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Wirecutter supports our readers with thousands of hours of reporting and testing to help you find the stuff you need in order to live a better life. You support us through our independently chosen links, which earn us a commission. [344]Read more about what we do. The Best Smart Water-Leak Detector Photo: Rachel Cericola 1. [345]Home & Garden 2. [346]Smart Home The Best Smart Water-Leak Detector Updated July 12, 2018: * We've removed the Flaws but not dealbreakers section, now that our pick, the [347]iHome Control Wi-Fi Dual Leak Sensor iSB02, has added audio to its smartphone notifications. Your guide * Rachel Cericola Rachel Cericola After spending over 25 hours pouring water, mopping it up, and changing wet socks to test the performance of 12 smart leak detectors, we think the [348]iHome Control Wi-Fi Dual Leak Sensor iSB02 is the best install-it-yourself water sensor for making sure a small leak doesn't become a big problem. The Wi-Fi-connected iHome iSB02 is reliable, and it's sensitive enough to detect anything from small trickles to large leaks. Its two independent sensors (versus one for most detectors) trigger the loudest on-board alarm in the fastest amount of time, and it can optionally send smartphone alerts when either sensor detects water. It's also more affordable than any other model we tested. * [349]Share this review on Facebook * [350]Share this review on Twitter * [351]Save this review on Pocket * [352]Share this review on Pinterest * [353]Share this review with E-mail Our pick iHome Control Wi-Fi Dual Leak Sensor iSB02 [354]iHome Control Wi-Fi Dual Leak Sensor iSB02 [355]The best smart water sensor Offers two sensors, a really loud on-board alarm, and Wi-Fi connectivity for notifications and remote monitoring. It also integrates with other iHome devices, as well as IFTTT. [356]Buy from Amazon [357]$30 from Walmart [358]$45 from Amazon [359]64,245 from Amazon *At the time of publishing, the price was $30. The [360]iHome Control Wi-Fi Dual Leak Sensor iSB02 has two sensors--one on the body of the device and one at the end of a 6-foot sensor probe--so it can detect leaks in two different spots, and it should last about three years on two AA batteries. In addition to offering an audible alarm and smartphone alerts, it allows you to configure it to trigger custom smart-home activities with other iHome devices and through [361]IFTTT. Advertisement Also great Fibaro Flood Sensor Z-Wave Plus [362]Fibaro Flood Sensor Z-Wave Plus [363]Better for Z-Wave smart homes This strong performer works with Z-Wave Plus and a smart-home hub. It's small, with a built-in audible alarm, a temperature sensor, and a tamper alarm. [364]$60 from Amazon [365]$60 from Home Depot [366]$91 from Amazon [367]Buy from Amazon [368]INR 9,425.00 from Amazon Fibaro Flood Sensor HomeKit [369]Fibaro Flood Sensor HomeKit [370]Better for HomeKit homes It's almost identical to the Z-Wave Plus model, except that it uses Bluetooth and works with HomeKit, so it uses an Apple TV, HomePod, or iPad instead of a smart-home hub. [371]$70 from Amazon [372]$141 from Amazon [373]EUR93 from Amazon [374]EUR93 from Amazon [375]EUR93 from Amazon [376]81 from Amazon [377]EUR75 from Amazon If you prefer a device that integrates with your smart-home hub, or if you use Apple's HomeKit, one of Fibaro's sensors may be more appealing, although they require additional hardware for full functionality: The [378]Fibaro Flood Sensor Z-Wave Plus requires a Z-Wave smart-home hub (such as Samsung's SmartThings Hub), while the [379]Fibaro Flood Sensor HomeKit instead needs a HomeKit gateway (such as an Apple TV, HomePod, or iPad) to let you control it remotely or to tap into HomeKit. The Fibaro models don't have dual sensors like our main pick, but each device is small enough to fit near a washing machine or hide behind a sink. Each runs on a single CR123A battery, so you can easily position it, and each has a temperature sensor and a visual "drop" display that can change color based on water detection or temperature changes. The audible alarm is softer than that of the iHome model, but unlike other leak detectors, each Flood Sensor can trigger when someone tilts or tampers with the device in any way. The sensor also floats, which is useful if a leak turns into a flood. Keep up with everything Wirecutter from your inbox [ ] Wirecutter Weekly: New reviews and picks, sent weekly [ ] Deals We Love: The best deals we can find, sent daily Please choose a newsletter to subscribe to. Sign up for Wirecutter's Newsletter ____________________ (BUTTON) Subscribe That wasn't a valid email address. Please try again. Feel free to opt out or [380]contact us at any time. Opt out or [381]contact us at any time. Thanks for subscribing! You'll be hearing from us soon. The research (BUTTON) Expand all * [382]Why you should trust me * [383]Who this is for * [384]How we picked * [385]How we tested * [386]Our pick: iHome Control Wi-Fi Dual Leak Sensor iSB02 * [387]Better for existing smart homes: Fibaro Flood Sensor * [388]What to look forward to * [389]The competition * [390]Footnotes * [391]Sources Why you should trust me (BUTTON) I have written about consumer electronics for over 15 years and have tested smart-home devices ranging from remotes and security cameras to AV receivers and speakers. As a former editor for Electronic House and Big Picture Big Sound, I have written buying guides for multiple consumer-electronics categories, as well as tech articles for Wired, Woman's Day, GeekMom, Men's Health, and others. Who this is for (BUTTON) Smart water sensors are for anyone who is worried about small leaks turning into big ones. Leaky water heaters, malfunctioning sump pumps, old fish tanks, and cranky washing machines can result in water damage to a home. A smart water-leak detector in the right place will let you know when trouble starts so you can address the problem before boards start to warp and ducks begin to show up. Smart water sensors wirelessly connect to your network or smart-home hub and can sit near refrigerators, sinks, aquariums, and toilets. If you're upstairs (or even out of town but have a neighbor with a key), one of these detectors could save your home and its contents from financial and emotional disaster. You can buy devices that automatically turn off your water line when a leak is detected, but those systems can cost hundreds of dollars and typically require a visit from a professional installer or plumber; the devices in this guide let you monitor for leaks and then take action yourself. How we picked (BUTTON) The group of water sensors we tested. We tested a variety of smart water sensors, including Wi-Fi models and those that work with Z-Wave smart-home hubs. Photo: Rachel Cericola We looked for do-it-yourself devices that can alert you to even small leaks so you can fix them before they become big problems. We started compiling a list of smart water sensors by doing a Google search, mainly looking for reviews and roundups. We found lists of likely devices on sites such as Electronic House and GearBrain. After looking at feedback and considering how these devices are likely to be used, we focused on the following criteria: * Smartphone alerts: If you're getting a "smart" water sensor, you want it to provide smartphone alerts for when you're in and out of the home. All of the smart water sensors we looked at send push notifications, but several offer text and email alerts, as well. * Audible alerts: Most smart water sensors make noise when they come in contact with water. This is a bonus if you're at home and don't have your smartphone handy. We gave extra points to models that had audible alerts as well as options to deliver a phone call (either built in or through IFTTT). * Platform: How much do you want to spend on this setup? Some water sensors require a [392]smart-home hub. Most work with the SmartThings Hub (our preferred hub), but some also work with Wink. [393]HomeKit options need a gateway (meaning an Apple TV, HomePod, or iPad in the home) to let you control or monitor them remotely. Other sensors require only Wi-Fi, which cuts down on the cost. * Temperature sensors: In addition to saving you from flooding, some sensors include temperature alerts so you won't have to worry about frozen pipes and extreme temperatures. A few models can also keep tabs on humidity levels. * Design: You'll find two basic kinds of smart water sensors. Stand-alone models sit on the floor and detect water with probes on the bottom of the unit. These designs need to be small to get behind water heaters and washing machines and underneath refrigerators. Other models use a probe connected to a cable, which can get into harder-to-reach places, such as under washing machines or behind the hot water heater. A few models combine both options. * Smart-home integration: Through integration with services such as [394]IFTTT, you can program your smart water sensor to alert you to water by turning on a light or calling your phone, or even to begin addressing the moisture by triggering the fan on your thermostat. * Lights: Most smart water sensors have some sort of LED that flashes when the device detects a leak or has battery or connectivity issues. Though some people may question the value of smart water sensors, the sensors we recommend are all around $60; the cost to replace furniture, rugs, and memories is much higher. (You can get a leak sensor that will set off an eardrum-piercing tone for as little as $10, but if you want alerts and remote access, be prepared to pay a bit more.) How we tested (BUTTON) We set up each device according to its instructions, downloaded the necessary apps, and connected each device directly to a Wi-Fi network or a smart-home hub. For each of our tests, we used apps on an iPhone 7, an iPad, and a Samsung Galaxy S6. We doused each smart water sensor with four different amounts of water to see if it would react--and how quickly. Specifically, we measured sensitivity using a spray bottle and a dropper, and we used measuring cups to douse each sensor with cup of water and then a full cup. With the exception of a few models, most smart leak sensors cannot be completely submerged--although it's possible for some to dry out and be fine, we did have one model completely die on us. (Most manufacturers put a warning on the packaging or in the manual.) One of the sensors in a bowl to see how much water would trigger the sensor. We used a spray bottle, a dropper, and measuring cups to determine how little water would trigger an alert. Photo: Rachel Cericola We also timed how fast each sensor was in alerting us, both through an audible alarm (when available) and via push notification, text, or email. Since you don't always have your smartphone handy, we considered smart-home integration to be a bonus. Depending on your system, you can [395]set it up to trigger things like external alarms, phone calls, and flashing lights. We set up the last option when it was available. Our pick: iHome Control Wi-Fi Dual Leak Sensor iSB02 (BUTTON) The leak sensor on a wood floor. Photo: Rachel Cericola Our pick iHome Control Wi-Fi Dual Leak Sensor iSB02 [396]iHome Control Wi-Fi Dual Leak Sensor iSB02 [397]The best smart water sensor Offers two sensors, a really loud on-board alarm, and Wi-Fi connectivity for notifications and remote monitoring. It also integrates with other iHome devices, as well as IFTTT. [398]Buy from Amazon [399]$30 from Walmart [400]$45 from Amazon [401]64,245 from Amazon *At the time of publishing, the price was $30. The [402]iHome Control Wi-Fi Dual Leak Sensor iSB02 packs a lot of features into a compact, inexpensive package. It has two sensors: one on the actual device and another at the tip of a 6-foot probe. This design lets you place the sensors easily and allows you to cover more territory than with models containing only a single sensor. It also includes one of the loudest audible alarms we tested, and it has a quick reaction time and the capability to tie in to smart-home integration with iHome smart plugs and IFTTT. And because it works over Wi-Fi, it doesn't need a separate hub or smart-home platform, so anyone with a smartphone and a Wi-Fi router can use it. In the iHome app, you can enable push alerts, check battery life, or keep tabs on previous leaks. The dual-sensor design of the iSB02 makes it more versatile than other models and also allows you to place the main unit higher off your floor if you're worried about the possibility of deep water (which can damage the device). The main unit houses two AA batteries, which iHome says can last three years depending on use. The bottom of that unit also has four little feet to keep the device off the ground, as well as a button to start setup and to reset the device when it's triggered. The secondary set of sensors sits at the end of a 6-foot cable that hangs off the end of the main unit. Unlike the main unit, this portion is waterproof; this means you can mount the main unit out of harm's (or water's) way and place the remote probe in the trouble area. The iSB02 detected water in all our tests, producing an audible alarm and a flashing green LED within 1 second and sending push notifications (through the app for iOS and Android) typically about 12 seconds after that. (You must enable push notifications in the app under the Rules tab--they aren't enabled by default.) That audible alarm sounds a lot like an alarm clock and measures 100 dB, tying the alarm of the Honeywell Lyric detector for the loudest built-in alarm among the models we tested. We could hear the alarm easily throughout our 1,200-square-foot house. Both sensors of our pick on a wood floor The iHome iSB02 uses two AA batteries and has two sensors, making it easy to place almost anywhere. Photo: Rachel Cericola If you have a larger home or thicker walls and floors, and you don't always have your phone handy, you may want to take advantage of this unit's smart-home integration. The iSB02 is compatible with iHome smart plugs, which can turn on anything electronic when you set them up through the iHome app. For our tests, we had the setup trigger lights and a radio whenever water was detected; this alert typically came up at the same time as the push notification. Other triggers are available through the [403]iHome Control channel on IFTTT (you need to set up an account for this, but it's free). We set up IFTTT to send text messages and phone calls when water was detected; both of those arrived about the same time as the push notifications, but sometimes up to 3 seconds after. As with most water sensors, the iHome iSB02's iOS and Android app (iHome Control) is pretty basic. The app lists the iSB02 under the Sensors tab, along with a record of when water was present, the battery status, and the option to add rules. Better for existing smart homes: Fibaro Flood Sensor (BUTTON) Our Also great leak sensor under two water pipes. Photo: Rachel Cericola Also great Fibaro Flood Sensor Z-Wave Plus [404]Fibaro Flood Sensor Z-Wave Plus [405]Better for Z-Wave smart homes This strong performer works with Z-Wave Plus and a smart-home hub. It's small, with a built-in audible alarm, a temperature sensor, and a tamper alarm. [406]$60 from Amazon [407]$60 from Home Depot [408]$91 from Amazon [409]Buy from Amazon [410]INR 9,425.00 from Amazon Fibaro Flood Sensor HomeKit [411]Fibaro Flood Sensor HomeKit [412]Better for HomeKit homes It's almost identical to the Z-Wave Plus model, except that it uses Bluetooth and works with HomeKit, so it uses an Apple TV, HomePod, or iPad instead of a smart-home hub. [413]$70 from Amazon [414]$141 from Amazon [415]EUR93 from Amazon [416]EUR93 from Amazon [417]EUR93 from Amazon [418]81 from Amazon [419]EUR75 from Amazon Fibaro's leak detectors are great for people who have already bought into a smart-home platform, such as SmartThings, Wink, or HomeKit, and want all of their devices integrated under one app. It's available in two versions: The [420]Fibaro Flood Sensor Z-Wave Plus connects via Z-Wave Plus, while the [421]Fibaro Flood Sensor HomeKit works with Apple's HomeKit platform. Each version is small, battery powered, easy to place, and capable of sending alerts to your smartphone or tablet. Although their soft on-board alarm isn't as loud as our top pick's, it's still audible from an adjoining room. Each Fibaro also has temperature sensors and a visual display and lets you set up smart-home-integration options that vary depending on the platform you're using. However, unlike with our top pick, you don't get two sensors on the same device. The Z-Wave Plus Flood Sensor is certified to work with Samsung's [422]SmartThings Hub, our recommended smart-home hub.^[423]1 When you pair the two, you can monitor the Fibaro sensor through the SmartThings app for iOS and Android devices. You can even integrate it with other smart-home devices that connect to the hub. (Note: You can use other Z-Wave hubs; we tested with the SmartThings Hub because it's our top pick and readily available.) Connecting the sensor to the SmartThings Hub was a breeze for us. Once we paired the two, the sensor performed as advertised, delivering audible alerts within 2 seconds and both push notifications and text alerts within 5 seconds, though your times will vary depending on the Z-Wave hub you use. The Fibaro model is one of the few flood sensors that can tolerate being completely submerged. Photo: Rachel Cericola The HomeKit sensor is almost identical, except that it uses Bluetooth and doesn't require a smart-home hub, which is probably why it sends alerts a second or two quicker--there's no middleman. Not having that hub has its trade-offs, though: If you want alerts when you're out of the house, you need a HomeKit gateway at home, such as an Apple TV, HomePod, or iPad. You can integrate either of these Fibaro sensors with other smart-home devices. For instance, we linked the Z-Wave Plus sensor to Belkin's Wemo switches and the Wemo Light Switch using SmartThings so that lights would turn on when the sensor detected water. You can create similar programs with the HomeKit version and compatible [424]HomeKit devices. The Fibaro Flood Sensor even has an input for connecting an external probe or a wired alarm system. It also has a temperature sensor that can trigger push notifications, as well as sirens, lights, and audio, if you have other devices connected to it within the appropriate app. The Fibaro detector includes a tamper sensor, so if someone moves it out of place, you'll know. Photo: Rachel Cericola If you don't already have a smart-home hub, keep in mind that getting one will add about $50 to $100 to the total cost of using the Fibaro Flood Sensor. And in the case of the HomeKit Flood Sensor, you'll need to keep the aforementioned Apple TV, HomePod, or iPad at home if you want to have remote access or event triggers. What to look forward to (BUTTON) D-Link has discontinued our previous top pick, the DCH-S160 Wi-Fi Water Sensor. The company is planning to release a replacement in the third quarter of 2018 but hasn't released any information about the new model yet. We'll be testing that model once it's available. In January 2018, [425]Conservation Labs introduced H2know, a smart water meter that easily clamps onto a pipe in your home. At $120, it's more expensive than other models on our list, but it uses its connection to the pipe and your home's Wi-Fi to provide real-time water-usage stats and identify the source of leaks. In February, the company completed a [426]successful crowdfunding campaign, and it plans to deliver the device by the end of the year. The competition (BUTTON) Smaller than any other model on our list, the [427]Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensor is made to be paired with the company's SmartThings Hub. It doesn't have an audible alarm, but the sensor fits anywhere and works with a variety of devices through the SmartThings app, and it was one of the few devices that could detect water from our spray-bottle tests. [428]HomeSeer's HS-LS100+ Z-Wave Plus Leak Sensor looks a lot like the Fibaro models, except that it's slightly more compact. To pair it with your SmartThings Hub, you need to use the "classic" SmartThings app, log in to your [429]SmartThings account, and add [430]the code that HomeSeer provides, known as a "device handler." One of the least-expensive models we tested, this detector has temperature sensors, sends push notifications and texts within seconds, and can integrate with lights and other devices. Just know that it has no audible alarm. The [431]LeakSmart Sensor is typically available as part of the LeakSmart Complete Home Water Protection System, a (currently) $400 package that includes LeakSmart's hub and a shut-off valve, but you can pair it with a SmartThings Hub or Wink Hub. In our tests, the alert time wasn't as quick as that of our top picks, but this sensor has a lot of the same features as the Fibaro models, including an audible alarm, a temperature sensor, a floatable body, and the capability to pair with other devices. The [432]Roost Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector uses Wi-Fi and two AAA batteries. It's compact and it features temperature and humidity sensors, as well as the capability to invite other people to monitor your device. It currently has no smart-home integration, but Roost says IFTTT support should be available within the next two months. Although it sent fast, reliable smartphone alerts during our water tests, we had two different battery incidents during testing: We received some strange readings that Roost support told us were due to a dead battery (even though the app said it was fine). And after we installed brand-new batteries, we received a low-battery notification from the app 10 days later. These oddities make us question the device's long-term reliability. The [433]Honeywell Lyric Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector doesn't offer any smart-home integration, but it does have dual sensors (one on the device and one on the included 4-foot cable), as well as temperature and humidity sensors. It also has a loud alarm, but in our tests it took the longest time to sound (almost 20 seconds after water exposure). The [434]Utilitech Wireless Water Leak Detector is a transceiver that holds three AAA batteries and mounts to the wall. From there, a sensor cable measuring 9 feet 10 inches droops down to detect moisture. It works with the SmartThings Hub, but it has a faint audible alarm and is a lot bulkier than some of the other models we tested. Although the [435]Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Water Sensor performed well during testing, it doesn't have as many features as other models we tested, and it isn't as sturdy: The battery compartment fell open once or twice while we were handling it. Luckily, that portion doesn't come anywhere near water because the device has a permanent cable that measures a little over 3 feet. It also doesn't have an audible alarm or other extras. Footnotes (BUTTON) 1. Fibaro also makes its own Z-Wave-based smart-home system, which includes the Home Center 2 hub, a motion sensor, and other add-ons. [436]Jump back. Sources (BUTTON) 1. Grant Clauser, [437]6 Wireless Water Leak Detectors for DIY Smart Home Systems, Electronic House, May 4, 2015 2. Mike Prospero, [438]Best Water Leak Detectors: Protect Your Home from Damage, Tom's Guide, December 6, 2017 3. Stewart Wolpin, [439]Smart Leak Detectors Make You Aware If There's Water Everywhere, GearBrain, April 4, 2016 4. Darwin, [440]The Best of the Z-Wave Water Leak & Flood Sensors, DarwinsDen.com, February 6, 2016 Comments are disabled We respect your privacy. Comments are disabled because they require cookies and you've opted out of cookies for this site. You can [441]change your cookie preferences to enable comments. You can also [442]send us a note or [443]a tweet, or [444]find us on Facebook. Never buy junk again. Sign up for our newsletter to get new reviews each week. Sign up for Wirecutter's Newsletter ____________________ (BUTTON) Subscribe That wasn't a valid email address. Please try again. Thanks for subscribing. You'll be hearing from us soon. Opt out or [445]contact us at any time. Wirecutter is a list of wonderful things by Brian Lam and friends, founded in 2011 and a part of The New York Times Company since 2016. Have a question? 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