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[1]studylib.net (BUTTON) -HVN- * [2]Explore * [3]Log in * [4]Create new account * [5]Upload ____________________ (BUTTON) [INS: :INS] (BUTTON) Trade Enquiries from Singapore Date : 19-11-2012 1 Indian Power sector companies Mr. Koh Chong Ann, Bryan EMP Pakistan Email: [6][email protected] Tel: 96652581 2 Import Tea from India Mr. Joe Tan Ban Choon Marketing Pte Ltd Email: [7][email protected] Tel: 91276332 (h/p) 3 Trading Food related Products (Rice & Grains) Mr.Pierre Yap Chin Seng Moh (Import and Export) Pte Ltd 6 Chin Bee Drive Singapore 619856 Mobile: +65 94373895 Tel: +65 62624262 Email: [8][email protected] 4 Suppliers of Rice & Vegatables from India Mr. Debasish Das Business Development Director Manikarnika Pte Ltd 77 High Street #01-09A High Street Plaza Singapore 179433 Tel: (65) 9825 7780 Fax: (65) 6283 5363 e-mail: [9][email protected] 5 Cost Of Living Index for India Mr. Lanna Yeo Makino Asia Pte Ltd Tel: +65 6559 4730 2 Gul Avenue, Singapore 629649 Email: [10][email protected] S.NO NAME OF PRODUCTS IMPORT/EXPORT DETAILS OF THE COMPANY 1 Pharmaceutical products looking for distributors Amsco Healthcare Marketing Pte Ltd., 10 Pandan Crescent #02-05 UE Tech Park Singapore 128466 Tel: 67779909 Fax: 67787339 Attn: Raymond Soh Website:www.Amscohealthcare.com 2 Acoustic & mineral fiber board ceiling, computer access floors, vinyl floors & wall protection and office furniture & seating. looking for an exclusive distributor Getz Bros & Co. (S) Pte Ltd., 3, Clementi Loop, Singapore 129815 Tel: 68978588 Fax: 64731028 Email: [11][email protected] Attn: David Lim 3 Ball bearings looking for dealers/ suppliers Kian Ho Bearings Ltd., 6 Changi South Street 2 Singapore Tel: 65490547 Fax: 62859852/3 Email: [12][email protected] Attn: Terence Ho 4 Steel products ferrous & non-ferrous metals & industrial raw materials import P P Mathews (S) Pte Ltd., 19 Peach Garden, Meyer Road Singapore 437617 Tel: 64406028/4409660 Fax: 64404605 Email: [13][email protected] Attn: P P Mathews 5 Steel mills 6 Textile machinery import Antioch Singapore Trading Pte Ltd., No. 8-B, Stanley Street, Singapore 068727 Tel: 62223622 Fax: 62215750, 62226922 Attn: Raymond Choudhury 7 Petroleum companies importing crude oil and petroleum products, i.e. fuel oil and asphalt. import Lucky Ship Management Pte Ltd., 89, Short Street, #10-03 Golden Wall Centre, Singapore 188216 Tel: 63388155, 63388156 Fax: 63390877 Email: [14][email protected] Attn: Steven Goh 8 Cables and wires (incl. Cable assembly & wire harnessing), computer peripherals, die castings, electric motors, plastic & plastic products, precision machining, printed circuits, springs, transformers, turbines, others: contract manufacturers (EMS),metal stamping, automotive parts. import Siemens Pte Ltd., Siemens Procurement & Logistics Services, 1, Kallang Sec #03-04 Singapore 349276 Tel: 65806665 Fax: 65806674 Attn: Myungduk Oh 9 Cotton fibre import Par Investments Pte Ltd., 52, International Road, Singapore 619626 Fax: 62652768 Email: [15][email protected] Attn: Dr Lim Tao Kang 10 Military surplus and camping products import A Team Store, #02-31 Peninsula Shopping Complex 3, Coleman Street, Singapore 179804 Tel: 63373681 McAlister and Company Limited 257 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim Singapore 629147 Tel: 62663088 extn 601 Fax: 62657863 Attn: Andrew T W Lim Fax: 63372176 Email: [16][email protected] Attn: Tom Kalwwani 11 Sulphuric acid import Goldenmark Holdings Pte Ltd., 530 Balestier Road, #01-06 Monville Mansion Singapore 329857 Tel: 62981773 Fax: 62981976 Email: [17][email protected] Attn: Ms Catherine Yeo 12 Butadene import 13 Fresh fruits & vegetables import VIP Travels & Tours Pte Ltd., 320, Serangoon Road, #04-37 Serangoon Plaza, Singapore 218108 Tel: 62955755 Fax: 62965855 Email: [18][email protected] 14 Mineral water import Antioch Singapore Trading Pte Ltd., No. 5-8 Stanley Street, Singapore Tel: 62223622 Fax: 62215750 Attn: Raymond Choudhury 15 Onions import Ken Hong Seng Tat Kee Trading Blk. 15, Woodlands Loop, #01-58/59 Woodlands East Indl. Estate, Singapore 738322 Tel: 67555733 Fax: 67555433 Attn: Jason Yong 16 Steel pipe & fittings import Mavis Arc Engineering & Hardware 135, Middle Road, #02-14 Bylands Building, Singapore 188975 Tel: 63362832 Fax: 63360879 Email: [19][email protected] Attn: Ms Rhea Lim 17 Scrap metal import Lukman Trading, Singapore HP: 91069770 Mobile Fax No: 91539912 Attn: Yeo Ah Dee 18 Iron ore import Gilbeon International Pte Ltd., 320 Serangoon Road #04-23, Singapore 218108 Tel: 62744409 Fax: 63233620 Email: [20][email protected] Attn: Alex Mani Himatsing International Pte Ltd., Singapore Email: [21][email protected] 19 Airconditioning and ventilation seeking global partners who can work with them Chan Chuan Chang Metal Works Block 5055, #01-1141, Ang Mo Kio Indl. Park 2 Singapore 569558 Tel: 64817736 Fax: 64813517 Attn: Andew Koh 20 Stainless steel stock pot & Cook Pot import San Seng Co. (Pte) Ltd., No. 3 Second Chin Bee Road, Jurong Town, Singapore 2261 Tel: 62659090 Fax: 62651808 Attn: William Tan 21 Stainless steel kitchen cookware products import Heap Seng 38 Liang Seah Street, Heap Seng House Singapore 189057 Tel: 63381343 Fax: 63393825 Attn: J T Lim 22 Listings of ship owners Orexis International Trading Pte Ltd., Singapore Email: [22][email protected] Attn: Christopher Lau 23 Cashew nuts import Polypropylene(H 200EY, H1100 MA) " Inserv Pte Ltd., 194, Pandan Loop, #07-06 Singapore 128383 Email: [23][email protected] Fax: 68733212 Attn: Abhinav Tyagi Plastic CD Cases Five Retardant Paint Paper cups, plates, baking cups (20ft. container per month) import 24 Bentonite waterproofing panels import Scott Vickers Pte Ltd., 401 Tagore Industrial Avenue Singapore 787797 Tel: 65522933 Fax: 65522955 Email: [24][email protected] Attn: Ian Thomas 25 Energy meters import Hitachi Micro Systems Asia Pte Ltd., Singapore Design Centre Singapore Tel: 65344688 Fax: 65365557 Email: [25][email protected] Attn: Chia Sock Lim 26 Watches & clocks import 27 Cellular phones and accessories import Mr K K Leong C/o APPEAL Singapore Email: [26][email protected] Asia Star (S) Pte Ltd., Singapore Tel: 67417796 Fax: 67418725 Email: [27][email protected] Attn: Sharon Tan 28 Churidar in South and Mumbai looking for wholesalers Sumathi Singapore Email: [28][email protected] 29 Handmade paper import Mr K C Chang Singapore Email: [29][email protected] 30 Looking for companies in education, computer aided teaching companies or video on-demand players. 31 Food colours and flavouring 32 Interested in electronics manufacturer (SMT/PCBA) like Samsung, Sony, etc. Listings of trading company/distribution For SMT spare parts Ching Yi Crafting Blk. 31, Defu Lane 10 #02-66, Singapore 539212 Tel: 63820280 Fax: 63820863 Email: [30][email protected] Attn: Benny Ooi 33 Zinc rods/bars (for marine use) Poonggee Trading Company Blk. 123, Bukit Merah Lane 1 #04-94 Singapore 0315 Tel: 62738317 Fax: 62780917 Email: [31][email protected] Attn: Francis Lee 34 Kitchen and bathroom appliances import Ms Chin Siew Yin Blk. 434, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 #07-1423 Singapore 560434 HP: 90298480 Fax: 67609410 Email:[32][email protected] 35 Home furnishings Internet/telecommunication Equipment, furniture, Wooden flooring, Coffee & tea. import John Tan Merchants, Singapore Post Centre P O Box: 392, Singapore 914014 Tel: 96955131 Fax: 68482335 Email: [33][email protected] Attn: John Tan 36 Shoes, piling steel pipes, export Ask Partners, Discovery Communications Incorporated 20 Loyang Crescent Singapore 508984 Tel: 65480633 Fax: 65480549 Email: [34][email protected] Attn: Ms Amrita Sindhu import Multi Chem & Parts P O Box: 94 Towner Post Office Singapore 913224 Fax: 64415573 Attn: Ng Cheng Kok heat exchange pipes, pipe couplings, office equipments, second hand PDAs handphones & laptops Tea, spices, fashion footwear Jewelries and clothes 37 10 Anson Road, #30-07, International Plaza, Singapore 079903 Tel: 65599262 Fax: 62237098 Attn: Stephen Tan import Interested in listings of companies dealing in: Molding Injection mould making Tool & die company Semiconductor IC Mold company CD Mold company Precision Surface Technology Pte Ltd., No. 8 Chia Ping Road, #07-19-20, Jurong Industrial Estate, Singapore 619973 HP: 91123588 Email: [35][email protected] Attn: Alvin Sin 38 15000 digital thermometers immediate requirement from manufacturers Globlink Singapore No. 8, Jalan Kilang Timor, #03-04A, Kewalram House, Singapore 159305 HP: 94572814 Email: [36][email protected] Attn: Manjunath 39 Sugar import Kaya Import & Export #42-02 International Plaza Singapore 079903 Tel: 62211738 Fax: 62222896 Email: [37][email protected] Attn: S H Kwee 40 Dried sea cucumber import Asia Fishery 10 Anson Road, #10-06 International Plaza Singapore 079903 Fax: 67736372 Email: [38][email protected] Attn: Richard Lin Wensheng 41 Steel billet pig iron import Ace Pressureweld Int'l (Pte) Ltd., 31 Senoko Loop Singapore 758163 Tel: 62577181 Fax: 67587671 Email: [39][email protected] Attn: Miss Lee (extn 111) 42 Automobiles import 43 Aluminium extrusions Stainless steel tableware Road traffic control system import Ever Gross Int'l Imp/Exp Co., Fax: 68948417 Attn: Ng C K Hanbright Pte Ltd., 10 Anson Road, #21-02A, International Plaza, Singapore 079903 Tel: 62230965 Fax: 62230962 Email: [40][email protected] Attn: Jessie Ang 44 Bottles import Ms Saw Leng Tatt Singapore Email: [41][email protected] 45 LPG gas cylinders import P P Mathews (S) Pte Ltd., 19 Peach Garden, Meyer Road, Singapore 437617 Tel: 64406028/64409660 Fax: 64404605 Email: [42][email protected] Attn: P P Mathews 46 Listings of contractors for projects, contractors, engineering companies designers, Government bodies, surveyors Leighton Contractors (Singapore) Pte Ltd., #14-05/06, SGX Centre 2 4 Shenton Way, Singapore 068807 Tel: 63278398 extn: 116 Fax: 63278397 Email: [43][email protected] Attn: Tan Wee Lian 47 Iron nail De Feng Hardware & Engineering Blk 20, Woodlands Link, #01-38 Singapore 738733 Tel: 67555411 Fax: 62573783 Email: [44][email protected] Attn: Jean Liu 48 Pharmaceutical products looking for distributors Amsco Healthcare Marketing Pte Ltd., 10 Pandan Crescent, #02-05 UE Tech Park Singapore 128466 Tel: 67779909 Fax: 67787339 Website: www.Amscohealthcare.com Attn: Raymond Soh 49 Aluminium foil import Orient Packaging Pte Ltd., 51 Ubi Avenue 1, #03-11 Paya Ubi Industrial Park Singapore 408933 Tel: 62664855 Fax: 62664809 Email: [45][email protected] Attn: Melinda Lee 50 Hessian or Jute (sandbags) 8-9lbs mesh 95cm x 65cm @ 50ltrs double stitched at base and single stitch at the throat 52 Dehydrated garlic powder garlic flakes, onion powder, flakes, etc. import import Triquest International Testing Services 30 Bagot Road, Elizabeth South South Australia Tel & Fax: Singapore: 67676546 Email: [46][email protected] Attn: A Rashid Sahari Singapore Branch Manager import . T S Grewal & Co., Robinson Road P O Box: 2524 Singapore 904524 Tel: 62216731 Fax: 62215659 Email: [47][email protected] Attn: Taranjit Singh 53 Freight forwarding companies involved in consolidation, NVOCC, custom brokerage, etc. interested in listings of such companies New Wave Logistics (Singapore) Pte Ltd., Temasek Boulevard, #07-04 Suntec Tower Four, Singapore 038986 Tel: 63350509 Fax: 63338227 Email: [48][email protected] Attn: Uzma Sadiq 54 Freight forwarding Deconsoling of containers Sea/Air freight services Project cargoes All related fields of Freight forwarding like to offer their services Hasn Freight & Transportation Services 810 Geylang Road, #03-06 City Plaza Singapore 409288 Tel: 67455872 Fax: 67433291 Email: [49][email protected] Attn: Hamdan Rahmat 55 Manpower supplier 56 Ms Jean Chua/Emily Mah Hadisons Trading (Singapore) Pte Ltd., 90 Cecil Street, #10-03, Singapore 069531 Tel: 62273373 Fax: 62245787 Email: [50][email protected] Ms Cynthia Teoh Logo Wear Marketing 705 Sims Drive, #04-18A Blk B Shun Li Industrial Complex Singapore 387384 HP: 91833121 Fax: 67472338 Email: [51][email protected] 57 58 Traditional Prime Trees Pte Ltd., 123 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #03-114 Alexandra Village Singapore 150123 Tel: 63773113 Fax: 63773303 Email: [52][email protected] Sarong (lungies) High fashion ladies garments Mr Zip A Lim T-shirts General Manager, from Chennai Century Advertising Services Trading 10 Anson Road, #16-16, Unit 5507, International Plaza, Singapore 079903 Tel: 98539501 Fax: 62933870 Email: [53][email protected] 59 Mr S T Toh Sales Executive Teraforce Distribution Pte Ltd., 71 Jalan Besar, Singapore Tel: 62925650 Fax: 62925240 Website: teraforceonline.com Video games accessories namely playstation 1 playstation 2 60 Ms Patricia Yeow Africa Resources Enterprise 27 Foch Road, #05-05 Hoa Nam Building, Singapore 209264 HP: 92703511 Fax: 65474258 Big Sugar and salt mills 61 Mr Kenny Y L Chiw Assistant Marketing Manager Khong Guan Food Products Pte Ltd., 2 MacTaggart Road (Level 3) Singapore 368078 Tel: 62822511 Fax: 62855868 Email: [54][email protected] Food, biscuits, etc. 62 Mr Peter Lim Director Superfix (Singapore) Pte Ltd., 125, Genting Lane, Singapore 349576 Tel: 67482122, Fax: 67479838 Email: [55][email protected] Aluminium plate sheet, bar (rolling mill) stainless steel plate, & round bar 63 Mr Tan How Khiang Sales & Marketing Manager HydraBaths Asia Pte Ltd., Blk 1026, Tai Seng Ave. #04-3542, Singapore 534413 Tel: 62811229 Fax: 62818783 Bath tub 64 Mr Lee P L Francis Poonggee Trading Company Block 123, Bukit Merah Lane 1, #04-94 Singapore 150123 Tel: 62744377 Fax: 62780917, 62719874 Email: [56][email protected] Stainless steel products 65 Mr K Selvam Cheron Global Private Limited Singapore HP: 90286971 Fax: 64416397 Email: [57][email protected] Iron ore waste oil 66 Mr Abdul Wahab Coral Solutions 88 Arab Street, Singapore 199784 Tel: 67755655 Fax: 62718657 HP: 93856953 Email: [58][email protected] Pens diaries t-shirts various corporate gift items 67 Ms Vina Yeow Zelkova Trading Blk. 20 Toa Payoh Lorong 6 #01-732, Singapore 310020 Tel: 92396026 Fax: 62341396 Email: [59][email protected] Dried coconut fibres 68 Mr/Ms Torrance Goh Cabeto Blk 102, Bt Batok West Ave 6, Singapore 650102 Tel: 67473007 Fax: 67448673 Email: [60][email protected] Beedis 69 Mr Jamaludin Bin Rahmat Adpack Distribution Services Blk 119 #04-254 Pending Road, Singapore 670119 Tel: 68923722 Email: [61][email protected] Plastic mats straw or pp materials 70 Mr Sam Sng, General Manager Kamay Global Pte Ltd., 32 Ang Mo Kio Indl. Park 2 #04-16, Sing Indl. Complex, Singapore 569510 Tel: 64831055 Fax: 64830255 Cotton - facial 71 Ms Jessica Chua M3 Trading & Services 734, Jurong West St. 73, #05-08, Singapore 640734 Fax: 65340331 Goa cashew nut looking for wholesalers/ processors 72 Mr Tat Wai Singapore Tel: 65414235 Fax: 64900695 Email: [62][email protected] aftermint (Sanuf) 73 Ms Rebecca Ivy Ng Lucky Ship Management Pte Ltd., 89, Short Street, #10-03 Golden Wall Centre, Singapore 188216 Tel: 63388155 Fax: 63390877 Iron ore looking for miners 74 Mr Lim Teck Kong Commercial Manager . Haz Consultant Pte. Ltd., 4015, Ang Mo Kio Indl. Park 1 #01-303, Singapore 569631 Tel: 62438813 Fax: 62438813 Email: [63][email protected] Iron ore Natural rubber 75 Mr Harry Goh Sr. Marketing Executive Singapore Test Services Pte Ltd., 249, Jalan Boon Lay, Singapore 619523 Tel: 66607375 Fax: 62612617 Email: [64][email protected] Testing and measuring equipment 76 Mr Vincent Ting Sales Engineer Yeo Eng Koon (S) Pte Ltd., No. 1, Defu Lane 8, Singapore 539305 Tel: 62855995 Fax: 62841298 Mechanical & Engineering Consultants Gas dealers 77 Mr Jere Copytron Office Products Pte Ltd., No. 9 Eunos Ave 8A, Copytron Building Singapore 409461 Tel: 67487800 Fax: 67487843 Copier toner and spare parts 78 Mr Aaghir Yadav Buttcheeks Inc., Swimwear slippers 260 Orchard Road, #05-15a. The Heeren Shops Singapore 238855 Tel: 67353045 Email: [65][email protected] 79 Mr Chua Kim Huat Logistics Manager Presscrete Engineering Pte Ltd., 31 Changi South Ave 2 Singapore 486478 Tel: 654 29315 Fax: 65457880 Email: [66][email protected] Construction equipment 80 Ms Cynthia Teoh, Logo Wear Marketing 705, Sims Drive, #04-18A Blk B, Shun Li Indl. Complex Singapore 387384 HP: 91833121 Fax: 67472338 Email: [67][email protected] High fashion ladies garments 81 Ms Stella Ng Uni Device Singapore Singapore HP: 90031168 Email: [68][email protected] 82. 83 Mr James Wong Mg. Director Star Sin Trading Pte Ltd., Meclink Pte Ltd., No. 10, Sungei Kadut Drive, Singapore 729574 Tel: 63658879 Fax: 63670830 Email: [69][email protected] [70][email protected] Mr Glenn Pileo Bintan Granite Pte Ltd., Singapore TeL; 62534318 Fax: 62544318 Email: [71][email protected] Consumer electronics Electronic Manufacturing Services EMS), PC Makers Flash Card Retailers Ductile iron pipe & fittings, Copper pipe & fittings, Black & Galvanised Steel pipe D Gate valve, Check valve, Globe valve, Swing check valve, Stop valve, Y-Pattern Strainer & Butterfly valve, Gunmetal ball valve, Gate valve, Brass compression Ends Pipe fittings, Rubber Expansion joint., etc. Oxygen plant Looking for: Manufacturers Retailers Import Looking for Manufacturers 84 Mr Rahim Ahmad Regional Director Nafiz Pte Ltd., 16, Jalan Kilang Timor, #04-03, Redhill Forum Singapore 159308 Tel: 63905327 Fax: 65351911 Email: [72][email protected] I 85 86 import ELECTRONIC/COMPUTER/IT & RELATED PRODUCTS Mr Johari Jojo Juarsa South Asia Customer Service Manager Label Systems Authentication, LLC. Singapore HP: 97809963 Email: [73][email protected] Website: www.isauthentication.com II Coal, Iron ore Mobile phones Consumer electronic goods Looking for: Large manufacturers Dairy products Looking for importers Fresh Atta- wheat flour Semolina (Rava) & Appalam (Papadam) Looking for Manufacturers AGRICULTURAL/MARINE/FOOD PRODUCTS Mr Raymond Choudhury Antioch Singapore Trading Pte Ltd., Singapore Tel: 62223622 Fax: 62215750 Email: [74][email protected] 87 Mr Darren Yap Manager, Siem Trading Pte Ltd., Singapore HP: 98480499 Email: [75][email protected] III 88 BUILDING MATERIALS Ms Yuriko KUROSE Assistant Vice President Overseas Business Promotion Division Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd., Singapore Branch Tel: 64160778 Fax: 64160284 Email: [76][email protected] Construction projects Looking for Developers Distributors Construction material Construction Makers material I 89 ELECTRONIC/COMPUTER/ IT & RELATED PRODUCTS Ms Kristin Chai Marketing Executive - Asia Pacific Katun Singapore Pte Ltd., Tel: 67883350 ext 259 Fax: 67884521 Email: [77][email protected] II 90. ENGINEERING GOODS/TOOLS/ SPARES, ETC. Ms Ong B K Admin Dept. Wing Ngai Engineering Pte Ltd., 4 Second Chin Bee Road Singapore 618771 Tel: 68679022 Fax: 62656839 Email: [78][email protected] III Companies dealing in Office supplies/ Office equipment Mild steel raw materials or Steel fabricators In Bombay OTHERS 91 Mr Philip Liau Director RGM International Group Singapore HP: 97482102 Email: [79][email protected] Pulp and Paper Oil Palm Plantation Oil & Gas Industries 92 Mr Raymond Poh Sanyo Energy (S) Corp. Pte Ltd., 260, Orchard Road, #14-01 The Heeren, Singapore 238855 Tel: 68392356 Fax; 67361230 Email: [80][email protected] Energy meters Medical equipment Electronics design house Battery packs 93 Mr Velu Pandian Blk. 113, #06-1716, Jalan Bukit Merah Singapore 160113 Email: [81][email protected] GEMS & JEWLLERY Ms Cindy, Singapore Gems & Metals Co. (Pte) Ltd., 7, Kung Chong Road, Singapore Gems Building, Singapore 159144 Waste paper (loose) Pet bottles Butyl tubes Steel (HMS 1 & HMS 2) 94 Rough gemstones Looking for Suppliers/ Tel: 64759733 Fax; 64746988 Email: [82][email protected] CHEMICALS/PHARMACEUTICALS Mr. Doug Mitchell Director Calibre designs & concepts Tel: 62815009 Fax: 62811959 Email: [83][email protected] Website: www.calibreconcepts.com AGRICULTURAL/MARINE/ FOOD PRODUCTS Miss Cheam Gim Chng Shiro Corporation Pte Ltd., Singapore Tel: 65942262 Fax: 67493083 Email: Cheam Gim Chng - Shiro Website: www.shirocorp.com OTHERS Mr Jeffrey Tee, Aridtec Pte Ltd., Blk. 514, Chai Chee Lane, #05-01 Singapore 469029 Tel: 64428022 Fax; 64425990 Email: [84][email protected] Website: www.aridtec.com Mr RiffLim Manager Singapore Email: [85][email protected] 95 96 97 98 99 100 LEATHER PRODUCTS Mr David Cheong, Mg. Director Cheong And Mun Trading Pte Ltd., Blk. 1016, Yishun Indl. Park A #01-230, Singapore 768758 Tel: 62983180 Fax: 62570249 Email: [86][email protected] Website: www.sofarepair.com.sg CHEMICALS/ PHARMACEUTICALS Mr B K Tham Mg. Director Leo AutoGas Pte Ltd., 80, Jalan Daud, #05-02 Windy Heights, Singapore 419591 Tel: 67425535 Fax: 67485019 Email: [87][email protected] Website: www.leoautogas.com manufacturers Urea Single Super Phosphate Looking at 20ft and 40 ft. containers Looking for reputable Suppliers Canned Green Peas Looking for suppliers Specializing in Atmospheric water Generators Water purifiers Looking for distributors Henna Looking for suppliers Finished leather Looking for Manufacturers/ suppliers Phenyl acetone Looking for Manufacturers/ suppliers . 101 102 103 104 ELECTRONIC/COMPUTER RELATED PRODUCTS Mr Sailor Wong Firepro Building Systems Pte Ltd., 629, Aljunied Road, #05-18, Cititech Ind. Bldg., Singapore 389838 Tel: 67463278 Email: [88][email protected] Website: www.fireprosystems.com ENGINEERING GOODS/ TOOLS/SPARES, ETC Mr Tan Tee Juan International Business Co-ordinator Singapore Tel:/Fax: 65844619 Email: [89][email protected] OTHERS Ms Liwei Business Development InSiPhil (S) Pte Ltd., Tel: 64927506 Fax: 63165373 Email: [90][email protected] Website: www.telesensory.com 107 Wire mesh Split set/rock bolt Looking for Manufacturers/ suppliers Low vision magnifier Looking for Distributors/ Importers Airconditioning Services/parts HVAC/ACMV Looking for Distributors/ Contractors/ Traders Glass vacuum Bottles/mugs Stainless steel cookware Looking for Distributors/agents Cell and Solar modules Looking for Manufacturers OTHERS Lee Chee Keong Manager Thermos (Singapore) Pte Ltd., 16, Arumugam Road, #05-02 Lion Building D Singapore 409961 Tel: 67494100 Fax; 67492969 Email: [91][email protected] 106 Looking for Distributors/ suppliers ENGINEERING GOODS/ TOOLS/SPARES Mr Loh Zheng Ming, Kelvin Manager (Project & Business Dev.) AirCond. Network Pte Ltd., Blk. 2 Defu Lane 10, #01-507 Singapore 539183 Tel: 62877887 Fax: 62850062 Email: [92][email protected] 105 Security CCTV products Mr Albin Tan General Manager KISCO (Asia) Pte Ltd., 101 Thomson Road #30-02/04, United Square, Singapore 307591 Tel: 62553188 Fax: 62553867 Email: [93][email protected] Mr Liang Kin Director, Asia Human Resources LG Electronics Asia 8, Temasek Boulevard #26-01 Suntec Tower 3, Singapore 038988 Tel: 64947283 Email: [94][email protected] 108 109 110 111 112 Mr.Bill General Manager BBS Resources AB No. 37 Penjuru Lane #01-01 Singapore 609215 . Tel : 65-63003657 Fax : 65-63340459, Email: [95][email protected] Yadu Ravi Indra, Sales & Marketing Executive, Fullmark Sales Pte Ltd., 10, Soon Lee Road, Jurong Town, 4th Floor, Fullmark Indl. Building, Singapore 628074 Tel: 62686878 Fax: 62659980 Email: [96][email protected] Ms Linda Ang Business Development Executive Dreamgate (S) Pte Ltd., Singapore HP: 96164488 Email: [97][email protected] Mr.Henry Pang Director Kingment Asia Pte Ltd 190 Middle Road #19-05 Fortune Centre Singapore 188979 Tel: 65-64458685 Fax: 65-68760451 Mobile: 65-91992088 Email: [98][email protected] Mr. Denis Director Looking for Global MNCs American, Japanese, Korean with Regional Headquarters in India Writing Instruments Looking for Suppliers/ distributors of stationery Security control Systems and Time management products Looking for Suppliers/ distributors of stationery Slots/system and Table games for Cruise ships Looking for Suppliers/ Distributors of Gaming machines Olive Oil Looking for manufacturers Garments Looking for Suppliers/manufacturers Engineering company Setting up office in India East Europe Marketing Pte Ltd Tel: 65-98325703 Email: [99][email protected] 113 Mr. G V Kumar Managing Director P-Way Construction & Engineering Pte Ltd Email: [100][email protected] 114 Mr. Ramesh Gopidasan Planning Engineer 35 Pioneer Road Unit J7 Singapore 628503 Tel: 65-68618006 Fax: 65-68632865 Email: [101][email protected] 115 Mr. Lim H G, 1A, Jalan Perang Taman Pelangi 80400 Johor Bahru Tel: 019-7776969 Fax: 07-3322990 Email: [102][email protected] Mr. Darren Vincet Export Sales Manager Trung Nguyen International Holding Pte Ltd 116 333 North Bridge Road #06-00, KH KEA Building Singapore 188721 Tel: 65-63774067 Fax: 65-63774069 Email: [103][email protected] 117 Mr. Mohamed Ali Managing Partner 10 Anson Road #26-04 International Plaza Singapore 079903 Tel: 65-90295574 Email: [104][email protected] 118 Ms.Fanny Tan Marketing Executive Singapore Test Services Pte Ltd 249 Jalan Boon Lay Singapore 619523 Tel: 65-66607315 Fax: 65-62612617 Email: [105][email protected] Website: www.test.com.sg 119 Mr. Wilson Yeo Roulands PTC Pte Ltd 1F, No 7, Alley 12, Lane 140 Jang San Road, Yingge Jen Taipei Hsien, Taiwan PC 239 Tel: 65-83005808 Email: [106][email protected] 120 Mr. G. Raghu No.7 Hindoo Road Singapore Tel: 91056542 121 Ms.Peggy Ho Setting up office in India Poultry products Looking for suppliers Coffee Looking for importers Electronic Products Looking for distributors Looking for testing companies Belts & Hoses Looking for suppliers Wooden Flooring Export to India Import Fishes to 122 ITC Import & Export Pte Ltd 451 Joo Chiat Road #03-09 Singapore 427664 Mobile: 84849938 Email: [107][email protected] Singapore Mr.Letch Director Ajuven (Dealing in Ship Spare Parts) 100 Jalan Sultan ,#03-24 Sultan Plaza Singapore 199001 Email: [108][email protected] Enquiry for Agricultural & Marine [109]Download 1. [110]Arts & Humanities 2. [111]Communications 3. 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http://studylib.net/doc/6993117/nso---berghahn-books 133. http://studylib.net/doc/7241105/project-log--future-cities-interreg-ivb-project 134. http://studylib.net/doc/7235884/south-east-london-network-cns-clincs-referral-form 135. http://studylib.net/doc/6936684/3rd-international-asian-conference-on-cancer-screening 136. http://studylib.net/doc/7324288/ms-word-version

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