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[1]Pastelink.net * [2]F.A.Q. * [3]Contact * [4]Read Share Advertisement [5]Disable Third Party Ads Citizens arrest of Town Crier (94022) "employees",er,myredbook/ps CRIMINALS Public 15 January 2018 Views: 11 Jan 15 2018, about 4:00 a.m.,California, United States time Every SINGLE person that has worked for the Los Altos (94022) Town Crier in ANY CAPACITY (custodians, occasi onal contributors, window washers, etc included), from Jan 14 1901 ( to cover all bases) and good through Ja n 14 OF 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999, 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 you are UNDER CITIZENS arrest IMMEDIATELY for RAPE PERJURY WITNESS INTIMIDATION ATTEMPTED MURDER STALKING CYBER STALKING ILLEGAL HACKING BRIBERY EXTORTION ASSAULT with INTENT TO MURDER ASSAULT with GREAT BODILY INJURY BLACKMAIL SEXUAL ASSAULT MOLESTATION TAX EVASION SUBORN(ING) PERJURY KICKBACK PROVIDING KICKBACK RECEIVING PIMPING BEING MADAMS LIBEL WRITING SLANDER BULLYING INTENTIONALLY CAUSING PEOPLE TO ATTEMPT SUICIDE INTENTIONALLY CAUSING PEOPLE TO COMMIT SUICIDE SOLICITING MURDER SOLICITING RAPE SOLICITING ASSAULT WITH INTENT TO MURDER SOLICITING STALKING SOLICITING MOLESTATION SOLICITING ILLEGAL HACKING SOLICITING PERJURY SOLICITING ASSAULT USING ILLEGAL DRUGS (ECSTASY,LSD,COCAINE,METH,HEROIN, SPECIAL K) SELLING ILLEGAL DRUGS (ECSTASY,LSD,COCAINE,METH,HEROIN, SPECIAL K) MANUFACTURING ILLEGAL DRUGS (ECSTASY,LSD,COCAINE,METH,HEROIN, SPECIAL K) AIDING AND ABETTING RAPE AIDING AND ABETTING PERJURY AIDING AND ABETTING WITNESS INTIMIDATION AIDING AND ABETTING ATTEMPTED MURDER AIDING AND ABETTING STALKING AIDING AND ABETTING CYBER STALKING AIDING AND ABETTING ILLEGAL HACKING AIDING AND ABETTING BRIBERY AIDING AND ABETTING EXTORTION AIDING AND ABETTING ASSAULT with INTENT TO MURDER AIDING AND ABETTING ASSAULT with GREAT BODILY INJURY AIDING AND ABETTING BLACKMAIL AIDING AND ABETTING SEXUAL ASSAULT AIDING AND ABETTING MOLESTATION AIDING AND ABETTING TAX EVASION AIDING AND ABETTING SUBORN(ING) PERJURY AIDING AND ABETTING KICKBACK PROVIDING AIDING AND ABETTING KICKBACK RECEIVING AIDING AND ABETTING PIMPING AIDING AND ABETTING MADAMS AIDING AND ABETTING LIBEL WRITING AIDING AND ABETTING SLANDER AIDING AND ABETTING BULLYING AIDING AND ABETTING THE SOLICITATION OF MURDER AIDING AND ABETTING THE SOLICITATION OF RAPE AIDING AND ABETTING THE SOLICITATION OF ASSAULT WITH INTENT TO MURDER AIDING AND ABETTING THE SOLICITATION OF STALKING AIDING AND ABETTING THE SOLICITATION OF MOLESTATION AIDING AND ABETTING THE SOLICITATION OF ILLEGAL HACKING AIDING AND ABETTING THE SOLICITATION OF PERJURY AIDING AND ABETTING THE SOLICITATION OF ASSAULT (AND G*D KNOWS HOW MANY OTHER FELONIES) (THIS APPLIES TO 200TH COUSINS, 2 MILLIONTH COUSINS, AUNTS, UNCLES, STEP SISTERS, STEP DAUGHTERS, STEP BROTH ERS, STEP SONS, 1 MILLIONTH WIVES, 1 MILLIONTH HUSBANDS, GRANDMOTHERS, GRANDFATHERS, SONS, DAUGHTERS, NIECES , STEP NIECES, STEP NEPHEWS, NEPHEWS, ETC, AS WELL, OF ANYONE EVER EMPLOYED AT THE LOS ALTOS TOWN CRIER ) (ALL EMPLOYEES OF THE LOS ALTOS TOWN CRIER, AS WELL AS THEIR 200TH COUSINS, 2 MILLIONTH COUSINS, AUNTS, UNCL ES, STEP SISTERS, STEP DAUGHTERS, STEP BROTHERS, STEP SONS, 1 MILLIONTH WIVES, 1 MILLIONTH HUSBANDS, GRANDMO THERS, GRANDFATHERS, SONS, DAUGHTERS, NIECES, STEP NIECES, STEP NEPHEWS, NEPHEWS ETC, ARE BEING SUED TO THE TUNE OF 999 TRILLION PER MILLISECOND (MULTIPLIED BY INFINITY,MULTIPLIED BY INFINITY,MULTIPLIED BY INFINITY,M ULTIPLIED BY INFINITY,MULTIPLIED BY INFINITY,MULTIPLIED BY INFINITY,MULTIPLIED BY INFINITY,MULTIPLIED BY INF INITY,MULTIPLIED BY INFINITY,MULTIPLIED BY INFINITY,MULTIPLIED BY INFINITY,MULTIPLIED BY INFINITY,MULTIPLIED BY INFINITY,MULTIPLIED BY INFINITY,MULTIPLIED BY INFINITY,MULTIPLIED BY INFINITY,MULTIPLIED BY INFINITY,MUL TIPLIED BY INFINITY,MULTIPLIED BY INFINITY,MULTIPLIED BY INFINITY,MULTIPLIED BY INFINITY,MULTIPLIED BY INFIN ITY,MULTIPLIED BY INFINITY, ON AND ON, FOR THE ABOVE (STARTING FROM JAN 1 1974 , AND GOOD THROUGH Jan 14 OF 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999, 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 FOR ALL OF THE ABOVE) AS PUNISHMENT 1) YOU WILL PAY FOR THE BUILDING OF A PRISON TO HOUSE OF ALL YOU (YOU PEOPLE WORKING AT/FOR LOS ALTOS TOWN C RIER) 2) PAY FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF THE PRISON 3) BE LOCKED UP 24 HRS/DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK, 365 DAYS A YEAR 4) NEVER HAVE CONTACT WITH ****** ANYONE ******* 5) NOT BE ALLOWED CONTACT WITH AN ATTORNEY IN PERSON, ON THE PHONE, OR IN ANY WAY (FOR EXAMPLE, THROUGH THE INTERNET) 6) NEVER HAVE ACCESS TO TELEVISION 7) NEVER HAVE ACCESS TO READING MATERIAL (BOOKS, MAGAZINES, THE BIBLE) 8) WILL NEVER HAVE A BED 9) WILL NEVER HAVE SHEETS 10) WILL NEVER HAVE A PILLOW 20) WILL *****ONLY***** BE DRESSED IN A GREEN GOWN , WITH NO SLEEVES 21) WILL NEVER HAVE SOCKS 22) WILL NEVER HAVE BLANKETS 23) WILL NEVER BE ALLOWED COMMISSARY 24) WILL NEVER BE ALLOWED EXERCISE 25) WILL BE FORCED TO DEFECATE IN A WHOLE 9N THE FLOOR 24) WILL NEVER BE ALLOWED CONTACT THROUGH A PHONE 25) WILL NEVER BE ALLOWED VISITATION 24) WILL ***** ONLY ***** EAT DOG FOOD 25) WILL BE FORCED TO EAT FECES 25 TIMES PER DAY 26) WILL BE URINATED ON 40 TIMES PER DAY 27) WILL BE RAPED, GROPED, AND SEXUALLY ASSAULTED A MINIMUM OF 60 TIME PER DAY 28) WILL RECEIVE ONE TAMPON PER YEAR 29) WILL RECEIVE ONE ROLE OF TOILET PAPER EVERY TEN YEARS 30) WILL HAVE EXTREMELY BRIGHT LIGHTS SHINED IN YOUR EYES 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 Days a week, 365 days a year 31) WILL HAVE THE EVER LIVING SHIT BEAT OUT OF YOU SIX TIMES A DAY, HAVING TEETH KNOCKED OUT, UNTIL YOU HAVE NONE 32) GO THROUGH WHAT YOU ALL PARTICIPATED IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, (IN RESPECT TO THE ATTEMPTED MURDER OF KAREN WATSON, IN 1992). YOU WILL ALL HAVE YOUR HEADS BASHED IN WITH A CROW BAR, END UP WITH A FRACTURED SKULL, WI TH BOTH AN OPEN AND CLOSED HEAD INJURY ( WILL ***** NOT ****** EVEN BE ALLOWED YOUR DOG FOOD FOR 3 DAYS), WI LL VOMIT NON STOP FOR FOUR DAYS (IF YOU DON'T VOMIT, YOU WILL HAVE VOMITING INDUCED), GET DOWN TO 80 LBS (RE GARDLESS OF YOUR HEIGHT OR BUILD) 33) PEOPLE WITH THE XX CHROMOSOME WILL BE PUT UNDER GENERAL ANESTHESIA (WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT OR KNOWLEDGE), AND IMPREGNATED. 34) BE SUBJECTED TO PEOPLE SPENDING 24 HRS A DAY, SEVEN DAYS A WEEK, 365 DAYS A YEAR, WRITING ALL OVER THE I NTERNET THAT YOU ALL HAVE AIDS, SYPHILIS, GONORRHEA, SCABIES, HEP B, HEP C, CHLAMYDIA , HERPES, TRICHOMONIAS IS ETC (ON AT LEAST 70 SITES EVERY DAY, EVEN IF YOU CANNOT READ IT) 35) BE SUBJECTED TO PEOPLE WRITING ON AT LEAST 70 SITES A DAY ON THE INTERNET / WWW, THAT YOU ARE ALL FAT, U GLY, STUPID, DUMB, LOSERS, IDIOTS, MORONS, RETARDS, AND IMBECILES 36) BE SUBJECTED TO PEOPLE WRITING ON AT LEAST 70 SITES A DAY ON THE INTERNET / WWW, THAT YOU ARE ALL BIPOLA R , SCHIZOPHRENIC, INSANE AND BAT SHIT CRAZY 37) WILL BE IMPRISONED FOR A MINIMUM OF 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999, 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 LIFE TERMS, ****** WITHOUT ******* T HE POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE 38) HAVE A MINIMUM OF 20 PEOPLE A DAY YELL INSULTS AT YOU, IN YOUR CELLS, FOR A MINIMUM OF 1 HOUR EACH 39) WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TOOTHBRUSHES, EVER 40) WILL BE ESCORTED TO A SHOWER, IN WAIST SHACKLES,WITH SHACKLED FEET, AND SHACKLED HANDS, ONCE EVERY YEAR 41) WILL BE FORCED TO BE IN A SUICIDE CHAIR (WITH****OUT**** BREAKS OF ANY SORT, INCLUDING TO DEFECATE OR UR INATE), FOR SIX MONTHS AT A TIME 42) INSTEAD OF RECEIVING MEDICAL CARE, "NURSES", "DOCTORS" ETC WILL JUST FILL OUT FORMS LISTING YOU ALL AS S CHIZOPHRENIC, BIPOLAR, (AND EVERY OTHER "MENTAL ILLNESS" EVER CONCEIVED OF),AND HAVE YOU LISTED AS DANGEROUS AND VIOLENT, AND THEY WILL "VISIT" EVERY EIGHT MONTHS, STANDING OUTSIDE, LAUGHING AT ALL OF YOU,AND RIDICUL ING YOU ALL ***** KAREN WATSON WILL BE ACT AS WARDEN, WITH A CONTRACT STATING SHE CAN*NOT* EVER BE FIRED, REMOVED, DEMOT ED, FORCED TO RESIGN, OR REPLACED FOR ANY REASON +*+*+*+*+*+ NONE OF THIS IS A JOKE, AND NONE OF THIS IS UP FOR NEGOTIATION +*+*+*+*+*+ web [6].archive.org/web/20130505013938/ [7]http://myredbookrevealed .blogspot .com web [8].archive.org/web/20130505013938/ [9]http://myredbookrevealed .blogspot .com web [10].archive.org/web/20130505013938/ [11]http://myredbookrevealed .blogspot .com web . 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