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We care about your privacy, by continuing to browse our site you agree to the terms of our [1]privacy policy. I Agree [2]mute video[3]pause video [4]close video Message Sent Thank you for your inquiry. We will respond to you as soon as possible. Confirm Message Sent e-newsletter Thank you for your interest in our e-newsletter. Our records indicate that you are already receiving our e-newsletter. If you would like to make changes to your frequency settings, please click on the "My Account" link on the left navigation. [5]Email in Records e-newsletter Preferences Your e-newsletter settings have been saved. Preferences Saved [6]University of New Mexico Foundation * [7]Ways to Give * [8]About [9]Browse Funds Donate Today * [10]Quick Donate * [11]Find a Fund * [12]Donation FAQ Ways Donors Give * [13]Cherry & Silver Society UNM Alumni donating annually * [14]Tom L. Popejoy Society Philanthropic leaders with cumulative gifts over $50,000 * [15]Presidential Scholarship Program Keeping the best and brightest scholars in New Mexico * [16]President's Club Providing a dependable source of flexible annual support to the UNM President?s Office * [17]Donor Stories Celebrating all donors to UNM How to Give * [18]Corporate Gifts Work with our Corporate Foundation relations team to establish a gift * [19]Endowments Support scholars, programs or colleges at UNM in perpetuity with your gift * [20]Matching Gifts Over 10,000 employers match donations made by employees, retirees, and/or spouses * [21]Memorials & Tributes Honor someone or celebrate a special occasion * [22]Non-Cash Gifts Real estate, art, intellectual property, rare books and more * [23]Trusts, Bequests & Annuities Visit unmgift.org for more information on planned gifts The UNM Foundation supports UNM by giving, raising and managing private gifts. About * [24]Mission & Vision * [25]Leadership * [26]Financials * [27]Endowment Funds * [28]Employees * [29]Employment * [30]Trustees * [31]Report of Giving * [32]UNM Depositor's Page Contact UNM Foundation Two Woodward Ctr 700 Lomas NE, Ste 108 Albuquerque, NM 87102 505-277-4503 1-800-UNM-FUND (866-3863) Fax: 505-277-4435 Contact us: [33][email protected] [34]Navigation * [35]Ways to Give * [36]About * [37]Quick Donate * [38]Financials Search ____________________ Submit [39]Return to Content [40]Planned Giving/[41]Gift Options/[42]Learn About Wills/[43]Planned Gifts Calculator/[44]Bequest Language/[45]News/[46]For Advisors/[47]Contact Us/[48]My Account [49]Text Resize You are at: [50]Planned Giving > [51]Gift Options > [52]How To Give > Bequest Print This [53]Email This [54]Calculate Plan [55]eBrochure [56]Contact Us View Video [57]Mobile video button Charitable Bequest A charitable bequest is one of the easiest and most flexible ways that you can leave a gift to University of New Mexico that will make a lasting impact. Charitable Bequest Property Donor's Family UNMFDN Charity image Benefits of a bequest * Receive an estate tax charitable deduction * Reduce the burden of taxes on your family * Leave a lasting legacy to charity How a bequest works A bequest is one of the easiest gifts to make. With the help of an attorney, you can include language in your will or trust specifying a gift to be made to family, friends or University of New Mexico as part of your estate plan, or you can make a bequest using a beneficiary designation form. Here are some of the ways to leave a bequest to University of New Mexico * Include a bequest to University of New Mexico in your [58]will or revocable trust * Designate University of New Mexico as a full, partial or contingent beneficiary of your [59]retirement account (IRA, 401(k), 403(b) or pension) * Name University of New Mexico as a beneficiary of your [60]life insurance policy A bequest may be made in several ways * Percentage bequest - make a gift of a percentage of your estate * Specific bequest - make a gift of a specific dollar amount or a specific asset * Residual bequest - make a gift from the balance or residue of your estate [61]Click here to review sample bequest language. Contact us If you have any questions about leaving a bequest to us, please [62]contact us. We would be happy to assist you. If you have been so generous as to include a bequest to University of New Mexico as part of your estate plan, please take the time to let us know. We would like to recognize you and your family for your generosity. Plus or minus icon Click here to learn more The method used to make a bequest will depend on the kind of gift you choose to leave to University of New Mexico. Bequests of real estate, personal property, business interests and cash are typically made by way of a will, revocable trust or even a simple codicil to your current estate plan. Your estate-planning attorney can assist you in preparing the necessary papers for you to complete the bequest. Other bequests, such as those involving retirement assets, insurance policies, bank accounts and stocks and bonds, are typically made by completing the appropriate beneficiary designation form. Simply contact your retirement plan administrator, life insurance company, bank or investment broker and ask them to send you the appropriate "beneficiary designation" or "payable on death" form. To complete your bequest, you will need to complete and sign the form and then send it back to the person who originally sent the form to you. The last step in leaving any bequest involves the transfer to charity. When you pass away, the bequest property will be transferred to University of New Mexico. The full value of this gift will be transferred tax-free and your estate will receive an estate tax charitable deduction. Print This [63]Email This [64]Calculate Plan [65]eBrochure [66]Contact Us View Video [67]mute video[68]pause video [69]close video [70]scripts [71]known [72]Quick Donate Ways to Give * [73]Cherry & Silver Society * [74]Tom L. Popejoy Society * [75]Presidential Scholarship Program * [76]President's Club * [77]Donor Stories About The UNM Foundation supports UNM by giving, raising and managing private gifts. * [78]Mission & Vision * [79]Leadership * [80]Financials * [81]Endowment Funds * [82]Employees * [83]Employment * [84]Trustees * [85]Report of Giving * [86]UNM Depositor's Page Giving * [87]Corporate Gifts * [88]Endowments * [89]Matching Gifts * [90]Memorials & Tributes * [91]Non-Cash Gifts * [92]Trusts, Bequests & Annuities Contact UNM Foundation Two Woodward Ctr 700 Lomas NE, Ste 108 Albuquerque, NM 87102 (505) 313-7610 Fax: (505) 843-9035 Contact us: [93][email protected] * [94]UNMFoundation * [95]UNMFund The UNM Foundation * [96]Legal * [97]Accessibility Site-wide Search ____________________ Submit 2018 Crescendo Interactive, Inc. 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