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Canada is a land of diverse people and majestic landscapes. More than 1,30,000 students choose Canada for higher studies every year. International Students carry their rich culture to the Canadian classrooms which welcome their knowledge and skills to their Colleges and Universities. The provinces manage Colleges, Universities and Education in Canada. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Canada spends more per capita on its Education System than any other country. For more details, students can fetch information from the College or University in which they wish to study. Canada is a dream educational destination of many students. Canadian Institutes with first-class infrastructure offer an easy access to a wide variety of technologies. As Canada is one of the safest countries for pursuing education. Studying in Canada opens up a vast pool of opportunities for you. Canada offers an exciting environment to International students. It is very popular destination for students who want to earn a globally-recognized degree. In terms of Education, Canada is one of the most developed countries in both secondary and higher education. Canada is known for its quality-education and excellence in studies. Canadian degree is considered of great value which is equivalent to US, Australia, New Zealand and other European countries. Why Study in Canada? Reasons to Join Canadian Institutes study in canada Huge number of collective courses with practical approach make Canada one of the best destinations to continue higher study overseas. The foremost goal of Canadian Education System is to ensure success in every aspect of life. One more reason that makes Canada a dream education destination is that it enables International Students holding a Canadian degree to work across the globe in highly reputable sectors. Various specialization programs under diploma, degree, and postgraduate diploma are offered at around 250 Institutions nationwide. International students can continue Education in Canada's top Universities because of the reasonable fee structure as compared to other nations. Canadian degrees are well reputed. International students can expect to be assisted in their University studies by such resources and services as orientation sessions, support programs, academic advising, prayer rooms, safe walk programs, student clubs, and aid with medical issues and accommodation hurdles. International students can often work while they study and take advantage of many cooperative Education and Internship opportunities. Moreover, there are huge number of benefits of studying in Canada. 1. Multicultural Society: Canada provides a multicultural environment to International students. Students from different parts of the world are studying in Canadian Institutes so it is the main attraction of Canadian Institutes for International students. Toronto and Ontario are declared as the best International cities by Fortune Magazine. 2. Canadian Lifestyle: Canada is the best residential area of the world according to UN survey. Canada is ranked as number One for the past 9 consecutive years. Canada gets a high score because of its high-quality Education System, less crime rate, less violence, reasonable living cost etc. 3. Work Opportunities: Students can work part-time in Canada during their academic course by which they can be able to pay their daily expenses. The maximum duration of part time work is 20 hours/Week. Where students who have opted co-op program can work full time. 4. Living standard: International students usually get fascinated by the living style of Canadians because they have higher living standard. Major cities of Canada have a variety of shopping centres, art centres, restaurants, Colleges, Universities etc. Moreover, post-secondary campuses of Canada are wired with the latest sophisticated technology. 5. Reasonable expenses: Inflation rate in Canada is one of the lowest as compared to industrial countries, in the past three years. Tuition fees for International students in Canada is much lower than their counterparts in competing countries. Moreover, educational quality of Canadian Institutes is excellent in very affordable fees. So, admissions in Canadian Institutes are more competitive for International Students. Requirements to Study in Canada Eligibility Criteria requirements for study in canada There are several requirements to get admission in Canadian Institutes, which students have to meet, whether it is an undergraduate or a postgraduate program. But the requirement criteria may vary depending on the field of studies and other relevant factors. Students must have an offer letter of the College/University before applying for a study permit. Some documents are also required for the Canadian Visa process. 1. A valid passport: Passport is the main requirement for any kind of visa. Students need a valid passport to become eligible to apply for a Study Permit. According to the Canadian High Commission, students must have a passport with a validity to cover the intended stay in Canada. 2. Proof of Funds: Students have to show Proof of Funds at the time of Study Visa Application. Such funds are to prove that a student has enough money to pay tuition fees as well as daily expenses. These funds include charges for one year stay as well as fair for a return to home country. 3. Passport Size Photographs: Students need two passport sized photographs of given standards. Note: + Image size should be at least 35 mm X 45 mm. + The Image should not be older than 6 months. + Background should be plain or white. 4. Immigration Medical Examination (IME): International Students who want to go to Canada for higher study have to pass through a compulsory Immigration Medical Examination. Students have to visit the listed doctors for a Medical examination, preferably a week before the start of Visa Application. Apart from the above, additional documents may be requested by the Interviewer. These may include: * Academic Documents * Score Card of Language Proficiency Test * 2 letters of recommendations * Scholarship letter (if applicable) How to Apply Canadian Study Visa Canada Study Visa Process how to apply study visa Students must have a Canadian Study Permit in order to Study in Canada. Application can be applied Online or through a paper application. This paper application can be obtained from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website. But it is recommendable to check the processing time in advance as Paper Applications typically take about twice as long. Here is the process for obtaining a Canadian Student Visa: 1. Check the processing time: The procedure of visa application usually takes 3-4 weeks. So, students must go through the Canadian consulate website to know the approximate time required for the process of student visa. Always remember, the time shown on the website is just an estimate, not a guarantee. 2. Determine your way to apply: There are two ways to apply for Student Visa. + Online: A student must have access to a scanner or camera to generate copies of your documents for uploading and a valid credit card for fee payment for applying Visa online. + In person: Download the application form after reading the instructions carefully. Complete your application form with the help of these instructions. 3. Fill a consent form to get the full assistance of Visa Filing Process. You can get help of consultants for this process. 4. Pay Processing Fee: Visa fees in addition to embassy charges must be paid to complete the application process. This processing fee is non-refundable. Moreover, if your spouse/common-law partner/children are accompanying you on your temporary visa, then appropriate processing fees must be paid for them. 5. Submit your application: After processing fee, submission of application form is must. The student will receive a receipt containing a unique tracking number. 6. After successful approval of your visa application, candidates will receive a notification requesting passport by Canadian Government. Students should not worry about their visa process, Pyramid provides proper guidance about the application process. Work while Study in Canada Earn while Studying study visa consultants for canada International Students have an opportunity of working in Canada during their study. By this, they can earn enough to pay their daily expenses. Permission of working hours is different according to the type of course. Usually, students can work up to 20 hours per week during the course and can work full time during the vacations. There are ample number of Colleges and Universities which offer Co-op/internship programs to the students. Canada offers a number of work permit programs to International Students, their spouses or common law partners. 1. Working off-campus: Students have facility to work up to 20 hours per week during regular academic sessions and full time during scheduled breaks on Off-Campus Work Permit in Canada. 2. Co-op/ internships: These programs are available for such International students, for whom intended employment is an essential part of their study program, as certified by their Canadian academic institution. 3. On-campus work opportunities: Students having valid study permits are eligible to work on-campus at the Canadian institutions. Business Partners in Canada Universities and Colleges in Canada Sr. No. Institution Name Campus 1. Alexander College Burnaby, Vancouver 2. FDU Vancouver 3. University of Canada West Vancouver 4. Waterloo University Ontario 5. Lakehead University Ontario 6. Brock University Ontario 7. Capilano University Vancouver 8. Cape Breton University Nova Scotia 9. University of Saskatchwen Saskatchewan 10. University of Manitoba Manitoba 11. University of New Bruinswick Fredericton, Saint John 12. Trent University Ontario 13. University of Western Ontario Ontario 14. Algonquin College Ontario 15. Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology Ontario 16. Vancouver Island University Vancouver 17. Vancouver Community College Vancouver 18. University of Fraser Valley British Columbia 19. St.Lawrence College Ontario 20. St.Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology Ontario 21. Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning Ontario 22. Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology Ontario 23. Selkirk College British Columbia 24. Sault College Ontario 25. Saskatchwen Polytechnic Saskatchwen 26. Parkland College Saskatchewan 27. Okanagan College British Columbia 28. Northern Lights British Columbia 29. Northern College Ontario 30. Niagra College Ontario 31. Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology Ontario 32. Medicine Hat College Alberta 33. Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technologies Manitoba 34. Loyalist College of Applied Arts and Technology Ontario 35. LaSale College Montreal 36. Lambton College of Applied Arts and Technology Ontario 37. Canadore College Ontario 38. College of New Caledonia British Columbia 39. College of the Rockies British Columbia 40. Columbia College Vancouver 41. Conestoga College Ontario 42. Durham College Ontario 43. Fleming College Ontario 44. Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology Ontario 45. Confederation College of Applied Arts and Technology Ontario 46. Humber College Institute of Learing and Advanced Learning Ontario 47. Kwantlen Polytechnic University British Columbia Apply Now for Free Career Counselling Name * Please Enter Name. ____________________ Contact Number * Please Enter Valid Contact No. ____________________ Email ID * Please Enter Valid Email Id. ____________________ City * Please Enter City. ____________________ Message * Please Enter Message. ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ 0/250 (submit) Submit Have a question or need a custom quote? 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