleetingly cross his mind. But that thought also added to the intensity of his feelings. He wanted to hold her. Her ass and pull her down on him. And have this little girl who had seen over the years play with him. His hand reached out and he caught Sunita's hand and pulled her near. She gasped and let her hand bag slip to the floor. She hunched over him. Her hair fell forward and covered them both. She looked down into his eyes and said, "uncle, what are you doing?" Uncle Shom reached out with his other hand and claimed her bare torso. Sunita shuddered with a sharp intake of her breath. "Uncle, whatever I did yesterday was to help you with a much needed release. Let it stop with that." Uncle Shom responded with a squeeze of her tummy lightly. His thumb went lower and slipped under the garment, at where the saree was tied and the petticoat cord ran. "Uncle." Sunita placed a hand on his shoulder. Now standing beside his chair but hunched over him. Shom brought his other hand to her torso and now held her in both his hands. The other thumb ran over her breast and through the blouse and bra she felt his thumb find her nipple. She shuddered. "Uncle, don't touch me. I will help you with your....." She could not bring herself to say the word to a man she had grown up and viewed as almost father. Her body sagged as she let herself fall forward, closer to him now than ever before. Her lips brushed the top of his head. "With my what?", he asked. His hand moved up and claimed ber breast totally. His other hand went to her ass and he squeezed. "With whatever you want," she whispered as she kissed his temple and his forehead. Now leaning more than ever before the top of her low-cut blouse hung and Shom could see her small breasts cupped in the bra. He felt his throat dry up as he imagined the nipple which he had just felt with his thumb. His hand which was one her back, now slowly pulled up the garment. Quickly the hem came up and her leg was bare to his hand. He touched her skin. It felt soft and inviting. He gasped as his cock twitched and shuddered. He stretched out his legs to relieve himself. "Uncle, no! You don't touch me. Not there, not anywhere," she said pleadingly. "I will do what I did to you yesterday afternoon," she whimpered. Her hand slipped inside his kurta and she fingered his chest and played with his nipple. "Which was what?" he pushed on. He knew what was holding her back. And he was determined to bring out the slut in this girl he had known all her life. She reached back and gasped loudly as she felt the outline of his cock with her small hand. Even though she had seen and played with it, stroked it, held it yesterday, she could not help feeling surprise and shock at the size of his cock. "This!" she said. "What is that?" he asked, as his hand slipped further up and his fingers slipped under her panties. She shifted her legs apart so his hand could find her pussy. "Uncle, I will hold you and stroke you. But you must not touch me! You cannot feel me," she pleaded. The heat and moistness were apparent to Shom even though he had not reached anywhere near her cunt yet. "Why not?" he asked. His palm was now on her pussy and he cupped her mound. She moaned as she spread her legs further. "Because we have no time," she gasped. "So it doesn't matter that you are my daughters friend? That is not the reason? And given time you are happy to let me touch you, arouse you, fuck you?" he asked breathless as her fingers lightly toyed with his leaping jerking member. "Oh, Uncle!" she shuddered as she heard the f-word. She buried her head in his neck. Shom lifted her saree completely and peeled off the top edge of the panties. "What are you doing?" she asked in horror. "Deepa is just getting organized downstairs and is waiting for me for us to go out shopping." She quickly peeled it lower and kicked off her panties. Her hand rushed back to grip his cock, for the first time today. She slid her hand up and down that master specimen of the male organ. Shom pulled her leg and tried to lift her. She lifted her leg and put it across him to the other side of the chair. She sat on his thighs. His cock in front of her. The saree now falling back but not onto the cock because that was the way she wanted it. Her pussy ground on the flesh of his legs, releasing fluid. Her hands came to his cock. She was mad with lust but did not want his cock in her pussy and somehow wanted to leave the sanctity of their relationship as "Uncle Shom" and "Sunita Beti" untouched. With both hands she held his cock and her fingers played on the member, flitting and stroking lightly. The cock leaped and jumped and the wetness flowed down and pooled into her hand. Shom held her shoulders and stroked her delicate neck. "Say it!" he commanded her. "What?" she asked as her hands flew up and down the cock. She needed to finish this. She didn't want Deepa discovering them like this. "The name of what you are stroking." "I," she grunted as she worked on the cock, "am" harder strokes, "taking care" faster strokes, "of you!" she ended. His hand slid up her thigh. "Liar. Not me. But my cock!" "Oh Uncle" she moaned as she rocked back and forth. Rubbing her wide open pussy all over his legs and pumping hard as she ever could. Shom raised his knees forcing Sunita to slide forward. She panicked and her hands flew to his shoulders to prevent her from falling. "Uncle no!" she protested. His hands lifter her saree up enough. She slid forward. Her pussy came to rest against the broad trunk of his cock, sandwiched between them. Her face was close to his. She stared into his eyes. And he looked deep into her eyes. The prickliness of her pubic hair against his cock and the open wetness was maddening for him. The broad weapon of a cock was pulsing against her pussy driving her wild. His hands slipped under her ass and he raised her slightly. The head of his cock prodded at the top of her cunt. She shuddered and wailed, "Unclllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllle! Not your cock in my cunt. Not your cock. No! No! No! No." It was broad, hot and smeared with his juices and hers. It slid up all the way and nestled at the mouth of her womb. She put her hands on his chest and pushed herself up, struggling to move her pussy off his cock and stall the maddening pleasure. He held her hips and ass and pulled her down. She grunted as she pushed upward. His hand slid between them and he slid fingers up her cunt. She gasped and thrust herself on the fingers. He led her to his cock at which point she pushed away. Shom's thumb stroked her clit and was rewarded with a surge of juice flowing down from her surging cunt. He thrust his hips upward attacking, stabbing at her cunt. She held back and reached between to masturbate him. He fucked her cunt hard and one hand pinched and twisted her nipples. Sunita felt lust surging through her body. She looked down and saw the cock hard and prone. Ready to pleasure her. She gave up the fight. Holding the cock she lowered herself on to the waiting cockhead. "Give me that cock!" she hissed as she levered herself up on his shoulders. Her saree tented and covered both of them completely. She hoped she would be able to just rise off his and join Deepa without too much time to re-dress. Her legs were on the floor. She was splayed open on top of him. She straightened and bent her knees, her cunt rising and falling on the cock. She bounced on him. "Fuck me! Fuck me with that cock! That's what you wanted no, Uncle" she gritted her teeth to control her wild pleasure at the way his cock was reaming her. She opened out the pallo of her saree so that her chest was accessible to him. Her hands went around his head as she pulled his face to her bosom and she fucked him, riding him mercilessly. The sense of pleasure was further fuelled by the illicitness of what was happening between and the danger Deepa walking in on them. And she needed to finish this. "Oh my god! Uncle, how I want you! I wish you had listened to me. We should have taken longer time to do this. We don't have time to go on and on and I don't want this to end!" she said. She changed angles. Sometimes taking his cock in deep. Sometimes from an angle towards her front. When she felt his shudder more she held on to that pose, hoping to make him come quick. Shom moved his hips a bit to bring the head of his cock to run along the top of Sunita's cunt. Her clit had to be there. Sunita was moving rapidly and was unprepared for the sudden grazing of her clit by his thick cock. She shuddered and spasmed and pulled him closer to her breasts. Shom nuzzled her breasts through the clothes. Sunita let out low screams as the cock ravaged her clit sending her into uncontrollable spasms. She held his head tight and rode the cock taking all her pleasure. "Uncle! You bad man! Taking my cunt like this! Do you remember me, I am Sunita, your daughters friend. Ui Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" she screamed as orgasms ripped through her. She threw her head back and thrust her body down on his cock taking her full pleasure. Shom shoved up the cloth of her blouse and bra and squeezed out her breast from under. He leaned forward to take her nipple. "You shameless bastard!" she screamed as he pleasured her. "Take me! Make me cum! AM like your daughter but look at our lust and our bodies!" She slowed down her riding, savoring every little vibration coursing through her. She had drenched him and his pubic hair. She leaned forward, her cunt twitching and slowing down. She readied to take back control of fucking him. She lifted herself up. Hunching over him. He had her blouse opened and her bra which had front hooks opened too so her breasts were now hanging in front of his face. He mashed his face against them, licking and lipping all over. She held her pussy over his cockhead. She knew from masturbating where he came from. In sharp rapid movements she fucked the head of his cock. She tried to concentrate, eyes closed, her mind on the open lips sliding over the raging head. Fuck him. Fuck him hard. Make him cum. Her mind was talking to her. Shom started to wail. The softness of the young womans body. Her ministrations on his cock. The illicit pleasure. The succulent breasts. It was all proving too much. "Beti!" he said pleadingly, softly as he felt pleasure coursing up his cock from deep inside him. Sunita smiled kindly and opened her eyes to look down at him. She watched as he sucked and mauled her tits. The flicking of her nipple was making her clit throb. She thrust down harder and as she looked up she saw Deepa halfway up the stairs looking at them. Shom could not see her because he had his back to the stairway. And Sunita had no idea how long she had been standing there. Her eyes met her friends eyes. She looked into Deepa's eyes deeply as she purposefully thrust down on Shoms jerking and throbbing cock. "Yes, beti! I needed this. I needed this so badly!" he sobbed. She looked down at him and stroked his head as he pressed against her breasts. She looked back up at Deepa. He was hers. In that moment it was so evident. Shom cupped her ass and lifted her and dropped her harder. Sunita cried out loud in pleasure. Now that Deepa was watching them there was no need for her to be quiet. She fucked back mercilessly, shouting and screaming. "Yes, uncle fuck me! You needed your beti to fuck you! Take! Take my cunt. Plunder me with your cock. Oh yes, yes, yes, yes,yes!" Each yes was and extra hard thrust fuck down. "Shhhhh!" said Shom. His hand reached up to cover her mouth. His fingers slipped into her mouth. Her eyes were on Deepa. Deepa was watching transfixed as her dad fucked her friend in a most animal display of lust. The cock swelled as the cum boiled up. Sunita laughed in delight. "Yes fill me!" she said to him. She just wanted Deepa to know that her father was about to unload his semen into her. She felt a thrill in describing what was happening for Deepa's benefit. "Oh yes, I can feel your seed spurting. There! Oh its warm! Oh its spreading inside me! I am flooded!" "Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh! Sunitaaaaaaaaaa! Beti! Beti! Beti!" he couldn't stop tenderly repeating the word daughter over and over again for that was how he had referred to her for years. They jerked, spasmed. Shuddered. Held each other. Shom caressed and kissed her breasts. She rocked back and forth. Taking in several shots of cum and now gently milking and squeezing him dry. Her eyes never left Deepa's for a moment. And somehow, in the exchanged glances, Sunita had told Deepa that her father needed this and she was doing it for Deepa. And Deepa had thanked Sunita for taking care of this need in the man. They rested on each other. When the cock lost its muscle, Sunita rose off but the exit caused them both to shudder. Sunita leaned forward and kissed the elderly man for the first time deep and on his lips. Combined juices ran down her legs which were spread out on either side of the chair as she was now standing. "Oh god!" she moaned. Shom gently caressed her. She lifted her leg off. Holding her legs as closely clamped as she could she moved to the washroom to avoid the stream down her legs from messing up the floor. She had all the time to clean up, now that Deepa had seen everything. She shut the washroom door and leaned against wall. Sensations and waves were still coursing through her. She closed her eyes contentedly and recalled that pillar of flesh and the strong body. Their cum was still running out of her. Her skin was still flushed. She was still quaking from the experience. But she was already missing that hard male. Somewhere she knew she had started something she coudnt stop.

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