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How did both teams qualify for the quarterfinals well for Sweden, the top group of a group which included Germany, the defending champions and played Switzerland in the round of 16 and grinded their way to a 1 nil win this one made sure that Sweden continued a fairytale Run at the 2018 World Cup well for England, they purposely placed second in Group G to avoid a more seemingly difficult bracket, where inevitably they would have met the mighty Brazil or did they purposely lose that match versus Belgium for real? Sweden vs England Live Free Online Sweden vs England Live Free Online WATCH Sweden vs England Live Streaming Free Now I'm just kidding but yeah guys, I'm only joking around with that. They met Colombia in the round of 16 and they played each other to a very, very physical and nervy affair, which ended 1-1. After extra time, the game went to penalties and England came out shocked winners off that penalty shootout. Like guys, could you actually believe that England won a penalty shootout? Wow also note guys that the referee came under very heavy criticism from the fans and the Colombian team, but with three potential matches left England are actually celebrating an early World Cup victory saying that the World Cup is coming home, is it overconfidence or they underestimated their Opponents, or is it simply meant to inspire the English team to a very improbable World Cup victory? Who can they meet in the semi-finals? Well, the winner will meet the winner of the Russia vs. Croatia. Fixture has Sweden and England live up to my 2018 World Cup expectations for Sweden. I did predict that they would make it to the round of 16 and play Brazil and get smashed out of the 28 e World Cup, but when that collision cost averted, who knows what the team who down France during qualifiers, qualified ahead of both Netherlands and Italy? How to watch Sweden vs England Live The team would top Group F ahead of Germany and Mexico not to include South Korea and the team who smashed Switzerland in the round of 16 has in store for us. Sweden has definitely exceeded my expectations. Well for England, they have lived up to my expectations, reaching all the way to the quarterfinals, like I predicted. Is there something special brewing for the 1966 champs, but let the football talk approach each fixture with respect and humbleness and the football gods surely would ignore you. But with that said, let the battle begin. They black gods of Sweden versus the three lions of England in a clash where the winner will continue reaching for that elusive World Cup star, which brings us the head-to-head how many times of Sweden at England met each other in the past? Where to watch Sweden vs England FIFA Match Live Well, these two teams have met each other on 24 occasions: eight wins for England, seven wins for Sweden and nine games ending in Jaws. Back in 2002, the match ended in a 1-1 draw and again in 2006, it ended in a 2-2 draw as well. The last manage of the in an international friendly back in 2012 and the match ended 4-2 in favor of the Swedes, three players to watch for both teams. Well, for Sweden, email fosberg, he really came to life versus the Swiss. He would need to put in another big performance for the blue and yellows, and another goal will surely help to conquer England, Markus Berg still with no goals at the tournament so far. But this would be a perfect time to convert one of his many many chances vs. England guys pray for Markus Berg. Please do andreas grant Chris at the time of making this video he is still expecting a newborn baby. Will this continue to inspire el capitan to steer his ship on the path to work up glory? I think that's the ultimate plan for England, Harry Kane, England skipper they go to man. Sweden vs England Live Stream Free TV Link The 2018 World Cups leading goal scorer with six goals. Can Harry Kane continue to carry England on his back? Well, we will know the answer to that question. Very soon, Jordan Henderson he had his penalty, save vs Colombia in the penalty shootout, and this will surely be on his mind. But can Henderson show that he is made of steel? Forget about what happened in penalty shoot-out come out in this match, vs Sweden and put in a big performance for England. Could he do it or will Sweden look to turn up the pressure on the Liverpool captain, Jordan pigfoot with his big left hand, it's safe to win the penalty shootout for England. He must be buzzing with confidence right now, but the England number one shot stopper will need to stay switched on and will need to keep his full bust against a very, very tricky Swedish attack, best 11 for both teams. Well, for Sweden, Yarmouth in plays a 4-4-2 formation expect to see Robin Olson in goal. Sweden vs England Predictions Viktor Lindelof and andreas grandes as the center halves other Stinson and las big as the full-backs Sebastian Lawson and Albin ik. Now as the whole in midfielders, Claussen and forsberg. As the white man and Ola Troy, Benin and Marcus bird up top, and for my super sub ice hockey settle in England, we should expect Gareth Southgate to deploy a 3-5-2 formation. We should expect to see Jordan pigfoot in goal: Kyle Walker, Harry Maguire and John stones. As a three centre backs, I would like to see: Danny Rose, get a start as the left wing back and over on the right, Kieran chipiya in the middle of the field. I would expect to see Jordan, Henderson and above him I would take out Delhi Ally and bring in Ruben Loftus cheek to partner Jesse lingard in the attacking midfield position and above them Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy. I would start with body he looked really really lively in that match. Vs Colombia and I think that he is a bigger threat than Raheem Sterling, no bias, because I'm a Manchester City fan no bias here and for the super sub Marcus rash, but but ice. For my prediction, this is a hard one to make it's a hard one to make. Oh man, but guys I am brave. I am bold. Sweden vs England Goals I am not afraid of what people have to say: negative things: okay, Sweden vs. England, Sweden, all men. I say this as a really gritty team: they're, not pretty, but a gritty they get the job done. The biggest star in this team is email, fosberg and he's not even that big, no slapping Ibrahim rich but they're in the quarterfinals of the 2018 World Cup. No henrik larsson, you nah mean, and they in the quarter-final of the 2018 workup guys. Could you believe this? Could you guys believe this? They have players playing in the MLS playing for Sweden. Do you guys believe this whoa whoa whoa no disrespect to the MLS, but well Sweden in the quarter-finals one gritty, ass team? They get the job done it's portable and believe me, guys, it'll be hard to put one past them for England. For England, they're tricky tricky team to predict. First, two matches Tunisia, Panama, well, Tunisia, oh really give them a run for their money, Panamera brushed aside, and let me switch things up vs. Sweden vs England Live Update Belgium feel it a bit team lost that game came into the round of 16 play Colombia and that game was a controversial game, to say the least, the Colombians they really played a rough team. You know I'm saying they played dirty, they played rough football, but they were lacking the creativity through Hamas Rodriguez who couldn't feature in the game and they lost they lost. They fought really hard. They pull back. One go to URI: Mina took the game to 120 minutes, but they fell short in the penalty shootout, great job by England, winning that penalty shootout first time they have done it at the FIFA World Cup. Bravo, Bravo! But the thing is after winning that penalty shootout. You know, I think, the English they got carried a week. I think they got carried away. I could sense a bit of overconfidence here started saying the World Cup is coming home. FIFA World Cup 2018 Sweden vs England Live You know started saying you know, I mean they're. Basically, gon na win the World Cup they're gon na win the World Cup underestimated Sweden underestimate in Russia or four we sure and underestimate in France, Uruguay, Brazil and Belgium, and I don't like that. I despise this. I just despise this approach. I despise the approach and it might not be the England team itself. You might not be the players, but the fans, you got a chill, you got a chill. You got ta take every game one day at a time can't underestimate Sweden. World Cup matches vs, Sweden, zero wins, jaws, finishing draws the last time they played Sweden, they lost. Sweden is a bogey team for England, Sweden is a bogey team for everybody. Believe me, Sweden, man, guys I'm gon na go in for one nail win for Sweden. Hate me all love me, I don't give a I'm gon na say: Sweden won England 0-0. If England has to win this match. Let me see this hurricane has to come big. He has to pull off something magical or they have to stop body, and he have to put some, but it's gon na be hard to break down the Swedish defense. My word and guys I don't know where to find a spot, but they find a way to come up with a lot of chances, Markus Berg Markus burger need to like Marcus Berg. Sweden vs England Live Free Feed You need to score. You need to score. He has the most chances so far at the world cup without scoring a single goal. Okay, so Sweden won England. There is my final prediction: okay guys, it's only my opinion, only my thoughts. I know I know I know I might get a lot of backlash for this, but I don't give a so that's a question of the date question of the dude. If the Sweden vs. England quarterfinal match this 2018 World Cup, somehow finish is level after extra time and also penalties. Do you guys think that England could win successive penalty shootouts? Let me know your answer in the comment section down below. Well, you want to hear my answer, I think yeah. Why not? But I don't think it's gon na go to penalty shootouts. I don't want it to so guys. If you're new to the channel make sure you click the subscribe button smash the thumbs up button. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below. I don't ill next time: peace out, rich * [17]Share on Facebook. * [18]Share on Twitter. * [19]Share on Google+ * [20]Pin It! 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