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#[1]ICRA labels [2]Go to next page of results [3]Go to previous page of results AskJolene - the ultimate porn search engine baby pedo___________ [IMAGE]-Submit [4]Submit a story * [5]Movies * [6]Galleries * [7]Cams * [8]Stories * [9]Directory * [10]Community Found 663 results on 245 sites by 245 authors for baby pedo, page 2 Sorted by relevance [11]Sort by relevance[12]Sort by newest [13]Bright [14]ANOTHER MIKE THE SOCCER COACH (part 2) - [15]See all parts March 5, 2009 - 5,300 words - He'd wound up with a real live pedo priest. Maybe he'd let him watch while he jacked off. A. Carl, Don and Tony had just confined themselves to watching each other have sex with baby Kevin, but Carl had begun to wonder what it would be like with one of his friends, too. A. You tellin' me it wouldn't turn you on to show off your pedo prick to a pedo priest who likes little boys like you do? A pedo priest who fucked a ten year old boy down the A. "Open up, my son, and let me see that baby-fucker meat." Carl stood up, opened the door, and then without waiting stepped out, or more waddled out since his pants were bunched at his ankles. A. By: [16]DannyR Tags: [17]erotic, [18]erotic encounters, [19]hardcore [20]STIFFTEEN AND SWEETLIPS October 17, 2007 - 6,600 words - STIFFTEEN AND SWEETLIPS Part One By POKER Mf, pedo, romance Chapter One Hey There Lonely Girl Janet Noakes climbed the stairs to the flat. She was alone as usual. All of her school friends lived on the other side of the school on the council estate. A. "That's it baby, pull on my hard dick." At David's encouragement, Janet took a hold with both hands and masturbated his hard meat. Growing in confidence every second, Janet pulled back and forth, feeling the pent up power in her teenage lover's body. A. "Uh... Do you want to kiss it baby?" Janet looked up at him and nodded. Licking her lips she bobbed her head forward and gave it a peck on the end. David's prick A. By: [21]beastlovisback Tags: [22]pedo [23]Daddy & Susan Pedo February 26, 2011 - 1,700 words His thick tongue reached out and licked where I like to rub..."Oh baby girl " he moaned. I cried out a little when he sucked on my little pink nubby thing. It felt SO good !!! Daddy took me into his bedroom, carrying me . He layed me on my back and spread my little legs wide. A. " I yelped a little as I cam all over daddy's lips ..." Yes baby , give daddy all of it ....cum for daddy honey !! " he licked me harder ! Finally, he rolled me to my side, and asked if I wanted to lick him too !! Boy , did I !! I had thought about a man's thing since I saw Mark's !!! Daddy sadi " come here baby ...suck on daddy's cock ....make it feel good for me .... A. By: [24]calofthwlf@aol.com [25]Inducing Puberty, I April 12, 2008 - 1,300 words ** I N D U C I N G <3 P U B E R T Y PART I: The Start of Treatment By Softspot softspot_news@trashmail.net Tags: M/g, incest, baby, pedo, med, sleepy, bizzare ** One night after a long day at my pediatric practice, I decided to catch up on my research involving medical studies. Then, I ran across a study involving the induction of puberty in girls with Turner Syndrome. The very idea of having that kind of control over a girl made my cock twinge; A. I then went to bed, and dreamed of a baby making babies. END PART I ** Constructive criticism and non-flaming comments can be emailed to the author at the provided address. -- Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is A. By: [26]Softspot [27]Christmas Story February 26, 2011 - 2,500 words http://mailplus.yahoo.com <1st attachment, "Christmas Story (MFb pedo beast anal extreme blasphemy).txt" begin> A note: We thought that a note prefacing this story might be appropriate, first to provide a bit of background and also to do something we have never done before -- issue a warning. First, the background. A. Kisses, quivering_flesh@yahoo.com __ "Christmas Story" (MFb pedo beast anal extreme blasphemy) When I heard the of a new-born baby in Bethlehem, rumored to be the son of God, I thought nothing of it and continued about my business. Then more rumors arrived. A. The woman was holding a baby, nursing it. A. By: [28]Quivering Flesh [29]I Thought We Were Going Camping (part 2) - [30]See all parts June 23, 2009 - 16,200 words It also felt so gross to her and even though the skin there was so wrinkly and thick, it always formed droplets of sweat on the surface that made her want to puke and made her delicate finger tips stick to it whenever she had to lightly play with his 2 pedo cum-laden balls... Even though their very illegal intimate engagement was unexpectedly cut short, he was actually glad that the immense pressure of her baby mouth coupled with her smooth little stroker-tongue had been able to subside before the brink of pedo cummage. This allowed his nuts to fill up with more scalding seed with which to eventually coat and terrify her with, as well as make her work that cock all over A. By: [31]Lancer [32]PAW'S GONNA POUND MY PUSSY March 5, 2009 - 12,100 words - Tellin' me how I'm his pedo pussy boy slut's more his speed. A. He's jus' a hard-workin'...well, when he kin find a job...god-fearin' man who does what he has to do to get him some relief, n most of it's my fault anyway, so come Judgment Day, he's gonna repent sinnin' with me all them times, n then, well, baby Jesus will welcome him into the kingdom of heaven. I jus' hope he don't get no hardon when that happens. A. I was gonna whomp Morty upside the head, cause I'm way bigger'n him, shit, it's almos' like he's a kindergarten baby. A. Paw says folks would figger him for a pedo if they knew bout him n me, but paw ain't no pedo. A. By: [33]DannyR Tags: [34]gay, [35]hardcore, [36]taboo [37]Another Mike (part 7) - [38]See all parts November 23, 2005 - 8,300 words Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 06:47:10 -0500 From: Danny Harris <dr_harris_81@hotmail.com&g t; Subject: Another Mike 07 (MM, M/b, MMMM/bbbb, oral, anal, incest, ws, pedo) ANOTHER MIKE THE SOCCER COACH, Part 7 Part 7: A Tale of Two Cherries 1 by DannyR Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. A. (6) had been fucked by his dad, while the little assholes of Marco (4) and Eddie (2) were still virgin, (c) Don had fucked a three-year-old on a recent trip to Mexico, and (d) Carl's baby, little Kevin, just loved having grown men cum on him, piss on him, and swallow down their cum and piss in his tiny mouth. And speaking of piss, or rather pissed, that's just how Susan was feeling about him. A. By: [39]Danny Harris [40]Road Kill (part 2) - [41]See all parts March 15, 2006 - 3,000 words SiteBuilder - Free, easy-to-use web site design software http://sitebuilder.yahoo.com <1st attachment, "Road Kill Part 2 of 4 (MFg pedo incest ws con).txt" begin> Hey, this is my story, so don't steal it! Repost elsewhere if you want, but leave it A. Kisses, quivering_flesh@yahoo.com __ "Road Kill, Part 2 of 4 (MFg pedo incest ws cons)" I was making breakfast when the mom came in, all bleary eyed, her robe still hanging open. A. "Cum, baby, cum for me baby," I whispered to her. She cried out, her face contorted in pleasure. A. I felt her hand on my crotch, squeezing me. "That's OK, baby," I said. "You don't have to, you know." "I want to do it regular. A. By: [42]Quivering Flesh [43]BABYSITTING LITTLE AMY PEDO October 17, 2007 - 8,900 words - I really did have a little girls parents ask me to baby-sit and she was really standing behind her mothers legs as naked as a jaybird. She was absolutely gorgeous and I have been attracted to little girls even back then when I was sixteen, in fact since I first knew what my dick was. Consider this a fantasybio from your author. A. The baby fat child mound that was split right down the middle and her little perfectly shaped ass that I swear I could have wrapped in the palm of one hand. As my eyes watched her while she called her Mommy and said, Mommy, the paperboy is at the door, I started to think all of those thoughts that I knew I shouldnt think at all. A. By: [44]beastlovisback Tags: [45]pedo, [46]preteen, [47]taboo Sponsored links: IFRAME: [48]http://askjolene.ero-advertising.com/userads/askjolene/banner.160x600.php?qr=baby+pedo [49]<< Previous[50]1[51]2[52]3[53]4[54]5[55]6[56]7[57]8[58]9[59]10[60]11[61]12[62]13[63]14[64]15[65]16[66]Next >> baby pedo___________ [IMAGE]-Submit Sponsored link: IFRAME: [67]http://askjolene.ero-advertising.com/userads/askjolene/banner.920x250.php?qr=baby+pedo Quick Links >> About AskJolene >> Popular Searches >> * [68]Movie search * [69]Gallery search * [70]Cam search * [71]Story search * [72]Porn Directory * [73]AskJolene Blogs * [74]Log into your account * [75]Sign up for an account * [76]AskJolene porn search engine * [77]AskJolene news and updates * [78]Advertise with us * [79]Our terms * [80]Search tips * [81]Surf safely * [82]Press releases * [83]Contact info * [84]Latina porn * [85]Big Tits porn * [86]Cuckold porn * [87]Indian porn * [88]Erotic "erotic Encounters" Har... porn * [89]Teendreams porn * 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